I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Hanging Out With The Girls

It's true and I have produced the foto showing OF was up close to Whitney Houston and Britney Spears last Saturday night. Both of these girls play CU basketball for the Lady Buffs. They won but was not impressed with the coach and how the team moved the ball around.

The rest of the story is that they played Harvard and they were actually the better team and it was fun to watch them set up and execute plays.

When we got home we realized there were no sisters on da Harvard team - imagine that!

The Greatest "SHOW OF WHORES" Set To Begin

Senate poised to start health care debate


Yo Team Obama!!

Got off to a really bad start this morning after not doing squat for four days.

Want to say to the Obama's that rule #1 is that you just do not screw up like you did when these unauthorized people got into your house. I'll do that for you if you want. Some one better get their ass kicked.

The slugs on the right don't need real fodder to scream and distort and this kind of shit makes all of us look like chumps-sheez!!

The interesting news is that I was hanging out with Whitney Houston and Brittany Spears on Saturday night. It was fun and there is a picture.

Later -I'm behind and it 7* and gotta go now!


His Whoreness Opens Pie Hole Again

Staying at a place where they get a morning paper and what is the first thing I see.

Tancredo spews more fear from shit encrusted mouth that Obama is on his way to take your guns away-and that's no shit Cisco!

Get so sick of this shit but whats important here is the fact that people like this man are given a continual mouthpiece to spew their fears and lies. No wonder people are so damn stupid. I hate this paper with a passion and it would not bother me in the slightest to see this go belly up like the News did.

Gonna see if I can get lucky to find another place to stay tonight and head back up the hill tomorrow to where the snow is and get prepared for work on Monday. I don't wanna work no more-----bwahahahahaha!

There's two days left almost till Monday morning and I'm going to make it last as long as I can!

Giv'em hell and don't take any shit. Picture is another retread but it's a favorite as well. Won't be around the internets until Sunday afternoon sometime. Did I mention have fun as well! Later.


A Happy Commenter

It's the day after and I'm still full. The picture at the top of the page is a retread but I like it. The sun is out and it may hit 70*.

Speaking of happy I got a kick out of this comment left yesterday. Have a good one.

OTC- I'm very happy that you're very happy. I'm very happy that I'm not in Iraq or Afghanistan today eating turkey loaf. I'm very happy not to be in line downtown standing in the cold rain and putting my trust in the kindness of strangers. I'm very happy not to be dining with Sarah Palin and eating marinated moose nuts and mustard for appetizers. I'm very happy not to dining with Pres. Obama as he reflects on the best course to pursue in selling out Progressive Dems and picking which Repugs he has to sleep with. I'm happy Obama has picked 2017 as the year we will end our occupation of Afghanistan. There is no coincidence with that date being the end of his potential 2nd term. I'm very happy that Dick Cheney is in some undisclosed location. I hope that murderer stays there as it would make me very happy. I'm happy that Tony Blair has earned his nickname "Poodleboy" yet again. Finally, I'm happy that you're with friends and love ones who nurture, love and understand your passions. Even if you have to pay them to do so. Turkeys Of The World Unite and Throw Off This Day Of Mass Genocide. Vaya con Dios, One Fly.


These Birds Live

But not the one I get to gnaw on this afternoon. He gave himself up for good cause though.

To anyone I missed may you all have a great time with friends and family today.

I am so thankful for what I have at this time in my life and I know you feel the same if you have not been affected as I by the economy. That's why we spread it around a bit because that can change in a second.

Thanks for stopping by on a Holiday.


I'd Love To

If I was any where close to this I would join this fellow.

No Politician My Cornfield Ass

Col. Billy Buckner, a spokesman for Fort Bragg, said the Army agreed to let Failin on post because she was no longer a politician.

Fuck you Billy Buck you're as whored out as she is! Hope the next grounder that comes your way bounces up and nails you right between the eyes and knocks some common sense into you!

Now the simple slut's daddy is opening his pie hole.

“I see a decline in our might,” Chuck Heath said. “People used to be afraid of us and respect us, (but) they’re not afraid of us and don’t respect us anymore.”

Double fuck you as well asshole who in the hell do you think you are!

Where in the hell are the ones who have power on our side speaking out for what is right?

Lefty bloggers are the best pass all!!!


