I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Turkey Day Report And Observations

Had an excellent little trip the last four days. Ate very well and saw friends and relatives all over the place driving 800 miles. Paid a buck forty three for gas in Casper more than likely because the Dark One hails from there and they still love his killer ass up there.

The economy is better in Wyoming than other places because of the oil and gas surge. There was an article in the local fish wrapper about how many people from Michigan who are moving there because there are jobs.

There were just not many on the roads until passing through Ft. Collins, Co. then there were many until I got back to home. Stimulated the economy by the tune of $18 at a super Wally World in Casper for a 8 gig flash drive cause I can't find mine. Put them where I knew they could be found easily after after the move. Yea right. There were not many people there for a black Friday nor were there very many shoppers at the numerous malls and other stores along the interstate between Casper and Denver. It looked like an above average shopping day to me.

One person I spoke with had lost their job recently and another told me this will probably be the worst year of business since 911. The people I was with in Wyoming for the most part had jobs some more than one.

When I got close to Cheyenne had some time and thought what the hell I'm going to go see a missile silo. Called my long time bud back here cause he grew in Cheyenne, he'll be able to tell me right where to go. Didn't have a clue. But the exit I pulled off on to call was a half mile away from his parents house where he grew up. That was nice and got a kick out of seeing it.

Down the road a wee bit was some state building and asked this guy who looked smart where I could see a silo. Told me they're out in the boonies and not close at all - oh well next time.

Check out my friends store below because it's way too cool and a great story about his helper pooch Dude.

I have a feeling this bad boy is going to be a present to myself in honor of the next holiday biggy. Very precise and easy to fly for a helicopter because it uses two instead of four axis control. Indestructible and parts are cheap!! Watch this one vibrate as the main shaft is bent but still flys well. Main shaft is 8 bucks - rotor blades a buck. Flys for 12 minutes. Extra battery$20. They told me if you can see it the transmitter will reach it. Will handle very light winds too. Opportunities for massive amounts of good clean fun await I tell you! I'll fly the damn thing out
my second story window down to 9 green and buzz a friends ass when he's ready to putt. How are the crows and whistle pigs going to react? This is going to be good. Costs $180 and will be my contribution to jump starting the economy. Should have got it when I was there but would not allow myself to impulse buy. Super people at the store and they flew me several impressive flying machines for me inside.

Left early this morning as there were going to be winter driving conditions going over two passes. Held up I think four times for accidents and it wasn't even that bad. Flatland monkeys on their way to ski do not know how to drive when the roads aren't dry. In any case it's good to get home and have no plans to go any where very far for a few weeks anyway.

Had a fun time and hope you did too!



Like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and if you are travelling a safe journey and fun times with your families and friends.

I am thankful for what I have and understand I am one of the lucky ones in these times.

I am headed up to Cheneyland (Wyoming) a visit long overdue. My favorite aunt lives there with her family and I always get treated sooo nice it will be fun plus I'll get fed so much better than I can feed myself. It's about 300 miles away and maybe I can get some good pictures. Then slide down to the front range to visit some friends there. Doing it now because when it finally starts snowing these trips are not that much fun.


Harvesting Another Windfall

A sports team owner, a financial firm executive and residents of Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia were among 2,702 millionaire recipients of farm payments from 2003 to 2006 — and it's not even clear they were legitimate farmers, congressional investigators reported.

There are many who don't need these subsidy's but if the criteria is met there's not much you can say except change it.

If you know anyone who farms or even if you don't go to the Farm Subsidy Database and look around. It's quick and easy and there you will find there are some who farm who are bringing home plenty more than what's harvested out of the fields.

Some guys back in the cornfield get a little testy if you bring this up to them and generally they're the ones who don't need it.


May The Door Hit You In The Ass On The Way Out

Several retiring members of Congress close up shop early and close off accessibility.The website for Republican Sen. Wayne Allard of Colorado tells constituents he's no longer taking their comments. Republican Sens. Larry Craig of Idaho and John Warner of Virginia feature similar messages on their Web pages.Sen. Pete Domenici has gone even further. The Internet link to send an e-mail to the New Mexico Republican no longer exists. And a telephone call isn't much of an option.

