I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Another One Bites The Dust

July '90 the first one came off the line. Well there won't be many more.

General Motors Co. said Wednesday it would shut down its Saturn brand after an agreement with Penske Automotive Group Inc. to acquire it fell apart.

It was interesting at first but you fucked it up and now look at you. Your products weren't good enough to compete. I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did.

A Man Who Has Never Lied And Who I Trust

I will believe Scott Ritter over anybody fucking else anytime anyplace.

He told the truth about Iraq way back when before we invaded for lies and he's telling the truth now about Iran.

Blix and El Baradei told the truth then as well. If Iran was a major threat as the sheep are being told I trust El Baradei would do the right thing and inform the world. After all he is not a whore as so many are here.

From Scott Ritter on Democracy Now

"And the IAEA has a 100 percent accounting for the totality of Iran’s nuclear material. So, even if Iran produces this new facility, which, by the way, is not in operation and won’t be in operation for over a year, no nuclear material has been diverted, there still is a full material balance, and the IAEA is in complete control of the situation. Iran is not in violation.

This is not a reason to panic. This is much ado about nothing. But again, we come back to the original premise: this is about political hype, the United States hyping up a capability in Iran which doesn’t exist, and that is the capability to produce nuclear weapons."

And look where our president is on this.


Organic Produce A First In The Nation?

A couple months ago while in Boulder,CO went to a fairly new grocery store called Sunflower Farmer's Market and was very impressed. This weekend went once again and was even more impressed as I had time to check things out real good.

Here is the link to their very cool website. There are something like 28 stores and I'm told there are three planned for Santa Fe,NM.

The point of this which I think is very important is that by coincidence the next morning in the Boulder Daily Camera there was this article (read it in the camera but they now link to their own article that's in the denver whore post) about Sunflower and their own farm where they are raising their own organic produce locally.

True it may not be much now but what I saw in the store for organic was some of the best I've seen anywhere and also priced very right compared to here which I cannot afford. The piece stated it may be the first time a store has raised their own but there could be others I'm sure.

Yesterday I was told Sunflower has recruited three of the best produce people Safeway has in the area.

Whether this is a first or not is mute as what's important here is that people want this stuff bad and it appears Sunflower is going after this. Why it hasn't been tried before I'm not sure but I think this will work quite nicely and we will see more of this. There are many advantages and the one is you can control quality.

How I wish there was one here as I would not step in the others. The little guys rock so bring it on Sunflower!!! You betcha.

Thought This Thing Was Huge - But

Got blown outta the water yesterday by a friend that told me they get twice this size in Jersey. In any case we're still going ahead with this.

Walked out to the car this weekend on the front range and here this really good size preying mantis comes crawling out.

Took this picture and then tried to move it but it took off to a
building 50 yards away where of course more were taken. Click on this one if you want a good look.

This is the largest mantis I have ever seen. It's not unusual to see them in the high country but not this large anyway. It may not be much but I sure get a kick outta shit like this.

Weather is great have a good day!!


FYI - Afghanistan Body Count

Paid close attention to the deaths in Iraq for a long time. Now that Afghanistan is the hot bed for US troop deaths here is the link to get those numbers and below is what it looks like. 37 this month - 217 for the year and sadly bound to continue to go up.

Fatalities by Year and Month

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2001 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 5 4 12
2002 10 2 9 5 1 3 0 1 0 1 1 1 34
2003 4 7 11 2 1 2 1 4 2 3 6 0 43
2004 9 2 3 1 8 4 2 3 4 5 7 1 49
2005 2 1 5 18 4 27 2 15 11 4 2 3 94
2006 1 7 7 1 11 18 9 10 6 10 7 1 88
2007 0 13 3 8 11 12 13 18 8 9 11 6 112
2008 7 1 7 5 16 28 20 22 27 16 1 3 153
2009 14 15 13 6 12 24 45 51 37 0 0 0 217

Nationality: Fatality Type:


Mess Too Much With The National Anthem You Go Pay If You're Black

And this was over a year ago and if it trips the right triggers the deathers come out at anytime.

Marie contemplates the racial uproar that followed, the death threats, epithets, hate mail and lost work, the impact on uninvolved bystanders. Marie received three overt death threats among hundreds of phone calls and e-mails that were laced with racial insults. Hate groups circulated her address and phone number on the Internet.

"I would do it again. Same way. I would do it again.

We have no idea just how great the hate for Obama is now that he is president. They want this women dead just for a song so you can be sure the deathers will never go away when it comes to a black president.


Outta Here

Headed to The People's Republic of Boulder at least that's what the whore nutters call it for a party of sorts.

