I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Pepetuating The Myth

That if you are a believer and in this case a preacher your life is worth more  than just regular folk or in fairness given extra treatment as in this case.

How many of the others who died got the same treatment for what their profession in life was.

Why did god want this man dead - he and his wife and one of his two daughters. Prayers won't help this family now and did not prevent this tragedy either.

Sarah Burke And Health Care

Look at the opinion here that far too many have of Canada and their health care. The truth cannot be heard over the lies of the 1%'s media machine. To get people to hate/despise/fear something that is in their best interest tells me the change we need is not coming anytime soon or if ever.

"The irony is that had the accident occurred in Canada… her care would have been covered because, unlike the U.S., Canada has a system of universal coverage," wrote Wendell Potter, an insurance executive-turned-whistleblower who writes for iWatch at the Center for Public Integrity. "No one in Canada finds themselves in that predicament, nor do they face losing their homes as many Americans do when they become critically ill or suffer an injury..." 

The original article linked to is gone. The gist of that was that if she was in Canada medical care and in particular the cost for it was a none issue. But it didn't happen there but here so there's that damn bill we all get to pay to make sure the 1% profit margins are maintained.  


And The Common Denominator Is - -

Over in Afghanistan you have daddy killing his wife who gave birth to their third daughter. He strangled her and the kicker is her mother helped strangle her daughter as well. Link

Here you have people who murder doctors and fire bomb clinics that provide family planning services to women who have the right to choose what's best for them and their health. You have politicians whose greatest joy would be to make this illegal and turn women and doctors who provide abortion services into murderers.

This is all done by religiously insane human beings in different parts of the world. This country loathes those over there but the reality is that we are no different than them. Empires think like that.

We are in deep shit!


What Is It That Cops Priests And Mormons Can't Get

Lets be clear and say there are plenty others that can be added to the list. It might be different other places but we're not there. Here it is the norm that adults do not have sexual relations with minors. As a society we just can't get that. This badge paid with his life for being a low life deviate predator.


You Were Right

Like it says- there's no way to be nice about this.

Of Course This Teen Is Hated And Put Herself In Danger

This girl is a hero but she better get a body guard.

Jessica Ahlquist is an outspoken atheist who has incensed this heavily Roman Catholic city with a successful lawsuit to get a prayer removed from the wall of her high school auditorium, where it has hung for 49 years. A federal judge ruled this month that the prayer’s presence at Cranston High School West was unconstitutional, concluding that it violated the principle of government neutrality in religion. 

This riles up the religious crazy's something fierce and I shit you not there are plenty that wish/want and would enjoy hurting this girl.

What I find important here is in the very words of this prayer. Take the header and the amen away and you then have a statement any student there or any where else can aspire to do and be without infringing on those of us who do not agree and want this or any thing like it kept out or removed from the public school system because that's the way it's supposed to be.

The same can be said of values espoused by "believers" in the sense that they create the illusion that because they "believe" their values and positions on them deserve all the credibility over those of us who do not.

That is pure bull shit of course but is the name of the game here in this country at this time.

I will put the values atheists have over any believer anywhere any time for the one simple reason that we are not hypocrites!


One Of Our Wars Rages Locally

All of this I'm sure in preparation for the probable upcoming vote in November on the legalization of marijuana in Colorado.

Commandeer Dick Head Peters of the North Metro Drug Task Force lies out his ass when he upchucks this - "We continue to see that Colorado has become a source state for the country,"

It is so hard to win the good fights when the liars take center stage with the media at all levels. bama escalated the feds involvement here after he lied and told them to back off.

Can you imagine what it must have been like around these 25 homes and what these people were treated like?

Nobody says boo about this or the dead continuing to pile up in Afghanistan but we sure as hell need to take care of this Social Security issue among many other benefits for the 1%.



What Will Those Damn Mexicans Think Of Next

Planes - that's right planes. Well because it's difficult to travel by car and not be caught and if you try by foot well that don't work too good either. I'm confused here and can not help being a cynical smart ass as usual.

So it seems the Border patrol watched these guys the whole time to get to the pilot I guess. I thought that was capitalism in action. That's the whole idea is to not let them cross the border. They don't cross and the pilot looks for another way to make a buck.

On The Mormons Side With This One

Talk about a piece of human shit and his pos lawyer ain't far behind. Then to cry picked on because he was found guilty by a bunch of Mormons in of all places Utah. The sooner this guy is outta here the world will be a better place.

