I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


The Rat Is Gonna Sing

Poop Benny the Rat that is. This boy has a brand new album coming out with a release date of 11/30.

He's not only going to be singing but be doing some heavy duty pray'in as well. Who knows this crusty old Nazi bastard might even strike up a fucking jig-that'd be real special.

Ever hear a priest sing? Most of them suck worse than a hind teat. Stay the hell away from this one folks!!


Running Away From Church - I Know The Feeling Kid

A 7-year-old boy in Utah was so desperate to avoid church he jumped in the old man's car in an attempt to escape the Sunday ongoing rape of his mind by the the religiously insane criminals on the loose all over this country who brainwash the young into the false belief that a long time ago there was this invisible cloud being who snapped his fingers and created all that we have today.

Nice try but at your age the other side is too much for ya. The good thing is that you didn't get charged with anything. Bide your time and when they start with the bullshit shut down any input as much as possible and go somewhere else in your mind until it stops. Eventually you'll be able to get away completely and you will be better for it. Don't give in and you will win in the end. Trust me - I know! Good luck!

Repuglicans Crapping Their Panties In Fear

Yea the GOP are getting nightmares just from the look from these two chumps.

Democrats warned the GOP it would pay a steep price for opposing the judge who would be the first Hispanic justice

How damn stupid are these guys to think that just because they pretend to be mad about this that the goose stepper's care or are going to change their vote because they know a very angry letter is on its way from the likes of Limp Dick.

jesus h christ give me a fucking break here!


Animals Seen And Interacted With Today

These videos are not all that impressive but there are certain things about each one that are interesting. This time a year one of my favorite birds makes their yearly visit and feast on the insects around the pond. Not only do I enjoy their pursuits after these various food sources but the fact that they allow you to get so close. I actually have a picture of one that landed on my head.

This spring I did a video of this friendly marmot that allows me to get very close without being afraid. The first one was pretty good but this once a day is even better.

This is a video of a juvenile red tailed hawk. There are several of these around and they been raising hell with the rakes that are in the sand traps. This gives you some ideal of what's going on but I've missed the good stuff.

The problem is that I'm supposed to be working instead of doing this kind of thing. So this Sunday if it's a nice morning which it should be I will be around early with plenty of time on my hands and I'm going to try as hard as I can to get some really good video of what these birds are really up to and capable of doing.

It may not be much but I sure get a kick out of shift like this.


What Plan?

A plan unlikely to include a government-run insurance option backed by the Prez.

No you slimy behind closed door whored out bought off sonsofbitches it's us that backed a single payer option not this one that will even if passed suck a hind teat at best.

Bipartisan negotiations huh? All that means is that the repugs had you dimwit fuckers down on your knees praying is all.

Bottom line is that you Dims will not fight for us and haven't tried. You will take what these crazy repugs give you-wipe the shit off your face-smile and tell us that's the best you could do.

If something is passed by the likes of you slugs in DC it will bear no resemblance to what works so well for other countries and that you can take to the bank as they say.

It Was The Chair

That's right it was the chair that knocked me out last night. Till two this morning. Wasn't even worth getting up and getting in bed.

So didn't have anything to put up but remembered this video that is so much fun and it happens in a church believe it or not. This went viral quickly and comes from just north of the cornfield.

H/T Happy To Be From Iowa


Success Thanks To Friends

Thanks to my brother and the help of three other life long friends this three day window project was a major victory with hardly a complication except for an injury sustained to the pocket book. These are done inside and out for the most part with the only thing remaining being window coverings. What an amazing difference and should make this coming winter much more pleasant than the last one.

Thanks guys!!!


There's A Cat Today

This is Domo who enjoys hanging out in this flower pot a whole bunch.


The A Team Arrived And Performed Window Maneuvers

Heavy duty preparation about 7:30 this morning.

Two through four out of 17.

Around the the first corner

The back side.

Headed for home. It was like a machine.

Four have been trimmed like this and it was the end of the day at 5:30. Two of us will finish this trim while the others will start the inside rim.

It's already an amazing difference,


Limp Dick Harry Waves To Us

The top Democrat in the Senate says lawmakers won't vote until after August on health care.

Imagine that and then imagine there may well be no vote of any kind even then.

