I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


It's True

If there is any person here in Puerto Vallarta who does not greet you or return a greeting it will be a white man first and foremost. All of them fucking assholes. Es cierto!


Why Does The Right Bring Weapons?

 It's real simple

And just as disgusting as the piece of orange shit that is the president of the country I am not in right now.

 They do so in the hope of being able to use them - on people like us.

That's not bullshit - it is the reality.

Plus no matter the outcome in November they will continue to do and think the same.



2 Cents Worth Of - - - -

Too be clear first off in the big scheme of things what Fly thinks or what you think nobody gives a shit. Each of us because we are unique and have certain abilities in different ways and for me it's noticing shit is one of them. Not here to say "I told you so".

However -

For quite a few years Fly has said given the order Badges from every discipline would turn on "We the People" in a heartbeat. Well lookee what we got now. It seems to be just that. Not in massive numbers just yet but if the Republicans had their way it would be. None of these fucks is screaming out like they should be, saying they don't stand with this orange monster.

From the beginning after the public murder of George Floyd a new ball game began in a sense. One thing that has stood out from the beginning and is even worse now is the level of hurt intentionally metered out by badges and by now I guess it's completely fair to say Gestapo types that are unlawfully being sent into what the ignorant bastard thinks are bastions of Democratic all kinds of imaginable bad shit ya see ripping out the guts of White Mercuns. 

Badges have been known for doing unnecessary harm and nothing new there. But this is much worse than before. This guy stays away from watching harm come to others. There are programs and endless videos showing people being maimed. Many like this shit for entertainment. But have seen enough in recent months and am aware of the severity of intentional actions that literally causing life-long complications for no reason other than personal enjoyment I guess because they can. You worthless human being.

This shit comes straight from this fucker trump! Bet on it.

One type of maiming is with non-lethal rounds of whatever they say it is. Fly don't understand this shit. How can you use these weapons and target unprotected legal non-violent protesters faces. Just how? You sick fucks, may you get yours someday.

As this shit gibbon sends out even more goons at this time anyway it seems none of these slugs are going to say no to this. That it's wrong for many correct and obvious reasons. No let's go for between the eyes


71,000 New Cases Today

And fucking Republicans don't fucking care - never have. What a disgusting place my country has become in the span of less than four years.

There's a lot more bad ju ju coming down the road for damn sure.

Example - just now I see trump commuted Roger Stone's sentence.

The war for lies in Iraq was the worst I've seen in my 70 years but doesn't hold a candle to this shit.

It's just fine to hate these fucks with all your being.

But there is a difference a huge one in that in my total disgust for Republicans never has hurting anyone been part of that.

The Right dreams of a confrontation with us on the Left using their fucking guns and they mean it.

Trump will ensure this turns into a total nightmare far worse than anything ever before.

You can count on it!



Oh So Special Oh So Great

Our country / this country?

4% of the planets population.

20% of all the covid cases.

Forget about going to Iceland. They don't want to see anyone from here. There will be more coming bet on it

It's NOT both sides!

It's Republicans.

It is entirely ok to hate these Nazi Rat Bastard killers.


The Sound Of Not Silence

Towards the end of last week the Blue Angels were in town for weekend shows. There were many flyovers. Did a number of videos just because but there was something about this one. Not good at all till four of the six came directly over and was the lowest of all.

I enjoy this kinda stuff. It's supposed to be fun right??


Oliver Is Gone

Oliver Mtukudzi passed away yesterday. His music was a pleasure to listen to. He was 66.


Around The Neighborhood

It's time for some photos as sometimes it's hard to get done and not particularly happy with results but some of these are decent. It's just as important what's in them too. Below are several from Puerto Vallarta's Independence Day parade.

Click on the pictures to get a better look. Twice if you want.

Dogs are the most loved things here I swear.

                                        Not far from the big waters it get's steep quickly.

                                                             Steep like in straight up.

                                                             It's that time of year.

The architecture here blows me away. I do not tire of looking at it and try to capture some aspects but can't really. This one is different for sure.

                                        There is a lot going on here but not sure just what.

I just like this picture and above the house there is some grass not jungle.

                                                        Anything here you might need?
              Although out of focus been eating a few cocktails like this. This stuff is soooo good!

                 Quite a few of these around both in town and along the rivers outside of Vallarta.

                                                      Didn't even see the second one.

                                  From the Day of the Dead. These were all over the place.

                                              You can't hardly take a bad picture of this.
I have moved from a little place four miles south of Puerto Vallarta to an area of the Benito Juarez area of Remance a 10 minute walk to the mercado on the south of Vallarta known as Emiliano Zapata. My place is just to the right of the palm tree in the center of the picture and down. The casa with the curtains in the window.

Pretty decent place all in all and much less money than before. There are 68 steps which are not a problem and when you get outside it's a different breed of cat I tell you. My self and a couple from Washington state are the only gringos in this neighborhood.  


From 1/9/11

Ran across this and decided to put a link to it as not only is it the same out there but much worse these days. Any changes made have been removed to return to the good 'ol days.

Keep those thoughts and prayers coming ya see.

Our Side Does Not Kill


I Saw A Picture

On the way into Vallarta this morning I found this array of flowers to be - well pretty.

In town the totally iconic Guadalupe church.

You're in the south side of Puerto Vallarta called Centro.

On the malecon.

I don't remember seeing this. Hard to see but look closely.

Taken from a house maybe eight blocks from the water. Went and found out about an evacuation plan not insurance for medical emergencies. Pretty cool and I will do this as it can be a life saver since most all insurance from elsewhere is not accepted in Mexico.

This is a great looking casa here in Nogalito. What's inside of some of these places would blow you away.

Can't help but get a cool close up when they hold still for you.

Remember clicking on the picture makes them bigger not once generally twice.