I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Achtung Achtung - Be Prepared

When you got a repug whore like boner saying this -

Boehner said the agreement "isn't the greatest deal in the world, but it shows how much we've changed the terms of the debate in this town."

And Limpy Reid humping boner with this -
But in the end, reasonable people were able to agree on this: The United States could not take the chance of defaulting on our debt, risking a United States financial collapse and a world-wide depression."
Get ready to be screwed and double up on the lube.

Pure BS And Brainwashing

Stole this picture from somewhere about some dumb ass special about inside congress. I didn't like this picture at all. Why - because it gives the impression to the sheep that these men care and have only the best interests of our country at heart. Of course the opposite is true. Boner and the rest of them are all border line criminals because the funding they are given is in a reality a pure bribe. And this prick should have been thrown out years ago for passing out tobacco lobbying checks on the House floor when it was in session.

You think anything positive will come from this debt debacle - you are wrong. Get ready for another one!

The Best Part Of The Last Couple Days

It may not be much but I was hoping for good things here and I got lucky on both counts. Picked these up along side the road but not close. For the most part you can't grow these items here. If 10 was the best these were an 8 and there's more left


The Hub Of The Christian Right - MURDER CENTRAL

Colorado Springs the heart of all good because jeebus told them to build. Might as well put 'em where the military complex is alive and stronger than most other places. Just makes things real handy ya see there.

There are some nice things there but when you fill the place up with military trash and christian crazy's what you end up is SHIT HOLE CENTRAL and that's what it is.

Link to the recent murders


Have A Little Alabama High Test

 I just became a bit familiar with the OCMS and some of their songs I'm getting a big charge out of such as the case is here.There is a video here that is done in this small studio that is a bit better than the one below. It's fun damn it and these guys look like they know how to have some.


It's A Bunch

Some were good some were bad. Some were nasty some were nice. If there had been a different set of  learning circumstances those many years ago probably little Fly would have taken a different direction in life. Of course that's not the case.

What can be said is that he did learn  work ethics and dedicates himself to things he believes in and enjoys. Having said all that nonsense this is the 2000th post here at OTC which even surprises me. WOW.

The novelty of the internets has not worn off so this will continue at least for a while. It's still fun damn it!


The Original Coneheads

The first time I saw these years ago my mind immediately flashed back to SNL and the Coneheads. What can I say. These are coke ovens and are located in NW Colorado.

A Guvmint Good Story

Found out a few things about the new visitor center in Dinosaur National Monument with the grand opening on October 4. The park workers are fired up about this and sounds like this will be a special day.

The old one in the second picture became unsafe because of structural issues. I didn't know they were still going to use the old building and run a shuttle up from the new one. There has been a catwalk added so you can view what I call the wall of bone in the third picture from Google. Pictures can't do this justice.

I'm happy to hear this will still be able to be viewed and it sounds like you will be closer than before. This is the most amazing thing to see.

Places like this are special. Some of the best people to be had work on these things and I cannot wait to see this. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure my visit will not happen this year.

This is what I want my tax dollars being used for - rather than obvious other things it's used for now.


Maybell Is Slipping

This  one is so lame I can't find a way to poke fun but this is what's moving the believers out there in downtown Maybell,Colorado this week.  

Yesterday Morning On The Swinging Bridge

Brown's Park in far north west Colorado about 8 in the morning. Sooo nice. There were massive amounts of dragonfly's. The were also many more mosquitoes. In a place so dry you wouldn't think that. Was reminded of that old Minnysota spiritual "There's a Skeeter on your Peeter" there were so many. You betcha. 

Uploaded directly to YTube. No editing.


3 Conversations In Browns Park

Browns Park another place the big name outlaws hung out. It was a good week end and let's be perfectly clear about a couple things. Our public servants in the parks and where ever they work are the just the best and that was proven again this weekend.  The other is that I understand just how lucky I am to be able to do things like this.

A fantastic conversation with a young man who worked here at the Gates of Ladore. I learned where there are several other panels of art. That will be for a later time.

