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Arysona Back With The Stupid

Doing their very best to fuck with people who have done nothing wrong. There's brown people who like the ganga too - - sooo maybe that's part of having their heads up their asses.

An appeals court has issued a ruling that upholds the right of authorities to prosecute pot smokers in Arizona for driving under the influence even when there is no evidence that they are actually high.


What Were They Thinking?

Don't know where this will go but I don't think it will be good nor should it be. Plus being badges! Plus the badge department denied it initially.

Two Boulder police officers are the subject of both an internal investigation by the police department and a criminal investigation by Colorado Parks and Wildlife after they shot a large bull elk in Mapleton Hill but apparently did not report it to anyone.

Two thoughts - if these two armed men are actually this stupid they should not be allowed to be pulice officers let alone be close to any weapons. Crossing guard?? Doubt that too.

The other is that I think there are quite a few others just like these two out there.