I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Denver Takes A Stand Against Bigotry

This may or may not be a the best law but it's a start and it at least will give many and not just Mexicans the hope and a feeling that they will not be arrested and sent back to wherever. To have this hanging over your head must be a real bitch.

What gets me is in this paper when there is an article such as this or just about anything that concerns people or ideas from the left the comments are all so negative.

And it's not just here. The mood of this country is one of hate and intolerance of any kind and it's growing stronger and is shared by Repuglicans in congress. If you think this bill is going to be passed you will be wrong. No way will the racists in DC do so and after all its from the dims so there ya go.


We Don't Need No WikiLeaks

To tell us what about Afghanistan that we can't figure out for ourselves.

Like the Afghanny Puliceman who is on our side that up and blows away six of our guys.

Give me a fucking break here-who is it that is going to get punished  for this? I can tell you that it's you and me. More war more bullets and less of what we need here.

Now bama's boys are shutting websites down over the fact they don't want our "friends" around the world to know what we really think of them and do to them.

Just wait for what's coming down the tube and I don't think we gotta wait for the repugs to take total control in '012 to find out.


Back On The War Talk Trail

It's John Light Up The Sky McCain drumming up the dummies for shit he wasn't very good at in the 60's over there in that Nam place.

It's that damn China not doing what it's supposed to and we need that thing called regime change in Iran. These bastards want to see shooting whether we do it or someone else does. It's very good for Amerika and our economy with the major players being defense contractors.

Shoot now or later it's not going to make any difference because more shooting is inevitable and there are not enough of us to stop it.


Global What

On the coast of Benin people are fighting the rising sea waters and the amount it has risen is dramatic. This is real and not imagined. We need decisions made now for the future. Good decisions not influenced by the dark sides but based on reality. We are not going to get that. Not now or later.   

Will Colorado Be As Racist As Arizona

Repugs own the house the dims the senate. Will this state return to the days of yester year when the KKK roamed the halls of the state capitol and the streets of many towns all over the state.

The crazy's will come out in droves over this and the question is will enough bigoted dims vote for this to make it law. If they do pass I seriously hope the rest of the country punishes this state worse than they did in Arizona from lost revenue from tourism and convention gatherings. There are other places to ski and just as good as mountains to explore else where.

You know places where you do not have to carry or prove your identity and nationality. Have not carried any identity papers of any kind on my person for decades and and do not plan on starting. Generally guys carry a billfold in their back pocket. I quit that because it hurts the right cheek of my ass and causes back problem and that a fact.


Killer Golfers

There is no way I can let this slide and have to express probably what will  be unpopular opinions on "golfers". Below is the article in it's entirety.

A maintenance worker at a central Florida country club has been killed by a golfer's tee shot.
Police say Maurice Hayden was pulling weeds near a tree at the Mayfair Country Club in Sanford on Wednesday when he was struck in the temple about 30 yards away. The 42-year-old man was taken to Central Florida Regional Hospital. Police say he died Thursday after being removed from life support. Police say the shot was an accident and that the golfer will not face charges.

First apologies to the Hayden family for this tragic preventable killing and that's exactly what it is!

Second this man did not have to die and the police say it was an accident. That is incorrect as at the very least this man should be charged with manslaughter because that's what this "golfer"did was slaughter another human being because ----well there are probably any number of possible "reasons" but we will address just one maybe two and attempt to get the end quickly here.

Mr. Hayden had a responsibility to be aware and all my thoughts mean nothing if this was the scenario. That is -  did Mr. Hayden give the golfer the go ahead to tee off? That means eye contact was made and the responsibility shifted to Mr. Hayden. I doubt that is the case here. At that distance there is time to avoid being hit but you damn well better be ready to move very quickly and in the right direction and that is only if you know it is coming!.

Yea people die from being hit by golf balls and many are hurt on a regular basis. When the term "I hate golfers" is used on this blog this death is one of the reasons for the why.

All I can say is that you sonsofbitches who have in the past hit into me without making eye contact and that pretty much means your back is turned-that you put my well being in severe jeopardy meaning you could have killed someone. It's just that simple and I literally hate you for that.

