I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


A Visit From Beyond

It worked. They got me. Didn't have a clue.

They left me with some cupcakes. I tried one and it was soooo good. The rest will be history later tonight cuz the rest are all mine.

The witch is really cute!

The other guy plans on returning later this evening after I've unintentionally fallen asleep to eat my liver raw.

I'll be ready.

Edict From On High Delivered With Instructions

Crazy Catholic bishops voted to take this position on the health care bill bringing the dark ages stance on abortion into the foto.

This shit is supposed to be read from the pulpit during every mass in every church this weekend or some damn thing like that.

The bald headed chicken fucker you see here is the one who put the stamps on this and sent her out.

If only there were enough balls to enforce existing law so groups like this had to shut the fuck up like it's supposed to be.

There are reasons for that and it's obvious why they're needed.

jeebus christ anyway!


It Is An Affair Of Sorts For Sure

Had to take some time this morning to respond to some local assholes that don't like what I post on the local whore fishwrapper. Good mind fucked repugs pass all.

I have always liked Sly and this song and consider this blogging thing a "Family Affair"

Have a good day and may the sun be shining where you are at - it's snowing here.


They Wouldn't Be That Stupid Would They??

There's a lot of dummies around for sure and there's a group beating the corn rows to find enough shit encrusted repug corn cobs to ante up the 100k this simple air head is requesting to make an appearance.

Iowa Republicans wince at Sarah Palin's $100K speaking fee.

Do it - go ahead and find the money so you can listen to this ass wipe blather about shit she knows squat about. Bloggers are running low on fodder and we all need some good yucks. Bring it on!

It Takes A Real Commitment

I'm sure you've done it too - clicked on the "next blog" icon on the top of the page. Or from the profile page of someone looked to see what or who else was there when you clicked on "location".

What I've found for the most part is not a whole hell of a lot at all!

The last example was bloggers from this location. Blogger said there were 460 but I could get to just 160. Out of those there were maybe 10 blogs that were current and associated with family events which is a great way to share with other as we know.

I've used the "next blog" thingie a number of times just to see because it can be interesting and for the most part the results are the same. The number of one time posters is surprising to me and hardly do you find a political blog which I find interesting as well.

These are my observations over several years and are only that.

What I'd like to say is how much I respect all the blogs linked to here at OTC and the people who post on a regular basis with a fervor I admire equally as much.


We had some hellacious winds yesterday and at the end of the day found out we lost some real giants. I feel sad when a 100 footer topples. It's like losing a good friend. When it warms up I'll go and see how bad it is and maybe show them just to inform.

20* this morning. Have a good one and giv'em hell my friends!


Imbecillian School Decision Against Innocent Child

Can we please have just a little bit of common sense used in cases like this-pleeese!!

An 11-year-old Des Moines girl was at home on suspension Tuesday for bringing a handful of empty shotgun shells to school last week. "I wanted to show them to my science teacher because he's into stuff like this." A copy of the school policy shows that it specifically bans "live ammunition or bullets" but makes no reference to empty shells or casings.

It's well known there are a lot of stoopids back in the cornfield but this principal is a real dumb fucker. Choosing to make a fool out of himself and probably making this little girl cry as there was no one in danger he could have just said - Jasmine even though empty shells are not really listed it's a good idea not to bring them or come and ask me okay. And of course Jasmine would have said sure and that would have been the end of the story. No big deal.

But no we can not have common sense used in these matters and people in these positions go out of their way to show how seriously flawed they are as humans. Happens all the time and has gotten very old.

Poor Babies

Originally posted 9/5/08 and given the picked on fervor permeating OTC from whining adult Mormon males it needs to be said One Fly suffered as well but he was just a child not a adult who can defend himself. He sucked it up and came out better than the ones who stake all on the non-existent finger snapping invisible cloud being they pray to.

Little One Fly's Religion Story

Some of my earliest memories are having to bundle up in the middle of winter freezing my ass off during the twelve mile ride from outta the cornfield on gravel roads to our parish to attend mass. The time period is early 50's.

There was this short fat little Monsignor Monster wearing these elaborate and colorful robes who would scream at the top of his lungs how little One Fly was going to burn in the fires of hell for a variety of reasons all very bad of course. Rules made up a very long time ago influenced by this guy who could feed a lot of people by snapping his fingers. That's what they were telling me. Of course you're down 2 and 0 right out of the gate cause of that original sin we're all born with you know. I didn't do a goddamn thing I'm just a pecker head kid who got dragged to this place against my will. You want to impress me turn the fucking heat up. I'm still freezing my ass.

In all seriousness at that tender age tiny One Fly called bullshit as he does to this day. Since I was not in control I had to go through the motions for a long time and hated all of it for the most part. As a sidelight during these times One Fly was not a good participant while attending this ritual and misbehaved at least that's what the story is. Dad would be glaring at me and if I was really pissing him off mouth some words. When it was over and on the way to the car he would say "You're going to get it". And on the way back home on one of those gravel roads you never knew where, he'd stop the the car pull me out and give me a spanking. OUCHY WAWA. I'm pretty sure it was deserved.

