This is Bistek al la Mexicana a common dish found many places. There are several places I get this some better than others but all real decent! Kind of a tomato based sauce with generally pretty tender pieces of beef and a fair amount of it. The rice is pretty generic but the frijoles can be something else. This also includes as many fresh made in front of you tortillas you want and brought to you with a smile. Something like this costs around 50-60 pesos or $3. The squeezed as you watch orange juice is 20 and brings the price up a bit but worth it. Nothing in the States I've ever had compares to this not even close plus it'll cost 7-10 smacks. I don't know what I'm going to eat when I return. It will be an adjustment as I do this so much that is go into Puerto Vallarta on the south side and have me a excellent lunch with "real" Mexican food not the slop I get back there. I do not plan on eating out much at all only at maybe three select places. Pricey yes but worth it because it's so good. I threw away so much money last summer eating way overpriced shitty food. Several times the food got thrown away as well. The whole of Mexico is an eating machine I tell you. I'm gonna miss this.

I feel good and and think the higher temps and humidity contributes to that. It's the same every time. After a month or two you realize and say " Hey I feel pretty damn good!"

Just as important I believe the food made fresh with wholesome fresh ingredients as well contributes to that. Get off the bus in town the food smells everywhere make me hungry just like that.


Gets To Be Old Shit

Puter was working slow this morning but will bang this out quickly at work this happens way too much and again this morning.

Damn it anyway why the hell can't people respond when you greet them particularly in the morning. Every once in a while this just chaps my ass. I don't know about any of you but I was taught to greet people. Other cultures are very good at this and it can be interesting to watch interactions between people who do not know each other. They respond because of courtesy but not as much here it seems to me.

A number of years ago when coming into work a "good morning" was the greeting to those present and became very weary of getting no response whatsoever. After about a week of the morning greeting being "fuck everyone of you this morning" habits changed and changed for good as people continue to this day to respond to a morning greeting.

How in the fuck when when you walk right by someone and you say something cordial loud enough to hear that people can look you right in the eye and not respond back? It astounds me to no end. Under my breath when that happens a kiss my ass is throw back at them but as of today that will be said loud enough for them to hear and I don't care diddly squat if it offends as at least then I will know I'm not dealing with a zombie but someone who does show signs of being human.


  1. I hear ya One Fly. Walmart is a good example of this very thing. They have "greeters" at the front door who are supposed to "greet" people as they come in. Bullshit! The one the wife and I shop at(only because there are some things we need that we can't afford to by somewhere else)there are three or four of them that don't say a fucking word. If you say "Hi" to them they just stare at you like you're bothering them.

    What the hell ever happened to common courtesy!?! That wasn't the way I was raised. If someone says hello it would be nice to get a response. I think maybe it's time for me to start telling the Wally World "greeters" to go fuck themselves!

  2. Ummm, Good Morning?

    Hang in there love :)

  3. Along these same lines, someone is talking and there appears to be no one around but me so of course I think they must be talking to me. No, they have a borg implant--one of those machine ear growths--and they are talking to someone on their mini phone. The person glares at me as if offended that I am responding to them at all. Anymore I don't say anything to anyone. Bunch of grumpy butts they are. In their little world they are. No social interaction skills at all it would appear.

  4. ...at least then I will know I'm not dealing with a zombie but someone who does show signs of being human.

    To me this always seemed somewhat...generational. But then I found myself doing it. So maybe it's just a response to tuning out all the crazies that I normally deal with walking around Sodom by the Sea.

  5. It always pissed me off when someone didn't return a greeting. It6 always got a FU or a fight!
    I hated it when people greeted me with how you doing. What the F do you care how I am doing? You don't care how I feel. They learned to say Hi

  6. How is it where you are now? Do you remember how it was in small-town Iowa, where everyone raised a hand off the steering wheel to every car they passed?
    I thought that was pretty nice back in '80 when I first moved here. They all spoke in passing, too, and certainly responded to every greeting. Now I'm in a "big" town and it's just like what you're saying - no one greets or responds.
    What a world. . .