It just happened that there are a bunch of us around the same age who grew up together in this little town back in the cornfield. Years ago we would gather to bullshit -catch up and have some fun. Times change as we all know and it's been awhile since there's been one of these so I'm looking forward to seeing old friends not seen in some time. I doubt if I'll even be able to change the header picture. I need to get away because there are some here who are causing me great difficulties.

All of you have a safe and fun weekend with whatever you may be doing. Thanks for checking out what's going on here at OTC.

FYI- There is a murder trial being covered only here. It's the second the first ending in a hung jury. By a fluke OTC just happens to be the venue where this is being played out. A few of us were wondering just how many times this guy got plugged and as it turns out we were correct-plenty! Link

Later-OF and don't take any shit!!

Photo Proof Beck Is A Evil Whore Nut

Fux News didn't get this exclusive. The Beck caught in a weak moment while his masters twisted the stake through his chest to get him ramped up for the next really big shoe forgot to turn back on the shimmy shimmy coco bop light that works the magic for this piece of shit with really weird looking eyes. You just can't trust somebody with eyes like this. Sure as hell wouldn't buy a car from him either.

From Think Progress

Mt. Vernon city council distances itself from mayor’s ‘Glenn Beck Day.’

Here is the address of council member Ragan who introduced this resolution. It was a unanimous vote against this man. Trust me I know how hard it is to do these things. Chalk one up for the good guys. This city council rocks when it comes to racist bastards who come from there and become whore nuts. There are consequences sometimes for being evil. It might not be that much but it's something anyway.



Friendly Idawhore

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho (AP) -- The education director of Coeur d'Alene's Human Rights Education Institute says someone left a noose on the porch of her Spokane home, in an apparent threat against the black family.

And that's not all she's experienced either. The sick fucks are crawling out of shitters all over our country egged on by the likes of the limbos and the rest.

I would not spend a dime in Idaho ever if there was another choice.

This is how we defeat these sonsofbitches and that's with the dollar bullet. Nothing new but we lefties couldn't organize this at the level needed even if we wanted too.

Give'em hell and don't take any shit!

Careful What You Bring Home From The Library

Who woulda thunk

Denver Public Library has banned one of its most avid users for spreading the tiny insects in volumes of obscure literature that he borrows each week.

Three times since Sept. 3, the city has quarantined and fumigated four areas of its main branch. Thirty-one books have been destroyed in efforts to contain the infestation of bugs and their larvae and droppings.

The problem threatens books not only in Denver's system, but those in libraries throughout Colorado.

"It's everybody's collections and everybody's homes at risk," says Tom Scott, manager of security and safety

The fellow who was banned is all pissed off. The thought of having these things on me is so gross and this asshole is feeling picked on. I'm so sick of dumb fuckers who are in the wrong constantly complaining and whining that they are special.

Kiss my ass!!



So Dusty makes this post about having to put down one of her cats. It was sad. OTC wrote about Riverbend and the fact it had been two years since she had posted anything.

A friend comments on a Buick driven by an elderly person taking the lives of two of his friends who were on a motorcycle.

A friend I will see this weekend told me he was going to say goodbye to a longtime friend of his who is dying of cancer.

Rude Kitty
has been explaining about the people who are on the other side and just how fucked up they are in simple and easy to understand terms even one of those dumb fuckers could understand.

So what's this got to do with anything? Who knows this might be a stretch but here goes and I'm going to try to be half ass decent about it. It will be difficult.

Say you were one of those other people who choose to believe other things than I do and we all know who you are and I read a similar story about you having to put down a cat. I feel bad about the cat but you can go fuck yourself because it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. That's just kind of the way I feel.

So why is there sadness with Dusty's cat story and not yours? It's easy and it goes to the root of why we are right and you dumb fucks on the other side are just that dumb fucks.

I know for a fact that Dusty, myself, rude kitty and every other blogger, progressive or person from the left actually care about other life rather than just pet life. We actually put a value on human life. Like the ones lost just by accident alone in the three wars we are in at this time. You know the innocents-oh that's right you wouldn't know that because you're a dumb fucker and just real damn proud of it too.

Something else too inbred. I don't know how many but it seems to me a fairly substantial number of bloggers that I read turn out to be atheists. Imagine fucking that! Can you spell hypocrisy? Oh sorry that's right you're not too good at that are you?

Your stupidity allows you to be led by the nose of the corporate whore media given credibility when the truth of the matter your opinion has as much merit as a dried up Limbaugh turd.

I care more about friends who think like me than the others. That sounds so bad but when the stupid -the bat shit crazy-the jeebus crazy are factored in this becomes something other and I think it human nature for some and that includes me to back far away from these people. This is driving our country apart but I want nothing to do with them.

