I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Free Birth Control - That's Right Free Birth Control

Why do you think this article from the whore AP is plastered all over the place this morning?

free contraception for women in the U.S., thanks to the new health care law.

I doubt not one of the dims on the campaign trail ever said anything close to this. So why is this leading off the news. The topic certainly is not at the top of "immediate serious issues our country faces" list.

First it will get a bunch on our side responding to dumb ass questions and wasting time about discussing real topics that Americans face.

Then this type of crap really fires up the other side. Didn't see the word god but the raper bishops from Benny the Rat's Club are included.

To me what I have seen in Corporate Print these last months has been very slanted to the right even more so than in the past.

Trying to get the vote out and nothing works better than fanning the ignorance of da Mother Land.

Feel Like Dancing?

There were so many venues for dancing fairly close when I was a kid and even more before me and quite a few survive. Of course there was the Surf. The Bancroft Ballroom. People came from all over to the Roof Garden. And my favorite The Star in Humboldt. Sunday night dances there. With school the next day you had to be a good boy. They had a dragstrip too. Very important as well. These were good times.

So Let’s Dance!! Come Wednesday you may not feel like it.

Originally posted @ MMA


What's A Head For You

Why more of this that's what!

The three suspects wanted in the decapitation of a man in Chandler earlier this month are back in Mexico and the target of an international manhunt, police said Wednesday.

This happened some days ago and I did not see it. It was only a matter of time and more will roll you can take that to the bank.

Is it this - was it that whore writers pound out on their keyboards. Could it be drug related and was a cartel involved. Stupid ass dumb bastards.

There's more coming - it's not going to improve and the violence will get worse.

Repugs and whore dims will want to escalate as is the norm for the last four decades. More troops to the border and build the fence will be the war cry if we enter the dark ages on the 3rd of next month.

I see no hope of sanity entering this equation but the answer is -

Our Hi-Speed Rail Projects

Yesterday it was announced $2.4 billion was released for hi-speed projects here in the states. But the numbers are not good at all.

Link to DOT map page above

Once again folks when it comes to the war machine we can feed that continuously but when it comes to what is needed here well ya see you don't understand - that to use these things we need here we have to be protected first. In other words - - -

Most important here is that these projects even if accomplished are at least 20 years out easy. We needed them now. Anyone thinks we're going to get anything of any substance from DC you're nuts and the HCB does not count as a keeper in that respect.


I Want One Too Or The Empire Is In Decline

China is kicking our ass the way the Raiders kicked Donkey ass last weekend.

I may be completely wrong here but it seems many of our innovations come in the area of weapons that cost huge amounts of dollars. We are good at that and would never argue that point. As a country we don't have anything close to this and for so long we were the leader of innovation on a variety of things. Long gone for a long time and she ain't coming home.

If what the whore pundits and media says about the election is correct  anyone who votes for these Regressives thinks there's a train gonna come and pick you up in your neighborhood and take you anywhere well---

BTW 14* this morning


Cheyenne Nukes Broke Down For A Bit

But not to worry kiddies when it comes to having the possibility of killing bunches of others quickly our country is the leader of the pack in that department ya see.

1/9th of the total number of these weapons were off line for less than an hour. 9x50 = 450. I think someone is trying to shit somebody else as I'd bet there's one hell of a lot more nukes in these states than that.

Update: Wikipedia link
As of 2006, it was believed to maintain an arsenal of around 9,960 intact warheads, of which 5,735 were considered active or operational, and of these only a certain number were deployed at any given time. These broke down into 5,021 "strategic" warheads, 1,050 of which were deployed on land-based missile systems (all on Minuteman ICBMs), 1,955 on bombers (B-52, B-1B, and B-2), and 2,016 on submarines (Ohio class), according to a 2006 report by the Natural Resources Defense Council.[23] Of 500 "tactical" "nonstrategic" weapons, around 100 are Tomahawk cruise missiles and 400 are B61 bombs.

I'm sure there are many who are happy this country's safety was not jeopardized by this interruption.

When it comes to war and killing we always make sure there are plenty of ways to get that job done if obstacles get in the way.

I can not help but to be a constant bitcher when it comes to these things. But it's true we always have more than enough resources to git 'er done when it comes to war if if the mission can't be completed.

