I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


The Cost of War


We The People Have Lost Our Champion

I woke up a little early this morning before the alarm.
While I was lying there, scratching myself, the alarm went off.
It is set to the local liberal station in Portland and Peter DeFazio was being interviewed.
I like DeFazio,I grew up and lived in Oregon most of my life.
Peter an announced that John Edwards is dropping out of the bid for President.

I almost turned off the alarm and called in sick.

We have lost our Champion because of a corrupt and complicit media.
This pisses me off, severely and I don't have time to go off because I have to get my ass is gear and go to That Place.
Edwards was too much of a threat to Corporate America and could not be allowed to get near that big of a selection of the levers of Power.

I sincerely hope that if one of the Remaining candidates takes back the Whitehouse that they find a spot for him so he can go hunting down these sonsabitches that have raped our country and stuck the money in a bag and strutted off.

We have lost a giant opportunity today.

A new leader of the pack

Appears the gentleman on the left what ever his name is has been tapped to lead the Mormon church. The article was gone as soon as it was put up. At least wanted to get this guys name. Guess he's a hell of a guy. Likes to tell stories and a WWII vet. That's nice by why in the hell do you have to wear these things? Jesus Christ

Then there's this this type you see on the tv. Greasy slicked back hair intensely praying to fuck you up and get your money. The harder the eyes are squinting is in direct proportion to how evil they really are. Who the hell knows what he's wearing underneath.

Then there's these fellows. They are into some weird shit too and just what the hell is that thing on top of their heads and what's it do. It's so hot there they don't need underwear. No worries there.

Yikes look at these guys. Glad mama didn't make me dress like this.

Here's Benny the Rat the real leader of the pack. One of the most dangerous men in the world. All the others have their own thing going on but nothing to compare to what goes on underneath here. Ever seen one of these guys don their under garments for mass? There are several and they like to be helped. How about a Holy Thursday service before Easter Sunday. More goddamn mumbo jumbo shit than you ever did see I tell you. None of these fellows has got any thing on any of the others as all of them are certified religiously insane. There can never be peace when people like this are calling the shots whether they wear a suit or colorful robes. We need reality in important decisions not based on a invisible cloud being. Jesus Christ we are probably screwed and don't even know it.


Success my ass

Monday: 5 US Soldiers, 21 Iraqis Killed; 17 Iraqis Wounded

Sunday: 3 US Soldiers, 14 Iraqis Killed; 12 Iraqis Wounded

ORB polling firm reissues Iraq mortality estimate of one million dead

Tell it to the families of these soldiers how well things are going in Iraq. You lying sacks of shit and the media that allows this to be said. Now chimpy will ask for billions more so the killing can continue. Those supposedly on my side will ruffle their feathers talk tough but in the end bend over and say don't grease I like it like that. Sonsofbitches!!


The Imbecile In Charge SOTU Swill Tonight

Tigger kicks ass

SAN DIEGO - Tiger Woods joined the King, and left everyone else at the Buick Invitational feeling like paupers. In his most dominant start to a season, Woods built an 11-shot lead Sunday until his game and the fickle weather turned cold on the back nine. A birdie on the last hole gave him a 1-under 71 and an eight-shot victory, giving him 62 for his career to tie Arnold Palmer on the PGA Tour list
This guy has the talent to win every one he enters by this margin. Up by 11 and won by 8 strokes. This track is so easy. Let me play from the whites and I'll get it around just fine and I admit to being a shitty golfer. So many hate this guy. I want him to win a lot because it pisses so many off so bad. Wonder what a hangman's noose feels like shoved up your ass? I support this cover but they fired the poor bastard for pointing out the racism in this business. And in this business you can goddamn well bet those that fired support this administration as well. Fuck em all.


The Face Of Willful Ignorance

Megan McArdle

I was surfing the net last night when I came across one of the most jaw dropping screeds of obscene arrogance that I have ever, in my life, had the misfortune to have to scrape off the bottom of my shoe.
It was apparently not just randomly arranged from a bag of Scrabble letters, but actually deliberately scrawled out in eyeliner on the back of a sanitary napkin wrapper and later interpreted by an insane howler monkey and finally transcribed by someone fluent in parsing people speaking in tongues enough to wind up in the pages of the Atlantic.
Before I have an aneurysm trying to wrap my head around who in their right mind would even consider putting the drippings of an infected lubrication gland into print in the first place, let me show you what I am talking about;

Why not food stamps?

