I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


A Little Bit Of Caddy Shack

Spring is coming even though it's still February and with the warmer weather the fever is in the air. Personally I do not want an early spring and actually want it to snow a bit more. That reason is work related only. I never used this procedure below until fairly recently and am kicking myself in the ass for all the frustration I endured because of the conservative side of me. This actually works well if one uses a bit of common sense. If you watch this you will laugh as Curtis manages to screw up. Not his fault he's from Montana.
click on the pictures for a full size view

Poor boy-this is how hot it was. At least there's no blood.

Then this guy came out today which is a bit unusual and early plus there was a chipmunk on the roof. Keeps going like this the bears will be out soon too.

This is what a marmot looks like. Tourists think they're so cute and there's some truth to that. They can be destructive too and have been the reason for several law suits because of dumb ass golfers who can't watch where the fuck they are walking and step into the big holes they dig. Their warning cry is a whistle and that is why they are called whistle pigs.

Oh Please Please

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked the Justice Department on Thursday to open a grand jury investigation into whether President Bush's chief of staff and former counsel should be prosecuted for contempt of Congress. Pelosi, D-Calif., demanded that the department pursue misdemeanor charges.

You lame ass slut! Ask my ass goddamn it you fucking demand it and a week for a response is bullshit. Give'em two days and file the law suit. You bastards have done squat. Leahy is waiting on how many requests from these lowlifes and has done nothing when they refuse to even respond. I sure as hell didn't get asked to be fucked repeatedly by this administration but I sure did. Will somebody please fight for me! Sonsofbitches. And another thing how long ago did this happen and why in the fuck didn't you do something long before this? One reason is that most of you are so corrupted you can't govern a cat shit filled sandbox.


I've Got Nothing

Had several items to post BUT fell asleep in the chair way too early last night. It's hard work keeping up on all the good things happening(according to the repugs) and I get tired.


No More Cheap Food

This article explains how local pizza parlors are dealing with dramatic increases for ingredients to make pizza. It's just not here but every where. Monkeyfister posted this from Financial Times an article on rising food prices that are not going down. NO SHIT CISCO!

In July of '06 some rapid changes were beginning back in the cornfield. In April of '07 sent this to friends to inform them that what we had been hearing was true. When I left the cornfield last Friday corn was $4.86 a bushel and beans were $13.26. Two years ago it was $2 corn and $6 beans. The post above explains the increase in land values and an article I read while back there stated land prices had risen 24% in the county I was at in '07 alone.

We are starting to see the beginning of the end of cheap food in this country. This is part of the pay back for starting wars based on lies outsourcing jobs and industry and financing much by incurring massive debt. The decline of the empire is here now!


Mentality Midget

The simple bastard said this among other things.

"When I say I'm confident, I am so because I understand the mentality of the American people," Bush said. "And I understand the mentality of our candidates. And there's no question in my mind, with your help, 2008 is going to be a great year."

He's confident alright because he knows his side will cheat- steal- lie- screw- kneecap- slime- asshole- twist- defile- fuck your mother- shoot your daddy- drown your cat- burn your cornfield- piss on your other mothers grave- take a big dump in your sweater drawer-screw your pooch-poison the chickens-shoot your horse are all on page 1 of this novel of confidence and co-authored by media. Amerika will love it as usual especially without any lubricant.


Those who may have noticed last week was spent back in the cornfield which is Iowa. The reason was to see my Dad who was recently moved to the care center in the town he grew up in. I have been to this facility a number of times to visit relatives and friends although not in a long time but made up for it last week.

Wish to say how much I admire all who give care to those who need it. The compassion and patience shown at all times by so many impressed me greatly. All have my admiration. Other places may be better and some worse. Hate to think of what the worst is like. With something like 55mil boomers and continued shortage of nurses what does the future hold for us? At one time there were four RN's on the floor for maybe 40 some people plus the many others involved.

Just wanted to express my new found appreciation and awareness of all caregivers.

Thank you for what you do!


