I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Doing All They Can

That is to not kill innocents with drone attacks and if you don't like it you and everyone else can kiss your respective asses all the way up to the brown.

I'm so tired of kissing my own ass knowing too that the change I and maybe you want as well isn't coming. And not later either.

Day before yesterday there was a local tragedy where out of towners were attending an event associated with religion. A drunk monkey kills three young girls and the father of one of the girls is in front in another vehicle and is at the scene. Her graduation picture shows her to be very attractive and who I'm sure had the same feelings all of us had when we were about to graduate. People prayed in a group at the scene.

My Dad said he felt that a person had to believe in something and I do not disagree with that. I turned out to be a realist. That's not new. 

There is no mocking here it's way too sad. My question is what does it take for people to get it?

It's important because our country is driven by these two things war and religion and in a huge negative way. 


Fly Defends The Romneys On The Mutt Issue And Has Ass Ripped Half Off By Rabid Leftist Do Gooders

It's true. It's also true that I have no time for this family and no need to explain except for the following.

I said it was the Left's birther issue and just leave it alone. That I believed Ann Romney when she said how fired up the mutt Seamus got at the mere thought of going for a ride. That hound didn't give a shit one way or the other where he rode just that he wanted to come. Dogs are like that. Dogs are different than people. That's why they are dogs and we are people. Plus I think the hound may have been an Irish setter and they're dumb as shit and happy as hell most of the time anyway.

Some dogs wouldn't like riding the way Seamus did. That's different. Let me repeat - that's different.

What was done with Seamus does not fit the definition of cruelty or Wikipedia's description of animal cruelty.

It may be odd and pretty strange on the part of this family but it's not what is being said. You are entitled to think otherwise.

The people on this thread went winger ballistic on me. A place where there was common ground with most participants. It was like the drunken mob outside the Sheriff's office. 

Many on the left will behave like this because they want you know just how smart and correct they are. Righteous too! Similar to the abortion position of the Right there are no exceptions when they decide just what animal cruelty is and you can't. You then become an enemy immediately. It happens a lot and this is not the first for me. I am guilty of the same but made a vow years ago I would be different and have been.

I believe this is a big reason the left has such huge problems. In that they will fight among themselves to prove who is the smartest and most knowledgeable on issues and the direction to take. The Right  is not like that.

It kills me sometimes how fast lefty's can turn on one and another and that's a fact! Many feel the bone has got be all theirs or else.


It's Not A Regular Shoulder But A Dangerous Revealing One

It's true and something needed to done quickly.

Chaparones were on the watch for just such a thing and action was taken to protect "the community"!

The powers at large then go on to lie their lame hypocritical religious asses off with this beaut.


They Used To Ski Here

39 miles as the crow flies to what was and still is the Cuchara Ski Resort. It was never a destination resort except for locals and many Texans who came up but downhill skiing with lifts and the whole works did happen but has not for some time.

The don't ski because it doesn't snow near enough anymore and for quite some time.  This picture was taken maybe yesterday. Just saying.

You can click on the picture to make it bigger twice.

The google image gives you another perspective as the top picture is a bit deceiving. You go there you are in the mountains and it's getting to that time to go see if they got any Columbines.


Not Even A Mention

Here you have the President of the United States showing up in Colorado today to speak at the University of Colorado and that may be a first. I listen to the campus station which by the way plays good stuff and everyone there seemed pretty fired up.

Point being I find it a bit odd the Denver Whore Post has nothing on their home page about this.

Just saying.

Huntsman Tells Truth - Gets Ass Ripped Off

Now blaming the misunderstanding on da media. He got taken to the woodshed and told in no uncertain terms to lie.

I'll go with his quote.



It's almost May. Many are paying close attention and care.


Outsourcing Liberty But Adding Blackberrys

Bringing it back home via Egypt and adding blackberries and a woman. Bought in Lady Liberty's up and coming store of necessity - Family Dollar and for a dollar. Don't get much more Mercun than that.  

"Back To The Pacific" And We're Not Talking That MacArthur Fellow

Read it if you care but like many things the Empire means business. Of course the prez says yo. These decisions have been made and nobody gets asked let alone Congress. The Pentagon controls what happens in our country.

The failed mid-April launch of a long-range North Korean rocket, billed as a satellite launch but widely seen as the test of a ballistic missile, was the latest reminder of how the Pacific region remains one of the world’s most volatile. It’s also a key focus of the Obama administration’s new national defense strategy.  


Good On Judge Jenni Lynn Lawrence

For making the DA and his staff go back to school and retake DEFENDANTS HAVE RIGHTS 101.

Crap like this happens all over the country much of the time and these people cheat other ways as well and are like the badges they serve never admit to wrongdoing.

And before any simpletons come around this has nothing to do with the crime committed and defending a child abuser but has everything to do with our rights as citizens..