Defense Dept Crying In Others Blood

WikiLeaks is doing this - WikiLeaks is doing that as whining and bitching continues. Ok so I only looked at a few of these things and even if I wanted to sell this info to our imagined or "real" enemies they would be no buyer because there's nothing there but---

OTC says bull shit and not only that but tough shit! Don't like it and it's too dangerous for the killing our army needs to do according to them ---well I guess it's time to give it up and come home.


Another War Casualty

Update 4:15 PM
Delta Police Department
Special Release
October 23, 2010

On Saturday, October 23, 2010 at approximately 1:14 A.M. officers of the Delta Police Department responded to the 600 block of Grand Avenue on a report of shots fired.  Upon arrival to the area officers approached an unidentified male in possession of a handgun.  The male turned the weapon on officers and started firing.  Officers returned fire which resulted in the male being fatally wounded.  The officers involved were not injured.

Three officers of the Delta Police Department have been placed on administrative leave in accordance with department policy.  The Seventh Judicial District Officer Involved Shoot Team is investigating the incident.  No further details are being released pending the investigation.

Sgt. Charlie Kettle
Delta Police Department

Dating back to Vietnam and the first Gulf War a Veteran was gunned down on main street of rural Colorado. Read it and weep.

DELTA — The Delta County Coroner's Office identified a man killed in a shootout with police early Saturday as Larry A. Brown, 59, of Delta. He was shot by two Delta police officers after he allegedly pulled a gun and fired it at them, authorities said. The officers were not hit and returned fire. Brown died from multiple gunshot wounds, the coroner said. KKCO-Channel 11 in Grand Junction reported that Brown was a Vietnam and Desert Storm veteran who was a Marine sniper and medic and had received the Bronze Star for bravery. His family told the TV station he was being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder and sometimes walked the streets in camouflage, but they did not think he fired first at police.

Make That 1 In 5

Make the time come that "believers" are sat down on a stool in the corner like everyone else when they think they are special or are contributing so much because of their flawed belief in an entity that does not exist. It may be headed that way.

The fact of the matter is these numbers are probably real close to the reality. Yea churches do good things and that's real nice. But others do good things as well. Believing in nonsense makes no difference when good deeds are done.

In the last two years especially - crazy believer's have don't nothing but attempt to divide this country and impose their Taliban ways on all of us and that is just plain crazy.


Poop Benny Will Be Pissed At This

OH MY! The Swiss went and did it.

This is close enough to Rome 'ol Benny might have to go up there and kick ass himself rather than send out his small boys --I mean his small priests as the boys are all hidden away in those catacomb thingies.

Killer Bush And His Cronies Need To Hang

Never going to be nice about this and do not need to go into a long winded rant about who and why as the facts are in the public domain but here comes one who tells it like it was back then as well.

This is not hard to understand. This country invaded Iraq for the lies of a very few people and that's treason. Where were these inbred teabag slugs back then if they cared so much. We needed help over the years as we do now calling for accountability for an act so grievous there can be no get out of jail card.

This is not hard to understand either. This country would not be in the world of shit it's in now if these politicians would have been held accountable for their actions. For the lies of Iraq and any number of other things where the law was broken by people elected to office or appointed.


A Gooper Teabagger Dream Family

You betcha it's all here-

White yuppie with kids having never been active before but all of a sudden government is "destroying" our country and our culture. Mom and dad bagger have to make it "a better world for the kids" so they don't have to "register shovels and wheelbarrows and put license on them" ya see.

Guns are a big part of that as there's plenty of "satisfaction hitting a target and watching it fall". After all it's their "god given" right to do so.

Like many places Colorado has more than it's share of the crazy's.

Thanks to RZ for turning me on to this.

Sunday Catholic Craziness

Early this morning saw this nonsense that couldn't be ignored.   LINK

It's about that certain women from long ago who never had sex but had a baby. That one. In any case this women according to the site on the bill board has been appearing on a daily basis over in some commie country in Europe. You can see this wonder as well if---- you're a dumb shit. From the site which does not get linked to.

"This is why many, who try to understand Medjugorje through their intellect, reject or discern Medjugorje is not important. Their advanced knowledge dummies them down because Medjugorje cannot be understood by the mind, but only by the heart"

So if you have a brain and understand the obvious issues with this Medjugorje will not work for you but--- if you're not so smart it all becomes very clear.