Good riddance but you still have constituents who need assistance from you but are unable to contact you. You were assholes while in office and when you're gone you'll still be assholes!

Electric And High Mileage Vehicles Have Been Possible For A Long Time

They just would not do it and they have failed miserably. The CEO's got their ass handed to them in Congress and feel so guilty gave up private jets and are driving cars back to Washington.

Below are two examples of what's being done now. One a private enterprise and the other by Ford its self in Europe. Not saying these two are the solution only that if they had wanted we could have had even better affordable vehicles running around all over our country if only they had even given just a bit of a shit. A crash program on super efficient affordable vehicles better be part of the deal for saving their sorry asses.

Got these links at BartCop.

Aptera’s $26,000 Electric Car and 300 MPG Hybrid Coming Soon


Published on September 9th, 2008

Back in July, Ford released the details of a new Fiesta it plans to begin selling this November. The new car is based on Ford’s ECOnetic platform and can get 63 mpg in the city and 73 mpg on the highway. So why is it only available in Europe? It’s a diesel, and Ford doesn’t think Americans will ever adopt diesel cars.


BREAKING - #1 On The Banking Bill Board Charts. OTC's Sources Say It Will Remain For Some Time


You're Just As Smart As These Ass Clowns

I foresee a moderately severe recession. Yes, we're in the worst financial crisis since that era, but by no means the worst economic crisis since then -- not comparable to, say, the mid-1970s. As I've noted before on this site, no one knows when a market bottom will be reached. Things that I once thought to be inconceivable -- the collapse of AIG, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and the near bankruptcy of Detroit automakers -- have indeed come to pass.
By Knight Kiplinger, Editor in Chief, Kiplinger publications

Ben Bernanke acknowledges he was wrong in believing that there would be limited fallout to financial markets from risky mortgages that soured after the housing market's collapse."I and others were mistaken early on in saying that the subprime crisis would be contained,"

We know Greenspan whored us out for years. Bernake admits he was wrong above. Kiplinger goes on and on for four fucking pages on the history of our recessions and admits he don't know squat.

My bitch is with this Kiplinger fellow. I took one economics class in 1969 and turn wrenches to make a living but definitely do not try to pass myself off as an economist. When you write a piece and ramble on about how this recession will not be so bad and not even mention one fucking time the debt we carry as a country and or refer to credit card debt bottom line you lame dick clowns are worthless as teats on a boar and deserve nothing but ridicule cause you are so piss poor in your job.

If I performed as badly as you pricks have in your position I wouldn't have a job and would be the fry boy at Mickey D's or scrubbin the shitters at the county jail.

I'm sick of these experts and pundits all over the media spewing their inane nonsense I just want to upchuck. No wonder this country don't know shit because they listen to ass wipes like these who admit they're fucking dummies.

Go over to Alien Trucker for a list of company's that are closing or downsizing and convince me that we're not in some serious shit for a very long time and how consuming more will help get us out of this mess.

I put more faith in what I read about the economy by what intelligent bloggers write before I listen to you admittedly wrong compromised fucktards who work for the government or those of you who have profiteered from writing the bullshit that you do. Sonsofbitches!


A Frenzy Over Free Food

Want one more palpable sign of a desperate economy? An estimated 40,000 people came to a Weld County farm Saturday to collect free potatoes, carrots and leeks.

This is surprising and amazing at the same time. It's fair to assume this is an indicator of just how badly some people are struggling to put food on the table.