Check Out

Yea that's what has to be done in the side bar cuz the chair has kicked my ass for the last two nights. After work I need to bang some stuff out that's been on my mind and one is the lack of common sense in our society.

Glancing this morning PM has a great post up on his Family and Friends Blog and the new addition to the blog roll is Rude Kitty that cracks me up and it's funny but just as sad really. Then Cujo at Slobber & Spittle has a post up about Marc Emery that is worth the read for sure.

It is definitely fall now and I gotta get the hell out of here. Have a good one and thanks for taking the time to stop by where there wasn't much to see today.


Downhill Weather And Uphill Racing

Fall is definitely here now. Saturday fished in very warm temperatures and did so so. That is not a complaint. Sunday was different. Went to watch the last stage of Rally Colorado. The short video will explain both.

Here it's a very good idea even in the summer time to have a jacket or a vest with you at all times. I was not prepared today and got caught without proper attire. I did bring pants and a vest along but even at that it would not have been enough to endure.

The sun wasn't shining but my luck was when I came upon a friend who I had supper with two nights before. She fixed me up with a poncho and saved One Fly's sorry wet ass or else he wouldn't have gotten these video snippets. Eternally grateful Maurita - thank you so much!

FYI - the open class for these cars have around 350 HP.

A short way from here is the east fork of the Williams Fork River that goes for miles and is all private. For several years I was able to fish about a mile and a half of that which was pretty damn nice. What made it better this river holds for the most part only native cutthroats.


Markets On The Radio

Didn't know how to title this.

WOI to stop airing ag market reports.

How times have changed in the cornfield but wanted to say something about growing up on a farm and the relationship of the radio to the farmer.

For the longest time in the morning when cornfielders got up and were having breakfast the radio was on so you could listen to the market report and of course the weather. Then you went to work till dinner/lunch.

At dinner/lunch the radio was on so you could listen to the markets and of course the weather. Then you went out and worked till supper time.

You know the rest of the story rest of the story rest of the story rest of the story.

These Mormonys Are Liable To Get Shot

This will piss the locals off big time it seems to me.

I could possibly drive through these places sometime but I'll pass on the tour. I wonder who will show up for this.


Could It Be That Net Neutrality Is Actually On The Horizon

From the horses mouth FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski-

"One thing I would say so that there is no confusion out there is that this FCC will support net neutrality and will enforce any violation of net neutrality principles"

This issue is so vitally important if we as bloggers all over the world are to beat back the forces of teh stoopid who are winning right now in my opinion. Without freedom on the internets we have no chance of keeping the crazy's at bay.

Bring it on Chairman Genachowski and it's important to state that until this actually happens we got squat but when it does this will be a major victory and OTC will be one of the first to thank President Obama for making such an important change. Here's hoping!!

Dummy Wins Car But Needs To Give It To One Fly

Anybody who wins a restored 460HP Camaro and says 'I haven't driven a manual (transmission) in a long time. I'm not sure if I can drive it " does not deserve it and should have to give it to me for saying something so stupid.

Did I mention I was a Chevy man. I can drive that bad boy real fucking good you betcha!!


You Dirty Bastards

Men dressed as nurses steal from metro seniors. Since May, the thieves have struck at least 20 times, with losses from fraudulently used credit cards estimated in the range of $50,000 to $100,000.

This is sick shit. Not only is our society pretty damn stupid we treat each other like shit a lot of times.


Confidence level low.

Do know there will be no shit taken from anybody and that's a fucking fact!


Lost Your Retirement -Tough Shit - Not So For State Cornfield Workers - Bend Over Rover

I read this and I can't tell you how pissed off it made me. Not because there is nobody helping me or you when it comes to the funds we all lost in our 401's or what have you. So they are going to probably tax residents more so the retired ones do not lose anything. You monkeys out there want to raise hell about something this would be it. These people are no different than you and me and need to share the losses just like we have. What a bunch of fucking bullshit. When do you and I get some special consideration heh??

IPERS ( Iowa Public Employees' Retirement System) is funded 60 percent by taxpayers and 40 percent by public employees.

increased contributions by taxpayers and government workers could be required.


Rock Pounding

Maybe you envisioned this and I wish it were the case with all the bastards from recent years from both sides of the aisle but it's not so.

Have to call this Wednesday afternoon education time. This is an example of a process called aerification that is my worst nightmare.

I was asked to do something like this so for a change of pace I did.

Maybe you can find some merit in it.

Stop Kissing The Bitchers Asses

There's a time to apologize and times where it's bull shit. The racist bastard from the dumb fuck south needs/needed to apologize to the prez for instance.

