I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


A State Sues To Protect The Oil Industry Instead Of It's Own Citizens

Did a double take here this morning but it's true. In Colorado up in Longmont. Municipalities trying to protect their citizens and town from devastating effects that can happen from drilling. This is crazy shit!

Enough - I'm going up to Pueblo for a 284 breakfast and a long ride on smooth surfaces for a change. That and lunch maybe at the Chinese joint that has some Vietnamese dishes as well, food shopping and maybe the zoo. Been sticking very close to home and even though these things have been done more than once it's still fun for me. Have a good one!


Hard To Swallow

This story looks like it may be one of the bigger ones today. It's all about da drones. Merca's drones and and what's involved,those who fly them,how we need 300 more pilots, on and on. I could not continue reading about the "good reasons" as this piece is pure propaganda and don't give a shit either about the "pilots"  who feel so badly about killing a child.

Pardon me but I must be all fucked up. Normal people don't do shit like this. I will be a very proud American when this ends not until then.

Few can fucking get it.



What Will Be Left

And also whose table we will be on. Some think we as a species and as a planet are/will come to an end. Their is debate of course on when this will happen. Sooner or later take your choice it isn't worth arguing about. No one knows so that makes this opinion just as valid as anyone's.

I think the earth is past the tipping point and humans cannot sustain themselves at this level given the circumstances we have now.

Whether you agree or not one thing is for certain - when humans start dropping these fellows will be there to play their part in the worlds ever changing ecology.  

There are three pictures here in an attempt to show the size. These don't seem to get much bigger and there are not great numbers like some of the others. Notice the undeveloped wings. This is not quite two inches long and comes in one other color I've seen which is a reddish orange.

 Clicking on the pictures makes them bigger twice.

This is something else though. Gross out city I tell you. A mature Mormon cricket. When small they easily pass for a grasshopper. This is actually the first time I've seen some this big.

The other day went out to the same place I saw this one and did not see any large ones. Yesterday I saw several about half the size and they were much darker in color. They did not survive and what was left was dark as well. The one below was about 2.5" and just plain huge. They get get up to 3" in length and can and have cause devastating infestations. I hate to imagine what that would be like.

Not sure where this guy is headed whether it's mature or what have you. This is where the brighter colors are these days is on the ground. Time for breakfast.
This will be cross posted at the picture place.


U.S. Rep. Dave Camp - One Of The Privileged Will Live

Good for him and his family.

This article misses some huge things of course. Like the word insurance and the fact he's got the best and works overtime hard to deny us any part of the same.

Make no mistake about it this prick does not have a problem with you or any others dieing from the very same if you do not have health insurance.

Camp had this to say and who would expect anything less from from these people. What a piece of shit!

The American people know that like a tree that is rotten at the center, we must cut it down and put something new in its place. That is what we are doing today – cutting the government out of the waiting room, out of the doctor’s office and out of your medicine cabinet. Once we have done that, we will begin tomorrow, to implement step-by-step, common sense reforms that actually lower the cost of health care and actually respect the patient-doctor relationship.


The Sackless IRS

For sometime it has been my hope the IRS would step in and do its job in respect to religion and their institutions participating in politics. One bunch of believers is even challenging them to do it so they can take the case to court and get the green light for total involvement in the political process. That won't be needed - why?

Go check it out for yourself.  LINK

They have done nothing the IRS. They are not going to do a fucking thing ever! They are not going to pursue the obvious law breakers but will make sure you and I pay every penny. If you hoped like myself that there could be some accountability for we the people who know and understand how negative the integration of religion into politics has been like myself quit hoping. All the hoping will not make this or many of the other things we need happen.

In this country in the last 10-15 years hoping for the good to come around more often than not is just another disappointment as the crazy bastards on the right wrapped in the flag carrying bibles and guns continue to get the upper hand on Reality. It sucks and it's a fact!


They're Coming Again

Always the fear factor but there is an answer!

The terrorist organization that was once the scourge of the U.S. occupation in Iraq and likely is responsible for more than 100 deaths in the country over the past few days has set its sights on launching attacks inside the United States, intelligence officials said.

Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2012/07/25/157734/congress-told-of-growing-threat.html#storylink=cpy

That answer is you hold the bush bastards accountable for their treason. They are the reason for all the deaths in Iraq and others in the area. Most of those were and continue to be innocents just like in "Saudi Aurora". For those of you unaware Saudi Aurora is a common term for Aurora used for decades.