24 Jan 2008 05:52 pm

1) The poor don't need more food. Obesity is a problem for the poor in America; except for people who are too screwed up to get food stamps (because they don't have an address), food insufficiency is not.

( This is where my jaw hit the floor.)

Food stamps only imperfectly translate into increased cash income, meaning that the poor will spend . . . more money on food.

(My bold, editors note: this is a good point to get some Kleenex to dab up the blood starting to drip out of your ears.)

3) If the increase in food stamps takes the form of expanded eligibility, rather than larger grants,
the administrative issues and public outreach will delay your stimulus until well after it is no longer needed.

(Again, the Kleenex, this is where the Republican spin starts, belt up.)

The limits on the type of goods available to food stamp consumers, and the growing season, mean that some (it's hard to say how much) of the food stamp spending will simply draw down perishable stocks rather than generating new economic activity. Eventually this will probably generate more economic activity, but probably well after your stimulus is needed.

Holy Shit! I might not be able to buy that fucking crate of imported strawberries those nasty illegal immigrants just picked!)

5) The economy doesn't need a food sector more distorted by daft government programs than it already is. If you want to give money to the poor, give it to them. Even if they spend it all on drugs, it will hardly be much worse than spending it all on increasing their already astronomical obesity rates.

Thankfully, the eyeliner apparently ran out here, I was beginning to desperately start searching for something big and blunt to bang my head against.

This is so over the top that I am struggling to keep my fucking sanity trying to delve the depths of arrogance and misinformation, coupled with the cheerleaders cadence of "Go Team!".

My second instinct, ( I can't print the first one), is that there immediately needs to be a barrel of bleach poured into the shallow end of the gene pool.
God forbid this vile creature has already reproduced.

You need to quit breathing my air,yer wasting it on perfectly good metabolic functions that absolutely have no need to be taking place.

What you need is a little perception adjustment,I think maybe you having to decide whether you are going to eat or have heat or electricity might be a little time better spent than wasting all that eyeliner.
Why don't you do a living research project and try living like the millions of real human beings, AMERICANS, that have to survive on this excess government largess you lament as being unnecessary?
Why not?
You could invite your friends over, make a fucking game out of planning a months worth of meals and still stay in that extravagant lifestyle you claim is right there, available except for the bad choices of these splurging refugees from upper crust society.
See who can come up with the Hors Dourves at the end of the month?

You make me sick lady.
I have been there and done that.
Hunger in this country or anywhere else isn't funny.

Your trying to justify these ridiculous assertions to spin the asinine economic policies of THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER are less than pitiful and fully deserving of brutal and permanent public ridicule.

Buy a clue instead of that next latte.

H/T to TBogg for giving me the severe case of heartburn.

Oh, and Fuck the Atlantic, I ain't linking to that piece of shit if this is what passes for journalism in their jaundiced eyes.

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Unfortunate to say the least

This is the second one in ten days. At lunch today talking about the first with a good friend and former ski patroller he related several stories he experienced with skiers who fell into tree wells. Exactly what Bill said a few hours ago happened two hours after we talked. You're alone and go in and it's head first and can't get out you are dead. Even with a partner that may not be enough as that is what happened today. His bud couldn't get him out and he didn't make it. That really sucks.

The Vulgar Pig Boy back in the saddle

It's true and they are so very happy. Kathryn Rogers breathing heavily says his life experiences is what attracted her in particular the problem with that nasty anal cyst that kept him from serving his country. Ms. Rogers goes on to state an aggressive massage of the scar helps ease the pain felt to this day. "I am so proud of Rush being able to ease his guilt of not being able to serve by fighting for truth and democracy with his radio program" OINK


Bush speech to have few new ideas

In a bow to political reality, President Bush's final State of the Union speech will skip bold proposals in favor of ones the country has heard before, a modest approach for a White House that prides itself on big ideas.

The whore press is trying to shit us again as always. Anything to cover for this inbred killer primate. Bold proposals my ass. The only proposals these pricks have ever had were to take from us and admittedly they have been very successful along with whored out democraps. "Prides itself on big ideas" the article says. You fuckers-the press continues to cover his blood trail. To think this piece of shit of a president has or ever had any credibility or an original idea is why some of these paper moguls should swing along with the others as they were the primary reason using propaganda to pave the road to a willing sheep like populace with lie after lie for a war with Iraq. Sonsofbitches!


The way it is!


Study: False statements preceded war

WASHINGTON - A study by two nonprofit journalism organizations found that President Bush and top administration officials issued hundreds of false statements about the national security threat from Iraq in the two years following the 2001 terrorist attacks.