It's like taking a shot at me with a gun but you missed because you're such a shitty shot just like you are such a shitty golfer. This is a weapon and needs to treated as such when incidents like this occur but it also needs to be understood that this was was a tee shot with people in front and if one can see them on the tee looking down the fairway that is in front.

This goes on so much you wouldn't believe.  It is not about me but this kinda shit no one talks about and the PGA does not address it as well.  After all this sport of golf is an admirable one ya see and builds character and all other kinds of good shit.

This is one of the dark sides of caddy shack I tell you.


Churchill Loses Appeal

Yes I do want this man to win but this outcome was a given. A judge who rules in favor of this man is taking a genuine chance of losing his life. Churchill is hated as much as the Clinton's and President Obama.

Achtung-It's a DEA Emergency

When one of our government agency's "creates" it's own emergency then it must be bad.

Be afraid - it's a Schedule I classification the same as marijuana. What I don't quite understand is why aren't these kids smoking the real thing? I bet this stuff tastes like shit.


Looking Out the Window

Like these guys are wishing they could get out. I doubt if these fellows made it to the table anywhere today as it was not very long ago in Nebraska this picture was taken. Looking out mine it looks like it's very white and a very cold -10 degrees out. Have a very good day everyone.

                     There were turkeys all over the place in SD,NE,IA.


There's A Manhunt Going On

With a posse looking for a trail-a big posse.

After four days of thoroughly searching Moab's backcountry, investigators have decided to "change the direction of the search," for a man charged with aggravated attempted murder.

First I hope the ranger who was shot three times by this guy recovers. I find this interesting because this fellow has been able to elude over a hundred men equipped with state of the art equipment plus he's been shot in the leg himself as he left a bunch of blood behind initially.

In the article another recent manhunt is mention that lasted four days as well in northern Arizona. A few years before that two guys killed a cop from Cortez,Co and made it to nearby Bluff, Utah where if I remember correctly split up. I believe after a day or so they ran one guy down who was killed and looked forever for the second but never found him. He was found by a sheep herder or rancher and had died outside in the elements fairly close to where they started looking for them both.

The weather has been brutal out there and I do not believe there are any roads or plausible way this fellow can get out of there as he is on foot and wounded. We'll see but you cannot survive out there winter summer or anytime if you are not prepared.

If he doesn't show up one way or the other shortly he will sometime in the future and he will not be looking good. It's old time outlaw days when it comes to modern day manhunts.

Where's The Fish?

And this newspaper is oh so proud of this.

At one time this was one of the best papers in the nation with an array of award winning writers. To look at this paper today it is truly sad and a perfect example of where this industry has gone.

It's boring out there in the cornfields and if you don't hunt or fish you got god school and sports for the special kids. So many are hoping for the return to yester year when the go to thing was da mall not only on Saturday but Sunday too where mass quantities of junk were consumed because well ya know it was the Amerikan way. Not anymore and it ain't coming back.

I find this very disgusting.


Arizona Wannabes In The Cornfield

Not to be outdone by the racists in Arizona Iowans are ramping up to show they can be just as bigoted as the clandestine sheet wearers in the Grand Canyon State.

Let's understand the hypocrisy here as for several decades packing plants replaced good paying union jobs with people from Mexico in successful attempt to break them. It literally changed many small towns in this state. No one said boo about losing the unions but even back then the browns were not liked but they remained.

No surprise here-
An Iowa Poll conducted in September found that 66 percent of those surveyed favored an illegal- immigration law such as the one in Arizona. The sentiment was strongest - more than 80 percent - among Republicans, born-again Christians and supporters of Branstad and the tea party.

But the best is here something you will never hear the crazies on the right mention.
A 2007 study by the Iowa Policy Project, a research group, estimated that undocumented immigrants in Iowa pay some $40 million to $62 million in state and local property, sales, excise and income taxes every year - and consume fewer services than many believe.

The chances are probably pretty good this will get done and the old saying for what Iowa stands for (idiots out wandering around) will reach higher ground. When that happens this native son will not return!


We Got The Biggest One Out There

It's not what you think and it has to do with support of what our country does better than all the others. Wage war and spy-yea that! It's a secret spy satellite. Yea America take it to all those who have so much to hide from us.

Oh my-that's right this country spies on us too. Other satellites we have are aging and may fail so there's a great need to replace them with new updated state of art spy technology ya see.

