I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!



Just got done with three hours of meetings. In two days we enter the eighth month of the year. YIKES! Caught a lot of fish yesterday all browns. The local monkeys have their knickers in a knot because their hero of debauchery 12 time arrested former mayor got a DUI and got her ass tasered in the process but it's the cops fault as always.

What's so hard to understand. You have a weapon and the ones with guns tell you to put it down and you don't chances are high you will die. Don't have a weapon and you do not do what they tell you chances are just as good you be tasered or pepper sprayed. It's fucking simple. That's the way it is now.

The weather couldn't be better but it's very dry everywhere. On the way home was thinking about this song.

The Local Boys Blogging At The DNC

Here is an article on Square Stare the blog selected from Colorado to have a front row seat at the DNC convention. These guys are sharp and Square State is a player for sure. Probably worth a glance and also the list of selected bloggers by state.


Media Whores

Media Matters produced this short video showing several examples of the whores they are and how they have framed McNutt into something he is not just as they did with the chimp. This is not new we all know this.

For years I used examples of what was seen or said in the media that was not true presenting the real truth to those who believed the whores in an attempt to turn a light on to possibly get them to think on their own. These days there are not many of those conversations because more or less avoid those on the dark side. Whether that's right or wrong I'm not sure but that's just the way it is.

I continue and will always blame these bastards more than anything else for the state of affairs our country is in now. One point that has stood the test of time over the years for me that I use whenever possible hopefully to get the light turned on is this .

There is a reason 10-15 million people marched on 2/15/03 around the world in protest to what our country was about to do in Iraq. The reason we did so was because we knew the reasons given by the Bush administration was all lies and we did not get our information from the liberal media in the United States.

What sick shit was being fed to the sheep during those times! It for the most part continues to this day. Support independent media and radio as much as you can and fight like hell when they make another try at control of the internets . They want that so bad and are not going to give up. Giv'em hell!


Gas Prices Will Be Coming Down

This will work for sure. Get a God involved and all will be otay. Word on the street Moses will be the backup. Look at how well things have turned out with the praying the chimp did. Hate to burst the bubble but it just ain't going to work.


Winning My Ass

The United States is now winning the war that two years ago seemed lost.

Just wanted to scream when I read this piece of shit article. A couple other beauts.

Insurgency as a whole has withered to the point where it is no longer a threat to Iraq's future.

That does not mean the war has ended

This is the message being played out in the media. Violence is down but still there have been 11 US troops killed this month. Iraq Today tells a bit of a different story with reports of incidents that to me are not acceptable.

Hard to believe those fighting are doing so to help Bushmiester and his gang as that's what it does so maybe there's something to it. Major violence can erupt at any time and will never believe for a moment that this war for whores will ever be won whatever that means.

4:55AM Suicide bombers kill 28 in Baghdad, 16 in Kirkuk

Attempted Arrest Of The Killer Rove By Iowans With Balls

Balls as big as boulders these patriots must have to attempt such a feat. Rove just one of the many slugs who deserves the same back in respect to what he has done to so many. The chimp will pardon any and all of those who were instrumental in taking us to war on lies you can bet on it. Sonsofbitches!

It's worthy to note there was no mention of this in the cornfields biggest paper the Des Moines Register.


Drunk Wisconsonite Kills Lawnmower

Those damn Lawn Boy's never started worth a shit. I can understand the frustration.


She's Back

Being Bukola Bravely is back from holiday in her home country of Nigeria. I very much enjoy reading posts from West Africa having lived in Ghana for two plus years as a PCV. If it were possible for me to live there for a time I would be packing now. Pauline writes such good stuff I look for her posts daily. Bukola has put up several great pieces one about electricity that is relevant to here in some ways not just yet but in the future as our economy grows worse we will see our infrastructure and services deteriorate. Maybe this young lady will educate us somehow in the differences of our two country's and what is really important in life a perspective that can only come from experiencing it yourself. Americans think the rest of the world revolves around them. That is not the case and life here is changing and will continue to do so. So Bukola I beg you to post plenty o. In any case you may rest assured Lagos is jumping just now. Welcome back!

