I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


LA Pulice Braniacs Suspect Arson

Cars are burning up left and right and there ain't a badge among them that can call it for what it obviously is. OTC will do it for you.

It is fucking ARSON dummies. Stick your "suspect" you know where.

It's like a person who was died in a violent way obviously at the hand of a human and I suppose they may "suspect" a killing happened. Either that or the dead person did it to themselves.


Not The Only One

The picture below that was on top of the page the day this post was made is the reason for the thread.  It's about cars.

A poll question from the Cortez Journal.

Is the recession coming to an end?

No way - 59%
Yes way - 4%
Getting better but miles to go - 29%
It's already over - 2%
Later in 2012, maybe - 6%
Total Votes: 214

Smartphones And Bullshit

What I want from "reporters???/writers???" is straight stuff. All I'm asking for here is just one simple example of what the hell the nonsense means below. Our Empire's forces will have "incredible capabilities" though meaning I guess above and beyond what they had before.

Does this mean we win and can stop now. The 1%'s say "This is good" and the sheep bleat "Another tool to fight 'em over there".


Even The Best Can't Do It

Personally I would not fly in a small plane in the mountains here or anywhere else.

Arizona Gets The Fourth One

Drone that is. The others did that and captured this plus turned away big numbers of all kinds of shit ya see. The kicker is the short paragraph in the short piece letting you know they have four out of the six drones.

These things have been and are being used by the Empire to spy on us.


Hugo Says

 It's like this folks and there will be just one example used as the possibilities are far too great.

When a country like ours invades and occupies another for lies everything is on the table.  I wouldn't argue against this for a second.  This is the kinda shit this country does. 

Maher Is Gonna Pay

The hypocrisy of course is astounding when it comes to the religiously insane and Big Whore Media. Thanks Bill for giving the tebow some of the same back as he has given others against their wishes in public venues.

So the offended will punish Maher by an attempt to boycott his program. This is so funny because those so offended don't watch his show anyway and BWM gives them credibility where there is none as it allows them to whine about being picked on. Waaaaa Bwaaaaa.

We call that tough shit around here.

Killer bush To Attend Funeral

"He was my mentor. I learned so much from Cheetah. I'm just glad he didn't croak over there in Europe. They don't love me so much there."

It's unknown if the Darth Cheney will accompany to hold his treasonous accomplice's hand.



This has been up before but I like this tune Rollerskate  by Call and Response and I like these boarder kids in da boat as well. It's fun stuff damn it.

Take a close look here as there's more going on than what it appears. There was a bunch of effort that went into this to make it work not to mention some pretty good driving as well.

You can listen to the whole song and others at the link above.

Picture put here because of a comment.

Internets Broken

Gone for the better part of a day.  Have to go to town.  I'll be bok.


Hacksaw Kimberly

It was sad enough a man killed his nine year old son then himself in a custody dispute at a place that this time of year not many visit.

That is until a couple real low-lifes show up and find them. If you're low-life what do you. It's pay dirt I guess so much so the women took a hacksaw and cut two fingers off the frozen corpse so she could steal the pistol. He steals the rest of what's in there of value.

They were caught in Washington Friday night.  LINK


A Christmas Shooting And Spanking

That Xmas day those many years ago when my older brother got his first BB gun. Oh happy days!! I was the one who definitely needed one but now at least there was one closer by than Dad's real one that couldn't be touched.

It was cold and quite a bit of snow around and we were bundled up good when he and I went out to shoot this thing. That's what I thought anyway. There was shooting going on alright but not by me. Come on "Let me shoot it" I'd say and the answer was always "No". This was pissing me off. Finally after a long time and a dozen at least rejections the moment came. 

Brother said he needed to set up some targets in the cornfield and while he did that I could stay on the lane and "hold it". I remember this like it was yesterday. He gets out there and it's "You're gonna dance! Now start dancing" Plink shooting close to his feet that are protected by 5-bucklers and other stuff underneath that. He's yelling "Don't shoot don't shoot" plink closer to him. I'm laughing my ass off like I am now - "Start dancing" and he kinda does seem worried. There were several Westerns on the tube in the early 50's and people were made to dance by the bad guys a fair amount so I knew how to do it.

He eventually got shot in the side of his boot above the ankle. If he would have just let me shoot when I asked or danced like he should have this accident would not have happened. To get 'em to start dancing sometimes you have to shoot closer each time and people get shot yes they do.

The wail my brother let out and all that long way to the house too one would have thought he would have bled out with in a few yards and never made it there to safety. There was no blood or mark or nothing. The only hurt was getting shot with your own gun you just got on Xmas day.

You know what's coming. I took my time and shot all the BB's in the gun. Got spanked real hard and yes it was worth it.

Have a good one.


Nurses And Tape

So you're a nurse and you tape a patients mouth shut - and laugh about it. What happens? Well in this case you get fired and rightfully so. If you are the one on the receiving end and can not defend against that happening to you then it becomes torture. I say that knowing and understanding that if you refuse to obey those who can do this to you legally chances are good there is torture ahead for you.

BUT - - - -
Many many have jobs where torture is part of it. What do they get? Medals/awards/promotions/raises you know shit like that.


If You Are An Empire And Own The Media

There are some things you do not do and the first one is give yourself up for any reason as you are absolute in all that there is.

One of them is that you do not admit to making mistakes.
A statement issued by the Department of Defense did not apologize for the attack.

Another is that if possible you use another name for your Empire when convienient -
An investigation into a NATO attack that killed 24 Pakistani troops last month

Then you investigate yourself whenever you are able to then blame others and other things  -
a combination of mistrust and bad maps led to the airstrikes on two Pakistani outposts, the Defense Department and a NATO official said Thursday.



This Is Too Good

Only a few days old and literally it's almost like being there in Uganda. It's not real time but  it's good enough for me. After viewing this and if possible and I believe it's doable  that  next year at this time I will be staying for several months well south of here to experience intense colors and never before seen animal life that can only be found in the tropics. How can one not be touched by this.