Here no apology is needed and they did not once but twice.

Quintana used PowerPoint slides to discuss warning signs of drug-related activity. The slides said hikers should be aware of food wrappers on the trail, including "tortilla packaging, beer cans, Spam, tuna, Tecate beer cans, etc." — and campers playing Spanish music, among other signs.

Here at OTC the position taken that we are equally bigoted against everything even myself.

Have a good one!


Thanks Demofems

So the House voted 240-179 for a "resolution of disapproval" against Herr Whore Wilson the nicest rebuke the house of pusswads has at their disposal. Don't want to be mean ya know or make it appear you're picking on a slime ball as that's not the way the dimmo's play.

Seven repugs were smart enough to understand that this inbred sonofabitch who is of the same party affiliation as themselves did something wrong and needed to be chastised. Not much but it's something anyway. I'm surprised it was that many.

Our side is another matter. 12 Demoslugs thought it was just fine that this southern cocksucker can say whatever he wants against our president even though he is the liar. Thanks for the support you pricks!

Then there are the five lowlife pieces of living pig shit who are supposed to be on our side who voted "present" rather than take a stance on this. You lame dick bastards every damn one of you.

If there is anyone out there who thinks there will be any quality legislation coming from this house of fucktards you are being far too naive cuz it just can't happen given the parameters in place at this time.

We/you/I are so screwed. Please chew my ass out when I'm proven wrong. That would make me so very happy I can't tell you how much.

No Place To Go But Throw Their Ass Out Anyway

Police rousted a half-dozen people camping Monday morning along the South Platte River near Denver's Cuernavaca Park.

I remember the first time in West Africa when I heard someone say "I'm a human being". Having arrived straight from a cornfield at the time thought it was one of the strangest things I ever heard.

It did not take long to understand the meaning.

I don't have the answers to homeless people but if I was in charge they wouldn't get thrown out unless there was another place for them to go.

As like the millions with health issues and bad stories about it they are also human beings as well and deserve more.

Send the fucking lawmakers away to Third World countries for their vacation to gain input and make them live and experience what the locals do and then we might see some headway made on this important issue.


Obama Says What???

Obama warns Wall Street against reckless behavior

I saw this and damn near puked. Just how big a chump are you anyway?? No one in their right mind will believe these Wall Street whores and bankers are going to police themselves. I can't hardly take this shit. What the fuck is next an angry letter.

Some Things

The poll over on the right(gone now) reflects what we knew anyway that there are for the most part no atheists associated with these lunatic nutters-imagine that!

Why the hell is it that when there is a chance people who drive vehicles some of which are huge can not or do not wish to share the road with those who choose to pedal. You should see the animosity in the local fishwrapper over this but this particular time it come from the cornfield. I just have a serious issue with that and always have. As a former rider or even if one is not I can find a few seconds out of my day to make a safe pass-end of story. It just isn't that big of deal.

The Diocese of Pueblo payed off two people who were molested. The priest when confronted committed suicide in 2005. This is a tragedy all the way around and this shit continues because Benny the Rat does nothing.

And last but most important possibly is about the nutter protesters that can not spell and what have you that to me because of the media seem to be winning. There is a big difference between them and us and that is they are breeding like fly's and that is scary. I'm serious because these baby's will be forever imprinted.

Time to get to work-have a good one everybody!


What This Really Means

Is that they shot at anything that fucking moved - that's what it means and chances are excellant they did just that. Remember Falloogeh?

Dozens of Taliban killed after US deaths


Yea Hog Waste Kills Fish

This happens a lot back in the cornfield because there are massive numbers of hogs everywhere and they produce massive amounts of waste.

The manure then ran over the field and into Otter Creek, causing a fish kill along almost four miles of stream about a half-mile south of the Minnesota state line.

Luckily yesterday there were no pig shit spills where I was and it was another pretty damn decent day of fall fishing on the Colorado.



Rock Cat


No This Is Not From A Turkey

But it is from a bird that that met an unfortunate ending.

It's from one of these a Blue Grouse. This poor fellow early in the morning flew into a gate  and when I found it delivered to me a very short time later it was still very warm and there was no hesitation on what needed to be done.

Tasted really good let me tell ya. His loss my gain. These birds are noted as not being that intelligent.


The local fishwrapper has a piece in it as most will. Some are better than others-some are truthful-some are not. Some piss me off -some don't. Below is the comment I put on the one here just to let the local monkeys know and understand there are some of us that will never forget certain things either! Have a good one.

Yea-I remember and won't forget.

I remember and won't forget that on the same day Daddy Bush was in a meeting with Bin Ladens half brother and that the next day his punk kid sent planes and picked up over a hundred Bin Laden family members and flew them out of the country and later invaded Iraq who had nothing to do with it for lies.

