I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Will This Bring Us The Big Win

Maj. Gen. John Campbell has this to say.

The U.S. military will start carrying out more counter terrorism missions against insurgents in eastern Afghanistan and work more closely with Pakistani forces in operations against insurgents along the porous and rugged frontier, the U.S. general commanding the region said.

How about -

“You know there are thousands of mountainous isolated valleys out there where we don’t have forces and so I can’t be everywhere and I just have to prioritize the resources,” he said.

Shifting the forces “gives me more combat power to disrupt, but at the same time able to contain

The only thing this article illustrates to me is numbers of reasons why we need to leave now and also are the same as to why we should have left years ago. It's not hard.

Link to AP/Army Times

Colorado Springs Low-Lifes

You know the place - a bastion for the religious right and the military industrial complex - yea that place.

Here a special guy-

He stole it alright and they say it was up to 400k but the judge didn't put him in jail. No doubt there is specialness here.

And a special girl too.

Drug him for almost two miles after jumping into her vehicle and driving away knowing it was about to be towed and catches this poor fellow in the tow rope. I'm sure she is sorry.

It always needs to be said when the Springs gets it's ass kicked that there's are a bunch of lefties who live there that fight like hell and better than most.


Ludlow And The Hate

It was a bit different back in 1914 but also a lot the same. One thing that remains totally intact is the hate. The powerful hate so much they kill and in this case two women and 11 children were massacred at the hands of the guvmint. Wiki Link.

The ones on the other side are outraged and their hate gushes out. I'm pissed and have written many times that I "hate ". There is a difference in that I wish no harm come but these people worry me. What makes it difficult to swallow is they base their beliefs and intensity for them on known falsehoods mixed as well with god nonsense.

OTC supports all unions in this current struggle and understands the risk many take to express their support for the right to organize. The Professional Left has an excellent podcast on unions from 2/25.


This Is Not A Fake

Note: This is not my video.

Yes look at the sky a bunch and actually captured an object on video last weekend  that was unusual in the sense it was during daytime. Yes on occasion look at video of objects in the air but by far the most are just not very good or leave many questions.

Not this one. When I saw it the first time long ago actually thought it was going to keep going. If you were to slow this video down to just before the first impact you can see the attitude of the object changes. That was manipulation. That did not happen before the second impact and the angle was too great and it was destroyed. This object flies behind roadside poles and kicks up dust at impact. It looks like it's in the southwest and yes I hope to get around Area 51 sometime and look into the night sky.


Lo Mein Friday In The Shop

I think this is the fourth time Chinese has been cooked here this winter. The first time did it in the lounge and even with a bunch of windows and the door open it only took a bit and it set the smoke alarm off and a cop and the fire dept. rolled in but not with lights going. We called right away and every one knew someone else or two. One of the fire guys had worked here and they all said it smelled real good.

In any case we made some lo mein today and it gets an 8.5 out of a possible 10 from me. This is probably the best video with the wok and the hi-def is a plus. Here's how I cook this dish. And I know every Chinese cook I've talked to tells me what they do and very seldom do you ever get the real thing. Mine isn't like theirs but it is better than most and that is a fact. Sometimes it's better than other times and once in a while it's the best ever. I know these guys are lying to me and are withholding an ingredient known only to some and not talked about in cookbooks. This wok is over 30 years old and a wild guess without thinking too hard I'd say there have been several thousand meals cooked with this along with other uses as well over those

Of course there is a mistake right out of the box but for the most part the mouth is kept closed.

Arrest This Man

I don't give a shit what anyone says when you have a commander on the ground attempting to use mind games to influence and manipulate members of our government who fund our aggression around the globe and in this case on our second war front in Afghanistan that's a crime.

This is where we are at that chesters feel free to openly politic for increased mayhem and death. This is soooo wrong and this president needs to get rid of this criminal immediately and take appropriate action. Of course chester says he didn't do a thing wrong ya see there.

bama won't do squat because they got their mitts on him a long time ago.