You Bet I Signed

From Democrats.com

Rep. Jerrold Nadler Leads Opposition to Bush Pardons

On Friday, Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) introduced H.Res. 1531 urging President Bush not to pardon senior administration officials for crimes the President authorized. It notes:

President George W. Bush may have committed crimes involving the mistreatment of detainees, the extraordinary rendition of individuals to countries known to engage in torture, illegal surveillance of United States citizens, unlawful leaks of classified information, obstruction of justice, political interference with the conduct of the Justice Department, and other illegal acts and that Bush has been urged to grant preemptive pardons to senior administration officials who might face criminal prosecution for actions taken in the course of their official duties

Nadler's resolution urges Congress to investigate those crimes and any pardons relating to them, and urges the Attorney General (current or future) to appoint an Independent Counsel to prosecute those crimes.

These are major steps towards holding George Bush, Dick Cheney, and other senior officials accountable for their crimes and thereby upholding the rule of law, rather than allowing Presidents to become dictators.

Rep. Nadler's leadership is crucial because he chairs the House Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties and can use his credibility and clout to move the resolution forward either during the lame duck session in December or when the next Congress convenes on January 6.

So our next step is to persuade as many Representatives as possible to co-sponsor H.Res. 1531. Please sign our new petition


This Oughtta Learn 'Em

Noise violators sentenced to listen to Barry Manilow.

After an hour of this guy you'll agree to anything. Probably used at Gitmo too.

Such A Dilemma

The Supreme Court could hand President-elect Barack Obama a delicate problem in the coming days: What to do with a suspected al-Qaida sleeper agent who is the only person detained in this country as an enemy combatant?

Spare me brain child for I have a feeling Obama will be able to figure this out quite nicely with out your dumb ass speculation.

Museum Cat

Mama Cat is it's name and was hanging out here. One kitty kitty and she came right over. I do like cats!


What Paulson Really Means

Secretary Henry Paulson called the financial crisis now plaguing the world economy a "once or twice" in a 100 years event, even as he warned Thursday against imposing too-strict regulations to prevent a repeat calamity.

I'm so sick of these lying sacks of shit. Code words to his wall street whore buddies that he's doing all he can to insure there are no rules imposed so they continue to steal as usual. It makes no difference how many times it happens in 100 years it's here now and you and your asshole fellow thugs of the treasury are the main reason for it. Sonsofbitches! Get rid of this bastard.


Pardon Turkey Is Coming Straight Outta The Cornfield This Year

This year, the subject bird will come from Iowa, and particularly a bird that has been raised in Hamilton County. 13 birds have been separated to their own pens and Nathan Hill started working with them, to get them accustomed to being around people, handled and to sit quietly on a table. The birds currently are 20 weeks old and weigh 42 pounds.

This will be a warm up for the turkey doing the pardoning as no doubt he will cover up all the death and destruction left in his wake. Personally I'm not touching a 42lb turkey that grew to that weight in 20 weeks. These birds have gotten pumped up with so many chemicals I'll just say no thanks.

Diabetes And The Third World

Accra, Nov. 19, GNA- Health experts have expressed worry over the steady but increasing figures in diabetes cases among children and adolescents in the country.

While in Ghana a Ghanain acquaintance had not been seen for a while. When I did run across him he did not look well and he told me he had diabetes and there was no medicine for him. He died shortly after that.

This was over 30 years ago. As the leader of the world our country can do better in respect to preventable and treatable diseases as a measure of good will around the globe rather than a country who is the best at starting unnecessary wars.


Obama And The FCC

President-elect Barack Obama may stand for change, but he's turned to some powerful Washington insiders to help him staff the nation's top communications regulator, the Federal Communications Commission.

This appointment is critical and it is long past due the airwaves are given back to the people as we own them. The insiders suggested in this article have corporate credentials and a one has done a couple progressive things but non the less I hope he's smart enough to not select a corporate biggy for this chairmanship.

Michael Copps may be appointed to be an interim chairman. Mr. Copps has gained the respect of so many as he and Jonathan Adelstein have fought for us for years being the minority on an out of control repug board that did nothing but favor big media. This must change and I say if Copps wants the chairmanship he should get it because he would serve us so well.


God Is Not Happy With Dobson & His Family / Punishment Is Being Handed Down From On High

Focus on the Family announced this afternoon that 202 jobs will be cut companywide. Initial reports bring the total number of employees to around 950. Ministry spent more than $500,000 to pass California's Prop. 8 gay marriage ban.