What Happened Last Night


Spring can't get here soon enough.

Lucy Made It Home

A definite feel good and shake my head about things I didn't know about a desert tortoise who wandered away from home.

This tortoise answers to it's name and follows people around.

Of course the good part is that Lucy was found and this animal is like a dog.

And the dogs were happy as can be to have this animal back in the house. I get a kick outta shit like this and this is the type of pet I could use.


Baghdad Burning's Third Anniversary

The third year has gone by and the message remains the same and the light will stay on in the hopes this young lady and her family survived what our country did to theirs. I want to hear the rest of her story and as long as this blog exists this will be the post for October 22.

A post from a year ago with the same feeling as then maybe more. And the light will remain on for another year.

One year ago today was Riverbend's last post. Many of you have read her posts I'm sure and I for one looked forward to every new one. As things deteriorated in Iraq her postings became less frequent and her family made the decision to leave Iraq for Syria.

I learned so much from this young women things you wouldn't find anywhere else. A perspective of life in Iraq that was so very negatively affected by our invasion that was close to normal before our intervention even with Saddam at the helm.

Just wanted to acknowledge this date. The light and the link stays on in the hopes that she is okay and that the next time I visit there will be a new post. That would make it a good day if that happened and hope very much it does.


Obama Says He Should Have Sold His Policies Better

Well ain't that no shit Cisco!

"We had to move so fast, we were in such emergency mode, that it was very difficult for us to spend time a lot doing victory laps and advertising exactly what we were doing," Obama said, "because we had to move onto the next thing."

How many times did you reach across the aisle and for how long did you do the same over and over only to be kicked square in the nuts each time while being told by many to stop and move ahead without the right.

Why did you continue to endorse Bush doctrine that took rights away from me and in some cases make it even worse.

Now all of a sudden you bemoan the fact that you could have done more. MY ASS!

You are so close to being a repug it's scary and if you really wanted to make change you would have really fought these bastards that are on the verge of taking over this country. If you had done that they would not be in this position.

Yes you are so much better than any repuglican there is no question about that but in these times that is not enough and if you really wanted to you could have made the difference here but you chose not to.

If we lose Congress this country is totally fucked and if any person on the left thinks it will come back to us you are crazy fucking nuts.

You had the chance of being the best president this country has ever had and you blew it-big time!

I also understand too if you would have gone these places many of us wanted you to go they would have killed you.

There will be no one like you again that will have the persona to do what is needed to guide this society to a higher plane.

Churchill Back In Court


Asking to be reinstated at his job wrongfully taken from him and acknowledged by the court as well that is what happened.

I have followed this from the very beginning and how this man is hated but I always agreed with his piece about the "little Eichman's". You bet he's an arrogant bastard and minces no words but I like that.

When it was realized he could not be had on the speech issue the haters went another way and were successful with that termination determination made by a group that were immune from any lawsuits.

No matter what the flag wavers back then were going to prevail against this commie and god hater and they did.

And to think what is being said these days against Obama and Democrats and none of these same sonsofbitches open their shit encrusted mouths about that.

I'm on your side Ward and hope you prevail because it could have been one of us.


Cows Have Nerves?

I didn't know that but this fat cow sure has has plenty of this type.

 Nerve:  boldness; audacity; impudence; impertinence; being a simple mean spirited bitch

That about sums up this excuse for this human for having what it takes for being one simple whorses ass bitch. 

"I just wanted to reach across the airwaves and the years and ask you to consider something. I would love you to consider an apology sometime and some full explanation of why you did what you did with my husband. So give it some thought and certainly pray about this and come to understand why you did what you did. Okay have a good day."

Anita Hill-
"I certainly thought the call was inappropriate, I have no intention of apologizing because I testified truthfully about my experience and I stand by that testimony."

I listened to every bit of this way back then and knew Thomas was lying through his teeth. It was an embarrassment to this country and Ms. Hill never wavered and was treated so poorly.

When caught what do people like Thomas do but whine and cry about being picked on and blame others. The sonofabitch is still guilty as hell to this day. 

Being nice to people who pull this kind of crap isn't going to happen here-never!


Science Debunked Right Here

And it's a fact folks at least when it comes to curve balls. These guys are living in another world.