African Soundz For PCat

PCat- Could not find anything on Mohammed Bellemou but there is much out there. These two programs came from KGNU in Boulder. The program is "African Roots" and airs on Saturdays. It's not unusual to have artists in studio. Some of their programs can be downloaded as these were but not recently. There are some good cuts in these two but I can't emphasize enough KSUP's "Rhythm Afrique" program on Fridays at 8PM PT.

I am partial to stations that stream because one never knows what will be played next. Mabonakude is from Zimbabwe and has its moments but right now listening to "Ghana Beats" something I just found that seems to be live and supposedly streaming from Kumasi in Ghana. Actually pretty good. At present it is not on.

Below is a video of what I consider traditional Highlife that got it's start at the old port of Takaradi also in Ghana.

This is kinda fun.

Like this because it's a cross between traditional and hip-hop that's nicely done. Hip-hop seems to dominate the videos from West Africa. Maybe there is something here you or others may enjoy. tb



OTC was given this by Blue Girl Red State so part of the deal is to plug ten others. We can do that but first need to give a big thank you and credit Blue Girl for one fun place to go.

Many know Ornery Bastard. First post read there I needed to leave a response. OB posts here as well. Good stuff for sure!

Check out the Command Post a site from a service member on Guam. Then ran across Brit in a Red State both worth a visit.

West Africa interests me and Pauline from Abidjan writes at west africa always wins. Excellent! It's like being there plus the great pictures. Found BEING BUKOLA BRAVELY a new blog that will be posted from Lagos.

The BURNED OVER DISTRICT done by Montag. Like his attitude plus my fishing bud's name is Montag.

OTC has a Field Negro and they have a white boy straight outta the cornfield. That's probably close to a fair trade.

Ever since BAD have found so many blogs that amaze me because they're so good. Crinch Pin is one. Bolivia Rising if your interest is in that part of the world is another.

All that I know is that OTC aspires to be like what I see other places. All of you guys are excellent!


The Constitution Was Not There!

Had a conversation with a good friend today about his trip to DC. this week. Well kiddies our Constitution was not available for view. How are these decrepit bastards violating it this time? This poor thing has been screwed way too hard far too many times. It was probably there but just how do you know for sure. They're screwing it or planning a new way I'll bet money. They fuck everything in their path and will never be satisfied. Hope Jeff Gannon doesn't show up on special assignment.

Jesus Christ!

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Road Music

A little something for One Fly to come home to.


Leaving for Home

I have spent a week with my Dad and will leave very early in the morning for NW Colorado hopefully getting home before dark. It's hard leaving at times and this may be the hardest. No matter where I have traveled when that state line is crossed into Colorado it is a good feeling even though in this case it's still the better part of 350 miles to go I always feel like I am home. I am anxious to start posting again and reading what others are writing about as have not paid much attention to the "news". Sure it will not take very long to become pissed off at what these bastards are up to. They sure as hell don't change over to good guys in a week that's for damn sure.


Bounce This, Broder

Stupie McFuckwit has finally done it, he has beat his Poppy and Richard Nixon both.
His latest Job Approval Rating has bounced off the curb and into the gutter, 19%.

That's right, a one and a nine.
So much for his 'Base', they are bailing faster than Broder can type.
Who'da thunk a bunch of foreclosures, an economy in freefall and a trumped up war sucking billions of dollars could actually penetrate the KoolAid fog?
Not me, I figured they would all be singing Hail To The Chief right as they packed up their belongings and moved into their cars.
Never fear, the Boy King will have your bail out check ready about the time you need new wiper blades.

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Mr. McCain? Yer History Doesn't Match Yer Rhetoric

I just stopped by the Earth Bound Misfit's place and was inspired by her post taking Republican fear monger, John McCain to task over one of his inflammatory remarks meant to stir up the support from the 27% of Americans who still think this Iraq fiasco is such a good deal. It also, not so subtly, uses the code words of racism at the same time as it ignores the reality of history which she promptly points out,in detail, with accurate references.
Go check it out, she spanks him but good.


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Note To Grover Norquist: This Is Why We Have Government

You remember that smug bastard, don't ya?
All braggin' and shit about how the Republicans were gonna slash and burn government programs to save money and all that happy horseshit?You remember the line,

"I don't want to abolish government. I simply want to reduce it to the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub."