You betcha I remember and will not forget!

One Fly's personal 911 story here.


Two Polygamous Church Bishops Get Asses Kicked In Court

They're crying that their-

constitutional right to carry out their ecclesiastical duties is being violated.

The judge said go screw yourselves and stay away from little girls.

Two thumbs up for 3rd District Judge Denise Lindberg!


The Chair Got Me

Indeed it did so I've got nothing to say except here are several fotos.


Why Blagojebitch Types Continue To Crawl Out Of The Shitter

Because for instance Blugo says -

he might even try to subpoena President Barack Obama

The former governor spoke by phone from New York, where he was promoting his book, "The Governor." He started the day with an interview with WLS radio in Chicago and an appearance on NBC's "Today" show.

he might subpoena White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, Senate Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman Robert Menendeza

All these pieces of shit have to do to get attention is just that above and that then becomes news and is given instant credibility and that's why. This is not news.

A very reluctant link

Where Dinosaur's Played 6000 Years Ago

Some of what we did and saw this last Saturday. I need to get paid for doing this kind of stuff. Not the video but for cruising around looking for interesting shit.

Two young guys walked through the compound one morning years ago in West Africa and I asked then what they were doing and they told me they were "looking for adventure".

Always remembered that and my friend and I very much enjoy that as well.


B-25 Approach And What's Coming Next

Played yesterday and it was a very fun day and got home pooped and fairly late. Later there will be a video up of some of what we did. It could be half-assed decent and yours truly may be in it for a few seconds only.

Today we worked once again and am sitting real good for what's coming after fall as I will not say the four letter word that starts with s not f and put the hex on things.

Last night before dusk heard this plane and knew it was going to land shortly. Ran up to below the runway and did a video but it was too dark and it was worthless. Just now it passed over and quickly ran up there way too fast as sure as shit it was on approach and did not get to where I wanted to be and this is what I got. I love the sound of radial engines. Just couldn't take the time and hang out for a proper video.

For what it's worth this is the 1001 post for OTC. Who would have imagined as I sure as hell did not think this was going to go this far.

Thanks for being part of that!!


Labor Day - The Reason For It And The Innocent Men Who Went to their Death

The same post from last year in it's entirety. A piece that tells a very important story and why I get the day off to go explore because men like these died so I could do just that.

In this country there are not many who know why we celebrate this holiday but the story told below explains and we should all take pause now and then and remember those who came before us whether it's this or any number of other stories of people who sacrificed so our country could be a better place to live in.

Remembering the Haymarket Martyrs

By Charles Sullivan

05/16/06 "
Information Clearing House' -- -- Every now and then events transpire that cut through the rhetoric, the carefully contrived images purveyed in the press and historical texts, and reveal a nation’s dark soul in ghastly detail. Such an event occurred in the streets of Chicago on May 4, 1886, and continued through November 11 of 1887. They were set in motion years before.

At noon on that day four of labor’s most courageous warriors: Albert Parsons, August Spies, Adolph Fischer and George Engel were hanged for a crime they did not commit. A fifth man, Louis Lingg, was slated to share the fate of his comrades but he cheated the hangman and the state of his innocent blood when he exploded a dynamite cap in his mouth from his jail cell just hours before the execution. The explosive had been smuggled in to him by an anarchist comrade. Another anarchist, Oscar Neebe, has sentenced to fifteen years of prison and hard labor. Three others had their death sentences commuted to life sentences.

In the U.S. only a relative few working class people know that Labor Day, originally May Day (May 1) originated with the hanging of these men. The rest of the world celebrates their heroism on May 1; however, the U.S. does not officially recognize their sacrifice by honoring them with a national holiday. Virtually every worker worldwide owes a tremendous debt to the Haymarket Martyrs, who provided the impetus and paid the ultimate price for many of the benefits that all workers, including the rank and file and upper management, now enjoy.

Those were tumultuous times not only in Chicago but all across America, when revolution was in the air and nationwide strikes crippled the burgeoning economy. In Chicago alone 400,000 were out on strike protesting not only reductions in wages but also demonstrating for the eight hour work day—one of the central organizing principles of the anarchist’s political philosophy. The Chicago anarchist movement that took root in 1884 was both strong and effective. Its leaders were skilled organizers and eloquent orators.

The Chicago police of the day were corrupt and routinely moved on the strikers at the behest of the business community, prodded by the daily newspapers. In those days companies had their own militias which were used to put down worker insurrections with coercion and violence. They also hired Pinkertons to intimidate and kill workers in order to prevent strikes and to maximize profits. But when the strikers began organizing militias for their own protection the state legislature outlawed them. The business militias, however, were allowed to continue their grim work, leaving the workers without protection and vulnerable. Strikers were routinely beaten, imprisoned and killed by their employers and the police.