Nothing but the best for the American people when it comes to the war machine both here and over there. Never a lack of funds for these endeavors.


Sky Events And The Ancient Ones

On this Sunday when most of this country attends some type of religious service we'll go where none of them has ever been. The picture below is the courtesy of Coyote Prime and the photo from here.

This will be short and since no one really knows this opinion has as much merit as any one else out there.

Take a look at the top picture and then the two directly below. In the two rock art photos whoever it was that made similar looking spirals witnessed a sky event like seen in the top picture.

This event was very close or so huge that it was easily seen by the naked eye or something along those lines.

I think the last one is perhaps the most dramatic.

Remember how clicking on the pictures twice makes them larger.

These ancient people depicted onto the rocks literally what they saw or experienced.


Truth In TV Labeling

H/T to Onefly for making me aware.

It says on the side of my pack of Marlboro's:
Surgeon General
Cigarette Smoke Contains
Carbon Monoxide

Do we need a small D or R to in the corner of our television screens to denote which party the channel favors? and a rating sysytem like a LAL for lies a lot, LST for lies some times, TTT for totally the truth and an agency which reviews television channels for truthfulness and political bent?

Sort of a truth in labeling law.

I can see this working as a way to make people aware of what they are watching. Wanna watch the LAL channels with the R in the corner and masturbate politically, go ahead.

I'm getting on the phone with my senator next!

Benny The Rat Says Condoms Are Okay Now

Until it actually happens it hasn't.

People like this do not get a pass here.

Taking one step out of the dark ages is no redemption for not doing so 20 years ago.

Rockefeller Chews On His Tongue

He says "I'm tired of the right and the left," Sen. Jay Rockefeller said Wednesday during a Senate hearing on retransmission consent. "There's a little bug inside of me which wants to get the FCC to say to Fox and to MSNBC, 'Out. Off. End. Goodbye.' " I understand his point but does he ever screw it up.

It prompts comments like this in the above linked to piece.
Liberal-Elite Trust-Fund Baby wants to censor free speech based on biased opinion? Why not start with the most biased media outlet that Congress actually controls: Nazi Propaganda Radio.

First Tom Friedman now Sen Rockefeller. These guys are coming out of the shadows longing for a dictatorship, shouting it from the rooftops as it were. I sure hope people are taking note.

The libs are racing to grab total control of the American people and they want us to be cut off from the news that keeps us informed about their assault.

You dumb shit! You don't say crap like this. At least you said something and every dim should be raising awareness about our airwaves. Where is the FCC anyway? They got told to stay the hell away is where. Two whole years and not a peep from these guys. All you did was give the right more fodder. jesus h christ!

It's so easy. What you do as a group is demand penalties for known lies on the public airwaves. For manipulated videos that lie and distort. For compromised guests or commentators that have conflict of interests. Stuff like that dummies. As a whole all the time you bitch and moan with the truth demanding these entities can not get by with telling lies without there being a price to pay. And that goes for both sides as well.


Tanks Are The Answer Now

A year ago a request was denied to use tanks but that changed when Gen Chester Petraeus approved a second request this October. On the table will be ---

Hot damn it's looking up now. Why didn't our side implement  this before. Shit fire maybe we could have been home by now.

Cannot help but to be a bitter sarcastic smart ass  when it comes to Afghanistan and the bull shit that is written and when ideas like this are presented with all the feel good consequences that will supposedly follow.

When it reeks of the smell of fresh bull shit that's just what it is!

Killer Kids

This happened shortly after I returned from Iowa in two towns I am very familiar with and was in Humboldt a bunch where one of the killings occurred.

Another story link.

It could have been my town this killer picked or yours. I believe the lady from Algona was the mother of 11.

I also believe it's important to have a judicial system even with it's flaws but with cases like this judgment needs to be expedited. I don't give a shit about past history of  this kid or what happened to him or what have you. When you kill in cold blood like this some things need to be pushed off the table.

Could we as part of the education process teach these kids as part of life a few things that are not allowed and if that line is crossed bad things are going to happen to you.

In this case teach them if you murder others for the fun of killing and are caught and guilty as guilty can be you are history as well and very quickly get the same as what you gave.

Just saying.


Tough Shit Arizona

This is what you get when you blatantly show your racism to the rest of the country.