Just for a second imagine all those feelings generated by that incident by say a factor of at least a 1000 (correction - make that 10,000) or so and put yourself in their shoes "over there".

Not many get it. Not even close!


Poll Results On Tattoos

Pretty straight forward. Seven people say they have none. I was one of those. One said they have just one indiscreet little one. Onother who didn't get to vote but wrote said and I think told me they had two. Those two are female.

What can be learned from this?? Absolutely nothing.

I see so many tattoo's and it seems . . . well different and think sometimes why did you go do that. Just saying here now so don't anybody get pissed off but I think one big reason is people want you to look at their tattoo instead of the other/them.

In the spirit of kinder and gentler in fairness it needs to be said - that when these very same people look at moi they're saying to themselves "That guy needs a "too" bad!".

3-6 Is Not Enough

That's years for assisting in the coverup of pedophile priests. Take  statues down in parishes raper priests did their deeds to remind all  that their leader of the pack Benny the Rat still allows this to go on.

That by not demanding Benny make the changes needed they themselves condone what still goes on with these men dressed in black robes.

I have never heard a person who calls themselves catholic express outrage at these ongoing crimes against children.

There is no being nice in any way when it comes to this issue.


Double Eagle Reality

One of the ways to become a better golfer is being able to admit to your shittyness. Especially after accomplishing something more than just huge.

A few years ago now made a curling 12-14 footer on the front nine for a par 36.  I knew my shittyness would be waiting on the back. I left to enjoy that first and only time feeling of parring nine holes of golf. I enjoy it to this day but it wouldn't be as much if there was a 48 or a 52 tacked on to that. That's what happens when you're a shitty golfer.

Good on this guy - yes!

Ouchy WA WA

No shit Cisco.

"I heard wails of pain, screams of agony,"

I bet they did. What the hell did you think was going to happen? In the other life I could toss around in my hands pretty damn hot pieces of metal without getting burnt. That was because they were tough from years of work and not from a keyboard.

People can't think on their own. They want to believe sooo badly. No amount of motivation by the likes of someone such as this Robbins fellow would ever convince this guy his lily white and sensitive feet could ever withstand a walk on hot coals.


This Oughtta Learn Him

You betcha! Many have been screwed by mandatory sentencing laws and not saying this guy was. They do have their place but common sense needs to be part of the process which many badges/prosecutors do not have.


Trial Time

Let's bring it on. It appears there is enough evidence already for the prosecution to present their case and get a conviction.

I do not believe for a second the founding fathers envisioned these mass killing scenarios perpetrated by one person or possibly with an accomplice. 

This country kills citizens deemed dangerous by one man without due process and hardly a voice is raised.

The defense will have their chance to present their side of what and why this man needed to kill and maim as he did.

A jury of his peers will determine whether his defense is enough to find him innocent or guilty at some level.

If it's a guilty verdict the punishment will be metered out accordingly.

From my perspective with horror stories like this one in Aurora I believe fast tracking these cases is important for obvious reasons at least for me.

Don't give a shit one iota about this killer - what his momma thinks or how smart or nice he was or what have you. Can the prosecution prove beyond a shadow of doubt this man was the shooter.

If so trial time.

Two things - there can be a very quick trial without the defendants rights being violated. By swift but fair justice these wannabe killers or newbie wannabe mass killers will learn they will not be in the limelight for very long at all - if they are guilty of mass murder.

It is and can be that simple and it should be so those touched by this can move on with their lives without continual bullshit from Big Whore Media that for the most part will not add much to the discussion than what is already known.


"Leave Goat Man Alone"

There's someone out there in Utah in the middle of nowhere who has his own goat agenda of some sort. It is completely unclear what that might be but there must be worry involved.

This is actually kinda funny.


Many Questions Will Be Asked

A bit ago looked at the "news" out of Aurora. Big Whore Media will be all over this endlessly with their drivel of how and why asking the same stupid ass questions that do nothing but promote their own agenda of peddling their bull shit without an attempt of any opinion or possible remedy's of this tragedy.

I will throw a couple whys out there and it ain't pretty but when you get squat from most everywhere else something is better than you get from the Big Whores.

This country has severe societal problems that cannot be fixed.