On May 4, 1886, several unarmed strikers were shot dead by the Chicago police and hundreds were brutally beaten, including innocent bystanders at the McCormick Reapers Works. August Spies witnessed the affair with horror and righteous indignation. His comrades were being murdered in the streets and the killers did so with impunity. It seemed that all the forces of Chicago were arrayed against the working people.

An outraged August Spies organized a peaceful rally the following evening at the Haymarket Square. After beginning in clear moonlight, the weather suddenly turned cool and threatened rain, after a crowd of 3,000 gathered to hear the orators in the gathering gloom of the chilled night air. Standing upon a hay wagon near a lone street lamp the speakers berated the Chicago police for their indiscriminate killing of unarmed workers. Chicago Mayor Carter Harrison, a just and honest man, was in attendance. Satisfied that the gathering was peaceful and nearing conclusion, Mayor Harrison informed the chief of police, John Bonfield, who had sanctioned the shootings and mass beatings of the previous day, not to march on the group or disrupt their meeting.

It was getting late and the cold was penetrating when Albert Parsons and most of the speakers left the rally to warm themselves at Zephf’s Hall. Acting without legal authority, John Bonfield gathered a troop of 180 armed policemen and ordered them to disperse the dwindling crowd. After a mild verbal confrontation, Samuel Fieldon, who was speaking to the crowd when the police arrived, agreed to peacefully disperse. As Fieldon leaped down from the hay wagon, an unknown assailant hurled a stick of sizzling dynamite into the crowd of policemen. One officer was killed and six others died in the ensuing mayhem as the result of the panic stricken police firing indiscriminately into the fleeing crowd.

A reign of terror soon swept over Chicago in the aftermath of the Haymarket bombing. The press and the city’s business men, always hostile to the strikers, blamed the anarchists and the socialists and cried for their blood. The principal anarchists were quickly rounded up and put into jail, except for Parsons who, though far from the site of the incident, knew that Chicago’s business men demanded his head and skipped town.

Demonized in the press and the business community, the anarchists were immediately tried, convicted and executed in the Chicago Tribune and other daily newspapers even before any evidence was gathered. The judge presiding over the trial did nothing to conceal his prejudice and hostility toward the accused. Twelve impartial jurors could not be found, so those who openly proclaimed the guilt of the accused were paid to judge the case. During the early stages of the trial Albert Parsons dramatically walked into the courtroom and took his place at the side of his comrades to face his fate with them.

With the impossibility of a fair trial, and the irrational fear that Chicago’s ruling elite felt toward immigrant social agitators, the men were convicted and sentenced to death by hanging. Predictably, the trial was a farce, a media circus and a travesty of justice. The jury consisted of businessmen, their clerks and a relative of one of the dead policemen. Not a single working man or woman was selected for the jury.

No evidence was produced to link any of the accused with the bombing during the trial. None of them were at or near the scene of the crime. No evidence was brought forth to demonstrate that the anarchists had conspired to incite violence that evening. But they were anarchists and socialists, a threat to capital, and they were bound to hang for their political views.

State attorney Julius Grinnell openly declared that anarchism was on trial. By hanging the anarchists, Grinnell reasoned, the sacred institutions of society would be saved. In essence, free speech and the right of peaceful assembly were also on trial. Laws to protect the rights of suspects were suspended and new precedents established to hasten their conviction. The real agenda of Chicago’s business community, however, was to put an end to the successful drive for the eight hour work day and to permanently demonize organized labor. It would require another fifty-one years for the eight hour work day to become law as part of Roosevelt’s New Deal.

Just a few hours prior to the execution Albert Parsons wrote a friend that “The guard has just awakened me. I have washed my face and drank a cup of coffee. The doctor asked me if I wanted stimulants. I said no. The dear boys, Engel, Fischer and Spies, saluted me with firm voices. Well, my dear old comrade, the hour draws near. Caesar kept me awake last night with the noise, the music of the hammer and saw erecting his throne—my scaffold.” Parsons remained awake most of the night singing one of his favorite songs, “Annie Laurie” in a soft, melancholy voice filled with emotion.

More than 200 reporters gathered to witness the execution, as did the citizenry. None of the friends or relatives of the anarchists were permitted to attend. Albert Parson’s wife, Lucy, and their children were not permitted to bid their beloved husband and father a final farewell. Lucy Parsons was arrested in the attempt and taken to jail in another part of the city.

