I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Amendment 48 = Crazy Bastards

The group petitioning to define a person, for purposes of constitutional protections, as "any human being from the moment of fertilization," obtained more than 103,000 valid signatures, the Colorado secretary of state's office announced Thursday. The amendment will now go before voters in the Nov. 4 election.

The article above frames what this is about and the people behind it. Wendy Norris writes two very informative articles on this measure here and here. They got enough of the mind fucked to get it on the ballot in November. That's the process but it makes this no less asinine. Doesn't take much of an imagination to come up with reasons why this idea is so nutso like those behind it.

Hey I want to enroll this freshly fertilized egg into Yale to become smarter like my Preznut did. Or calling the cops for loud neighbors that are disturbing the person zygote. Jesus christ how fucking dumb is this shit anyway? Makes the whole state look stupid but these crazys are all over not just here.

The chance of this passing is slim of course but you never know sometimes as it's a fact there are some really dumb fucking people who vote and think they have a brain and that is dangerous and the best example of that is Bushmeister the killer Prez.

Saturday met a representative from Protect Families Protect Choice who said just that. The purpose and their efforts are to see that this measure is squashed like an elephant stepping on a dung beetle. I'm all for that even though these insane fuckers won't realize after it's over how out of touch with reality they really are.

Telling It Like It Is

I'm tired of beating around the bushit about why so many are struggling. We have governments at all levels with major budget problems because of fuel and other oil related products alone not even including large increases on other budget items. . There are school districts all over this country in the same predicament. One can go on and on with examples.

It's gotten to be old shit to read how those affected are coping or adapting to these rapidly changing dynamics always without reference or discussion on the reason why they are facing these huge obstacles that are not going away. Done it for a long time and doing it even more when an opportunity presents itself to remind whoever even if it annoys. Tough shit cry me a fucking river.

Very very simple and it's just one word people have to comprehend as to why things are fucked up for them. IRAQ! Demand we leave Iraq sheeple and then and only then will you have a chance of some stability reentering your life. Why is one word so fucking hard to understand? There are two pieces to this puzzle-Iraq and what is happening to your lifestyle. Put'em together it ain't that goddamn hard.

A bit off topic but a recent land sale back in the cornfield netted $1,404,000 for 240 acres which equals $5,850 an acre. Corn is around $7 beans$15 a bushel. With a figure of 10% overall crop loss this does not bode well. Remember this stuff is not even close to maturing let alone out of the field.

Another off topic item that's been bugging me. What % overall does the the US military and government use of the total oil this country consumes and that includes everything? Love to know that number.


Chosen Bloggers At The DNC

Ran across this video where SquareState the Colorado blog selected to be on the floor is interviewed. Pretty decent interview about the convention and the role bloggers play in general. Met two of these people in December and saw Johne again this Saturday where we discussed a number of things and not all politics. One was his Mini Cooper S that goes like a sonofabitch. I tell you these guys are sharp and when this thing starts SquareState will be one place I will be visiting a lot.

This interview was done at a Drinking Liberally event in Denver.


Meet Frankie

I'm not sure if these cats represent a type of breed or not but I sure like them.

Friendly and very inquisitive plus they're the best damn mousers pass all.

Frankie is a local of course but some years ago some friends went up to Sweetwater Lake and campground a place that adjoins the Flattops Wilderness Area to bring one home. The whole damn place was full of Frankies.


Round And Round We Went

Let's see there are moose,bears,coyotes,mountain lions,elk,deer,porcupines,squirrels,chipmunks,marmots and fox around at different times. In almost 17 years we do not recall seeing as much as a cottontail let alone a damn jack rabbit and that is exactly what this guy had here. This wabbit ventured into
parts unknown and got hammered. It was a Mexican standoff and at times these fox want some thing you have and generally it's your golf ball. They come very close to you if they want it bad enough.


The DNC And What May Be In Store

The big event In Denver draws closer bringing together those bastards who we're told are on our side. It's also going to bring many who want to call out these fuckers or is it closet repugs as it is hard to tell what the hell they are exactly. For sure many are pissed off for what they have done or not done.