Repugs Who Think They Are Entitled

Rudy Giuliani's son Andrew is suing Duke because he did not make the golf team. His golf scores were among the lowest on the team but he's so fucking special he and so many of these other right wingers seem to need special consideration when they don't get their way.. Face it punk you privileged little prick you are a shitty golfer compared to the others and don't deserve to be on the team. What the fuck is so hard to understand about that. I fucking hate golfers a lot of them anyway.


Robert Novak AKA Nazi Media Whore And Traitor

Busted Knuckles is all over this. He is without question a treasonous Nazi sonofabitch!

Run over this prick and the slime will run in rivers.

When the time comes he needs to swing like 'ol Saddam did

until his eyes pop out of his fucking pea brained head like the slug that he is.

Here And Out There

Another round of bullshit is happening here once again and it will be here for sometime plus it ain't pretty. I am fucking disgusted at this level and nationally too. There is something wrong all over. Our society loves conflict and controversy if it is the right kind of fodder it is gobbled up like flies on shit. Here some believe shit a sixth grader could comprehend as having no merit. It's easier to believe the nonsense than the reality and somehow even when the reality and truth is known they still will not believe or understand. This is fucked up.

At national level it's very similar. We saw it with the chimp and now with McNutt. The two being for the most part the same and the idea parachute boy could be worse will not be speculated on. This guy has taken too many blows to the head. Why are the polls so close between these two? BO hasn't said shit as far as I'm concerned. People should be outraged but they are not. What needs to be said is not being said. McDelusional allowed to be just that. There is no comparison to these two men as there was none between Chimpy and Sorry Ass Kerry particularly because by then most people knew the chimp was an idiot who killed on lies and was unable to put a sentence together correctly won. I call bullshit and the same goddamn thing is happening again as usual. So many can not be so fucking dumb for so damn long. Doesn't add up.

More intentional than not there has been a successful mind fucking of Americans to the point that once again there is the good possibly another monster like Bush may be the next decider for you and me.

Look the fuck out and come back and kick my sorry ass when things turn out all rosy but until then we have nothing.


Too Funny Not to Share

Every day go over to WTF IS IT NOW to see things like this. This is funny. Sad but funny. Stole it just sure as shit and hope you chuckle like I did. Thank you for that WTF!!

Be afraid, be very afraid: Preznit Fuckhead McDumbass has heard of YouTube:

On Saturday, the Arizona Star reported that President Bush asked the audience to turn off recording devices at a Friday fundraiser, afraid that his remarks could be posted to YouTube. "I don’t know a lot about technology,”the president said, according to one insider, “but I do know about YouTube.“ He knows even less about being president, but that's never stopped him, said the insider.


Forgetting The Bad Shit

Fished both days this weekend and had a blast. Caught a lot of fish for the first time this year in surroundings that allow one to easily forget what else may be happening else where. I like that when it happens. Yesterday golfed and struck the ball so well there was some pleasure in that too. Not too much posting as it's over due with the great weather for some heavy screwing off. May you be getting some of the same in too.


Screw The Surge - There Is Still Plenty Of Violence To Go Around Everywhere

To listen to the media they would lead you to believe all is pretty damn peachy in Iraq. There have been 20(correction 12) troops killed this month. Ask the parents of these kids what they think of the surge.

Check out the incidents just from Sunday. Expect as usual the media to downplay as they have been doing the reality in Iraq. They love war and profiteer from it. They will do their best to assure another chimp like person who loves 100 year wars is our next prez.


Beaver Creek White Trash Causing Bears To Be Killed

“The bears go where the trash is,” Hampton said. “And the trash is in Beaver Creek.”

They knocked this sonofabitch clear outta the ballpark. Yea bears go after trash that's a given. It's the super rich elitist white trash that has all the fucking money in the world that do not adhere to the rules and do not buy bear proof containers that are the cause for these bears demise. I say let the bears stay and get rid of the white trash and both problems go away.