No shit Cisco-tell me something I don't know. String these treasonous killers up like they deserve for taking our country to war on lies!!!

We got him after we had him for a tortureously long time

It's so difficult to put in words the outrage felt that this can happen to a citizen of my country. The fact that the same can happen to you or me or anybody is frightening and the ones who are supposed to be on my side enabled this to happen. This is so disgusting I can't even use bad language.
Lewis Koch explains so well including what happens if you do get to appear before the courts.


The Creature Returns To The Lagoon

Fred Thompson drops out of the race .

See ya McSnoozie.
Dude never had a snowballs chance in hell.
The Goopers were in fantasy land thinking he was the new Raygun.

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Do you wish you were back in the land of cotton-do ya?

JENA, La. - About 50 white separatists protested the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.
It lives on not only there but everywhere the difference being they're very proud and vocal about being bigots. Fuck the South and the many of the people that live there. I don't even know them and I don't like them. Apologies to those who are aware but I have a major problem with people who wear and flaunt their stupidity as a badge.

Ran across a friend briefly today and the conversation included MLK and Bill Moyers who is a hero to her too. He is a southerner all should aspire to. Last Friday on the Bill Moyers Journal he tells the story where he is present in the Oval Office when MLK and LBJ discussed civil disobedience and the direction LBJ wanted to go. In the end LBJ gave his blessing to Dr. King. Moyer's comment I believe was prompted by the way the press framed H. Clinton's statement on Dr. King. Here is Moyer's short story that is such a excellent one!

What's significant here is that the story is history plus it's true. Not the shit the whore pundits spew out of their pie holes or off their keyboards with the only intent to reframe and divide. You assholes! It's no wonder people all over this country are just as stupid as those in the South.


Your donuts are gonna cost you plenty

"Bakeries in the United States are fretting over higher shortening costs. 60 internationally traded foodstuffs, climbed 37 percent last year. That was on top of a 14 percent increase in 2006, and the trend has accelerated this winter."

The above from this article written by KEITH BRADSHER speaks of cooking oils primarily palm oil something dear to my heart. Super article and rather serious in nature as this affects all of us. Back in the cornfield the beans across the road harvested this fall as of Friday were at $11.42 a bushel. Two years ago that figure was around $6.

This is what proper palm nut soup looks like.click on picture I would kiss that inept idiot of a monkey we have for a preznet ass for some of this. I shit you not. I think about palm nut soup quite a bit actually. If I ever get back to Ghana one of the very first priorities will be to indulge in this simple pleasure along with a couple of Clubs.


Stupid Stupid

What the hell is wrong with you Obama? Are you stupid or what? Rule #1 is that you don't say shit like this. They will slice you three different ways wide deep and frequent for having your head up your ass. Why do those supposedly on my side fail to learn? Can they ever learn to fight? Jesus Christ!

The Noose, Tigger and the PGA

This picture appeared on the cover of Golfweek. FYI-I will pick this one up before any of the others. There's nothing wrong with them doing this and allow me to explain. This is what started it. The PGA and many associated with it are racist bastards end of story. The shit I've seen and heard over the years have proved that to me. A bunch of elitist conservative bigots. Look who the advertisers are as an example. They love Tigger because he makes them money but there are reasons there are not many of color on the various tours and bigotry is at the top of the list. Trust me on this. For the first time in over 20 years I got screamed at not once but twice this year. You monkey sonofabitch how fucking dare hit into us when we're blind and berate me because you had to wait for a few seconds. I swear next time when you come to the next tee you'll find your $400 driver buried deep in your ass. And there's the monkey bitch who even after several "please don't yell at me there's no need" you continued to do so. You are just that a true bitch.

I saw today Norman and Cris Everrit are getting married. It was in last issue of Golfweek. Have not seen the noose issue. Take this to the bank too. Word on the street is Greg Norman is a prick. Sorry Greg that's what they're telling me. Greggy boy has a major hunk of property not too far from here that adjoins the Flattops Wilderness Area. Is it you that puts many large signs 75 feet up in trees saying keep out? Ownership of land here has changed dramatically being acquired by the very wealthy and wealthy people golf.

There's an inside joke about hating golfers and there's much to support that position. That's fodder for a few rants for sure. The effort I make in this business is for the 10-12% of those who notice and appreciate what it took to achieve the conditions they are playing on. Times have changed but "Caddyshack" still lives on at times. Watch my bud Jason try to put this one back in play.

