I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


The US Hates This Man Sooo Much

Of course the haters and spin whores never give the real reasons why my man Hugo doesn't take any shit from the likes of this country who's position of democracy in Venezuela is in question and that's being nice. Can you spell hypocrite. This concerns the current spat over ambassadors. This lifted from a whore AP piece.

They call this a dare-
"If the government is going to expel our ambassador there, let them do it," Chavez said, adding, "If they're going to cut diplomatic relations, let them do it."
I really don't see it like that.

Chavez, whose economy relies heavily on oil sales to the United States, has accused Palmer of dishonoring the Venezuelan government by expressing concerns on several sensitive subjects — including 2008 accusations by the U.S. Treasury Department that three members of Chavez's inner circle helped Colombian rebels by supplying arms and aiding drug-trafficking operations.
Bullshit! Venezuela can sell it's oil anywhere and if you remember he gave free oil to poor people here or at least tried to.

Here is a link to a Reuters article that is only a little bit better.

Not only does this country hate Hugo but we very much despise Evo and the rest of them "socialists" south of us who pose an imminent threat to our way of life up here. Don't make any difference that these people were elected in a democratic process that is better than ours.

In the near future if we could kill every one of these leaders we will do it and that's a fact. The part that makes it even worse is that the dims will agree to it as well.


Boulder Badges Shoot Themselves

In their rush to charge and convict evil pot users they fail as always to take an educated response on the issue of medicinal marijuana. In this case they were wrong to begin with and lost badly in court. Precedents were set with this case and in addition from their stupidity a mighty activist arose from this to educate many about the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes in the state of Colorado.

Meet Jason Lauve. This is good stuff.  Link to article


Exit Interviews For Catholics Who Don't Want Anymore

Yup crazy ass Catholics are leaving Benny and the church of mumbo jumbo in droves. The poop needs money and so do the local parishes who build big monstrosities to be close to the one they believe in who isn't really anywhere. It costs a lot to heat these things and maybe that's part of the reason people leave. Could it be priests who rape children who are allowed to continue to do so? Or have they started reading bad ass atheist blogs and  have had a vision of reality. No matter what it may be a braniac got a brain fart to stem the tide.

Yup-that outta do it alrighty!

This Is Good News

An error has been made.  This link about the book and Riverbend is what came up on Cujo's page this morning but the post is from 9/07. I was also unaware there was a book written. 

I will leave this as there is still much that can be learned and  plead cornfield for this major mistake. Sorry bout that.

Here at OTC we have kept the light on for three years hoping for the return of Riverbend the Iraqi girl blogger. It appears that may have happened, From Cujo over at Slobber & Spittle who has this covered. I will read this book.

Although her post are old there is still much that can be learned about war for lies and what that and occupation by our country of another does to the people who live there.


This Can Be Yours

This thing was huge and ugly. The back of it was almost like the front of it. It has been lived in for awhile from what I could gather. It sits as the crow flies maybe 50 miles east of downtown Denver along with others probably on 35 acre parcels. I was surprised how many were out this far and what these people do to support this habit of a monster house because they can is unknown. The commute to anywhere is a long ways at the minimum.

These were taken on Xmas day and as you can see for yourself there is no snow. It used to snow down here but not for a long time. What a grand entrance you could make into your house if you want to pay 639K. 


I have had one new car in my life and that was a Honda 600 Coupe bought in 1971 for something like $2006 or some damn thing like that. It was a pretty cool car that got 50 mpg.

Driving down to the front range last Friday came up on a car and noticed the equal dents it had and said to myself that something hit this dead center and that it was too bad as it appeared to be a newer vehicle.

And then when I come up on it I see these indentations were designed into it and on a Lexus no less one of the high end vehicles on the market in this country. Why would a company want to design what looks like dents from a distance into their vehicle and who would want to buy something like that as well.

My money says many more regressives buy these than dims.


Christmas Day

Simply a hearty Merry Christmas to all who stop by and may you have a fun day and weekend. Thanks for the visit.

On a different computer and the header picture is not working correctly so I'm puttimg it down here.


A Xmas Present For All Americans

You know a good thing happened when you have winger wiping tears and blowing his nose. Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, head of the Congressional Western Caucus, denounced the action as "little more than an early Christmas present to the far left extremists who oppose the multiple use of our nation's public lands."

This is a good thing and another reason I want guvment in my life. Of course it was guvment that changed it in the first place and in 012 it will probably change back again but for now anyway these lands will remain as is and that's just fine by me.



