I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Oh Happy Day

Finally something very good has happened.

Congratulations Senator Al Franken!!!


Was just sitting here after lunch and started thinking about Al Franken and how long it was going to be until there was some news. Then-wala- it appears like magic that the court rules he should be certified. YES!!


Question remains just how big of a prick the whore Coleman will be as he can still drag this out. Until this asshole finally concedes I fully expect him to do just that.

Mad Cow Or Shall We Call It Mad Fish Instead?

OTC highly suggests you do not eat farmed raised fish anyway cause it tastes like shit. The fact that in this business of eating animals for a protein rich diet we feed these animals processed animal parts at times themselves is bothersome to say the least.

Three U.S. scientists are concern about the potential of people contracting Creutzfeldt Jakob disease -- the human form of "mad cow disease" -- from eating farmed fish who are fed byproducts rendered from cows.


Show How Stupid Tough You Are Cowboy Parents And Don't Cry

Twelve-year-old Richard Wayde Hamar of Yuma was killed in a bull-riding competition at the Little Britches Rodeo at the Boulder County Fairground in Longmont this morning.

Yea no shit that's what happens when a big ass bull steps on the chest of your 12 year old! The article lists five others who died the same way. I am not a parent but I can say for sure my kid would not be trying to ride a fucking bull at 12 years of age and there is one who died at nine.

Then there will be an autopsy. Save your time cause it was cowboy stupidity that killed this young man.

Friends With Wings

Enjoy very much watching these birds. Some people don't like them and in certain places and times they can be a nuisance but I don't find that to be the case here.


A Feisty Little Shit With Skills

I get a kick outta shit like this and here's why. If you watch the video look closely and several times you will see this guy attack. Not only that he takes up a defensive positions as well. PLUS these arachnids jump.

Yes a spider you can actually interact with to me is unusual for sure.


Grab One

These even surprise the guy who took them as to how pretty and vibrant they are. The last few days of flower pictures have got to be the best ever captured for me and I don't have a clue why that would be but heading down to the river just now and the sun is out-yes!!

Remember to click on the picture to hugen up and these can be saved unlike the one at the top.

Crazy Pastor Bastard

It's hard to put into words just how fucked up this shit is. We are regressing as a society and we can thank inbreds like this shithead and a whore media that gives credibility to this type of behavior.

"We're just going to celebrate the upcoming theme of the birth of our nation," said pastor Ken Pagano. "And we're not ashamed to say that there was a strong belief in God and firearms — without that this country wouldn't be here."


Who's That Lady??

Why it's Farrah of course.

And what an icon this women was in those times. Even with the best help available she didn't make it and it's sad because we can finance wars and the killing of innocents but not research a cure for cancer.

If only we did so we may not be feeling sadness of the loss of our loved ones and people like Farrah Fawcett.


Looking forward to having a couple days off but in the mean time this is all I have and is an example of how this procedure is done.

It has been so nice and the wild flowers are going crazy and some of the pictures I've been taking even blow me away. That's why there is another columbine picture up.

Hope the weather and life is good for all of you!


New Afghanistan War Lingo

From CAMP LEATHERNECK, Afghanistan and the new supreme commander
General Stanley McChrystal

cultural shift

COIN (counter-insurgency)

listening tour

automatic reflective responses

These fuckers sit around and make this shit up to suit their purposes at any given time. No matter what we should not be there and the war whores we elected across the country are just as big of a war lover as MCShitstl. You bastards!


Treason Is Good For America

I missed this folks as it's a couple days old and it's a story I/we all know well but I have to give my two cents.

In light of Monday's refusal by the US Supreme Court to hear a civil lawsuit filed by former CIA Agent Valerie Plame Wilson and her husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, against Bush administration officials who were responsible for leaking her covert CIA status to the media and attacking her husband for accusing the White House of twisting prewar Iraq intelligence.

H/T Antimedius

What happened to Joe Wilson was bad enough but the outing of his wife Valerie has got to be one of the worst acts of treason our country has seen and I don't care squat what the whore media says otherwise.

What's important here as like every other crime these douche bags committed there will never be any accountability fucking ever!! And Obama went along with the Bush bastards on this case.

How I screamed and wrote like bloody murder about the yellow cake one of the dozens of lies from these killer mother fuckers in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq but to no avail as big whore media convinced the sheep war was going to be a very good thing indeed.

So all the bitching and moaning done here doesn't change a thing but I know what's right and what's wrong and who's lying and who's not and I will never forget the Wilson's and in particular the people who did this to them and also the pieces of dog shit who let these treasonous country rapers get away with this.

And once again my friends another example that there will be absolutely no accountability for the crimes of the Bush bastards. None-nada-ziltch!! And many are still doing the same shit in different ways with our new administration siding with some of the same policy's.