Then there's the Continuing Education/Brainwashing side. Leading up to the second biggy the first being Baptism you study and learn all that will make you eligible to receive your First Communion where you are fed one of these guys for the first time. This was always confusing to me. All who enter do win a prize and that is you get to tell all the bad things you have done according to them to one of the robed guys who sits behind a screened window. Can't see him but you can hear him. You've seen him around and he knows who you are. What the fuck do you think little boys do? How I hated this and you had to do it there was no choice. Told to say any number of various prayers and wa la all is otay. You will not burn in the fires of this place called hell and are free to start all over. There need to be laws protecting children from this. On Saturday's would go the other direction for an hour of instruction from penguins at another parish. You didn't even get a break during summer vacation cause there was two full weeks of all day indoctrination back at the other place. This shit was brutal for a kid in my position.

Continuing with education we moved off the cornfield and into town so there could some of the real thing at the Catholic school during the junior high years. Included in that were daily hands on indoctrination sessions with the resident robe. One Fly left a perfect learning environment and entered a classroom of utter chaos. There is one of of my grade schoolteachers left and when I see her she never fails to tell me that I was her best student. I love this woman. It was chaos and the penguins knew so little they actually had students teaching math and science. It took six months for me to be corrupted by this atmosphere and when it came time to enter high school I was not close to being prepared. Just was not strong enough as a person at that time to say no to what I was being subjected to.

It was during that time and for a couple years during high school that I entered the inner sanctum of the robes and became a server. That was kind of fun because you got to mess with all the toys these guys used. You had to light the candles which could be a pain in the ass, fire up the old incense burner, mumble a whole bunch of Latin bull shit, and then when it came time for communion followed the robe around with this fancy wooden handled plate just in case he dropped the guy he was feeding to everyone. Of course when one of your buds was at the rail you jammed that plate into his throat hoping he'd choke and sometimes he did. Then during the sermon you had a birds eye view of all in the audience. Who was asleep who was drooling on themselves and who was misbehaving stuff like that. Then there was holy week. Seven nonstop days of mumbo-jumbo pass all. I have never in my life seen the likes of what happens on Thursday night of that week. This is bizarre shit at the very least. One of the downsides of doing this is that you had to wear this cheap ass black and white floor length dress.

Quit doing the server stuff but during high school continuing education continued with a one night a week gathering for more of the same. For many it was a way to get out of the house or off the farm for a bit of screwing off on a school night. The more daring ones would use this opportunity to sneak a few brewskis before heading home.

This has been the whole truth and nothing but the truth and what is important to me is that they didn't get me. They will never get me and I feel for all the millions who have been gotten and right now it is the ones that have been gotten that are fucking our country up in such a way with a mind fucked agenda and beliefs that are so far removed from reality it difficult for me to put into words what exactly it is except for this is just sick sick shit!

And as another sidelight will add this and make no conclusions or offer much up other than it did happen. I just say that while in West Africa and I will use the word "a spirit" interacted with One Fly. Never saw it but heard it and felt it no bull shit. Maybe it didn't like white boys.


More Than Shades Of Iraq In Afghanistsan

From this article it isn't necessary to read between the lines to understand the situation is seriously fucked up and not getting better. Look at this shit.

homemade bombs have become a weapon of "strategic influence"
"It's a weapon system that the enemy has figured out has strategic impact"
"It really hampers our ability to execute a counterinsurgency doctrine"
The number of effective IED attacks in Afghanistan has grown from 19 in September 2007 to 106 last month.

55 killed this month the highest ever since 2001 and we get this kind of shit from the mouths of the military in Afghanistan.

It's like these people don't have a clue what business they are in. WTF!

Let reality rain down from the heavens and have Obama say we're getting the hell outta Dodge pronto!

Stirred Up A Hornets - I Mean Mormons Nest

We got us a passle of angel chaps all knotted up here feeling all sorts of picked on because of yesterday's post. Let's get a couple of things out of the way right off the bat. Sorry about not having the feeling picked on report ready for you.

Does polygamy still happen - my sources say it does and I believe that.

Do outsiders get hired to teach school in backwater Utah towns. You betcha according to the outraged men who posted yesterday. Sounds as if there are plenty of blacks and
Jews and others out there assisting little Mormon children to learn.

Do Catholics and Mormons ignore the child abuse that's being done in their name. Of course they are and have done so forever.