You have these coming.
Tens of thousands of activists are expected, both homegrown and imported. Some plan to drive FEMA trailers up from Mississippi for a media-savvy statement about continuing Hurricane Katrina struggles.

Others are coming from Seattle, like the Backbone Campaign, which will haul 70-foot-tall political puppets called The Chain Gang: prison-suited images of President Bush, Vice-President Dick Cheney and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

That means practice needs to start.
Maneuvers over downtown were coordinated by the U.S. Department of Justice, but authorities would not release details of the training.

There may be trouble with people wanting to express there views against those who enabled this administration to fuck the living shit out of us and our rights. Can't be having a bunch of that shit going on so maybe it will be time to roll out the old ray gun because it has to be used on Americans first before we use it on people in other country's you see.

But that ain't the fucking half of it folks. Just today
Arapahoe County commissioners passed by a 3-2 vote today a measure to outlaw use of thick sticks, gas masks, and other normally legal items at protests.

If it's legal you can't bring it and they decide what. Why the fuck can't you bring a gas mask to protect yourself when the gas starts flying and you are exercising your constitutional right to protest those who do not represent you but do the corporations?

I have a feeling this is not going to be pretty and chances are good there will be the usual brown shirt repugs in the crowd provoking confrontation to make our side look bad to be vilified by the media. Even a pecker head outta the cornfield can see this coming.

Forgot to add the convention is in Denver County but seems they're pretty worried ten miles south.


If I Only had An Ear

UPDATE 7/208 The biopsy came back negative. I am lucky. Just found out my friend's came back negative also. YES!!!

Still have most of my ear. Nine days until the results of the biopsy. One of my buds mentioned below was at the same office same doctor same procedure. 20 bucks for me today and $300 for him yesterday. There will never be meaningful legislation passed in this country until people are put in office that cast their votes for what is in the best interests of us and our country and not for what is in the best interest of corporations. This is just bull shit.

An Oregon man, given less than a year to live, had a complete remission of advanced deadly skin cancer after an experimental treatment that revved up his immune system to fight the tumors.

Immunotherapy has become the most promising approach" to late-stage, death-sentence skin cancers

none of the eight other patients in the study did as well. It's not clear why

Well find out dammit. I know of five people at least who have this. Have an appointment today myself and we'll see. They'll probably want to lop off my goddamn ear. Along with two other buds who have it on one ear there may be a bunch of ear less bastards running around town.

No matter what this article shows some promise. Get the fuck after it! Chop chop.

Another Flowery Greeting

A member of an Iraqi city council shot at U.S. forces Monday outside Baghdad, killing at least three soldiers, two Iraqi Interior Ministry officials said.

What the fuck is this shit. Jesus christ I feel for the family's on both sides. There is one main person responsible and it's the Chimp. This is fucking crazy and the madness must stop

You Will Be Missed George

Another truth teller who slapped the shit out of all who needed it. You may not be here but you and your messages will live forever. Giv'em hell George where ever you may be.


Yes Racing Can Kill You

The words added on to this video express exactly what crossed my mind when I saw it. What are these people thinking putting a wall at the end of the strip and why didn't the racers themselves say something? This was at English Town drag strip in New Jersey a track with a very long history in drag racing where this 47 year old man and father got his start. Sympathies to the Kalitta family and all racers understand the risks but it doesn't make the pain any less.

I am a fan of drag racing because that's what we did when I was young and if I could afford it now I'd be burn'in rubber as I write this just because you know it's the American way for some of us.

Even with this tragedy I encourage all if you have not to experience at least once in your life a NHRA national event. It's expensive at least 50-60 bucks but go on a Saturday when they qualify as it's one run after another. To experience a top fueler or funny car is something you will never forget in your lifetime if you have not seen it in person. Bring some good ear protection!


