I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Tebow Gets Ass Kicked

I don't do sports and do not have a television. If I had my way if both teams in any given contest could both lose we'd all be better off - - anyway this is about "tebowing" and a picture of it from yesterdays donkey game in Denver where the donks severely got their asses kicked all over their corporate named stadium.

Tebow was the winning quarterback in the big comeback win in last week's game and what happened was just what I thought it was going to be having gotten a call from my bud back in da boat right after this religiously insane asshole pulled his shit on national tb thanking an invisible cloud being who does not exist for all that is - - his savior ya know.

So it came back at him plenty and his pose as well. The whore Post says critics are "beaming". Well no not exactly but when people like this man who get national exposure feel the need to insult us with their religious fuckery well yes I want you to get your ass kicked every time.

It's simple - keep your mouth shut and there's no issues. Play the game.


Exporting How To Do Incarcerate Better

We oughta know because that's another thing we're a leader of the world at. Briefly one state prison is closed and another about to and the state has been and wants to expand this program.  "For about two years, trainers employed by the Department of Corrections whose salaries are funded by federal grants have taught foreign criminal justice officials everything" 

The reason sounds like Empire talk. "the last state prison to be shuttered has a new purpose spreading the American vision of corrections to developing nations."

Why you may ask - well it's easy.  “Countries can’t get stable if their criminal justice system is not stable,” Sanguinetti said. “If they are inhumane or unstable, the society can’t stabilize.”

This plan for our leading War Front is sound you see. “Goats are a staple of the diet and the economy in thisparticular country,” Sanguinetti said. “They’ll give the offendersan actual job like they’ve never had before. Instead of raisingopium, they’ll be raising goats. That’s beneficial for theirsociety, helps the economy and gives offenders something todo.”

Yup that should do it.


A Bus?? A Damn Bus

 No matter what another huge hit for us for reasons not many want anymore and some never wanted. If this is correct below just why in the hell are our guys riding around in buses and in numbers. I'm so sick of this shit. The 1% and idiots will continue to get their way because there's plenty more coming.

Punishment - Death

Crime - eating a 76 pound dead deer and doing so while being a snake. A 16 foot python snake. The identical story is everywhere except some take out the part about the deer being dead. This link is from another 17 footer seen and killed in 2009.

At first I questioned a bit whether these have to be killed. The latest was a Burmese python and it's  a "important capture to help stop the spread of pythons further north".

I guess if there was a 16 foot snake crawling around outside and he wasn't from here there would have to be a very serious one sided discussion about things.


On Pinwheels And Roundheads

Have been here a bit before but not quite like this. A conversation with a newbie astronomer  for the park service in Hovenweep this month prompted this post. He had not seen many petroglyphs and was unaware of these. I attempted to explain what is below in the pictures. I must be a terrible communicator or something as I could not get this across.

He said to me that pinwheels are very common in nature. One of the few things I was any good at in school was biology and pinwheels did not ring a bell. Go search yourself and there's not much there and certainly nothing that would have been seen in my opinion anyway a 1000 years or so ago when these these drawing were done in this part of the country.

Remember about clicking on the pictures twice to make them bigger each time for a real good look.

Here is another at the same place (McKee Springs) in Dinosaur National Monument. A bit different  but a pinwheel none the less. The was a huge exhibit of petroglph pictures at the Anasazi Heritage Center including the figures above but not this one. No picture in that exhibit included another pinwheel and they were from all over. 

What these do resemble very closely are these.

Just to the west lies the McConkie Ranch where the roundheads are found. Nowhere in that picture exhibit was there a roundhead anywhere close to these and there are three examples here one of which is very dramatic in my humble opinion which since no one knows for sure has as much merit as the big boys and more than some astronomers. A couple different vantage points for these.

This is the third.

It is these that I think are telling.

Exactly 23 miles.

To me this means whoever made the pinwheels saw that design some how in the heavens and drew what he saw. They looked through a telescope/got a ride or maybe it was a hologram but they drew what they saw for sure.

The same with the two roundheads with the one slit. These people in this case again drew what they saw. The fact these places are so close together is interesting as well. I have not seen roundheads like these anywhere else and if any one has please tell me about them.