Mayors Against Illegal Guns

 I don't have a problem with having a list of people who meet certain criteria being on a data base when if checked are denied if attempting to purchase a gun.

Another part of this is that anyone who purchases a gun has to have a background check. If I choose to sell one of mine well that's a different story. Obstacles yes but lets have that conversation.

Link to more info.

Genetic Link To PTSD - - - So What ???

Two University of Vermont researchers have found what may be a genetic link to post-traumatic stress disorder.They say they've found a hormone in women's blood that's associated with anxiety. They say they believe it might also be linked to PTSD.Jom Hammack conducted some of the research at U-V-M. He says more work is needed to conclusive establish a link. 

What difference is that going to make when soldiers are getting the shit blown out of them on a daily basis and watching their buds die day in and day out like in the real world of Restropo. Watch this movie and ask yourself and all others you know why the fuck are we there and when the hell does this lie end. Stick the genetic link you know where and demand that this be over now!



We're talking of course Indiana's former Assistant Attorney General Jeff Cox. I don't know whether this slug has offered up an explanation or not I don't give a shit if he has and if he hasn't I can go dig up any number of other examples of the same where people have generally said they didn't mean it or what have you.

Yesterday in Denver the man the arrow points to was accosted by these baggers and I came upon the end. I thought it could come to blows just for a second but then it stopped. I heard on the radio an account of another who was actually physically assaulted but the cops refused to do anything even though the bagger was seen running from the area. From what little I heard here this fellow seemed to be correct in his response to these people and how they treated him by blocking his way and getting in his face. These were not nice people and went out of their way to be abusive and obnoxious to others who came to peacefully assemble. They had no permit but were never told to leave.

I walked around a bunch and I saw no anger in my side of the crowd not even a little bit but more of an intense feeling to somehow attempt to bring this nonsense from the right based on lies from the media to an end. There were people here that you could tell had never been to anything like this before. The ones to be worried about were at the bottom of the steps of the state capitol making as much noise as possible with portable amplification devises and such.  

Jeff Cox is not sorry he said what he did about using live ammunition. None of these people are. Many baggers want confrontation and that's a fact. In Grand Junction last year when bama came to town there were many baggers who were literally incensed screaming at the top of their lungs with hate. I never saw anything like that before. For the most part I kept away from this group yesterday.

I give credit to the state of Indiana for firing this sonofabitch and there are plenty of others that need the same. That does not take away the danger. This is not over by a long sight as the spewers of hate and harm continue to defecate all over my airwaves on a 24/7 basis all across this country.

I just hate like hell to say it but it's gonna get worse.

Limpy Reid Shoots Self In Pecker

I can't believe he was stupid enough to say this but after all he's the leader of the pack in the senate. He better get his shit together for what's coming down the tube from the house. I expect more limp dick shit and until shown otherwise it will be the same old Limpy being served up in da senate..
The gallery in the Assembly chambers went silent Tuesday when Reid paused for applause after he told lawmakers from both houses that "the time has come for us to outlaw prostitution."

Solidarity Rally In Denver

It was a beautiful day in Denver and by my estimation there were over 2000 that showed up in support of unions, teachers and what's right for the working person and to show support for the protesters in Wisconsin.

Afterward there was time for lunch at a Vietnamese joint on south Federal  an area not far from downtown and where I lived for a bit. It was really good and instead of costing $10 like it would here it was seven smacks.

It was over a ten hour day and drove down and back without incident and very little traffic to the heart of downtown with easy parking three blocks away.

There were tea nutters but no huge numbers. It's fair to say they were very rude to many people and were downright just plain pricks and assholes.

Denver has never felt like a big city to me and I would live here and not have to think twice about doing so.

This event was one where it was important to show up in person. I am very glad to have participated and to be part of a statement that what is being attempted by dregs of the right wing does not and will never fly with people who are aware of the reality and not the reality from fux whore news.


