I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Benny the Rat Keeping Bitches In Their Place

Excommunication for female priests

And the truth be known that's not all they want to do to these uppidy women. We know what they do to boys who have done nothing what's in store when you commit a "crime" and are female? YIKES!!
Benny's putting the hex on some poor sucker for sure here.

Catholics who are excommunicated cannot receive the sacraments. Amato said the penalty can be lifted if those so punished are sincerely repentant.

In layman terms all that means is money. You buy someone off usually a bishop and you start from scratch. Want a divorce and still want a chance at the stairway to heaven no problemo. Bring the right amount and everything is otay!

I am so happy I escaped the clutches of the religiously insane.



111 nations, but not US, adopt cluster bomb treaty

This is just sick shit no other way around it. Look at this quote from the article.
"This is a treaty drafted largely by countries which do not fight wars," said John Pike, a defense analyst and director of GlobalSecurity.org.

Followed by this beaut.
"Treaties like this make me want to barf. It's so irrelevant. Completely feel-good," he said.

War whore lover SHAWN POGATCHNIK, Associated Press Writer was on his knees getting this story.

I am not proud of my country but to expect anything less at this time is being naive.


And The Answer Is

Originally posted 2/8/07 got the answers I've been looking for. I enjoyed this video so much as there was a lot going on. Just as much the song was a delight. Wanted to put a face to the voice in the song.

The group is call&response. The song is rollerskate. Found the answer at SONGZA. Never been there and it's great. They let you add a player. The video is a minute and the song in the player is four.

Here is the young women who sings this and it's a fun watch too. The video is from flightplanfilms.com

May not be much but it's something anyway plus I get a kick outta shit like this.

Do not have time for a post today as need to deal with all the goddamn snow. Drug this up from the archives to see if I can get lucky and find somebody out there that may know the artist who does the music on this short video. That would be nice. Just went out to warm up the car and I tell you there's so fucking much snow it's getting kinda crazy.

Kinda Sleazy Calls Bullshit

Rice on Thursday rejected allegations from a former White House spokesman who says the Bush administration misled the American public into going to war with Iraq.

OTC calls double bullshit!! What the fuck else are you going to say when you're guilty as shit. Most murderers do the same. If it comes around for this killer slut she'll be saying the same crap before the trap door opens. No use going on about the lies they use to this day the bottom line is that these sonsofbitches took our country to war on lies and they need to be tried and then hung for treason and that's a fact.


Obama Screws Up And Makes A Mistake

The candidate mistakenly referred to the wrong Nazi death camp when relating the story of a great uncle who helped liberate the camps in World War II.
Obama's mistaken mention of the camp on Monday quickly generated Internet chatter, ranging from puzzlement to outrage. The Republican Party demanded an explanation.

This deserves a severe ass chewing for more than one. It's hard work finding appropriate words with a small vocabulary plus most have been used too many times already and are beginning to become stale. There aren't enough to describe actions such as this. We'll need to go with the old standbys for this.

You mind fucked whores where was the explanation demand when anything retardo monkey boy said about Iraq was false. Then when you found out it was intentional bolstered with lies all around you blew this imbecile rat fuck even harder. OTC is just like those brown guys east of here we're fighting. That is in respect to this there will be no forgetting ever what you have done. The hypocrisy makes me nauseous. I don't think at this time we can be friends because between your ears there are major fucking malfunctions on a frequent reoccurring basis.

And you there Big Slut Media continuing to manipulate minds by making something out of nothing. You were the enablers and compared to the neo killers you may be even more guilty because it was your job to inform us with the truth. That's all you sonsofbitches had to do. You were blowing this low life piece of pecker snot just as hard as the repugs. No pass here either mother fucker.

None of you have any credibility fucking none!


Will This Be The Year?

Back in the cornfield things are a bit tense in some areas as it has been too wet to plant and it is late. The part of the field I came from has theirs in the ground late but in plenty of time.

