I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Horseface Whinnies

This guy is a nobody. He's doing the bidding of the 1% on behalf of our failed government. He gave up when we needed him and all he's doing is using up good air.

Same old shit from the mouths of bought off whores.
Kerry said: “The US is committed to an enduring partnership... The US supports a strong and united Afghanistan.

Some think this is news worthy.


Pope Frankie And The Dilemma Of Just What Is He

So many want to claim this guy as one of theirs b b b but he was born in Italy. b b b b but he grew up in Argentina and speaks Spanish and loves poor folks more than anyone else. Questions questions ya see -

 Does a Latino have to have indigenous blood?" asked the LA Weekly newspaper of Los Angeles beneath the headline, "Is The New Pope Latino?"

I was getting a cold drink in a smoothy shop here in Atenas and when the fellow behind the counter could not understand my poor Spanish he came back with just as good of English as mine. Have had several interesting conversations with him. He is Tican and has lived in the States.

Making this real short this young man faced some difficulties in the United States - well because he's kinda brown and speaks Spanish ya see. When the bigots found out he was from Costa Rica they lightened up on him a bit (just a bit) because he wasn't one of those damn Mexicans ya see.

Put Poop Frankie in the right clothes and place him in Anywhere USA and real quick he'll be one of those illegal fucking Mexicans who are taking everything from us.

How about human being first and foremost and will that word be heard from the new guy? If he does that would be "ser hermano". Those damn Spanish speakers I tell you. Imagine the outrage if those in robes and beanies had picked a Mexican. The horror!!

The fact that "Steve" got treated poorly at times in my country and I get treated so well in his borders on the disgusting. 


They WERE Robbed

Even the President got involved.

“Que horror!! Est├ín degradando el deporte!!” (“What horror!! They’re degrading the sport!!”) Costa Rica’s president, Laura Chinchilla, Tweeted an hour into the match as 45 members of the grounds crew, dressed in full winter gear, battled to keep lines clean by clearing mounds of snow that piled up. 

They played last Friday in Denver and at the market I was giving a couple Tican friends a rough time about what the conditions were going to be like. I didn't really know and could care less about it but you know the pot has to be stirred now and then.

Saying first the altitude was bad enough but it was going to snowing a lot during the game plus the temps were going to be below freezing with the wind blowing hard. It turned out it was just like that and maybe worse.

It needs to be said that these people when their country is spoken of have a strong sense of pride something completely different than in the States.


VERY Short Suspect On The Loose

Okay so it's a misprint but never the less it's kinda funny and some of the comments are even better. And what a crappy name to be stuck with. No wonder she wanted a different identity.

According to a press release issued by Pueblo Crime Stoppers, Kayli Clinkingbeard is described as being a 20-year-old woman, approximately 4" tall, 115 pounds with red or auburn hair and blue eyes.


Something Not To Be Proud Of

Even though Colorado is one of the "Happy States" this statistic reported today is depressing as it gets.

Colorado has the second fastest growing rate of child poverty in the nation, according a Kids Count Colorado, an annual report from Colorado Children's Campaign.

Not only that just up the road in Pueblo -

Pueblo and Denver counties had the highest rate of child poverty. Pueblo's average rate for 2011 was 27.3 percent and Denver's was 26.2 percent. Douglas County continues to have the lowest child poverty rate, averaging 5.2 percent.

 I spend a fair amount of time in Pueblo and yes there are quite a few less fortunate who live there for sure. This hurts and as a country we can do better but it we do better for the 1% than we do for "we the people".


New pope Sends His Chump Out To Sell Message That Raper Priests Are Not Criminals

It might work some places but not here. It's a illness ya see and is correct in the sense they are sick. Evil sick bastards that is. There can be no passes on behavior like child rape and cover up by those involved with the catholic church,

This is not news but a propaganda effort in an attempt to sway opinion on just how evil these people really are. 

Pedophilia is an illness NOT a crime, says cardinal just days after papal conclaveClaimed people abused as youngsters who then become pedophiles 'not criminally responsible'Says pedophilia 'is an illness, not a criminal condition'Says those people do not deserve to be punished because they are damaged

It needs to be said here that there is at least a rebuttal from an organization and person who assist those who have been harmed by the "men of god".

But basically this is a piece that tries to make these men and this organization seem like pretty decent fellows that have a disease so no harm no foul.  


The First Mumbo Jumbo

Real special too from the Argentinian the biggest robe of all  mainstream catholic believers are hoping will make reforms long sought after. Yea right.