Yeah, I have news for dickwads like him, SOME government activities you don't fuck with, kinda like the inspectors who are supposed to make sure the food we eat isn't fucking contaminated and shit like this below doesn't happen;

Notice I didn't try to warn you of graphic cruelty?
Because I want you to remember it and I want you to remember assholes like Norquist who make this possible.

I want you to put this on the long list of reasons why we need to dig every fucking Bush sympathizer out of our government, because they are killing us, our children and our planet.
And they don't fucking care.

In case you didn't know, this video resulted in the largest beef recall in U.S. history, 143 MILLION pounds

H/T Raw Story

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Shitty Road Pictures


Leaving For The Cornfield

Driving back today and it appears the weather will be okay. It's 860 from here. This will be the first time in my life when I enter the house there will not be one of my parents there to greet me with a smile kiss and a hug. Dad is in the Care Center in town and have serious doubts as to whether he'll ever be able to return to his home. This is not just about my father but all of our parents and ourselves as we get older.

Last weekend read something and Googled wii therapy. Found this video that explains how a inter-active game is changing people's lives both young and old regardless of level of condition. Could this possibly help my Dad we'll see.

Posting will be less as there will be no easy access to the internets. Thanks to all those who visit here. tb

Bush aims to bolster legacy with Africa visit

Once again as has mostly been the case the appearance this man has credibility is reinforced. What legacy? If the media was honest this sonofabitch would have been gone years ago but no. He and his minions care squat about Africa and the people who live there. One photo op after another to prop up the illusion there is compassion involved. I care about many things and at the top is the millions harmed by this man. He gets no pass here on compassion. Kiss my sorry ass.


Kinda Sleazy At It Again

In House hearings yesterday Congressman Wexler grills Condi baby about all the untrue statements this bitch has entered into the record as fact. Remember how the media would use Condi instead of her full name. That always disgusted me as it made it seem like there was friendly association with this killer who lies through her teeth as usual in this short video. What the fuck else are you going to say when caught in lie after lie. All these war whores know they can lie with impunity because they know nothing is going to happen to them. When it comes time for these killers to swing for their war crimes I say women war bitches first.

Word on the street Sleazy's roots can be traced back to this nasty ass tribe called Krobo. That would explain some things and OTC has some evidence to support that. Where her lying sack of shit black brother Colon roots are at is unknown.

Krobo women are noted locally and in particular Abidjan for their abilities as prostitutes. Without question this slut does whore herself out quite nicely.

Craig Acted Improperly

The Senate Ethics Committee said so. No shit Cisco. Tell me what is this cast off piece of pecker snot still doing around here? If this is improper what would have been proper? Maybe more of an open door policy with a simple one word question-blowjob???

This crap makes me thirsty. If I was a drinking man I'd go to town and buy me some corn alcohol get all pissed up and be somebody. What in the fuck does it take to get some accountability anywhere? At least the Catholics pay those who are raped by them. A bunch of goddamn lowlifes I tell you.


There's a problem here.

For years, Bill and Hillary Clinton treated the Democratic National Committee and party activists as extensions of their White House ambitions, pawns in a game of success and survival. She may pay a high price for their selfishness soon.

This whole article is in this vain. Understand I favor no one in this contest and find the whole process basically disgusting. I will vote for the Dem candidate period.

It never ceases to amaze me how so many, some who have never talked politics before go out of their way to express their dislike of HC and the Clintons in general.

It's my understanding or the impression I have is Obama supporters are a bit cult like and are implying if Obama doesn't get it they may not support Hillary.

This even if not accurate is all sorts of fucked up. Serious shit it is for sure. When tactics frame someone being so bad and you're supposed to be more or less on the same side the other side will use it against you. If an animal is beat enough it will learn. Why can't the ones on my side learn not to shit on the floor? The enemy has always been Bushevicks not each other. They will beat you with this shit then knife you three different ways wide deep and frequent.

Look the fuck out guys. It's history happening and the Right is bringing everything and more to the table and that's a fact.