I also learned in this conversation this guy is a photographer too and a real good one. So good that he sells them here. Don't cost a penny to go look at these incredible pictures. WOW! The other thing is he also uses Pentax cameras like myself. Thank you Dave for the fun time!

Then anther great talk with Bob here at the Jarvie Ranch. The site was pretty cool and there will be something on that later. What I was reminded of here was something I learned down on Cedar Mesa that it's possible to work as a volunteer at BLM properties and other properties as well and get paid a small stipend. Small would be a lot to me and I can see me doing this. I could have done just that starting tomorrow right there. Thanks for that Bob!

The last talk was with the nice lady who with her husband ran this store for many years in Browns Park. Aptly named Browns Park Store they recently closed it because the 30K figure for bringing the fuels tanks up to code was too much for their age. They will get rid of what inventory is left when hunting season starts. There will be many who will miss this not just you could get things here but also because of associations made over the many years.

What I learned here was several things. This women moved from Steamboat Springs to here in 1959. We had mutual friends and or knew several of the same people which happens a lot it seems. Our last names shared the first three somewhat unusual combination of letters. I did not but this lady brought up how very important social security is to her and her husband. Hasn't she got that right.

This may not be much but I get a huge kick outta stuff like this and to all of you I hope we get to meet and chat again.

Remember about clicking on the pictures to hugen them up.

I thought incorrectly that there would be a few people out here. There was no one for the most part. It was like it all belonged to me and you know what it does and you too!


Outta Here

West but north too this time. I have nothing except that I've linked to a place that like a lot.

Old Jules puts great stuff up at So Far From Heaven.

And Fluffy's Friday Story is so good this week. I'm beginning to look forward to Friday's just because of these stories. Both of these places are worth a look if you have a moment or two.

I'm not sure what lies out there this time but I need to revisit this particular place as I will not be getting back in this area or here for that matter maybe forever after I move. Have a fun and safe weekend weekend. It always needs to be said - that I appreciate you coming here to visit.

Stupid Dog

Nearby sheriff does a verbal ass kick over the goal posts of ass hattery for all stupids who watch shit like this. The sheriff should be on TV with this line -  "profit-driven peacockery" 

Duane "Dog" Chapman and his posse earned an Internet smackdown from Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey. "What happened inside the lobby is most troubling to me," the sheriff wrote in his official sheriff's blog later that day.

And the sheep will cry that this ugly buffoon was mistreated and bleat for for the sheriff to be punished cuz he picked on one of their hero's. 


IKEA - - WTF ???

I admit to being a bit isolated in life and a bit particular about what I ingest for swill and until this morning I never heard of this store before ever! This is a HUGE deal to many apparently. Meatballs -again WTF.

About 40,000 people a day are expected to flood the Ikea store during its grand opening "weekend" that starts Wednesday.

This store is on many peoples minds on the front range and what's bad is the chances are good most don't know who Karl Rove is and still think our old partner Saddam turned his back on us and attacked us on 911.

It appears consumerism is on it's way back in some places. We live in a state where there are literally several million acres of wild open space and beauty but going to some a dumb ass store opening is of the utmost importance.

No wonder the dark side is winning.


god Must Have Enough Churches

It must be that. Why would the sky being who does not exist wish to kill these people who are helping do his work?

Why Is The Senate GOP Showing Flexibility

I remember the Medicare bill when Sen.Harkin addressed an empty chamber and explained why it and the halls outside normally full of lobbyists were empty. It was real easy to do that for him and he was correct when he stated they got everything they wanted and there was no need for them to be there.

Same here. They are a bit nicey nicey now because bama is going to sell the middle class out once again. This is not difficult to understand. The only thing left is to see how bad we're going to get screwed.

Watch it happen. Meanwhile the rich will pay little more in taxes and samo for corporations while unlimited funding continues for a nation who loves never ending wars.

You betcha!