Police said Taylor repeatedly shot Potts, 72, and Tiede, 49. Police said Taylor and Deli then shot Kaye Tiede's husband, Rolf, and kidnapped two of his daughters before setting the cabin on fire and fleeing. Law enforcement rescued the daughters. Rolf Tiede survived, even though he was shot point-blank in the head and doused with gasoline when the cabin was set on fire.


Regional Robes Continue To Molest

Waited till today to share these two items. Do not want the poops minions to say how they got picked on their weekly holey day. But the paper put these in almost one after another yesterday.

Innocent til proven guilty. I'm all for that but there must be some substance up in Casper.

Then nearby in religious/military central how nice it must be to be a catholic parishioner and have this as part of your sermon.

Can you imagine what these robes are probably doing elsewhere around the globe where they face less scrutiny and many places held in higher esteem than here.


Simple Minded Badges May Attempt The Obvious

It's the badges who are the criminals here and should be treated as such. So many people have been treated like POS by these thugs in uniforms who carry guns to shoot you with and clubs to beat the shit outta you with as well. They do not care.

Most do not deserve the pedestal they are put on. Common sense says this should be at the top of the criteria list before they toss your innocent ass in the slammer screaming they got the wrong guy.


Seriously No One Gives A Shit

They really do not and it is just that simple.

The Defense Department on Saturday identified the six Marines killed earlier this week in a helicopter crash in Helmand province, Afghanistan.
The Marines were identified as:
• Capt. Daniel B. Bartle, 27, of Ferndale, Wash.
• Capt. Nathan R. McHone, 29, of Crystal Lake, Ill.
Master Sgt. Travis W. Riddick, 40, of Centerville, Iowa.
• Cpl. Jesse W. Stites, 23, of North Beach, Md.
Cpl. Kevin J. Reinhard, 25, of Colonia, N.J.
• Cpl. Joseph D. Logan, 22, of Willis, Texas.

For nothing and that's a fact too.

BTW - the helicopter was not shot down.

For Crazy Bastards Only

Why is this human piece of shit Warren Jeffs even considered news? One of the things he supposedly smuggled out of prison that is plastered all over the place paid for by the FLDS.

  "Jesus Christ, Son Ahman. I, your lord Jesus Christ, even Son Ahman, speak to all nations earth, my own revealing of my soon coming. Let all hear my will."

If this kind of crap gets you off you are one fucked up human no different than those we hate so much over there.

Don't anyone shit yourself thinking that the old ways of having multiple teenage wives has been forever forgotten with Mormony males.


Merika Doesn't Care For The Truth

As always Media Matters tells the truth about the pipeline. There is much blame on dumb shits who believe Big Whore Media. With a slight dash of defense of those people what else are you gonna do when lies is all you get.

The battle for truth cannot be won when you have the 1% controlling the message to the masses.


20 Years And You Lose It

Nothing is guaranteed when you have a business and there are wide ranging difference of opinions of how we got to this point most all wrong - - but what I find interesting is in the second paragraph and highlighted in what looks like chicken shit yellow.

I understand this is like third hand and all. Personally to me there is some credibility here after just driving all over hell and just not seeing much going on in towns the size of Bayfield.  
“It hurts when the love of your life isn’t making it,” said Alma Evans, owner of the 20-year-old floral shop in Bayfield.

She’s not alone, her suppliers and advertising partners have told her repeatedly this month as she cancelled her shop’s contracts. Evans said some popular floral wire services, such as FTD and Teleflora, indicated her contract cancelation is among tens of thousands similar to ones they’re getting from around the country right now.

Wanna Fight

The Empire's record of sabre rattling is legendary and starting war's for lies is one of the world's best. We is ready again.

The U.S. military is now “fully prepared” to deal with any Iranian effort to close the Strait of Hormuz, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Wednesday. “We are not making any special steps at this point in order to deal with the situation,”  “Why? Because, frankly, we are fully prepared to deal with that situation now.”


Another Casualty

Our longest ongoing forever it appears failed war is responsible for the Peace Corps leaving Honduras and in addition -

In my lifetime is good ever going to win out? You bastards!


New Mexico

It's the same as always in that when I get back from a trip it takes awhile to readjust and I'm still not there but already very much looking forward to the next one probably in early March - like on my B-Day when I become eligible for the old old people national pass.

Here are some pictures I picked out and it was bland because after all it is the middle of winter. Drove way too many miles and I will just say eastern New Mexico is not for me and it is just more than dirt poor out there. That is an observation only nothing more.