If it hurts real bad that's a double tough shit. The problem is that along the way the little guy got hurt the worst as they can least afford it. The simple bastards who supported this don't even have a clue that they or anyone could be the target of the states various Gestapo agency's.

If I get back to this state I will be very careful where I spend my money. Very careful!

For You Winter Lovers

Let it be known that I am available to change places with you if you live in a warm part of anywhere. It's true.

As of yesterday afternoon when the sun came out the ski mountain has recorded 74" and could easily break the record for most snow ever in November. If one listens closely you can hear squeals of joy coming from all points of the compass.

It's also 10* this morning and is getting colder.

Unlike the slugs in congress I know a deal can be made here.

Spring can not get here soon enough!


Teabaggers Don't Need To Follow Laws

Just the ones they like because after all they are special and you are not. Even elected baggers who swear an oath to uphold the Constitution and the statutes of this country and the state of Colorado. This piece of shit should be thrown out of office for kicking all who take this oath and take it seriously square in the nuts.

GRAND JUNCTION — A Mesa County commissioner's claim that it is OK to selectively break "nanny state laws" has exposed a deep rift among Western Slope Tea Partyers who either view Craig Meis as a hero or a scofflaw unfit to hold office.Meis, a Republican and a member of the Western Slope Conservative Alliance Tea Party umbrella group, stirred up the infighting and a general public outcry after he was ticketed for allowing his 14-year-old son to operate a personal watercraft on a state-park lake in June. State law requires operators to be 16. Rather than pay the $52 ticket, Meis tried to rally local Republicans and Tea Partyers to support his feeling that he should have gotten "a pat on the back, rather than a ticket," for being a good parent who was teaching his son how to be a responsible watercraft operator.

He was found guilty but this prick will do it again and you can bet other across the country others like him will do more of the same. I do not want to live by the laws these Amerikan Talibans will come up with. 

Cornfielder's Are Gonna Have An Abortion Shit Fit

Of course Troy Newman of Operation Rescue is happier than a pig in shit over the possibilities of turning women into criminals with the election of so many insane religious bastards that he thinks it's like "xmas". I applaud Dr. Carhart for his efforts to expand into three other states to give women health care they are entitled to and need. And we must not forget this is at the risk of himself and staff members being killed by white American terrorists our government does not recognize.

People like Dr. Carhart who take the risk of being killed at the hands of their own countrymen for doing something entirely legal are hero's in my book. And the scum bags who wish to do them harm are just as bad or worse than the bad guys we fight over there.


Oscar Arias Is A Wise Man

We will never see one of our elected leaders speak like this-never.

Another bit of reality speaking about our military budget-
"Cut it 5 percent, 10 percent, as much as you can. I'd be happy if it doesn't increase, because who are your enemies? Well, you have enemies in Afghanistan and Iraq. So, then, make more friends instead of fighting your couple of enemies."

The best of all-
"Our world is certainly dangerous, but it is made more dangerous, not less, by those who value profits over peace," he said.

Soon people who speak like this especially them brown skinned feraners can expect to run outta town on a rail. They need to understand here in Amerika we love our wars and will fight to see that we get them! 

Wag What?

From a post at Reality Zone a comment has turned into a post. A short video on the ongoing attempts to slow down or stop the encroachment of the Sahara further south. My comment corrects a mispronunciation and tells a short story about two of the primary cities in Burkina-Faso.The video is from ViewChange.org.

Efforts to stop or slow the encroachment of the Sahara into the Sahel has been going on for decades. Similar plans and the same rhetoric. It's so important they are successful but up to now they have not been and I'm sure climate change has been the problem child in these efforts.

A correction about the pronunciation of the capitol of what was formerly Upper Volta. Very interesting name. Ouagadougou is pronounced Wagadugu or if you've been around for a while just Waga.

In the late 70's took RAN (Railroad Abidjan Niamey) from Waga down to Bobo which is the former provincial capitol. Bobo was short for Bobo-Dioulasso the last part pronounced dealasso. Long e and two short a's.

Both of these names are way too cool and Bobo was a special place for me. When you're a white boy and have a bit of money one of the poorest places on the planet can be good for you. I ate better during those 10 days or so than I did down in Ghana. Mostly Muslim but it was easy finding a cold beer. The French are good about that.