Will somebody please make the IRS enforce the law and take away the tax exemption for this group and all others that do the same. It's time and the crazys are weak after having their own shit served up to 'em on a plate.

What the hell can they do - be worse than they are now? I don't give a shit these people are bat shit crazy.

Buying Will Never Be The Same

"This is the end of the consumer-based economy," said Peter Schiff, who runs the investment firm Euro Pacific Capital Inc. in Darien, Conn. "Americans have been buying too much stuff, and now the epic shopping spree is over. It is a permanent change."

Analysts believe consumers — who usually account for about 70 percent of economic activity — will no longer be the key driver of the economy, said Scott Hoyt, senior director of consumer economics at Moody's Economy.com.

Consumerism is changing rapidly and dramatically never to return to what it's been like only a few months ago. Buying for the sake of buying will be a thing of the past for many hard core consumers of things that have no purpose other than to sit on shelves waiting to be bought by someone who needs something to buy that given day.

"Let's spend the day shopping" will seldom be heard as in the past.

As a nation that contains 5% of the worlds population and consumes 40% of the worlds resources it's an equation that could never be worked out and at some time there had to be a day of reckoning. The recent banking crisis brought it to a head very quickly.

The chickens have come home to roost and are taking a giant shit on our flawed outlook as to where we fit into what has become a global society.


Pictures & Video From Today

Click on the picture to make them too big

It was so nice today I should have been wearing shorts. Not much color but I like this area a lot. The rich have found it. This is the east fork of the Williams Fork River south of Hayden,CO.

An interesting little cemetery that rivals any I saw along the Mississippi.

There's a very nice picture of this women on the headstone.

If ever I was to build a house it would have a command post on the top like this one and that's where I'd be hanging out.

This is inside the Wyman Museum. I had never visited until today and I was impressed. This museum is fun and informative.

One can spend several hours here without any problem.

This guy will be up on Saturday.

A bit of reverse engineering for moving hay. The building on the left behind the muffler was the Pagoda store which was located across the road from the cemetery and moved to the site of the museum.

A 360 degree video showing just where this cemetery sits.

Here is Clyde the pet elk who was bugling but not when I did this. He is one big boy.


I Adamantly Do Not Want Anybody Killing Wild Horses

Euthanasia Option - About 33,000 wild horses roam the open range in 10 Western states. The BLM has set a target "appropriate management level" of horses at 27,000.

I have a thing about people and their horses and that's summed up by a well used phrase. "People and their fucking horses" There's more goddamn pet horses around here you wouldn't believe. The way things are going it's possible Sophie and Ajax could turn into supper but that's another matter.

One does not need to venture very far west of here and have the chance to see wild horses. That's way too cool. If you have not seen the vastness of many western states and that includes the Dakotas you would understand there's plenty of room for these guys and alternatives to killing them.

Do not repeat DO FUCKING NOT kill MY horses! A bunch of assholes for even thinking about it.

I'm so sick of kill being a very popular choice used too often by my country and for the wrong reasons.

Who'll Be The Next In Line

Philadelphia, Atlanta, Mayors Say They Need A Share Of The $700 Billion

Phoenix, 2 other struggling cities seeking U.S. funds

San Jose to request $14 billion in federal bailout funds

County may try to get piece of bailout money

Nancy Pelosi today called a federal bailout of Chicago’s two daily newspapers, the “Sun-Times” and “Tribune.”

The Kinks - Who'll Be Next In Line


Recruiters Committing Suicide

There have been four suicides in the Houston Recruiting Battalion alone, including three in the past 18 months. Recruiters Describe Brutal Working Conditions They Say Led to Soldier Suicides

This is so disturbing that men who have served their country offing themselves because of the pressure put on them to recruit people who know the war is bullshit. This is what you get when you go to war on lies and Bush is responsible.

Bin Laden Still Alive??