Baseball was my game and I loved pitching and wanted to keep playing after high school but could not as something called work came first. I did play a few games and even had a suit to wear in the "Nisnabotna League" in SW Iowa.

Since I could not throw that fast more times than not relied on "junk" pitches. Holding and manipulating the way the ball is thrown to get it to do different things. I could not throw a knuckle ball as my hands were too small.

The arm may be long gone but one thing for certain you do not want me throwing something at you with malice in mind cuz you're gonna get hurt. My bud tells me this nonsense about curve balls being an "illusion" has been around for awhile. I didn't know that as watching sports is hard to do without TV.

So to Arty and Schlong and anyone else who thinks there's an illusion happening here. Try to catch or hit a knuckle ball. Yea I know it's not a curve ball. Why do you think the mitt catchers use for knuckle ball pitchers is sooo big. It's the only way these balls can be corralled because they're moving all over the place. It is no illusion! Never liked having these thrown to me when playing catch as it's too easy to get your teeth knocked out. I'm not sure if there is a knuckle ball pitcher in the majors. These guys are too dangerous because they don't have a clue where it's going themselves.

Yes you can throw a curve ball that follows an arc. Throw it right at their face and see if they can stand in there as it breaks into the strike zone. If you watch or have done it yourself the break does not happen till close to the plate and in many cases it does "drop off the table". That is no illusion either.

Where the ball breaks and how it breaks is determined by several things. One is how hard it's thrown. Another is how it's held and real important is how the ball is released as the amount of snap or twist can be varied. Also the seams of the ball are import as well. Personally if the ump puts a ball in play with seams barely felt I would send it back for one where the seams stuck up so my fingers can really catch on it.

My science comes from observation and and many trials and experiments some of which work better than others. Anybody who throws a baseball around manipulates how he holds and throws it hoping to find the magical ball that no one can get his bat on. Doesn't happen but it's fun trying.

What is happening with the ball is the same as English on a pool ball. It doesn't happen right away after being struck but when the spinning ball gains enough traction on the table felt to change direction in an unusual manner.

With a baseball it's the same except it is air that the seams have to grab and when it does direction change is quick just like a struck pool ball that is given English to make it do something other than go straight. You can make a ball break halfway to the plate if you release it with that intent. But home plate is 60' away so you don't want that to happen till it's almost there. A good curve ball fools the batter into thinking it's a straight ball. Sometimes it can be funny how bad they miss it. When you get the ball back you just turn around and smile to your teammates.

Why does the knuckle ball go any which way? Because there is no rotation of the ball the same as in rifling in the barrel of a gun. Before rifling was developed all bullets shot were knuckler's.

These are the facts and you are not reading a delusion.

Taking Care Of Free Speech Before It Happens

Taken from killer bush's play book mormonies in Brigham City have taken care of that possibility now.

Care to protest why you just fill out the application for permission and wait awhile for it to be approved so the badges and other related agency's gear up just in case there's trouble.

Make sure you are very nice and not too loud plus follow the rest of the rules and Wa La you got some the makings of free speech in Crazy,Utah.


Hell No There Wasn't Going To Be An Indictment

I may be wrong but I think no Blackwater employee has ever been convicted of killing innocents in Iraq. Remember this one?

A former security contractor for Blackwater will not be indicted in the killing of an Iraqi guard in 2006, federal prosecutors said Monday. No shit!

That was the deal with the evil bush family because all involved over there knew they would never be held accountable.

Drunk as a fucking skunk he acted in "self defense". That's not the way I remember it and I'll take that over this piece of shit article where now we're supposed to feel bad for this murderer as-

it's "impossible to describe" what it's been like for Moonen to spend the past four years facing the possibility of being indicted.

My ass! He killed an Iraqi guarding the Green Zone inside the compound.

He was flown out of the country the next day to my recollection.

This happened xmas eve 2006. In 2009 a bunch of investigators went over to investigate. Over two years after the fact. High priority I'm sure. Just not enough evidence ya see there ya know!

It has gotten no better since then but only worse. If anyone thinks that accountability is going to be served at the table you are living a delusion.


Weber State Has What??

I have a bit of skepticism with this because up to now none of these craft have performed very well at all. Something like automobiles in the early years.