Critters From Yesterday

A couple times during the season horse fly's pay a visit and are none too friendly.

I'm reminded of a story from West Africa when a friend and I were paddling our six boarder on the Volta River. As a general rule things are bigger in Africa and we were accosted by a horse fly at least two times bigger than this guy. I was able to deflect his attack and yelled to Charlie to look out and no more than a moment later heard a scream . Looked back and the blood was flowing already.

Took a chunk of meat out close to an eighth inch in diameter and the swelling was immediate reaching the size of a silver dollar.

Hurt like hell and sorry to be this way but happy it was him and not me. The eyes on this insect are something else. Click on the picture to see what I mean.

This spider was found on this flower of a weed almost matching the color. The spider survived the meat eater did not.


"TIME HORIZON" New Word On The Block

This shit doesn't get or deserve a link. El Chimpo and Maliki will attempt to set "aspirational goals" for troop draw downs. Biden said the administration was "finally facing reality."

Bullshit bullshit bullshit!! What Biden should have said was the sonofabitch is lying like always. Has this little prick ever told the truth we must leave Iraq now or something to that effect would be so pleasant to hear. Another stall as usual. Until it does it ain't happening and as always these fuckers bring nothing to the table and Biden gives a glimmer of hope where the reality is something other. I want to see parents hoping their kids have a safe trip home from that hellhole everyone of them as our troops begin a quick orderly departure from Iraq.

Take A Slap At The Texass Pig Boy

For whatever it's worth here is a chance to sign the petition to get this little oinker in the slammer. If we were so lucky to have this happen put this fat little prick so far back in the slammer they have to pipe him the food. Thanks to Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films.


With A Little Help From Your Friends

We are all aware of Nancy(sell out whore) Pelosi and Jay(rat turd) Rockefeller along with Jane(twatzilla) Harman were informed about torture this country was using but did squat as is the norm with those on our side-my ass. Glenn Greenwald writes this excellent piece that explains in depth how because of these people's complicity any chance of accountability is gone.

Of course the Imbecile in charge claims executive privilege in the request from Congress for the records of the FBI interview with shooter Cheney about the leak of V. Plame-imagine that. That ain't news this is what the little fucktard does.

By the way we know Rove didn't show but do you remember the threat of arrest from the House Judiciary?? I sure do but I remember more all the other feeble ass threats and letters to appear or to turn over documents or what ever the fuck it is they wanted only to be told to go fuck your momma.

These two parties are one in the same for the most part and the Dims have a pattern of being even worse because they have betrayed us. You expect it from the Right because they know no other way at this time. It's not because of fear of reelection but something other. I personally think many have been threatened but what ever it may be it is pure evil! Sulphur is in the air.

What can be accurately stated is that these people do what ever they want when ever they want because they can and will continue to do just that. This is really fucked up. We are so screwed and speeches ain't gonna change shit.


No Shit Mr. Marley

People are worried and many are scared. It's going to get worse before it gets better. We get no help from those on our side because too many of them are on the side of darkness along with the bastards that took our country to war on lies the reason there's so much trouble in the world.


9.5% Increase In Fuel Mileage

The original post on this subject is here. The average mpg before the using this additive is 28.5 mpg. The second post is here.

Started 4/20 Ended 7/13
The Car 2000 Subaru Forester manual transmission
13 fill ups
Price Range $3.50 to $4.30 a gallon
Average price per gallon $3.95
MPG range 28.3 to 35.4
Total miles driven 5156
Total gallons 165.4
Average mpg 31.2
Increase of 2.7 mpg which = 9.5% increase in overall fuel mileage
Total spent $656.53
5156/28.5=180.9 gal x 3.95 = $714.60
5156/31.2=165.3 gal x 3.95 = $652.76
Savings of $61.84
Cost of product $17.50
Total savings $44.34
$44.34/13 fill ups =$3.41 less on each fill
Average gallons per fill up 12.7
$3.41/12.7 = a savings of 27 cents per gallon overall