Holiday Spirit On Da Slopes

So his kid got "bumped" into on a beginners slope so what's the only recourse--

And this girl from Mexico needed medical attention. Beaver Creek where the public can ski but where the richest in the world come to live stay and play.

I bet this asshole beats his wife too if she's still around.


African Big Men

And we have one raising hell now in the Ivory Coast. His name is Gbagbo. Drop the first g and that's the pronunciation. You know he's the guy who lost the recent election but will not give up power. Pauline lives in Abidjan and posts on this and also writes for Bloomberg. Her latest article is here.

I just don't quite understand what it is with powerful African men that they feel the need to rape their own country. This situation is not good at all and I feel for the ordinary people caught up in all this. How human beings can treat their fellow countrymen so horrendously is beyond me. I do have ideas that probably have some merit but we're not going there. I can tell you this though and it's all true.

Ghana borders the Ivory Coast to the east. Like cocoa and chocolate? This is where most of it comes from. I was to leave Ghana in March of 79. Just before that new currency was issued and the borders were closed. It was a pisser as they say but I was white and it was a bigger pisser for the Ghanaian's who had endured so much from their recent "big men".  Briefly-

I left when things stabilized just about three months later. Very shortly after that a successful coup by Flight Lieutenant Jerry Rawlings changed the country dramatically once again politically.

Three former heads of state and five other military men were taken down to a beach just outside Accra where they were strapped to posts stuck in the sand blindfolded if they wanted and then blown away by firing squad to the big stool in the sky. The world was a better place and the little guy got a bit of satisfaction for a change. I did not think Akuffo deserved it but shit happens. 

This is all about accountability something we don't have here. These big men got the message loud and clear and I really do not have a problem with this. Nigeria has done the very same.

 Get this - the coup by Rawlings was instigated by him while he was in prison. I admire this man I really do and know the country is much better for it. Rawlings took charge and said they would have elections and they did. He had put a caveat on the elections telling all if they started pulling the same old shit he was coming back. Well folks he came back for just that reason. Ran the country again until elections were held and he's never been back.



Biden Said What ?!?!

You gotta be fucking kidding me.

It's true. There hardly any respect left for these two men. B&B. Bama and Biden. I don't give a shit what he thinks why it's better in 012. There is only one single thought in my head when I saw this headline just now.


Up On The Roof Top

I did not get done and will finish hopefully tomorrow. I am pooped and blood was drawn. What a pain in the ass.

And this is no feel good xmas post or anything close to it. Didn't go outside yesterday and the snow today is up to the bumper of the car. The roof has to be cleared there is no other choice. I fucking dread it but before that major project starts it's clear around the car game first. I can't wait til spring is here and the fall when I move away. I hope I never have to spend another winter in snow country. This is what I'm facing up there even though this is not my roof.

If there's anything good about this is that if you fall off you will not die - probably. And away we go.

Jim DeMint: Jesus Wants Nukes for Christmas


Another LDS'r Molester

Not sure who's worse here. Mormon men or the poop's boys in black. Of course the momonys threw him out right away like they always do and the slug himself  is "on my knees every night before God, praying for you.". I bet that makes the victims feel warm all over.

Put him so far back in the cell they gotta pipe him the food.

Kilt B'ar Follow-Up

Yes I do want guvment in my life for a lot of reasons. On 12/4 put this post up. State Record For Kilt B'ar  Did not think much of how this man went into a bears hibernation headquarters and killed it. Although there were tracks from the day before this animal I'm sure was drowsy and was probably in the process of calling it a year. It seems the DOW is taking a good look at this and I'm glad we have an agency to do this.

Can you imagine what it would be like if the repugs abolished the DOW across this country and took these regulations out of people's lives? At best that would be absurd just like dismantling anything else these crazy bastards think is wrong for their Amerika.

Good on Colorado's DOW !!


The Real Fighters

I don't have the words to express my admiration respect and thanks for all those arrested in front of the White House protesting the war in Afghanistan. Not many are out in the streets like this. Veterans for Peace are the best and the link goes to their site if you can spare something. Some are headed out to Afghanistan tomorrow unless they get an Assange pulled on them. I am going to try and do more than what I have. These people are the best!

We Got Us A Kush Con Conference

And that's a real good thing. It's in Denver and I wish I could go but I don't think so.

This article is correct in that this state is the leader with this industry and what can you say this is what America wants and are getting even though the badges and dark age bureaucrats are having shit fits that people voted on this are are allowed to use it legally.

For once there is no mention about the evils of marijuana. The ones who use this substance also understand the dangers from this drug are very little to nothing at all. Like anything else if it is abused there probably  will be consequences and the way out of the violence here and across the border can be stopped with decriminalization.