In Support Of

Going to participate in this today. It's a long way but statements have to be made against these people who want to take more from the middle class.

This has to be done in person no question about it..

It's simple actually - the rich and the military have all the money not us. Go there to get it. Look at the graphs. They don't lie. 

What: Stand in Support of Wisconsin
Where: Colorado State Capitol, Denver
When: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 12:00PM


Really Now - CIA ??

An American jailed in Pakistan for the fatal shooting of two armed men was secretly working for the CIA when he was arrested.
Many years ago walking down a street in a small West African city a man looked at we PCV's doing the same and sneered to his partner "CIA". We chuckled at that and still do. Not us guys that's for sure. We barely received enough money to feed ourselves plus we were walking. 

Point being is the reason he said that is because he and most others knew the United States had their hands in the happenings behind the departure and the end of rule for the person who tried to unite Africa - Kwame Nkrumah. Just because people live in impoverished countries does not mean they are stupid. On the contrary they are smarter than many of the chumps who live here and that includes many who are "educated".

Since the chimp seized power in 2000 and combined with no oversight and unlimited funds I say there are hundreds if not several thousand of these unknown CIA types floating around all over the damn place and that includes here as well. Bet on it!!

Repug Racing Report

It had been years since I had watched da Daytona. It had been more than just years that the whole thing had been watched and yesterday wanted to see the start and ended up hanging out at a friends for maybe 50 laps of the 200 total. We know how bad this sport needs taxpayer funds and here are some of the things noticed.

There is at least one military car team and has been for some time. Don't know the specifics and don't give a shit.

Rednecks were everywhere.

The invocation was done by a black man and he was the only one I saw and there were people everywhere.

jeebus and praying were mentioned more than once.

Three people said the traditional start your engines hooey but not before there was a plug for their movie or TV program or some damn thing like that.

Some young women who is somebody to these rednecks screached out the anthem.

The track surface had been redone so instead of pack racing as is the norm is was cars doubling up on each as that was the quickest way to get around. It was very odd.

The same rhetoric about this and that from the mouths in the booth and those that crashed. The same shit that has been said for years and years.

There was and has been been a very accomplished young women that made the field as well. Watched this for over two hours and her name was not mentioned. Maybe they did when she led later on.

I found this to be even worse than ever before and the major reason for that is the corporate influence on this sport. There is not one good thing about it. Not going any farther than that except to say this is probably one of the better reasons why I dislike corporations so much.

Prior to the start the altercations that have happened on the track and between drivers and teams was framed almost identically to the way "professional" wrestling is done.

I found this so disgusting I vowed never to watch this stupid ass cuntry bumkin fucking redneck nonsense ever again!

Yea the repug politicians in DC sure luv them some racing now don't they and you do too cuz it's your money.  Enjoy!

Of course this can only be viewed on Amerika's greatest TV network - Fux Whore News



The Stench Of Hypocrisy Is Overwhelming

If you've not seen this it's worth a couple minutes. You have Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talking about how bad the "violence against protesters" over there in Egypt and Iran is while Ray McGovern get the shit beat out of him as he stands with his back to the podium in silent protest. You bastards! We are so screwed.


A Widening Divide

We've seen this before with pharmacists who for instance refuse to fill "morning after" prescriptions and now down in Tuscon a responder refused to go to the scene of the assassination attempt on Rep. Giffords to lend help in a time of great need. What a piece of dog shit this prick is.

As this country continues it's decline back into the dark ages of tea fuckery mentality along with repuglican and media lies that divide we the people even more these actions unless common ground is found very soon will divide us to the point that it will be us verses them as our country's scenario of guvmint.

There is no common ground coming anytime from now from what I see happening.

Go Read Cletis

Just do it. It takes just a bit and you will be moved by this mans passion about his state the history of it and coal.


Sadistic Beater Cops

Seriously how in the hell as a human being and after taking the oath that they do can officers who wear blue do this to another helpless person for what seems like an eternity. And do not forget these fuckers would turn on you and I in a instant if told to. They need to be behind bars but of course that will never happen.

