I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


We Got It

Another milestone in Afghanistan and there are a few hours left till midnight. Courtesy of

Read the numbers and get ready for another ride of enduring death courtesy of a host of many. Well are you proud of your country? Well are ya you nit wit fucktards?? Are you proud of the shape we are in as a nation. I suppose you are and that's special for you I know. Now every one of you go fuck yourself and the lame dick horse you rode into town on. I've got no time for none of you or what you think is good for me and my country  not yours asshole!

Fatalities by Year and Month

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2001 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 5 4 12
2002 10 11 9 5 1 3 0 1 1 6 1 1 49
2003 4 7 12 2 1 3 2 4 2 4 6 1 48
2004 9 2 3 3 8 5 2 3 4 5 7 1 52
2005 2 1 6 18 4 27 2 15 11 7 3 3 99
2006 1 17 7 1 11 18 9 10 6 10 7 1 98
2007 0 14 5 8 11 12 14 18 8 10 11 6 117
2008 7 1 8 5 17 28 20 22 27 16 1 3 155
2009 15 15 13 6 12 25 45 51 40 59 18 18 317
2010 30 32 26 20 34 61 0 0 0 0 0 0 203

Fodor Glava On The Loose

It must have been him who scared this women so badly outside Grand Junction she wrecked her car after peeing her pants.

That damn Fodor.

Of course after loosing control of your car and crashing because you saw a vampire gets you out of receiving a ticket.

Things are a bit different out there in the far west of Colorado. Could it be that it's so close to Utah.

Arizona Gestapo Scared Easily

White powder on da table - run run everybody.

Then they went and screwed with the people in eight other apartments making them leave.

They do this shit a lot of the time to justify what they do. They were in no danger nor was anyone else and they fucking knew it.


Another Repug Slug Apologizes

After he gets called out on his numerous lies and not until then.

People on our side have issues as well we all understand that but not like these people on the right who lie at will. It really becomes disgusting after so much of it.

If we had a press with any integrity they would rip this piece of shit so wide open he would give up his bid for office. Then maybe another would step up to the plate who would maybe be half as bad and we would all be better off.

WTF are these people thinking when they lie as they do? I couldn't even consider doing that but most of these human pieces of crap on the right do just that and are allowed to get away with it most of the time.

Thanks to our side for giving them passes so a lie becomes the truth more often than not.

Bastards most of them on both sides.

How Many Times Did You Hear This

We'll stand down when they stand up or some dumb ass shit like that for years and never fucking ever did any of ours stand down when it came to training Iraqi's. Now the samo or basically the samo for Afghanistan.

And our congress sits there and laps this shit up. After all they are primarily in the war business and they relish that no matter what they say or they would get us the hell out of these situation where even a fucking idiot knows there is no viable threat.

Our country is so goddamn stupid. The threat we face is the gusher in the gulf and the dumb bastards want to drill more.



Spilling Plenty In Colorado

According to the Denver Post this morning and these numbers are fairly huge in what was spilled and the number of incidents.

The important statistic to me is this- Produced water extracted along with natural gas and frac water used in the drilling process were the most common substances spilled. They accounted for nearly half of the spills, 461, and about 85 percent of the amount.

This fracturing process is insidious and should be outlawed for several very important and common sense reasons. It won't be of course because just like other things in government it's the oil company's that tell our leaders what to do and the elected ones get down on their knees willingly to give them just what they need on a regular basis.


Another Classic From The Maybell Bible Church

It all becomes so clear when ones mind is clouded with impossibilities. I cannot wait until it's time again for the next one.

Down the road from the Maybellians it seems to me it's time to stop insulting the sky being and freshen up the damn sign. Where's the respect you lovers of the impossible??

A Short Story And A Rarity

I came back early. The last night out camping over Memorial Day weekend there were very small black flies around. Bigger than no see-ums but small. About three days later realized I got the shit bit out of me and this was a major pain in the ass and took the better part of three weeks to go away.

They were around this time too having grown up a bit and even with repellent it became apparent I still got bit. Just bagged it for staying out the second night and just didn't care to get bit anymore because the six to eight that I'm well aware of so far have been a pain all day and if it's like last time they're here for two weeks anyway. I'll be back there before too long and they will be gone.