Not Only Can't You Have It But You Can't Say It Either

Badges of all kinds are out in force along with fertilizer spreaders to stop talk about da pot on the grounds of Colorado University in Boulder.

Plus down in playland the long and powerful arm of mighty CU reaches to squelch any mention of activities that have a long history of participation.

Plus da bama is coming on Tuesday to toot his horn like he did awhile back in Colorado about how much he wants to take care of these pesky student loans.  

bama is a player in this war against marijuana. A war that makes criminals out of decent people and good Americans. He sends his goons to raise hell with innocents. There is another position this man could take that could lead us in a positive direction of decriminalizing but he takes the opposite position because they told him to and like it or not this man is there to take care of the 1% and that's what he does.

What the hell - - IT'S DA POT MON


And That Ain't Antifreeze

If there was justice which there is not for those who lied to get Iraq to this point need to be held accountable. Holding people responsible for high crimes would get our country on the right road.


Chucky Grassley On Top Of The Prostitutes In Columbia

I mean after all being the believer he is what other position can he take? LINK

The whore AP with the help of this idiot are changing the tune of this "story" with actual numbers of girls involved. That's right. At least twenty and maybe even 21 and people are headed down there to get the rest of the story first hand from these women.

It has nothing to do with these women and has everything to do with this country and how we do business and treat others around the world.

The two who tried to cheat one of the girls learned from this asshole Grassley as there's a reason they call him "Squeak" back in the cornfield.


What He Really Means Is

Making every attempt at the sincere he's really pointing out how pissed off he is that his boys were stupid enough to get caught at something that is the norm for the job. Bet on it!

The top U.S. military officer said Monday the nation’s military leadership is embarrassed by allegations of misconduct against several U.S. military members at a Colombia hotel on the eve of President Obama’s visit over the weekend.


Scandal Huh?

How stupid are people?? What do you think these guys do with their free time when they travel? They have money,transportation,contacts and influence. Yes they party.

If it were in Nevada it would be legal. Getting caught at this level shows there are plenty of dim bulbs within this group.

 FBI Prostitution Scandal Link 

Meanwhile embassies in Kabul were attacked in what is described as the "most serious since 2001".

You can talk about war anytime as there is plenty fodder for that but when you got prostitutes on the table now that is news ya see!


Catholicism Is Terrorism!!

I don't know about you guys but I have a HUGE problem with this and there is no linky to this insane mind fuckery that in essence is saying to start the process of overthrowing our government to appease an invisible Finger Snapper who snapped his and made you and all that there is since the beginning of time or something along those lines.

Roman Catholic bishops in the United States are urging the public not to obey laws that counter religious beliefs.

There's a reason for separating church and state.

There's a reason churches get a break with the tax code. It says they stay out of the political arena.

Tax these fuckers like they should be and maybe they'd shut the fuck up a bit and we could use their money for doing something positive. Ya right.

You crazy bastards. Where do you get off thinking you have the right to impose your religious will onto me and tens of millions of others?

There's a bunch "over there" that we are killing in your Finger Snapper's name who do the same and we consider them "TERRORISTS".


What Could It Be

It's this thing. Scroll slowly so you don't see the answer. It's not much but it's something anyway.

Stretch took a timeout from the food bowl and gives an idea how big this is. My guess this piece made out of solid aluminum weighs about 8-9 pounds a bit less than the cat.

 It should all come together here and most of you have seen pictures of these before.

It's the end cap for this 150' turbine blade that derailed a month or so ago. I thought about it and decided to go back out and get it as I remember it laying there and thought it might make an interesting conversation piece.
It was not just laying there and if you click on the pictures you will see there is a bolt. I was able after awhile to twist this until the cable attached to it broke. I'm sure this was a ground.

I hope I get away with this caper and if caught not punished tooo harshly. Please don't give me up.


A Warning For Women - Swine Producers And Humans

Actually the warning should include anything that's breathing. We're talking the drug called Matrix that controls the breeding cycle of pigs.

And that ain't all! Can't pee no problemo dude.

He better not spill any drug on exposed skin because it can cause “instantaneous urination,” said Doug Davis, a pig farmer who advises 4-H members on swine projects.

Instantaneous pissing - WTF anyway?? And pumping drugs like this and hundreds of others as well into the meat we eat  doesn't have consequences.



Happened To See These Kids

Just a little over a week ago I was in this area and where I went you go past this school and it stands out as it's a cool building and location.
The linked to article below tells the very interesting history of this school and the difficulties it faces today as many do. The piece also mentions the whole school hiking in Sand Canyon just up the road. I met all of them on the way back and even after almost six miles every one of them including the teachers were wearing huge smiles. I like that! Here's a picture I took that same day.

