I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Dumb Bitch Says Yo

Full steam ahead and even more so from the Empire's spokesman as she ramps the lies up for our longest war we have been in and mostly against American citizens themselves. What's gonna happen with Molina??

This quote - " I would say however that it is a continuing effort, to keep our peoples from becoming addicted to dangerous drugs,".

Marijuana is being lumped in here as well. bama sends his people out to perpetuate the lies. A conversation the other night where one thought that the situation was changing for the better and that change for the better were not far away or something close to that and I want to continue this conversation.

I just call bullshit like always. Will Colorado pass the initiative to legalize in November? That would be something and bama would be forced to send the wrath of his forces down upon us.

Until that happens we got squat as always and the battle gets bigger and worse.

The Wind Is Just Hammering

It's almost impossible to do much out side when it's like this. Not good this morning either.


Mile Hi Fraud - There's Going To Be Some Screaming Going On Here

You dumb shits! This pisses me off too and I'm sure for different reasons. Repugs/baggers will want to get rid of "welfare" as a whole of course and this gives them more excellent fodder for that cause. Why in the hell was the barn door left open? And get this - it's perfectly fine to use this card at a titty bar.

We need government without question. Why does it always have to get to a point like this before something gets done. Someone needs to be shit canned and changes made quickly so people can have some faith that government can adapt and work better. The right wing propagandists dream of these things. It don't get much better unless it's about Clinton's pecker.

Seven Spam Comments

That is since disabling comment verification sometime yesterday. Whether that's a lot or not I'm not sure. It's enough though.

The important thing they were all caught in the spam box of Blogger so that's a good thing - so far.

Your followers are gone and if you use Sitemeter that is gone as well. The gadgets and code is still there. That's what I see missing.

In addition if you have your comments open in a new window you cannot subscribe to the comments.


Let's Shoot In Iran They Say Back In The Cornfield

A poll from a paper back in Iowa that means very little. What can be said that the ones who voted here want to shoot over not shooting. Not surprising as Merka loves it's wars and besides that we have a Sky Being showing us the way unlike of course those "over there".

Should the U.S. intervene militarily to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Undecided

Santorum On His Knees With Rich Texans

That he is and they love him - all praise jeebus.

Yup no shit - it couldn't get much better in a system that now is totally corrupted.

Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2012/02/24/139812/santorum-woos-the-wealthy-in-exclusive.html#storylink=cpy


New Mexico Fails On Our Southern Front

You slackers in New Mexico just can't cut in the punishment arena to suit da bama team. "New Mexico is very difficult with their laws. It's hard to get some quality time" in prison, said Kevin Abar, the assistant special agent in charge for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Investigations in New Mexico." It's simple ya see.

You are going to get plenty more Homeland Security types all over the place and they have a huge job to do catching all the bad guys because you guys are such peckerheads and incapable of doing it because you don't put 'em away long enough so there is no deterrent. These new fellows can do it all.

They are going to -

And that ain't all. They want and bet that they will get their very own judge so the proper punishment will be sure to be metered out.

This is really sick shit people. There is a person who could make the difference in so many things but he will never do that. And I/we become the bad guys along with the rest because we don't support bama in all that he is and this is just one thing.

My ass!


The Magic Switch

You know the one on the wall that turns on the light god? It wasn't working and went missing for almost seven hours by a company that charges 14 cents per KWH before the meter charge and in the second poorest county in Colorado. This is by no means the first time and when it happens it generally means a long time before it comes back on. I need to go to town and it's 31 and spitting snow. Spring is very close now. 


Sen. Udall Covers Up For The Bush Killers

History has been for the most part rewritten about Iraq and there will never be anyone held to account for this treasonous act by the bushes. So my corporate backed senator goes along as the rest and does his best for the 1%.

He lies through his teeth. Neither of these corporate in name only dim senators from Colorado will get my vote either.

You knew exactly what the results were going to be you sob! Let's be clear too the fish wrappers that prints things like this enable history to be less than half a truth and that's as much as a lie.