The video below gives a bit more information on this. The point I wish to make is that in the last few years towards the end of the growing season crops were struggling because of lack of rain. Each of these years timely moisture occurred that in the end has produced very high yields. There have been some close calls and what if they don't catch that break this year as in the past or maybe it just won't rain much at all.

Eventually events will come together where the amount of corn produced nationwide will be significantly less. When that happens given the dynamics of his particular crop the resulting havoc will have global impact on many economy's with ours taking the biggest hit. With all the bad shit going on let's all hope for a good year where ever that cornfield may be.


Memorial Day Today And Five Years Ago

These pictures were taken five long years ago the very same scene above being played out once again today for the sixth time at the same place here and everywhere around our country since the invasion of Iraq. Each flag here a representation of a veteran who is no longer with us.

There is not a person I know who does not respect the service any man or women has given to this country but given these times and this day of remembrance Iraq and those who put us there has got to be part of the picture. The vets from this small Iowa town were adamantly opposed to the invasion and remain opposed to the chain of events since then. How many more of the same scene above will play out while this country occupies Iraq? It's likely there will be many.

With the war whores pounding the drums for war leading up to the invasion the opposition to such a venture was not heard from those who understood the ramifications of such an action namely the vets above and those no longer with us who now include my own Father. Although OTC did not exist five years ago the stance taken at that time remains the same today. We were one of the biggest supporters of the troops then and now. We supported them not going to Iraq and continue to support them coming home to their families immediately!!

Thank you to all Veterans past and present for your service and sacrifices and may the future for those who are serving abroad in this theater called Iraq and Afghanistan be able to return home very soon. That is my hope but the reality at this time is that many more graves will be dug for the casualties of this debacle.


Sunday Pat Condell Class

Never Been Able To Understand This Logic

A couple days ago a tornado ripped up a town on the front range leaving one dead and caused other damage as you can imagine. Two churches will hold a tent service tomorrow.
"The worship service will focus on praising God for His amazing protection over the lives of the people in the community during the storm"
Always after a catastrophe there is rhetoric such as this. It makes no sense to me and I question if those that say and believe this way have any reasoning abilities at all. I am sorry for your misfortune and have contributed to the relief effort but seriously the reality is there was no being controlling this event and if there was they sent this to you. Trying to be half ass nice here but this shit gets so damn old.


We Got War Pigs Again

The anti war songs of the sixties continue to have merit today. How fucked up is that 40 years later? We have not learned as a society and with certainty the powers in charge don't care to learn because as Black Sabbath points out they are WAR PIGS!
The pictures on this video are powerful.


Senate War Whores

WASHINGTON - The Senate plans to vote Thursday on providing $165 billion to fund Pentagon operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, under a deal that likely would doom billions of dollars in domestic programs.

Excerpts from the house of whores

But it would likely kill money for 13 weeks of additional unemployment benefits

The plan by Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., would also provide for passage of Bush's funding request without restrictions on his conduct of the Iraq war.

Republicans are expected to block a Democratic plan to urge Bush to begin redeployment of combat troops

Reading this early this morning pisses me off so badly but why should I be? This is what these sonsofbitches have done from the very beginning. Of course the Repugs will block this or that until they get what they want and the Dims will say don't use any lube I like it like that. Bushmeister sits back getting wood because the killing will continue.

Then this too where 8 civilians are killed including two kids. That's just fine for those that make the votes as they are not ours. We are so screwed!

Look the fuck out cause we ain't seen nothing yet.


The Design In Mind Is Literally Brain Rape

Saw this at Pharyngula. The religious crazys have been at this for a long time but are a bunch of conniving bastards for sure. If what you claim is true why do you need to be so clandestine which the video in an interesting way shows.. Bothers me that 47% of HS biology teachers believe human beings developed over millions of years and that God guided the process. Yikes!