Cross posted @ The Picture Place

Who Wants 11,000 Acres Of Prairie Dogs

I sure as hell don't and the only people I know who would be city folks and Ted Turner is no hero. We've been around on this before here and I'm on the same page  with many of the issues people in Boulder take up but not this one and not even a little bit.

Yes I know how much many love these little critters and that's real nice but the reality is these animals are in no way in danger of extinction and that's a fact. Don't believe it then how many tens of thousands do you want to see?


Change Happened

Plus was visited by three of these guys. There is nothing right now here for them and they are allowed to pass freely. Much of this snow will be gone by the end of the day and for sure tomorrow. Already above freezing and will make 60 tomorrow. We needed this as many do!

10 Smacks A Month For Student Debtors

Update: To be fair this is an example of savings from bama's office just out. As with most pieces about this every one is full of a lot of numbers and statistics. They tell you all this stuff except how they and then you can arrive at that same number which in this case is a $451 dollar savings per month much different than $10. I gotta go with the ten. 

 Sorry folks this is an insult. The cost of education rose dramatically as our love for war did as well. Not only are we forced to finance war with taxes we pay in other ways as well and this is one of them. Most everything the DC people do is.

H/T  Reality Zone


bama's Student Loan Plan To Help - - - Well

It just doesn't seem like a whole hell of a lot to me but then again I'm not one who carrys any student debt. It's sick that this country makes people debtors of people for 20 years who have to borrow money for education. The leader of the free world can do better but we won't.

We Don't Quite Need Off With Their Heads - - - But

Crimes don't get much worse than this except wars for lies on the part of a few. It's mostly about accountability for all not just the little guy. So the protesters are getting the shit kicked out of them because there is a need to hold them accountable for things they have a right to do. These unified actions across the country to stop this movement come from the top.

If just one of the treasonous bush killers had been held accountable for their crimes the bankers would have shit their panties in fear and most of this banking and mortage shit would not have happened I tell you.

Stole this over at Woody's place and it is just this way. Not hard to understand.


Spell IED - D E A T H

They still work real good.

That makes 21 Americans killed for the month. Another gruesome statistic is that at this time 2011 is in third place for overall deaths by IED's and could come in second before the end of the year.

Panetta Lies Like A Rock

Why are these questions even asked? It's a waste of every ones time and only gives these so called (reporters) justification to themselves that they've actually done something when the reality is anyone with an ounce of brains knows what the answer is going to be when you ask an obvious dumb ass question.

We all know the answer to that.


War Lovers And Some Iraqi's Are Fretting

 Yup they sure are. The lovers of war here over the possible loss of a war they continue to love and Iraqi's who are afraid of increased violence.

Well no shit Cisco and frankly that's a huge"tough shit" from this part of the field.

One of my many points against the invasion of Iraq that was being based on the lies of a few was that even for someone like myself who was not that knowledgeable about the area you did not have to be to understand this - no way absolutely no way a conflict undertaken by this country in Iraq was going to turn out anything but bad. You did not have to be a Middle East expert to understand this.

It seems we may be close to at least getting most of our troops out of there and it's troops and not Americans or other ex-pat contractors. I wanted to puke when chimpy talked about standing up then down and the numbers trained so far - for years and years knowing that as usual it was all a fucking lie for over a decade. You treasonous bastards. 

So to all you whiners/complainers and fretters I muster up the very best TOUGH SHIT AND KISS MY ASS that I can.

Let's at least get these guys home now but remember until it happens it has not and when it does it can be believed and only then when you are dealing in matters of those who control most everything especially war and death.


The Coyote's Will Be Howling At The Moon Big Time Tonight In The Cornfield

That's after they get done chewing on the bones of those tossed out for not being religiously insane enough to please the throng of the lovers of nut jobs who wish to rule our empire with tablets made with their minds of idiocy.

Who's going to take home the prize of the most bizarre. It'll be a close one and nationally televised too! Whoopee.