Then take into consideration Limp Prick and the other Blue Whore Demofuctards want some bipartisanship-you betcha!

Friends-hate to continue to have this piss poor attitude but the facts are that if you expect good things from a health care bill if ever there is one you will be severely disappointed.

We get nothing from these tards who are supposed to be on my side and this time will be no different! If you expect nothing the disappointment won't be so bad when reality hits home once again.

I Can Almost See Clearly Now

The next few days with the help from some good friends who have come quite a distance my living space hopefully will be changed into something much better with the addition of a bunch of new windows.

This is what I'll be busy with so there will not be much going on here. Summer is flying by. Thank's for taking the time to see what's happening here in the cornfield. OF

One of the good things I get to do while at work. You'd be surprised at what you might see on a short little ride like this sometimes.


Gates Says This And Then Says That About Afghanistan And None Of It Is Any Good

The only thing good that could ever be said about about Iraq and Afghanistan is that we are leaving completely, entirely and for fucking ever. But the reality is different and we are all aware of that.

I'm not going to even link to this article because it's too depressing but will include a few tidbits from war pig Defense Secretary Gates.

The Pentagon's chief said Thursday he could send more U.S. troops to Afghanistan this year than he'd initially expected and is considering increasing the number of soldiers in the Army.

That's real special since they've already increased the size of our military once this year.

Gates and other military leaders have said they are reluctant to send many more U.S. troops to Afghanistan, because of concerns that a large American footprint there could appear to Afghans as an occupying force.

Do you fucking think?

"We are very mindful of stress on the force," he said.

No shit Cisco. Our whole fucking country is under stress because of this shit and we are just beginning to enter a new era of death and mayhem in our second war front called Afghanistan and in recent days we have seen it ain't going to be pretty.

Thanks a lot you war loving fucking Democrats elected to do the opposite of what you've done since '06.

Dirty rotten bastards!


Godly Towns

The town of Westcliffe, Colorado is one that I have driven through many many times for quite a few years. One thing that has always stood out was the number of churches and I generally come through on Sunday going home. There are more damn people running around all dressed up you wouldn't believe. There must be at least five churches in a 10 block area and there's more other places.

A few years ago there was a strong effort to get prayer in the local schools but fortunately people were smarter than that and it did not happen.

About a year ago now the local county sheriff started an investigation into this allegation.

Two months after a mass raid of a polygamist Mormon compound in Texas piqued the nation’s interest, a similar sect in southern Colorado is flourishing — and in fact some speculate that the tiny town of Westcliffe in southwest Colorado may become the next polygamist nerve center in the United States. A compound there already hosts an estimated 30 members of the breakaway Mormon sect, and an aide to jailed polygamist leader Warren Jeffs has already shelled out more than $1 million for nearly 200 acres of land nearby.

I have not seen another article about this investigation but last month this article appeared in the Denver Post about the Amish in Pennsylvania coming to Westcliffe to settle because of cheaper land prices. There are Amish back in the cornfield but you never hear much about them and I'm not quite sure why.

WESTCLIFFE — A new road sign cautions drivers to watch for Amish horse-drawn carriages in the valley beneath Colorado's Sangre de Cristo mountains.

Which brings me to why I'm writing this post. I had not been through Westcliffe since the end of March when I returned from a road trip from California. So last Sunday it very nice out and I pulled off to take a picture or do a video of the mountains which is below. I didn't take a picture but at the very end of the video is the picture I should have taken.

So I decided I'm going to drive down the road for 3 miles and just see just what the hell is out here. I don't go over a mile and way down the road I see a horse and buggy coming.

I did not do a very good job on the pictures or on this short video. Part of the reason is that I did not want to intrude on these people's privacy. Remember the movie Witness? I had the first two articles stored for some time to eventually do a post about the number of religious crazies in this area. And when the story about the Amish locating here and the coincidence of me pulling off and seeing his horse and carriage was kind of cool. I get a kick outta of shit like this.

But I want everybody to understand that I do not have an issue with the Amish here or anywhere else. Unlike so many other believers who feel they need to spread and force their dogma on others here and all over the world these people never enter that realm of religious nuttery.

Because of that and the fact that they live more green than probably 95% of this country I'm okay with that. Now if they come knocking on my door like the Mormons do then we have a problem but until then there is probably a lot we can learn from these people and the first thing would be to live simply!