Had not planned on staying that long and when leaving met two other PC buds just getting off the train after traveling in Mali and seeing the Dogon's. Ended up staying another week It was fun but tough travel. The train was the best. In fact it was damn nice! Something we could use here.

The good times.


Give It Up Charlie

Are you stupid or what? I guess stupid. It's been written about before here and now again. Walking out of your own hearing because you didn't get your way crying about having already spent 2mil on a lawyer and that now you don't have one and you're broke. Apparently you do not realize how bad this makes you look.

It makes us all look bad and gives the Nazi bastards with the Big Whore Media justifiable fodder to spread their nonsense about the left. You've done so much good but you did bad as well the way I understand it. Not as bad as many repugs and I don't care if you're on my side you will never get a pass Charlie --- never from me.

Take you medicine like the man you are and be done with it. You're only going to get slapped a wee little bit. People with think more of you if you do the right thing instead of acting like a goddamn piece of shit lying ass Repuglican. It is just that simple.

Three Of Ft Carson's Finest Take A Hit

This is too funny but  a bit sad as well that these guys felt the need to do this. They will be punished and when it's the Army's turn they could send them to Afghanistan but they've probably been there a couple times already.

These pot shops are like trying to rob a bank. You're just not going to get away with it. Military brains trickle down from the top to the grunts on the ground I guess.


Seen Along The Way

The rest are here.



Years ago if you spent a two year stint in the Peace Corps one of the few things given to you when you returned was what was called a "Readjustment Allowance". That was a check for $2,000 which wasn't much but a lot more than what it is now. I say and mean it totally although a bit in jest is that you never readjust no matter how many years go by.

After this 2200 mile jaunt of not paying any attention to media of any kind it becomes a mini adjustment for me. I glanced at the "news" this morning and of course it's the same old tired ass nonsense where we're not going anywhere close to today for sure and don't know when I will. There is snow on the ground here but not much and it's not that cold. It's good to be home and spring can't get here soon enough.

There are some pictures with the one today at the top from South Dakota. Drove mostly two lane and turned around - let's just say a lot. I'm real good at that. There are still a number of icons along Highway 30 across Nebraska from before I80 which will make an fun post I hope. So a few quick observations.

Wyoming doesn't change much.

Those damn hostiles.

Enjoyed the ride across southern South Dakota. What a place this must have been growing in times past for Native Americans. So much wildlife and in this case bird life. Turkeys all over the place and pheasants as well in some places. Some type of grouse too. Bunches of them

Like here.

Road kill the whole way. Skunks,coons and deer mostly. There are these small snow birds this time of year that  like to congregate on or near the road who take off into the wind. I wasn't the only one hitting them and even driving slower you still get them.

Iowa literally stunk. To be fair this time of year is when manure is spread and there is plenty of that. It also fair to say Iowa does stink year round and I did not see one hog. The poop business is huge. At times the stench can make you nauseous and that's a fact.

The farmers weren't bitching which is even bigger than huge. Life is good with $5.50 corn and $12.40 beans and help from the government makes it even better.

I got done what I wanted but after the end of the second day it became a job and I started back on the middle of the third. The ride back was not as good as the one out.

I didn't have time to go in and chat night before last in Grand Island. I was in a hurry to get that room in a real shit hole down the road a few. That was scary I tell you!



About Time

That is to head back to Colorado. Close to wearing out my welcome plus the thrill is gone. Glancing at my blog list you guys have put such good stuff up and there is no way I can look at all of it let alone comment. I need to catch up for sure. Here are a few pictures from the last couple days. Nothing of any consequence at all only to illustrate what you see here. Later,OF


Good Morning

I know nothing much and that's probably a good thing. The picture at the top was taken a few minutes ago. Just got fed an excellent breakfast and have a job to do this morning as my cousins mower broke down and we have to get it up to another cousin's place to have it repaired. The camshaft gear broke and he was going to trade it for new one in the spring. Repairing this will not increase the value even a penny. I have two of the same motors in a different machine and both of these failed with the identical issue. I'm sure our mutual relative will screw his cousin just right. This could easily be a 1000 smackers.