We Need More Troops And Fence

And guns and night goggles and just plain more power to stop the killing. I'm sure the repugs are screaming this in Arizona after a BP agent was shot and killed.
Brian A. Terry, 40, was waiting with three other agents in a remote area north of the border city of Nogales late Tuesday when the gun battle erupted, Bonner said. Terry died in the shooting, but no other agents were injured.

It's coming  up on a year that I was in this area and got intimidated by our own government and gestapo tactics way north of the border. Nogales is a shell of it's former self. Just stay the hell away from the border!

Marijuana is brought up in this piece but there were no signs this group of people had contraband.

Legalize this plant and this death would not have happened and many lives on both side of the border will be saved. Of course we can do that but we won't cuz we like it this way toooo much to give it up!


Can You Choke On 3000 For The Year

Or do you need the total count of death in Ciudad Juarez of 7386 over the last three years? What about the 28,000 who have died in Mexico during that same period.?

Yup-Calderon is happy as we are and it couldn't be better on our third war front.

This country put Calderon up to this you can bet on it. Either that or he was going to get the "or else" card played on him.

This is so fucking disgusting. This is what my country does to others and how much I want this to stop but of course it will not because we love our intimidation tactics that result in thousand of deaths many of them innocent way too much to stop. Plus they're brown and the dead ones will not be headed north of the border ya see.

I despise all these bastards in DC who do nothing. Already we have had a drug related beheading in the states. Expect more as this lost battle escalates on the behalf of the United States of Killing.

Colorado Poverty Levels Increase Dramatically

And especially for the kids. I understand this is an issue where you live as well but these numbers are startling.

This speaks volumes as they say about what kind of country we really are. All of our legislators were involved in this and still are. Then you have this horse's ass boner getting on the tube crying about how hard he had it.

I am not proud to be an American with statistics like this and in particular when people are sent to congress to fix shit like hunger but instead take services away from those who need it desperately.

In fact I basically hate these sonsofbitches for what they have done and continue to do.


You Can Sleep Better Tonight

You betcha knowing that Robert Gibbs told reporters with the addition of 30,000 US troops, the war effort was going better than last year. You see.

The White House says US president Barack Obama's long-awaited review of the war strategy in Afghanistan does not contain any surprises and will not call for force changes. "I think the document, will show that we're on track for troops to start leaving Afghanistan from July 2011." My ass.

Tell this shit to the 170 more that have been killed so far this year compared to last year for a total of 487. You fucking assholes -ask them how well it went. You pricks don't even mention them. You think the end of this conflict begins in 2011 you are bat shit fucking nuts.

Another Army Game Winner

When all these brilliant ideas come together with guns and vehicles and now phones that are smart the bad guys will not stand a chance you see. I love the rationalization for this stuff.

It's so damn easy. They can watch their enemies on da phone then go get 'em. Soon we'll be done with our second war front. Too bad someone couldn't have called the six of ours that perished day before yesterday and told them to get the fuck outta the way.


So It Was A Hurdle Jumped In The Senate

My ass!

I don't give a shit how this is framed it was no hurdle and was a done deal even before they voted. This "unusual alliance" means that both sides got together to ensure that "we the people" will get properly fucked. That's what that means.

Why do you suppose the dims put Social Security on the table with this bill? It's easy! To get you ready for the real screwing that will come at the hands of both of the treasonous parties of killers with bama being the middle man with the tube of lube. Damn you bama!!

No one on the left wants SS messed with let alone right now which is what will happen with this bj to the repugs. This works -one of the best programs ever for decades reaching tens of millions who need it desperately and   that only needs a minor tweak or two to make it solvent forever. The fact that the left and this president are laying the groundwork for it's demise shows how fucked up and totally broken this country is. Can't you see it coming. Why would this president do this to us and he is. He is assisting in this effort for the most radical of the right in this country.

We are so fucked I tell you.

Bible Thumpers Do Not Have To Give Up Known Child Molesters

We all know where the leaders of the different packs stand on this with the poop Benny just saying no thanks to Wikileaks. A new but old one out of Mormon Idaho.

The Ada County Sheriff's Office says members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are protected by Idaho's clergy privilege law.

All of you fuckers from whatever so called god bullshit thingie you belong to who let this shit slide are some of the worst hypocrites around and there is not one iota of respect for any of you. The catholics at parish level mouths remain closed except to open wide for the bizarre ritual of eating jebus. It's the real thing ya know as is priests raping children but they won't go there.

