I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Statement From Veterans For Peace

                                        "THERE IS ONE THING STRONGER

                                    THAN ALL THE ARMIES IN THE WORLD:

                              AND THAT IS AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME." 

The rest

What The SOS Really Means

Is just about this. Kinda like the repugs who have their hidden meanings as our side does except theirs are so much worse.

H/T DDurito

Achtung Achtung It's A DEA Warning

Yup there's a run on bath salts and people are getting high --- I mean sick it seems.

Yup and you can legislate any and everything but it don't mean squat as people will find another substance to get loaded on it's just the way it is.

These dumb shits here in this case want to ingest bath salts in various ways knock yourself out. After all who am I to take your freedom away to do so and to prove to all just how stupid you are.


I'll Take El Baradei

You betcha! Over almost every politician in this country.

From Democracy Now 3/10/2003 he slaps the lies for war from the bush regime with a vengeance never seem from big whore media in this country.

As a co-owner of the Nobel Peace Prize he was not out spreading WMD's around  unlike our prez who had just escalated his war in Afghanistan when he got his medal.

I have always admired this man for telling the truth. I hope that has not changed and have no idea how Egypt will turn out but I'm glad this man is there. 


Mountain Lions and Coincidence

I wish I could say I saw me some mountain cats but I did not. On the way out of town to find another color besides white ran across an excellent good friends truck as it's not hard to miss and figured she was very close by. She was.

Was instructed to look for cat tracks. OK.

Returning to my car after a short hike there was a jeep parked to the right of mine in this picture. A local fellow was in there looking around with some binocs. Turns out he does the very same thing I do in the Vail valley and that we have a couple of the same friends and several acquaintances as well. We talked ----and we talked and talked some more. Spanish and Navajo relatives in his family. We both had a lot of fun and hope we meet again.

I stop at this spot every once in a while. He pulled up there to look at the rock ledge that the arrow points to because that's where mountain lions like to hang out. I will be looking from now on as I have never see one of these animals.

It may not be much folks but I can't tell you how big a kick I get outta shit like this.

Ivory Coast Update

Ivory Coast’s incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo ordered the closely held electricity monopoly to cut power to some parts in the north, where his rival Alassane Ouattara drew the bulk of his support in the November election.  LINK

This will not help matters at all. Certainly do not have a clue where this will end but you can bet every penny that for the "big men"  in Abidjan and else where around the country life is sweet.

We Get Lip Service Plus Fines And Incarceration

A couple bloggers I have ran across have  written this is a big step when bama said it was "entirely legitimate" to debate if the U.S. war on drugs was working. Really?

He also said.

Now I don't know what the rest of you think but I call this the samo type of lip service. A distraction that implies that someone will move forward with the beginnings of a dialog about making changes on our third war front. A ploy to distract and all of a sudden a year or two has gone by and nothing has changed. It's Lucy again and again.

But most important bama said this. "I am not in favor of legalization" Business as usual. Fuck bama-fuck the dims and the repugs and every other single person who makes the choice to continue on the same path we have been on for decades.

Nothing is changing except for this countries shift to the far right and it's continued love affair with wars,killing and incarceration of those who don't want to get along exactly the way you're supposed to even though they bring not one bit of harm to others in our society.


Talk About Unhappy

Beginning this fall, most elementary schools in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles will add 20 days to their schedules, making their school year one of the longest in the United States.

Poor kids look at 'em. One is wiping away a tear and there isn't a smile amongst them. 20 more days of mind fuckery. There needs to be a law.

Take a look at the robe on the left eyeball'in his next target. Sick fuckers.

Will The Queen Of Idiots Still Be Loved After This

I understand it's a major toss up between Bachmann and Palmer who's the simplest bitch of all but this could be a deciding factor.

Will the repugs go along with not supporting the troops in our countries attempt to win our three wars against terror and pot? Take benefits away from veterans and since Amerika loves this insane bitch wannabe future killers will continue to flock to recruiting centers to sign up. Yea that must be it and get the budget balanced at the same time.


Drug Warriors Win Big At The Border

This is what you get with billions of dollars of our money.