These figures correspond to what others are saying they achieve with this product some more some less. Bought a quart used half of it and my brother is testing the rest to see if it does the same. Have a good idea of what mileage I'm getting and can tell without this stuff in this tank it is not doing so well. Real savings are seen of course with vehicles that get poor mileage because it adds up so quickly. Is it worth it? It takes a bit of effort to get the bottle out and measure the amount needed into the syringe to put in the tank. The syringe is extra but worth it or else it would be a pain in the ass to measure accurately. If bought in volume the price goes down from $35 a quart to $28 I believe. Also there is a ratio that uses less of the product that I have a feeling will achieve the same results. As the price of fuel goes up the savings become greater. So if I can stick $3.50 in my pocket on each fill for about a minute or so of effort I guess it's worth it. If my mileage does not drop back to where it was before I will say so and when it does I will be telling my brother to send that shit back and get your own.

In any case here is the link to CMH Industries.

Next Bob Feller Knocked Out Early

Feel bad for this kid and want to kick his Daddy's lame ass frequently and hard all around the bases for all to see as a reminder to whoever the guardian of the kids taken to ball games that you have a responsibility to watch over them and protect them from things like this.

Rule numero uno when attending these events. When there is a batter in the box and the ball is in play do not repeat do not take your eyes off the damn ball!!


What Happened Over The Weekend

After the discussion with the owner of the house I occupy the purchase is still up in the air and even though we have a verbal agreement I will purchase it he understands that may not happen and I understand he can pursue other avenues for the sale. He has already taken hits on funds and actually has some in the bank in Kalifornia that failed. As is in this county sales are down 51% from last year at this time. YIKES!

I learned of three people who in the last several days have lost their jobs. One was to have started last Monday but the position was eliminated before she started and this was after she quit her other to take this one.

My brother and I had good conversations about the state of affairs. He has a better attitude (positive) than I which was good to hear and makes good points. He thinks that after the election for instance the people will begin to force these elected ones in DC to start doing the right things. Believes though that we are in a world of shit and like me all bets are off the table if there is any intervention in Iran.

After partaking of my shredded chicky burrito with the best green chili ever in Salida I headed north but not before a conversation with the owners daughter about business. Simply put there is a major difference between the businesses around them as compared to last year. Not even close to the same volume. Got a call from my bud Graham who along with two of his friends are hiking the Colorado Trail. His fiancee had driven down to meet them and hell they were just a minute up the road at the gas station. 220 into a 500 mile jaunt and all was going okay except for some blisters. Very nice surprise even though I had called and left a message when I was probably passing through but didn't know where they were. Chatted for a few minutes and took off wishing them a continued safe trek through the high country.

Couple minutes later got a call from Jim a long time friend who stayed at the house Thursday night before I left. He is a part time g boy(government) who is doing historical preservation work for the Forest Service and had been working between Leadville and Buena Vista but came up to my neck of the woods to do the same. Anyway someone changed the plan and he was going back to the same place instead of working here. Since we were going to cross paths we met in Minturn where I got gas to bullshit as you can imagine. I don't know about you but I get big kick outta stories and coincidences like this.

On the issue of gas I got 35.4 mpg and have turned over the fuel additive to my brother to see what results he gets. I have used this enough to put up a post on my results which looks like a 10% increase. Will get my figures together soon to get that up. It was good to get away and I can tell you it is very very dry every where.


Saturday Away From Home

Left on Friday to talk with the owner of the house I live in in person about the complications that have arisen concerning the purchase. This is very troublesome and do not know how this will turn out. If I have to leave this place my life will be dramatically turned upside down.

As it is we are both being affected by these sonsofbitches that have screwed our country as so many millions of others have as well. Understand I may be complaining but it's more of an observation because I've got it easy compared to others who have got screwed a hundred times worse than me. Bastards!

A couple things. Tony Snow passed away. Condolences to his family but don't make this man something he is not but they will.

Check out what Russ is posting. It's good stuff.

If you want some cheap entertainment here are two links to cars and music from the 60's the era I grew up in. Had these for awhile and am throwing them up here today because have not had time to keep up on the ongoing debauchery of the criminal low lifes.