"We can walk all we want, we can build many things, but if we don't proclaim Jesus Christ, something is wrong. We would become a compassionate NGO and not a Church which is the bride of Christ,"

"He who does not pray to the Lord prays to the devil. When we don't proclaim Jesus Christ, we proclaim the worldliness of the devil, the worldliness of the demon."

"We must always walk in the presence of the Lord, in the light of the Lord, always trying to live in an irreprehensible way,"

"When we walk without the cross, when we build without the cross and when we proclaim Christ without the cross, we are not disciples of the Lord. We are worldly," 

If this ain't the real jumbo I don't know what else it could be.


The Men In Red And Word On The Street

The are at it in earnest behind closed doors.

Cardinals entered the Sistine Chapel on Tuesday for the conclave to elect the next pope

Word is they sent out for an order of young boys and hold the clothes. 

And For What??

Five US troops killed in helicopter crash, officials say

There are no voices in DC that demand we leave now.

No voices in DC that say these troops died for nothing.

Few voices anywhere that scream no more and those screams go unheard.


The Title Alone Is Proof

As U.S. troops prepare to leave, they rush to teach Afghans to hunt for roadside bombs 

The LINK to the bullshit if you care to read.

Proof to me anyway why certain people needed to and still must be held accountable for their actions in a wars based on the lies of a few that took a nation to war that killed tens of thousands. There is no pass on shit like this - never!!


As The Locals Say At Times

"Se monto enn la carretta" that started here in Atenas many years ago and is still used. I saw this just the other day.

Oxen are used to pull ox carts and they still do. For a long time many plied the roads hauling mostly coffee and and other goods. I've only seen one ox cart. Two with this one at a small park.

Atenas is know for it's ox carts and this is the only real cart I've seen and it's on the road to town.

Barrio Los Angeles where I stay is actually the old road into Atenas. It dead ends about a half mile away where it begins a rather steep descent to a river. Moon shining was going on in days gone past and I understand recently somebody was making some. A friend and I made it down on what is left of the road. We took machete's and if it had not been for a fire I doubt we would have been able to discern where the road was. It was on this not too long of a hike saw a sloth which was nice.

There were as many as 400 carts a day using this road. So there was some drinking going on and when some guys got too drunk to walk along side their team of oxen to direct them they got on top of the ox cart.

In present day when the local's see an inebriated person they say that phrase "se monto enn la carretta" which translates to "looks like that person is on top of the ox cart".

I think that's is soooo funny. You can go here and see some real ox carts just the way they used to be back in those days.

Remember how the pictures get larger when you click on them??


Let's Never Forget Who The Real Bastards Are

Merika forgets so easily but actually they didn't get much of a chance at it because after all they hate us for what we have and we care nothing about what the powerful do here ya see. So we got ourselves another Bin Laden type. A brother-in-law we brought to the States who will be made to pay harshly I'm sure.

So the Way Back Machine goes to the morning of 911 in Washington DC where Daddy bush himself -

on the morning of the 9/11 terrorist attacks -- George Herbert Bush met with Osama bin Ladin’s own brother at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington D.C.

The long association of this evil family with the Bin Ladens was then and continues now to be written out of the history books. 

And never forget either that the next day when not a private or commercial plane was allowed to fly in this country except for those that gathered the over 100 Bin Laden's that were in the country and flew them home over there to the place that was hated with all hate this country was mustering up at the time.

Nobody gave a shit then and they give less of a shit now.


Me And Mah Guns

I don't know about where you live but back in Colorado gun people,gun worriers,gun nuts,gun stupids just plain gun anything have several times now commandeered public meetings intended for other purposes and not always in a polite or constructive way.

Yes I have guns. Four of them. Three long guns and one pistol with a few bullets for each. A couple occasionally get shot a few times and generally get put away fairly quickly because I've become a piss poor shot and it can be expensive to do for very long. I like shooting guns always have. It's fun.

The very last thing on this guy's mind is my fucking guns. Never once has the thought of anyone coming to get my guns now or in the future ever entered my mind - ever.

Nor has the thought that of not being able to buy devices that allow more bullets to be shot before needing to add more chapped my ass in any way that I felt so much worry over that I needed to actively participate in a vocal and public disrespectful way in an attempt to even stop discussion on that topic.

What I find interesting is how very far removed as a firearm owner my thoughts on guns are compared to these other people. It borders on the bizarre it really does. And it ain't changing.

I must be all fucked up.