Thanks to PZ Meyers.

The Way It Is Again

For the second time this week. Not complaining but will be outta here sooner than later. May the sun be shining on you.


You're Not A Cop So What Do Ordinary People Do?

You're sitting in your car doing whatever and all a sudden the driver's side window is smashed and there is a person standing there with a hammer wishing to do more harm.  Personally and very quickly a decision would be made for right or wrong.

Now you're a badge with a gun and a license and the same scenario. You know too that not often are your brothers found guilty of wrong doing when people are shot.  "I immediately went to my gun"said the officer in this case.

Badges at what ever level literally do have a license to shoot people at will and at their discretion of when and how many times.

A very recent change in that it is now legal for the military to take us away. They don't have badges but they do have guns. I suppose that if they can take you away they can probably shoot the piss outta you as well.


A Dinosaur Picture Song

An attempt to capture images with music of a place of wonder. Video's like this are fun too.

Cross Posted @  The Picture Place

I Tink I Go Shovel

It's snowed much much more here than where I just moved from. 12 degrees out and rising. The gravy will come later when back in da boat they'll be drowning in it and here we'll be lounging around in easy chairs outside in shorts toasting Jah. That's the plan anyway - - -  until then get ready and shovel boy.

Dougherty Sibling Update

Do you remember the nation wide manhunt?? They eventually got caught right on the intestate just outside the Huerferno County seat city of Walsenburg where they have been housed very effectively so you can sleep at night. The bail is 1.25 mil each and no one has shown up with the cabbage.

They have appeared in court several times and are being tried separately some time down the road. The latest appearance was yesterday with sibling sister Lee Grace. Her public defender has filed dozens of motions all of which have been denied I believe with several no's again yesterday.

I find the article from today's Pueblo paper a bit troubling in the way this woman was questioned. The reason I post this is if you do not remember the fear factor the badges and the media ratcheted up with this family in the end I was surprised they were not all killed but at the time the public was close by. These crooks are not being defended here but what I'm saying is given the intensity of the badges and the piece today there is no doubt in my mind these people had rights violated.  LINK

Where they live now. The Hueferno County jail.
It's worthy to note that like the former meth freak/gay sex addict sheriff up in Denver who spent time in the very slammer named after him the former sheriff here received the same honor for crimes he committed against the very people he swore to serve. SHEEZ!


Cancer Good News

It costs 10K a month. Easily affordable for - - - - well not you.

Droneing On With More Lies

In respect to the drone that is in the Iranians hands the official says -

Yup - that takes care of that! Next -

A U.S. official says Iran will find it hard to exploit any data and technology aboard the captured CIA stealth drone because of measures taken to limit the intelligence value of drones operating over hostile territory.

You lying sacks of shit. Iran says up to a dozen have been brought down. And since "One American analyst ridiculed Iran’s capability, telling Defense News that the loss was “like dropping a Ferrari into an ox-cart technology culture.” is the mentality that our Empire has is exactly why we will never win if there anything to win at all.

I'm sick and tired of having to believe the bad guys more than my own in matters such as this.


A Case For Quick Accountability

There are times exceptions should be made when it comes to crimes this heinous. I want a decision made quickly if he is charged with this murder. Nor do I have a problem if he misses out on his last days on earth.

Just saying.


bama Kisses The Rights Ass Yet Again

You gotta be shitting me here but no! Not with these guys. There is only one thing that will come out of this and Einstein you do not have to be to under stand that many people in need are going to get royally and I mean royally screwed.

Something Strange Going On

For the longest time had a bad habit that when distracted for a bit would lay down a tool or what have you that was in my hand and then would not be able to find it even though most of the time it was very close. So frustrating and almost always found what was being looked for. Not always though. I worked hard on that and gradually situations like that almost came to a stop and that was a good thing as I could not do much else until the "lost" object was found.

As with this incidence last Saturday I was positive about where I put this thing. We turned out to be correct that there was a culprit with four legs named Ruby involved.

This is something else though. A few days ago I put two batteries in this small bag used for things that are with me all the time. I just went and looked for about the third time in every compartment to make sure I did not miss them and I did not. They were put there and now can not be found.

Yesterday was washing two bottles and the caps. Used soap and shook both up with the caps and then rinsed them and set them to the side to drain a bit. Never left the sink and when I went to put them away one of the caps was missing and not to be seen again. We're talking a couple minutes. Before items were found or showed up but here things ain't coming back. I've looked for this cap and it's just not there and the batteries never were used so never left the bag.

Might be losing it a bit - either that or need to cut back on Star Trek NG. Picard and the crew loved mysteries as I but like them so much more when they are solved. I do find this very interesting and there are a few other times but I can't remember.


Remember CIA Shooter Davis

He shot and killed two Pakistani's he said were going to rob him and was arrested. The Empire bought off the families for $2.3 million and he returned two month later to the States.

This October he beat the living shit out of a man over a parking spot. Yesterday at the preliminary hearing he was charged with "second-degree assault, disorderly conduct and a crime of violence" and also has a civil lawsuit filed as well against him.

May he get back as good as he gave. Wait a minute - he's one of these sonsofbitches who is entitled to kill at will while serving the Empire.

50 years in the slammer with no time off for not killing anyone will do nicely.

They Did Land It

Just like what was said here and it was the only thing that made the most sense. Now what else have we put on their table and how would you feel if there were planes flying above spying on you and ongoing covert operations from outside agitators happening in your country?

 This is a losing deal all around except for - - - well you know.


The Facts About Your Rights With The Defense Bill

If you have not watched Cenk then and have questions about what exactly this government and this administration can do and where they are really coming from then watch this. Now the men in green with the guns can take us away as well no questions asked.

It's important to note what the bama and his minions were pissed off about was that they did not want any of their power inherited when elected taken away. That's what the veto threat was about - not protecting our rights.

