I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Used To Be

The Hueferno River lies 3/4 of a mile away. There is no canyon like this there. This is six miles north.
Running water made this and walking along the rim you will occasionally see a bit of dampness or a small pool. There is a trickle a mile or so to the south of here and the width is much much smaller than here.

The canyon pictures above were taken at the tree line. It used to be windmills such as this one for pumping water were found quite often. Not so much anymore as like the river itself water is very scarce here. Many people have to haul theirs.
If you click on the picture above twice and look closely on the horizon we're pumping something other these days. These went up very quickly.


Cenk Telling It Like It Is

I don't see this man often but he's a fighter and a realist. He is exactly right and I admire his passion. Few call these fundamentalists out for their bull shit ideas based on squat that make it constantly into the mainstream.

Problem is they're getting in done in state legislatures across the country. No one opens their pie hole on this because the nonexistent sky creature is involved and the supporters of this bull fuckery will be offended. Then media whores will scream along with elected officials how religion is being attacked and if the realists are not stopped our society could end.

Religious nonsense must not be denied. After all America can do it better than any of those other guys over there ya see.


Killer Rat Bastard Cops Who Shoot Dogs For Fun

Anyone who views this should be outraged and every badge in attendance should pay dearly for what they did. They could have shut the door and walked away from the dog that was sitting there for many minutes showing no aggression.

So they taze him twice - the pooch tries to escape and they shoot it at least four times.

Of course they lied their killer asses off and said the dog was aggressive.

This is bad enough but there is a much larger problem in that these human pieces of shit who have a license to kill at will do the same to humans.  LINK


Happy Turkey Day

I am happy and thankful for a number of reasons on this day as I'm sure all of you are and more than likely for many of the same reasons.

We have more than what 90% of the world's population has and that includes many of the "poor" here as well.

Will enjoy another simple day of life with some friends and a bird. May your day be enjoyable and a mention of thankfulness to people met on the internets who have become friends. That is cool!

On another matter here take a look into this bird's eye. He's a meanie and some of these fellows are outta control and raising hell running in gangs and just generally stirring up trouble. They need to be on a plate probably.
Complaints to police about the aggressive and threatening nature of wild turkeys in Brookline, Massachusetts, have doubled over the last month. Residents of the town have had enough of being chased, harried and physically attacked by the birds, which can grow to 20 pounds and 4 feet tall.


On With The Program

The program of life I guess. Thought I had a clue but not so sure now. The right decision was made to return but feel a tug to return to Costa Rica. Maybe but doubt it.

Many would have had a bevy of doctors and many tests done. Need to go with what I brought and say that I believe in chiropractics as again it has helped me and will and can afford a few treatments. For a year and then some was holding a strong hand but not so much now.

Seeing some things lately that need to be talked about a bit just because. Maybe that will help out too. Basically I'm pretty good but not quite right. Maybe never was and just didn't know it.



This Morning

In a few minutes I leave for the airport to return to the states. It is because of a unexpected medical situation that arose.

I am and will be fine but when something like this occurs the ultra conservative side of me comes out very quickly and choose to return to where my comfort zone is.

Hardly a regret but disappointed sure. I accomplished the major goals I had - one of them for years. It's just that it wasn't for very long.

This trip I knew was going to assist in determining what direction the next years were going to take for me and that has been determined as well. That was very important in itself.

So it's a good day and I'm looking forward to returning home to pound on Stretch after consulting and treatment from a life long friend who is one of the best chiropractors in Colorado.

May this find you all well.



He's Wrong

Happy I don't know jack shit and that we have staved off the hard core crazy's for awhile longer again. In the big scheme of things not much has changed as you know. Will this make DC  work better? You would think possibly the Right would understand we need some good legislation but looking at the % points for Obama in the red states no way do these states want the people they put in office helping this man. May I not know jack shit again.

On the good side my state Colorado and Washington legalized da pot. The feds will fight back assuredly and municipalities will do as much as they can to negate this vote but no matter what this is HUGE.

To me it seems with these wins we have reached the crest of the hill and are on our way albeit still a very long one to the end of prohibition against marijuana.

It's a better day in America and I'm proud to say I live in a state that made this choice and like the state just to the south of me - New Mexico that they (to be fair it was not me) chose light over darkness with Obama!


The Big Day Has Arrived

Am not making light of this not even a bit. Our media has become many things and one of them is bull shit speculators.

Will this?
What if?
Can that? On and on.

That kind of rhetoric in written articles dominates more than actual facts and the reporting of the real issues. It's a huge negative.

I try my best not to enter that arena and will offer up what I said close to a year ago I'm sure in respect to today's election and may I miss this by several miles.

That was - when it's over the House and Senate will be in the hands of the Repuglicans. It was also said that the presidency wasn't all that important to them because they got much of what they wanted from Obama anyway. Now they have a legitimate chance to grab that as well. Should not even be close but thank the media for that and the idiots that listen to the lies and hidden racist innuendos.

I also said I was not going to vote for Obama and I did not. I voted for Jill Stein and I am a registered Green.

In the past I and others who take that position become the target of people from the left in that by not supporting a candidate they do we then become the reason the Left has so much difficulty defeating the likes of these intolerable zombie like bastards on the other side. Those people who are supposedly on the same side as myself can kiss my ass.

I refuse to explain my vote for president and will end by saying later today I fully expect anything to happen.

These people who wish for ultimate power will do anything to win. To accomplish their goal they lie - cheat and steal. If that doesn't work they will kill you and that's a fact.

I am hoping for the best because if it becomes something other it may very well be the beginning of the darkest days in this country. Much worse even than those 2920 days of the evil bush killers.

That sucks to say this and may I have to admit tomorrow or whenever it's over that I don't know jack shit.


I Did Arrive

I did arrive like planned and just want to say to those who stop by that there are a couple posts with pictures over at the picture place.

There was a change from where I was supposed to stay but it's just fine. The downside is it's too far to walk to town. Just being here negates much of that.

Like I read - it's just beautiful. People are friendly and helpful. I have learned much in the three days I've been here.

A picture from when I first arrived. This is in San Isidro Perez Zeledon.
 Where we eat.
 Later OF.