Had my eyes open today and happy that I saw these orchids in what is a very small area. Went for several hikes two of which were up box canyons where in one these flowers were found and another with numerous panels of rock art. Some of those pictures will get put up at the Picture Place.

These orchids are called Spiranthes diluvialis.

The pictures were taken in Dinosaur National Monument yesterday.


Headed West Again

Wasn't going to but am now. As soon as I can throw the stuff I need into the Element I'm headed west for the weekend staying somewhere around Rangely tonight and probably somewhere in that area Saturday. It's very warm out and want to make the most of this while I can. It is my hope interesting things are found again.

The best to all of you-have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by OTC. Be back on Sunday afternoon sometime.


South of the Border

I support the education of people in this country to be informed on what is happening to the south of us. Of course they will still believe Fux Whore News.

This is one I want to see.


You Might Get A Kick Outta This

It was fun doing this today.

Ramping Up The Third War Front

Our love for conflict only grows larger. President Obama not only the commander in chief but chief of this as well.

I thought this was a done deal a while back but apparently not. Hell it may even be a request for more.

Send these guys to fetch a bunch of BP biggys and make them work on cleaning up the environment and the animals that may still have a chance to live.

Always more guns and tools for oppression on this war front and never a discussion from those in the know who carry badges that understand that to end this conflict there must be some form of legalization.

We need an end to this decades old conflict and we need it done badly.

Of course we will never see that happen.


Many Will Love It

I don't have tv and a major part of that decision was programs like this.

Are we ever in deep shit as the gusher gushes more.

Another Reason He's Gotta Go

It's all the progress McFuckstal has made in Afghanistan why he needs to stay according to-

Give all of us a break here and somebody somewhere quit writing this shit for a while.

If this man stays in uniform it will just be another example of just how screwed we really are. 


Fire His McFuckstal Ass

Good On Obama. When you're the boss you don't take any shit from assholes who back stab you.

These military types get damn near everything they want because our country holds being at war so dear to our heart and then slugs like this prick pull this kinda shit.

Kick his sorry ass out the door and we'll all be better off.

Once Again-Why Are We In Afghanistan?

What can I say except that confusion reigns when it comes to why we are in this country for years and years and this doesn't help.

This piece via VOA and they don't lie.

This isn't really new but reinforces why we are correct and must leave. I'll believe it when I see it if troops are withdrawn a year from now.

We love wars way too much to rush away from one.


He's Back

Reverend Manny and the Twilight Empire that is. Has  a new site along with a new address.


I do like what this fellow has to say and it's good to see him blogging once again. Helping to spread the word for a guy who speaks the truth and slaps the wingers silly on a regular basis.

Can't get much better than that so if you got the time go visit da Rev.

Take no prisoners there Rev. and keep kicking nutter ass.

Out And About Over The Weekend

Stuck around here this weekend because I needed to go to work on Saturday. There are some more over at the Picture Place of things seen.


And The One Not Mentioned

This is no surprise. It has been like this for longer than they say here.

We've been a nation of medicine chest junkies for years and all of a sudden this is the first time-my ass.

But nowhere in this article is marijuana mentioned. We all know the answer why.

We need to end the war on our third front but of course we won't but we will continue to prosecute those who make pot their drug of choice.

America loves it's wars.


Happy Father's Day

The best to all Father's out there and I know most of you hold your children very close to your heart. Here is one of my favorite pictures of my Dad taken in France in 1945. Enjoy your day.


Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there. I am not one and my dad is gone so the best to all of you guys out there. I bet my blogger friends who are fathers have some great kids. I miss my dad!

FROM '08

This is the first Father's Day I will not be making that call. I claim my Father's brother Rollie as a substitute Dad for this year. What I miss most is making those calls on a whim just to bs. The picture is a one shot deal. Up for a day only for the obvious reason. Taken next to the cornfield over two years ago the one I grew up in and my Dad farmed. Dad's name was Paul. NOTE The picture is back and will remain.