The love these men have for others no matter how bad they may be was shown by what mean 'ol One Fly was called yesterday.

fool,highly ignorant,imbecile,ignorant fool,bigotry,swearing, insecurity, anger, lack of self control,another pile of meat and bones,STFU several times,liar and a moron,intellectually stunted,incendiary, uneducated, bigot, pewtrid vomit

On that matter - if you don't like like what you see here or read get the hell away! It's the internets go get your own and bitch if you don't like it. Tough shit assholes.

A nerve was touched yesterday that reached into the depths of these Mormon men on their relationships with young girls. You think you have it bad! Anyone who comes here knows how bad the Catholics get hammered and you poor babies deserve everything you get. Kiss my ass whiners.

I accomplished what I set out to do - by being outrageous at least I got some thinking about what they are doing within their religion.

Was it nice - hell no.

There's nothing nice about an old man who smells like cheap wine buggering a young boy! Nor is there anything good about relationships older men have with young women one fourth their age. Not one fucking thing. You don't like getting called out on it shut the fuck up and quit doing it it's that simple.

The point is this whether it's the Mormons or the Catholics or our society as a whole because you look away and ignore what is being perpetrated in your name does not give you a pass. It's that simple.

All you people who have given a pass to those who took our country to war on lies can go fuck yourself as well as another example. Religious nutters get a bit extra treatment here because most are such hypocrites.

It's about accountability and I want some whenever possible because there's none of it going around it seems.

Don't like it tough shit. Go bitch and moan somewhere else because it will get you nowhere here.


What Is It With Mormon Men

I'll answer my own question with they're a bunch of sick fuckers on the same level as pedophile priests except these degenerates prey on little girls. Look at this.

State education officials say sexual misconduct by teachers is the No. 1 reason Utah educators are forced to surrender their licenses.

This is totally sick shit - fuck these people. Then there's the trial.

The first of a dozen polygamist sect members charged with abuse of women is set to stand trial Monday, 18 months after agents raided the group's remote ranch and carted off more than 400 children in the largest child custody case in American history.

You betcha slugs - what is it you don't understand about this. Whether you're a Mormon or a Catholic it is a norm in the society we live in that you do not mess around with young girls and boys! It's that simple you low-life bastards.

Organized religion - the path to stupidity and closed minds but they wear their badge proudly.


12* this morning


Polk Salad

Annie that is and just heard a different version that was pretty good. This was a fun tune back in those days. Went and got Tony Joe White performing this in Sweden in 1969 because it was easily possible and quick.

Will You Still Vote For Grassley

You may have seen this.

Rumors became reality this weekend in Webster City and Jefferson, whose residents will now weigh how to carry on after appliance manufacturer Electrolux winds down operations and takes 850 jobs with it by 2011.

Maybe these union people didn't vote for Grassley. I don't have the answer for that. The comments on this different places from what I've seen blame the union. Just like here where an impending strike at the grocery stores the union is being blamed. My question is this to the extended family members back in the cornfield.

When close relatives face the possibility of dieing because they have lost their health insurance will you vote for Grassley again who has what you could have had but he's not going to let you have it.

Well are you thinking - well are ya dummy?


Soon One Fly Will No Longer Be A Law Breaker

For almost four decades I have been considered a criminal/lawbreaker in the eyes of the law because my drug of choice happens to be marijuana. That's going to change real soon! So bear with me as I'm going to cop an attitude about this because it's been so god damn long.

40 fucking years is a long time of being portrayed as a person who has a problem because he smokes a bit of ganja. Being portrayed as being less than the rest of society because you use this drug and that there is inherently something wrong with it and that it affects you in a negative way. It's okay to be the town drunk or a closet alcoholic that everybody knows about but smoke a little pot and you become a bad person in the eyes of the do-gooders. 40 fucking years is a lifetime for some and the negative claims are for the most part lies. Now in 16 states medicine chest drugs cause more deaths on the highway than alcohol. Give us a fucking break here ya dumb ass imbeciles who have the power to make common sense change.

The propaganda against marijuana started a course years ago with a racist agenda that I am sure you are well aware of. That effort of misinformation continued and continues today for several reasons but the bottom line is that it's all about money with the drug war being the major player.

I think of all the people in this country sitting in jail some with life sentences for possession of marijuana. I think of what one rouge undercover officer did in Tulia Texas to mostly black people. Luckily most of those people have been released but this kind shit still goes on.

Our elected officials on this issue as well are so whored out to corporations and the police state we as a nation cannot differentiate between marijuana and hemp. That's how fucking dumb these people are. A plant that could have had positive dramatic influence for sources of energy and independence from oil producing countries that hold our balls in their hands. But no as usual commonsense and what's right never prevails in this country when corporations are involved along with politicians who should be hung for treason for this kind of shit. It's not just this but other things as well such as benefits to corporations for the outsourcing of jobs and the creation of tax havens for them and the super rich of this country.

Yes it's all grown so very old but change can be made and the process has been started to acquire a medical marijuana card that allows me to possess this plant and the product it produces in accordance with Colorado law.