Sanford Proves Theory

How many times do these religious hypocrites continue to get a pass and are allowed to pull the god card out of their ass in plain sight of the whole world and make believe it counts??

Every time cause it works!

What does it prove-that they are seriously fucking deranged and that we are screwed when the media lets a piss ant like this cheating prick have a mouthpiece to the world.

Had a good trip this weekend and will have something up late today. Will be scarce this week as there's work to be done.


I Am For The Ranch

310 one way and haven't been down since I was there returning from the March road trip to Kali. It will be in the high 90's so there may be a few beerski's drank even for me. Yea get pissed up and be somebody.

Friends will be there and good food plenty. I need a change of pace cause next week 17 windows will be put in hopefully in this abode of mine.

I'll have my eyeballs peeled for pictures and dumb ass drivers.

Thanks for stopping and all of you have a fun and safe weekend.

Afghanistan Lie Begins In Ernest

Get ready to get screwed once again as always when it comes to war and the corporate sonsofbitches behind it plus everyone of the scum bag congress whores who vote for unending war and death because they don't have to die or fight. This was the plan all along and it has only begun to unfold. Three more of ours were killed in Irak this morning by the way.

Read this and then go out and buy a fresh tube of lube because you're going to need it.

The Pentagon's chief said Thursday he could send more U.S. troops to Afghanistan this year than he'd initially expected and is considering increasing the number of soldiers in the Army.

We as citizens of this country who voted overwhelmingly to end this shit literally have no control and our votes have proved as worthless as tits on a boar the last two elections.

These fuckers will never do the right thing cause they are being told what to do in matters such as this. It's either their way or else.


Ft. Carson Veterans Continue To Kill At Home

OTC has written on this before. The numbers seem to be changing but we're talking about 11 murders and two attempted homicides. What annoys me is that the Army refuses to admit that part of the reason these soldiers are killing is because of their service and what they experienced in Iraq.

Army officials speaking Wednesday denied there was any connection between combat and crime, pointing out that their own data show 65 percent of violent crimes committed by soldiers were done by troops who had not been to war.

These killings of mostly women have been perpetrated by one unit. But I find this extremely troubling and I wonder how many more murders have been committed by veterans who have served in these two hellholes called Iraq and Afghanistan?

And on top of that the fact that the Army continues to obviously lie at will.

We have no control-not even a little bit over the military. And they have the most and the biggest guns.


Not Here -You Don't Dare

Someone will go to the slammer for sure. Hell we can't even discuss this rationally. We respect life way toooo much in this country. And even if you're ready to die and want to you can't at least not until the state tells you that you can.

This is what dieing with dignity is all about. It's long past due that common sense and the right of those who wish to call an end to their life on this earth be allowed to do so without fear.

Downes — Sir Edward since he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1991 — and his wife ended their lives last week at a Zurich clinic run by the assisted suicide group Dignitas. They drank a small amount of clear liquid and died hand-in-hand, their two adult children by their side. He was 85 and she was 74.


Me - I'll Have A Butt Wipe And My Friend Will Have Six 357 Hollow Points

Ariz. governor signs bill allowing guns in bars

There are a number of rules that apply with this but rest assured abuses will happen and in the end there will be some shoot'in going on.

Concealed weapon permit holders were going into bars before this anyway and you're not supposed to consume alcohol - yea right. What this does is open the door for dumb monkey's who think they need to carry a weapon down to their local watering hole.


America We Have A Problem

I look at this and just shake my head. No I do not have a TV and no I have never watched this program or any others like it. Yes I am older than these people but I know for a fact that I do not think like most of those my age.

More than 4,000 people lined up in the early-morning hours, estimated Patrick Lynn, "American Idol" supervisor producer. He said he expected double that number by the end of auditions Tuesday. To get to this point, they had hitchhiked, borrowed money and forfeited sleep, some traveling from as far away as Hawaii, a few for a second or third try at getting on the No. 1-rated show on television.

I understand that the world I grew up in is much different than the world these young people are experiencing today. Dusty a few days ago made a comment about how much more unattractive overweight people appear if good choices are not made with the clothes that they wear and she was referring to younger women.