For what it's worth if you care to do something you can go here.

Montana & Idaho Guvs Say Screw You Bama

I just can't see these two rednecks doing this if the chimp was in office but that's neither here nor there. It's certain these two fucktards are saying fuck Obama in their own special folksy way the good old boys have of doing that. And yes Schweitzer is a Democrat.

Defying federal authority over gray wolves, Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer on Wednesday encouraged ranchers to kill wolves that prey on their livestock - even in areas where that is not currently allowed

"We will take action in Montana on our own," he said. "We've had it with Washington, D.C., with Congress just yipping about it, with (the Department of) Interior just vacillating about it."

That follows a similar show of defiance from Idaho's Republican governor, C.L. "Butch" Otter. Otter said in the fall that Idaho Fish and Game agents would no longer participate in wolf management efforts, including shooting investigations. The move forced federal officials to step in to enforce restrictions on killing the animals.

Robert Fanning, who heads a group that advocates protecting elk herds around Yellowstone National Park from wolves, sent out an e-mail urging Montana residents to "lock and load and saddle up while there is still snow on the ground."

You betcha those gun analogy's some love to use and when they do you can be sure something is gonna get shot and probably more than once.  


It's A Bird It's A ??

Last Sunday playing around with another video camera I shot this video and after watching it a couple times noticed another object. It is seen at 17seconds about the middle of the screen going at an angle from left to right close to the contrail.The nose of the jet and the object actually meet. It's probably  another plane but it doesn't really look like one. In slow motion it's seen at 47sec. You have to watch in hi-def to see this and it needs to be said that if I did not have a camera that recorded in hi-def nobody would have seen this. It seems this plays in hi-def on it's own as on my computer there are no quality choices as usual on the lower right. Not sure click on you tube and watch there.

It might not be much but I get a huge kick outta shit like this!

What Wars For Lies Gets You

Below is from a message received about the latest round of budget cuts here in Colorado. It's like this all over our country not just here. Let's not forget why are we in this position.

I don't give a shit what the whore pundits and mouthers of lies on AM radio say but the root of our budget problems started with the invasion of Iraq for nothing but lies to benefit a few. That and absolutely no accountability for that and the other atrocities committed by the likes of the killer bushes the end result is our country is totally broke from the theft of most everything the middle class had and now they are after the rest.

Why should we have to bear the brunt of even more? I say this. Our Gov. Hick can gather up some of his other guv butt buddies from both sides of the aisle and head on out to the capitol and do what they did over there in the land of Pyramids. Camp out on the steps of the double house of whores and demand these monies come straight from the defense budget.

 We have no money to educate but can continue to kill at will forever. Just so sick of it and no one connects the simple puzzle as to why we are here.

Right now, Colorado is at a crossroads. Just a few minutes ago, the governor announced the latest round of truly devastating cuts to next year’s budget. Hundreds of millions more will be cut from K-12 education. More cuts to our colleges. Closing state parks. The state legislature has to find $1.2 billion, yes that’s BILLION with a B, in either more money or cuts to balance this year’s budget alone. That’s on top of the $5 billion we’ve had to cover over the previous 3 years. The future we’re facing is unsustainable. We aren’t raising enough money to pay for the things that make Colorado work.


New Kid On The Block In Afghannystan

They call it the "Punisher" and not only that it's a "Game-Changer" to those in the business of war and killing even better than what we have now.

It's a 1000 smacks for a round of ammunition that will go down to $35 when they start producing them in numbers.

OTC says that's real fucking nice-can we come home now.

Wondering Why

While on Google Earth and visiting Kansass and noting the large amount of center pivot irrigation systems in this particular area. I saved the picture to visit later which I finally did and then noticed what I70 did and wondered about that as well.

I think I figured out why the road took the route it did rather than a direct route across no man's land. It was to bring the interstate much closer to these three towns shown here. I think guvmint did something good for these communities out in the middle of nowhere those many years ago. Something that has helped them survive and probably grow a bit as well.