I will say that and for lack of a better term a spirit interacted with me over a period of some ten minutes while living in West Africa. Scared shitless and happy as hell the sonofabitch never came back. Probably didn't like a white boy moving into the neighborhood or something like that who the fuck knows. Sure as hell wasn't a God but on matters such as this there is no bull shitting going on not even a little bit. Take it to the bank!


Easy Henry

You're going to break the gavel if you're not careful. Bang that goddamn thing harder like over the head of that Rove porker. This is worth watching just to see Henry show he ain't taking any shit. I like this guy but wish he'd do more but think he is hampered by the Justice Dept.


A Few Things

One of yesterday's posts was about an Iraq veteran who committed suicide taking his brother with him. Yesterday the Field Negro writes of his brother-in-law doing the same last weekend.
We share links but when shit like this happens it seems this hit is closer to home. Sick shit all of this is. Sorry for you and the families Field.
You dirty bastards!

If you read this from Crooks and Liars a story from Texas that is all about voter suppression that is happening in many states. For anyone to think that this election is in the bag at any level is being naive. I have not had a good feeling ever about the election ever. Look the fuck out and no matter what it is interesting and history in the making.

US violated Venezuela air space
As if things aren't screwed up enough let's fuck with Hugo that's always good fodder as the media needs to keep the villain image alive and well just in case chimpy feels in his gut action needs to be taken to protect the Amerikan people.

McCain: Obama's Iran remarks show inexperience
McChimp compares Iran to the old Soviet Union among several other quips that illustrate that the candle flame is very low for this man who I at one time respected. Give him a bit for his service to our country but it's difficult to even do that given what comes out of his mouth. Way too scary.


Another Reason These Bastards Need To Be Strung Up

PTSD Marine Kills Brother, Self

Four tours in Iraq and a personal pat on the back from the Chimp in Charge but still these vets continue to kill themselves at insanely high levels because help is not there. Of course the military does not like to diagnose PTSD as it just doesn't look good on their resume.

This is crazy fucking shit with no end in sight for this madness. One of the worst downsides of invading and then occupying another country on lies. These killers some how have to pay for their crimes. Sonsofbitches!

Bloggers Selected For The DNC

The lucky ones or not have been chosen to blog from the DNC in August. Only recognized two and met Square State last December in Denver. They will tell it like it is for sure. I will read what many of these sites have to say first over what the media whores will frame it as.

ALASKA: Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis: divasblueoasis.blogspot.com
ALABAMA: Doc's Political Parlor: www.politicalparlor.net
ARKANSAS: Under The Dome.com: www.underthedome.com
ARIZONA: Ted Prezelski - Rum, Romanism and Rebellion: www.rumromanismrebellion.net
CALIFORNIA: Calitics: Calitics.com
COLORADO: SquareState.net: squarestate.net
CONNECTICUT: My Left Nutmeg: myleftnutmeg.com
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: DCist.com: dcist.com
DELAWARE: TommyWonk: tommywonk.blogspot.com/
DEMOCRATS Abroad: Democrats Abroad Argentina: www.yanquimike.com.ar
FLORIDA: Florida Progressive Coalition: flaprogressives.org
GEORGIA: Tondee's Tavern: www.tondeestavern.com
GUAM: No Rest for the Awake - Minagahet Chamorro: minagahet.blogspot.com
HAWAII: iLind.net: Ian Lind Online: www.ilind.net
IOWA: The Iowa Independent: iowaindependent.com
IDAHO: 43rdStateBlues.com: www.43rdstateblues.com
ILLINOIS: Prairie State Blue: www.PrairieStateBlue.com
INDIANA: Blue Indiana: www.blueindiana.net
KANSAS: EverydayCitizen.com: everydaycitizen.com
KENTUCKY: BlueGrassRoots: www.bluegrassroots.org
LOUISIANA: Daily Kingfish: www.dailykingfish.com
MASSACHUSETTS: Blue Mass. Group: www.bluemassgroup.com
MARYLAND: The Center for Emerging Media: www.centerforemergingmedia.com
MAINE: Turn Maine Blue: www.turnmaineblue.com
MICHIGAN: Blogging For Michigan: bloggingformichigan.com
MINNESOTA: Minnesota Monitor: minnesotamonitor.com
MISSISSIPPI: The Natchez Blog: natchezms.blogspot.com
MISSOURI: Fired Up! LLC: www.firedupmissouri.com
MONTANA: Left in the West: www.leftinthewest.com
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OKLAHOMA: DemoOkie: www.DemoOkie.com
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WYOMING: Hummingbirdminds blog: hummingbirdminds.blogspot.com

