I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


The Ongoing Chicken Saga

This is not a cooking blog but there is going to be some chicken cooked and eaten and rated. This whole story goes back decades and it's been over two years since this post on "Mushy Chicken". What's interesting here is what is actually seen. Click on the second picture and you'll understand. Too strange.

The go to person on this subject is Cosumne Gal and this post she did on conversations and comments from the post here just the other day "Did You Know This About Chickens?".

Briefly I bought a special expensive chicken to see how it tastes compared to what is remembered. There is still when I get enthused Fly's whole chicken story to come. Something like his religion story but different. To remember this chicken story you have to be older and if anyone remembers like I do they are more than likely older as well. Chicken started turning to the dark side many years ago now.

There is so much back round in Cosumne Gal's post as history and experiences from the 60's are described. It's interesting.

Here we go. Click the picture and you can see the specifics. $2.55 a lb/4.28lbs for a final number of $10.91. Most expensive bird I ever did buy by quite a margin.

Here is is completely naked. I picked the wrong one and was after a 3.5 chicken as was pretty much the size way back when. It's close enough. Nice looking bird we got here. 

Look at line on the leg. Odd for sure and a guess would be higher up closer to the back the skin has a tendency to be bit more fatty- but a line like this.

Update - I clicked on the first link and that nasty bird has the same type of line. What do I know.

OUT OF FOCUS - I took this to illustrate the size of parts. The leg was just average. I really like legs ever since a pup. You've probably seen the results on chicken you have purchased from the hooks used during processing on the legs. I find it very unappealing. I like what's on both ends of the leg - always have.

As for the breast it is a wee bit large but acceptable and no where close to what you get now. Many like huge breasts. Myself I'm more of a middle of the road fellow. This was cut into three portions and the whole chicken four portions.

What prompted this chicken attitude was that the other night I barbequed four chicken legs and no smoke came off the grill They were border line horrible. This bird produced some smoke. That's kinda like old days for sure.   

I grilled a piece of breast,the neck and the back plus the gizzard and heart those last two are already history here. Not the choicest pieces but there were reasons. Don't misunderstand I really like necks a lot!

The neck got taken off early. As a side note the vegetable cooker does a great job and cook bunches of vegetables like this. All kinds of things go in here. Really good.

The final result on da plate. The heart and gizzard were fine and I like those just as much as anything else. Never was a thigh guy until a few years ago when I was down to eating marinated chicken thighs cooked as hot the grill would go. It was the only part that I could find any flavor but even that stopped. Occasionally over the years would try chicken but it was mostly a disappointment.

So it's like this folks. This tasted pretty good all in all and I have three tries left two of which will have legs my favorite piece.

It was not mushy and there was actually decent flavor and some juices all reminiscent of times gone by. And yes I want the skin and this skin was very good. The neck was tasty the white meat moist and the back greasy and that's why I cooked that just to see what was there.  Compared to what's been this was a nice surprise b b b b b but it's very expensive so it should be half decent anyway.

I would say if what was remembered is a 10 I think this deserves 7.5 maybe 7.8. I enjoyed it and look forward to having more like tomorrow.


They Have Arrived

Took quite awhile and haven't heard much about these till now. They said Colorado winters were going to keep them at bay. You betcha on that one.

Colorado's first confirmed Africanized honeybees have turned up in a Palisade orchard, stunning entomologists who didn't believe the bees could survive cold Colorado winters.


Making Sure They Get Part Of Da Pot

Did a day trip and blasted up to Denver to see Doc for an adjustment and blood test results. It's all pretty damn decent considering. I am fortunate but that's not what this about. In that area there are a number of recreational and or medicinal stores to buy legal marijuana and associated products.

I wanted one of two things. Either oil or the wax and these are used in a vapor device of some sort which I have one of. The oil was not in a form that worked with my pipe but they had the wax which I bought a gram of. I want this to try for several reasons one of which is overall odor and discreteness.

Here's the bill. The initial $35 turned into $46.53 real quick. If you don't bring the special white zippered bag back you will buy another for three bucks. This is to protect the children.you see.
Remember how clicking on the pictures makes them BIG.

This is what it looks like.

The bottle is real small.

Several years ago I held a medical marijuana card and even then the number of people around these establishment surprised me and the little I've seen of the now legal recreational stores is even more surprising  at least to me.

"We're gonna lay around the shanty Mama and put a good buzz on"

Let's be straight here. I very much enjoy getting a buzz on in the morning and there ain't one damn thing wrong with that no matter what others may say. We'll check this new stuff out tomorrow morning. And fyi for anyone that's interested it looks like a generic oz is around 400 give or take without taxes.