If you click on this picture directly in the middle is a yellow line that is one mile.

Now they probably don't like guvmint anymore out there anymore because socialism is not good for their brand of Amerika ya see.


Catholic Sinners Get Out Of Hell With The Internets

Kill someone-rape a child-cheat on the wife or what have you. Pick up your I Phone and in a matter of just a couple of minutes you're free to start all over again and you didn't even have to come close to the black robe who dispenses the punishment through a curtain of BS.
Something tells me this is not true and if it is all I can do is shake my head.
A Confession app for the iPhone which allows users to confess their sins and provides guidelines for the sacrament, has been approved by the Catholic Church in Britain and the United States, reports the BBC. A spokesman for the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales told the BBC that :” The Church believes in embracing new technology and this creative app will hopefully help people to make a good confession”. The $1.99 a pop app allows users to go through the sacrament and keep track of their wrongdoings. Developer Patrick Leinen of Little Apps told Reuters that :” Our desire is to invite Catholics to engage in their faith through digital technology”.



The Army Fails Miserably Once Again

In how Vets are treated and how symptoms relating to combat are ignored. In this case there was a good chance this death by cop could have been avoided and the army looked the other way many times. Not much has changed it seems and if you read this  there is no way you will not feel outrage.

A Tucson soldier who suffered an apparent mental breakdown and died in a clash with out-of-state police saw so much mayhem at war that it "affected his behavior and actions," in the weeks leading up to his death, an Army investigation has found.


Where's The Popcorn??

UPDATE: A friend left some hints and a recipe on cooking popcorn in the comments. It's pretty good.

It may seem like a issue of little importance but to those who like popcorn just about anytime it's a bigger deal. Not just any old popcorn but just plain 'ol white popcorn which is better because it has the best flavor and the least debris so to speak.

Little known facts. You can live on popcorn if you had too. There is nothing wrong with a popcorn supper and they are always tasty and can fill an empty void quickly and tide you over for quite awhile.

Where the hell did this yellow stuff come from anyway? It's full of hulls and tough and the kernels are huge which not a negative. I brought back some white popcorn from the front range and lo and behold it's white but the same as the yellow and never seen so hulls in my life.

Last weekend brought back from the ranch a bit of white popcorn that were small kernels. Never seen it before. Popped quickly and was 2/3 the size of regular white popcorn and tasted great. I would buy this so quick if I could get it and that's the point.

It's hard to get white popcorn anymore. The white I mentioned before came from this huge store on the front range and that variety was the only choice. Locally I can not buy a bag of plain old conventional popcorn the stuff I've ate my whole life.

The one choice is below in a bottle for $4 that I bought once and it's okay but I feel people stole from me because of the cost and how much you get. Going on line to look around.

Tasted some movie popcorn recently and it was sooo bad! Notice I didn't say I bought this crap. It was like $5 or so for the tiny container. Sheez-now I'm hungry.


Hoser Mubarak Gone

At least that's the word on the street along with a question. Will the Tbaggers and Repuglicans leave their guns and threats of using them at home and take to the streets like the Egyptians and attempt to force our Muslim Socialist non American president out of office for the good of our god loving country??

Ah - Country Girls

There's a reason these tunes have been around for some 40 years and it's also why they'll be around for another 40+ as well. 


Bear In Basement ??

Here's the answer to get that home invading bruin outta there and it works every time guaranteed!

I never understood way back when with CB radios and up to now with CW why people feel the need to change their voices. I find that bizarre at best and do not think much of the people that do so. Guess that's why we don't listen to no country round here.

Concealed For Everyone

You betcha! What a way to stop da crime and protect so many from the evils that lurk.

This did not pass or is it likely to but it shows where these teabagger pinheads are coming from here and at a national level. They only care about wasting time in a futile attempt in most cases to advance their regressive agenda,

What it has done is this.