Swill For The Sheep - All Secret Ya See

This isn't even the whore AP but there is nothing secret about our latest new war front. It's no other country's conflict except ours and bama the peace prize winner holds the title of "owner" on this. Stick the "secret" where the sun don't shine.  


The Whistle Blower / Murdoch And Our Government

The dark side is winning and they wouldn't be but they cheat. They do other things too and they are the best at all of them. Why is DC the way it is? These people have always played for keeps including politics of course. You piss off the wrong people enough they will fucking kill you and they do. That's just one of the other things. What we see is just a charade. LTFO!

Don't Get Too Close To The Lion's Cage

Ya right cuz if they can they might very well get you and they did in this case.

A 20-year-old Mormon missionary has returned home to Utah after being mauled by two lions at a Guatemalan zoo. The Deseret News of Salt Lake City reports the family from St. George issued a brief statement requesting "continued prayers and a miracle" for him.

Don't send your young people all over the damn place trying to mind screw others and he'd be ok. I hope this kid gets better but if that happens it will not be because of any miracle or shit loads of mumbo jumbo from believers of da nonsense.


Richie Furay Is A Class Act

Of Buffalo Springfield fame the Eagles and others as well. I always preferred Poco and Pure Prairie League over the Eagles but that's neither here nor there. I have never met this man but I'll take my friend's opinion into account as well who does know him and other articles read about this man over the years.

Richie is a pastor of a church - his church. It's mentioned only in passing during the video and not much more in the article.  This is about music not religion and he understands that and I have and always have had the utmost respect for that.

Religion and candidates who use it to get elected has now become the norm in this country and to our detriment.

Richie Furay rocks as does his music and it will live longer than the Empire.

This is good stuff.

Crazy Ass Perry Is Correct

From straight outta the cornfield where this charlatan has been working the willing crowds of buffoons.

Folks he is right about being called. Picture One Fly as Garrett Morris. That's what he's been hearing in his little pea brain is me calling him a simple crazy whacked out religiously insane dumb ass.

And the sheep bleet for more.


Out of Iraq Blogroll (OOIBC) Shutting Down

Thank you Vern for doing what you did and even though we are still in Irak and Afghannystan and now  Libya plus our 4th war front on drugs I respect you for trying to make a difference in a country that has come to love war outside of many things that are more important such as education for our nations children and health care for those who are less fortunate than others who have access to medical care to name two things higher on the priority list for me than for the whores in DC.

Hi everyone –

Thank you all for your support of the Out of Iraq Bloggers over the past few years.

On July 15 we will discontinue serving the OOIBC Blogroll from Antemedius, and the scrolling blogroll widget you have in your blog sidebar will stop working, so you may want to uninstall it before then.

The old OOIBC Blogger site will also be deleted on July 15 – if you have any posts there you would like to copy you may do that up until the morning of July 15.


Keep On Rockin' In The Free World: Give Obama and the Dems Some Credit For A Change – the wars will continue for many years to come, it appears.

There is another war on the horizon coming up fast: Don't Look Out The Window

Best regards,

Vern Radul aka Edger


So What

They're kinda brown and look funny plus they're not Americuns. They wouldn't understand why we gotta kill them there rather than here ya see. It's all for a good reason. Move along.


And The Coroner Says It Was An "Accident"

Sorry bud but I gotta call you on your bull shit. It's not an accident when your BOC is .345 and you fall off your bike into a raging creek trying to get on it and are swept downstream into a river and drown. They pulled him out right out back. Another of many here in Drunk Ski Town USA.

Only a bit of outrage over the killing of a hero on main street a couple years ago over a dumb ass song and booze.

Two men with families died when they crashed at different times and killed themselves not that long ago. At least they only killed themselves.

Just found out a short time ago a young women who lived across the street drank herself to death last fall. 25 years old. The guy she was hanging with was a real loser but I was saddened to hear about her.

A co-worker could have just as well have died from drinking last fall but he survived and is back at work and of course I'm happy for him. I think he'll make it for good. He's a long time bud and I thought we had reached him about his health issue but had not.