President Molina Gonna Get His Ass Chewed And Possibly Made An Offer He Can't Refuse

Speaking on his inauguration a little over a month ago Molina said he was going after the drugs with the military and just last week started talking some smack about legalization as the way to win the "WAR".

It didn't take long for the Empire to respond on an issue held dear to their heart. So much so Janet herself is headed down for a one on one with the Prez.

Let's see what kinda tune Molina is gonna sing after bama's emissary is gone.

bama Over Barrel Huh?

Imagine this and a huge no shit Cisco! This man put himself over it and why not he is a 1%'er. If he had fought along the way the last three years instead of compitulating even without a fight at times it would be a different story.

We ratcheted up the shit on Iran once again. The 1% want $5 gas. The results will be devastating to the middle class and to bama's chances for reelection. What else was it going to be. There should be no surprise here.

Why can't anyone get it. More of the same coming down the tube and "our side" laughs once again at the right because they are so fucking smart and the candidates well they're just not electable and this is less than two years ago where enough baggers were elected to the house to control the agenda and they were laughing long and hard then as well.

That's real fucking funny ain't it!


Living The Nonsense

Turned around to take this because it was too asinine to pass up.


Craving Gravy

Biscuits and gravy that is. Serious business it is. A couple weeks ago spent some time driving around Pueblo. There on the south side I saw a sign "Biscuits and Gravy 99 cents). That we can remember and had to spend the whole day there last Thursday. After getting the two reasons for being there early pretty much out of the way made easier that they coincidentally and conveniently were less than a block apart. I knew where I was headed as this had been on my mind for all that time.

The days of going out for lunch/breakfast are over. Have had lunch a couple times since my new life started last October but not once breakfast. Like 98% of Chinese joints a place that serves 99 cent B&G is gonna be a gamble but for 99 cents it will happen. Have to try it - what the hell it's an experiment and you just never know. I always hope to be surprised but very very seldom does that happen.

Was way up on the north end and real hungry so beat it down to the south side using the fast lanes. Ordered one biscuit and it's gravy plus a cup of coffee so I didn't appear too cheap. I need to add there were at four others eating having the samo. The girl was sooo nice and it cost like $2.15.

I was blown away as when it came it actually looked real good and to get to the point this was in the Top 3 of the best I've ever had. What a treat and great surprise. It may not be much but it's something anyway and very much get a kick outta shit like this I tell you.

This sweet young thing came over and we talked for awhile and my compliments were appreciated. They put some homemade into this long time used recipe and the menu they have is interesting and inexpensive.

A decision was made and even though I wanted another biscuit with gravy badly the experiment continued with a chocolate malt instead as am always hoping to be surprised there as well. They have a failure rate as high as Chinese joints. It was very acceptable and cost like $2.50 or something.

Spent until 4:30 looking around including downtown in the historic part and had just a real fun day.

Problem is all that's on my mind is not just one biscuit and gravy but two. Cannot drive 80+ miles to get two bucks worth of those but maybe I have to.


A Pivotal Time In Afghannystan

We'll go with the usual smart ass shit and you determine the rest. How bout this -

Form a  new 58 member National Guard unit filled with Wisconny urban types and give a 40-hour crash course in a variety of agricultural practices after which they will be sent to the war in Afghanistan to teach just that. To be fair some have a bit of farm back round but it's not stated for certain any of the 58 are actually engaged in farming. Need to be fair along with the other.

I feel sorry for these guys. Tell friends what your mission is going to be and have to watch them hauled off to the emergency room from busting their insides up from laughing so hard. And you haven't even left the States yet.

Like Father Like Son

I do not follow these things too close and have said nothing about this until I saw this just now that the killer mormon Josh Powell had 400 images of cartoon sex and incest. 

His daddy was convicted of voyeurism and child pornography charges while the boys were living there with the killer dad. My money says these two innocent boys were being molested their whole lives.

Remember the Mother of these boys was killed and there is little doubt he did that as well.  A couple things stand out to me. 

One is that this is the first article I've seen where mormons and the church  have been mentioned and in a negative way. The second is huge - Three weeks before Josh Powell killed himself and kids in a violent inferno, Utah authorities disclosed to social workers for the first time that his computer once contained some 400 images of cartoon sex and incest.