The Arkansas and the Colorado are both still running high so no fishing on the way home 280 miles away. Have a fun weekend!!



Why The Democrats Enable this Madness

Originally posted 3/13/08
To many this proposition may border on the bizarre but given the reality of so many seeking hair transplants from scratching their heads why for almost eight years it cannot be ruled out by any means in these times.

Chances Are Good

Most sites that I visit and the links within them to blogs contain intelligent thoughtful material. It's more than fair to state all of us know the story of this administration. We are informed and aware. There will be just one story used as example here.

Simply it concerns how the information that led to Spitzer was acquired. A trolling expedition.

This administration has done what ever it wants because it can many times enabled by those who are supposed to be on my side your side our country's side.

Common sense tells me the total lack of accountability or over site particularly when it stretches into years worth does not add up or make sense not even a little bit.

The example I will use out of what must be thousands by now is Valarie Plame. This may be the worst case of treason in the history of this country combined with the fact she worked on WMD's in the region that includes the country that we invaded and now occupy on lies. It's like it never happened. It is the same for all the other story's as well. It cannot be added up and does not make sense.

What does makes sense to me is the following as they have all the tools at their disposal to accomplish such a task.

Simply put-I firmly believe they have used these tools and will use the term blackmailed many key people in government and whoever or whatever they feel is a threat to them. When lies from them kill so many common sense tells me that same threat is being used along with much else and that is why we are in the state we are. That is the one thing that does add up. Look the fuck out!


Senator Saladbar Is Such A Whore

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.


Ticks Attacking Airplanes

A United Airlines flight was delayed for more than five hours at Denver International Airport after three ticks were found on board Tuesday.

Either some smart ass let these loose or there is one sorry sonofabitch walking around with a bunch of these blood sucking bastards on him. No matter what ticks are just down right gross. Better check your privates right now.

On the subject of airlines
of the 456 people Frontier Airlines plans to lay off this fall, the majority are pilots and flight attendants almost all based in Denver. This will hurt for sure and I hope my cousin isn't one of them. Frontier was a successful Colorado airline for many years until it was sold to Frank Lorenzo I believe who intentionally bankrupted it as he did with other businesses. It started back up and all this corporation did was expand and expand again losing money all along the way. You assholes should be flogged for fucking with peoples lives like this. These jobs will not be coming back and I wonder how many will lose their houses in the Denver market the 10th worst in the nation?


McBush Unleashes His Attack Dogs On Librarian Granny In Denver

UPDATE 7/9/08 If you would like to help Carol Kreck in defense of all of our First Amendment rights go HERE.

Ok so maybe she's not a granny and there weren't dogs either the message is clear and courtesy of ProgressNow we get a glimpse of the ordinary when it comes to expressing an opinion and perhaps a hint of what is coming when the big shoe hits town. YIKES!!

Saw nothing on this incident from the online video from Denver.

Beer & Peanuts At BO's Acceptance Speech

SquareState has reported that Obama will give his acceptance speech at Sell Out Stadium(formerly Mile Hi) during the DNC.

Denver and the Dims are having problems raising the millions for this convention imagine that. I'm sure it will be really really big with a speech that will top all of his others. Will he explain why he supports telecom immunity even though the majority of us do not? I hope they don't pray too damn much and I bet they tell the cheerleaders to leave their short skirts at home.


The Ones That Are Buying In This Market

Of 62 total home sites on 1,700 acres at Marabou, 37 have sold and 25 remain available. One of the most recent sales came in June. The home site sold for $3.5 million. Another lot sold for $2.75 million in April.

This is a local article and does not reflect in any way the market as a whole. Glance at the comments as some will make you laugh like hell.

Conversations over the weekend and reading tell me there people ain't buying shit when it comes to houses exception above. Let's get some straight once again. Massive structures such as these that the super rich have built are not homes but something other. What ever the fuck they are they are disgusting for sure. Hate to be an asshole but I don't even know these people and I don't like them and I'm sure they are very nice human beings. If I had half of the wealth people like this have I too would be a very nice person too but I would not have built a living structure built on this scale unless it was needed. Two people 10,000 sq. ft. This is sick shit at least to my way of thinking.