This prez is one of them without question.

Bull Shit On The "Official"

So after all the carnage for a decade we can put the corporate stamp of "officially over" in Irak. Not reading much of this because it's bull shit as well rewriting history to suit the needs of the 1%.

There was no using the word "official" when the bushes invaded and occupied for the specific agenda of a very few powerful entities.

What is "official" is this invasion and occupation that continues no matter what is said was done on a pack of lies. Like George I screamed as well before the invasion that it was all lies and people looked at you like you were fucking nuts.

Paying little attention if any to this because the intentional nightmare started by the 1% with bush/cheney at the helm enabled by the very people who are supposed to be on our side in DC will and is continuing no matter how many back slappers are around bama.

I'm glad these soldiers will be home for the holidays very much so. It does not change the reality of what is faced ahead.


The Dark One Hides Again From The Public

I hope it's harder than hell to be the most hated man in the world that you have to constantly hide behind locked doors.

Wouldn't it be special to see another country pull a Noriega on this killer.

 Cheney will be in Denver on Friday to speak at an event which will feature Cheney's wife, Lynne, interviewing him — is closed to the public and media.


Lowe's Statement In Support Of Bigotry

Missed by some the real reason for pulling ads was found deeper into the statement from Lowe's -

"We have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, and we are proud of that longstanding commitment. If we have made anyone question that commitment, we apologize and understand our red neck bigoted Muzzy hating base must have their asses kissed ya see" Lowe's spokeswoman Julie Yenichek said in a statement emailed to the Observer.


Night Raids Are Good For - -

Let's just say the Empire but not so much those on the receiving end of a terrorist tactic we love to use against those who want our freedoms or some nonsense like that. 

Of Course The Badges Did This

I remember this and like so many times victims are made victims again by the very ones who are suppose to "Serve and Protect".  Time for most of them to get kicked off that pedestal. Here you can find out what other crimes have been committed by those who carry badges/guns/clubs/spray/dogs etc to protect us. Ya right! LINK

Another local story where a new sheriff beat the living shit outta someone who certainly did not deserve it.


Hard Work

I house sat last night for friends and included in the deal were two hounds and a cat. Good pooches but I think one or both are stealers.

About sundown I went out for awhile to take some pictures of neon because just don't go to far at night. Just the way it is.

When I got back my little medicine bag got missing somehow. Looked and looked all around and outside as well. Mystery's like this aren't all that fun.

It seemed to me Ruby had a shit eating grin on her face and all LuLu wants to do is watch the place and get treats.


"Unconscionable" Colorado's School Funding

This one hurts as it should. From a case filed in 2005 and it's really bad now with this state's school system.

Briefly my opinion has always been and truly believe that whether it's here or anywhere else in the country all are facing the same thing not just on education.

It's wrong to discuss these problems without including the road taken to get there. Why? Because that same road is still here. Two examples -wars for lies and give away's to the bankster's  with no accountability for the crimes committed by the 1% against the 99%.

As long as this blog exists there will no participating in the rewriting of history.


Drone Lies

Example -

Think about this for a second people and look -

Iran landed this thing and finally after lie after lie bama says it is ours. They controlled this. How dramatic is that? WOW!

There is much more going on with this and that is obvious and from what I have seen Big Whore Media has not gone there.

Backoff On The Pedestal

Some may not like this but tough shit. From the top of the page @ Injustice Everywhere -

  • Aurora CO settles suit for $215k to man left partially paralyzed in officer-involved shooting that violated policy [0] bit.ly/tgsLex
  • Lake Co CA deputy pleads guilty to felony unlawful intercourse w/child under 16, faced 18 counts involving 2 girls [1] bit.ly/tIsY1V
  • Chicago IL cop ordered to pay $3,000 in jury award to man he shot at after date w/cop’s ex-girlfriend [0] bit.ly/uhyDrF
From Boulder -A Boulder County Sheriff's deputy was arrested Tuesday for allegedly having sexually explicit contact with girls on the Internet. 

You have the sex/meth freak former sheriff in a jail named after him up on the front range near Denver getting his bond reduced from 500k to 50k because he was a good guy before ya see. Of course he bonded right outta there. Get this - 
A 22-member task force will handle the expanding investigation into former Sheriff Pat Sullivan's alleged meth-for-sex case


Whether is here or someplace else it's all done the same. The pedestal is far too high and all humans are capable and do perform heroic deeds. You do not need a badge to be considered special.

I know and understand the dynamics of this profession. Frankly you don't like your job get the fuck out of the business and grow flowers or something.

Treat us like people instead of criminals and keep your damn hand away from your fucking gun. Almost all of us are no threat to you. You feel danger use a shield when you approach and that way you don't scare the holy shit out of people because you keep you're damn hand near your gun like you gonna use it you asshole.

Another reason is there is little respect for we the people and the men in blue won't change. We are adversaries and that mentality is proven easily with the text messages by police in Denver with the OWS people.

I have nothing but respect for other responders and the job they do. There's a big difference and that is they can't shoot or beat you because they feel like it.


Defense Department Puts It's Own Soldiers On The Terrorist List

That is only a bit of a stretch and just a bit. Behind this is the slug lieberwhore and that crazy fuck from New York king. The piece states that it is basically the military being targeted and these two want Islam to be singled out as the main source of terrorism but this fellow Stockton in the DOD won't go there and good on him. The real meat came at the bottom with this.

Well soldiers and country lovers and flag wavers how in the hell do you like these apples??


Col. Potter Knows

We've learned nothing but embrace war and retaliation above many things. M*A*S*H* the best anti-war series ever. We need a Col. Potter and a new cast of characters badly. Thanks Sherman for all that you did to educate society that there is nothing good about war!

UPDATE: Screw Fux Whore News - they never saw a war they didn't like!

After 10 A "Gap"

This is our media and frankly so fucking what. The major reason for pieces such as this is to sway opinion that benefits the 1%.