I have always said the baggers and the repugs are one in the same and still believe that's more true than not because from the beginning they did little to renounce the crazy racist shit that came from their ranks.


Embarrassed To Be From Here

After watching this yes. Conservative and just as religious of course when I grew up leaving in the mid 70's. I think there was a difference with there being better as less of news sources.

These people here are not stupid. They are mind screwed and the media did it. This is at the same level as Saddam was responsible for 911- that kind of lie. 

It's not the lies so much as it is the ability to get so many to believe them whether it this one or any other one. And the fact that a corporation does this to our nation on my air waves. We are really screwed. Got the video from Tim.

Here's The Reward For Trying To Raise Awareness

On how children in this country are raised and in this case boys. I do not have a problem with this and this man and this ad bring up flaws in people and their child raising techniques.

Since people have been insulted or what have you the only recourse of course is to threaten this former Marine with his life. Yup that oughtta take care of that ya see.



Palin Lies Like A 150 Year Old Grizzly Bear Rug

When I was a kid I lied to get my guilty ass out of trouble if I thought it would help and sometimes it did. Later I realized it just isn't worth it and particularly these days when there are so many ways of getting caught in those lies. Here's Palmer.

Palin, a former Alaska governor and possible 2012 Republican presidential candidate, was to be the keynote speaker at the Sharon K. Pacheco Foundation's Patriots & Warriors Gala on May 2 at the Infinity Park Event Center in Glendale.

The nonprofit that called off a speech by Sarah Palin, citing "safety concerns resulting from an onslaught of negative feedback received by the organization" never reported any threats to law enforcement agencies.

The truth of the matter is this-
Glendale Police Chief Victor Ross said the foundation notified his department of Palin's visit, which Ross said was confirmed with the center. Ross said nobody has reported any danger surrounding the event since then. "We've had no problems," Ross said. "We are not aware of any specific threats."

This bitch lies if she thinks she can get some mileage out of it and have people feeling sorry for her. You know the "picked on" syndrome. Here is the real reason-
May 2 is also the scheduled date of an NBC/Politico 2012 Republican presidential candidates debate, set for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California. 

Piece of shit slut anyway!


Pawlenty Plays god Card In Cornfield

Like what else is this dummy going to say to the mind screwed that live in Iowa except exactly what they want to hear and there are pa lenty there to listen to his nonsense.

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty touted his evangelical background and offered a sharply conservative social message.  "Acknowledging God, turning toward God not turning away from God is an important starting point for all these values," said Pawlenty. "We can't be a great country until we're a good country.

And he's a fart smucker too!

Evangelical Christians play an important role in Republican politics, and particularly the politics of the precinct caucuses. Pawlenty argued that as the Republican field begins to take shape it is likely to be dominated by conservatives.

That's the way it is this time of year almost two years before there will be the election they are BSing about. Nothing has changed and the whole message from the candidates on the right will be one of the invisible cloud being that does not exist but only in the minds of the brainwashed.

Link if you give a shit to look at it.

Salida Girls

When I left here last Thursday morning it became obvious 60 miles down the road the irritation in my right eye was probably a foreign object and not a simple scratch experienced many times before and that before I got to where I was going someone was going to look at it and I was not turning around.

Nothing in Minturn-saw nothing along the way in Leadville or Buena Vista but I know both towns surely have optometrists. Grabbed the yellow pages in Salida and got the addresses to a couple optometrists and found the second one easily as it was just a few blocks away.

Walked in off the street and left in about 40 minutes after being taken care of and treated so nicely from every member of the staff and the one male that interacted with me. Yes walked out with one less piece of metal in my eye and a prescription.

Thank you all at the Rocky Mountain Eye Center in Salida,CO for taking such good care of me and for being so nice outgoing and friendly!

That was accomplished with a $20 co-pay and $10 for my part of the prescription from a whining pharmacist who was annoyed that I wasn't from there and he had to write down some information. I don't think he was from there because he was not very nice. 

