Does Colorado Have An Idiot For A Governor

This man did not like it when Amendment 64 passed legalizing marijuana and pulled this out of his ass soon after - that partakers shouldn't "break out the Cheetos or gold fish too quickly". Thanks asshole!

Then on Tuesday before a US Senate committee he jerks out another beaut -

Hickenlooper on Tuesday told a U.S. Senate committee that he swigged fracking fluid once. His admission came when he testified that states and not the federal government should lead in regulating natural gas production, a sentiment that angered environmentalists and drew applause from energy groups fighting the Environmental Protection Agency.

Meanwhile just up the road from his office in Denver - 

Water fouled with fracking chemicals spews near Windsor 

Get your sorry ass up there Hickey baby and tell all the people who live very close by that all is just fine and to come on over and have a swig. You dumb ass!


  1. I have mixed feelings on this fracking issue. Do we need to go after the oil that is in the ground in our country to help Ameriica end our dependence on foreign oil? Certainly!
    Is fracking the answer? I don't know. Here is my concern - corperate profits trump enviromnetal concerns in most of our nation's state houses and even in the US Congress.

    What are those people to do when the aquifer is tainted with gas? Ever tried bathing with Fiji Water?


  2. Gotta remember this fellow is a multi millionaire. Let him drink the water that burns right outta the tap up there by Greeley that really jump started this issue.

    There has been so much ground water contaminated by this procedure and some are saying it is the reason for more earth quakes as well.

    Yes we could use the oil but not quite like this. They won't even tell congress what's really in this shit because they don't have to and no one can make them it seems.

    Local governments were caught totally off guard when they wanted to drill in or near towns and found out there's not much they can do to stop them.

    The amount of drilling and fracking going on in eastern Utah is amazing. It's mostly off the beaten path and not easily seen.

  3. They probably gave him a glass of flat Mountain Dew and told him it was fracking fluid. They wouldn't dare poison a friendly governor with the real stuff.