1/22 12:20pm Just heard another first hand story about Greg Norman where he made this young cart kid cry because he was yelling at him. He feels that he is so very special. Fucking prick!


Yes we did

We drank this local concoction in Ghana more times than not. "Akpet" was cheap and all in all pretty damn nasty. Some of these guys would distill it twice and surprisingly when made like that it was quite good. Accidentally saw this and it reminded me of days gone by.

An Akpeteshie competition at Bodomasi, near Agogo in Asante Akim North, in Ashanti Region, ended with the death of a competitor, Yaw Ohemeng, 35. Yaw, also known as Two Sure, was one of three people to whom the challenge was allegedly thrown. The others, who were named as Yaw Willie and Kay, declined it but Ohemeng gladly accepted it. Link

Akpeteshie is a popular local spirit used for ceremonial purposes and also recreational drinking. In conjunction with other local ingredients some local community members believe that it is an effective male performance enhancer. For some individuals, distillation is an important means of generating an income in addition to the sale of crops.

Gin Distillation from Palm Wine is a traditional local process and a source of supplementary income. However, the process currently has a number of areas in which improvement is desired.


There's a big time ass kicking comeing for sure.

Norm Coleman's ass will be handed to him on a platter by Franken. For a long time and from one end to the other a bunch of times. This prick deserves all he gets. Remember how bad George Galloway spanked him during the Senate hearings? This is gonna be better. A grade school teacher of his is used in the video and it's fun to watch. Life will be better with with a new face in the Senate who will not whore himself out and thinks much like we do.


Walking to school in Iraq

Five school children were killed Tuesday when a car in the convoy of a top judicial official accidentally ran them over while on their way to school in a central Baghdad neighborhood, police and hospital officials said. They said the children, ages 6 to 10, were run over in the panic that ensued when the official's guards exchanged fire with police at a checkpoint when the convoy failed to stop.

Iraq Today gives the run down on daily incidents in Iraq. The idea school kids can not walk to school safely after five years is an example of how bad it is. The neo-murderers are responsible and if accountability was any where present in our government this need not have happened. Why can't Iraqi kids walk to school safely as they did before Amerika brought them democracy? You dirty bastards!

Bush And The Royal Treatment

Bush Prods Saudi Arabia on Oil Prices
New York Times

Published: January 16, 2008

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia —
President Bush urged the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries on Tuesday to take into account the toll that high oil prices are having on the American economy, gingerly touching on an issue that has begun to color the last year of his presidency and dominate the presidential election campaign.

Speaking to a group of Saudi entrepreneurs and later in an interview with reporters, Mr. Bush expressed his concern about the economy in some of his starkest language yet, saying that rising oil and gasoline prices are causing hardship for American families.

“It’s affected our families,” Mr. Bush told reporters, adding that he would raise the issue with the Saudi leader, King Abdullah, during a meeting on Tuesday evening at the king’s lush horse farm in the desert outside Riyadh. “Paying more for gasoline hurts some of the American families.”

As Mr. Bush himself acknowledged, it was not clear that his entreaties could have any significant effect on oil prices. He said the demand for oil, especially from expanding markets in China and India, as well as from the United States, was rising faster than supplies.

Saudi Arabia’s oil minister, Ali al-Naimi, appeared to rebuff the president’s appeal, though he did so gently. “We will raise production when the market justifies it,” he said at a press conference after Mr. Bush’s remarks.

And then they both started laughing and proceeded to gorge themselves on fresh monkey brains.

How pathetic can this guy get?
He knows as well as I do that OPEC is going to do what is good for OPEC.
Bush is over there making people pretend that he is still relevant.
No one wants his ass there, especially those unfortunate enough to have to entertain the dangerous idiot and
trying to pretend he gives a rats ass about the average American family is the most insulting thing of all.
Everybody in the whole world is waiting for this guy to exit, stage left and are holding their breath until they see him stagger off into the sunset,one year and five , very long, days from now.
Give it up George, they don't like you either, maybe not for being a murderous ass clown, but for being the incompetent, swaggering spoiled brat that you are that makes rich folks everywhere cringe and hide the liquor.

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Worried Religious Crazys In Texas

"People wonder what in the world it is because this is the Bible Belt, and everyone is afraid it's the end of times."
Whether Texas or bum fuck Egypt the idea you live in fear of this happening explains the need for reality in decision making. Not to mention the "Rapture" which many of those on the Right believe and welcome.
The Ornery Bastard posted this letter that is hilarious. It's rated fairly high in the alphabet.