Peace Corps Volunteers Asked To Spy By Bush Whores

Came home and saw this and can not tell you how much this has pissed me off. As a RPCV (abbreviation for Returned Peace Corp Volunteer) Ghana 77-79 the idea that a US embassy official would dare to even venture that proposition to a PCV anywhere is another example of how depraved these sonsofbitches are. Fresh out of that cornfield in '77 I can tell you if I had been approached in that manner naive as I was they would have been told to go fuck themselves. As it was at times people would say as I walked "CIA" because as you may or may not know the US fucked with Ghana as they have so many countries around the world.

Doing a bit more research ran across Bolivia Rising a place one might want to look at now and again and has been included in my blogroll. The neo-killers hate Hugo and Evo because they stand for all that they are not. I can tell you the masses of humanity in the Third World understand completely the dynamics of the United States meddling and how it affects them directly. Here we have a nation of sheep who do not even have a fucking clue. Jesus fucking christ! The people of Central and South America will not let themselves be denied Democracy not ever again.


U.S. may pause Iraq troop drawdown

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.


Ruffling the cornstalks

Back in the cornfield Register readers are defending their Senator against an article in the NY Daily News. That's real fucking nice. I wrote Grassley shortly after the invasion of Iraq because of his relationship with Sibel Edmonds who had such "credibility" stated after closed door hearings with her. In Iowa for Memorial Day services 2003 non of the Veterans and I spoke to all of the very few left were pissed fucking off our country invaded another without real reason. Told Grassley that too but he didn't listen. Whether it's this guy or anybody's guy these sacks of shit do not get a fucking break. They don't get a goddamn pass because they do good things back home. Fuck that I call major bullshit. Edmond's got a set of balls to be proud of for sure. Maybe these men are intimidated by the sheer size of these balls wielded by a very intelligent women identical to Valerie Plame with dark hair.

You fuckers took an oath to uphold the Constitution. Mostly ignored in the US Edmonds recently has come out with some details but as usual not covered here but in the UK. And yes there will be no links as those on this side know this story and most of the others well. It's called TREASON what the fuck is it you heart landers don't understand about this. Remember the Huckster won in Iowa. Iowans are nice and proper like the Des Moines Register who does not allow "whore" to be used in comments.

Grassley is a whore. He and all the others who sold our country out to cover the blood trail left by so many treasonous cocksuckers deserve and get no pass here. Every last one of you go fuck yourselves. Stick the "good things he does" straight up your ass because truth and democracy take precedent.

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Let's change the pace

It's hard goddamn work railing on those who have fucked my country and us so hard. Reminds me of the DI in "Full Metal Jacket" who screams at this recruit accusing him for not having the common courtesy to give a guy he just screwed in the ass a decent wrap around. Bastards.

For lack of imagination plus February winter doldrums a couple videos I like. An unwritten rule here is one never goes anywhere any time without a jacket. Don't like the weather wait five minutes even in the summer. The first shows that and how I wish Tara would have fallen in the mud in the second. The first is not mine.


Do you know?

Do not have time for a post today as need to deal with all the goddamn snow. Drug this up from the archives to see if I can get lucky and find somebody out there that may know the artist who does the music on this short video. That would be nice. Just went out to warm up the car and I tell you there's so fucking much snow it's getting kinda crazy.


A Plea To The Left Blogosphere For Aid Help For The Mid-South...

Monkeyfister and the and the people in his immediate area need assistance badly from the killer weather that rolled through on Tuesday night. Here is his post from today in is entirety.
This will stay at the top of the page for a while.
The comment is from Monkeyfister.

I deeply appreciate the fast response from SO many of you wonderful souls.

Here's what I sent out...
Whilst we're waiting for George's Promised Prayers to roll in, down here in the Tornado-Stricken Mid-South, I might recommend some DIRECT HUMAN INTERACTION.

This Is My Best First Start To Help My Region.

As Scout Prime is to NOLA, I am, suddenly, to the Mid-South area (I LIVE here, and was Live-Blogging these horrible storms all night), and have started to get the help-ball rolling down here. Some of you know where I work. I started a Food Drive there today for the Mid-South United Way Food Bank.