Rome Wants Moi

Sorry I can't type - my stomach hurts.

Catholics Come Home, a lay organization faithful to church teachings, is launching the church's first nationwide television ad campaign inviting millions of inactive and former Catholics to return to the fold.


bama A Wannabe Roosevelt

bama gonna give a speech today in the same place Teddy Roosevelt did those many years ago in Kansas echoing some of the very same rhetoric.

Sounds like it will be a doozy and an idiot knows there is only one intent here and that is to get reelected.

Let's be clear then because bama is no Teddy Roosevelt nor is he ever going to be.

In addition where the hell has this man been the last three years? Oh that's right - he's been real busy keeping up with the bush killers and giving the repugs things that were once ours.


Three Real Dumb Asses Get Shot In One Day Out In The Cornfield

It's true and read the damn thing and dumb is an appropriate word. It's Bambi time out there and we're talking shotguns with slugs. One guy shot himself in the foot. I bet that hurt real bad. Chances are high that don't happen in the future if he decides to go "hunting" again.  LINK

BWM (Big Whore Media) Asks The Question

And I will paraphrase with no linky -

"What's next for Herman the human slug Cain??"

Voices from the left where many never listened to him and the others that much anyway.  Who in the fuck cares or ever cared about this human - really.

Good journalists would have known/investigated this abuser and liar and called him out right out of the box for all his shit. People like this don't deserve a soapbox if media actually performed their duty but that's why they and those who spew their shit are nothing but paid whores for the 1% and yes it is that simple! 


Arpaio Intentionally Neglects Molested Childen

It has to be intentional when hundreds of cases go nowhere or are forgotten or just not followed up on. I suppose as an important man the effort to rid Aryzona of those damn illegals there's just not time in the day to help sexually molested children. This report is from 2007 and my guess it's probably close to the same now.  


Switching Blame

The Pakistani's so far have chosen not to assist our Empire into the probe of the recent deaths of 24 of their soldiers caused by NATO (that's you and me and supposedly a few others that can't wait to get the hell out of there)

It's a probe you see that will try to pin the blame on the ones that were killed. You can say things like that when your  Empire becomes harder to manage.
a probe that officials say could put much of the blame on Pakistan’s military.


A Culture Of Beater Cops

Bottom line they say it ain't so but it is. These people with guns and badges will beat you given the chance to "teach a lesson".  This is nothing new but seems to be increasing and again it's the badges themselves that determine among themselves that it's okay to meter out a bit of their own justice. Fuck that and this below is not an exception. All over the country people are being hurt by these powerful people who enjoy beating people. And of course they keep it between themselves and that's what makes this case different.

One beating by a cop and the sonofabitch never should be allowed to carry a gun or a club again in his lifetime.


Ganga Good For Empire

This report does not surprise me and you can bet there are plenty of badges out there who are super pissed. You could smack them in the face with this stuff on a regular basis and they'd still want to write you up for possession of this herb. Here in Colorado without question badges conspired to write more DUID tickets. They are the ones who should be behind bars like the former low life sheriff up in Denver. Boozers have always been the problem and not pot smokers and this study lends credence to that.


Horsey's Back On The Table?

The reason horses have not been butchered here since 2007 is because congress eliminated any funding for inspection. That has changed.

 Now they didn't allocate any money for inspections but - 

"The USDA issued a statement Tuesday saying there are no slaughterhouses in the U.S. that butcher horses for human consumption now, but if one were to open, it would conduct inspections to make sure federal laws were being followed.

WTF anyway! This gets to be old shit. There's much worry in the horsey world. "if you acquire a horse, you should be a responsible owner and provide lifetime care." 

You go ahead and do that and it's real special that you are able to care for your animals so well. But you're no different than these religious assholes wanting to dictate to me what is going to be right or wrong. It's the same. Don't tell me I can't eat horse if I want. Pure bull shit. Never have but don't make it a crime if I do want to taste it. Sheez! 

There's two here. They're real nice. I feed them at times and pet them. They are not mine and I do not want to own any. Could I eat these?? Cody is a bit younger than Slipknot and it looks like he's capable of putting a pretty decent steak on the table. Do I want to butcher one. No but I could if needed. Fyi cat tastes real real good too and that does not make me a bad person. Will I chop this really nice grey one that showed up here and been feeding? No but if hunger would enter the picture it would be her before Cody.

It's human nature and I understand that but our society cares more about their animals than human beings that are so negatively affected by this country's actions around the globe. We are not allowed to see the death and destruction the real essence of butchering animals or the aftermath of blown apart butchered humans in our name.

If we did this country's position on war and positions taken on human life and animal life would change for the better.


Klanbagger Duke Arrested In Germany

And for what? What could it be? He loves America and he prayers. He's loved by many. He doesn't wear his sheet anymore at least in public. You say what!!!

No shit Cisco. Fine by me. These Germans have some good taste that is for damn sure.

Those Damn Talibans Cheated

Remember the whining about how those insurgents in Iraq who didn't play correctly because they did not engage our Empire with huge numbers preferably in the open so they could be mowed down by our vast arsenal of superior fire power? The latest debacle of death at our hands of the 24 pakistani's happened - well because we were "lured".

In addition it was a "poorly marked border area" and it seems our military is unable to tell where the fuck it's at ya see.


Pure Prime And Fresh BS On This Monday

The US is going to do some "probing". Yup that is for damn sure.

How many "investigations" over the years has there been when it comes to this country and it's penchant for killing. Hundreds perhaps thousands. And what has become of these over all these years of killing others who want what we have here?

Nothing because it was and still is just lip service and all bull shit.

Meanwhile we continue to look for others to do the same to - and don't forget how sorry we are. Sorry gotta go - there might be something out there that needs to be killed.


Back Being A Chevy Man Again

I say that a lot and that meant a lot when muscle cars were important. This is a Chevy and it was not purchased because of that but for it's size and condition.  You never know for sure what you really have until you get it home and really start looking it over and so far there have been no real surprises and that's real good.