Wishing For Better Times On the Mississippi

It's not good on the river and the flooding is worse than in '93. Got me thinking about John Hartford and his songs about the Mississippi River. My brother lives in Warsaw,IL. Told me yesterday two grain elevators full of beans collapsed into the river plus a levee broke that is flooding thousands of acres along the river. I picked this song Where Does An Old Time Pilot Go but there are many by this man that are great tunes. When this is over it's going to hurt bad for so many.

Here is one of my favorites. Hope it plays for you.

Double Screwed Again By Our Side

No use of me going on about the recent votes by those who are supposed to represent my values and the reasons they were elected to Congress. Busted hammers it home-the Misfit as usual slaps these whores silly and Cujo with his informative posts point out with perfect clarity the reality of the situation we face within our so called party.

Once again this killer administration gets and does whatever it wants because it can enabled by the likes of those according to whore media that are on my side. The fuck they are. One on the Right voted against immunity for the those who took my rights away. Goose stepping motherfuckers they are with the over 100 Dims willingly blowing the chimp while casting their vote to allow the rape of our Constitution to occur yet again. I swear there is more going on here than meets the eye. And this does not even touch on how these bastards funded the war yet again. Jesus fucking christ!


Meet Onion

A friend's cat who's enjoying life as Onion got to stay in the house where the real heat was this winter instead of on the porch. He's a happy cat.

Old Friends Are Back

I swear these flowers spring up overnight some times. Columbines are my favorite flower. I specifically looked in this spot no less than two days ago for the first of the year and there were none. You can't help but feel better when walking through fields of columbines and other wild flowers. It amazes me how many there can be at times.



In the last few days two small animals were dispatched because that's just what has to happen some times. I no longer hunt except for starlings at the ranch which presents a greater challenge than most game birds and the best part about it is you can leave 'em lay. These are not good birds. I've cleaned many animals but not much anymore for some time.

This process of putting meat on the table is not pretty and is never seen. Fish are easy- animals are a different story. When animals are mistreated people become emotional quickly. All that I want to say is that if people saw the butchering happening to humans in Iraq we would be leaving sooner than later.


Can You Believe It

Wanted to have this up yesterday but needed to be sure the wording was correct.
Part of what I read yesterday included this gem.

Present Review Committee is like having Hitler request from Adolf Eichman the status of the morale of the Jewish Prisoners in Dachau

This was in an unsigned letter concerning an established procedure for a review of job performance for a certain employee that works here. But there's a major fucking problem here big time. It just so happens this person is Jewish!

There are some real simpleton inbred types that live here for sure more than enough to go around. There has been similar things before but not like this. You don't show your faces but I know who you are and where you hang. Fuck each and everyone of you and I can guarantee you that never will one dime of mine cross your way and I despise all of you for these words you used in these times.

Go fuck yourselves and may many in the future take a giant shit on the likes of you lowlife pricks who don't have any idea of course on just how fucked up you are. I can never have any respect for any of you not after this. You don't have a clue how far the depths of your stupidity and bigotry can provoke anger that is never forgotten.

When is the next cross burning party where you don your passed down white hoodies and robes patting each other on the ass for racism well served. Sonsofbitches!!


New Findings

Study: Chimps calm each other with hugs, kisses

Stupid ones do this kind of shit.
Poor women I felt sorry for her.

A Brief Word On The Open

Tiger won and it took 91 holes to do it. Never saw one shot but it's my understanding today he did not hit many fairways. Anyone who comes here knows I have an attitude about this game the people who play it and the organization behind it. Jack Nicklaus said some time ago that with the manicured conditions the tour plays on players don't have to manufacture shots as in the past and he is correct. Tiger is better than every player out there in that respect because his Father emphasized that and also practicing in all kinds of inclement weather.

I don't know for sure but I bet this guy while recovering because he could not put any strain on his knee was out there as soon as he was able working on his short game and in particular putting for hours on end every day he could. Bottom line on these PGA professionals-DRIVE FOR SHOW AND PUTT FOR DOUGH and that was proven dramatically in this tournament. An amazing performance for sure. Congratulations Tiger!!