As the area affected is so broad and detached, and everyone in the Country was distracted by politics last night, as yet, there is no central assistance hub set-up. So, at the link, above, you'll find the two agencies with the broadest radius to help the area right now. Both take DIRECT donations.

A small-blog swarm on that post (or this comment) would be greatly appreciated by more people than just me. I can't describe how wide-spread the damage is down here. It's enormous. The Media, per usual, is only just now waking up to the situation, after their Super-Duper-Let's-All-Wet-Our-Pants-Together- Tuesday Political Hangover. Like NOLA, these are REALLY poor folks down here, and have nothing, and nowhere to go.

A short post about this at YOUR Blog, linking either to my post, above, or directly to the two Orgs mentioned in the post above, would sure be a big help, and would be greatly appreciated by many people who are relying on help. They are all that we have right now.

I just donated a deer's worth of ground venison, along with the 100 pounds of rice and quart-sized ziplock bags that they said that they needed at the United Way Mid-South Food Bank, when I phoned them this morning. Their pantry is BARE, and I'll be loading them up with all the potatoes, rice, veggies, bags, and other staples that I can fit in my truck tomorrow.

This is serious Red State country, and a flood of help from the DFH Left would REALLY make a big difference in a number of good ways.

I thank you all in advance.

Click Here for more about what's going on down here. It's all that I am writing about right now. Help is needed.

Your humble peer,

Use any bit or piece, or as much of any of this blog that you need in your post. If you're not already on my Blogroll, let me know that you're helping out, and I'll link you up immediately.

Thank you to Pygalgia, Hoffmania!, and those wonderful Scrutiny Hooligans who were practically posting while I was typing to them. Excellent Bloggers, excellent Human Beings.

Thank you to Digby and Crooks & Liars, The Newshoggers, and fellow Memphian-- LeftWingCracker for hearing my pleas.

Diane has posted this plea to the Blogs/Media section of The Raw Story, and Will at Moue Magazine posted a very nice piece. So di Susie Madrak at Suburban Guerrilla.Bless you all!

A special thank you to Scout Prime at First Draft. Scout has done so much for keeping awareness of the Katrina devastation alive.

skippy, you wonderful bush kangaroo-- not only do you rule blogtopia (y,yctp!), but, you also rock my world! And another thank you to Cernig for putting out the alerts.

Petulant, one of the citizens of Shakesville, most fine post!

Well. I do owe a special shout out to Thers at Whiskey Fire for putting up a short piece at Eschaton. Deeply appreciated, Buddy! Cheers!

Take a slap at the chimp and the shooter.

Made it real easy to contact a government with actual balls that may issue arrest warrants for the leaders of this murderous pack of killer wolves. Cheney is the alpha mutt and Bush is what he is the runt of the fucking litter. Surprised that the town has received just 7000 e-mails. Initially town employees feared for their safety and have a good idea of what they are feeling. Likely those senders were wearing white sheets as they typed their hateful Bush supporter hate mail. Show them some support if you can spread it around and maybe this can happen. Put those sonsofbitches so far back in the slammer they have to pipe them the fucking food!

Annette L. Cappy, Town Clerk, Brattleboro,VT, acappy@brattleboro.org


Politics: FISA and You

Courtesy of The Political Cat

Do you ever wonder if the telcos handed your phone records and other information to which they might have had access, to the spy agencies? Sure, you do. You and most other Americans probably have a low-level stress alert set on FISA, because we know damned well those bastards have been spying on all of us since March of 2001. For the date- or history-impaired, that would be six months before the incidents of 11th September.

The FISA votes have been wending their constipated way through the Legislature for years now. A little movement here, a little squeeze there, while we all sit and fume and wonder what the fuckers are up to now.

AP tells us that the Chimperor is determined that telcos will have immunity for their illegal acts in aiding spying on American citizens. One way he's doing this is to order his rage of hunchmen (yes, Frank Zappa coined that phrase) to do everything they can to delay the so-called "stimulus" package in return for FISA concessions. This will make it look as though the Democrats in the Legislature are failing to give money to the suffering masses.

First off, the chutzpah of this boondoggle just fucking blows our socks off here at La Casa de Los Gatos. Even the gatos' tiny white socks have been blasted to various corners of the universe by this unholy level of total fucking cheek.