Mormonies are no better maybe even worse with 15 of these slugs in this case remaining quite for months. And these assholes were the leaders of the local pack. You bastards!

No one gets a pass here on child molestation nobody. And when you hide behind an invisible being who never existed it makes you even worse monsters than what you are already. Sick fucks all!


The President's Prayers Do Not Count

The prez said he and his wife have had Ambassador Holbrooke in their prayers since his collapse last Friday.

Even if he and his wife conjured up a million white angels flying around DC playing and singing xmas carols that still would not be enough. The comments on the thread of the linked to article show the depth of the stupidity of people in this country and their hatred for this man.

If Bama would have come our swinging and kicked these simpleton fuckers asses around there would be much less of this mentality. As an atheist since as long as I can remember my position is that if someone wants to pray for old Fly then bring it on-I don't have a problem with that except don't try to get me to assist you.


Bama's Justice Department Allows Another Bush Whore To Remain Free

This woman is no different than any of the others who aided the chimp and the dark one in their treasonous crimes against humanity. This women is guilty as hell sure as shit.

Point being is that from the time the chimp lowered his hand from taking the oath in 2000 all of these people knew they would never be held accountable for any of their actions. Can't you see it.

The Justice Department has closed an ethics probe of former Interior Secretary Gale Norton, the Obama administration said Friday. Norton was accused of using her position to steer lucrative oil leases on federal land in Colorado to Royal Dutch Shell PLC, where she took a job soon after leaving Interior. But a two-year investigation failed to prove a conflict of interest, said Mary Kendall, the Interior Department's acting inspector general, who announced Justice's decision. 

There's more


Senator Leahy Does Good

The Senator who has had his ass chewed out here more than once took a strong stance against the killer bushes and their involvement in the overthrow of Aristide and is calling for accountability in the recent elections.

I wish every dim senator would demand the same. Oh that's right most are closet repugs-sorry. If you care to refresh your memory of those dark days of the coup we helped with here ya go.

More Fear From The Sky

Many will not be able to sleep tonight. This is real special.

And they are "worried" that criminals and or terrorists will do this or that or any combination of hideous things to harm anybody or everybody everywhere in this country.

Will somebody please do some serious ass kicking and get the stupids out and get some competent people in administration and straighten this out. WTF anyway.

You can bet the pugs and the nutters will be screaming how bad guvment is and they may have a very small point here. There is no excuse for this. Then soon we should start hearing the P word. Privatize.


The Senate And The Dream Act

The house passed it 216-198 with 38 repugs who call themselves democrats voting against it.

Think even for a second these these millionaire fat bastard white men will pass this? Fuck no. Bring a bill that that favors big business and that will change quickly to fuck yes. What I wait to see is how many dims vote against it. This is not a good example for that as there are more that enough on the right to say no with out dims having to put on their sheets to make this vote.


Pet Peeve #--Let's Just Say It's Close To The Top

First I'm too damn old to get my ass chewed out or blamed on shit I had nothing to do with. That's what bama 's done to me. There is not much respect left if any for this man who blames me for his problems he refuses to address because when you take the position he has on key issues he is a repug at heart. It is just that simple.

So I'm supposed to shut the fuck up and be happy with the fact the richest in the world will be allowed by you to have even more of my money and I'm the problem. Kiss my ass bama and you need your ass kicked back and forth over the Potomac more than just a few times for fucking "we the people".

And you dimodummies  who think he did ok with this as he has with other things -say the HCB I suppose you'll be happier than a pig in shit when he lets the richest in the world get their hands on Social Security  too. How stupid are you?


Hunters? No But Stupids Yes

Yes accidents do happen but not this many and out in the cornfield I might add. Wisconsinites may be on to something about idiots out wandering around.

No way were all of these pure accidents. Idiots were also in the fields this day as well.

How Does It Feel

Are you starting to understand yet.

Did you actually think the dims were going to let the tax cuts for the richest in the world expire.

Do you actually believe this all can be turned around to the rosy scenario depicted during the campaign before the elections in '08.

Here is a what if for you-what if Social Security was on the table starting today.

Do you really believe the dims would save this amazing program that benefits millions and has for years and not let the repugs gut it for their own monetary benefit.

Hell no enough dims will help them get 'er done you can count on that.

Do you really think this country will stop a lot of it's warring ways and make huge cuts in defense spending to use that money here at home for "we the people".

It's never gonna fucking happen-never! Get your asses ready for some real bad times starting in earnest when these nazi motherfuckers gain total control in 012!!

We are in the midst of what is and will be a successful total power grab by the right.

I thought this was going to happen in the second term of the chimp.