U.S. intelligence agencies believe Osama bin Laden is isolated from al Qaeda and spending much of his energy merely surviving, the head of the CIA said on Thursday. CIA Director Michael Hayden said hunting down bin Laden remains his agency's priority.

I'm unclear why this is even in the news at this time. This agency is as inept as the monkey. If they really wanted this guy they would have been after him. For whatever reasons they did not and we continue to pay the price for installing this administration into office for two times.


This Is Funny

A man walks into an orthopedist's office, walks up to the reception desk and says, "I think I'm a moth." The receptionist says, "Oh gosh, I don't think we can help you with that here, but there's a psychiatrist's office right down the hall." The fellow says, "Yah, I know... I was on my way down there, but your light was on."

A first for OTC as jokes take the back seat but this one is worth it.

Had Again

Dyre42 has put me on the hot seat.

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Six random things about myself

1. Owned a longhair bar in a small conservative town in the early 70's. That was a trip.
2. Never been arrested but came ever so close on several occasions and each time certainly deserved to be.
3. If there was one vehicle associated with Ford I'd own it would be a original 427 AC Cobra.
4. On long drives much of the time the stereo is silent. It's like going to a movie for me.
5. RPCV since 1979. To this day still befuddled by what our society considers to be important in their lives.
6. It's been years since I have been ill or hurt very bad and have never spent a night in a hospital.

My tags for this fun little effort.

Carbondate at Command Post

Mr. Good at his site Left in Aboite

My blogger friend Pauline in the Ivory Coast. West Africa Wins Always

Reverend Manny

Montag @ The Burned Over District

RR at Left of Centrist



Drunk Wisconsonite Kyle Drinkwine gets arrested for beating up two piss poor karaoke singers.

I bet this guy drinks more than just wine.

Big Mikey Lapointe let out of jail cause he's too fat to fit in his cell.

Well no shit brainiacs cause sure as hell he won't be running away.

A Drone For Everybody

The Pentagon is building a series of air bases in eastern Afghanistan as part of its massive expansion of a system that uses drone aircraft to spy on and attack Taliban insurgents. The ability to covertly monitor insurgents' movement and communication in Iraq and Afghanistan has helped the military kill top terrorists. It will spend more than $3 billion to buy and develop new unmanned systems this year.

Always enough funds at the Pentagon for expansion of most programs. Problem is that it seems the fighting continues and people are still being killed many who are innocent. Will there ever be a time in my lifetime our war machine takes a back seat instead of being the drunk behind the wheel.


Say No To The Klan And You Die

COVINGTON, La. (AP) — A woman invited to a rural Louisiana campsite for a Ku Klux Klan initiation ritual was shot and killed after she asked to be taken back to town, a sheriff said Tuesday.

After that they probably went looking for a black man to drag behind the car.

The Killing Has Slowed Some But Not Yesterday And Iraq Continues To Be The Killing Fields

Two car bombs exploded in central Baghdad Monday and a suicide bomber blew himself up among police and civilians who rushed to help the wounded, a triple strike that killed 28 people and wounded 68.

In another attack, in Baquba, capital of volatile northern Diyala province, a female suicide bomber killed five U.S.-backed security patrolmen and wounded 11 other people

The Right proclaims success in Iraq because of the surge. The surgers could go here on any given day and see that they are living and believing a myth. One of ours was killed on Sunday making three this month with another 14 Americans killed last month. Ask the families and loved ones how well the surge has worked for them and then get back to me on that.

The debacle in Iraq is not a hot topic these days and has been that way for some time. Our dead barely acknowledged and for the most part unlawful to document. The video is about the phenomenon in Canada and how Canadians show the up most respect for their country men who have fallen serving their country. It is touching and reinforces to me there is something severely lacking here in the states.

We must not forget about Iraq and all those who have been killed on both sides in our names. Please President Obama get us the hell out of there soon.


Hunkered Down In Alaska Da Gov Is Very Busy Sorting Clothes

National Committee lawyers are still trying to determine exactly what clothing was bought for Palin. "She was just frantically ... trying to sort stuff out," Heath said. "That's the problem, you know, the kids lose underwear, and everything has to be accounted for.