What they're trying to do, the Republican legislators and the Chimpidiots, is ensure that you can never find out whether you were spied on. No, really. If these telco pigs get their proposed "immunity," you can't force them to disclose whether they handed your records to anybody. They're immune from prosecution.

This also means you can't find out whether any other shenanigans were going on - you know, like, did the Misadministration funnel millions in taxpayer money to the telcos specifically for acts that violate the FISA laws or the constitution? Did they encourage violation of the constitution by, say, tapping the phones of attorneys talking to clients (that is ANY attorney talking to ANY client, like, oh, your divorce lawyer, or your spouse's patent lawyer; your bankruptcy lawyer - lots of potential for ugly right here).

Did they hand over for future use to intelligence agencies damaging information gleaned from illegal surveillance - like, were you, an elected official, bopping your boyfriend on the taxpayers' time? Or were you, a person with hopes of running for office someday, exchanging incriminating communications with your homo-, bi-, or generally queer-sexual partner or fling? Or a Young Republican engaging in sexual shenanigans of which your church, family, community, and state would thoroughly disapprove?

If Darth and Idiot Boy get telco immunity, you're screwed - we're all screwed. We won't be able to find out what they've got on us, when they started collecting it, what laws they violated - we probably won't even be able to get them to stop, or to turn over the information (not that that would do much good. That which has been seen cannot be unseen).

Already, our slimy AG, Michael Mucousy, has sent a letter to Harry Reid warning of the proposed veto.

In ten days' time the current FISA law will expire. Thus, the Republicans and the Misadministration are going all-out to ensure that the version that passes will protect their good buddies at the telcos, and, incidentally, screw the people. We're only good for paying taxes and working and spending to keep the economy going so these crooks and liars can spend our money making themselves and their friends rich.

If not for Senator Chris Dodd, we'd already be screwed.

So hie thee over to McJoan's excellent post on who you need to call and what you need to tell them. Because if you don't pressure your whiny sad-assed legislators to protect you, you better start purchasing lube by the gallon.

Oh, you might want to send these to your legislator. They've long since proved they haven't got any.


Tornadoes rip through South, killing 54
Monkeyfister is having some scary bad ass weather as many are to the south and east as nasty ass killer storms I'm sure are rolling through many states. Tornadoes will kill you so fast and glad we don't get severe weather very often. The sun came out a bit today and did a rather poor video on just how much there is. Over all it must be 4-5 feet everywhere. There will be a long mud season and a massive runoff. March is the snowiest month. We all know about snow slides but did you know this way snow can kill you? Hope all are okay down there but it doesn't look good.

An letter about tree well dangers from todays paper.


It Grows On Trees

Courtesy of Distributorcap. This is too good not to share.

(1952) The Bushes are a typical happy American family trying to live on too little money. Mrs. Laura Bush acquires two mysterious trees that got into a nursery shipment by mistake. Guess what: they turn out to be money trees! After initial problems, Laura decides to spend the money. But there's one logical consequence of money grown on trees that no one's considered.

What the Bushes didn't consider was that the money picked off those trees would crumple and die, since it was really just a living part of the tree. As usual, anything a Bush touches just dies.

And like leaves on those money trees, George Bush picks the Lincolns, Jacksons, Hamiltons and Franklins as quickly as he can. He then spends those precious (and short lived) leaves on projects and programs that do nothing but contribute to health of companies like Bechtel, Halliburton and Blackwater, while marching the American economy to a death by a thousand budget cuts.

Today, the Hemorrhoid disguised as a President released the details of those 3.1 trillion leaves in his (hopefully) final budget. And guess what – there were NO surprises. Can anyone guess what the big winner was? I will give you a hint -- it wasn’t kids, education, energy, health care or the environment. Ok, One more, think five-sided building in Virginia. Think a giant rake.