National Guard troops operating a remote video surveillance system at the Naco Border Patrol Station say they observed several people preparing a catapult and launching packages over the International Border fence last Friday evening.

Two kilos at a time enough to warp the minds of hundreds of grade school Amerikan childruns. I'm sure the badges are patting themselves on the back. The Mexicans chased them away but couldn't catch anyone.


Colorado Racists Wannabe Like Aryzona Bigots

And pass a law like SB1070 that cost that state dearly. One of them here is HB 1170 ya see but it's not the same. Oh hell no.

Another repug slug Sen. Kent Lambert, R-Colorado Springs, introduced a short Senate bill that allows police to stop people they suspect are illegal immigrants. Federal courts blocked that part of the law as well.

Back to the samo of "Where are your papers" even though the courts said no. The repugs have a majority in the house so I expect some of these to pass. Where the repug dims are at in the senate on this issue remains to be seen but I expect just about anything.

Are these state Repuglican legislators racist?? You goddamn right they are just like they are everywhere. Palin and the baggers brought that out in them.

Are they stupid?? Hell no they're just Repugs waving flags covered in bull shit!

Arizonans Dumbing Down Even More

That may be a rush to judgment unless Palin's mutt offspring accepts da offer ya see.

Really? That's special and I'm sure she'll bring to the table just the kind of idiocy valley dummys love to hear and be part of. You betcha! Can I hike up my dress and dance for you or can we talk about getting knocked up as I know plenty bout that as well.


Divided Gopper's - Not Hardly

Some repugs are saying showing part or all of her response will indicate the party is divided. Trust me most of the wingers are one in the same as any bagger out there. 

The response in this piece proves to me like never before in their own words baggers and repugs are one in the same and all belong to the same big bigoted happy racist family.

A New Camera

I have been busy figuring out a new Hi-Def video camera the last few days. It was a long process in that it was not the camera but the process needed to be able to process MP4's. Thought I asked all the right questions but---- no. I believe I have it down and will probably keep it. Here is an example that has no redeeming value at all! The sun hardly comes out and white is not the best back round. I cannot wait for other colors instead of white.

Hi-Def add ons were put into Windows Movie Maker to get this done and another positive of that is the pictures are so much better as well. Just as good as looking at them normally. Here is an example of that.


The Trial

Now it begins for our best know killer outside of the chimp and his butt buddies.

The feds have charges and then the state wants to get in on it. What about his mental state and then there's the venue plus any and all other fucking bullshit that will be brought up so the whore legal system can screw the pooch as much as possible.

I want this person afforded a fair trial and I do not believe in the tea nutter way of doing business. In cases like this it's tempting to revert to the old days in Tuscon but we can't go there. Bull shit on taking years as this needs to be expedited starting now.

Yup the country will listen to this nonsense for years and become even dumber-you betcha on that.


A Win For Bob

The corporations did not win here.

That's Bob - Bob Marley here with a freedom song.

Tea Nutters In Tucson Gonna Make The Sheriff Pay

In the minds of crazy stupid bastards it is Sheriff Dupnik's fault Gabrielle Giffords assassination attempt happened by one of their own.

It must be true because they said it. Let's be real clear here that if these gun carrying fucking idiots from Arizona had their way this man would be getting much more than these dumb ass threats in the local fish wrapper.

Thank you Sheriff Dupnik for standing up for all those in this country who do not have a voice against these people who kill and incite others to harm those that don't agree with their deranged version of how life must be in their world of "or else"!


Bachmann Heads South Into The Cornfield To Spread Her Bullshitery

Fact is she's a native Iowan who will appear with a bunch of other crazy's this weekend and will probably announce she too is running for the office of the president of our country. That will be very special and many in the state will bleat with glee at the thought of that. She has many visions - one of which is

One of her lovers of nonsense had this comment under the article proving there is no coming together with these people.

Michelle would be one of a number of EXCELLENT conservative candidates and defeating Hussein Ubama isn't going to be much of a challenge considering how his base has pretty much deserted him. America has firmly and finally rejected liberalism once and for all. Now those who are true Democrats need to rebuild their party by first throwing out those left wing lunatics who stole it from them.