The rear transmission seal leaks but that is easily repaired and I'm having the tranny serviced and it can be done then. This is a 1990 and in 2000 with no add- ons  these cost 52K. It's a popup and Westphalia like but better.

Everything so far works and functions well. Have not had the cowling off to look over the motor. 117K and these are noted for getting to 300 consistently. It rides and drives very nice and the previous owner made quite a few nice little tweeks inside and maintained it better than just good. 17mpg like he said and I believe it's not going much higher if at all.

The water system has not been tried. If it's warm again tomorrow that's next. The furnace works great and it has a hot water heater as well. All kinds of problems can crop up with these things but I have a feeling this will all work too. It has both  grey  and black water holding tank and the bathroom and all of it for that matter is clean and actually usable. I'm into small anyway but it will not get used much if at all. We'll see.  

So I'm a Chevy Man again and looking forward to getting away later this month to the southern California desert. I wanted to be able to stand up and be warm and comfortable at the same time. Gas mileage is a bit of an issue but when used the plan is to stay for a while at places visited.

I am very fortunate to be able to do things like this. Very much so!

Chimp&Mice Space Program Was Only A Scam

This story comes from down the road where this man was part of it.

Hance was a laboratory technician and biologist for the program charged with measuring the respiration and analyzing the air supply for the animals as well as studying how much impact mice could sustain from a fall.

You guys probably know all this but it didn't ring any bells for me.

What kills me about things such as this is that it was close to half a century ago. After the chimp was granted unlimited clandestine powers that continues - use your imagination on the possibilities of what we may have been up to since then and you'll probably not be far off.


Benny The Rat Tries To Shift Blame

Been away and heavily screwing off and looked at the nonsense for the first time in several days and see this bullshit. It may work some places and certainly it will make catholics feel oh so much better about their dysfunctional beliefs concerning the past and ongoing history of pedophile priests.

Listen close Benny! You clean your own house first before saying others need to do it as well. You and yours are by far and for the longest time the guiltiest pass all. You should be on trial because it still goes on. There is no mercy/no discussion/no niceties no nothing when it comes to this topic.


Happy Thanksgiving Friends

Enjoy the day everyone with your friends and family. The weather in Denver is perfect and am looking forward to getting fed along with some good conversation.

As always thank you for taking the time to come by here!

Have a good one. TB


390 Million Smacks From The Coffers Of Deranged believers To The Halls Of Congress

And that's for one year.

Discussions cannot and are not allowed in numbers enough to explain how fundamentally flawed not to mention so very wrong this marriage to government is. And it's the believers in the cornfields all over that want less guvmint. But that guvmint they want must take orders from something that never existed.

That mentality is dysfunctional plain and simple. Get ready for a real ride as the 1% gears up for election day.


If It's Good For The Khemer Rouge Let's Make It Good For The Bush Killers Too


What About Yours? Here It's 22%

That's the amount those with out health care has risen in a two year period. 12% a year is dramatic in itself. Next door in a five county area that number is 34%. I bet this county is close and it will be the emergency room for me if attention is needed.

I'm tired of continual shitty numbers from all aspects we get defining the obvious decline of our country and our society.

Merca is tired as well but in the wrong way shaped by the 1%'s media.


Benny Turns To Darkies

The Rat is in Africa telling them to be less violent among other things. Rape was not mentioned even with the christian Congo that uses rape as a weapon of war.  I respect this man below a great deal!

"The Poop can send a message, calling the faithful and members of the catholic community to be more true to their christian faith. What is the purpose of loving god and hating your neighbor?" said Olupona.

Nuff said but there is another matter that I very much take exception to  and needs to be addressed. From the same piece.

Benny is returning this week to Africa, the roman catholic church's fastest-growing region whose pool of aspiring priests is helping to replenish orders in Europe, where congregations are dwindling. In the past decade, Benin's catholic population has grown by half, more than half-a-million converts while congregations in Europe including in Germany and Poland, the countries that produced both the current poop and his successor, are declining.

People have seen through the smokes and mirrors and the threat of eternal damnation and numbers are way down as they should be. So what do you do? Rig the game that's what.

If you were in West Africa and white I believe it fair to say you would be held in awe by many. Baring your teeth with a scowl on your face will send pesky little kids running away pissing their pants in fear. Many and of course not all are easily  influenced and when combined with the fear factor no wonder Benny is so proud of his numbers here.

I think it's a crime to do such a thing no matter what sort of religious bullshit it may be. It's just plain wrong!


It Used To Be Acapulco Gold

Yup those used to be the good old days but not any more. Not when you have close to 900 people killed so far this year. What a fun place this must of been. This war front and all the other fronts we battle on now plus the ones coming soon do only one thing beside kill and destroy things that not that long ago were good like Acapulco/Nogales and Ciudad Juarez plus every border town for that matter has changed for the negative. Our ongoing wars do one thing very well and that is they enrich the 1% even more and it is just that simple..

This country alone is responsible for every bit of this and is particularly guilty because they have not stopped
it years ago and to this very day there is no dialog to that effect but only of escalation.

17 For October

Whether they are all confirmed or not this country will continue to feed the Empire young men who after serving the 1% feel there is no recourse but to take their own lives. This is sick and has continued for years and the 1% wants more to protect all they have and are unwilling to share.


"Supercommittee On Brink Of Failure" Really!

That is part of the header I just saw and will not read nor link to. There is no doubt as the deadline looms it will become another example of just how far backwards we have gone. It's a given this was going to be the result from the inception. Like bama reaching across again wanting to get along for the last three years only to have repug steel toed boot slammed up his ass. All this is only a diversion so the real issues are never discussed in the way they need to be. You can basically write the script for our government.

Now the second part and the script. Just say they got the first part accomplished. If for a second one thinks this group who are in the 1% group too could make the decisions we know need to be made you'd be living a delusion.