I don't know what all of this would have cost but I'm sure several hundred and not sure what I would have done without insurance. Certainly waited until it got bad enough till something had to be done and this was something that needed specialized equipment.

Every American deserves access to treatment like this so they do not have to pay hundreds of dollars because health care is unavailable to them  or they just don't have any.

Thanks again ladies.


Outta Town

And away from the internets for a few days. Headed for the ranch. It will be warmer there and little or no snow. The thermometer says it's -25 so add five and wa la there ya got -30 for the second day in a row.

Took my car to work and put it inside and am catching a ride in. Read the local fishwrapper and head out.

Need to get away as again I have become stagnate. Almost every post I put up later I find really bad errors more than one generally and that's after proof reading them more than once. Kind of embarrassing actually particularly when it's in the title.

I returned the hi-def camera and was hoping the other one would have come yesterday but it didn't. The reason was the battery did not last and in that model that is all there is just that battery only that can be used. The one coming does hi-def as well but you can use regular battery's to power it if the internal battery goes away. I carry six battery's for my regular camera and have used five on occasion.

I'm waiting for my ride so everyone have a safe next few days and stay warm. Be back on Sunday. Appreciate you stopping by.

Have a good one.

PS. I see where the Aljazeeralive feed button is not working - - - hmmm.


Bang Bang Shoot Shoot

If you've not seen this it's a short clip on how easy it is to buy a Glock pistol and high capacity clips. The reality is that nothing will change. What I fear is that a automatic weapon will be used where hundreds and possibly thousands of rounds could be shot. That can be accomplished with small caliber bullets and they are out there.  I wouldn't want to be anywhere nears to this killing machine.

It's So Cold & Updated To A Wow Of -45.6

UPDATE  Above 7:20 AM   From a friend who lives six miles out of town.

I can't find out how cold it is but - - - - you can add five to eight to this below and get an idea.

I'm not going to even try to start my car or try until it's maybe -15 or something like that.

I'll stick around today and make sure this shit box don't freeze up. This is brutal and I feel sorry for the people where it's really cold.

The lowest recorded temperature recorded in each state is below. Colorado's was in Maybell just to the west of here with -61 in 1985. The seven states that share boundary's with this state are in red and Montana is highlighted as well as it holds the lowest of the all time lows.