Chalk One Up For The Little Guy

This is a good thing and the issue that has been in the courts has finally been decided for now if!!! If it stands as there is plenty of whining by the big boys. This will be appealed and will end up at the supremes desk for sure. Until then a big kiss my ass to the corporations who want to rape our forests even more.


Can't Kill At Will = Deal Breaker

And how bad we wanted to stay. What fun is it if you're going to be held responsible if you kill innocent people after years of doing so without any ramifications.

Throughout the discussions, Iraqi leaders refused to give U.S. troops immunity from prosecution in Iraqi courts, and the Americans refused to stay without that guarantee.

Well no shit! Good on the Iraq's for standing up for what is right rather than pander even more to a country who loves to kill way too much.

So bama says they'll all be home for the holidays. That would be real good but until  they're all here in the states they're still there. When it happens the prez will get his deserved thank you from this guy.

Student Loan Amount Surpasses What Is Owed On Credit Cards

You betcha - it takes a bunch to get a college edukation here in the US. But if you want to learn how to kill not so much.  As with credit card debt those in the District of Whores made sure the debtors would not go free.

Another example of an Empire in a steep decline. And the blind sheep bleat for more reality on the tube. The amount is a trillion the amount the bankers got not that long ago. Of course the ones that profited from that have made sure no little guy never will.


To Say There's A Lot Don't Cut It

Any regular here knows how much I've hung out in western Colorado central and northern part plus Utah. There have been posts concerning the amount of activity with the oil and gas industry in those areas. The biggest and most active is south of Duchesne,UT. and there business is thriving.

Now that I live somewhere else I've seen new things. Much of what I do here is based on observation and past experiences as is this post. We're talking Bloomfield and Aztec area around NW New Mexico where I have just spent a bit of time.

Out in the boonies where I just moved from you will see quite of bit of support activities happening including Rangely and Vernal. I was not in the boonies here but did see enough in and around these two cities to comment on it.

And that is I have never seen anywhere close to the amount of oil and gas related traffic in those towns as I saw here. I was amazed I really was. There was also a slight odor and in some lower areas outside of town that had off colored clouds/pollution above.

It was very easy to tell the vehicles were because all had flags on them. My point is this - if there are this many in town where there are no wells - how many are in the country. Over all the total traffic volume from these vehicles seemed about 30 - 40%. It was a pain in the butt actually. Glad to leave but there cool ruins in both of these towns that were both must sees.

I can say it but does not make it so. The short window shot video does.

Don't try and say guvmint stymies the oil and gas corporations cuz it just ain't so.


Just In Time

Send the kiddies out here for Halloween and there will be no disappointing when it comes to the scared. Candy will be scarce though.


"Stole It From A Whore House In Creede"

This line from the movie "The Shootist" always had me wanting for years to go to Creede,CO and yesterday I drove the 20 some miles north off the highway to do just that. Here's that line.

This is a bit of what I saw.

The is modern downtown Creede but was originally called "Jimtown" and others but old town Creede was about a mile above here.
Only a few buildings survive.
The original jail is one of them but not for much longer.

I bet it was cold inside of this place.

This ain't much but it's something anyway and the road past old town here continues in a loop for another 16 miles a ride I want to take later.

It was worth driving up here.


Was it worth it? Yes it was. Hiked my butt off and it was wonderfully warm out. Drew a bit of blood one time and met a variety of interesting people. Now it's time to stick around here for awhile and get some things done for winter.

Saw some interesting things and learned a bit as well. Ever been to Bloomfield,NM? I'll tell you about it later. Seems like 80% of the people out there are like me - older I guess. Some are pretty young and retired as well.

There were no issues adjusting to enjoying things out in the boonies and not having to think about returning to work like always in the past. In years past there was always a feeling of keeping moving because time was limited.

Not this time and felt totally at ease. I had a blast and feel so fortunate that I am able to do things like this.

Ever hear of Creede?


Outta Here

The sun is just ready to come over the hill and it's a bit past seven. A few things left to load and I'll be driving out of here to the Four Corners area before 7:30. The weather is going to be beautiful for the next few days for sure. I have a real good idea of what and where I want to go. Mesa Verde is one but they want 23 smacks to stay in their what must be special camp ground so camping this evening will be some place else.