What?? A 100K Everyone Should Get 200 At Least

The Department of Transportation issued a fine against Continental Airlines and ExpressJet Airlines for stranding passengers in Rochester, Minn., for nearly six hours last August.

I haven't flown in some time but I know what this is like. A goddamn measly $100,000 fine for perpetrating this crime onto decent people who have done nothing. Let's understand here-this is pure fucking mental torture and I doubt very much if I could have kept it together if I had been there.

Let the CEO and much of the rest of the higher management pay for this and you would see these problems go away very quickly. This is an insult.

State Repug Whores Reveal Plan

Four pages worth just enough to wipe ones ass with. Who cares except the insane.

Of course the guv is also blamed for all the job losses in the state and what's even better is their four page plan is called the Platform for Prosperity. Part of that is a series of health care propositions including allowing coverage to follow workers from job to job, allowing patients to purchase insurance across state lines and opposing any effort to bring single-payer health care to the state. Imagine fucking that!

Across our country as whores line up to be elected in 2010 we will see shit never seen before -stuff that will make '08 small potatoes. These dregs are not going to be denied and when you lie cheat and steal it makes it oh so much easier. LTFO!

4* and hope it's warmer where you're at.


This Is Kinda Fun

Make your own right here and let it be known everybody got picked on equally. This is mine for now.

A Question About Geodes

There are a bunch of these around at the ranch. Some of them are huge perhaps approaching three feet in diameter and they are geodes but the crystalline center is not that large.

I have searched but yet to find information on geodes of this size.

My question to you if you care to respond is - do you think there is any value in something like this in particular the larger ones as perhaps an art form not to be broken open but to be adapted into landscaping and such things.

I find their size to be somewhat unique and certainly unusual but what the hell do I know. I'd dig these damn things out all day long if I could sell them for big bucks to insane rich wingers and nutters.

Thanks and have a good Monday. It's snowing with 3" on the ground.

Pedophile Priests Shold Get Their Benefits Benny The Rat Argues

In this case the argument is also for priests that have not been convicted. Not many will have a problem with that because obviously they have not been convicted of any crimes. It's different with these other six. Call me an asshole and a mean sumbitch like the Mormonys do but I think priests convicted of buggering young boys should lose their pension!

After filing for Chapter 11 protection last month, the diocese agreed not to make payments to priests accused of sexual abuse without court approval. In a filing submitted late Thursday, attorneys for the diocese now seek authorization to provide pensions, housing costs and medical coverage to six confirmed child abusers.


Sunday Morning Crazy Bat Shit Catholic Madness

You betcha she's another mighty big day in the 52 leading up to the real birther story coming up soon where none of the religious nutters dare to go. How many million will be attending services today where politics is part of or all of the sermon - living proof how seriously flawed our society has become in respect to religion and guvment.

Roman Catholic Bishop Thomas Tobin has banned Rep. Patrick Kennedy from receiving Communion

Never fucking ever said these people shouldn't be able to do their thing. But over so many years non-believers have been portrayed as pretty damn nasty and flawed people and of course the reality is that we're the sane ones. Always been that way.

Could not one but a bunch of the ones that are supposed to be on our side call these people out on this shit! It's so long over due. Religions association with government is out of fucking control and is just another blaring example that our society is in severe decline.


Ranch Cats

Momma is at the top and is very young having being dropped off on the road probably after the owners knew it was knocked up. The white one is male and is huge already compared to the other.

These were fun cats to be around last weekend


We Can Fight Hate From Timbuktu

Courtesy of Progress Now Colorado

minutes ago we learned about an offensive, racist billboard right here in Colorado--attacking President Obama and comparing him to terrorists.

We have the ability to bring many of these businesses to their knees by using the dollar bullet. For lefty's to get organized to do so when we stab our own in the back over petty differences just isn't going to happen any time soon if ever.

This man has dealerships in other states and is involved in the birther nonsense as well with a whore AM radio hater jock assisting.

It may not be close to you but the link above is also the action page that works quickly.

It's getting worse out there and only a matter of time before more bad shit comes down from these people.

Mormon Hatch Can Go Fuck Himself And the Teenie He Rode In On

Well asshole you're not the only sick fuck out there who uses rhetoric like you did. May you crazy bastards next door find this while diddling-I mean googling whatever. Holy war? Yea we got a fucking war alright and come on over you threatening religious insane nut jobs. Seriously every one of you sonsofbitches go fuck yourself.