How many more do you want as there are plenty more. For a town of 10,000 this get's gross after awhile. Call people and businesses out for the non-stop promotion of alcohol and instantly you become the bad guy. Say something about the two guys mentioned previously not caring enough about their children and wives and immediately you are an uncaring mean sonofbitch.

It's always about the dollar in this town and no one will address this let alone this local piece of shit paper who makes out big promoting the consummation of alcohol.

Ask any badge as I have and they will tell you the the calls they go on over 90% involve alcohol.

Our country has a serious and very negative association with this drug and it's not going to change.

Amerika loves being stupid and drunk with alcohol. He Ha give me a Curs a Curs Lite and make it fast - I's thirsty.


And The Answer Is

The tractor got hit. The ones that hit it say they will pay. There is no fixing this type of damage. The part on the left is a controller for a 48 volt electric vehicle and is not associated with the three other that John Deere parts. When these were ordered I had to say - wow.

Four parts and here are the four prices.

$958  $760  $221  and the easy one of $29 and does that ever seem like a bargain. 

What belongs to what. The answer is right here.

Five O'Clock

Third time this year and it's actually 5:15 in the morning we show up today. I want to adjust my sleeping habits as soon as I can to sleep and stay up later. Looking forward to retiring the alarm except for special occasions..


We Got Water

From late last week after an overnight 1" rain. This creek here at work was running higher and faster than during anytime during runoff which is still going on. You could hear the boulders being swept along over all the noise of the water.

Joseph Smith Didn't Get Any On The Side!! WTF??

In the tone and style of Richard M. Nixon with Dan Aykroyd speaking-I am veerry sskeptical of this!

Historians and critics have struggled for more than a century to identify children Joseph Smith may have had through polygamous marriages in the 1840s.

DNA evidence shows he did not father several people. I have a hard time believing the leader of the pack that started the multiple wives practice that continues to this day wasn't getting some strange. No way.


Panetta Shoots Leg Off

Not just a toe but his leg from the knee down for this beaut -

That sounds real nice and of course this is the job of guys like this to make piles of shit seem like they don't stink.

There's a problem with this - just one and it's only one word.



There Could Be Bad Guys

Beware terrorist reprisals could happen down at the AFA. Just to be sure - - -

This should teach them terrorists that this country isn't playing into their hands. Next thing ya know they'll head up to the Cheyenne Mountain complex and start firing off nukes.


Tell Mama

Some of the best Rock & Roll from days gone by. Later this morning I get to do some heavy duty screwing off at work with some friends. Something I did not do enough of over the years and I regret that.


What Freedom Can Get You

Your death in this case and it's really unfortunate.

A motorcyclist riding to protest upper New York's helmet laws was killed after flipping over the handlebars. Police say he would have likely survived if he had been wearing a helmet.

Here you have people who do not wish the government to impose a regulation that is to them a freedom. Okay.
Then there's this relatively new effort by the right to accomplish their goals by the use of brain dead humans called tbaggers. Okay.

Now you have a movement by this ideology and the willingness to give away the very things that give you freedom. Like medical care when you have none. Breakfast for the kids if the cupboard is bare. Another keeper is of course Social Security. Not okay.

This is damn near bizzaro world we got here.

bama Keeps 10K Troop Offer In Irak Open - And The Rest Ain't Coming Home In December

Yup the peace prez offers guns instead of withdrawal. The 46,000 are slated to all come home at the end of December. The linked to article has plenty of info as to why it won't happen.

The fact of the matter is that it was never going to happen! There are no plans ready to withdraw these troops and all that is associated with them. No way! So it will be another photo-op for the wheels from DC on xmas day.. You know what dogs do to wheels.

I wonder what the number of contractors is as well. We don't hear a thing about them or our grand embassy.

And the sheep will bleet for more.


Local Flag Desecration

 A quote from a parade watcher. “One of the meanings of the Fourth is celebrating our independence and supporting our troops”.