To Mothers Everywhere

Yes it's the same post for 2014 but this year put the emphasis on Grandmothers and the importance they and their grandchildren have on each others lives. To be able to have a close bond with each other and particularly if they are lucky enough to live close to each other is very special.  

Same as last year and the year before that. The post for this day will never change.

Pauline wrote
I saw 'Je dois tout a ma mère' painted on a taxi bumper today. I owe my mother everything. Mothers are held in high esteem -- a woman who has never borne a child is a disgrace to womanhood. Street boys will say 'la vieille mère' to impart their respect. It took some time getting used to that. Old Mother. What if they tried that in Europe? link

That reminded me of the song Sweet Mother below that had the power to literally stop crowds in their tracks to dance if it was played. Mothers are very important in West Africa and Prince Nico hammered the essence of that in the middle 70's.

Oh Sweet Mother I no go forget you oh as I am missing mine just now.

Happy Mother's Day

By Prince Nico Mbarga

Sweet mother I no go forget you
for the suffer wey you suffer for me.
Sweet mother I no go forget you
for the suffer wey you suffer for me.

When I dey cry, my mother go carry me--she go say,
my pikin [1] wetin you dey cry ye, ye,
stop stop, stop stop make you no cry again oh."

When I won sleep, my mother go pet me,
she go lie me well well for bed,
she cover me cloth, sing me to sleep,
"sleep sleep my pikin oh."

When I dey hungry, my mother go run up and down.
she go find me something when I go chop [2] oh.

Sweet mother I no go forget you for the suffer wey you suffer for me

When I dey sick, my mother go cry, cry, cry,
she go say instead when I go die make she die.

O, she go beg God,
"God help me, God help, my pikin oh."

If I no sleep, my mother no go sleep,
if I no chop, my mother no go chop, she no dey tire oh.

Sweet mother I no go forget you,
for the suffer wey you suffer for me.

You fit get another wife, you fit get another husband,
but you fit get another mother? No!

And if I forget you, therefore I forget my life and the air I breathe.

And then on to you men, forget, verily, forget your mother,
for if you forget your mother you've lost your life.


Did You Know This About Chickens?

We're all aware about how chickens are raised for mass consumption but there were a couple item's in this piece I don't remember being framed as such. Pretty amazing and I assume this to be valid more so than not.

To understand how much chickens have changed, it is instructive to look back at the early 1900s. In 1925, it took 16 weeks to raise a chicken to 2.5 pounds. Today, chickens weigh double that after just six weeks. According to a study from the University of Arkansas, if humans grew at a similar rate, after just two months, a 6.6-pound newborn baby would weigh 660 pounds.

That's crazy shit but what's even worse is this -

“They are sent to slaughter when they are about six weeks old, chirping like babies. They have massive upper bodies, and are being genetically bred to grow six times faster.”

The chirping thing is a new one to me and brings to light truly how disgusting what we eat has become. I actually cooked some just the other day and there's a post coming on that.


Insider Guvmint

Let's see - no one I know got invited to the "dinner" at the White house and I'm sure no one you know was there either. Plenty of yuks I'm sure for those within the Beltway.

Personally I find little funny about this event given what I think about our "State of the Nation". Find it to be more of an insult than entertainment.

Bottom line this is for the privileged few who attend this event in their lavish dress and postured smiles. Why in the hell do I have to feed these fuckers!!


RR = Rutgers Rocks

Condoleezza Rice backs out of commencement after protests

A perfect example of how this person and all the rest of them who committed treason should never be acknowledged except for the crimes they committed against our country.


Kinda Sleezy (a name coined by Bartcop -R.I.P Bart) should be treated like the killer and liar she is and be the first one up on the gallows. Killer bitches first in this case. 



Today will go well over 70° and temps are finally going to remain much higher than what it's been. It's 62° at a quarter to 10 and this guy has shorts on. Probably been at least two weeks since the last time. The month of April it probably snowed about six times with at least half measured in inches. In other words it's been fairly cold and as with many others I echo the same sentiment of "it's been a long winter".

Yes it's a much milder winter here and that's comparing to other places in Colorado as well and the snow always goes away - b b b b but it's still winter. Not complaining just say'in the way it is.

I'm happy we are finally at the end. Going for a bike ride and buying me some spray of some kind. I am soooo tired of being accosted by dogs and I'm sick of it. There will be no mercy anymore. Sorry pooch but you will not get a chance to have piece of me.

There has been little to take pictures of and the one below has been done a few times. The colors are fairly vibrant with this shot and it's an iconic logo. The lower right word is a newly added item. In some ways this town of less than 3K is Third World like but that's maybe for another time.

Have a good one everybody!!