The intention from this piece of shit human is clear as the chaps they wear until they get soiled from not being changed and that is they want to see harm come to us who believe in what's right for us and our country not for what is best for corporations.

Gotta run and strengthen the defenses in case these nutters plan on a raid tonight. We will hold the fort down to the only man here!

A couple weeks ago they were all sorts of riled up pissing and moaning calling names and even using veiled threats against innocent little One Fly. You see assholes I can say whatever the fuck I want but when you do I love it cuz it's just another example of the hypocrites everyone of you bat shit crazies are. Lovers of the non-existent invisible sky being are supposed to emulate him but you nut-jobs just don't get it now do ya?

Giv'em hell and don't take no shit.


Somebody Please Clue Me In

I admit to certain limitations in respect to having grown up in the middle of a corn field but on the other hand compared to some I'm a full fledged braniac. Admittedly there's confusion on this one.

The U.S. Army plans to prevent media from covering Twatzilla's appearance at Fort Bragg, fearing the event will turn into political grandstanding against President Barack Obama

What the fuck is this dumb bitch doing hawking her stupid fucking book at an army base and why is this allowed? Hey stupid army types she fucking quit member that. Is this what she will instill into your troops that it's okay to quit? This pipe dream for simple boys fantasy's has about as much credibility as a drugged up fat ass Limbo saying he believes in the sanctity of marriage between a man and a women as he's diddling a young boy with the help of a couple vacationing priests in the Dominican Republic.


He's Back - Tell Me It Ain't So

So many have their hopes up for a quality HCB but when I see this it tells me it will not be close to what is needed and what we put these people in office for.

"He is loved by his colleagues on both sides of the aisle. (South Carolina Republican Sen.) Lindsey Graham comes up and gives him a massive hug. He has great working relationships with members on both sides, because people see him as a team player and a centrist."

I don't want a centrist position. This asshole voted for the corporations while in the senate time and time again. Biden is there as well. Couldn't read all the bullshit in this article.

Don't Think

That's what I did because I figured everybody knew 'ol Bart but not the case. So I'm throwing a plug out here for Bart Cop because he is a fighter and puts up so much good stuff it amazes me. Something for an Okie who drinks tequila,gambles and has an IQ of 64!

Bart is a regular read for me and has been for a long as I have had a puter. If you're not aware of 'ol Bart give it a look see and it took me a few times before I finally figured this guy out. He has taught me how to fight and frame issues better and laugh plenty.

Ft. Carson Soldiers Are Killing Others As Well

Not only are our soldiers killing themselves at a record pace and women they kill their own plus people who post yard sale signs.

A Fort Carson soldier convicted Wednesday of killing two people with an AK-47 and of wounding a soldier in two drive-by shootings last year will face a mandatory life sentence without parole.Iraq War veteran Jomar Falu-Vives, 25, was convicted of first-degree murder in the shootings of Amairany Cervantes, 18, and Cesar Ramirez-Ibanez, 20, as they posted yard-sale signs. His gun was used in the shootings, but his attorneys argued that he did not pull the trigger.Jurors also convicted Falu-Vives of attempted murder in a drive-by shooting that wounded Army Lt. Zachary A. Szody.

America we have and have had a serious problem here and it sure as fuck ain't socialism or liberals. War for lies may be part of it do ya think-well do ya nutter?


Back To A Balmy 5* This Morning

That's the real world here that a snow that will not go away until sometime in the next century. We got done what we intended to do meeting up with three great guys who blog and live in Albuquerque. Russ,Woody and Patrick were our hosts and we thank them for the great time we had bullshitting about many things and hope to do it again sometime.

Around here there is more shit for sale along the road something that was never like that. I see that most places I've been in Colorado but it didn't seem to be the case in New Mexico. The conclusion was from we braniacs from the north was that many who live there just never had that much to buy all kinds of shit they didn't really need but what do we know.

Another thing that stood out was the lack of horses. The boys from Albuquerque said there were plenty but I saw more horses the last 20 miles to home than I saw all the time in New Mexico I shit you not. There's so much money here but now some are squealing as the shit continues to hit the fan.

Have to go and the picture at the top is from Bandelier National Monument and this place is way too cool and came away with a bunch of interesting pictures. Have a good day!