A few minutes before noon the four men were paraded onto the gallows scaffold. A reporter described the scene, “With a steady, unfaltering step a white robed figure stepped out…and stood upon the drop. It was August Spies. It was evident that his hands were firmly bound behind him beneath his snowy shroud.” Another reporter wrote, “His face was very pale, his looks solemn, his expression melancholy, yet at the same time dignified.” Fischer, Engel and Parsons followed in orderly procession. Another reporter noted that Parsons “Turned his big gray eyes upon the crowd below with such a look of awful reproach and sadness as it would not fail to strike the innermost chord of the hardest-heart there. It was a look never to be forgotten.”

The nooses were placed around the men’s necks and muslin shrouds placed over their heads. The executioner took up the axe that would in a moment cut the rope and spring the trap doors upon which the four men stood, sending them into ancestry. There was apprehension in the air thick as soup. Four innocent men were about to be executed by the state. Just then a “mournful solemn voice sounded.” It was August Spies speaking his final words, “The time will come when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you strangle today.” Next, George Engel shouted in his native German tongue, “Hurrah for anarchy!” Adolph Fischer chimed, “This is the happiest day of my life.” Just as Albert Parsons began to utter his final words that began, “Harken to the voice of the people,” the executioner’s axe fell. The trap doors sprung open with a bang and the four men jerked violently on the end of their ropes and then dangled in the air.

None of them died quickly of broken necks, as was supposed to happen; they violently twisted and strangled to death over a period of several minutes, some of them kicking and writhing in agony. The captains of industry celebrated the death of the anarchists while the workers mourned for their fallen comrades. But the dream of the eight hour work day, while strangled, did not die with the Chicago anarchists. It lived on in the lives of Emma Goldman, Eugene Debs, Mother Jones and Big Bill Haywood, who were inspired by the Haymarket Martyrs and went on to organize.

Some 600,000 workers turned out for the anarchist’s funeral. Lucy Parsons was inconsolable in her grief and spent the remainder of her life continuing the work that she and Albert had begun years before in Texas and later Chicago. This was the event that precipitated the eight hour work day, the internationally celebrated May Day, and Labor Day in the U.S. It is tragic that so few working class people are aware of the tremendous price that the Haymarket Martyrs paid for the freedoms that so many of us take for granted today.

On June 26, 1893, newly elected Illinois Governor John Altgeld set the remaining anarchists free and cleared the names of the hanged. Altgeld, a fair minded man, after examining transcripts of the trial and reams of related documents declared that all of the anarchists were innocent of the crimes for which they were convicted. Altgeld concluded that the hanged men had been victims of “hysteria, packed juries and a biased judge.” Later, evidence came to light that the dynamite may have been thrown by a police agent working for police captain Bonfield, as part of a conspiracy hatched by local business men to discredit the entire labor movement.

The state sponsored murder of the Haymarket anarchists, while particularly poignant, is by no means an isolated incident in American labor history. In the spring of 1886 America was on the verge of becoming something other than what she was. A new dawn in which working class people were on a par with business elites was almost within grasp and the eight hour work day virtually assured. Had justice prevailed that year in a hot Chicago courtroom and the normal procedures of the law followed, America would have been a very different place; a more just and peaceful future than the one we have now would have been possible and likely.

The entire Haymarket affair betrays the violent nature of capital and reveals its modus operandi. Aside from all the rhetoric about free speech and democracy, it exposes who runs the country, who makes the laws and who enforces them. It is capital, not we the people that are running things. Time and again the ugly side of America has been revealed when the status quo was threatened with real democracy. And it will happen again until the class struggle is finally resolved with just outcomes. The judgment of History has exonerated the fallen victims of predatory capital and indicted the real perpetrators of crimes against humanity, but who go unrepentant and unpunished.

Until millions of ordinary working class people awaken to the kind of country America really is, the death of Albert Parsons, August Spies, Adolph Fischer and George Engel will have been in vain. Workers the world over owes a great debt to these courageous men, whose lives, strangely, are celebrated abroad but scarcely known here. Unless we remember these men and honor what they did for us their sacrifice will have been in vain. We owe them nothing less and much more.

Author’s note: I urge those who wish to know more about these events to read labor historian James Green’s recently published book “Death in the Haymarkett: A Story of Chicago, the First Labor Movement and the Bombing that Divided Gilded Age America.”

Charles Sullivan is a photographer, social activist and free lance writer residing in the hinterland of West Virgina. He welcomes your comments at earthdog@highstream.net


Why Nutters Will Remain Just That

In response to me opening my mouth I now have to produce on the idea that after deep thought with a friend we may have figured out why these people are the way they are and are not open to discussion or rational thought.