Spent the day yesterday visiting and will do that some more after we get this project done of hauling this machine 20 some miles north west. Plan on visiting a teacher from a long time ago. Who wouldn't when your greeted with a giant hug and a "Oh ###### you were my best student of all of them". You betcha I can live with that!

Have a good one and the weather remains sooo nice.


Wounded Knee

Wanted to touch base for just a bit. Pretty uneventful.

The bad header picture is the burial site at Wounded Knee. It's run down. Depressing like other things here.

Crazy Horse was killed here and the building is a replica.

I respect that Ann I really do and think I understand at least a little bit.

Drive on driver.

Have a good one. Very warm the last two days.


Outta Here

Doing a road trip north a ways into Wyoming then east through South Dakota and Nebraska and eventually arriving in the cornfield using primarily secondary roads. All these years have taken my time off during late fall and winter and hated it. That will be coming to an end soon I hope as this time of year it's so bland out but we're always looking for picture's. I'd like to be in the desert but want to make this trip and it's dead shit center of red amerika.

Will be in and out so there are some of the best bloggers out there in the blog roll. We've been right all along not the others guys who are supposed to be on our side as well. Check' em out.

It may be very late fall and a bit bland looking but the weather has been and will stay beautiful. It's like a perpetual movie driving down the road for me no matter where it's at and that movie is going to start in 10 minutes. 

Have a fun and safe weekend everyone and don't use the four letter word that starts with s.

Giv'em hell!


Sorry Maam Speaker But You Can Kiss My Ass

Never have said that much about Nancy Pelosi as with most other dims on a personal level except those chosen few that always deserve what they get. Kinda like Benny the Rat. Oh she's doing such a good job and even though so much was taken off the table ya know. Me bitching about actions from this women served no purpose. There were other asses to kick. Now that she's close to getting her own ass kicked out the door well - - -

That's an insult to all of us that knew you guys had your heads buried in each others asses blowing smoke since '08.

And so Nancy baby-kiss it and may the door hit you in the ass as well on your way out. Besides Boner is prettier. Imbecile Amerika love da pretty with no substance. I hate golfers!

What do I know. Put Pelosi into the search engine and this girl got hammered plenty on OTC. Pretty much all deserved too. Link

Let's Ramp Up Yemen

Yes but of course. Always plenty money for that.

They got 150 mil last year and a total of 300 mil for everything. So it looks like the total number will be close to 500 mil when all said and done.

There will be more of this coming down the tube for other places as well as the repugs are notorious killers!


I Don't Think The Whites Voted

Below is a trailer for a movie I started watching out of the blue last night and it all got watched non-stop. Not picking on anybody or particular region or what have you. I forget how different people can be and the Whites are that. Glad they are not my neighbors.

This is the real thing and there are many out there that are like the White family. Plenty of like Whites voted yesterday.


This is worth the watch as there is some decent music to soften what really lies beneath. Streams on Net Flix.

Are Ya Happy - Well Are Ya Dim?

We're talking the Dems who had the power to make a difference who chose instead to be nice rather than using a gun when needed to combat all the knives the right had at their disposal. Thanks a lot for the non-effort and for the rank and file of the left who thought these corporate dims on the left were the answer to this country's problems well cry cry cry!

And for all you joyous repug dumb fucks who are pissing their pants in glee - if you think the likes of these neanderthals you voted into office will bring the nirvana you think they will well you're fucking nuts.

The dark ages was a difficult place to live.

People in this country really are dumb. It's not all their fault but educated country's are laughing their asses off at us once again in just a few short years.

Bloggers on the left did our job quite nicely actually and I'm proud of the sites I link to who contributed so much to the discourse needed to have an intelligent conversation on topics of the day. We sure as hell didn't get that from the ones that needed to be saying it.

This question remains -will the Dim Senate do the same as what the repugs did the last two years and just say no to these crazy bastards just elected to the house. Chances are real good they will be happy to assist this slide into darkness.

Just look the fuck out my friends- we ain't seen nothing yet!


Coming Down To The Wire - LTFO

Could the dark side be as successful as being speculated? That across the country a slew of new faces elected that are polar opposites of who I am and what I believe in. Of course the answer is yes proven by the reelection of the chimp in '04.

I've never seen any thing close to this. Everyone of us understands the dynamics of this election and what the future will probably hold if the right wins big. These people hold and have been holding  four of a kind while we sit there with a pair. The supremes decision on campaign financing went straight into the heart of the left. If they didn't cheat they would lose. It all gets done better by them.