They knew this since back in Utah 2009 and had said there were like only a half a dozen images.  

Religion and in this case Mormonism is heavily involved with this tragic event but is not being talked about. So much so evidence was withheld and I believe that was done in an effort to protect the image of pure wholesomeness this religion wants to project.

This guy calls bullshit and says Mormonism played just as big of role in these deaths as the sick bastard that did it. 


Then Do What You Have To Do

And I have the match if you want to go that way. You scary loons stay away from innocents and take only other crazy's along with you.

"I don't think there should be any compromise when it comes to our rights to religious freedom," said William Thierfelder, president of Belmont Abbey College in Charlotte, N.C. "I came here to ask for your help. This is an issue worth dying for."

Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2012/02/16/139134/at-religious-freedom-hearing-on.html#storylink=cpy



I find out that gas prices are supposed to rise dramatically and this has been all over the tube along with the fear factor at least that's what I got out of a recent conversation. My info mostly comes from the internets and corporate video is not watched because there are commercials. I saw the first gas increase piece just the other day. It seems there may be a sense of urgency with Big Whore Media and our ongoing struggle with what is now our arch enemy Iran. That's the impression I get anyway and that's only worth just that. It's pretty much a scam and whatever it takes to get the Darky outta the big house and move on to the important issues like Social Security. I was a bit surprised about this actually. I want to go here.

There is no sense of urgency I see on the Internet that fuels peoples opinions who view conventional "news" sources.

It's corporate media and just as defining is AM radio. These two determine what people think and believe in this country. They are the driving force owned by the 1%. They will bury us!



And On Our Northern Front

It's difficult to keep track of things and I do not recall recent pieces about the Empire's efforts with the decades old bogus Drug War along the Canadian border. Just saw this and it's alive disturbing and doing ever so well. Drones,cameras whatever they have on the southern front is here as well. Won't ever be going too close to this border either. From bama -

Thanks bud you're a real pal pedaling the bullshit myths about marijuana and continuing the crazy. The numbers cited are staggering and is evidence alone why it should have been stopped long ago. It wasn't then and it won't ever be now.

Yup A .238 Will Git Er Done For Ya

You betcha! So drunk you fall out of your car trying to spit your tobacky juice out the door and - - -

That sucks no doubt but the good thing is that no one else was hurt.


Now Its Bobbie's Turn

Now we need to focus on how bad this girl's life is gonna be.

Despite her rich musical lineage, the path ahead for Bobbi Kristina Brown won't be easy.  No linky to the nonsense

This is not news and should not grace the top of the news chain but is an excellant example of why Mercun's get what they deserve.

They Knew It

Panetta did as well - bet on it.

There is all kinds of shit like this in various forms happening. Bet on that too. You pieces of shit with the authority to correct the obvious walk around with your thumbs up your ass like everything is good until you get caught.

This was written about in depth way back when the parameters were changed to get fodder to sign up for a war for lies. It was obvious the end result was not going to be a huge positive.

Like then and now not many give a rat's ass about matters like this. This country has taken a huge step back into the valley of racism the last few years and what's sad is that those who took that step backwards are proud of it.


Nationwide Sheriff Tea Baggery

This is real special too and eight of the hundred who showed their mug in Vegas were from Colorado. A couple "you gotta be kidding me's" below and these people are allowed to be in charge of law enforcement generally at county level - - what!!

One badge from here says he agrees with most of it but not violence against other badges ya see. It's tough to read about some of this stuff from the right and this is one of them. That so many and in this case it's people who wield much power in their own locality are basically advocating the use of force to change our governmental process. It's fucking sick is what it is and of course wrong. These warriors for the 1% have been totally mind fucked like most of the teabuggery fools around the country by Fux Whore News and the rest of them.

Get along with the likes of people who think like baggers do? Good things ahead with the exchange of ideas from all sides culminating in new legislation to deal with ever changing issues that affect our country? Hope is not lost here but to hope that good can happen now in the District of bought wrinkled old Whores in this climate is a pipe dream.