It's About Damn Time

Here it is May 18th and there's still white shit in my yard but not for much longer. 70+ today so probably about noon this last bit will be history. May the door slam you in your sorry ass on the way out. With a bit of luck it will be six months before I see you again.

MPG Results

Last April wrote this about trying a fuel additive to see if it actually worked.

Here are the the mpg figures for five fill-ups.
34.7 - 30.4 - 31.6 - 28.3 - 29.5
28.5 is the number I'm using for the average.

That is an increase with these numbers of 8.4%
If I messed up the fill with the 34.7 by a gallon the increase would be 6.5%.

Not ready to draw any conclusions but I guess it's fair to say there has been some increase. Have a lot of this juice left and am trying to drive as little as possible. $3.76 when I filled up today and that was the cheap place. The sun came out and will finally remain and turn into summer. It's pretty much been two jacket days till now. Very busy but have an oil change coming up. Will jerk at least one plug and check the air filter just to be sure. I do think the average 28.5 is a bit high. Tenths of gallons and not many miles mean a lot in the final numbers but the the longer it goes the more accurate they become. This will take some time.


No Cat Only A Pig Today

I should probably get a cat some time because I like them a lot. As is there are too many running wild around here and some are looking very ragged. I think this guy likes me as he's not very afraid. Either that or he's setting me up to rip me a new asshole. Going to do some research and find out what marmots really like to eat besides grass. He may be a repug and we all know how they whore themselves out so there may be a chance we can have lunch together.


Thinking About It

A good friend and co-worker just returned from Costa Rica and was gracious enough to share some of his pictures and video. Never have done a slide show before but it seems to be a fun way to look at more than a few quickly and if you click on the picture it goes to the place it can be viewed much larger. Great photos and both have the ocean the rain forest and a volcano plus more. I like this kind of stuff and it's a pleasant change from all this political shit that can get you down after daily assaults we get from all over. I was born 25 years too early but this has made my mind up that next winter I'm headed to the tropics some place for sure as it's been almost 30 years too long already.
Thank you Graham!


Dummies With Guns

Officer Shoots Himself At training

Shit happens no doubt about it. A friend accidentally shot himself sitting next to me in the car years ago with a 22. Gun went off and I say to myself hope no one got shot and the next thing I hear "I just shot myself". Whoopee fucking do that's just great. High up inside the leg and over 20 away from the hospital. Have a 60 Bel Air 6-banger automatic top speed 80mph. Bled like a stuck pig passed out on the way but walked out of the hospital the next day. Sheriff came took the pistol and for what ever reason stuck the clip in ass backwards and tried to slam it home. Fucked up the safety in the process and shortly after that destroyed it as just didn't want it around. The video below shows this undercover officer blasting himself during a class where he's teaching-you guessed it-gun safety. It hurts like a sonofabitch you can bet on it but he's not about to say so. I do have a 9mm in the house now but it is not loaded.

People with guns particularly the ones with badges you don't know bother me just for the reason that shit happens. Once that gun is fired that bullet ain't coming home and the home it may find could be me or you. I do not get stopped hardly ever by those with the guns but if I do my hands are on the wheel because I want it to be very clear that I pose no threat. Please Mr. Gun take your hand away from your weapon you are making me very uneasy. You want me to do what? You betcha-I'll kiss your ass if you take your hand away from that goddamn gun of yours so then I can relax a bit knowing you're not going to shoot me for what ever reason at least right now.