On the Fourth of July I was around more people than I had been in many months. Locally for the most part people are fit and it's the tourists were talking about here. What I noticed was the amount of overweight people particularly young women.

Yes it was a long time ago but I do not remember the girls carrying so much extra weight around. I know for fact that was not the case not like it is today.

For one thing most every young person I knew worked and worked pretty damn hard and that probably has something to do with it. And while working we were all learning skills that we carry with us today.

What I and many other friends were concerned about during those times was what in the fuck is going to be our association with Vietnam. This country is fighting two wars and you damn well bet these thousands of young people who have showed up in an attempt to possibly get on TV first of all to not have any responsibilities in respect of holding a job because they don't have one and secondly chances are very good they don't know squat about the wars were it now. And if there was a chance that they had to go and possibly die in these faraway places they may not care so much about getting on TV.

Just say'in that we as a society and a country are regressing.

Convoy Bomb And OTC Calls Bull Shit

Yea no shit Cisco-I don't care squat about this because it's never going to stop.
A roadside bomb exploded near a convoy carrying U.S. ambassador to Baghdad Chris Hill in southern Iraq, but the envoy was unhurt, the U.S. embassy said on Monday

But what I call bullshit on is this-

Iraq is littered with munitions dumps from the time of Saddam Hussein, many of them left unguarded by U.S. forces after the 2003 invasion to oust him. Militants have since then had a steady supply of explosives with which to fashion home made bombs that can easily be concealed in pot holes or trash piles.

Why in the fuck if this is true are these munitions dumps still around after all these years? Give me a goddamn break here. I just get a serious attitude when it comes to dumb ass shit like this.


Texting Fools

Now we don't want to be picking on young people in the use of their cell phones but it has been my observation time after time many are not aware of what is happening around them because they have their head down and eyes glued to this small screen. So what happens at times are things like this.

A texting teen is recovering after falling into an open manhole.

Personally I like to know what's going on around me at all times and I keep aware of it. When I read this article what popped into my mind was Zappa's Dancing Fool because I have noticed this issue of texting while walking for some time now and find it a bit odd.


Obroni Big Man Arrives In Ghana

Yea-the fact of the matter is that the Obama's could very well be called white if they happen to get out and about a bit and that ain't no shit. I've been called "obronie" (pronounced o-brew-knee) thousands of times and the humor is that although it basically means "white man" black people from well to do country's are called that also. I'm chuckling now. Got old at times and came mostly from the young. We could never figure this out. They just have this need to point out white people to each other or something like that because it's not derogatory. If the Obama's get out very far that would happen without a doubt and that's damn funny to me.

If I had planned the Obama's itinerary this evening would start with this dish prepared with proper palm nut soup and fowl.

After that they would attend an outdoor venue for an evening dancing to Highlife and partaking of spirits while listening to music such as this. I just heard this and it is SO good!

If I were to return much time would be spent in outdoor beer joints so to speak listening,dancing,eating kabobs,flirting with the girls and having some Club beer. You betcha.

One thing that they will hear from the moment they step off the plane from every Ghanaian they meet is "You are welcome". We would all get the same treatment and I can't tell how nice that is. That is Ghana.

Please-you are welcome President Obama

Looking around came across these. A travel site that covers starting out where I was. It works well.

A post from today from an Obroni Mom where life away from where the Obama's will be hanging isn't so "sweet" as is said there a lot.

Then this a video put up before that I like. It crosses Highlife with a bit of hip hop and it's just fun.


Churchill Won But He Lost

So you go through the whole process called a trial that lasted for about three weeks and the jury finds that you were terminated illegally and there was a violation of your right of freedom of speech. Well that doesn't mean squat here in Colorado.

In a ruling Tuesday, Denver District Judge Larry Naves vacated a jury finding that CU's Board of Regents improperly terminated Churchill, who was a professor in the Boulder campus' ethnic-studies department.

Why bother with a trial when there is a whore judge waiting in the wings to do the bidding of the powerful nutters here in this state who could not stand that they were called out for the sick fucking war whores they are.

Sonsofbitches every last one of them!

A Creature From The Pond

It seems a bit strange to watch an insect like this dragonfly breath. Then the way they turn their heads all interest me. Dragonfly's in West Africa were larger and did end over ends that just just blew me away when I witnessed it.