Health care for all? Fucking forget it. We will get what the corporwhores tell them to give us.

And that's the way it is I shit you not. We are so screwed.


Neda And The Rest Of Us

Watching death happen and in this case the young women Neda is and you can fill in the rest of it.

Don't anybody forget that our troops killed at will anything that moved in Falloogeh and that means women and children just like Neda and includes people carrying white flags.

We have killed untold numbers of Neda's and her brothers and it brings me to tears having watched this person die.

We have done this for years in Iraq and Afghanistan and those we elected to stop the killing of innocents in '06 and '08 continue to fund the killing instead.

We are not leaving either of these two country's because the consortium of evil loves death and has told those who were elected to stop the killing of innocents in our name that they will love it too. Either that or else.

Nothing is going to change and if anyone thinks health care will change for the better is fucking nuts!


Pop's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there. I am not one and my dad is gone so the best to all of you guys out there. I bet my blogger friends who are fathers have some great kids. I miss my dad!


For You Mustang Lovers

Massive numbers of these cars show up every year many tricked out way too much. Spent about ten minutes looking at them up close and snapped a few pictures as there was no time to play today as my bud and I are working on my abode.

I can appreciate these cars but if you've been here much you know I'm a

Still  a

I've had no time to look or learn much on the internets or at my friends places but I will be by soon. Thanks for stopping. OF


Killer Hate From The Right 25 Years Ago

This may have been forgotten and 25 years ago is a long time. Refresh your memory with a flashback of hate from the past.

Even after a quarter century, the violent murder of Denver talk-radio icon Alan Berg at the hands of a white supremacist group reverberates amid fresh reminders of hate crimes.

The bastards kill end of fucking story. You're not with the program or pose a threat they will kill you if that's what it takes and this is why the battle is lost and our government does not function for us but for the corporations and the powerful.

We are screwed and no amount of talk or pressure will change it.

Get Prepared For A Screwing

Ramping up for a slew of taxes and bipartisanship is part of the prescription. This quote about sums the whole thing up. "We're getting closer and closer," Baucus said during a break in the meeting. "There's no doubt in my mind we're going to have a bipartisan bill."

In the end as usual we will have nothing and this will be another blatant example of how the battle is lost. There is a consortium of the most evil in the world telling those who make the rules and the votes just how it will be done.

No accountability for years-war for lies-unchecked illegal spying-torture-rendition and on and on.

Now our side is doing the same and we have the power and the numbers to make the change that the majority in this country has wanted for years but they will never do that ever.

That is why we have lost.


Bones From Yesterday

Yea even an old dog gets a bone now and then. I do not fancy myself a photographer or a movie maker of any sorts. I enjoy it a bunch trying to take pictures that are interesting to me and videos that are different as well something not seen else where. It's just fun.

All this stuff was done yesterday in one area. Click on the flower pictures as the clarity is amazing.

I must have columbine myelitis as I do not tire of these flowers and enjoy seeing them in places like this so that is the reason for the video.

This creek is still roaring from runoff. The reason for this video is the intensity of the water and the fact most of the trees are gone having been removed because of beetle kill. Last year the houses would not have been able to be seen. I like the one at the very end.

On a sad note last Saturday a women lost her life in this creek above here. Also on the same day in Wyoming another local lost his life as well in fast and dangerous water in a canoe.

This because you'll not see this anywhere else.

Click on these and take a good look and maybe try one for a screen saver for a day or so. The centaurea/mountain bluet in the first picture have been battered by rain and some hail. This is my favorite color of blue.


Legalize Pot-Yes Make It So

Breckenridge,CO could do just that.

A marijuana advocacy group is gathering signatures to put pot laws to voters in municipal elections this fall. The group wants to see an ordinance to remove all criminal penalties from the town code for the private use of marijuana, under 1 ounce, by adults 21 and older.

The cops are making the same lame excuses as always and this video about medical marijuana in New Jersey blows those reasons clear out of the water.

Please can the Drug War end so sanity can prevail in how this country treats people who choose to use this harmless but very beneficial drug.

I am not a criminal-you are not a criminal and my friends and the millions of others are not either. I am sick and fucking tired of having this hang over my head 24/7!!

Video courtesy of Collateral News.

TSA Ever Vigilant In Stupid Department

It's a knife-a small one. Stop the presses and throw common sense out the window and fuck with the passengers who are on board and want to get to where the hell the plane is supposed to be headed.

We haven't excluded the possibility that it was inadvertently left behind by some maintenance workers, or something as simple as that," she said. She was not sure where the knife was found, but passengers on the 5:50 p.m. flight were taken off the plane and their luggage was rescreened and nothing was found, McCauley said.

TSA doing this kind of shit is not new I just have a problem with people or organizations being dumb fuckers.