Why do people choose to believe obvious lies? Pro Wrestling-the Limbos and all the other sources of disinformation not to mention the invisible sky being fear factor that complicates this even more. I have never been able to understand that. They just want to believe so badly.

Said for a long time somewhat in jest that it could be a gene thing but something is obviously going on. Do think it can be compared to the man/women thing but do not mean they are necessarily connected. Comedians make their living off the differences between the sexes and it's not changing and no one can explain it for certain.

This is a bad case of imprinting going on here. Filial imprinting it seems is the type. But all of you knew that. Not me but I get to use the cornfield defense.

I think I have to back away from using the term brainwashing as the rhetoric today is more or less what these individuals imprinted on. Call it reinforcement conditioning. It's working whatever it may be.

No matter what - these people don't get a pass for being dumb fuckers never ever and right now it seems to me they are winning.

The fact these people are given such a dominate amount of time from the media shows the depth of the shit hole the Big Whore Media has crawled into.

Congressman Frank was correct in that the only way to fight these people is public ridicule as TehStupid deserves nothing more.

I have to reserve the right to add to this. Time to go to work.

Have fun today everybody!

From Deep Inside TehStupid Cornfield

A few short months ago the guy was okay and they helped make him our president but now they hate his guts. But they loved the killer Bush for years. What in the fuck can you do with stoopids!

If the election were held today, would you be likely to vote to re-elect Barack Obama? Yes


Paddling Through The Bull Shit

Well I never got on this but was able to get out there and take some pictures and came away with only a couple decent ones.

My bud is back and we are trying to finish up the final items on this place before winter. More long days.

The bull shit is so deep but in our own bull shit session last night we may have figured out the reason why so many nutters are the way they are. Not that they can be changed back to people with a brain as that can't happen.

When there is time this will be revealed for all to know. It's hard work being so goddamn smart when we knock heads.

Looks like another great day - may yours be as good. Later.


It Ain't Safe For Kids To Listen To Our President

There will be a nutter movement soon to have the Obama children removed from the White House for their own safety.

It's getting worse out there folks with what I've had time to glance at quickly this morning. This is downright crazy shit happening and it is getting worse. What's scary there is no changing their minds.

Thank the blue (whore) mutts for this cuz if they would have been on the side of right instead of the side of the fucking corporations most of this shit could have been headed off at the pass. Sonsofbitches every one!

Didn't do too good fishing but it was well worth it. The chair grabbed me again and it's a B-25 not a 24 and I will be able to get on this thing.

Look the fuck out and try to have a good one.


Another Do Gooder In Action To Save Us From An Ass

I have a sneaky feeling whoever felt the need to cover this butt up probably loves war and thinks that there is an invisible cloud being that knows all or maybe they did it for the humor but I doubt it.

I have been for the last few nights once again a casualty of the chair. Not hardly worth getting up.

After work running down to the Colorado for some late afternoon /early evening fish. Hope it gets very interesting.

There is a B-24 in town for Labor Day. I think I may be able to get up close or inside this thing. I would enjoy that a bunch not to mention the picture possibilities.

Have a good one everybody!!


Count On 45K More Troops In Afghannystan

This article does not get a link does not deserve a link and if it could I would tell it to fuck off and die.

Since the invasion of Iraq up until now have you ever seen an article about troop increases anywhere in the world that did not happen? Of course not because when it comes to war laying the groundwork is of the utmost importance to prepare the masses for more of the same.

The Pentagon fears that Obama may not be on board with this but of course that won't be the case because drama sells newspapers. In the end the Democrats will be patting their good friends on the other side of the aisle on their fat little asses because after all we're all in this together. This is war ya know.

So when they get their 45,000 more troops that will put the number around 100,000 and that doesn't count the contractors and mercenaries that are in Afghanistan and still in Iraq.

I cannot tell you how much I despise those elected officials that call themselves Democrats who continue to fund this war machine when they've been elected specifically twice now get out of there.

All the bitching and moaning, preaching to the choir, calling or what have you has not changed one thing in the last eight years or so and nothing is going to change now.

But you do what a dog will do and that is try.

Stupid Bastard Deserves More Than He Got

This asshole should feel lucky the cyclist didn't beat him to within an inch of his life but this is down in Colorady Springs where there are more nutters per capita than most places.

Hombs "intentionally" struck the bicyclist with his van to stop it, got out of his vehicle and approached the person he believed to be a bike thief.

The bike, however, wasn't his son's, the blotter said.

The victim, fearing he was going to be assaulted again, punched Hombs in the face.

Hombs was treated at the scene for a facial injury and was arrested on suspicion of second-degree assault.