Another Ploy To Get Religion In Schools

Well here we go again this time straight out of Northwest Iowa using "religious liberties" as the scam language of the new policy these crazies want instituted.

Public school students in Spencer will get to study the Bible and pray at graduation if school district leaders approve a proposed "religious liberties" policy, the first of its kind in Iowa.

Reading this piece was difficult for me because it seems these religiously insane people and in this case there is one of them sitting on the board never stop and if we are not ever vigilant they're going to accomplish this.

Locally crazies tried to pass an amendment to the state Constitution that defined a fertilized egg is a person with all the rights of a living human being. It was soundly defeated but they too are coming back in 2010 with the exact same agenda using different language in an attempt to make our populace even fucking dumber than it is now.

This Is Way Too Funny

If you watch this you will laugh-probably most of the way through.
H/T Border Explorer

Mexico Builds Border Wall To Keep Out US Assholes


Palin And Piss Ants

Let's get this straight. Palin says "I am not a quitter. I am a fighter,". She may believe that but the reality is that and I hate to be mean a very a stupid person and you noticed I didn't say dumb bitch.

What she doesn't realize too is that she definitely is nothing more than a piss ant in time like we all are and if she would keep that in perspective which she won't we would be hearing less from her which would be a very good thing!


A War Whore From The Past Has Died

Robert McNamara has died.

It would be our policy to use nuclear weapons wherever we felt it necessary to protect our forces and achieve our objectives.

Robert McNamara

Happy this man never never got his way but it's the same o years later even with a person in charge who is supposed to be on our side.

Another from him.

Neither conscience nor sanity itself suggests that the United States is, should or could be the global gendarme.
Robert McNamara

At least this man served his country but it has been decades since this man played a role and we did not learn a damn thing. He is no different that the bastards that took us to war in Irak for lies.

Then I see four more of ours were killed this morning in Afghanistan. A roadside bomb-imagine that.

Sick shit this is!

Stirring Up The DU

Yea-sand storms in Irak create problems for sure.

VP Biden couldn't take a helicopter to where he was going-damn.

So he was forced to use four wheels like real people plus wear his body armor because I guess she's just not safe yet but all the parties involved continue to work on that. Word is too there won't be any street shopping going on with Joe. He's going to leave that to the repugs who are braver.

One thing 'ol Joe can't get away from is Depleted Uranium as for damn sure it's blowing in the wind.


From The 4TH

It was a pretty good day all in all. Of course it rained in the afternoon.

There's a new wildflower we haven't seen before

Got some good shots of dragonfly's and finally got the blue one at the top of the page.

Pretty soon the cedar waxwings will be here making short work of these fellows. I bet they taste pretty damn good to a bird.

The local 1773 nutter chapter didn't amount to much so there's no picture of them. Listened to the same shit heard from wingers everywhere till I couldn't take it anymore and left.

The finale to the fireworks last night and of course this does not come close to doing this justice. The pressure from the hundreds of explosions could be felt on your chest.


Nutter Mania

Time will only tell what these whack jobs are up to now but you can damn well bet with Palin it ain't going to be good. Very possibly they are ramping up for something possibly very bizarre to us and normal to them.

Been two days since I've put anything up but there is a parade today and the local nutters will be out in force after that on the court house lawn with their 1773 nonsense. We'll see how long I can swallow this shit but I'm going to be on the fringe just to see for myself in person for real just how fucking imbeccillian these people are. Maybe I can get something good to share.

Right now I'm headed to work not to do that but to attempt to take some pictures in a non-work situation. Then I get to see a monster fireworks display tonight. It will be monster cause I haven't seen any in years so it'll all be gravy.

Here's another picture of this horse fly from a couple days ago. This is too much.

Have a fun and safe 4th!!


Sword Striking - Ramping Up In Afghannystan

Don't ya love the pet names the military gives military operations. Names that evoke a sense of legitimacy that really isn't the case.

Officials described the operation — dubbed Khanjar, or "Strike of the Sword" — as the largest and fastest-moving of the war's new phase and the biggest Marine offensive since the one in Falloojeh.

Ain't it fucking great and then making comparisons to what we did twice to Falloojeh and the people who live there indicates to me it's business as usual from a country that loves war and death just as long as it happens to people of color and is a long way from here.

We are so screwed!