The reason this was started was to provide the military with less expensive drone targets. One does not need an engineering degree to make the determination that seven HP is not going to lift much at all. They say they've tested it at Bonneville and the Army is helping.

That's all real special but with no pictures or video my money says they have a very long road to travel before they get to where they think they are going.

My bet this thing doesn't get more than 6" off the ground.


Benny The Rat's Churches Take Major Hit In Minnesota

"It's sinful" they cry. Talk about being confused here.

Who gives a shit about an entity that hails from the dark ages. Only those who have been successfully mind screwed think there is reason to actually give a shit.

Do you think it may have something to do with priests and boys?? This picture was around and I thought I saved it from somewhere but it's mine taken in the church back home.


Grand Junction Billboard Nutters

 Going to try and knock this off real quick. Obama came to Grand Junction last year 8/15. There is more here about that but this is not what this post concerns. Will just say the baggers were nasty pass all that day. The pictures are from that day as well.

The billboard at the top was removed on Friday. I'm not sure when it was put up. This story did make it to national level but I saw nothing this morning.
Here is an article about this from yesterday that was in the Grand Junction fish wrapper.

I don't spend much time there but I have been around the area enough to say truthfully there is a different breed of cat that resides there. That's a fact.

One sentence from the above piece-

The artist and sign's owner received a lot of hate mail, and even death threats since the billboard was put up.

That is pure fucking bull shit. Our side doesn't do this kind of crap-they do and it's just that simple.

Do not think for a second that this was not all planned out!

They knew they would evoke a strong response and I say took it down on purpose.

Why? So they can cry and whine about free speech and all kinds of other nutter nonsense this afternoon at their protest  that's why.
 It's all a fucking scam just like most of the bullshit that is spewed by them. Orchestrated and planned for maximum exposure and free publicity for racist platforms that threaten the fabric of how our society functions.

It is just that simple.

Myself and this young lady are on the same page.


G Men Standing Strong On Our Third War Front

Nothing changes with the badges when it comes to pot. It's so bad don't even think about a discussion even with the possibility of one state possibly legalizing it this November. Our government knows just one tactic. Carry the big stick and threaten!

There is one person who could make a difference and begin the process of decriminalizing this benign substance that has been used by man for several thousand years. That would be Obama but like all of them he does what he's told and you can damn well bet the feds will make their presence know when applicable just to let the peons know just who the hell is in charge.

Dirty bastards and a big fuck you to Holder and his gang for threatening people who little deserve it. Did I mention to stick your vigorous up your ass?? If I didn't I'll make sure it doesn't happen again.

If I Were Ever To Own One

A Ford that is the closest thing to it would be one of these. Not a replica but a real one. Since I don't have the hundreds of thousands of dollars required there are no worry's about Fly crossing over. Did I mention I was a Chevy man and love the smell of burning rubber not just in the morning but anytime--it's true.
 Here's some burning for ya right here. These cars are so fast and an original Shelby 427 AC Cobra is a piece of art that unfortunately only the super rich can afford.

Then there is the music from that era most of which and maybe all of it originating from California. As a motor head kid stuck in the middle of a cornfield there were only a few things on my mind in those day. Cars girls and beer.

Here is a song by Rip Chords named "Hey Little Cobra" and sung by the Hall Bros. I picked this version because the car they ride in on is a Corvette.


Kinda Sleazy At It Again

As always what comes out of the mouths of the bush people is pure lies. In any case the slut has penned a new book and says-

"We made our mistakes undoubtedly," told Reuters in an interview to promote her memoir "Extraordinary People Who Kill At Will"

I can't bear to read her shit as it's too painful but will offer this up.

This killer bitch is just as guilty as all the rest that took this country to war on their lies and now want me to believe that it never happened. I don't think so.

As I have many times in the past I offer my services to pull the trip rope on these nasty bastards who did this to my country.

Bitches first Condi baby. You need to swing just like 'ol Saddam.


Supremes Hear A Free Speech Case From The Bush Years?

Of course there's not a chance that was going to happen. Anyone with even jello between his ears should know that.

Just Like A Spoiled Little Pissant Brat

They're gonna show everybody a thing or two! That will teach everybody not to be asking no questions ya see there.

I could not read this whole thing.  This piece of shit and the whore chamber can say and spend whatever they want because it's not against the law.