This has the appearance of legitimacy but of course is not.


Outlook Ruin Redux

We did return to the ruin found years ago for the second time this year at the end of September. Did a picture post about that here and finally got a video done the last few days about the same hike. This was difficult to do for several reasons and I sure as hell do not like to be talking so much but that's the way it is. We did make it out there and back taking over seven hours. This thing is too long and that's the way it is as well because we had difficulties the first day. Pictures are nice but video gives a better idea what it was really like. We tried and the truth of the matter the results of what was done with pictures and such could have been much better. What I enjoyed the most about it was finding what had to be there which was an opening in the rocks to climb up a 90 degree wall of rock the same way the Anasazi did those hundreds of years ago. If you watch this thank you for that. TB


The Sunday Mumbo Jumbo

At least this Third World country is attempting to educate it's people that sorcery is a bunch of bull shit. But not here where the nonsense pervades all facets of our government. How can correct decisions be made if your opinions are bases on pure nonsense as is the case here. Why do they understand the negativity of beliefs like this and we do not? Most people in this country would not have a clue where Benin is. Is it perhaps because they are smarter than us in these matters. I understand they are not talking religion but if what is going on across this country today in catholic churches isn't sorcery then Benny the Rat isn't catholic.


State Record For Kilt B'ar

This is pretty damn interesting and assume it's all true but as time goes by this story may rival Davey Crockett. I have mixed feelings about this but the bottom line game management does work for the most part and there is plenty game around these parts.

This thing weighed 703 lbs. and get this ---- he crawled into a cave and got him. He's going to be a celeb you can bet on it. Here is the link to the story and whether you agree or not it's quite a story.

I would rather see this animal alive in the wild much more than hanging on a wall or walking on it. So here is a picture of live bears who I enjoy so much and never tire of seeing as well.

Relive the old days if you want. Hell you might have your coonskin cap laying around yet. Here'ssss Davey.


Our Culture Of Killers

From the top on down this country kills at will. What a shitty way to go.

Plus they attacked others that night as well. They were not born with these traits but learned along the way. Monkey see monkey do and we got plenty of them starting with the worst in the capitol of this country.

I'm so fucking tired of it.


One Reason Why We Will Lose In Afghanistan

One among many but an important one.

A local airman who was wounded in Afghanistan last year has passed away. He was shot by insurgents in the chest and twice in the abdomen. Doctors took unusual measures to save his life by removing his pancreas, a procedure that had never been performed before on a trauma patient. The cause of Porfirio’s death is unknown.

If you can not understand that bullets and other missile type objects flying through the air kill the very people you send there to be the recipient of these objects then it's long over due we leave as soon as possible.


Just This Afternoon

The pictures were not very good either. Overcast with a bit of snow in the air. Still no good moose stuff. Eventually there will be some up close action with these guys. I do not tire of seeing these animals.

I just messed around with this one a bit and it's not too bad.

Enough Of The Stupid

A bus driver saw a mountain lion three blocks away from school so what do you do as it's time for the special kids from Golden to head home. Well ya lock them in the building and keep 'em away from the windows ya see.
These cats must have keys and know how to use them.

Yea you want to protect the kiddies but no mountain lion is going to attack anyone in the wide open in front of a school building. In addition the authorities couldn't find the cat. Well they're kinda like that ya know.  

Click on the link below if you care to know what the schools mascot is. Oh you figured it out already.   

Another Month Of The Same

Death that is on our second war front a place called Afghanistan a place where many Americans can't find on a map and mostly young men are sent and killed and maimed with little or no recognition of their deaths anywhere until the families are informed.

Will America ever say enough to their kids being killed for - what is that reason again as I seem to have lost focus on why.

What ever it is I believe the answer is no because we love our wars and death way too much to give it up for the things needed so desperately here at home. After all the war machine and the rich need to be fed first and continually ya see there.

Coalition Military Fatalities By Year and Month

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2001 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 5 4 12
2002 10 12 9 5 1 3 0 1 1 5 1 1 49
2003 4 7 12 2 1 3 2 4 2 4 6 1 48
2004 9 2 3 3 8 5 2 3 4 5 7 1 52
2005 2 1 6 18 4 27 2 15 11 7 3 3 99
2006 1 17 7 1 11 18 9 10 6 10 7 1 98
2007 0 14 5 8 11 12 14 18 8 10 11 6 117
2008 7 1 8 5 17 28 20 22 27 16 1 3 155
2009 15 15 13 6 12 25 45 51 40 59 18 18 317
2010 30 31 26 20 34 60 65 55 42 50 51 0 464