The school was built in 1915 to serve families in the canyon, most who made a living ranching or farming. In 1994, when the district threatened to close Battle Rock because of low enrollment and the retirement of its longtime teacher, the community pulled together to save the school by turning it into a charter. It was the first of its kind to be created under such circumstances. 

In the 18 years since, the school has faced its fair share of financial, administrative and academic struggles. Wright, the school’s director, is working for free this year to help the school scrape by. Somehow, it has continued to weather those storms and remains a central pillar of this historic canyon community.

We need schools like this no matter where they are. Corporate power chooses war over education damn near every time. If the right saw god associated with this the money would flow you can bet on it.

The kids pay the price and and the War Machine grows larger and more powerful.


Wind Dynamics

I do not know the whole story on this assistance given to company's who make wind generators but would bet plenty it does not come even close to what "big oil" gets from you and me.

Held hostage with with nutter lies and media assistance just like most everything else in DC. I do not want to see these jobs lost around the country in this industry for the obvious numerous reasons.


Chicken Mush

I've been bitching about chicken for a long time. This leg quarter is huge. We know how abnormally huge the breasts are.

I don't have the time this morning to write all that's on my mind but click on this picture below and see what's there after it's cooked on the grill a bit. I've never seen this before and it looks just plain odd.
Do you remember when juice used to run out of chicken - even the breasts? To me this meat along with other meats when you chew it it's mushy. Think about it next time it really is.

I gotta go up to the south side of metro Denver and see a man about a type of modern horse.

Have a good one!


Winding Down The Month Of Mumbo Jumbo

Originally posted 3/3010 things remain the same. How I hated being forced to participate in these rituals that I knew were all lies.

Ramping Up For The Biggy On Sunday

After a getaway from all the political nonsense close to two weeks worth I have yet to read much on politics and am unclear if and when I will.

But I do know this Sunday is Easter a major event for many who believe in the impossible and bizarre but don't believe they need to call out the priests who rape their children.

The lead up to the finale starts on Thursday night with rituals performed that rival any around the world. As an alter boy it was up close and personal.

Then the afternoon on Friday that became excruciating with what seemed like endless bullshit of nonsensical words that meant nothing to me ever.

Never had to do the Saturday bs as even my parents knew a kid can take only so much.

Finally after Sundays event it was back to a bit of normality but the damage had been done after a month of major mumbo jumbo religious insanity.


Been Saying It For Years!

"We are a nation of medicine chest junkies!" And that is and has been a fact and of course not spoken of because the feds are after da pot ya see.

The numbers are truly alarming.

Blind eyes have been turned for years for any number of reasons all of which have been very wrong. 

14,800 OD's four years ago in that year alone and at national and state level it is impossible to have a rational discussion on this problem because the dialog is determined by the very ones who caused the 14,800 deaths in 2008.

If you think positive change is gonna happen concerning this you are wrong. If you think after the election problems like this will be addressed in an intelligent way if at all you will be even more wrong.

What you can be 100% sure of is that the fed's war against da pot will continue in full force.


This Morning

Yesterday a sustained wind of 35+ and this is what it was like a while ago at 6:15am real time. Supposed to be sunny and 55 tomorrow. We need the moisture. There will not be much happening outside today if anything. Coyote's are on the prowl.

This is a high quality video sent to me from a friend whose job is to make these things. Since we're into the winter mode today check out this recent heliskiing piece done recently in Alaska. It's real good!



Dodged A Bullet

It was a good time and I saw things not seen before in some of the same places. It is spring but there was only three Paint Brush wild flowers blooming in all the miles I hiked and they were at the base of a ruin in partial shade.

On the way home four miles below the west summit of Wolf Creek Pass the 'ol Chevy man's Chevy actually shit the bed and quit - yup! I could just see the $100 bills blowing away in the breeze. We won't go into the why here because that is still a bit of the unknown except it was fuel related. What to do - what to do. 20+ back into Pagosa Springs and all downhill.

The vehicle did start but would die after a bit. Rolled backwards and swung around and headed back west driving all the way to a gas station without incident in Pagosa. Took 20 of the possible 27 @ $3.89 btw.

There was a towing/repair shop on the east side of town that looked clean and active. I took note of that because I felt there was a distinct possibility it might be needed. Went to a parts house to get a fuel filter and inquire about that business.

Did not want to ask in public at the counter and and put someone on the spot or what have you. It's a small town. There was a man working in the back in the area of the rest rooms and I asked him about this towing and repair business.

He says for the most part - "Not to worry my friend that's my business. You call this number pointing to his business card and if the boys don't pick up it comes directly to me. You need help we'll take care of you. Not to worry!"

It may not be much in the big scheme of things but I sure get a kick outta shit like this.

Let's finish by saying there was pottery all over the place. Much of it in the road. 

I did nothing to this vehicle and drove the 150 home and it ran better than ever.