The 1% loves "hopers" because they spend their time doing that and thinking they can make hopey change and meanwhile the other side have moved on to another way to fuck something up or to mind screw others with their lies. 

There are not many "good" things coming down the pipeline. How can there be when there are divisions like we have now that will not be allowed to change?


Believers - How Crazy Are They

Bitch moan and lie about how religion is being attacked. From everywhere that cry of pure bullshittery is heard. We know the dynamics are something other than claimed by these constant whiners.  How serious are ya about getting picked on?

Are ya ready to take it to the next level - well are ya believer??

Will we see headlines like this here since the situation according to the "oppressed" is so dire that guillotines are being prepared to execute those who luv the jeebus.

You won't see it here because they sure as their hell are not willing to turn themselves into torches for what they know is only a smoke screen. A diversion during political times like entitlement and never about the real issues.

The way it is these days and a damn sad state of affairs that is not changing for the better. We ain't seen nothing yet. Does anyone out there in Dumbfuckistan need a match!


Say No This

When possible and appropriate here and elsewhere the issues with our homegrown terrorist cops is huge. I had a trooper just the other day do profile something or other to me as he slowed down off by back left corner for a minute or so. Talk about unnerving that is very much so to me. WTF I don't need this shit and it's wrong.

Anymore it seems this police thing is just huge and getting larger with video capabilities changing to easy to do so with decent results even for the average person. Just remember it's your right to do that but the ones with the guns and clubs can and very well may make you pay for that in a big way.

I say no to this as well. No being nice. No agree to disagree. No quid pro quo,no passes, no fucking nothing, just quit beating the piss out of people and shooting them with deadly force when not needed and when that happens maybe but I doubt it very much we can chat for a minute. You sadistic bastards.

If ordered to do so the majority of these badges would tun on us and hurt us in huge numbers and in a variety of ways. The shit below goes on 24/7 in our country. I will never agree or be silent with matters such as this and wars for a lie is another biggy as well. The majority of my fellow Mercun's don't give a shit cept for the same old talking points. We are in deep shit.


A Real Smoke Screen

There is the distinct possibility there may be a vote to legalize da pot this November in Colorado. There is like 10 days left to get the rest of the signatures.

A historic bust up in the metro area of Denver.  90 arrested and it took hundreds of badges to get that done.

Then there's a piece of shit article just up the road at jebus/military central that will not get a link but out of the UK where like here lies at any level is the norm given credibility where there should be none.

They say drivers high on marijuana may follow cars too close, and swerve in and out of lanes.  Ya see there! Pot very bad.

Who knows what else is coming down the tube to discredit this plant and those who very much want to use it to it's fullest capabilities.

In the end the guvmint even if some state does pass a legalization measure will ensure that all Americans who wish change in this matter and use marijuana remain criminals.

You'll see no baggers around this issue. I mean it not being Mercun giving dopers a pass.  

It's very simple but the 1% will not allow it. The deniers have most of the weapons-money,media,guns for a few. The other side has little money and the truth in it's arsenal for change. Excellent video here.


Thanks Ladies

These three Sens. Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, Barbara Boxer of California and Patty Murray of Washington wrote in one very simple paragraph the essence of common sense  that not only applies to birth control in this case but the religion aspect over all.

Two things - thanks again girls and bama will cave as usual!

"Religious freedom means that Catholic women who want to follow their church's doctrine can do so, avoiding the use of contraception in any form," the senators wrote. "But the millions of American women who choose to use contraception should not be forced to follow religious doctrine, whether Catholic or non-Catholic."

Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2012/02/08/138334/white-house-absolutely-firm-but.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2012/02/08/138334/white-house-absolutely-firm-but.html#storylink=cpy

A huge NO SHIT from outta this cornfield I tell you!

I would have a tough time taking the other sides position with this. That is why there is a Dark Side but I will take our side the right side - this side. The wiring got screwed up somewhere with these humans plus there is no changing minds in numbers of any significance.

Afghanistan Drug War

This gets to be such old shit. What in the fuck is the DEA doing in Afghanistan when we got the war going on here for the lasts 40 years we must win. It's like religious zombie crazy's here who never stop attempting to mold everyone else to be like their own special selves.