These issues (if you do not have a clue about what they would be then move on outta here because you are in the wrong place) are  part of the result of corporations and their profit margins that must be met at all cost.

The marketing aspect and how it has changed in a huge way values we once had. Tennis shoes and phone more important than education for instance.

The integration of religion into government with the nonsensical rhetoric used as fact in discussions that need reality based conversations to implement positive change.

Big Whore media who uses yours and my airwaves was to educate as part of that deal as well. The 1% own that and they do nothing for our society but propagandize the issues for their benefit.

Why oh why will be the cry. We are in deep deep shit people and very few have a clue.

What's just as sad about this is there is worse coming down the tube.


Back In The Saddle Again

It's already forgotten about. There was some punishment and eight were forced to resign. This is what these people do and when you carry a gun and have the mentality these men in this instance - people whether they are prostitutes or what have you get treated like shit.

I have had a personal experience with a FBI agent and his attempt at being a total intimidating threatening horses ass did not work on me because I had done nothing wrong but being what he was it was important he come across as a prick which he did and which he was.

There are a couple other stories from about the same time and same area from years ago that are similar. You can bet these people are back doing the samo before they got called out for being cheap asses.


Throw These Thugs Out

Do it before they kill or maim somebody because they are stupid and strong and don't care about others. $7,500 bond for intimidating another with a weapon when you are worth millions probably.

Corporate money/corporate influence in sports has been a huge negative on our society except for the 1%.

The pos in question -


Is This The Year

It's always about the money!

Not many can get it. The year there is no corn or been crop. The numbers aren't good right now.

Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2012/07/10/155668/midwest-drought-may-spark-food.html#storylink=cpy

A common point of articles about Climate Change was the scientists continually "under estimated" the rate of change they were studying. That always stood out.

Talk about the money all ya want but what will you talk about when it doesn't rain next year or doesn't snow in the Rockies again this winter.

I don't give a shit what anybody says. That scenario is on the table for sure. I hope there is decent harvest and it very well may come about. There have been several close calls in recent years.

Eventually there will not be a harvest in the Corn Belt. That will be a monster negative event with world wide consequences. Like the ranger said to me recently at Sand Creek "We're in the 14th year of drought".   


Please Pay Attention

Bad shit happens that is just part of life. But some of the bad doesn't always have to. Like the cell phone deaths recently. The "golfer" whose ball stuck and killed a maintenance worker that was called an accident. And now this. 

On top of that initially someone took this kid away and an adult said he was driving. What in the hell are people thinking. My heart goes out to these families.

For instance with golf or a ball game of some sort if you are in the area and in this case a ball is about to be put in play you need to be aware of that and not - repeat not take your eye off of it until it's out of play.

I'm not saying these two ladies didn't see this coming but what I am saying is that be aware of what's going on around you in situations like this.

I trust no one on any road and try to see every car around me. I try the best as I can to not be the cause of a bad accident because of reasons like this. It's like a ball in play in that you dare not take your eye off it. We all do but it has to be at the right time.


Getting Away With Murder

Possibly anyway. The linked to story is from a local paper. Started reading and it got better but worse of course as it went along. This is a script out most shitty movies made in Hollywood. Glad it's not me. We could have done better.  Link


Mitt May Pick A Killer

Condoleezza Rice (the last time that name is used) aka Kinda Sleazy as she is known here probably will be the center of attention again.

I despised and still do how media distorts her name and uses Condi which implies some sort of association. It comes across to me as one of friendship and goodness if that makes any sense. It's more of a positive name than a negative not that her proper name is a bad one. It's actually very interesting but it is her name. It's wrong and creates a false impression of this person

Make no mistake about it! This women is a war criminal and committed treason along with all of the rest of the bushes. She was one of top liars on WMD's and Iraq.

Again OTC will never assist in the rewriting of history and those involved who took us to war on a "pack of lies" in Iraq.

Kinda Sleazy has not been treated well here but none of these people ever will be.

We are and will continue to pay the price for their treason.

She will be loved by many.


No It Is Not A Miracle

It's their state. It's their newspaper. It's their belief. It gets old seeing this word thrown around so easily.

"Miracles do happen," said West Jordan Police Chief Douglas Diamond. "I'm not going to say it's not divine intervention. I myself believe it is divine intervention."

Chief Diamond goes on to say.
"He has that sixth sense that a lot of cops have" 

These people themselves every one of them are the very ones making a mockery of this tragic event in that there was a "miracle" that happened here in finding this murderer.