They hate this guy sooo bad!

Do not endorse any candidate from anywhere. Don't give a shit if the Queen of Egypt promises to shake things up. This candidate is exposing the very core for the reasons our country's dilemma's. The hate and lies are here coming from all over the media spectrum. This one example is proof enough alone why there must be diversity in conventional media. To give people a choice other than media influenced by corporations. Get ready to duck and cover it's going to be shock and disgust on a daily basis worse than ever before. What ever it takes to divert attention from real issues.


The Playoffs

The Giants beat Dallas! Any time Dallas gets their ass kicked is a good day for sure. Remember for so long how they were labeled "America's team." Most of America called bull shit on that but it continued for years. If I had my way both teams of any given sport need to lose and we'd be better off. Go Greenbay!!


This Site

An idea in the beginning also a bit of an experiment with little participation locally. Statistics prove that. This never came close to what constitutes a forum in a failed attempt to raise awareness locally. Thus this will no longer be the Oak Creek Forum but just another blog among the tens of millions out there on the internets. Disappointed-not even a little bit. If one makes the choice to visit fine that's appreciated. Choose to not visit that's fine too. Feel offended-tough shit it's the internets start your own. Can not be nice to those who condone and assist in perpetual war nor those in government that lie to us continually. No petty ass rumor mill here you can bet on that.

What is important is not what is on this piss ant site that on a good day generates 20 hits a day but things like this said continually, bloviated by the war loving pundits and conventional media who in the end support the idea Iran is a threat to the world when the the truth of the matter is the opposite. Stuff like that. Election in 'O8 don't count on it. Will it be fair you can bet it won't be. Should there be concern and is there any? There's much concern about who invented the internets and the drug and alcohol addled Spears family. There's not much concern that several Republican presidential candidates believe man lived at the time of dinosaurs and that they want to be in charge of the most powerful nation in the world.

This needs to be said over and over. There is a reason 12 million people around the world
3/15/03 marched in protest about what our county was about to do in Iraq. We did so because we knew it was for lies. Our source of information did not come from conventional media in this country and the same thing is happening in respect to Iran. I will not accept this with out voicing dissent.

If the corporations gain control of this medium which they want so very badly all the millions of sites such as this will be difficult at best to view if at all. It's the blogosphere this incredible place similar to the universe because of its size and diversity. Something like 70% use e-mail exclusively for circulating humor. There is nothing humorous about events in my country since 2000 not a thing.

Enough of this serious shit
Let's Shake It Up


Sarpanch burnt to death by villagers

Read this short article and went straight for the dictionary. You probably know what a sarpanch is. I did not. This guy was raising hell but this is how the locals took care of their sarpanch. By the way a sarpanchni is a sarpanch's assistant.


It's been snowing a bit lately.

3000 troops to Afghanistan

Are you aware of Dien Bien Phu? The French had their asses handed to them on a plate in Vietnam. It was only because of intense negotiations they were saved and the French left the country immediately. We lost in Vietnam and no matter what the war loving pundits say today it was never going to be won. The Russkies also got served up on a platter in Afghanistan of course with our assistance to the mujahedeen turned Taliban now Al Qaeda with stinger missiles. Ask them if they ever want "their Vietnam" again.

Now we are sending 3000 more to do what. Something the neo killers want but not our county. Will the battle be won? Ask the Russians or the French they'll tell you. Ask Bush and he'll tell you the same old worn out bull shit. The invasion of Afghanistan was planned well before 911. Now this is being waged in Iraq the biggest air campaign since '06. Our country is being run by a small bunch of delusional religiously insane people.

Commanders tout success of Iraq strikes
Does this mean we can come home now? What ever happened to "we'll stand down when they stand up" What about the training of the couple hundred thousand Iraqis that were to take the place of ours? Lies all of them because the intention of these neo-crooks from the beginning was to invade and then stay. That has never changed nor will it until we force them to.


William the Bloody and Chris Masshews

Tom Tomorrow knocks these guys flat on their asses. Why this man is given any credibility is beyond me. I forgot our country loves war and his bosses do too. The whole country with the help of a whole array of spineless bastards banging the war drums leading up to the invasion of Iraq was out for blood. The old blood long since dried and the new continuing to run bright red for almost five years just like the mouth of this neo-con killer. Worse is the local fish wrapper had his column in print today. The Bloody One deserves something for his lies too. click on picture for larger view
Matthews has been out of control for some time. Not nearly as vile as Billo or the Vulgar Pig Boy Limbo he as like many in the media deserve not the title of journalist. This is not here in support of Clinton but to make the point that if there ever is to be meaningful thoughtful discussions on issues of the day something has to change. And as a RPCV how did he get this way and to me he is an embarrassment. What a bunch of bs and hate he spews out in such a short period. Courtesy of Crooks and Liars


US, Iraq launch anti-extremist operation

U.S. and Iraqi forces launched a major operation to strike against al-Qaida in Iraq and other extremists, the U.S. military said Tuesday, hoping to build on a recent reduction of violence and push militants from their strongholds.