More Of The Same

How does one complain about a fairly trivial matter such as the weather when thousands have lost their lives in various ways in the last few days. So this is not a complaint only a statement of fact.

It's 30* and white out once again plus the forecast is for way less than desirable weather the rest of the week considering it's the middle of May.

It's time for something other just as it's time for something other than what we've received from this government the last 7 plus years. Can't change the weather but maybe just maybe we can change the other. Let's make it so.

Something just ain't right!


Movies On The Internets

This weekend just holed up at home because I was sick. What I did do was watch a couple movies on HULU. Had recently seen an article on sites that show movies. This turned out to be a decent experience. A 30 sec commercial at the beginning and maybe five 15 sec ones through a two hour movie. The player worked well and overall I was impressed that it was not anywhere close to regular TV. It's worth a try.


Oh Sweet Mother

Pauline wrote
I saw 'Je dois tout a ma mère' painted on a taxi bumper today. I owe my mother everything. Mothers are held in high esteem -- a woman who has never borne a child is a disgrace to womanhood. Street boys will say 'la vieille mère' to impart their respect. It took some time getting used to that. Old Mother. What if they tried that in Europe?

That reminded me of the song Sweet Mother below that had the power to literally stop crowds in their tracks to dance if it was played. Mothers are very important in West Africa and Prince Nico hammered the essence of that in the middle 70's.

Oh Sweet Mother I no go forget you oh as I am missing mine just now.

Happy Mother's Day

By Prince Nico Mbarga

Sweet mother I no go forget you
for the suffer wey you suffer for me.
Sweet mother I no go forget you
for the suffer wey you suffer for me.

When I dey cry, my mother go carry me--she go say,
my pikin [1] wetin you dey cry ye, ye,
stop stop, stop stop make you no cry again oh."

When I won sleep, my mother go pet me,
she go lie me well well for bed,
she cover me cloth, sing me to sleep,
"sleep sleep my pikin oh."

When I dey hungry, my mother go run up and down.
she go find me something when I go chop [2] oh.

Sweet mother I no go forget you for the suffer wey you suffer for me

When I dey sick, my mother go cry, cry, cry,
she go say instead when I go die make she die.

O, she go beg God,
"God help me, God help, my pikin oh."

If I no sleep, my mother no go sleep,
if I no chop, my mother no go chop, she no dey tire oh.

Sweet mother I no go forget you,
for the suffer wey you suffer for me.

You fit get another wife, you fit get another husband,
but you fit get another mother? No!

And if I forget you, therefore I forget my life and the air I breathe.

And then on to you men, forget, verily, forget your mother,
for if you forget your mother you've lost your life.

No Mas No Mas

Had two conversations actually three this morning with friends and naturally the state of the union and world is discussed plus the weather. A giant boil on the ass of this country is that this piss ant of a simpleton president can alone decide to attack other country's. Just how fucked up is that? Plenty but what chaps my ass even more is Congress didn't take that authority away from this man particularly since '06. You'll do what ever the fuck you want anyway but at least if there's a discussion in Congress you war loving non fighting bastards will get called out for what you are by the very few members there who speak of reality.

Yea things are getting expensive and there's a bunch of turmoil with a lot blood and guts we don't see many places. All sorts of ideas on how to cope or maybe adjust to these increases. The idea you do not hear is to get the fuck out of Iraq. What's so hard to understand that it is because of Iraq the world is in such turmoil.

Will nice weather ever arrive? This is what it was like this morning.


Bitchin and Moaning

Yesterday was not very nice and am half ass sick. No leaves on the trees and there's still snow in the yard. Have not read much except for headlines and even that is enough to know things are really fucked up. They caught a big bad ass in Iraq another in a long line of big bad asses over the last five years. Won't make one shit bit of difference. They're still going to kill us forever. Sick of this political infighting and the whores in Congress who continue to fund the killing in Iraq with my money. Are we ever anytime soon going to see some good news like something coming around for one of these sonsofbitches that has screwed my country so hard and so long? Maybe the Bush will take a tumble at his daughter's wedding and break his fucking neck. No matter what the weather that would be a good day.