Our government has been and is now and will be in the future as well incapable of making quality legislation. We are in huge trouble. 

A Friday Simple Pleasure

For several months now almost every Friday I look forward soooo much to read the ongoing happenings written by two pooches with the names of Fuzzy & Boomer who live and work hard on a farm in Delta,Colorado.  Today's post written by Fuzzy and given to Mom to post was so much better than just good.

This is more than just a fun read as there are other interesting things to learn here as well. Even being a former farm boy I learn new things here. As a side note want to say this operation uses decades old mostly Deere equipment along with at least one same age Chevy straight truck. This is great stuff people!

And one more important item is that this equipment is paid for - right Linda?
Thank you! 

I copied&pasted this and don't know how it will look. The link above will get you there though.

The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Farming
Well, here it is! The end of the farming season!  Boomer and I have been helping Mom do all her chores while Dad harvests the last of the crops.  He is combining corn, even as I speak.
As for Mom and Boom and I well we are in charge of ditches.

Sometime in the afternoon we all head off to one of the ditches…Boomer has decided that he likes to run, sometimes ahead of the four-wheeler and sometimes beside and even sometimes following.  He rides when he gets tired, but only then, he doesn’t really like to ride.
Following isn’t very good; I don’t think….it’s the spot where you eat dust all the time.
I used to run alongside….sometimes I feel really good and run a short distance alongside Mom and bark, but mostly I don’t.  I really like to go, though, so Mom always takes me. Since I can’t jump anymore Mom picks me up and puts me on the back of the four-wheeler.  She has a really neat carpet there that I can lay on or stand on however I feel like doing.
Sometimes I don’t even want to get off, but when we are at the ditches she makes me get off and at least sit by the four-wheeler.  She says there might be a mouse or two to chase.
Yesterday was a big day…Dad had a bolt break on the tail gate of the big truck…he lost lots of corn,

but the good thing was he was still in the field when the tail gate broke.

We all went over to help him.

After he got it fixed and he left for the elevator, we picked up most of the corn and put into buckets to dump back into the truck.   We had to leave some because the elevator doesn’t like rocks in the corn.
Mom said the wild creatures will enjoy the corn anyway.
After that we went to the corn field Dad was getting ready to start on and Mom started picking up and a stacking the irrigation tubes.

I stayed by the four-wheeler

and Boomer ran around sniffing stuff.

Once Boomer found a really cool poop to roll in but Mom yelled at him…I ran over as fast has my stiff back legs would take me, but Mom beat me too it and buried it.
Darn it!
Both Boom and I agreed it was a really cool poop, even had hair in it…smelled of coyotes. If we could have rolled in it and peeped on it the coyotes would have known some really tuff dogs live and work on this farm.
Mom was busy picking up the tubes and stacking them when suddenly three field mice ran out of the tubes.  She didn’t really like it because she was carrying the tubes at the time.
I was on them in a flash!  I forgot all about my stiff legs and hard to move hips…
Boomer was way down a corn row but I barked at him and he came running.
I got the first one of the three, and then we kept following Mom and waiting for her to drop another one out of the tube.  She got smart and started shaking the tubes before she put them into her arms.
What a blast!
We caught several mice.
Then Mom started picking up the dams…..NESTS!  NESTS OF MICE!!
Oh joy, joy, joy!
Tomorrow we are going way up to the upper end and doing the little hay field, then after that is the bean field.  Boomer and I can look forward to at least two more days of catching mice, err helping on the farm.

Have a nice weekend everyone, I sure plan too!

Jailed Utah Child Raper Says The World Will End

This is kinda funny in a way well because -

What I get a kick out here is that apparently many who received this nonsense shit canned it right outta the box. Good on them! 264 pages of pure bull shit. I forgot just how much free time this raper has on his hands.


Always Money For A Bigger Bomb

And one has arrived that's 10 times bigger the it's predecessor.

Of course this has nothing to do with any fear mongering or out right lies concerning Iran and our dear friend Israel.

Still Dying In Irak

And by an IED. All the technology and bull shit talk about just how good of job we the invaders and occupiers have done can't stop the simplest of devices that have not changed and continue to kill. It's what the 1% wanted and they always get what they want to this day. And the sheep bleat.

Spc. David E. Hickman, 23, of Greensboro, N.C., died Nov. 14, in Baghdad, Iraq, of injuries sustained after encountering an improvised explosive device.


bama Pepper Sprays And Beats Old Women & Pregnant Teen

As I go around and see what's happening as always there is outrage about how crowds of protestors are being treated by the badges/beater/sprayers and whatever else they use.

What is the surprise here as there should be none. This is what our government does. They beat the holy shit out of whoever stands in their way.

How many tea baggers got beat? None of any consequense. Why? Because they're so fucking dumb with the positions they take they actually are supporting the 1%. Hell no bama won't beat them.

Bottom line this president so many dims love to death is the one person on the end of the tools used to torture innocents right here right now and that's a fact. LINK


Road Problems - Two Cents A Gallon Worth

Back 10/20 put a post up about what seemed to me the massive amount of oil and gas traffic around Bloomfied, NM. This morning I see the Bloomfield city  council approved a resolution for the 2012 election a gas tax of 2 pennys a gallon.

I don't know enough to comment on the particular dynamics there - associations or agreements that may be in place except to say I believe it's fair to say the oil and gas corporations are responsible for the deterioration of the streets there. Make them pay if you can. Hell of a lot easier to say than get done.

The council also approved a resolution to include on the March 2012 city election ballot a 2-cent tax on every gallon of gasoline sold in Bloomfield. The tax will be used to pave and repair Bloomfield streets.


Gloria Living In Denial

Update: Just after posting this I see Cain has fallen off his media perch. Many still love his persecuted ass deeply. And who knows - he's repug and a male and loves his Jeebus hates the same things they all hate.