I was in the area at the end of April this year. I'm excited because this time I do not have to return and go to work. It's a real first for this guy. It may not be much but it's important to experience this feeling for the first time in my life for the most part.

When I had to return to Steamboat to work when it was time last spring it was a fairly big negative because I did not want to do so even a little bit. Not this time.

The sun is outta the box and I'm out as well. Be back in several days or so. Everyone - appreciate (seriously-no bull shit) you stopping by and visiting. Check out the blogroll as OTC links to some of the best bloggers on the net. It's true!

Have a good one and I'll be bok.


In addition I have read this a couple times and I'm sure there is a mistake or two or possibly more. I catch them most of the time but it's generally way later. I can look at a mistake straight in the face and not see it. I plead cornfield.


How Can they Take This Stance With A Straight Face

Benny the Rat is ultimately responsible. In a country with 1.2 billion already Benny and his church are telling believers to have more children and on top of that there are rewards for producing more children.

Those Muzzys are getting too far ahead in the numbers you see. I don't give a shit this so wrong. I guess when you are religiously insane you feel entitled to do what ever you please even though the rest of the populace will be ultimately harmed.

Do Ya Think

Another reason there are so many sheep and why they're not very smart. This is not news but policy.

President Barack Obama's jobs bill, facing a critical test in the Senate, appears likely to die at the hands of Republicans opposed to stimulus spending and a tax surcharge on millionaires.

This kinda shit is what the dims live on. Whether it's this or anything else they want. So they want a pony and then they talk about getting the pony and how nice it will be to have this pony.

Much time is spent talking about this pony they want that will solve (to them) problems. They raise the hope factor for the sheep that think life will be better being watched over by a pony than those dogs.

Of course those who have watched the ones who oppose any sort of pony or anything else know there was never a chance in hell there was ever going to be a pony.

And then when the sheep finally understand there will never be a pony for them they bleat in unison about being picked on by the other side never having a clue that the next time it will be the same result again.



The Ignorant Slut Said It Again

She did - it's true.

This women knows exactly what's she's doing and to who and what it really means. It means to the hard core wing nuts and baggers that it's still game on.

More Training

 After years of hearing that word used as a reason to keep troops in Irak the learning curve must not be there yet. I will assume the three "experts" were maybe ours.


Grotto Sunday

Giving it up here because I think it's good stuff. Not my stuff but this short video. The rest of this is over at the picture place. This is the very part of the cornfield I grew up in and this place was a playground and not a shrine ever to me to this day. Shows how much one crazy ass German can get done. No matter where you stand something like this is so cool.

           The cornfield itself.

You may have seen this before. A one of  a kind we called "The Petrified Pots" because it's made of petrified wood.

    The whole thing is like this.

The Wild Horse Dilemma

Almost three years ago Madeleine Pickens  wife of billionaire T. Boone Pickens said she was going to rescue/adopt 2000 wild horses the BLM were going to be put down because the numbers were too high. I assume she did so. Now the same problem is back.

Federal land managers have announced plans to remove nearly 6,000 more wild horses from the range across the West in the next few months, including some 3,500 mustangs in Nevada.

I like this and it's been brought up in the past.
At the same time, officials announced they would apply a fertility-control vaccine to hundreds of mares and adjust sex ratios in some herds to favor males in an effort to reduce the number of on-the-range pregnancies.

You see these animals around and that's  kinda cool. The total number is around 40,000 in several western states. The feds say too many and the other side says all is just fine and the guvmint is doing this to appease the cattlemen.

I'm split on this. In some areas cows can raise hell in washes and areas where there is a bit of water. I have not seen horses do the same but they must. Would rather see horses than cows but I tend to agree with the BLM on the numbers. 33,000 on the range total and 40,000 being held. The number total they want is 27,000.

Bottom line it seems there are too damn many wild horses and it costs plenty to feed and care for them. They need to go somewhere and Europe is probably part of the answer as harsh as that may seem to many.

We have two horses here. They are not ours and are allowed the run of the place.Rich people have horses. We are not rich nor is the fellow who owns these but for the most part the people I see who have these animals are very well to do.