A bit off topic but there were a number of interesting articles in this Sunday's paper which is a bit unusual. One is about this very young girl walking out of the house last winter in sub zero temps. Fairly incredible.

If you want to slap a dumb monkey from afar knock yourself out as there's plenty of this shit around here as well.

Serious Business This Driving

One of the many things my friend Mr. Rodger and I have discussed over the years about Ghana has been these driving toys some kids who were lucky enough had probably made by their fathers.

Some were quite interesting in how they were built for instance the length of the pole and I swear some of these reached 10 feet or more. Some were outfitted with a real steering wheel I assume determined by what was at hand. These toys maneuvered quite nicely by the way.

Although this "small boy" is not smiling here the smiles from these kids driving these contraptions around town was fun to see and has stuck with us always.

I found this picture here taken by a retired and now world traveller named
Galen R. Frysinger.
His site is here and you will not be disappointed.


It's Phantom For A Reason

Because he doesn't show himself much. Seen him twice but each time he comes up to me. Phantom lives with Frankie from last week. Kind of a cool cat.

Patriotism & Independence Day

The 4th of July was always a big deal of course as a kid and even as a young adult. I was lucky to not have hurt myself with some of the things that were lit off but have seen some get hurt. Sure is different now.

Liberality writes this short post that is very fitting and could not be said any better.

The Ornery Bastard asks what has changed.

I ask as this nation party's today and through the weekend how many will be discussing the state of our country and how different from past 4th's this one is. Just how shitty do conditions need to be before people from both sides begin to question. Can't afford that tank of oil to get to Grandma's this weekend blame the chimp. Losing your house because you lost your job well then you shouldn't have voted for this imbecile not once but twice. The loss of jobs continues to rise and more troops are being killed in Afghanistan than Iraq. Put it together people we must leave Iraq very soon and somehow get these bastards out of the White House if there is any chance of stopping some of this madness.

I have three lady fingers left from several years ago. Headed out to cause trouble. Have a fun holiday everyone.


MY GUY-War Whore&Repug Enabler

Oil and gas companies are withholding production and largely to blame for rising gas and grocery prices

Salazar said oil companies have access to resources they are not developing, despite gas prices he said could reach $7 a gallon.

“They’re not really pushing,” he said. “I don’t think it’s a shortage problem.”

No John boy you war funding whore you love this war so no way can you say it's because of that fuel prices are so high. You also agree with my government being able to spy on me at will plus
other key votes where you crossed over just like Lieberwhore. You are a killer repug in Dims clothing. Some say don't use bad words against those on our side-fuck that. When you make the cross over votes no matter who the hell you are you are not on my side. Every one of you can kiss my sorry ass. Fuck you and the lame dick saddle burro you rode in on!

Don't forget kiddies his brother Sen. Saladbar is even worse. These two guys must have drank too much tainted water down there in the San Luis Valley.


Biopsy Results

The biopsy came back negative and may my luck come your way too.

In addition my friend's biopsy was negative also so that's double good news on this super Colorado summer day.


Benny The Rat Shells Out Another 5.5 Mil

The archdiocese of Denver has agreed to pay $5.5 million to settle 18 claims of sexual abuse against its priests in incidents that happened between 1954 and 1981.

This gets real old and it's not going away because Benny refuses to make the changes needed to stop it. Sick shit straight out of mumbo jumbo world of Catholisim.

Worse Than The Chimp

Reaching out to evangelical voters, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is announcing plans to expand President Bush's program steering federal social service dollars to religious groups

This is depressing to say the least. This is what we don't need and makes this man worse than the idiot that sits in the Oval Office. At a loss for words and if I could come up with some no way could they be nice. What the hell is coming down the tube next from this guy? What in the fuck is it they do not understand about keeping religion and politics separate?