And you do that I guess if you are repuglican/bagger and support the women above breaking the law because after all the right has first dibs on wannabe patriots ya see. 

The supporter of our troops probably has no issue with our wars of choice and wars for lies just as long as there's troops to support for next year's parade.

He Likes It

Hahns is a year old and has liked ice since he was a pup. He thinks it's food.


It's Going To Be A Really Big Shoe

You betcha-the largest in the state and places beyond as well. There's 10% unemployment and the real estate market has been busted bad for two years but here in Ski Town USA it always about the money. Always! They'll be plenty of parking in front of the vacant store fronts too.

It had been a long time since I had seen a fireworks show and this was from two years ago. With the Hi-Def camera I have now it's tempting to go see it tonight but it's a real pain to get  in and out. We'll see.

Bandelier Is Burning

Bandelier National Monument is still burning or has burnt or what have you as it's hard to find out for sure. It's 33,000 acres and adjoins Los Alamos. From an article a day ago.

Archaeological sites at the northern end of the blaze at Bandelier National Monument hold great significance to area tribes. About half of the park has burned, Bandelier superintendent Jason Lott said.

A picture from there and a bunch of others from going on two years ago now. When Mesa Verde burned a few years ago it uncovered many new sites unknown before. I hope it's not very bad. This was a very cool place and has been on the top of the list to revisit after I move.


From Yesterday 7/2/11

Went for a cruise on roads traveled before and these are some of what I saw. This is what it looks like 10-15 miles SW of Steamboat Springs. Wasn't a whole bunch going on and didn't see much animal life outside of the usual.

I like the two shots of inside of the school. For taking them through dirty windows there's still life inside.

Remember about being able to click on the pictures to make them huge.

And that's a three holer in the back by the way. You just can't see the third door.

 For some reason it's hard to get a decent picture of these coal mines and this window picure happens to show this stack well.

Check the wings out.

 I don't know how long it takes for the wings to fully form but I bet not too long.

There are so many of these and this is the first time I've had a bit of success with a group photo.

The snow you see is above "Da Boat".

Can't help it but have to continue to take pictures of the same flowers. Just enjoy doing it and in particular looking at them. 

The big guys were cooperating a little bit but never got a stunning picture of one today. The black and white guys never let you close and they actually have a purple tint to them.

 Like red? I'm a blue man myself. Did I mention I was a Chevy man.

I thought I was going to the river yesterday but didn't make it. I was by a couple of rivers but not the Colorado. I'm going to try and get out soon. That little trip yesterday took seven hours. Got my fly rod but it's not fishable yet. Not even close.


Slogging Along - And The Numbers Are

Not good as expected. I suppose they are just fine if it's not one of yours and you luv Amerika and it's wars of choice.

Do not be deceived by the 45 dead below and if you're a nutter you may say it's better since we got OBL. Of course that is incorrect as we have to factor in bama's 15 dead in Irak and when you do that well wa-la we hit 60 just like in the same month a year ago.

And the sheep bleet for more and wave their flags of freedom over this boom boom holiday where they celebrate the idea they/we are better than any other country on the globe because we have more guns and bullets than anyone else along with a never ending supply of willing targets.

You betcha -it's freedom you'll be hearing this weekend. Just forget these other people below and party on!

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2001 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 5 4 12
2002 10 12 9 5 1 3 0 1 1 5 1 1 49
2003 4 7 12 2 1 3 2 4 2 4 6 1 48
2004 9 2 3 3 8 5 2 3 4 5 7 1 52
2005 2 1 6 18 4 27 2 15 11 7 3 3 99
2006 1 17 7 1 11 18 9 10 6 10 7 1 98
2007 0 14 5 8 11 12 14 18 8 10 11 6 117
2008 7 1 8 5 17 28 20 22 27 16 1 3 155
2009 15 15 13 6 12 25 45 51 40 59 18 18 317
2010 30 31 26 20 34 60 65 55 42 50 53 33 499
2011 25 20 31 46 35 45 0 0 0 0 0 0 202