Cornfield Monkeys Cheer The Hate Message Of Lies

The promoters of the Iowa State fair knew this prick would do this but they went ahead and hired him anyway because - well they know ignorant bastards want to hear this message.

Country dummy Hank Williams Jr. played to a crowd of nearly 8,500 at the Iowa State Fair Grandstand on Friday night.


  1. Turkeys in the straw, monkeys in the cornfield!

  2. Fox Whore News has a whole state of dummy's it can harvest.

  3. I read that and figured not only was it kindof planned, but probably encouraged! You can't tell me that Iowa didn't expect something from him??? that is, if he showed up???

  4. The Fair Board I guess wanted this to be heard else they would have gotten someone else. Where we are at as a country.

  5. Once upon a time I liked his music. That was years ago, before he pickled his brain.

  6. He didn't just pickle his brain, didn't he smash his head in, too? Doing something incredibly, red-necked stupid?

    1. I think he took a fall on some rock or something. There's no respect for any of those people. I'm not a fan of the president but my views are based on fact not lies as most of those god lover's who "hate".