As with the Pentawhores speaking of Afghannystan - The drug trade is intertwined with organized crime, weapons trafficking and corruption.

And according to these same bastards -

After a decade and no inroads made in this war as with the same war here for four decades.

Will the simple bastards/dumb fuckers/mind screwed/he told me to think this/fucktards or what have you ever fucking get it??

No folks I'm afraid not. We're in this shit forever because I do not think most in America are capable anymore of independent thinking if they rely on Big Whore Media and the non-stop pure bullshit that flows out of the pulpits from sea to shining sea!


Your Home As Your Fuel Tank

At the end of the last month the prez was in Denver and was emphasizing the importance of natural gas. Obama announced new incentives to get large trucks to run on natural gas, plus help for cities to convert their bus fleets to natural gas. I agree and there is much new gas production infrastructure already on line and growing in Utah to meet what has to be an ongoing increasing demand. 

Wanted to say what could of been from the way back machine. In the early 80's "Cushman" for whatever reason attempted to market a natural gas refueling station for use in ones garage or wherever a source was located to refill vehicles that had been converted to run on natural gas.

Because of the dynamics of this fuel it takes awhile to refill. I thought this was the coolest idea. Just the idea of having a source of fuel for your car at home intrigued me. This cost like 2k or something and then there's the retro to the motors. This device was not big at all. Looked all over but could not find one word on this so you have to take mine. That's all mute as it went no where and in my opinion the advantages outweighed the negatives.

This had a chance to make a huge impact. I believe it was never marketed correctly and it's too long ago to even speculate what forces were at play during that time.


Social Security Is History As We Know It

All what's left is how to carve it up so the 1% is satisfied across the board. Dave Dubya has a great post up about the overall state of the media in this country and how they came in 47th in the world. I like this term used in a comment - The Military Industrial Complex has become the Military Industrial Corporate Media Complex. It's a great read and true as hell. An excerpt -

The Nazis had Goebbels, the Soviets had Pravda, and the American Right has talk radio and FOX(R). Their common purpose is the political indoctrination of the population.

So where does SS fit in and why is it "history"? Easy because the propaganda/lie media complex machine has accomplished it's job handily.

You can go here and see what old dumb asses in Florida say about the issue and this is a microcosm of the same thoughts from around the country.

Terrorist media here has convinced the masses Social Security is so broken something "has" to be done.

We know what needs to be done and the primary part of that is making the rich pay their share for one thing but that will not happen ever - forget about it.

The hard work is done for the right and all that is left is seeing that the best "fix" possible is achieved in congress to transfer this pile of cash into the coffers of the 1% in the guise of "saving" it.

And the masses will go along with it because they were told it's the only way and that all involved in this upcoming theft love America soooo much and are doing the best they can to save what is good about it. It's just that you might have to work till your 68 or 70 to get your money among other things.


Grey Hair/No Hair Dopers

There's no surprise here. The booze is a huge negative. This is like many things. Those who abuse drugs die earlier. Those who are not abusers and choose to use other things than pot get along just fine as well.

Personally I'm not one of the 9% below but---- would I take a couple pharmaceutical grade white crosses from yesteryear to stay awake later then when it just gets dark out to peer into the heavens for a few hours hoping to see the unusual? In a heart beat. What about some of that very mild make you laugh till your belly hurt chocolate mescaline floating around about the same time. You betcha! Somebody come around and lay a line of primo toot in front of Fly - well probably yes. Will I pay for any? Of course not. Do I have a problem? Only with those dumb asses who think I do. Am I or any others a bad person because of that personal choice we might make? Only in the mind of badges and stoopids who refuse to accept reality. Don't even try to bring up any law breaker shit. 

According to statistics from the most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health, about 7 percent of Americans ages 35 to 49 and more than 9 percent of those ages 50 to 59 reported use of a drug other than marijuana sometime in the past year. -------people who occasionally use drugs like cocaine, amphetamines and opiates over the course of their lives are more common than anyone might suspect - some perfectly functional middle-agers still turn to the drugs of their youth.