A more fitting "miracle" would have been saving this little girls life.


Nascarions Continue To Cry In Their Warm Beer

UPDATE - Just saw this-NASCAR-military tradition faces congresswoman's effort to cut sponsorships

From over four years ago this post went up here on the dwindling money train from Detroit to oval tracks of car racing mainly in the south. The dismal numbers continue to decline. Hey it's Daytona!

No shit Cisco! I say even rednecks are tired of it. The economy is a factor sure but I say there is a more important reason - IT'S BORING!

It boring because of corporate influence it's just that simple. Boring because these cars have been made so equal most of the time it's just pack racing. They have turned these events into something resembling Pro Wrestling and we all know who loves to watch that. Even that hasn't helped the numbers. Since the demise of the driver of car #3 with many changes made the sport has gone downhill quickly.

Even if their god had a team he wouldn't be able to make a pass without a push from behind and I don't give a shit what anyone says that ain't racing.


Three Gored @ Pamplona

Seriously who gives a shit and after years of seeing this nonsense it ceases being "news."  What Merca wants.


What 284 Gets You

That's $2.84 including tax. One biscuit with a bit of a human touch with the gravy - six thin very tasty strips of bacon that you can chew and chew and some real decent hot chocolate.

I got this thing about biscuits and gravy and bacon for that matter as well. Most of the time b&g are a disappointment just like Chinese chop.

This gets a 9 outta ten overall because it's just plain good. Factor in the cost and it becomes a 10+.

I don't care about sports much but did look at the baseball stats and I see the rocks are in the shitter - deep in the shitter.


You Gotta Be Kidding But They're Not

I don't need this crap right outta the box early in the morning. These rich fucks are serious too and trust me if they could they would squeeze you for what they think is your share if they had a chance. Why - because this is what rich pricks do sitting around jerking each other off. Crap like this pisses me off and there is no being nicey nicey when it comes to pure fuckery like this.

My comment and it deserved much more than what I gave and my hope is that I pissed many off -

Is this what wealthy people do with their time? Seriously this is considered news?

I have many better ideas than these wealthy people.

Rather than paying your way out of their guilt feelings why don't you work within the system and get the draft reinstated for your Empire's wars and change it so those in DC who are elected children go first.

Then change the tax codes so the rich and corporations pay their fair share like the rest of America does.

Besides that there are many of us who have been supporters of our troops long before you got on the bandwagon wanting to find a way to ease what ever nonsense feelings you rich people think you have concerning these men and women.

For example-
I supported them by not wanting them sent to Iraq to die for lies of the bush killers and the 1% who live here and profiteer from war. I supported and still do support them by wanting them home all these years from Iraq and Afghanistan.

I find the premise totally disgusting in the sense these well to do people are so willing to pay up and want others with children who did not serve the Empire with a gun in their hand to if they had their way to have to pay as well.

Disgusting - totally disgusting.

Mercun wealthy Taliban in action.


This 4th of July

Shoot 'em if you got them and can do so. Every one of them the bigger the better.

B b b b but please be wise and don't start any fires.

Here is a short fireworks finale video from da boat in '09 where this year there will be none of that or the balloon rodeo this weekend.


They Say They Will Be Good Guys - My Ass

No linky to this because it's pure bull shit but this is "news" here. The idea that the manufacturers of these machines say the people who buy them will not use them in the wrong way because of the recommendations that are included in the instructions that come with these grown up toys ya see. Give me a fucking break!

The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International said Monday that the recommendations for "safe, non-intrusive operation" are meant to guide operators and reassure a public leery of the possibility of spy drones flying undetected over their homes.


One A Day

And we're not talking aspirin. Fact of the matter is like most things cept for bamacare the reality is very few give a shit that these men and women are dieing every day.

Besides that I thought a bunch were supposed to be leaving soon.

Coalition Military Fatalities By Year and Month



Not A Peep

And we ain't talking baby chickys. bama rolls his goons out to raise havoc with innocent people who went through the democratic process to achieve what "the people" wanted and only squat from those hypocritical dumb ass pricks who hollar about keeping guvmint out of peoples lives.

OUCH!! I just hit myself back to reality because I forget that it's da pot so only the stupid is allowed. I just can't get with the program when it comes to our "WARS".