It Can Happen So Easy

People in large metro areas may not see items like this.

A sheriff's official told KKTV that 17-year-old Cody Clayton Rigsby was found dead inside the Temple Grain elevator Friday night after apparently falling into a bin full of grain.

But it happens way too often and the reason I put this up because it almost happened to me at the same age as this young man. It could have just as easily gone the other way but I got lucky and got out. I feel for this young man's family.

Locally this has happened and how this woman's son survived is something. Life can be over in the wink of an eye.

Thanks for visiting OTC.

Cornfield Do-Gooder's Won't Be Right For Months

You can bet this event pissed the nutters off big time not to mention all the lost sleep.

Gay Pride event in Des Moines draws biggest turnout.


One Fly Haz Fish

Have not really fished this year and a lot of it has to do with high and dangerous water. But I did a bit today and got a couple and it was fun. This is what it's like in the high country in June here in NW Colorado.

Where's Dennis

Not sure but he was here saying this on the 9th of June.

Another Whack Job Heading Up Focus On Family

The whore Denver Post sure loves them focus people down in the Springs. The new dictator's last name is Daly and he sure as hell no relation to John. If he were there would be some hope.

So this outhouse piece goes on and on about this man that this happened and then that plus he's not like that but like this now and loves his sons and the past did this for him-jebus forking christ I wanted to puke.

Yea life was tough for a lot of us but the truth about this man is found easily within the article.

Focusing on mind screwing as many as possible plus defending Christian values against the perceived societal threats of abortion rights, gay marriage, divorce, pornography and what the ministry considers the ultra-liberal Barack Obama administration.

Don't anyone shit themselves because this man is one in the same as that bastard Dobson. Dangerous religiously insane American christian Taliban ramping up for the new assault on those ready and willing to be mind fucked.


Panetta Opens Pie Hole On Bin Laden

He's thinking he's in Pakistan and hoping joint play time with them will yield the ever elusive bin Laden where ever the fuck he is.

"One of our hopes is that the Pakistanis move in militarily, combined with our operations, we may be able to have a better chance"

Same old bullshit different players is all. If you think you know where this man is at go the fuck in there and find out. Yea someone work some goddamn magic with our good buds and give a crack at it not later but fucking now.

Panetta said al Qaeda "remains the most serious security threat" to the United States

Our side loves the fear factor damn near as much as the Bush bastards.

Bottom line we don't really want to get him now do we. Wouldn't be too good for the 'ol war machine if the biggest baddy of them all was gone.

War whores damn near every one of them and there ain't a fucking thing we can do about it except bitch.


Tiny Bubbles And The Other Kind

I have been busier than three illegals hired to take the fly shit out of a ton of ground black pepper. Before falling asleep in the chair last night I ran across this video that I thought was way too cool. Maybe many have seen this but not me and I was more than impressed.

From this post at Crooks&Liars there was a link to a site called Life in the Fast Lane another cool place all about the art of bubbles. Way down at the bottom were these two videos one of which I'm posting. Watch these dolphins do amazing things with the bubbles they make with their blow holes. If you're not aware of this you will not be disappointed.


Kick Back For The Next 18 Months

The war mouths of Afghannystan have been quite of late until today when we get this bull shit.

Steps taken over the next 18 months will ultimately decide whether the war in Afghanistan is being won.

But you see kiddies there's more to it when you're dealing with perpetual war whores like we have here.

Does not mean the Afghan campaign would achieve success in that time, but rather that officials hoped to "see a shift in the momentum".

Stick that shift clear up your ass you sonsofbitches. And for the last bit of nausea.

"It's very important for us to be able to show the American people that we are moving forward ... to show some shift in momentum," Gates said. "This is a long-term commitment, but I believe the American people will be willing to sustain this endeavor if they believe this is not just a stalemate."

I knew this was coming but it's still so hard to swallow and nobody hardly says boo. Whore Gates believes me and my buds are "willing to sustain this endeavor" for the "long term".

Well you're fucking wrong asshole but since America loves war and death as long as it's not here and they don't have to die or fight themselves I will not grin and bear it without doing my best to make the change we need and get us the hell out out of these shit holes.

It may not be much but it's something anyway.

What Do You Get When You Mix

Crazy ass religious kooks-the military and a whole boat load of nutters??

The answer to that is Colorado Springs,Colorado

A man ran across a street to help a 62-year-old who had fallen and hit his head, only to rip off the injured man by stealing his wallet.

There is more bad shit that goes on in this city I tell you. I'm glad I can easily avoid this place. They do have a cool zoo if that's worth anything.

Another thing is there are a bunch of lefty's that are very vocal and active and a tip of the hat to the good guys!!


Killer Of Two Get's Three Years

64-year-old woman convicted of killing two bicyclists was sentenced to three years in prison.