Alabama -27 Jan. 30, 1966 New Market 760
Alaska -80 Jan. 23, 1971 Prospect Creek 1,100
Arizona -40 Jan. 7, 1971 Hawley Lake 8,180
Arkansas -29 Feb. 13, 1905 Pond 1,250
California -45 Jan. 20, 1937 Boca 5,532
Colorado -61 Feb. 1, 1985 Maybell 5,920
Connecticut -32 Feb. 16, 1943 Falls Village 585
Delaware -17 Jan. 17, 1893 Millsboro 20
Florida - 2 Feb. 13, 1899 Tallahassee 193
Georgia -17 Jan. 27, 1940 N. Floyd County 1,000
Hawaii 12 May 17, 1979 Mauna Kea 13,770
Idaho -60 Jan. 18, 1943 Island Park Dam 6,285
Illinois -36 Jan. 5, 1999 Congerville 722
Indiana -36 Jan. 19, 1994 New Whiteland 785
Iowa -47 Feb. 3, 1996* Elkader 770
Kansas -40 Feb. 13, 1905 Lebanon 1,812
Kentucky -37 Jan. 19, 1994 Shelbyville 730
Louisiana -16 Feb. 13, 1899 Minden 194
Maine -48 Jan. 19, 1925 Van Buren 458
Maryland -40 Jan. 13, 1912 Oakland 2,461
Massachusetts -35 Jan. 12, 1981 Chester 640
Michigan -51 Feb. 9, 1934 Vanderbilt 785
Minnesota -60 Feb. 2, 1996 Tower 1,430
Mississippi -19 Jan. 30, 1966 Corinth 420
Missouri -40 Feb. 13, 1905 Warsaw 700
Montana -70 Jan. 20, 1954 Rogers Pass 5,470
Nebraska -47 Feb. 12, 1899 Camp Clarke 3,700
Nevada -50 Jan. 8, 1937 San Jacinto 5,200
New Hampshire -47 Jan. 29, 1934 Mt. Washington 6,288
New Jersey -34 Jan. 5, 1904 River Vale 70
New Mexico -50 Feb. 1, 1951 Gavilan 7,350
New York -52 Feb. 18, 1979* Old Forge 1,720
North Carolina -34 Jan. 21, 1985 Mt. Mitchell 6,525
North Dakota -60 Feb. 15, 1936 Parshall 1,929
Ohio -39 Feb. 10, 1899 Milligan 800
Oklahoma -27 Jan. 18, 1930 Watts 958
Oregon -54 Feb. 10, 1933* Seneca 4,700
Pennsylvania -42 Jan. 5, 1904 Smethport est. 1,500
Rhode Island -25 Feb. 5, 1996 Greene 425
South Carolina -19 Jan. 21, 1985 Caesars Head 3,100
South Dakota -58 Feb. 17, 1936 McIntosh 2,277
Tennessee -32 Dec. 30, 1917 Mountain City 2,471
Texas -23 Feb. 8, 1933* Seminole 3,275
Utah -69 Feb. 1, 1985 Peter's Sink 8,092
Vermont -50 Dec. 30, 1933 Bloomfield 915
Virginia -30 Jan. 22, 1985 Mountain Lake 3,870
Washington -48 Dec. 30, 1968 Mazama 2,120
Winthrop 1,755
West Virginia -37 Dec. 30, 1917 Lewisburg 2,200
Wisconsin -55 Feb.4, 1996 Couderay 1,300
Wyoming -66 Feb. 9, 1933 Riverside 6,650


When Gestapo Types Are Elected

No I do not want meth around but this is about something else. I called this early on after the election but am surprised at the depth of the response (8 agency's) to this perceived danger but not surprised at the results.

There are 11 people standing around with their thumbs up their asses in the picture. They were there for 11 hours. There is more coming from this group and pot is in the picture and that you can take to the bank. Both the sheriff and his deputy are are gestapo types and that's a fact.  A bit of back round.

The newly elected sheriff ran this outfit under a different name before elected.
His deputy was the chief of pulice of this town before taking the under sheriff's position.
The same man was part of this task force as well at one time.
This agency under that different name ran rough shod over people in years past and that is the truth.

The All Crimes Enforcement Team, with assistance from several County law enforcement agencies, entered a  home suspected of being a methamphetamine lab Saturday morning. There was a  “lengthy” investigation.

No one has been arrested, but the investigation is ongoing. He said law enforcement officers removed evidence from the home. “The evidentiary items we believe were used to manufacture meth,” he said.

The ???? Police Depart­ment, ???? County Sheriff’s Office, ???? County Office of Emergency Management, ??th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, West ???? Fire Pro­tec­tion District, Colorado State Patrol Hazardous Materials Team and the ???? County Hazardous Materials Team assisted ACET on Saturday.“Multiple agencies put forth a lot of effort, took it down, contained it,” acting  Police Chief what's his name said.

Air Force Flyboy School Sued For Civil Rights Violations

Good on these staff members for taking a stance on this issue. We know that religion is being forcibly integrated into our armed services branches. They will pay a stiff price I'm sure.

Five faculty members at the Air Force Academy and a religious-watchdog group are filing a civil-rights suit against the academy, saying it is violating the constitutional separation of church and state by sponsoring a National Day of Prayer event and inviting a fundamentalist Christian to speak.
The Military Religious Freedom Foundation said Monday the suit has been filed in Denver federal court. The academy is in Colorado Springs. An academy spokesman didn't immediately return a call.
Retired Marine Lt. Clebe McClary is scheduled to speak at the event at the academy Feb. 10.