Petr Adamec 8-26-70 to 8-15-04

Over five years ago coming up from the river where I had been fishing I came up to this curve where an ambulance was driving away without the lights going. As I drove past there were pieces of a wrecked motorcycle. It was pretty obvious what had happened and what the results were.

On Friday when I left I noticed there was a picture attached to the small memorial for this person something I had not seen before. I said to myself that if the weather was good I was stopping on the way home. The accident happened going this way and I just want to say that this is a 55mph curve and if you glance away at the wrong time this thing can bite you so fast and it did to this young man. You can see in this picture drivers are having problems.

Never saw much about this but I did find the article about the accident and information about this young Czechoslovakian. I remembered that he was not an American.

These five years seem to have flown by and I drive past this accident site a fair amount and there has not been a time I did not think of this person and now I can put a face on this person I never knew who was also a father.

The article states he was riding fast. Many drive fast on this road and I'm one of them-it's fun sometimes if conditions warrant it. This curve even though I know it's coming still to this day is deceiving and unfortunately it wasn't his speed so much as the curve itself that killed this person.

I just wanted to acknowledge this and the fact there is now a face and a name.


He's Alive

And headed back at least to Colorado shortly. Was not going to post but a friend sent the picture that's up today that's pretty cool. A bit of news I saw this morning wanted to share so all of us know that things are looking up at GM and for our country. GM lost 1.2 billion smackers and it's a sign the auto giant is starting to turn things around. Rest easy friends everything is otay!

There's a day and a half of heavy duty screwing off that needs to be done so we're outta here and headed north to snow country.

Have a good one and giv'em hell!


Outta Of Here For A Bit

Headed to Albuquerque for what is called a curmudgeons blogger get together something these guys who live there have done before. Two friends of mine are coming with and were meeting up at the ranch and driving down on Saturday. Of course it's snowing like a bitch when I decide to leave town but that's okay we're good in the snow. Can not dawdle it's 300 to the ranch and I'm timing this just right so I can get my shredded chicky burrito about lunch time in Salida.

Posting will be sparse and these fellows look like a rough bunch. Hope we don't get rolled. Have a safe and fun weekend everybody and seriously thank you for stopping by to see what's on this old pecker heads mind.

BTW-don't take any shit!!!

Many Believers Are Not Very Smart

Trying to be nice here for a change but lately the need to point out all the slugs associated with the non-existent finger snapper seems to dominate OTC and will get away from that if these people start to fly right which they won't but next week there's other stuff to post.

Put this molester away for a long time!

A brief submitted Friday by Tony Alamo’s defense team asks the federal judge who will sentence him for child sex abuse to have mercy because of his waning health, age and history of good works around the world.

People allow themselves to be fucked over by the likes of these charlatans not only cuz they're dumb but they wanna believe so badly which I guess the truth of the matter is that makes them double dumb.

Now this prick is whining and crying about how much good he's done and this and that. Put him so far back in the cell they have to pipe him the food!


Call Their Damn Bluff

How much of this fucking religious blackmail is government going to take from low-life sonsofbitches who call themselves Catholic.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Washington said Wednesday that it will be unable to continue the social service programs it runs for the District if the city doesn't change a proposed same-sex marriage law.

Call their roman ass bluff and when they show how godly they can be by denying care to the poor and the homeless tax their simple mind fucked places where they do their insane rituals and have sex with boys.

A way out of the pile of shit we are in is to take away the tax exemption for crazy and in this case sexual deviates who prey on young boys and participate in politics.

Like it's supposed to be - know what I mean. Piece of shit democraps afraid to wipe their own ass in fear of not doing it correctly.

Polygamist Sex Offender "At Peace" With Conviction

And good riddance asshole! Make sure you bring along plenty of soap on a rope cuz you're going to need it hopefully.

Jessop’s conviction of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl in November 2004 at the Yearning for Zion Ranch and the punishment determined by a seven-man, five-woman jury mark a victory for prosecutors in the first of what may be many trials springing from the April 2008 raid on the ranch.

Pay attention all you men in Utah who are breaking the law as well even though you deny deny.



Sure Asshole You Didn't Mean Anything By It

Elected pricks at this level should have to pay a price for saying shit like this.

State Sen. David Schultheis said he didn't intend a recent Twitter post - which accuses the President Barack Obama of "flying the U.S. plane right into the ground at full speed" and ends with "Let's roll" - as a reference to Flight 93.