Then blame it on Bama as that works real good. Spoke with a friend who is educated but thinks the state of the economy lays at Bama's feet. This mentality becomes increasingly hard to swallow.

Thanks so much you pussy dims for not taking a stand for what's right and fighting for us starting way back in 2003 when even a fucking idiot with a palm full of brain matter knew these bastard bushes were lying to everyone.


Mormon Church Owned Paper Absolves Themselves

Sure is handy to be able to do that. Kinda like the poop led catholics. Where your sin card runs out and you get it renewed by kneeling in front of a possible pedophile to get it updated for another run of debauchery.

In this case it's very similar.

Yea like these whores didn't enter the political arena when they poured millions into California to defeat the horde of gays and lesbians wanting to tear down the fabric of California's society.

Deseret Whore  News where the religiously insane can cry out they did no wrong even though they are the biggest bigots in the country or at least near the top of the list of intolerant douche bags.


May This Prayer Be Fulfilled

Along with the baggers the religious side of same mentality is just as strong. Back in the cornfield there are these preachers actively participating in the ouster of state supreme justices who ruled in favor of same sex marriages in Iowa. They are so blatant in their participation that the crazy bastard below is wishing a case will go before the Supreme Court. Please let it happen even with the current makeup of the court.

Then you have another crazy bastard that feels he's on a mission from whatever! Check this out.

Others, such as Jeff Mullen, senior pastor of Point of Grace Church in Waukee, are urging Iowa pastors to communicate to their congregations the "biblical mandate for involvement in local and national elections."

American Taliban bigger and better than all the rest. Straight outta the cornfield to your door. These bastards are pure fucking nuts and anyone who thinks they want to live under the dogma these grease balls want for everyone is even more fucking nuts.


The link to the article if you dare to enter the world of 100% pure bat shit crazy.



Need to go to the ranch and do some things. Some don't think access to the internet is important to others when there is no other choice even though they have it so I will not be posting anything till I get back on Sunday. Below is part of the post just put up at the Picture Place on old tractors that isn't all that bad and there are a couple interesting vids at least to me on these old machines.

On the way to another place ran across these. I should have taken more time. I like the colors and attempted to capture certain aspects of these magnificent machines some of which I was actively involved with. Operating and working on them. Did I mention I'm a Deere guy?  Have a couple newer Deere's at work and sometimes just not that impressed. New or old manufacturers have got this down.

Never around crawlers that much but the one above sure is pretty.

This a Model 40 I believe one that was not common where I was living.

There's some thing about the green and Oliver has some impressive iron as well. Their in line OHV six cylinder is one of the smoothest idling motors I've ever been around.

Then there's the red. The ones I worked on. I think this was an H that was in great shape. I did not see this run. Take a look at that bad boy in the back. He's coming up. Remember how you can click on the picture to make them bigger twice.

Religious Nutter Gone Amok Like Most Of Them

When it comes to personal freedoms we are all supposed to be able to enjoy as Americans they mean nothing when you have a crazy who has the invisible non existent cloud being on their side. This dumb ass bitch drove all the way from Montana to break in and destroy a painting she felt was offensive.

Just wait people. If these crazy bastards gain even the house in November we will have seen nothing like it when they start passing legislation that serves only their purposes and beliefs.


The US Is All Sorry Again

The U.S. apologized Wednesday for a recent helicopter attack that killed two Pakistani soldiers at an outpost near the Afghan border, saying American pilots mistook the soldiers for insurgents they were pursuing.

And this after a real quick investigation that indeed this did happen.

It's all good now and the hearts and minds I'm sure are back on board over there to get back to work on this terrorism thing.

I don't remember any apology's when our troops targeted anything that moved even with a white flag in Falloojeh. That was different ya know. Those women and Red Cross vehicles were those damn Iraqi insurgents and being human beings and innocent just don't mean squat in the big picture.

We do love ourselves plenty of blood and guts. Yessirree bobalooey!

Remember This Slug

The guy who gained major national attention when he went to Pakistan to "kill" Bin Laden but never quite got it done.

Turns out and it's no surprise that he's a beater and got arrested-imagine that.

It's no coincidence that  those on the right who gain most of the attention from the media have issues and not just little ones either. The more crazy you are the more attention you get and do the wingers and baggers  line up for that.