Just The Beginning Of Spring Up High

Went up to see if one of my places was fishable. In places maybe but still snow along the banks and too fast of water. Way too dangerous but with continued 70+ temps it won't be long and the same goes for the Colorado River. I have a lot of catching up to do for sure. Tomorrow plan on chasing that white ball around and beat the piss out of it as not done that yet either and looking forward to it. Pretty strange being the middle of the sixth month of the year. It looks like the weather has stabilized a bit across the country and that's good. Been perfect here the last few days.


Dad's Day

This is the first Father's Day I will not be making that call. I claim my Father's brother Rollie as a substitute Dad for this year. What I miss most is making those calls on a whim just to bs. The picture is a one shot deal. Up for a day only for the obvious reason. Taken next to the cornfield over two years ago the one I grew up in and my Dad farmed. Dad's name was Paul.


Dad is gone-Uncle Rollie's pooch gone-just found out another long time friend gone at 47-a first cousin soon to be gone-Tim Russert bang, gone at 58 my age-Mom's side of the family having a history of being gone just like that.

May not be related to Father's Day but very much value the close and few friendships I have and that includes relationships on the highway of the internets those that are the most informed of all.

Given the fragility of life every once in a while and the importance some put on theirs it's good to put things in perspective now and then. After all none of us are no more than piss ants in time. I love this video.


Meet Derailleur

This cat does not have a name and until it gets one it will be Derailleur. A friend grabbed her from a feral litter and I believe it's purpose in life will be "shop cat" as it is hanging out at the local bike shop. This cat is a disaster already. Derailleur has the makings of a great cat.

Nasty Bad Back In The Cornfield

It's the shits back in Iowa and other places in the corn belt. Grain futures have sky rocketed plus there will not be as many acres planted for the obvious reason. In addition crops that are out of the ground are under water what % is not known at this time. Point being there will be less this year for damn sure and we have most of the growing season to go with no guaranties any of it will get to market.

What can be said with certainty food prices will increase at a higher percentage than last year. This is not good at all and may get worse if these weather patterns do not stabilize.


Baby Presents

An issue not discussed much these days deserves some time. A mailing from Dahr Jamail presents evidence of the results of the use of Depleted Uranium in Fallugah.

From the article
number of deaths among children, have risen after "special weaponry" was used in the two massive bombing campaigns in Fallujah in 2004

depleted uranium (DU) munitions, which contain low-level radioactive waste, were used heavily in Fallujah

The Pentagon admits to having used 1,200 tonnes of DU in Iraq thus far
OTC will spell Fallujah Falloojeh out of respect for Riverbend. When I saw this spelling the first time I liked it and looked forward to and learned much about Iraq from her. Where is this young women and is she alive?

Falloojeh was and is a major happening in Iraq. DU was discussed a bit back then but aside from all else that was done to the city and the residents in Falloojeh it has been documented other banned weapons were used. One of which was white phosphorous. The story of this city is one giant fucking nightmare.

One place DU was talked about was on Democracy Now and I was able to go back in their archives and include an interview with Dr. Asaf Durakovic the man who blew the lid on the horrors of DU. I love this line he used "it's mathematics and numbers don't lie " or something close to that. I have not watched it yet but have always remembered it as being ever so compelling. Done 1/30/03 the interview starts just before 30 min.

In any case this shit has been and will continue to come home to roost damn near for fucking ever and wanted to bring it up because it cannot be forgotten for too long at a time.

Reasons To Vote Repuglican

Found this over at PCat's


Another Good One Gone

I just found out my Uncle's pooch Monet died suddenly at the age of 12. We all know how important pets are but this was a Leader dog. When not on the job he was one intense fellow. There was no one in this town who did not know Monet and he was a friend to all just another member of the community.

My Uncle had another leader dog Carlo who was excellent at his job also. Ironically Carlo developed a rare disease and became blind himself living out the rest of his years with one of my Uncle's son's. Here's Monet keeping that ever watchful eye on his buddy. Uncle Rollie has applied for another leader dog and I hope he gets one because it enriches those who need them lives so dramatically. A footnote to this is my Uncle became blind in a simple botched operation at the Mayo Clinic where he almost bled to death on the table and that's no bullshit not even a little bit!