I am not a criminal and I have never been a criminal. My friends are not criminals and the tens of millions of people who choose to use marijuana are not criminals. There is a growing movement for change that appears to be snowballing in some places particularly here for decades overdue change in this country or states relationship with this plant.

It looks like a month to six weeks before I hold the actual "card" in my hand.

I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to not being a criminal and I will write about it!


Mental Midget Clerk Mistaken

Angela Montez says she felt God's presence during the robbery and that a "warmness" came over her.

OTC calls bullshit here. She peed her pants and the invisible sky being never showed to support her dumb ass mind fucked claim of a finger snapper.

Have A Chuckle

Yea I work in the world of golf and have a excellent attitude about most of those who think they are golfers. Robin Williams scores a hole in one with this.


Left Edge North Kicking Ass

Mr. Natural provides these words of advice. Will these dumb ass dims ever fucking ever begin to realize how evil these nutters really are?


This goes for most of these slugs who call themselves repuglican in my opinion.

Thank you Mr. Natural!!

The Crap That Passes As News

The fact old Chuckwhore Grassley has raised 4.4 mil for his next senate bid to me is not really news. We all know how much these fuckers on the right have and that they want a whole hell of a lot more of ours.

What's interesting and note worthy given the parameters these days is that it's just 120K less than last time. Those cornfielders luv dem sum dum fuk that is for certain. Cut off half of that corncob and make it part of the New Confederacy

So the SHE BITCH will appear on the Ofra show promoting her new book that you can damn well bet she did not pen all of. There's just not that much up there in the void of her cranium.

So the circle of teh stoopid will continue if Opra allows her to have legitimacy . Maybe she'll rip her a new one like this women deserves. We'll see but I doubt it.

Have a good one and I'm just about back to normal. YES!!


Baghdad Burning's Second Anniversary

A post from a year ago with the same feeling as then maybe more. And the light will remain on for another year.

One year today was Riverbend's last post. Many of you have read her posts I'm sure and I for one looked forward to every new one. As things deteriorated in Iraq her postings became less frequent and her family made the decision to leave Iraq for Syria.

I learned so much from this young women things you wouldn't find anywhere else. A perspective of life in Iraq that was so very negatively affected by our invasion that was close to normal before our intervention even with Saddam at the helm.

Just wanted to acknowledge this date. The light and the link stays on in the hopes that she is okay and that the next time I visit there will be a new post. That would make it a good day if that happened and hope very much it does.

Grassley's Dumb Ass Constituents

It only a poll out of a right wing fish wrapper back in the cornfields that real doesn't mean shit - but what it does show is the Grassley's and King bastards have done their work well! These people will deny you and I the chance to purchase insurance from the corporate rapers we have now. Those fields are truly full of simple religiously insane stupid human corncobs encrusted in cow shit as pigs do not ever see the outside except to ride the semi to the slaughter house.

At one time I was proud to say I was a native son of Iowa but that feeling has been gone for some time and with what these simple fuckers have been up to in the last year I ain't changing that thought until these dimwits get their heads out of feedlot lagoons.

Feel a bit better - have a good day and appreciate you coming by.

Top Headline Poll

Should joining a government-run health plan be an option for all Americans? Yes


It's Like This

One of the few teeth I have left has been hurting like a sumbitch for the last five days

Have a half-ass cold

Internets went out early this morning

Not complaining - just saying

I'll be back


Common Sense/Drug Policy - Is It Coming Together A Bit?

If this is true and adhered to this indeed will be a positive. Then let's move forward with a real discussion of legalization!

Federal drug agents won't pursue pot-smoking patients or their sanctioned suppliers in states that allow medical marijuana, under new legal guidelines to be issued Monday by the Obama administration.

A Good Rule Of Thumb When It Comes To The Pulice

And that is keep your yapper shut because the ones with the guns can and do lie,cheat and steal and that is nothing but the truth!

Sheriff admits misleading the media to win trust of balloon boy's family.


New Territory

Living in a different place I've started driving different places to check things out which I did today. This video is shot of what it looked like on the way back. Had no idea what the geography was going to be like. One word - rugged! It is hunting season and there was a bunch of activity associated with that. Other than that I wouldn't have seen anybody and if it should snow much some of the out of staters won't be getting their shit out till spring I tell you!

Busted put up this post about how hard it was in the old days washing clothes. Can not begin to imagine how hard it must have been to live here in the pioneer days.

J. Kerry Can Kiss My Cornfield Ass

Not going to waste much keyboard time here on this fucking quitter.

Kerry now leads a charge for a bipartisan legislation to stem global warming. He is also a major, and wary, voice in the debate on whether to boost U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

And this asshole is supposed to be my go to guy now cuz Kennedy is gone - I don't fucking think so. You quit like "no mas no mas" Duran did just like that and fucked us into a eternity of four more years of the bush monsters. And now all is okay and you're a good fucking guy once again. No way it don't work like that here.