Dad is gone-Uncle Rollie's pooch gone-just found out another long time friend gone at 47-a first cousin soon to be gone-Tim Russert bang, gone at 58 my age-Mom's side of the family having a history of being gone just like that.

May not be related to Father's Day but very much value the close and few friendships I have and that includes relationships on the highway of the internets those that are the most informed of all.

Given the fragility of life every once in a while and the importance some put on theirs it's good to put things in perspective now and then. After all none of us are no more than piss ants in time. I love this video.

                  WHAT WE ARE


Interior Secretary Salazar Has Plenty to Say

This is one of them.

BP is capturing 25,000 barrels of oil daily from the Deepwater Horizon site and relief wells should stop the leak — as soon as next month.

Plus- "I have a high degree of confidence that this program will work," he said. "The best brains in the world are focused on this issue."

There are a bunch of other numbers in this piece and they do not add up. Nor does the rest of his political BS he spits out. He makes it clear he hasn't had a day off so take that into consideration too.

I wished I shared the Secretary's optimism but as far as I'm concerned until this is shut off 100% we got squat and that is the simple fact of this disaster at this time.

I'm gonna go see if I can catch a fish in water that is not contaminated with oil.

Have a good Saturday and thanks for the visit.

It's True-Mowed Weeds Look Better Than Non Mowed Weeds

This is the third time this year to clean the place up. Last year that was the total. Not sure what to make of that. Back at the other place blew snow 13 times and the following year once again three. I thinking two more times yet here.

And it does look better for awhile anyway. We don't spray for the poor man's favorite flower because it's real tough on the birds.
This is what's going on underneath that machine you push or ride around at your place.

 We save the real effort to keeping a hundred or so acres of this looking real damn nice. You betcha!


This Time It's Not A Boy Being Molested

Once again Benny the Rat's church shows its true colors. From Susan Greene of the Denver Post.

These kind of actions never go away but when you're in the business of selling hypocrisy I guess it's just another day at the office.


Bullwinkle's Plenty

These animals remain a novelty to me and even after today I still do not have any really good pictures of these interesting creatures. I hardly have a decent picture to show you even though I was fairly close and the video isn't something to brag about either.

I saw these guys coming and ducked into some cover thinking they would pass in front for some very close pictures but instead they passed behind me not very far away at all maybe a 100' max. Didn't hear or see them so I got off to a bad start and they cover a lot of ground quickly.

Still want to share these and I will somehow eventually get some quality photos of the fellows.

Business As Usual

I am unsure whether this is a good bill or not.

A beleaguered bill to extend benefits for the long term unemployed stalled on Capitol Hill Tuesday, when the Senate voted 45-52 to block the $140 billion catchall bill that also would delay a Medicare fee cut, extend a hodgepodge of expiring tax cuts, and other provisions that Democrats say will help stimulate job growth.

If it were a Repuglican offer there would not have been one of them who would have voted against it for the most part. Here there were 11 Dems who did.

My point is that when those affected by the gusher line up for theirs what side are these politicians gonna be on?

If anyone thinks BP will cover all of that bill and what's coming down and out the pipe you are thinking incorrectly.

Meanwhile the gusher continues to gush and there isn't shit in the news about that this morning.


Mary The Economist States The Obvious

Why do they  waste the ink on this crap.

Well no shit Cisco. Having just returned from Nevada I can vouch for that. And then in Vegas 261 have lost their jobs.

For whatever it's worth several times people expressed to me their dislike for Mexicans and it actually made me feel uneasy.

And the economy killer continues to gush in the gulf.


Obama Gonna Fight Hard

"We're going to fight back with everything that we've got," he said.

And that's good as well it should be in an attempt to stop the oil from reaching the shores wherever that may be.

Problem is the gusher has not been stopped and all the tough talk and all the efforts to stop it from reaching shore don't mean diddly squat if the right conditions arise.

Most everything anyone says don't mean shit as long as this poison continues to spill at will into what once was fairly pristine waters.

The tough talk I want to hear from my President is how hard he is going to fight to stop drilling such as this so this can never happen again and how we are going to institute a massive effort as a country to begin the process to alternative energy sources.