This women was under the influence of morphine and barbiturates and was not wearing her required glasses when the accident happened but that didn't mean squat to the judge. The killer bitch was in a wheel chair and on oxycontin-oops I mean oxygen but stood up to say "not me not me".

I don't care if this was the Queen of fucking Egypt who did this the punishment for killing two people like this under these conditions has to be severe.

But this was in Colorado Springs ya know. Where soldiers enjoy killing women a lot. Also the hub of many religiously insane organizations such as Dobson's Fucus on da Family all who are happier than a pig in shit that Dr. Hiller was killed.

Bet on it.


One Of A Kind-The Petrified Pots

Maybe out there somewhere there could be more of these but until I find them it's fair to say this is probably one of the few if not the only petrified shitter on the face of the planet. That is this is constructed with petrified wood from the Petrified Forest from here in the good 'ol U S of A.

Now that the Cornfield's secret location has been revealed in a post below this minor tidbit should be noted. There are quite a few people who visit this place throughout the year so you need restrooms of course.

As young beer drinking men and women this facility was well used as it was kept open all night and probably still is. And not only that- during the winter when you were of that stupid age and instead of staying home during a blizzard or -30 temps you went out and drove around slopping down mass quantity's of beer and whatever.

One time out in those elements to relieve yourself could do anybody in. We really appreciated these "petrified pots" as they are affectionately known as to this day-you betcha. They kept them really warm inside too and that was also nice.

Didn't get any better than that out in the cornfield in the middle of those bitterly cold and windy long ass winters without seeing the sun.

The invisible cloud being certainly provided here.


It's Not The Same Nor Will It Be Remembered As Such

Today is the 65th anniversary of D-Day. The EB Misfit has this covered quite nicely.

Australian Jack Ross passed away this week at the tender age of 110 bearing the distinction of being the last Aussie who served in WWI. Now that's getting to be a really long time ago.

Well lookey here. Insurgent use of roadside bombs in Afghanistan has surged 80 percent this year. Imagine that. Those damn insurgents again-who would have thunk.

Four of ours killed in Irak this month and 70 for the year in Afghannystan.

In the future whenever that may be-65 years after this country has finished whatever the fuck it is doing in these country's the media will not be keeping track like they have D-Day. Not going to happen.

Myself and this site has been one of the biggest supporters of our troops pass all. We have done better than almost every nutter who claims the same. We adamantly supported them not going to Iraq and we are equally supportive of bringing them home from there and Afghanistan.

Bottom line is that 65 years after we leave these places nobody is going to remember or give a shit about it like they have for 65 years with D-Day. And that's not being disrespectful it's just stating the obvious.

You sonsofbitches that have done this to my country and to these troops for your fucking lies and neo-killer agenda do need to swing just like your buddy Saddam did.

If only that could be it would be a great day for this country.


Giving It Up

Don't think I've ever come straight out and said what part of the cornfield OTC is actually from but that is about to change.

The reason for that is the video below that I just ran across. You have seen pictures of this place more than once but this is something else.

If you ever watch anything here watch this. These two guys are so good and a bit mocking at times. Trust me as it will be worth it. Goes to show what crazy ass Germans and religion when teamed together can do.

The stories I can tell you!!


Radar Is Out Of A Job

The reason for this is the samo with these guys. In this case dollars signs were rolling in their eyes like a slot machine in a cheap Indian casino.

When grain prices reached very high levels a couple years ago pasture was converted to row crop cause there was so much more money money in it but not now.

That's just the way it works out there in the cornfield and most times it's not for the better.

Deere layoffs to affect 700 in Ottumwa. Ottumwa Deere Works specializes in manufacturing balers, mower conditioners, windrowers and pull-type forage harvesters used by hay and livestock producers.


Former Congress Whore Musgrave Is Just That

This crazy terrorist bitch got her ass kicked from one end of the district to the other and now is out screaming this kind of shit.

"It's certainly not easy to lose your seat in Congress. And harder still to be true to your values as I have been, but the radical homosexual lobby, abortionists, gun-grabbers and all the rest of the extremists finally spent enough money, spread enough lies and fooled enough voters to defeat me."

These fuckers are never going away until media quits giving them a continual mouthpiece to spew their hate and lies. Bastards!


I Know That

Work starts at 6AM today until fall.

The crazy SOB who killed the doctor in Kansas was influenced by whore pundits on TV-radio and pulpit mind pricks.

24 Americans were killed in Irak last month and they don't have a clue about leaving certain areas at the end of this month.

Sibel Edmonds one of my hero's has a new blog.

18 smackers for filling a not quite empty 20lb bottle of propane.

$2.60 for unleaded and going up.

That we are in a world of shit and the change we were looking for is not happening.

I have to leave for work-have a good one and thanks for stopping by.