Problem is of course way too many think this position of the absurd has credibility cuz in on the news ya know there ya see.


Yesterday We Won This

A tournament held annually at the end of the year between the local golf course maintenance staffs. Not the chump house people but the ones that go out and bust their asses so well to do hacks can go out and pretend they are living a dream of playing like the big boys and girls or something like that.

Remember that at best maybe just maybe on a good day 10% who play this game break a hundred. I have fessed up before to being a shitty golfer and came in with a 50 that included two quadruple bogeys and a 43 for a respectable 93 and 8 pars having not touched a club in a month, I really can live with that.

It was a fun beautiful day and I like the people who I work with. This trophy should sit in the pro shop but of course that won't be allowed because as a throw back to Caddy Shack we maintenance people are less than the beautiful ones who frequent those places.

I Understand

Saw in the local fishwrapper a person had committed suicide where I used to live and inquired from a friend there who it was.

It was an acquaintance a man older than me quiet who had no car and spent time at the library and played guitar and sang a bit. We always greeted each other but spoke over the years just briefly. Never had much to say. Other than that I know nothing else.

I don't what was going on in this man's life but I do know this event saddened me quite a bit and I feel the need to say that I understand-I really do!

Have a good day everyone.


There's A New Gun On The Block

Actually it's an upgrade of the existing sniper rifle being used. Upgrades that improve "lethality and stand-off distance" you see. Remington has received a $28,000,000 dollar contract which amounts to seven thousand seven hundred seventy seven dollars and seventy seven cents for each rifle in service. I thing I'm gonna puke.

According to those in the know this is "an evolutionary leap in precision engagement capability and survivability,” you see.

As a country we sure as hell are on top when it comes to killing humans better than any other but just can't find the resources to develop alternative energy sources or transportation. You know things like that which are important to more people that live here than better ways of killing human beings.

If anyone thinks our country's war stance and involvements around the world will ever become much less than what it is now you are wrong. It is only going to grow larger. We are screwed big time and have been for a very long time.

Our country is addicted to war and the stupids will never question even when it affects them in a negative way.

We love our blood and guts way too much!!


Price Of Fuel Going Up On Our Second War Front

Smart people who are realists as well know that a "win" isn't coming for us in Afghanistan. Occupying country's can't seem to get that but since we love blood and guts way too much and could care less what should be done we will carry on this futile effort wrapped in the flag for help.

The kicker is they have done this for days straight. I'm sure there will be a major effort to kill all these baddy's whatever they may be labeled this time and it may stop for a bit.

The problem is and you don't have to be any type of expert is that they can return at will over and over at their choosing and do the same thing. Maybe someone will get their hands on some shoulder fired missiles in the days to come and make the game even more interesting.


Link To A Picture Story

Here is a bit of a very long picture post at the Picture Place about last weeks excursion into Utah to go see that damn ruin again. You gotta do what needs to done some times ya know there.

This is pretty much where we started from which is on the plateau above the valley. Balance Rock was a reference point but the fact of the matter is we missed this the first day and went past this outcrop the first day not by a bit but by over a mile and this was the second try. And yes we did not have a GPS. The distance is around 2.5 miles maybe a bit more. It's tough no matter which way you come in.

Saw some small birds and a few lizards is all.


You see the standing water above. In the next formation to the left in the the first picture here take a look at the next picture and the pointer arrow. We don't think there were that many people living out here and that is why we also believe this ruin was used for observation and the second was a place to live. But if there was anyone out there on this one after a rain I bet there may have been a pool party. I did not see this until I looked at the pictures when I got home.


He's Back And Alive

Apparently our government and various intelligence agency's believe Bin Laden is alive and assisting in terror plots.

It's all a bunch of bull shit as there is plenty of anonymity involved with these sources as usual but there must be a bit and repeat a bit of truth to what was said.

Never the less if this is the belief for some of our cloak and dagger people why in the hell aren't we getting after this slug after over nine years.

Do I need to start feeling afraid.

What The Senate Is Good For

Not much as we know but before they ran out of Doge for their recess they were able to get together and pass CALM. That they got done. (Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act)

Of course there are several minor things that have to be reconciled with da House but it appears after the election they'll git 'er done.

This is an example of what our government can get done for us even though it's not done.

Is this where I start waving the flag?