Get used to it because it ain't stopping. Big Whore Media will see to that and besides this is what this country wants.

We are so screwed!

Catholic Robes Who Rape Children Lobby Congress

I don't give a shit but I have a major problem with this. Of course they say nothing about help from the feds to get priests who rape children in god's name behind bars but go on to say how they want dogmatic legislation that will force women to have baby's that are deformed or by choice aborted by the reason or reason deemed necessary by the mother.

Let them lobby all they want but make the price of that stamp hurt a bit after they pay taxes for not adhering to the separation of church and state.

Of course that won't happen cuz this country loves a non-existent sky being toooo much that does not exist who snapped it's fingers and made all that there is in the whole wide open universe.


Some Mentors Quit Over New Pentagon Rules

I am fine with this and give Gates and the Prez thumbs up on instituting this program. Keep all military types out of the Pentagon if they are getting paid as consultants for company's and I don't give a shit if the company they work for makes ass wipe.

Keep This In Mind

When the dims and bama come for our Social Security and make no mistake they are coming. It's hard to say what side the president will come down on but he can make the difference if he chooses to. There are enough repuglicans who say they are dimocraps who will gladly screw you and me when it come to probably the most successful program in the history of this country and will vote to destroy it.

Will this president stick to his words??


Crazy Ass Bigot Rejoins Repug Party

You may have guessed who and you would be right more than likely.

Of course some are saying they don't like this prick and that he's not really a real repug-but they lie like they always do. These fuckers lie at will day in and day out.

It's only a ploy used to make the many stupids who are willing enough to believe that the Republican party is not an extremist organization. It is just that.

Concealed Gun Permit Hours Expanded

That's right folks the sheriffs office can't handle the load of applications back in the cornfield and to serve their gun loving constituents they are keeping their doors open longer. Check these numbers out.

There a gun here right next to my bed in a drawer and it's loaded. It's pretty much unnecessary but it's still there.
Whether I'm here or somewhere else I'm not afraid of bad things happening where a gun might be needed. I don't even take it camping.

It's getting to the point where a gun might be needed to protect yourself from all the dumb bastards that are carrying them concealed to protect themselves from whatever at any time.



Copps Stood Alone

And had this statement about the Comcast and NBC Universal merger.

As usual this patriot tells it like it is.

In 2008 the President said this-
"I strongly favor diversity of ownership of outlets and protection against the excessive concentration of power in the hands of any one corporation, interest or small group. I strongly believe that all citizens should be able to receive information from the broadest range of sources." 

It's a giant fail as usual. It was never going to be anything else and we are going to only get more of it.

Oh you librul's are so angry. No shit Cisco.

Thank you Michael.

Idaho Tried

Everywhere there are people who understand and are aware even in Idaho.

But just outdoors the real face of many in the state showed their true colors so to speak.

Outside, a tea party activist Monday displayed a sketch of President Barack Obama with Nazi swastikas in his eyes.



Maybe He Was Just Pissed Off

From getting shot and believing part of the reason was the hate and hurt the librul's rhetoric from the right ever since the black man won the presidency. Maybe he was annoyed that six people were killed right in front of him and his thoughts flashed back to the times he saw the talking haters say that he and those killed and wounded were the problem and needed to be "taken out". That all those killed and wounded made America much safer as they are the "biggest threat" this country faces ya know.

Well Mr. Fuller I understand and also understand the need to apologize given the circumstances. I hope you and all the others recover physically and mentally from the trauma inflicted on you that is the direct result of the haters on the right. I also hope you never express regret for your statement ever again. Once is plenty!

MLK And My Employer

Don't know about yours but mine it appears could care less about this man and what is supposed to be a national holiday.

Starting today and through Thursday they are holding a conference for managers and superintendents. These guys don't even pay you for holidays like you know the big one - xmas. If you work on that day and other holidays they recognize but don't pay you unless you do work then you get paid double. That does not make the baby jeebus happy.