You are not a lieberwhore but you have traits that make you a cheap whore and do nothing but enable these crazy wingers to set the agenda of how things will be because you take this bipartisanwhoremanship straight up your horses ass.

Seriously - go fuck yourself Kerry you are no friend of mine and until you do a whole bunch of good shit and I mean a whole fucking bunch and not just lip service to the willing dicks across the aisle then and only then have you started down that long long road of redemption for being such a piece of pig shit calling yourself a dimocrat.


The Cat Aristotelis

The reason this cat is here today may be a very interesting coincidence. I'll need help from fellow cat people to verify this. I'm fairly sure I have seen this same cat before on the
Cheezburger site. If it is not then it is very close to the same and no matter what this kitty is unhappy and would rip someone a new asshole if it gets a chance.

The picture came out of this small album from Bulgaria. I got the link to the album from a comment made this week on the ongoing murder trial saga being played out here at OTC. This thing is not going away and is not yet over even though the shooter one of the women in the album was convicted on the second go around of second degree murder and is to be sentenced middle November or there abouts.

So - if anyone could happen to verify that this is the same cat that would be a huge coincidence and 'ol One Fly would get one of the biggest kicks ever as he enjoys the shit out of stuff like this.


She's Back And It Ain't that Simple Bitch Palin

It's our old friend MOP (massive ordnance penetrator) and they need 'er quick!

The Pentagon is speeding up delivery of a colossal bomb designed to destroy hidden weapons bunkers buried underground and shielded by 10,000 pounds of reinforced concrete.

You dumb fucks! Someone shoots over there in Iran and just watch the world's economy fall right off the cliff we've been living on.

The chair continues to kick my sorry ass but the good news is it appears this will be a nice day the first of this very wet month. Thanks for visiting and have one hell of a fine Friday!


A Couple Things About The Boy And The Balloon

I heard about this and of course it sounded interesting. I watched for about 10 minutes and saw it land. This is what I noticed.

The reporters didn't seem to have much common sense nor did the authority's. It will be 30 or 40 minutes before it touches down. My ass it was less than two and any dummy watching could tell that and particularly when you could see the craft's shadow on the ground.

Why were they so concerned about the craft itself and did not have any concern for the little boy that supposedly was on board. This thing was going nowhere but yet it took about two minutes for them to inspect the area where this youngster should have been.

All I said when they didn't find anything was to look under this kid's bed.

This is why I do not have TV. This is an adventurous family and boy do I wish I could've grown up doing some of this stuff these boys are doing. I have seen a couple articles that insinuate the parents are putting these children in danger.

I have a feeling there's going to be a price to pay for somebody for some reason made up or not because kids just are not allowed to have this kind of fun.

Lucky little shits I never get anything.

Wouldn't be surprised he let it go - just to see. That what inquisitive little boys do.

What ?? Corruption May Derail Mission

This is what our top general on the ground McChrystal is saying.

Rampant government corruption may derail the fight against the Taliban and al-Qaida in Afghanistan even if as many as 80,000 additional U.S. troops are sent to the war, the top military commander there has concluded, according to U.S. officials briefed on his recommendations.

This is so easy GET THE FUCK OUT NOW!!!


A Damn Good Deal And Screw The Army

I'm so sick and fucking tired of the military bitching and moaning that they can't do this or they can't do that if this happens or that happens.

You fuckers got two wars going on and are wanting to up the ante in one plus you have men who are dieing and you have plenty of bullets.

It don't get any better so stop your goddamn complaining!!

Military officials say proposed wilderness designations for parts of the Colorado mountains could threaten the Army's only high-altitude training site for helicopter pilots.

Col. Joel Best, senior aviation officer for the Colorado Army National Guard, said Tuesday the proposed "Hidden Gems" wilderness designations would put all of the training site's high-altitude landing zones off-limits.

The White River Wilderness Coalition is advocating for wilderness protection for about 450,000 acres, in several areas.

Benny The Rat Checking Out The Ladies In Denver

Slovenian Cardinal Franc Rode ordered up this crap and it's been ongoing and will continue for three years.

Heads of orders, including Mueller, must complete detailed questionnaires on their religious practices by Nov. 1. Visits to some congregations by Vatican representatives will follow in early 2010. A three-year Vatican investigation of U.S. women in religious orders that began last December is examining the quality of the Catholic sisters' vocations — and assessing whether they are faithful to church teaching.

This is a no-brainer as to why these fucking idiots are doing this - because there are men within the inner sanctums of this terrible mind fucking institution that think these women are getting a bit uppity for their britches and that's why.


Never Ending Supply Of Stoopids

We've all done some stupid shit I'm sure but one that I didn't fuck up on was trying to pet a deer and particularly one with horns and not this time of year as well.