This is total bullshit. There's no other way to say it. Al-Qaida constitutes 3-5% of the resistance forces that being known for some time. "Extremists" have never changed from the very beginning. They are Iraqi fighting to remove the occupiers who invaded their country just like we would all be doing here if we were invaded. The whore media has always framed it like this because this country loves war. I despise these killers who took my country to war on lies and will never forgive them and hope to be there when justice is metered out just like what our old partner Saddam got.

Stage Coach Para Sailing/Skiing

What is this proper term for this type of sport and what's it called when he goes through the ice as it's thin out there.
Photo courtesy of Chuck Wisecup



Fox Whore News and Billo are just downright evil bastards. There's no other way to describe this. Watch and decide like they want you to.

Sibel-The Boys & The Family

Sibel Edmonds is one of this country's hero's and has finally after many years come out with some of her story printed in The Times Of London. One of the most gagged people in history her courage and perseverance is to be admired. Plus her story is true. This country is in big trouble. Dave Lindorff writes this piece that goes further.
BuzzFlash's editorial on these two families points out the hypocrisy of so many on the right. None of the biggies who support the lie and debacle in Iraq send theirs. It just wouldn't be Repuglican you see.


Calling Out All Presidential War Whores

This grunt can't tell the truth any better than what the reality of the situation is and was from the very beginning in Iraq. Thank you soldier for your service and more importantly your desire to have the truth addressed in this campaign for the most powerful position in the world!

A bit different perspective on why

This video in a interesting way explains the reason why Global Warming needs to be addressed now rather than later. No matter what is said from the other side if measures are not taken soon we are all screwed. Share with others. 9min long but goes fast.

This originated from Just An Earth-Bound Misfit another site that is worth visiting plus there are airplanes involved and a excellent piss poor attitude plus this lass might be packing heat.


Air Cars

This is interesting and cheap too. Sometimes cheap can be good.


Friday Evenings

There is no choice but to bang a drum a bit as in my opinion this is such good stuff. Have no tv and particularly in the winter the internets are my entertainment. When home on Friday night listen to KUSP. At 7pm MT they have I guess an oldies program with stuff that is hard to even remember. Great play lists and that's why "Five O'Clock Shadow" is the video. These were good times to grow up in and this is and will remain a great tune. At 9pm there is a African music program called "Rhythm Afrique" for two hours. KGNU from Boulder on Saturday afternoons has a similar format but these guys blow me away as they are now with African artists from all over the damn place. This summer met Max and his new wife who grew up in Santa Cruz,CA. She had spent many hours playing in the studio of the station saying it was a special place. Support listener supported radio wherever it is if you can. Non corporate with no commercials and the best music and news pass all. If only I was back in Africa just now.

The Huckster

The religious fanatics piled out of the cornfields feedlots and hog confinement centers in droves last night to prove the South ain't got nothing on the Heartland when it comes to religion. The dinosaur riding Huckster slapped the less crazy but still religiously insane clean cut Mormon silly. Before this is all over some one may have a vision and that could be what takes them to the higher ground of presidential politics of the extremely nutso Republican Party. Giddyup Dino.

Some of the reasons the Religious Right Loves the Huckster.



The implementation of religion into our country's military has been written about for some time. These two pictures represent the very same thing. Remember when Ronnie said he was doing it for God and Khomeini was doing it for Allah. This article explains in detail.

It's difficult to explain how incredibly insane it is for this country to have allowed this to happen. We are one in the same the only difference is their cloud being that can not be seen like ours is from the wrong side of the tracks and we don't like him. Delusional people think like this.

Ran across this site that if you like cats it's worth a visit.

Iowa Poll: New numbers releasedSome time ago witnessed a small group of African Americans being refused service at a local restaurant in a small town in Iowa. People are so pissed off at the various forms of solicitations from all the candidates wonder if these polls can even be close.

The question needs to be asked of all the candidates where they stand on reality and if they are willing to put reality first in making decisions.