So Did The Chimp

I don't trust bama anymore than I did the treasonous bushes. It was easy to know chimpy's "intelligence" before the war on a Iraq was all a lie as well as his own. bama says -

Baggers and pugs say they don't trust because that is their job to run their yaps with talking points. 

They can send the defiled virgin mary over herself to inspect the place and it would make no difference.

The 1% wants to shoot in Iran. Chance are very high eventually they will. What helps to get to that point. Lies and it's just that simple.


Wondering About This

49 and out the door for good. Unfortunate and sincere condolences to the family of this soldier who died suddenly in Afghanistan.

When I first saw this other things other possibilities came up. Initially they didn't give the cause of death but they do here.

All I gotta say is that the way we are lied to when it comes to our War Machine it's a easy 50-50 maybe it was something other.

I honestly believe that is the reality.

You damn  near can't admit to getting one of  your generals knocked  can you?


In Case It Slipped Your Mind

There's was a suspected terrorist we trained who needed to be killed and we assisted the Philippine military like we have for the last ten years in a air strike that killed "Marwan" the bad guy we used to like and a bunch of others too. Unfortunately the $5 mil reward had no takers.

We've kept 600 "advisers" in the Philippines since 2002. This article covers a lot of ground and there are plenty of bad guys to worry about from "unnamed sources".

What struck me was the depth of our involvement now and the length. I'm going to venture a guess at a 100 years or how about closer to a 100 than 75.

Point being we ain't leaving and we're never leaving where we are at now "over there" and there isn't a fucking thing we can do about it. Not a fucking thing.

Rule #1 for Humanity. Empires not allowed.



44 Seconds And The Badge Starts His Hurt

This happened Aug. 4, 2007 and on May 27, 2011 this video surfaced. The beater says he does not remember this.

The cop enters the room @ 6:53. I don't give a shit what others say these bastards are criminals when they do this. And understand too this is not a bad example and I do sympathize with the cop not remembering. Reason he and others can't is because these sonsofbitches do this a lot and it does get hard to remember. The whore article says maybe the beat up guy may have said something. So fucking what it does not give these badges a right to harm or mistreat the public in anyway whatsoever. 

True it's not the reality of the world we live in but because they can get by with beating people will never make it right to me.


bama Sends His Goons After Montana Legislator

The prez acts many time like a real nice guy and I'm sure he's a nicer guy than the  chimp was and would be more fun to have a beer with as well.  You take a hard stance on pot in this country there's generally a price that has to be paid for that.  He told the feds to back off this but the real order he gave when he lied to them was full steam ahead and more.  He's a 1%'er just like the rest of 'em!


What A Prick/Horses Ass Etc.

He don't give a shit so why would anyone vote for a man who espouses all those positive traits wrongly given to "believers" who don't care squat about the poor.

Romney said Wednesday that he's "not concerned about the very poor"

Many poor will still vote for this asshole - bet on it!

If Anyone Is Keeping Track

Update: 2/2/12
26 Americans killed was the final number

I am or at least I try and it seems here 2012 is off to a rousing start of Americans getting killed on our biggest war front. Will our leaders and the wannabe leaders mention these 25 killed last month? Empires don't really like to deal with numbers like that so don't hold your breath as they say.  

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2001 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 5 4 12
2002 10 12 9 5 1 3 0 1 1 5 1 1 49
2003 4 7 12 2 1 3 2 4 2 4 6 1 48
2004 9 2 3 3 8 5 2 3 4 5 7 1 52
2005 2 1 6 18 4 27 2 15 11 7 3 3 99
2006 1 17 7 1 11 18 9 10 6 10 7 1 98
2007 0 14 5 8 11 12 14 18 8 10 11 6 117
2008 7 1 8 5 17 28 20 22 27 16 1 3 155
2009 15 15 13 6 12 25 45 51 40 59 18 18 317
2010 30 31 26 20 34 60 65 55 42 50 53 33 499
2011 25 20 31 46 35 47 37 71 42 31 18 15 418
2012 25 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 25