Rule #283 don't be making nice with animals in the wild and especially with ones that can kick your ass. That's so easy. Then they killed the deer.

Here they killed a Smoothy and turns out he didn't have the mange cuz it's a genetic thing and they can survive harsh winters. It was because he didn't look right and loved to chop


It's Called Blackmail

Their dire message that health care legislation will drive up premiums for people who already have coverage comes as a warning shot at a crucial point in the debate

I sure as hell didn't see this coming and I claim cornfield here but I can tell you this-if the dims do not have a strategist that expected this they should have their asses kicked. They don't fight anyway and now with the past history they better not fucking cave like always.

I don't have the answer but there is a way to kick these lying sacks of shit scumbags square dead center right in the nuts and come out on top of this. Wouldn't that be something to see?

I'll believe it when it happens and until then I suspect these pussy's will shit their britches and throw their cards in.

A Pat On The Back For Everybody

A new friend who I hope to meet relatively soon gave me this award. He also gave it to a couple of others in the neighborhood and in the near future hope to meet up with these guys. It should prove to be a good indicator of how big a mess I am or that they are.

PM Prescott blogs at his Family and Friends place and is way too nice a guy to be hanging out with me let me tell you. When I do get together with these guys I'll try to be on my best behavior. Thank you PM!!

It is required that I pass this on to others and the number 15 has been mentioned but that can't happen for a couple reasons none of which need any mention.

But what I can say for my friends below is that I admire the passion that they all have in their postings and that they do so on a regular basis which is not always easy to do.

The Rude Kitty is the new kat on the block if. I like rude and if you got it coming to you this kitty will kick your ass and then some.

Nunya the politickybitch doesn't take any shit either nor does Dusty where the Right to be Left of the Center is on display. Thanks girls you sweet young things you!

Jim is much more than an Average American Patriot. I value his judgment on what is happening in our ever-changing war fronts.

PCat is just that-The Political Cat another ass kicking kitty who like all the others I respect a lot.

Cats r Flyfishn posts at Pennsylvania For Change and is always a regular stop and like here they have major issues with drilling. What's this thing with all the cats?

Busted the man with the silver tongue is truly a Ornery Bastard and another who doesn't take shit from anybody and I like that.

Then there's Holte Ender over at Now Listen Here who has outdone himself with this post today.

There you have it. That'll look real purty on the right side you betcha!

Understand friends there is no obligation at all to participate and no explanation needs to be given and you can trust me to still respect you in the morning.

Thirsty - Smell Or Put A Match To It First

We have yet to hear the real depth of the problems created by drilling and the effects it has on ground water people use for drinking. Lets just say it ain't a feel good story - not even a little bit.

Cat's has been posting on this situation from Pennsylvania that's worth looking at for sure.

From today's front range fishwrapper. This is not good! This man drank from this spring for years.

Tests would show the water from a spring he has drank from for decades was heavily contaminated with a carcinogenic and nervous system-damaging chemical stew known as BTEX — benzene, toluene, ethylbenzine and xylene. BTEX and other volatile organic compounds come to the surface in the production water from oil and gas wells.

Can You Say Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

A woman who helped her boyfriend kill a hiker and bury his body in Glacier National Park in 2001 said it came as a relief to her when she was diagnosed with a condition related to her pregnant mom's heavy drinking. "If I had been not brain damaged, I don't think I would have committed that crime."

She's probably correct. This piece goes on to use the number of infants affected at 10,000 with another 30K less seriously damaged.

I'll just say that our country has a very serious negative association with this drug and for many reasons all wrong.

I will take issue with the 10,000 figure and with no proof whatsoever say there are many thousands more. There are so many stupid fuckers around this has got to be part of it.


Peak Oil My Ass Some Will Say

Always get a kick out of the naysayers explaining the opposite of reality when it come to a finite resource. The nutters will probably be busy this week if this gathering receives any exposure nationally.

The world is running out of oil faster than society suspects, and last year's $4.11 gasoline spike was just a bitter hint of the future, according to a "peak oil" theory whose key proponents will gather in Denver this week. Though peak-oil theorists prompt scorn from many in the petroleum industry-- ---

Theory my ass and once again we see this mentality played out making something that is a fact into something that may or may not be. No wonder so many are so fucking stupid.

This group offers sound ideas for the future but take it to the bank that in this fucked up political atmosphere not much if anything will be done to address the future needs of our country.


Command Center Central

When the giant mansion is built to prove to the world just how important I am I will forgo the great and or trophy room and opt instead for an observation tower similar to the one below. I have always wanted one of these for a number of reasons.

The only reason this picture is up is that while looking at this close up could not figure out what in the hell those things are that have the arrow drawn to them.

FYI-this is an old ranch house that was redone.

The exit out to the top balcony has glass on either side which is kinda cool. If this were mine there would be some sort of walkway around the cupola along with places to sit in able to view from any window. Click on this and you will see there are two of these things mounted and this is the east side of the house.