If I was Prez and some piece of fresh repug dog shit called me a fucking terrorist some how with all the tools at at hand "what goes around comes around" would be applicable-know what I mean.

It's A Done Deal-Decades Of Being A Law Breaker Are Over

Just last month I wrote this post about trying to get on the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry and yesterday with the Doctors signature on the form yet to be mailed with 90 smackers I am legal.

In addition by making my brother my caregiver it is legal for him to grow my medicine on our property without fear of obvious ramifications from various badges of authority's everywhere.

There are still issues that arise concerning the work place and driving but I find these to be minor compared to the bigger picture of being on the other side of the law for so long.

It seems to me from reading and talking to others there is a rapid movement happening at least here to get registered and other places as well. Maybe just maybe there can be changes of some kind made nationwide a bit faster than thought previously.

In any case it's a better day today because of this change than it was the day before. I like positive changes such as this!

Going to be another nice day in November here and we like that as well. Thanks for checking up on OF's well being and have a good one!


And The Answer Is

Gotten to be old shit just like the endless speculation on the HCB on what Obama's decision for Afghanistan will be.

No matter what it will be wrong. We the people spoke on what was needed and those with an ounce of brains know this cannot come to a good conclusion even if we would stay there for years.

Don't increase the #'s President Obama. Take the road of reality over that of your corporate masters and get us the hell out of there like we voted for.

That's not going to happen because our masters love perpetual turmoil and death and blood and guts and all the negatives of killing.

It is my hope troop levels are not increased in Afghanistan but when that happens only then will I believe it.

The Real Disgusting Nutters Never Seem To Go Away

You would think after getting his ass kicked on national TV just a few days ago this small minded bigot would finally ride off into the cesspool never to be seen again. But no - to other crazy bastards he's a player in big scheme of dumfuckedness.

Tancredo weighs governor race


Mormons With Swine Flu Finding Ways To Infect Others By Still Attending Their Finger Snapper Service

One of the brilliant ideas presented.

We could encourage the use of Purell when passing sacrament trays and request that parents with clean hands take bread and water for their children.

We're talking nasty ass sometimes killer flu here and these dumb fucks want to put others at risk not only at their place of worship but the rest of the public on their way to and from there.

To be fair some are saying the right thing but the rest are taking the position of religious quackery /nuttery and feel their religious stupidity is reason enough to expose others to harm.

I doubt this is enough to get them all fucking riled up like last time so let's remind the old men--STAY AWAY FROM THE TEENIES!!


They Just Keep Going

On Friday gave a friend a ride over to a neighboring town to see this 1975 Chevy 4x4 pickup and give it a look over to possibly purchase which he did for 1200 well spent dollars.

At 35 years of age this truck is showing some wear as can be expected but all in all it was in decent mechanical shape as it had been "Dad's" truck and so in this case they spent some money on it. Spring of this year $2400 was spent on a new clutch and some other things.

The motor ran so well and had been overhauled one time. A saying years ago was that on a Rolls Royce motors a nickel would stay standing on the valve cover while the motor was running. This ain't no Rolls but it is one of the best power plants ever designed so watch the nickel stand at least for a while.

What's important to note here is that with a days worth of work doing some preventive maintenance this vehicle could be driven anywhere without fear of failure and to me this being so old I find that way too cool. And to be fair even though I'm a "Chevy Man" if you take care of these vehicles they'll all perform just about as well. How I wish I had one cuz I'd go out and raise some hell. I love the smell of burning rubber not just in the morning but anytime!

The video says 1985 and that's wrong.

Right Wing Haters March In Phoenix

About a hundred people marched down the street, many wearing swastikas and chanting racial slurs.

"We are not a hate group" der leader lied!

Human pieces of shit doing what they are entitled to do in this country.

The party of hate and no science looks on from around the country and smiles.


What We Saw Today

It was not supposed to be this because EL Smartness forgot to bring fishing gear so there was an abrupt change of plans. That was just fine in the end as I found a pretty cool road that is not that far away with no one around and we like that a lot.

Gotta Get Moving

Way too lazy and it's late. Going for a cruise real soon. I screwed up yesterday and didn't take pictures of something I should have. Will get these as it's kinda cool. Did I mention I was a Chevy man.

There is no TV here and once in awhile I'll spend some time taking rides on things and even if there was TV you wouldn't be able to ride at will. Like this ride on what's called a shifter cart that I came across. There were bunches of these but this one was the best. No pissing around here in a quiet residential neighborhood. Has to be a blast and I'm outta here. Have a fun Saturday everybody!