I liked this dog so much and am surprised how sad it has made me feel.


What You Don't Want

This is what it looks like the day after a hydraulic line fails and it pukes out six gallons of fluid. Notice the color almost matches the beetle kill in the back. Invariably shit like this is going to happen but not at the beginning of the season please. Small one last year and none the year before that. This will be made to look better and be reseeded very soon.

click on the pictures for a large view

Speaking of beetle kill the picture below is an example. Soon all these trees will be gone in both pictures.


Who's Buying What Real Estate Right Now

We have somewhat of an unusual market in this immediate area. There has been a downturn but not as dramatic as in many other areas. Would like to know if my conclusion has any merit.

Briefly- 62% of homes where I work are occupied two months out of the year. Most are massive and many cost millions. In the last couple years there has been a rapid escalation in values there and in the immediate area. A "one bedroom plus" home where I live is being listed at 274K. I believe much of this is because of realtor's and more specific appraiser's. That is something for later. I would like to get a close friend to tell his story about what he has experienced as an appraiser because it would be very interesting indeed.

This clip and link of an article is from last Sunday. 6/8/08

The number of sales of single-family homes, condos, townhomes and building lots are significantly down in the first four months of 2008. However, average price per sale is up substantially in all three categories.

Another the same day same paper.

The mood around was decidedly upbeat this week after the developers of the slopeside Edgemont condominiums tied up $45 million in sales at their May 30 selection event

The average sale price was more than $2 million.

Simply-I think for the most part those who are purchasing these high end properties are the top 1% who have be benefited from the tax cuts instituted by our government. Is that right or wrong? I'd really like to know.

To be fair those who read this may remember I solicited opinion on the purchase of the house I've been living in for some time. Things are in place now and will somewhat reluctantly initiate a contract possibly this week. Just so you know I am not one of the players in the above articles. Less than 200K and that makes me cringe.

By the Way

I received it today. 6/23/08

Where in the hell is my $600 tax rebate money that I will not stimulate the economy with. Others have gotten theirs and I sure as hell want mine as it's mine anyway. Anybody else not get the rebate?

Gas Hits National Average Of $4 For The First Time

No shit Cisco imagine fucking that. Just a rant here as I don't need these media whores telling me the obvious. More obvious is the fact it's going to go a lot fucking higher and it ain't coming fucking down either. Don't any of you dumb fucking monkeys bitch about it either because this is what you get when you vote for the likes of the Boosh whores not once but twice. Dumb dumb monkeys fuck you and the lame ass horse you rode in on. Forgot to mention to kiss my sorry ass too!

What I do need you lame dick bastards to do is tell the sheep the reason why it got to $4. It's a long story now that started the day after the election in 2000. If you would have told the real story behind all the horrific stories these killers produce on a daily basis since that time we wouldn't be reading this shit now. Goddamnit do your fucking job assholes.


Sick Shit From The Cornfield

Creston Police Chief Jamie Christensen, 40, and Assistant Police Chief John Sickels, 38, turned themselves in for arrest today at Iowa State Patrol Post No. 1 in Des Moines.

When the ones that wear the badges and particularly the chief and the assistant chief are involved and admit to certain acts how in the hell can trust be rebuilt for those who carry the guns in this small community? If found guilty these two low-lifes need to be put so far back in the cell they have to pipe them the fucking food.


64 Years Ago Today It Was D-Day

A comment on the post below brought up an anniversary date that seems to have gone unnoticed. If it had not been for that comment it would have slipped by. I perused a number of places and found nothing. So thanks to jeg43 there will be some acknowledgment here of this important date in the history of this country and the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany.

jeg43 writes
I think it would be fitting to post a few lines about the huge number of Americans AND others who put their asses on the line on June 6th many years ago along and on the coast of France to preserve the freedoms this country used to cherish. Their numbers are shrinking at an awful rate and they deserve all the thanks we can offer. And the ones who are no longer with us deserve to be remembered.