Really don't know and if I can't get a clue from one of you guys next time I'm up there might have to drive in there and ask - that is if the gate is open down to the "Motherlode's" main house.


40K More And It Ain't Your Salary

McChrystal is supposed to give a presentation to Obama and Nobel Peace Prize winner today.

I hope the worlds biggest peace person doesn't fall for the pitch. We the people need to give the president our pitch. You know the one where we spoke during the election about how we wanted the fuck out of Iraq and Afghanistan - that one.

We Have A Winner

And they'll hate and ridicule him even more. Congratulations President Obama!!

President Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday

Oh-and by the way wingers. You know who you are the haters the bigots and racists all over this country from the dead end roads all over rural America to the halls of congress. Stick this so far up your ass the sun don't shine.

Maybe he and Jimmy will get together and talk about another thing they have in common. Maybe the Dalai Lama would like to join in as well.


Former Bush Whore Raising Giant Bucks For Senate Run

You betcha - these people have sooo much money it's tough to top.

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jane Norton(It's Gail not Jane) raised $505,547 in just 16 days, her campaign said Wednesday. She was Bush's Sec. of Interior but this is one of the things she is noted for around here. She like all the other haters and bigots on the right want every human to be just like them.

She vehemently defended Colorado's Amendment 2 in 1992, an amendment to the Colorado state constitution that would have prevented any city, town or county in the state from taking any legislative, executive, or judicial action from recognizing homosexual citizens as a Protected class, all the way to the US Supreme Court, where it was struck down as unconstitutional in Romer v. Evans.

Limpy Reid Punish Dim Senators?

Yea the ones who side with the Repugs on health care. Sounds like a hell of an idea.

I'll believe it when it happens.


How Many More Times Will You Write The Same Story

Eight Fort Carson soldiers make their last trip home

It's the same old death story from a piece of shit paper that banged the drums for war in Iraq along with the best of them.

Don't get me wrong. The story of soldiers dieing should never grow old. As in this piece names of who died along with a bit of humanity lets you know these people actually once had a life and a future and that's the very least we can do for them.

What's old is that whether it's this publication or any other in this country how much longer are you going to print the same story over and over again BEFORE you all redeem yourselves a bit for your whoreness for taking us to war for lies and call for the immediate withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan?

H1N1 Claims Healthy 25 Year Old

A 25-year-old Adams County man with no known underlying medical conditions has died of the H1N1 flu, the Adams County coroner's office said today.

This shit must be so nasty. If there are any people sneezing/wheezing/coughing/hacking /blowing their nose or what have you close by either they're outta there or I am one of the two.


Welcome to Beho Beho

Pauline has been away but today she posted this.

I enjoy short stories so much of personal everyday happenings with a twist maybe more. If you want to be entertained with a true to life experience in Africa as a non-tourist take a couple minutes and go read. It might make your day.

Yes There Will Be No Answer

A question asked of the local paper to five people with editor/publisher behind their name. It's been four working days more than enough for somebody to respond if they wanted to. They have not and if it should happen then you will know as well.

Maybe I'm an asshole or a simpleton/dangerous/socialistic/or whatever have you left wing nut in their eyes and do not deserve the courtesy. What ever it may be I got ya motherfuckers! I asked you bastards a question in a way that you cannot defend your actions of printing lies without defending that position with more of the same.

A while back they changed the commenting policy for their piece of shit publication and now all posters are known to the very people I wrote to and I slap these peckerwoods and other nutter posters as often as needed which can be a huge job at times. I have a feeling I am not liked at the inner sanctum of whoreness for this piece of shit newspaper. Go fuck yourselves and the horseys you rode in on and then go fucking broke. A perfect example why so many in this country are so goddamn stupid and this is only a very very small market.

In any case my internets were down at home this morning and we need to get that fixed. I use two local boys and this is the first time there has been an issue in a bit over a year. I get the best from this small company compared to Comsuck.


The Poop's Minions Pratice Homophobia With A Passion In Denver

Hate to start your Monday off with this because if you read this it will piss you off.

The Archdiocese of Denver broke trust with a group of day labor advocates for accepting funding from gays and lesbians. The church can't bring itself to contain its homophobia, even for an hour, to lease a banquet room to El Centro Humanitario.

To everyone of you religious nutters where ever you may be lurking - stick your pious better than thou bullshit clear up where the sun don't shine - know what I mean!!


Poop Benny Thinks The Vatican Knows Genetic Seeds

What's wrong with these dumb fuckers back in the cornfield that they have to continually tie religion into most that they do. The poop needs to stay on point and continue his efforts to mind fuck the world and stay the hell away from the cornfields.

There is actually a lot of information in this piece from the Des Moines Register this morning and this paragraph sums it up for me in respect to where agriculture needs to go at this juncture.

The symposium at Dowling Catholic High School had on full display the tension between advocates of modern, high-productivity agriculture with its technology and biotech seeds aimed at worldwide markets and a farming system more organic and less dependent on fuels and pesticides geared for local markets.

The most important part of this article was this.

Ron Rosmann, who raises corn, soybeans and livestock organically on 600 acres near Harlan, decried the use of chemicals and sprays in modern agriculture. Rosmann said he harvested 200 bushels of corn per acre last year on his organic operation. That was about 30 bushels per acre above Iowa's average for the 2008 crop. Rosmann said he did that by avoiding chemical sprays and using a six-year rotation of corn, soybeans, oats, alfalfa and two years of hay.

"Weeds are becoming resistant to Roundup," Rosmann said, referring to the widely used herbicide.

I can tell you this. Proven by the example above and others as well high yields can be achieved without chemicals and that's a fact!

Problem is and has been for years is that these guys are not going to do it unless partially forced or paid to do so. Farming became so much easier with the introduction of chemicals starting in the 50's. These guys do field work for only a few weeks out of the year now. They are not about to put in the extra effort it takes to raise crops without chemicals.

Then this is going on as well. It's about the money as we all know.
Pioneer, Monsanto in biotech tug-of-war



Don't have anything except I'm headed out for an extended cruise looking for some fall pictures that because of circumstances don't really have any. The peak of the aspens is over but not everywhere.

Blue sky's and 21* this morning. I like fall as well it's just what comes next that bothers me.

BTW - The defendant was found guilty of second degree murder.

Have a great Saturday where ever you may be and appreciate your visit to OTC. I forgot - don't take take any shit from stupid fuckers as it just dumbs you down as well.


Medicine Chest Junkies Croak At A Faster Rate Than Vehicle Deaths

Yea in 16 states.

While cocaine and heroin continue to be significant killers, most of the increase is attributed to prescription opiates such as the painkillers methadone, Oxycontin and Vicodin.

About half of the opiate medication deaths in King County, Wash., which includes Seattle, involved people who got their drugs through legal prescriptions,

Well imagine fucking that. We have been a nation of medicine chest junkies for some time. Legal fucking junkies too.

You know what wasn't mentioned and there's an obvious common sense reason why. Marijuana is harmless in comparison to these other drugs.

I am not a goddamn criminal nor are the tens of millions of others who make this drug a choice of theirs. And we are considered bad guys in the eyes of the law when the fucker with the badge and the big guns who has been chewing on legal Limbaugh type pills comes to raid you on a tip or just your everyday traffic stop there are so many people using this crap just look what the results have been plus it's escalating.

And I am a big part of our societal problems. I don't fucking think so and am just plain sick and fucking tired of being a lawbreaker when the reality is obviously some other.

So to all of you who have the power to at least start a process of change but do nothing for years on end-go fuck yourselves.


Of course fell asleep in the command center last night and then this morning could not get signed into this thing and damn near shit. Finally after a bunch of time it/I seem to be back to normal but can't get anything up till I get home.

I do know it was 17* this morning with clear sky's. I hope you are toasty warm enjoying a fine Friday morning.


Attempting To Get An Answer

From anybody with editor behind their name at the local fishwrapper. I'm so sick of this shit I tell you. I'm embarrassed that so many who live in this country are plain fucking stupid and what's worse they're proud of it and even fucking worse than that-they are breeding and we're not and with the help of many teh stupid grows worse. The question that was asked.

Twice this week in the Mallard Fillmore "cartoon" the number of protestors recently in DC was put at 2,000,000. Also recently the same "cartoon” implied that President Obama was going to kill people's grandmothers.

In respect to grandmothers nothing could be farther from the truth. The DC numbers is also a falsehood with the real count somewhere around 70,000. Not only were these numbers inflated to the point of absurdity pictures of this event were photo shopped or totally replaced with another from a different time.

In all seriousness my question is short-how can you condone the use of outright lies in your paper? I very much want to know that from each of you that are being asked this.

There are no outs for any of you because this is a “cartoon” and the cartoonist is a black man. This is something more than that and goes to the very core of why so many in this country believe the lies something your paper participates in.

Seriously once again-how can you do this? Convince me that you are doing the right thing.


Accidental Cop Training Shooting - BULLSHIT METER PEGGED

"Deputy Smith removed the magazine from the pistol, and he manually worked the action by his account three times to make sure the weapon was safe," Gough said. "He then handed to gun to Sgt. Kiger to dismantle. Sgt. Kiger began to dismantle the firearm and it accidentally discharged, striking Deputy Smith in the hand."

The weapon in question was a Ruger Mark IV and when the clip is remover the trigger can not be pulled.

Somebody isn't telling the whole story and why was this pistol allowed to become so dirty? I have a Mark III and it would literally take thousands of rounds before there would be a problem.