This is soo easy. If it isn't Cabela's,Carhart or made in China send it back. But there's more. You guys looking into this-don't forget the fucking shoes. There's a bunch of shoes out there that hasn't been even mentioned and that can add up to some big bucks real quick. Just ask Imelda she'll tell ya if she ain't dead and I'm pretty sure she is or Kinda Sleazy or even Big Jon. Republicans for some reason think it's cool to wear very expensive shoes and they're around there someplace count on it.

Another Secret Order Revealed

Al Qaeda Network Exord carried out nearly a dozen previously undisclosed attacks against Al Qaeda and other militants in Syria, Pakistan and elsewhere. Authorized by a classified order that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld signed in the spring of 2004 with the approval of President George W. Bush.

Another example of these war criminals doing whatever they please. Has it helped? Not in my opinion as the shit is still hitting the fan all over the place.

Will Obama bring oversight into the picture so at least issues are discussed in depth by the right people before decisions are made by only a few. I sure the hell hope so. You can bet there are many more orders signed that we don't know about.


Limpy Reid Mumbles Lieberwhore Can Still Help Dems

"Lieberman is one of the most progressive people ever to come from the state of Connecticut." Limpy stammers. Lieberman charged that Obama had not reached across party lines to "get anything significant done" and said that the McCain-Palin ticket was "the real ticket for change."

Enough of this be nice shit Reid. What in the fuck don't you understand? This turncoat and you need to get out of Dodge now. May the door hit you in the ass on the way out too.

Call Your Senators NOW

The Poor Automakers And Us

At Ford Motor Co. they called it "Blue," a team set up around the year 2000 to design an array of small, fuel-efficient cars to compete with the Japanese. It didn't get far because no one could figure out how to make money on low-priced compacts with Ford's high labor costs.

What a bunch of bullshit and we're supposed to give these company's money. It wasn't that they couldn't figure out how to make money it was they couldn't figure out how to make enough money as they were making big bucks building fuel hogs. These corporate back alley whores could care less about the future of our country. The title of the linked to article above is "Automakers struggle to survive past mistakes". If there were mistakes made they were intentional for the most part.

My view on conventional vehicles except when I was a young gear head is very simplistic. Just want to get from point a to point b without breaking down and do it cheaply and safely with all the comforts intact and that requires driving certain models of pre-owned vehicles. My cost to drive per mile is very low.

Every year new models are introduced since forever it seems. Never seemed right and I love cars. What that does is increase the price. Maybe that was the first example for me of consumerism of excess.

When you can't compete in the market place because you are negligent in delivering the products needed and want my money to survive I take issue. Wages in some cases are part of this and I support unions. A friend who turns wrenches for an airline just took a 14% pay cut. It's not the ones doing the labor that's the problem but the dummies at the top that are all fucked up.

Have long thought there has been a need for the production of a very simple efficient vehicle that costs considerably less to produce than what's on the market now. Make the body parts out of recycled plastic I don't give a shit what it looks like. Design it so a dummy can work on it with manuals and tutorials along with a tool kit to do the needed preventative maintenance and minor repair work. Make it simple and plain but make it well so if taken care of it has the possibility of lasting for years. What I do give a shit about is getting to that point a or b cheap. It's time for that type of option.

With our society's forced lifestyle changes that are not going away and which will continue to decline another option for personal transportation will look very attractive. Many would be able to continue to have an association with a powered vehicle our country is noted for.

I don't need to go a 100mph or be able to accelerate quickly to cruising speed. I'll wind up a spring to operate the windshield wipers if that helps. Ok I can live without the heated seats and plush carpeting and other interior features. But be damn sure there's a heater to blow me outta there and let me be able to reach at least 70mph and come close to maintaining that speed.

Something like this is possible. I understand the jobs that are at stake in the auto industry but if it isn't viable or there are not plans on the table to insure the success of this industry why continue. Sure as hell not many problems making weapons of war. We're very good at that.