What's this video have to do with the above? Nothing except I haven't caught a fish yet this year and that's a first. It will still be some time before the type of water I fish gets good and I'm so ready. Did this at the local hatchery last year. Fishing takes my mind off all this other shit.


Straight Is Important

It was so nice yesterday. Mowed most of the greens for the first time this year about a month behind last year. Enjoy this time of the season the best because you have the whole place to yourself. I know it's the people who chase that white ball around and beat the piss out of it that pay the wages but it's much better when they aren't around. When they come out I go in. It may not be much but I still get a lot of satisfaction after mowing a green and it looks good. This example isn't too bad for the first time out but there is a flaw right in the middle of the picture. If you look closely to the right you can see where there was some grassed missed. Mistakes such a this show up dramatically in the late afternoon and looks really bad. In this business straight is a must and crooked makes everyone look bad.

The lines you see is called striping. This has become a big deal every where and not only with golf. I think it can be overdone but do enjoy how innovative some operators can get as it can look way too cool. On baseball fields the patterns are fun too.

Striping is accomplished by a roller at the rear of the cutting unit. The lighter stripes above the mower is moving away the dark moving towards. You can see the effect by using you hand on your carpet. What happens is the grass in this case is lain over in different directions and striping is the result you see.

This is the type of mower that mowed the green. It's called a tri-plex as it has three cutting units. That is not me in the above photo. This is a Toro powered by an 18hp V-Twin Briggs& Stratton motor. Two wheel hydrostatic drive power steering with the cutting units also hydraulically driven. These machines are fun to operate but can reach out and bite you if you happen to have your head up your ass on any particular day. A new one costs about 22k at the
low end. Here is an example of how sharp these things are.

An example of head up ass.


Doubts About MRAP Vehicle

MRAP=Mine Resistant Ambush Protective vehicle. The deaths of two U.S. soldiers in western Baghdad last week have sparked concerns that Iraqi insurgents have developed a new weapon capable of striking what the U.S. military considers its most explosive-resistant vehicle.

Well no shit Sapphire the enemy found a way to penetrate it's defenses. That's what the fuck the other side does that's their job to kill the other guy and to find new and better ways to do so. These cost a million each. Spend all the goddamn money you want and it ain't gonna make squat bit of difference.

U.S. officials have accused Iran of shipping EFPs across the border and arming militias.

explosively formed penetrator. No OTC calls bullshit. The whore media frames it like this but if there are any accusations thrown around it's to the sonsofbitches that invaded Iraq on lies. This has been going on for some time attempting to sway opinion for the impending attack of some sort on Iran.

Nothing goes according to plan when you are at war-nothing. Nor is there any good that comes out of it. Compound the situation with the lies and it just doesn't get much worse. Will the sheeple ever get this. Not as long as the media is in the back pocket of these murderous thugs. We are so screwed!


Get Arrested In Denver Protesting The Corporate Whores-Plan On Spending Some Time In The Slammer

Civil-rights activists say a Denver police policy could result in mass arrests and a clogged jail during the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Denver "doesn't cite and release."

Denver has adopted the policy of New York City when it comes to the rights of protesters. You'll probably spend the better part of the day or night in the cock roach motel for exercising your rights if you get cited for this simple misdemeanor. Ah-Amerika

The ACLU of Colorado filed a federal lawsuit Friday against the U.S. Secret Service and the city of Denver to ensure protesters can march and demonstrate within sight and hearing of delegates at the Democratic National Convention this August.

We'll see what happens but the chances are good the Dims will be similar to the Bushies when it comes to protesting them. A place yet to be determined maybe fenced off located away from the center is what will be the only choice. I hope not and maybe the ACLU can do some good so people can actually be in the area where the major players are located. You know the ones that vote in the best interests of corporations and not us and and our country. Did I mention this group loves illegal wars almost as much as the Repugs. They must or else they wouldn't keep funding it now would they.