Poor girl. Daddy Cain is just a good human being all the way around. Gloria says -

She said it so it must be true and Papa Cain is still the alpha male of the deranged pack of crazy bastards.. Didn't believe Thomas and sure as hell don't this guy either. Looks like he's skating on this just as his bro did.


This was news to me. Somebody will probably want to do something. The amount needed to harm yourself is small and one has to really want to do this. If tampons start getting regulated there's always jenkem to fall back on. YIKES!!

You can figure the rest out.


One Who Saw The Light

I have so much respect when people come over from the dark side because they actually took a moment to really think about the issues. This is a good story but not enough of. Face it - people who work the land tend to be conservative more than liberal. This fellow will be able to educate other that he knows and that's the hope.
Michael Bowman is somewhat of an iconoclast in his hometown of Wray — a life-long Republican turned Democrat after a holistic farming seminar put him on the path of renewable energy. When he was in his mid-30s, Bowman attended a Michael Martin Murphy concert in Alamosa where he happened to sit next to a board member of Holistic Management International. This Albuquerque nonprofit teaches a whole-farm planning system for sustainability. 

Holistic Management International Link


Mexico Will Play By Our Rules

From a post here less than three months ago Calderon said this after 50 were massacred -

Over 50 massacred and this is just the latest.The President (not ours) called these killers "true terrorists" and he's correct. Just like killers here who are not terrorists but really are ya know.

A visibly angry Calderon urged the United States to do more to curb demand for illegal drugs and stop weapon trafficking into Mexico. "If ... they are resigned to consuming drugs, then they need to find alternatives ... and establish clear points of access different from the border with Mexico, but this situation can't keep going on like this," he said.

After another air related crash yesterday that killed Mexico's second in charge and other important officials Calderon had this to say -

"I am convinced that the best way to honor his generosity and loyalty ... is to intensify the struggle," Calderon said in a national address announcing Blake Mora's death along with seven others outside the capital. "We will continue with renewed vigor and zeal."

There really aren't that many who agree with some of my opinions and I'm fine with that and in the last year or so an effort was made to be a bit kinder and gentler but not so much this morning.

There's a reason Calderon changed his mind and I'll tell you what it is. He got taken to the back room and was made an offer he could not fucking refuse. Know what I mean. Here in the US the same happens to key players who are big enough threats to the 1%. Why do think Kucinich caved at the last minute with the health care benefit package to the corporations? He may not have gotten the complete "or else" but he sure as fuck got something. 

Dusty on her first radio program yesterday that I will listen again to next Friday and suggest that you give it a try if you can as I enjoyed it and learned. She raised the optimism level here for a bit and that's good.

Fact of the matter is - this country kills and it kills a whole fucking bunch and is responsible for many others!

It kills thousands of innocent people who did nothing wrong except to be at the receiving end of a device paid for with yours and my money.

We target women and children and some who wave white flags as we did in Falloogeh not once but twice.

We funnel weapons to the gangs/cartels in Mexico that increased the killing and raise our hands like so what when found out.

We hire/outsource our killing to other killers like blackwater who then kill at will because we give them immunity so there is no blood on anyone's hands but only in the minds of the relatives of the innocents killed in our name.

The 1% took this country to war on lies in 2003 and killed at will as this country cheered the death and carnage that lasts in various forms many places to this day. Even when the sheep were told about the lies two years later in '05 they still bleated for more.

Just recently this country-your country-our country outright fucking killed a US citizen. Just how goddamn sick is that! We kill and the 1% revels in it and takes the position of righteousness which is sold then bought by many with their media corporation mind fuck machine.

I suppose if one is optimistic about the future as a whole you can't think like this. I sure as hell do not in any way belittle optimists because that is needed. But - over the years optimists - you know people that are supposedly on the same side blame me and others like me for the problems we have and that ain't no shit!

Just because this particular position is taken does not mean you don't try to make change/participate/educate others about the issues/vote/ contribute in other ways or what the fuck have you.

I just say I do not believe at this time it's possible to take control of our country and the world's destiny from the 1%. The 99'rs offer a tiny and only a tiny glimmer of hope.  And understand I also think that if the 1% feels extremely threatened the chances of them killing at will here is greater than not.

What a suck position that is! Sheez.


Muslim And Live In Detroit - Beware

There's a whole shit load of religiously insane fanatics from the Call  in town now who hate Muzzys and are praying starting tonight in a 24 hour non-stop hatefest. Gonna wish these Americans and wanna be Americans all kinds of bad shit because well see below -

And that means you Islamic fellers in Detroit for many reasons the biggest maybe because you're not right ya see and ya just gotta go some way or another. They're gonna sic the invisible non-existent cloud being on you and boy oh boy is all hell gonna break loose. 

Straight From The Horses Ass

And this prick should know. This is considered news here. No wonder the Empire is in such a steep decline.

Newty Gingrich says rival Herman Cain has handled the sexual harassment allegations against him well  


wall street With A Boot Up It's Ass

The reality of the pile of shit we're standing in is in many ways pretty simple. This is excellent and I wish he would have mentioned accountability. Got this from Monkeyfister's place. Thank you!

Folks it is identical to what the bush killers did with Iraq. No one gives a shit and it appears all these criminals will skate for these terrible crimes that have harmed our country so badly.

I refuse to help in anyway shape or form as they say to rewrite history in a way that all these crimes were something other and had a noble cause involved.


We Train Them And Then They're Used Against Us

From the mouths of the oil and gas industry - -

When the amount of money involved is as great as it is and the funds available to pursue these riches is unlimited that opens up the door to stuff like this. They say it's only to assist communities in adopting local ordinances and such but that's pure bull shit.

Psyops techniques are just that and I don't give a shit - this ain't right. We don't have any kind of national energy policy that would lessen our dependency and use soldiers trained in psychological operations to manipulate the process at local level to benefit the industry who would drill in your living room if they could.