At least Bush is going green – they didn’t print this piece of garbage on paper – you have to go online and print it out yourself. At least it is a clean budget. The final Bush exercise in creative accounting buys the Pentagon a bigger Hoover vacuum cleaner – we get a dust-free 7.5% increase in military suck for more overblown projects, $400 toilet seats, and of course the endless Iraqi abyss. Remember how ExxonMobil earned revenues of $469 billion in 2007. Ha! that is just a mere bag of shells compared to the US DOD. The Pentagon surpasses that with $515 billion. So not only can the Pentagon buy Belgium, they can get that paradise on the Indus River, Pakistan, as well.

And while the Pentagon gets 7.5% more, the rest of government will just have to go begging for paper clips and limousines. Of course one area that didn’t suffer the Bush chainsaw was combating illegal immigration. That will get an increase of 17 percent. The Energy Department will get $21 billion for nuclear weapons development. Health care for kids through S-CHIP, not one wooden nickel.

To pay for the Pentagon’s largesse, something’s gotta give. Say goodbye to 47 programs in education including the elimination of such “welfare” as encouraging arts in schools, bringing low-income students on trips to Washington and providing mental health services. Also the Decider has decided to eliminate the $283 million (not billion) federal program to help people make their homes more energy efficient and would cut energy aid to poor households by $500 million. Those two programs are less than 1.5% of the Pentagon’s budget. The lower economic rungs of society will just have to get used to being cold while being safe. Of course, they could just buy more Chinese made gloves and hats.

The budget also requests deep cuts in many popular domestic programs such as highway funds and other projects to develop renewable energy sources. It also failed to include any provisions after this year for keeping the incredibly nasty and expensive alternative minimum tax (AMT), originally aimed at the wealthy, from hitting millions of middle-class taxpayers. The AMT is nothing more than a big shell game --- any tax cut you might have saved from Bush gets eaten up by the AMT. What a Robin Hood that Bush is -- robs Peter to pay Halliburton.

And as a final kick-in-the-ass to an aging population, the budget includes $178 billion in cuts to Medicare over the next 5 years.

And under the guise of a policy “why look a gift horse in the mouth” this piece of economic toilet paper fails to include the full costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Mr. Commander Guy knows that the easiest part of his incredibly hard job is to march over to only bank left in the US with easy lending policies -- the Bank of PelosiReid and request the needed Iraq War funds -- outside budgetary approval. After all, CEO Nancy is a girl who just can’t say no!

Remember this word -- surplus [sur-pluhs, -pluh s]. Well Bush got rid of those in 2001, but back in 2004 he “claimed” the deficits would get smaller and return to a suplus before he left office. Well today, the douchebag said the deficit would reach a near-record level of $410 billion for the budget year 2008 and stay at a flat $407 billion for fiscal 2009. That is $817 billion for two years – gee now Mexico can buy us!

"The budget protects America and encourages economic growth. Congress needs to pass it," Bush said after meeting with his Cabinet. Bush also said despite the worsening near-term deficit, it would still be possible to balance the budget by 2012, while making permanent tax cuts he made in 2001 and 2003. What Bush failed to say is that he literally passing this economic time bomb to the next president, who will have to deal with the repercussions of such disastrous management.

So we have an increase in governmental spending, by deficit financing and lower governmental revenues by cutting taxes --- I am no economist, but is there something fundamentally ass-backward with this logic?

Bush’s 8 years of budgets have been nothing other that one giant earmark for his friends. The national debt (which for the most part is being financed by those purveyors of poison pet food and toys – China) has increase by nearly 2/3 to over $9 trillion from January 2001. The dollar is worthless abroad. Oil is nearing $100 barrel, gold $1000/ounce. Who's better off now than back in 2008. The CEOs of failed banks are.

While the usual Republican lemmings welcomed the budget (they would welcome the budget even if it meant they would have to be castrated), New Hampshire Sen. Judd Gregg, the senior Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, showed he was somewhat willing to keep his balls, by saying “it lacked credibility.”

"This budget must have been viewed by them more as an academic exercise than a serious exercise because it's not a serious budget," Gregg told Reuters in an interview. "There are even more games than usual."

The bigger deficits, caused by a combination of weakening revenues and soaring costs in Iraq, would reverse a trend of the past three years in which annual deficits declined. I guess the Chimpinator figures since he is leaving he might as well go out with one helluva party.