Mama Said Not To Play With Cannonballs

More than 140 years after Lee surrendered to Grant, the cannonball was still powerful enough to send a chunk of shrapnel through the front porch of a house a quarter-mile away.

Plus it killed the guy working on it. Another shitty way to go.

Sunday Religion Class With Pat Condell

Had never heard of this man until a friend sent me a link to this video. OTC takes the position of reality over the other side. Understanding that this nation claims to be christian and that there are few do not believe it's not the first time I've been in the minority. But the results of the influence of religion on this country even with all the praying all the time all the bullshit from one group to another who profess to worship the same invisible cloud being are perfect clear. It does not fucking work because for the most part it's nonsense and agree with Condell the poisoning of young minds is a crime. One can have faith whether he chooses to believe or not. I agree with Mr. Condell and laugh my ass off along the way.


They're Watching You

This is what's coming. Do not have a problem with catching the bad guys but the idea of authorities surveiling as a trolling expedition citizens is scary in the least.

Found this over at Busted Knuckle's place. Poor guy is sick and cat bit. Go cheer him up.


Meet Sylvyanna

Before any assumptions are made-no this young lady is not my daughter. She is the granddaughter of a friend who was born on my birthday two months ago on the 4th of March. I cracked up when I saw this. OTC is not big on baby pictures but this will put a smile on any body's face and that's good. I have a excellent feeling for what the future holds for Sylvyanna.
Tens of thousands of children around the world face extreme obstacles and too many don't make it when they should. How sad is that? When obstacles are intentionally put in place for an agenda from a few using lies to achieve their dim view of what the world should be in their eyes and massive amounts of death is the result it becomes sick shit. The darkest of the dark side humans have to offer as a species.

Obama Fights Perception He Is Elitist From Yahoo Whore News

No link to this crap OTC will vote for the Democrat whoever that may be. The point is that he is not as has to fight because you gave this non issue a life like the whores you are. Anything to divert attention and discussion about the shit pile this country is standing in and the treasonous killers that took this giant dump on all of us.

Both candidates are talking about how they will lower gas prices. Admittedly will not read this because they are probably not saying that the best way to get stability with fuel costs is to get us out of fucking Iraq now!!! The reason behind many of the negatives we face is because of Iraq end of story. How goddamn hard is that to understand? Couple that with the fact is was based on lies and aided by you same whores. Many curse the media as you are the ones too who should join the others if ever a gallows is built and used. You frame many issues in a way that benefits the extreme right because you are owned by them. It's plenty fine fodder for the sheep and continues to work wonders as they know little else except what you feed them over and over again. You bastards!

No May Day Pole Here

Snowed last night and has snowed all day. A fine May Day it is. This is old shit 30* and supposed to keep it up. Have had several nice days but it's time for a spell of good weather. It can snow damn near anytime in this part of the country but not any more enough is enough.

All Bullshit

The White House said Wednesday that President Bush has paid a price for the "Mission Accomplished" banner.
This isn't news but the reality. What the hell are we supposed to feel sorry for this fucktard? How asinine is this? The headline should read the gallows are being built for a real special sonofabitch who deserves all he gave. Let it come around for these bastards as they deserve no less.

Voters say Wright has hurt Obama — but question how much
Don't have a problem with what Wright said not even a little bit. Ward Churchill stated the truth in a similar fashion. Obama backed down from comments he made recently and once again backs away from the Rev. This will come back to bite him in the ass. What pisses me off is the media and how they are controlling our country on behalf of this administration. This is sick shit. Look the fuck out anything is liable to happen these next few months. We are fighting a war based on lies and nobody cares enough to get us out of there. Have had a bad feeling about this election for some time. When you take a country to war on lies you have shown you are capable of that and more. I do not think these people have any intention of relinquishing power.