This was a interesting cemetery in Quay.

There were very few people around and had the state camp grounds pretty much to myself. This was at Bottomless Lakes SP.

There was no place I could find to hide and stay for the night. I did stay next to a cemetery outside of Hope, NM. One of the residents was getting ready to receive a new neighbor.

This was on the road in the mountains east of Alamogordo, NM. I belive this elk had an arrow in it's side if look closely and click twice. Something was sticking in it's side.

Oliver Lee SP was a very cool park and was named after the man who ranched here and lived in this house. Stayed three nights. It was there where I realized a lot of the people in some parks live in them and some not by choice. Grey hairs and no hairs and there may be a time this guy could do the same.

There is a hike that will take you to the top of this bad boy. I went part way as I did not feel like brutalizing myself that much.

You will not see many like this.

An obligatory White Sands photo. In my previous life sand was my nemesis. A couple hours out in this was plenty for this guy.

At the White Sands Missile Range Museum. This got here by mistake so will leave it and just say it's deceiving because this thing is only maybe two foot long.

Notice the smart ass guvmint comment at the end of this.

Quite a backdrop for this place and several of the pictures taken really show that as the header does today. Always plenty for more missiles ya see.

This was at Leasburg Dam SP north of Las Cruces. Not the nices but well done like all of them. It did snow the night I was there. This sits along side the Rio Grand River.

Many Mericuns are happy to stop and be questioned by our national zombies even well north of the border. Not this one and at least the fellow just came out the door and did not descend down the steps and let me proceed after he believed my answers to being an American and not having any passengers. It was nippy out.

Stayed three nights at Elephant Buttes SP north of Truth or Consequences. A day trip up to Monticello was very much worth it. One of the top cemetery's I have visited.

This was fun and for the first time I was inside a flock of geese when many of them took off.

Of course I the day I decided to head for home I see the best stuff like the Abo Mission here. This and two others are in the area. It is possible that in March I may return here rather than the Four Corners area but no matter what I will be back to here. This was way too cool and Abo is the least excavated plus there's other stuff as well close by.

You can read the text in the picture and it's worth it. Click click. Guess you can't but you can get a good look at what this was like.

Now you can read it.

This local fellow was looking for some attention when I went to leave. My Stretch was not at home when I got here but showed the next day and now is loving life again. He's gonna get his cat ass thrown outside here real soon.

Rangers the first place I camped returned my fee saying I must have been in Texas as they charge the entrance fee in addition to the camping fee. No I just read things wrong. But thanks guys and wherever I was people were sooo very nice.

Senior (62) and a NM resident. A 100 smacks is all you pay to camp. 225 for out of state. This is why people live there. Want electric or water it's 4 bucks and 8 with a sewer hook-up. What a deal.

Here we be like Texas. Campsites are 6-8 higher to begin with and it's like 300 for an annual pass or close to that. Senior starts at 64 and they mention something about a small discount for camping but do not explain. What is a $10 site in NM is 16-18 here on top of a day pass for walk ins. I can't afford this. Maybe they want to keep the riff raff out.

While pecking this out a favorite of mine came on and I just must be having fun I guess.

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Hanging Out

Hanging and hiking around Alamogordo. Oliver Lee Park is very nice and am headed back there tonight as well. Then sometime tomorrow will head north a few miles. Very pleasant here but it's like that many places. Even here the dead of winter generally is not that nice.

I know little and may this find all who stop by in good spirits. Still have some issues with the ride but think it will be okay. That is why I'm not straying too far away from anywhere. Have a good one!  OF


Driving Driving

Very briefly - it's good and have driven more than intended. Several issues cropped up that will limit some things. Have not seen a place yet than where I would want to stay more than a night. Intend to change that.

Only have one thing on my mind and that is the country I just drove through has got to rival some of the poorest there is in our country.

Now you guys won't have the Bok women to kick around - or maybe you will.

Have a good one.  


Another New One

And they're going fast. If there was a wish it would be that anyone who comes by here could be assured of a better year than last. And in addition those who have been so adversely affected on no part of their own by the greedy and the powerful double better new year.

No matter what Happy New Year to all of you and thanks for visiting!!

Yes it's a new year and the start of the fourth month of a new life for me. Also within the hour it will be the start of a new adventure hopefully in a new camper thingy. So I'm outta here and in all seriousness I don't know where this may lead or for how long but we're going to give it a try. South is the starting direction. Posting here - probably not much.

Have a good one everybody.

There will be some of these I believe ahead.