Crazy Bishop Whore Demands

This really gets to be old shit having to slap dumb fuck religious assholes on a continual basis but it's my job as I see it. Crazy Catholics and even fucking dumber Mormans!

Chaput said he is asking Catholics to demand their senators and representatives change congressional proposals "to respect Catholic and pro-life concerns."

I'm demanding you kiss my ass and when you've done that job to my satisfaction go fuck yourself and that worn out old cross you rode in on.

Dumb Bitch Didn't Think Voting Was Important

How about this as a new rule? Keep track of these slugs from either side as to whether they voted or not and if their record is not close to perfect sorry Charlie you don't getta play-fuck off and die.

And by the way Carly baby I'm still waiting for a response from you from the very personable hand written letter sent about the difficulties I had with HP and the piss poor computer I bought from you. Wingers I'm sure will love your sorry fat ass.

U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina is the second Republican running for high office in California to acknowledge a spotty voting record.


All Of It Has Been Orchestrated-Every Last Drop

This is a picture I took on 11/3/08. Even before the election the rhetoric from the wingers had started. After Obama won and the left gained real control over the house and almost the senate it took a bit for that realization to hit home for the nutters and when it did they went fucking nuts as we know.

On election day this week a local progressive lady wrote in to the local fish wrapper as she has in the past about the positive things that have happened since Obama was elected. I may not be that happy with him but sure as hell understand that some good things have been done. The local nutters came out in droves using most of the talking point bullets we hear all over the place from the winger pundits. Pretty ugly for a kind and intelligent women speaking the truth.

The other side is winning. They can't win on a normal playing field but do so by lying cheating and stealing. Include the national media and the brainwashing effect it has on the willing sheeple and we find ourselves in a pile of fresh runny pig shit up to our lower lip and it's only getting worse. These people know how to play this game and every goddamn thing out of their mouths is orchestrated and trickles down to the dumb fuck peons. Let's say again the game is so much easier when you cheat and hold four aces out of the box compared to a pair of threes for the other side.

Why did Cheney forget?? Why have any of these people over the monkeys reign and up to now do or say what they have or not do what they wanted. What I'm trying to say is that these people did whatever they fucking wanted to whenever they wanted to as often as they wanted to because they could. And why did they commit these treasonous actions over and over again???

And it's time people to start understanding there is much more going on here than meets the eye and stop acting surprised or outraged when more is revealed of past activities or a Raygon/Gonzalas is pulled like the other day with Darth Cheney.

Why- because they knew from the very fucking beginning that nothing was ever going to happen to them ever. Then and now. We've lost and don't even understand how bad it is. It's clear we're not getting any accountability ever. Corporations and a few of the most powerful control every bit of this. We are so fucked!

They have so much power they knew they could invade Iraq for a lie,out an undercover CIA agent,purge judges,torture,render,spy on us and on and on and on and never fucking have to worry about ever telling the truth or be held accountable for what are probably the worst crimes ever committed against our country by those in power.

Oh-you liberals are so angry. Fucking a right you mind fucked monkey bastards and just like an elephant this guy is not forgetting ever!

As If Anybody Actually Gives A Shit

Only dumb fuckers-simple bastards and religiously insane monkeys could!

Ted Haggard is starting a prayer group.


Yes The Times They Are A Changing

This article in its entirety starts the day off right. The tens of millions who use this plant are sick of the stigma of criminal behavior. The War must change as well!

BRECKENRIDGE — Breckenridge residents voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana and paraphernalia under town law. Unofficial results show 71 percent of voters approved the initiative.

"We're done with the days people could laugh off marijuana reform," said Sean McAllister, a Breckenridge attorney and chairman of reform group Sensible Breckenridge.

Tuesday's vote means that effective Jan. 1, people 21 and older in Breckenridge will be able to legally possess 1 ounce or less of the drug. Possession remains illegal under state law, but Breckenridge Police Chief Rick Holman said his department will "still have the ability to exercise discretion." Summit Daily News

The last few days even though it's November have been put the whole month of October to shame. Finally I guess it's an Indian summer. Thanks for stopping by and may the sun be shining where you are at!!