Let’s not forget the Pelosi-Boner $150 billion stimulus package of tax rebates to jolt the economy will also add to the deficit. You want job security in these times of troubles --- become a manufacturer of money presses. But I would bet my entire stimulus check those machines are ALL made in China.


The Political Cat sharin da luv

In the spirit of BAD many new friends have been made all over the place and one of mine is ThePoliticalCat who was kind enough to put a post of mine at the top of the page today plus a link as there is a link here to the Cat. Make a point to visit as it's worth it. There are a number of new links here that will continue to be expanded. There's so many small sites that have content that puts the big boys to shame indeed! The media whores are bit players in this game of truth that's for damn sure.

Just saw another of the same from Monkeyfister who probably has had associations with cornfields. Thank you Mr. Fister! Coming back at ya guys.

9 Iraqi civilians accidentally killed

"The U.S. military said Monday that it had accidentally killed nine Iraqi civilians during an operation targeting al-Qaida in Iraq — the deadliest known case of mistaken identity in recent months"

Fucking a right! Just an accident. So that makes it all otay and after they investigate they will let all know the truth. After all we're fighting al-Qaida member that? When I heard the phrase "I am a human being" for the first time over 30 years ago it struck me as odd but I was fresh outta of that cornfield and didn't have a clue. I feel for this country and the people in Iraq as they deserved none of this. The neo-murderers and the monkey are to blame and I despise them with all my being. Sonsofbitches!

Farther up it goes

Tiger Woods [krobo+dipo.jpg]
Tiger Woods trailed by four shots coming into Sunday's final round. No matter. The world's No. 1 player just went out and fired a final-round 65 to win by a shot at the Dubai Desert Classic.

This young man has a bit of maturing to do on the course but he has enough class to brush this off. You can damn well bet this incident will only make him better because if the truth be known he does want to shove this noose up many people's asses. Two in a row. Keep kicking ass Tigger! Did I say he likes to fish?


A good day on the Internets

It's good because skippy and others plus even more are linking to each other and sharing the common themes many have. The bigger including the little guys such as myself. Individually and as a collective the whole truth and the rest of the story has been and will continue to be told on this medium. Jon Swift has been a major player in this too. I find reading the little guys more entertaining and just about as informative. Our opinions have more credibility than the whores in the media because of just that. They sold their sorry worn out asses long ago and look where the fuck we are now. Pounding out our frustrations because these bastards do not have a goddamn ounce of integrity left in them anywhere to tell the truth. I gotta get busy with my link list and hope you do the same and encourage any who visit here to start your own blog if you do not have one and become part of this important and crazy world of the internets.

Take a bit of a trip.

west africa wins always is a site I recently found written by Pauline who lives in Abidjan. This girl has the ability with a bit of imagination to take you into the world of what is West Africa along with great photos. This goes on my links list too because it's just good reading. Put "Where the hell is Matt" here once again as it's fun and both Matt and Pauline remind me so much how I wish to travel and revisit the tropics someplace as it's been so very long. The travel plans for me are driving back to the cornfield in the middle of a harsh winter to spend time with my Dad who at 88 is struggling. I'm glad I can do that.


Marching Democracy

Baghdad bombs kill at least 64. We can not imagine what life must be like in this county. We are responsible for this but more importantly it is the killer chimp and the neo-thugs who are the real dealers in death. This will never change never! They hate us and will always hate us and it is not insurgents it is Iraqi's doing this and we are the cause. All for goddamn lies. These low lifes and media can spew bull shit all day long about progress in this country we occupy and it is just that-bull shit. This is so fucking disgusting!!! And now this idiot wants to cut billions from health programs so he can have plenty to kill at will in Iraq.
Make that at least 73 dead as we march Iraq along the road to democracy. Bastards! Make it an even 100. Sonsofbitches

Meet the Present Day Dr. Strangelove

An analogy that hits home hard. You would think our society would have progressed away from continual war but the reality is the opposite. Will we be lied into yet another conflict the benefits only the corporations that profit grotesquely from such? Our leaders love war as it's the contributions from those same corporations that get them reelected. Sonsofbitches!