They win and our side will never get it back. Bama will be a one termer and control of both houses and the presidency is a certainty in 012.

Unlike the usual one may find here I'm hoping that people aren't as stupid as the polls say they are and they cast their vote for candidates on my side of the fence however unlikely whore pundits tell me that is to happen.

I'm not paying attention to much through the day. Remember back in '04 by the middle of the evening it was clear who the winner was going to be. By about the same time tonight it will be very clear where this country really stands on a number of critical issues.

If these people win tomorrow you better look the fuck out I shit you not.


Gopers Going To Stop Palin

Once again there are articles around today about how the goper's want to stop the Palin "juggernaut". This is pure freshly shat bullshit and please do not pay one bit of attention except to call it out for what it is.

It is a ploy like all the rest from Big Whore Media to make the repuglicans out to be something other than this contrived candidate with no credentials. It's that simple folks and don't fall for it. The stupids will and that's who they are after.

This has been said here before that by the appearance from the gopers that they want to distance themselves from this woman and the baggers they become legitimate and their non ideas/plans all of a sudden like have credibility where there's not a drop of anything close to that.

And what's even more simple is the gop is Palin and the baggers. Never once did this party of obstructionists object to this women since Obama was elected. This idiot was the VP candidate from this party of slugs who now say no we don't want her.

Like most everything else people - what comes out of the mouths of the gop is as the norm nothing but an outright lie!

Of course the dims let these gopers get by with it.

A Real Horror - Not Last Night's Kiddie Games

UPDATE 11/1/10 Make that number 50 Americans killed in October

What was never spoken about from either side of the fence while chasing the votes on the campaign trail to serve this great country's war machine while fucking the little guy.

And if you do serve our country by being elected that's just what you are doing - administering to a budget where half of it goes to the military.  Sick shit and none of you whores for the most part spoke strongly enough against the war machine.

There is a life time of horror for the families of the 49 soldiers killed last month in Afghanistan but it's just so inconvenient to speak of those who died when you're after the corporations money who profit from us being in a perpetual state of war.

We love our blood and guts way too much to give any of that up ya know.

To the families who lost loved ones I am truly sorry for your loss.

Coalition Military Fatalities By Year and Month

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2001 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 5 4 12
2002 10 12 9 5 1 3 0 1 1 5 1 1 49
2003 4 7 12 2 1 3 2 4 2 4 6 1 48
2004 9 2 3 3 8 5 2 3 4 5 7 1 52
2005 2 1 6 18 4 27 2 15 11 7 3 3 99
2006 1 17 7 1 11 18 9 10 6 10 7 1 98
2007 0 14 5 8 11 12 14 18 8 10 11 6 117
2008 7 1 8 5 17 28 20 22 27 16 1 3 155
2009 15 15 13 6 12 25 45 51 40 59 18 18 317
2010 30 31 26 20 34 60 65 55 42 49 0 0 412

Pontiac Is Officially History Today

Originally posted 4/29/09 and titled "No More Pumpjacks Anymore" and a link to a fresh article.

That's what some called Pontiacs a make I was never fond of but there is an exception and that is the 65 GTO. The first was late 64 when Pontiac put their 389 motor with a 4-barrel in a Tempest with the GTO logo on the side. This car went 0-60 in 4.6 seconds. A rule of thumb back then was the 0-60 time. If a car could get there in 6 seconds that was fast and still not many do it today.

It was the 65 that was the icon of that model that to me was the best. It could be ordered with a 3-deuce set up and a close ratio 4-speed. This car inspired the car culture with songs and equally energetic advertising campaign not to mention it screamed. These cars were just downright fast plus being a chick magnet. I have never owned a Pontiac,Ford or Mopar product but if I were to own a pumpjack it would be this one. Did I mention I was a Chevy man? In any case Pontiac is history and it's not much of a loss as they are noted for their ability to produce ugly cars with some excellent exceptions the 65 goat as some called it being one of those exceptions.

The video is the song "Little GTO" by Ronnie and the Daytonas and the other is of a what looks to be a fairly stock 65 doing a proper burnout. I love the smell of burning rubber not only in the morning but anytime.