How many times have we seen the same clips of footage taken of landing craft taking incoming fire or the the beach scenes with men being hit and falling never to get up again. Saving Private Ryan gave an accurate picture in my opinion of what it was like that day. Maybe you've seen the interviews done with those who were there and went back. These men had balls the size of Babe the Blue Ox to do what they did 64 years ago. So many died for our country that bloody day in France in 1944. Thank you to all that survive and to those who gave their lives for us who are here today made possible by your sacrifice.

Cross posted @ Ornery Bastard

A Local's Reflection On Bobby Kennedy

Routt County resident and local author Diane White-Crane worked for several years on Sen. Robert F. Kennedy’s staff, including during his 1968 campaign for president. She was with him at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles the night he was assassinated — June 5, 1968. Below, White-Crane shares her memories of “The Senator.”


Black Is Not Beautiful

Liberals have what they always have wanted a black Muslim with ties to Osama Bin Laden to lead our country towards the extremism of Mohamed. His wife is not allowed to drive and his 1/4 white kids attend a Madrassa. He has indicated having the Koran in schools will be a giant step in this country better understanding the rest of the world. He intends to meet with radicals around the world with his message of reconciliation by giving up our military presence in these areas. With his mockery of patriotism he enables those who hate our freedoms to become even more embolden.

We now have a Democrat selected to run for president. Will both sides now work together to defeat the inept one that represents and will be the same we've had for the last eight years or will HC continue to be vilified by our side that in the end give the right more ammunition? OTC has never taken a position on this for several reasons but am inclined to think HC should be the VP.

I have a hard time slamming McCain because of what he's been through and I respect that greatly but as like the bush monkey there will be no mercy as there cannot be as the circumstances we face are too dire.

The shit we are going to see these next few months will be disgusting indeed and we ain't seen nothing yet. For any person to think the election in November is a slam dunk is being naive and even more so pretty damn stupid. '04 was a slam dunk member that?

Look the fuck out the shit is going to fly and it ain't going to be pretty!


Medical Marijuana Bill 5842

This post from Rocky at Alien Trucker is an issue OTC concurs with. Will these people who make the votes in Congress ever have the balls to do the right thing instead of remaining on their knees in front of their corporate masters and begin to remove the penalties for the use of this drug?

A few days ago I posted an article about H.B.5843. The bill Rep. Barney Frank presented along with Ron Paul to the U.S.House Of Representatives.

Here is a link to another bloggers article about this very important bill. The bill would free the states to ok medical marijuana without federal interference.

Read this one too, then get off your butts and contact your congress persons and representatives and demand this bill pass.

A Left Independant


A Ray Gun Just For You Sucker

Had heard about this and here it is. They say it needs to be used against Americans first because of our torture back round. 11,000 have been guineas so far. One of the examples used was a bunch of military dressed in street clothes carrying peace and stop the war signs. It took care of those guys easy. A few have been harmed rather severely. Do you think there will be one close by in Denver this August? No matter what when it's used and it will be people will be hurt and killed.

Catch You On the Flip Side Mr. Diddley-THANK YOU!!!

For whatever reason this does not play in Explorer.


Video Captures Alien Visitor

An extraterrestrial peering into a window was purportedly captured on videotape, and a few clips from that footage were shown Friday in Denver.

Sounds good to me but don't you lose your credibility when it's not released or at least part of it? There is a poll involved with this article with over 70% saying they believe in extraterrestrials. I guess when something like 85% in the US believe in an invisible cloud being that snapped his fingers to make all that is around us then visitors from space is not much of a stretch. The reality is
extraterrestrials are far more probable than a finger snapper.

Time For A New Name

What the hell were you people thinking when you named this pass after an English prick who's legacy was the slaughter of hundred of animals just to see them die. The Ute's didn't do that so it time to rename it after a Native American who actually cared about his natural surroundings.