Democraps Who Are Just That

Until the definition of democrat used by Big Whore Media remains as is now chalk it up as another huge tool the right owns. We're talking the personhood vote in Mississippi.

Whether it's the democrats above or democrats in office everywhere who support right wing causes like this and say Social Security as another example are not Democrats but something far different and in a huge negative way and need to be called out for that. 

Here Colorado's two democrat senators Udall&Bennet have offered up Social Security on your behalf to the super committie.

I can not think of any one liberal/progressive who would do the same and we're all thrown together by BHM for the most part. 

If that pisses you off given the dynamics of SS alone I'll send a message along for you as well and will not vote for the sonsofbitches. They exist to serve their corporate masters just like most of them.

bama Plants An Even Bigger Kiss On The Ass Of Oil Companies

Thanks a lot buddy you're a real pal of definitely not "we the people" but "us and the corporations"!

This sounds even worse - In the western and central Gulf, by contrast, the proposal puts all unleased acreage up for sale.

We know what can happen along our coasts or anywhere else for that matter. My bitch is that we have no energy policy that would save enough that we would not have to drill in these very special areas.

We will not get an energy policy from these guys or the ones that come after them. What we will get is plenty more drilling in the places we know it should not happen. 

After all it's the "New Merca for the Corporations". They have rights too ya know.


Not Just A Bomb - A Ticking Bomb

Defective electronic parts getting in the Pentawhores parts supply putting "our troops at risk".  And the bad guy is China.

Our country's largest budget  expenditure is for the war machine we feed better than anything else.We love war but cannot produce all that we need to sustain the Empire and need to outsource to our biggest challenger in the quest to rule the most of any other country.

You can't support yourselves in the quest for world dominance and depend on your competitor to do so - - - it's long past due you get the hell out of the business of forever war and find other ways to get along rather than using guns!

99'er War Working Well for The 1%

You betcha - probably better than our other war fronts.

If you as an American and using the same analogy that worked so well against those opposed to the bush bastard's war for lies that if you did not support it you were not a true American.

So - having said that how can you repug lovers of war call yourselves patriotic Americans when your support for war is greater than feeding the hungry in our own country?


Dummy's (Hunters???) Killing Moose's Instead Of

ELK! That's right and in addition moose do not look like elk. If you are unable to tell the difference you don't deserve to have a gun in your hands. This fishwrapper is calling these accidents. They are not accidents

Link to two other accidents.

Holy See Issues New Batch Of Hooey

And the robes are not all that please with da new "Missal". ‘‘How can I say those words? It doesn’t make sense,’’ said Iwanowski, who has been a priest for 36 years. ‘‘It separates religion from real life.’’ 

Whatever it does will not change the reality about the all powerful finger snapper in the sky. An example of the change from the Nicene Creed I'm sure all are aware of  that will take believers to new levels of - - we'll just leave it there.

  In the new translation, in the Nicene Creed, the phrase ‘‘one inBeing with the Father,’’ will change to ‘‘consubstantial with theFather.’’ When a priest prays over the Holy Communion bread andwine, he will ask God for blessings ‘‘by sending down your spiritupon them like the dewfall.’’

Yup - that should do it.


For Right Or Wrong

I'm driving north to look at this. Been all over the place on this and am back to the beginning it looks but understand I'm gonna stop at REI and look at two of their tents that might work too and they don't need petrol.

McStupid And Grahamcracker Don't Want To Play

Before they start with this bullshit I think another leisurely shopping stroll through  Baghdad or Falloogeh is in order so they can see once again how hundreds of  billions of my money worked out.

Understand people - it may be made to look like here are cuts in the defense/pentawhore budget in the end but the reality will be something other.



Kissing Ronnie's Dead Bony Ass In The Cornfield Tonight

They'd probably chew on them given the chance and then howl at the moon while getting wood. Sorry - just can't make it.

I stop at a lot of cemetery's and try to be as respectful as I can. If given the chance to view this mans hole in the ground and thought I could get by with it well it might just get pissed on.

Let's Get Out Of The Business Then

Bitch and moan - whine and cry.

As we all know the system is so screwed up the military is unable to address the health issues of soldiers in that one category let alone the rest of them.

This is what you get when your country and leaders prefer perpetual war over what is best for "We the People".

 You know what we call whining like this around here - tough shit!


Juarez Activism Is Important Too

There is action on our southern War Front by people who say no to the death that it has caused. Please if you have the time check out Billie's posts at Border Explorer.

The latest -

El Paso Rights Groups condemn arrests, jailing of activists in Juarez

bama The Bullshitter

Well bama lovers stick this where the sun don't shine.

The Pentagon is poised to move at least 4,000 soldiers from Iraq to Kuwait at the end of the year

When you say things like this “will definitely be home for the holidays" you damn well better know what the hell you're saying.

This move is part of a "still-developing Pentagon strategy". We all know we're never going to leave or be able to force our war-loving politicians to stop this nations imperialism around the globe. This man knew this when he said what he did.

There are going to be a lot of broken hearts and tears from many when they learn mom or dad or both will not be home for the holidays.  


bama Didn't Say Squat About These Student Loans

I can tell you why - because it would have shown just how big a bullshitter he really is. His folksy bush like friendly ways about how hard he had it work for many but if you take a second and listen - - well. These new rules for grad students even though they start in July of next year are harsh to say the least. Straight from the 1%'rs in the District of Whores!

I suppose if one has a bit of money these changes don't amount to a whole hell of a lot but if you don't have much these changes are significant.

Under a law passed by Congress this summer, graduate studentswill be required to pay more for loans beginning in July. Graduate students also will lose rebates for on-time payment ofloans as part of changes that are expected to save the federalgovernment $21.6 billion over the next 10 years.The new law eliminates the graduate student loan interestsubsidy. That means that interest will keep accruing while studentsare still in school. Students will start owing interest immediately on loans issuedafter July 1. Students can still defer payment on the loans untilafter graduation.