FYI - Two Items

Whore Grassley is at it again. Woody has the specifics and an action link to stop this asshole from inserting an amendment that would stop any discussion on the legalization or decriminalization of drugs as a solution to our failed drug war. This man is a real piece of fresh pig shit. Don't let him get by with it.

Adidas shoes is staking claim to this style of shoe as Kajsa and other Ghanaian bloggers are pointing out is pure rubbish. They are calling this the kenta shoe a take off on the word kente.

This highly sought after hand woven cloth made and worn for centuries is being stolen by a corporation that doesn't have a clue that this is an art form they can't stake a claim on. The specifics are at Kajsa's link above. I hate it when corporations steal like this.

I do not have much kente cloth left but what I do have I value greatly and it doesn't belong on shoes from corporate slugs who stole it.

50% - You Can't Be Serious

They sure as hell are and guess just who may be to blame for that as blame needs to be awarded.

Half of American kids will live in households receiving food stamps before age 20, according to a study reported Monday in Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine.

No matter how the media whores will spin this one thing can be said for a fact across the board for every person ever elected to congress almost forever or at least as long as I can remember anyway and I'm talking the Democrats here is that


That's a fact and it's the other side that is to blame for this sad state of affairs.

There's a problem here of course cuz 90% of blacks compared to 37% of whites fall into this category.

Will dims be outraged by this? Maybe a couple at the most. The repugs can and will say they've done well.

We are so screwed!


School District Abandons Religious Liberty Bid

OTC has made two other posts on this and hopefully this one will be the last one ever. But knowing just how religiously fucking nuts so many are you can damn well bet these same nutters will be back in the future in the hope of imposing their asinine dogma on others who don't want it. That's the nutter way when you believe in a finger snapper that has never existed you see.

The latest-

The policy's first draft, which included a Bible class and a critique of evolutionary theory, drew fire in July from civil rights activists nationwide who said it promoted Christian beliefs.

A big shout out of thanks to all those back in NW Iowa who have a brain and brought sanity and reality into this and without question helped stop this insane crazy ass shit from a bunch of mind fucked religious fucks who have eaten too much fermented corn or something like that!

What Happens When You Drill For Methane And It Ain't Good

Hope this never happens to you as this has turned into a nightmare for many in the west and once again as is the case most of the time the drillers are saying "not us not us" when the evidence is obvious enough for even an imbecile to cypher out and come to a conclusion that they are.

Our property is in the same county as the people in this piece. They are not looking for methane in that area. We are fortunate that there is water close to the surface and our well is old and was hand dug. Other wells that have been drilled in the area of are much deeper.

The piece is a pretty decent read.

WALSENBURG, Colo. – Bernice and Jerry Angely like to show visitors the singed T-shirt a friend was wearing when their water well exploded and shot flames 30 feet high.

No Issues With This Law For The Children

I suppose like last week if the right people read this there will be steam blowing out of their two head vents as they scream they are getting picked on and singled out and that their rights are being violated for being fucking low-life's who have produced offspring unfortunately that they could give a shit about! Bring it on as I think this is a hell of a fine idea.

Colorado gambling law garnishes $600,000 from winnings of deadbeat parents


More Than There Ever Were

Update 12:30 PM
According to this Obama is weeks away from making a decision on troop increases in Afghanistan. Suspense is already at high levels!

59 of ours for the month of October and yes the highest number of deaths in any given month since October of 2001.

Will the reality of "this can't be won" enter the decision making process? I will believe that when it happens.

Will our Nobel Peace Prize winning president ramp it up even more with additional troops being sent to one of the worst shit holes in the world? A place where the occupiers have never won. We'll find out soon.

If our President sends more troops OTC will be one of the first to call for the return of his prize for peace.

Graph from iCasualties

Fatalities by Year and Month

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2001 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 3 7
2002 10 1 9 4 1 3 0 1 0 0 0 1 30
2003 4 1 8 2 1 2 1 4 1 3 6 0 33
2004 9 2 3 1 8 4 2 3 4 5 7 1 49
2005 2 1 5 18 4 26 2 15 11 4 2 3 93
2006 1 7 7 1 11 18 9 10 6 10 7 1 88
2007 0 12 3 8 11 12 13 18 8 9 11 6 111
2008 7 1 7 5 16 28 20 22 27 16 1 3 153
2009 14 15 13 6 12 24 44 51 37 59 0 0 275

Nationality: Fatality Type: