I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


I Want Ma Gun Now!

There are about 13,000 applications for the purchase of new guns waiting to be approved here in Colorado and this is just one market.

There is a wait time and the CBI is asking the state legislature for 500K so people don't have to wait as long for their new assault weapons.

Give me a break.

As of 7 p.m., Saturday, CBI listed 12,797 checks in queue with a wait time of seven days. CBI listed 1,643 checks as processed on Saturday. The CBI has asked lawmakers for $500,000 to help handle the backlog.


Here's A Very Worthwhile Cause

Slipped right on over and signed this bad boy - you betcha!
"Legally recognize Westboro  Baptist Church as a hate group"

White House link to sign here


Mississippi River Update

It's not looking good and barges are and have been running at 50% capacity.

You Brown Bastards Aren't Gonna Drive In This Cornfield

Just because the state of Iowa voted for bama does not mean they like him or his policies.

Two Iowa Republicans, U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley and U.S. Rep. Steve King, have each blasted Obama’s program as a serious overreach of executive authority.

Immigrant advocates are criticizing Thursday’s decision by the Iowa Department of Transportation to deny driver’s licenses to young people whom President Barack Obama’s administration has allowed to stay and work in this country.  

“Oh, my gosh! I already have it,” he said. “I hope they don't take it from me. I need it to go to my job, and to do stuff for my family.”

Why? It's simple ya see - “The Iowa DOT understands the exercising of this prosecutorial discretion by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security does not grant lawful status or a lawful immigration path to persons granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals status,” DOT officials said in a statement. “Rather, it is prosecutorial discretion extended in a blanket fashion to persons who are not lawfully authorized to be present in the United States.” 

Nothing but a bunch of mean, vindictive bigoted sonsofbitches who love their god soooo much and who go out of their way to fuck with those not like them given a bit of help from a black man they despise even more.


It Plays In Utah And The Rest Of The Red States

What a piece of work this guy is whining and crying that politicians should not be denied being able to become lobbyists for two years after leaving office.

Why?? Well because former senator Bobby(I am me and you are not so I should be treated differently) Bennett says this and other dumb ass crap.

Bennett said pro athletes can retire and immediately become commentators and coaches. He said U.S. attorneys can leave their jobs and join a firm defending people against prosecutors they used to work with. He said politicians should be able to become lobbyists immediately upon leaving office.

You senile old bastard. Just stay in Utah and bounce your inbred numerous grandbrats on your bony ass knee and we'd all be better served! This is not news.


Some Of The Aftermath

Locally -

An autopsy will be done today on a man who was shot and killed by Pueblo police on Christmas morning after he reportedly fired a handgun at officers who were summoned to a domestic disturbance

Then this well known winner and hero to many -

Baseball star Andruw Jones has been arrested for allegedly beating his wife on Christmas morning.

Nothing new here and of course it's all over the country. Happens every year on the BDay of the big guy's miracle baby boy. I understand it's all part of the  "plan" and for sure you have to wanna believe the "strange ways" the forces of good work no matter how many are dead or get the holy shit beat out of them on the "holiest of holy days" ya see!


Happy Holidays

                        Merry Christmas everyone!!!



It's not that one but this -

CHINO - A large fight broke out between dozens of parents Saturday at a Jr. All American football game at Ayala Park and officers donned riot helmets to deal with the combatants."We only had our helmets on for our protection because when you get a call of a fight between two and three hundred people, you want to be protected," said police Sgt. Frank Mena.No one was seriously injured during the fisticuffs, and most of the battling parents ran off as officers made their way into the park, Mena said.

Aside from the fact it was a kids game that the adults present and there were a lot of them could not control their anger over a stupid ass competition that means little really. Then everyone runs like rats when the sirens wailed I'm sure was the scenario.

Not meant to be funny but I'm glad no one pulled out guns. I'd pay to know how many were packing. Probably very few. So they say more guns is the answer.

I don't think so. Never did and won't.

62 Miles And 61 Degrees

At the CDOT weather station not far away on I25 it's a balmy 40* compared to what it's like 62 miles as the crow flies at Alamosa in the San Luis Valley at -21*. It's been brutally cold there but and it's just that way life is in that valley. Those are some tough souls who chose to live there past and present.

Click on picture to make HUGE.


Benny Releases His Butler But Questions Remain

Benny RatsenFuhrer pardons his butler Paolo for releasing papers concerning the private parts of their Holey Sea. Pissed plenty off and the the Vatican pulice arrested Paolo,tried him and found him quilty and sentenced him to 18 long dark months in the Vatican slammer underneath the catacombs. Benny and his boys can do that and more inside the walls of their own little special world. Many on the outside wonder what the going rate is for other indiscretions inside those walls.

Like -
Getting caught praying with a boy without the robes.

Like -
Getting caught hearing a different kind of confession with robes on.

Is getting caught doing the nasty with a female (without a robe) considered the worst crime??

Stuff like that. I assume the reality is all this like the rest of their mumbo jumbo will remain a mystery because that's the way it works ya see.    



Dog Killing Cop Charged

In follow up to this post it's nice to see some accountability for what this asshole did.

The Adams County district attorney is still investigating the incident but said Thursday one of the officers involved in the shooting of 3-year-old Chloe, a large mixed-breed dog, will be charged with one felony count of aggravated cruelty to animals. 

Now if we could only made some headway into how they treat humans as well!

The Goosinator A Hell Of A Good Idea

Gooses never used to stick around in Denver and the front range and it used to snow as well. Both have changed and with the amount of parks there are and many more golf courses as well it has become goose haven year round. And it has been and still is a huge negative.

City fathers stay away from this for the most part because of the bitchers and golf courses battles these birds in their own ways that work for them and at times can get away with.

I like this idea a bunch and just the thought of not having to deal with massive amounts of goose crap in some areas whether you're with the family,golfing,trying to mow goose droppings or what have you is a huge positive.

Ya mon!

But Denver Parks and Recreation managers' faces lit up when the Goosinator, a roaring, orange robot predator with crazed yellow eyes, chased the birds from City Park on Thursday.


A Good Story

Had gone to find the story of this woman's firing but see she got here job back. Good on everyone.

A happy ending to the story of a cafeteria worker who lost her job after sneaking lunches to a needy child at Hudson Elementary in Webster Groves.


When They Talk Like This You Know What's Coming

The President said today-
"In order to arrive at a compromise I am prepared to do some very tough things that some Democrats don't want to see and probably a few Republicans don't want to see either."

Simply it's called a screwing. Not here yet but it was never going to be any other way.  When proven wrong will say so.  Watch it happen. We should not have to give a damn thing.

The Wild Bunch

Back in '69 a western movie called the  The Wild Bunch. What stood out and remembered to this day was it was the first time being shot was made to look realistic. By the standards of today this was like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

We've never looked back. I like this movie but not because of the violence. That's what people talked about after seeing it - was the realism for the time.

There's little if any of that in this clip. We are obsessed with violence and the tool for dealing with issues here is guns.

After all it's just business ya know.


Read It And Be Prepared To Weep Some More

And this is in just the state of Colorado!

This weekend set a record for all single-day background check submittals in Colorado for potential gun purchases

Assault-style rifles were the most popular gun over the weekend/multiple customers were examining rifles like the model police say was used in the shootings at an Aurora theater and on Friday in Connecticut. 

For me to think that there will be any significant positive changes in this country's gun culture/mentality and the results from that would be more than being simply naive. You can hope yes but damage done and getting worse. How that sucks to say that!


The Invisible 18%

That means 56 the 18% represents out of the 306 of ours killed this year in Afghannystan that died by non-hostile means. I guess that's fine for those in charge and the rest of Merica too because they aren't mentioned let alone the other 250.

And the Afghanistan Xmas lotto is just around the corner. 


If Westboro Baptist Shows Up

It would be my hope even as a pacifist that there be some major ass kicking going on all the way out of the county the state of Connecticut and back to the inbred shit hole they came from in Kansass.

A member from the Westboro Baptist Church, an unaffiliated religious group that self-identifies as a church, said on Saturday the group will picket the school in a so-called praise service


Again Scrambling For The Answer - It's Right Here

Has our nation ever grieved for all the others? Of course not - never have and probably never will. I'm speaking of innocents killed by our country with seldom a mention or a consideration other than a payoff. You know the terms we use for them and our reasons why they have no choice in the matter of us killing them.

The gun and religious loons begin frothing at the mouth demanding their ways are to the only way to get our nations internal killing machine back on track. They lay the blame on you and I for not wanting to go along with their "way".

When America understands that the horror others feel when their innocents are killed and particularly children by we/us/our government and with our very own dollars is identical to what we feel today and begin to say no - then and only then will this killer country we all own begin to change.


On Real Losers

I must be feeling better and I am! Items I glance at on the internets are annoying to me once more and that's not necessarily a good thing but a positive change in health status has occurred. YAY!!

J. Kerry can kiss my you know what. He is in no way a brain rattled John McCain and the specifics of the why with Kerry should not be needed for anyone who has a bit of a clue other than - - -

The way this man ran his campaign in '04 by not fighting back immediately when attacked with lies and then caving as well thus handing the presidency over to the likes of the bushes and the Cheney's is unforgivable given the results.

This man is not a friend of ours and when the current prez pulls the same shit for instance by apparently putting on the table part of the prize the 1% so dearly wants, that is the lessening our Medicare benefits - he is no friend either!

A huge NO to his becoming SOS. 



It's Snowing



River Barge Traffic On The Not So Mighty Miss

They say by the 10th of this month levels will be too low between St. Louis and Cairo (pronounced KA-RO) for barge traffic. The dynamics of this are massive in what is shipped and what the results will be if they can't be.

ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) – This week’s edition of The Pulse of St. Louis takes a closer look at the dangerously low water levels on the Mississippi River. If water levels continue to drop, due to record setting drought, barges that transport coal, steel, corn, grain, and other products could come to a halt. 

This is actually a very good piece and includes four different discussion videos. The Coast Guard fellow isn't very good but it's the others you learn from. I put the last short video up because it's the Army Corps of Engineers spokesman who tells it like it really is. In that they expect there not to be enough moisture anytime soon and possibly including next year as well.

Seems real certain barge traffic will cease very soon on this stretch of the Mississippi. The only thing mighty about this is just how negative it is.


Five "Hunters" Bagged As Well

Stay outta the cornfield this time of year. This is more than last year I believe and in one day too. You ever see anyone missing toes - - well.

Update: It was three last year just about the same time.

Five people were shot while deer hunting Sunday in separate incident

From a DNR officer -
“I would strongly urge hunters to reconsider hunting in these conditions with such dense fog,” said Allen Crouse, recreational safety officer for the DNR. “It just isn’t safe.”

No shit Cisco - if you can't see don't shoot. It's pretty simple actually.


The Pentagon Is In Charge

When there is an entity as large as the Pentagon with vast resources and limitless funds PLUS all the BIG guns who can apparently do this and just about whatever else they want with no oversight or discussion - - - - then they are in charge.

Just like the oceans level rising so is the pile we all stand in.

The Pentagon has embarked on an ambitious plan to establish an overseas espionage network which is expected to incorporate a colossal structure of operatives as big as the CIA, a report says. 

Another one -

Unlike the CIA, the Pentagon’s spy agency is not authorized to conduct covert operations that go beyond intelligence gathering, such as drone strikes, political sabotage or arming militants.

"Not authorized"?? Bull shit. They'll do whatever the hell they want.


God Himself Explains SS Has "Absolutely Nothing To Do With The Deficit"

This needs to be spread around. Any Dim who speaks of cuts to Social Security and the other two biggies need to be neutered or more. They are not on our side.

We pay into these programs through our working career so it's available to us when we get older. Yes the employer chips in as well. That's how it works and works pretty damn good too.

Every elected person who calls them self a democrat should be screaming this 24/7.

We're Leaving

At the end of 2014 that is. This is not leaving. Until that happens if it does we are still there and the number of our dead for nothing continues daily.


From iCasualties