I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


To Mothers Everywhere

Same as last year and the year before that. The post for this day will never change.

Pauline wrote
I saw 'Je dois tout a ma mère' painted on a taxi bumper today. I owe my mother everything. Mothers are held in high esteem -- a woman who has never borne a child is a disgrace to womanhood. Street boys will say 'la vieille mère' to impart their respect. It took some time getting used to that. Old Mother. What if they tried that in Europe?

That reminded me of the song Sweet Mother below that had the power to literally stop crowds in their tracks to dance if it was played. Mothers are very important in West Africa and Prince Nico hammered the essence of that in the middle 70's.

Oh Sweet Mother I no go forget you oh as I am missing mine just now.

Happy Mother's Day

By Prince Nico Mbarga

Sweet mother I no go forget you
for the suffer wey you suffer for me.
Sweet mother I no go forget you
for the suffer wey you suffer for me.

When I dey cry, my mother go carry me--she go say,
my pikin [1] wetin you dey cry ye, ye,
stop stop, stop stop make you no cry again oh."

When I won sleep, my mother go pet me,
she go lie me well well for bed,
she cover me cloth, sing me to sleep,
"sleep sleep my pikin oh."

When I dey hungry, my mother go run up and down.
she go find me something when I go chop [2] oh.

Sweet mother I no go forget you for the suffer wey you suffer for me

When I dey sick, my mother go cry, cry, cry,
she go say instead when I go die make she die.

O, she go beg God,
"God help me, God help, my pikin oh."

If I no sleep, my mother no go sleep,
if I no chop, my mother no go chop, she no dey tire oh.

Sweet mother I no go forget you,
for the suffer wey you suffer for me.

You fit get another wife, you fit get another husband,
but you fit get another mother? No!

And if I forget you, therefore I forget my life and the air I breathe.

And then on to you men, forget, verily, forget your mother,
for if you forget your mother you've lost your life.


One Of The If's Of Packing

Yes I would if I lived in the area and had to be outside or was vulnerable in any way. You don't stand a chance even with a weapon when animals and in this case four are coming hard at you with the intention of hurting you bad and maybe killing you as in this case.

Female jogger 'mauled to death' by four pit bulls in Los Angeles

BTW - I will be in Silver City, NM sometime this morning and I did not bring a gun.


'Miracles Really Do Happen, god Is Good :)'

On one of the three kidnappers Facebook page. I can only imagine what he thinks is a miracle.

He was a "good guy". He was this - he was that. I could care less.

Please can we get this out of the limelight quickly instead of showing the rest of the world just how exceptional we are and how important it is to have a god involved to point us in the right direction.

Meanwhile we have a totally dysfunctional government with many who are in it who believe in miracle's from the same guy the kidnapper does.

This shit ain't right and it's plain to see the god thing doesn't cut it. I share in the happiness of these girls. It's ended and they survived. That looks huge right now from here anyway.



How many of the gun people who are in fear of losing "something" are TBaggers.

How many attending the convention this weekend are from the right and how many are on the left. 

How many are there like myself who have guns but do not ponder "losing" them or something else for even a second. 

Whether it is this issue or any of the other biggies this country is so divided it in many ways is war like with rhetoric to match and actions that identify with it.

There is no changing of minds either. We are in it now for the duration along with a government that is just as incapable of any intelligent dialog.

Answers? Sure just like you have. So what. Who listens anyway. Oh - "you're so negative".  Give it a break it's called Reality and it sure sucks these days.


Just Another #

I wonder what the parents think about these deaths and if any express those thoughts to the rest of the public. Their own and the others that died the same month in Afghanistan. 
Then the recent plane crash that killed a bunch of contractors. Sure get to see their faces a bunch. Not much is said these days about contractors and how many there are and what they do.

Few give a shit and those that do are not listened to.