We could go on and on here but my heart just isn't in it until the gusher gets a plug stuck in it's ass.

The magnitude of this continues to be downplayed and one does not have to be a  marine biologist to understand that this is an ocean killer and possibly much more.

One does not have to be a economist to understand that this may very well be a depression maker too.

A tough speech by Obama tonight  will be just that as talking tough changes nothing.

Jeebus Burnt All To Hell

If this isn't an omen to the religious I don't know what is.

Once an imposing figure at six stories his daddy I guess struck him with lightning and burned him to the ground. Yup daddy burnt him up in hell and sent him back as this.

He must have done something pretty damn bad to deserve this.


BP Gonna Get Their Ass Chewed Out

I'm back and with an even better really good shitty attitude about the reality of the pile of crap these slugs in DC have put us in.

So someone from BP will come before the suits today behind the table and say "not me not me" and that's about all that will happen.

We will pay the price for this not them. We will pay the price like we always do.

Late and have to go.


Outta Here

The nature of the business I am in is such that you are encouraged not to take time off during the season which is not during the winter. I've pretty much adhered to that but looking back that was a big mistake. Headed west I'm along for the ride which is fine by me. Will be back home on Monday.

Posting will be light and screwing off will be heavy.

I'm lucky I can do this in these times.

Give 'em hell friends and don't take any shit.
Thanks for stopping by.



Brits Don't Help Us We'll Lose The Second War

Meaning Afghanistan and that is a fact according to Petraeus.

I'm just a guy out of a cornfield but I understand simple things.

Like do you realize what you just said. How fucking dumb are you?

Why is our general out selling a fucking war?

There's nothing charming about anything here.

McFuckstal has already said we will be in Afghanistan long past when Bama said we'd be pulling out.

A cabal of the most evil and wealthy control these things.

There is no chance of getting any of this back. Bama does what he's told and that's fact.

General Stars below is evil at it's worst.

Nato Troops In Afghanistan

There's a helicopter that's been shot down. There has been 15 US troops killed in the month so far with 29 total.

It seems that times when troops die there are lumping all of them together as "NATO" and not getting to the American until way down the article. Even in the linked to piece here one doesn't know where the dead are from.

Me thinks there maybe a new scam going on here in an attempt to disguise deaths of Americans for awhile so they can be forgotten when the next story comes up.


Stick Your Feel Good Headlines On The Disaster In The Gulf Where The Sun Don't Shine

Or go a mile down and pull your head outta your ass and stick it in the cloud of death spewing non-stop out the broken pipe. Then maybe you will take a different position rather than for instance "Well Cap Captures More Oil" and concentrate on the reality of this disaster you fuckers want to downplay.

You bastards presenting the idea that because some oil is being captured things are much better. My ass!

Whatever the numbers are the amount of oil spewing out of this pipe is huge and will remain so for possibly until the oil runs out. That's the story assholes not that they are getting some of it.

When they get all of it-every single fucking drop or get it completely shut off then and only then does it become a feel good story.

Until that happens the only position whore news people should be taking is what will the ramifications be if it can't be stopped.

Bottom line until it is stopped we got squat. It's just that simple.


Taking Care Of Business

Was down at the ranch and away from the internets. The temps were in the 90's and it was the warmest I've been in a long time. Unusual to say the least.

Have not been paying much attention to anything in detail but we still have a gusher that is foremost on my mind and will be until when and if they get it shut off.

No matter how these whores on TV play this just because they are capturing a small amount this is a disaster "Pass All".

I had just walked where this rattlesnake appeared a couple minutes later. Some times these guys have to go that's all there is to it.

There is a shot fired in this video and something does die just so you know.


Creatures From Vernal

I find this type of art amazing to say the least. This video gives a pretty good idea what this place is like. There's more over at the picture place.

This is the picture at the top of the page yesterday but a bit closer.


Go Broke Like The News Did

The "Rocky" shit the bed a bit over a year ago. We might be better off with them than the Denver Whore Post. I might look at it and I do link to articles but they'll never see a dime from me.