This country is no longer rich.


bama Escalates War On "We The People"

First thing outta the box this morning I get to read how the feds are going after pot dispensaries in California with renewed effort.

Federal prosecutors have launched a crackdown on some pot dispensaries in California, warning the stores that they must shut down in 45 days or face criminal charges and confiscation of their property even if they are operating legally under the state's 15-year-old medical marijuana law.

This is an in-depth piece and disturbs me to no end as it should most Americans. This ongoing effort comes straight from the top.

This man by the last name of Obama has the power to do many things and stopping the feds from pursuing these businesses that were given permission by the people to operate is just one.

But no - he chooses the dark side just like his predecessors. When they put the cuffs on as they have before that's change you can believe in.

Last Night

There was a dusting to the west but not here and that's fine by me.  Not that it doesn't snow here but not that much and if the wind don't blow it away it will melt.


Fires Plenty In The Cornfield

In one day local fire departments were ever so busy and the picture helps tell the story as well.  This is actually from the county I grew up in.

Many area farmers brought their discs, field cultivators and chisel plows into the fields to assist firefighters in battling the numerous field fires last Thursday afternoon, but this local farmer found his field cultivator ablaze as he worked to create a firebreak east of Emmetsburg. He stopped, unhooked the implement from his tractor Emmetsburg firefighters arrived to extinguish the implement’s tires and a ditch fire adjacent to the scene. –-Dan Voigt photo


From Now On

It's The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and not anything else. In addition followers of this sect are not associated with polygamy in any way shape or form. It's all true says so right here.

This is what they want followers to do and since I am not of those I'll stick with the 'ol stand- by of Mormony. And don't any of you followers feel like you're being singled out. Trust me you're not.

Leave Doubt To Give The Idiots Legs To Stand On

The header -

Population study suggests humans are still evolving.  LINK

A good journalist these days takes a road of get along so everyone remains happy and real damn stupid.

Use the word suggest to give the naysayers fodder to use. It's still happening is almost as bad because what that says to me it will stop just like that any time from now.

Many in this country wish to remain ignorant and are proud of it. And some want to be president.

If that ain't scary I don't know what is.


Blackwater Thug Update

Prosecutors filed a felony assault charge Monday against a CIA contractor accused of getting into a fight over a parking space in Colorado months after he was involved in a fatal shootout in Pakistan. He was originally arrested on suspicion of a lesser charge of third-degree assault, a misdemeanor. District attorney’s spokeswoman Casimir Spencer said prosecutors opted for the more serious charge because it was appropriate. She declined to elaborate.  Link

Something tells me this incident was real bad in some way. Coppers hate to charge their own and then the DA ups the charge with no explanation.

I think back to the video of these Blackwater dudes riding down a road in Iraq shooting and hitting random cars driving on the road with them. And laughing like kids.

This country is huge on making sure certain people are immune from accountability when it comes to crimes including the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocents.

It chaps my ass and I refuse to let go of it. If one does then you condone it.


Returned Blackwater Thugs

And that's just what they are. Immune from accountability like all the bush bastards they killed at will just like them. That mentality remains. This guy and another beat a man over a parking spot. Then this beater prick had the audacity to say this -


Religion From The Cornfield

Plus - No sermon.

Let's Not Forget

A bit late with this. No big deal because dead people aren't in a hurry.  Leaving? Until we do we're still there. And while we're still there Americans die daily. 350 so far this year and the sheep bleat for more of their own particular special tv reality. You betcha.

Coalition Military Fatalities By Year and Month



A Few From Yesterday

Yesterday was a beautiful day. The colors are almost at their peak maybe a couple more days. They're talking snow back in da Boat for next Friday. I'm not there. I am here now. That is a good thing for this guy. It's fantastic out. I have to unload some real heavy things like tool boxes. Think we're going to Pueblo to check a couple things out. New router and USB adapter install cd don't install but using an old router that actually reaches over to my place but comes and go. Can't use the desktop but that's just fine I got the time.

Yea it seems a bit barren out here compared to the drive through the mountains to get here but it's just as nice in it's own way and I like it. High country isn't far away at all. It's my home now.