The wheels need to get their beaners together and formulate some quick action and that doesn't mean just an infusion of capital that results in them coming back in awhile with the same


Conservative Farmers Appeal To Grow Industrial Hemp

Two North Dakota farmers will ask a federal appeals court in St. Paul on Wednesday to allow them to grow hemp on their farms, even though the federal government says it's illegal. "I think the market has explosive potential," Bronner says. "As soon as hemp goes into the ground here, it'll be a massive boost. If you look at Canada, where they don't have this draconian, absurd drug policy, there's mass penetration of hemp into the market."

It's my hope that common sense and reality can be incorporated into decision making with our new president so that on the issue of growing industrial hemp draconian rules are thrown out and this crop can be grown legally. This is a no brainer and a winner all the way around and years over due.

The heartland and in particular Iowa produced and processed hemp on a massive scale for the Second World War effort. This plant still grows wild all over the damn place. It would grow well in many places in this country. The Drug War just like the terrorist war cannot be won ever. Prohibition does not work!

Reefer Madness Movie

Darth Cheney To Have Knees Examined

Prick Cheney will have X-rays taken of his knees on Saturday.

While he's there examine his fucking head too!

Recession Now Hitting The Cornfield

A recession that economists say has taken hold of the nation is now gripping Iowa. The nation is further along in the recession than the region, and Missouri and Minnesota are further along than Iowa. But Iowa is certainly moving in the same direction.

Bottom line there is a tremendous amount of money floating around in Iowa. When land sells for 5-6K an acre, millions of hogs being raised plus cattle and chickens, machinery everywhere that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars there can't help but to be money circulating that supports the ag side of the economy.

But like other places it just took a bit longer for the 'ol trickle down to arrive just like it did here and when it arrived it did so quickly as it eventually will any other local.

The only time trickle down has been a proven success from these rat fuck bastards.


Spitzer Gets Off

Former Governor Eliot Spitzer will not face criminal charges for patronizing a high-priced prostitution ring.

For losing a governorship and making us all look bad a bend over in the public square with a hour long ass kicking for being a dumb fucker would have been appropriate.

Little Harry Thinking Of Shit Canning Lieberwhore

Reid, in a sternly worded statement said no official decisions have been made. But an aide to the Nevada Democrat said Reid was leaning toward removing the whore Lieberman. Republicans have said they would welcome Lieberman to their caucus.

How many angry letters and sternly worded statements has this limp dick issued since he became majority leader. Jesus h christ give me a fucking break and throw his turncoat ass out the fucking back door into the shit pile he helped make. Limpy needs to have his skinny ass replaced too with someone who knows how to fight because these repugs in the Senate will be pulling the same shit as before and stern rebukes just ain't going to cut it in these times. There's work to be done not letter writing.

Another Wedding Party Bombed - This One In Afghanistan

A report by Afghan officials that a missile from a United States aircraft killed 40 civilians and wounded 28 others at a wedding party in the southern province of Kandahar.

I don't give a shit what the Pentagon says or how incidences like this are rationalized this is just plain wrong and it's being done in my name. We can never win anything in these places and the people are and will hate us forever. We must leave soon!


Enough Already

Hard to imagine 'far off' 2012 election bid: Palin

How much longer is this women going to be given a forum to say squat. The GOP's choice as VP was purely political because they knew they were in a world of shit and this unqualified women brought nothing to the table except divisiveness. She did accomplish one thing and that was to bring out the true feelings of so many Republicans. They can deny all they want but the fact of the matter is the GOP is the party for racists! Get your ass back to Alaska and catch some salmon or something.

They Won't All Be Good Times But They Sure As Hell Are Going To Be Better



A giant first step was taken tonight and 1/20/09 can't come quick enough. Pat yourself on the back America as we have now reentered the world of reality as hard as it will be.

Many around the world and here will sleep better tonight as I will.

May have to get me some corn alcohol and get all pissed up and hoot and holler at the moon tomorrow.