We all know who this sorry sack of shit Ted Haggard is. Gay meth using  liar big time preacher gone bad and then got caught. That guy. Since then he's been covered many times in print and da TV. 

Today the Denver Post has him and his I'm sure dysfunctional family plastered all over the front page of their ass wipe newspaper cuz he's starting a new church. So fucking what!

This sorry fuck has about as much credibility as the loser of a shit eating contest but here he is.

No matter where or in what form it may be found just another reason why as a society we are so stupid. Very fucking stupid. 

Just this January the Post files for chapter 11. At least that what it says here.

Bring it on.

Sheez-I just despise what passes as news a lot of the time.

Screw Vail Colorado

These guys believe they are very special like many here as well.

This town has voted to ban medical marijuana dispensaries from ever operating within the popular skiing destination.

I think if people around the country wished to make a statement they easily could do so here.

Why-because dispensaries would contradict with the image they've tried to set for the town.

With a mind set like that which includes some of the richest in the world I can't think of a better reason not to spend a penny in a place like this. I won't.

We have two medical marijuana dispensaries here in ski town USA and no one is getting hurt and the tourists will keep coming.

The image of what people want in this country you simple fucktards is legalization. But no you take the position of the high and mighty and lifestyle of the stupids who have so much more than the rest of us that you feel the need to flaunt that for your own design on what your world should be.

The image you want is not the reality of the world these days and I say people who ski should choose a different destination where the locals who make the decisions are not living in the dark ages of repression and incarceration.


He's A Cat Killing Bastard

This slug. Pissed of because a kitty unhooked his video game. 

Has kids who probably saw the kitty thrown against the wall.

Girlfriend called the cops who took him away and he remains in the slammer.

I bet he's beat his girlfriend and kids too.

Cross eyed sonofabitch!

What There Is Today

Is not much because it's the real busy time of year but what I got done last night before the chair got me was this post @ the Picture Place. This small 10 acre site contains formations found nowhere else in the world. Here are a couple.


There Has Been An Uptick

In deaths - in Afghanistan.

The chest stars and head commander assured us of that.

This weekend one of the chesters said we be there much longer than the prez said we were gonna leave. "A lot longer" I think I may have heard.

There are more a humm'in.

Our country loves war and death.

Those in DC who vote and say they are on our side are liars and whores just as bad as the ones who do the voting for the other side.

The house could end our wars now if they chose. But they won't.

These fuckers are not on my side I don't give a shit!

Never will the US say that's enough. No way.

They don't stop the oil it's a whole new ball game.

We are in for a very rough ride.


Thanks to iCasualties.org for the graph.

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2001 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 3 7
2002 10 1 9 4 1 3 0 1 0 0 0 1 30
2003 4 1 8 2 1 2 1 4 1 3 6 0 33
2004 9 2 3 1 8 4 2 3 4 5 7 1 49
2005 2 1 5 18 4 26 2 15 11 4 2 3 93
2006 1 7 7 1 11 18 9 10 6 10 7 1 88
2007 0 12 3 8 11 12 13 18 8 9 11 6 111
2008 7 1 7 5 16 28 20 22 27 16 1 3 153
2009 14 15 13 6 12 24 44 51 37 59 17 17 309
2010 30 29 24 19 33 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 135

Briefly What I Heard

Returned from the hinterland yesterday and when the time came to throw something up wasn't able to do so till this morning. We start at 6AM now so there isn't much time. Here are several pictures and I will have more up at the picture place late today.

Yea I did hear the fat ass pig boy limbo bloviating how every problem humanity faces is the result of you and me and Bama. That's correct.

Of course the gusher is still doing just that and I'm supposed to feel better. BP's big man wants his life back and they are doing all they can and the containment is working nicely you see. But it will be several more days before they will try something else and the locals want the bad to stop right now.

This yahoo over in Israel seems to always be right and shoots first just to be sure. Peace my ass-never ever.

Then I hear one of our Generals say the fight will go on for much longer than anything Obama said was going to happen in Afghanistan and that the Prez was on board with that and you may as well bend over and take it.

All it is where I was at is one giant gas field.

Have a good one.