Congratulations President elect Obama!!!!

Look What I Found On The Way Home

Stupid inbred sonofabitch for sure!! Monkey bastards need to be slapped when they deserve it in what used to be a lily white small city. Some don't like color here. If the link below influences you on where you were going to take your ski vacation this year so be it.
Despite its small population, Steamboat Springs ranked in the top five Colorado cities for reported hate crimes in 2007, according to FBI statistics released last week.

The Time Is Apon Us

Four years ago today the situation was similar. Bush so bad it was a no brainer. Look where we're at now with an electorate that has in it 14% undecided and Bush still drunk behind the wheel continuing to reek havoc.

I had said there was a chance there would not be an election but it's going to happen and without question people understand the importance of this election today and the numbers of people who have already voted reflect that.

I continue to be fearful of these Bush bastards and I hope with all my might the numerous roadblocks put in the way of voters will not be enough and that people understand at least the smarter ones that as a country we've gone beyond color when our nations future is at stake.

When one crosses the state line into Colorado you are greeted by one of these signs as I was once again when I returned from a trip. For years seeing these have always made me feel like I was home even though there were still many miles to go before actually getting there.

This will be a better place when this state chooses a Democrat for President and elects another for Senator. It's long overdue for this to happen. These last four years have been worse than many have imagined they would be and have taken forever.

The time is now and with with very cautious optimism I'm hoping Obama kicks the worn out old man's ass out the door and incumbent Repugs across the country are flushed down the shitter where they belong.

That is the hope along with a caveat that I cannot believe it until it actually happens as I have so much distrust for these people it can be no other way for me. If it does this will be a nation filled with relief and overwhelmed with joy that we have a chance to actually make changes needed so badly if this country is going to survive as we know it.

Lov'in the Klan Down In Florida

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) -- A Florida school board voted late Monday night to keep the name of a Confederate general and early Ku Klux Klan leader at a majority black high school.

This example indicates the state of Florida still lives in the dark ages when it comes to racism and bigotry and what's even more disgusting is that they're proud of it.


Images From The Obama Rally In Pueblo On Saturday

Sent by a friend who attended.

Teen Girls Are Getting Knocked Up Because Of TV And That Ain't The Half Of It

Exposure to some forms of entertainment is a corrupting influence on children, leading teens who watch sexy programs into early pregnancies and children who play violent video games to adopt aggressive behavior, researchers said on Monday

Do you suppose?? One can be a peckerhead straight outta a cornfield and figure that one out.

More importantly the article failed to mention TV and the majority of those who spew their noxious shit over the airwaves are the reason about half of those who live in this country are brainwashed propagandized undecided simpletons and for some time have lost their ability to recognize what is right and what is wrong. What is the truth and what is a lie.

We maybe are so screwed more so than ever before and will possibly know tomorrow night or Wednesday just how much.


Think Twice Before Investing In Ethanol

Ethanol giant VeraSun declares bankruptcy. The Brookings, S.D. based company, founded in 2001, went public in June 2006 amid perfect market conditions. Corn was cheap, gas cost a bundle and refiners were clamoring for more ethanol to use as a cleaner-burning alternative to the additive MTBE. After news of the possible Chapter 11 filing was released Tuesday, VeraSun's stocks fell from more than $1 to 73 cents and to 49 cents on Wednesday.

The benefits of this fuel source marginal at best and to be able to produce ethanol at a reasonable price is totally dependent on the price of corn. This bankruptcy proves that and if you've been in the cornfield much you know grain prices have been fluctuating considerably. The local elevator stopped posting the price of corn and beans on a sign along the highway during the day and now put them up at the end of the day showing the closing price for that day.

White House Ordered To Produce Wiretap Memos

District Judge Henry Kennedy issued his order in response to lawsuits by civil liberties groups in 2005 after news reports disclosed the wiretapping.

The Justice Department will "respond appropriately in court."

This is easy. What "respond appropriately" means is go fuck yourself just like usual.