Does this have anything to do because the business is golf and the headquarters are in Arizona? I'm gonna take it real easy cuz after all it is a holiday that I recognize.

Will our president call out this Pentagon war whore lying bastard that says MLK would condone these two wars for lies we are in if he had not been blown away by a racist sonsofbitch right winger's bullet

I expect he will not and that is unfortunate.


This Is Too Funny

I laughed my ass off. One of Ford's better ideas.

Death Threats My You Know What

In a follow up to a post two below this you can see watch this racist lie through his teeth. Notice his real nice gun and the use of gun talk saying there will be a "shootout" and explains it means nothing. Many do not appreciate the lies he spews about MLK several times a day and he dismisses that as well.

This asshole takes a play right out of the Palin playbook and cries victim saying as she does that there have been ever so many death threats received. Not to say these two were not contacted but our side does not threaten the other with the insinuation that they will be killed. We do not do this this shit and that's a fact.

What do you do when you lie or get caught in a lie and you are disingenuous in the first place? Ah but of course you lie your ass off a bunch more and at every opportunity.

I don't believe this death threat bull shit not even for a little bit because it's just not happening. Have to remember too where the locals are coming from as this guy has been elected to the school board.


Our Favorite Radio Stations Have Bulls Eyes On Them

FM radio stations that I support are very important to me and I'm sure yours are as well. Below are two e-mails the first forwarded to me  from KDNK in Carbondale,Colorado. The second a response to me from the program director over questions over the meaning of the terminology in the first and how they would be affected by defunding. 

I am not a fan of NPR but we're not going there. Many listener supported stations have NPR programs on and I have no issues with that whatsoever. But after reading Luke's response to me on how one of my favorite stations would be affected I ask you to please read this and if can and choose to support this effort for what ever it's worth that would be very nice and I thank you for that now.

Whether it's yours or mine we cannot allow these radio stations to be lost to a totally wrong ideology from the right. Not when we have unlimited funds for war and less everyday for things like this. Yes I do want me some guvment in my life - yes I do.
Thanks again! 
Link to NFCB where you can help and also get widget embed codes

Earlier today I sent an email out to you about the 170 Million Campaign—this is a joint effort to save federal funding for public broadcasting.  Some in the Republican party are framing this move as a way to defund NPR—but if they are successful, ALL OF US WILL BE HURT.  There will be no CPB, which means no CSG, no payments of your SX licensing fees, no royalty payments, no rural bonuses, no special opportunities.  It will mean that Native, Latino and African American consortia will have to find all their funding from other sources.
And if your station doesn’t fall into any of these categories—defunding public broadcasting will mean a severe blow to NFCB.
It is urgent that you get involved and get your listeners involved.  Here again is the website to visit and get information:

Ginny Z. Berson
Vice President and Director of Federation Services
National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB)
510 451-8200 ext. 305

My Question 

If you could please,
What is CPB,CSG,SX licensing fees. Also from the e-mail no royalty payments, no rural bonuses, no special opportunities.
Can you tell me how many of the above apply to KDNK,dollar amounts and just overall how your station will be affected?
I am very curious about this on a local level.

The Response 

CPB is the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the umbrella organization for all public broadcasting in the country (TV and radio). The CPB  funds NPR and also provides funding to stations like KDNK with Community Service grants (CSG). SX (Sound Exchange) refers to the entity that tracks airplay on non-commercial radio for the purpose of paying musical artists for broadcasting their music over the Internet. The CPB pays fees to these artists and their record labels through Sound Exchange for its member affiliates. KDNK could not pay those fees on its own. The financial burden for KDNK and stations like it all over the country is shouldered by the CPB.
Thanks for being interested. If you have any further questions, call me.
Luke Nestler
Music and Program Director
KDNK Community Radio
P.O. Box 1388
76 S. 2nd St.
Carbondale, CO 81623
Phone 970-963-0139/Fax 970-963-0810


Racist/Radio Station Owner/School Board Member Has Gun Permit Taken Away

Look at the hate in this mans eyes and hate he does and more as well. There's so much here it's not easy to get it down in a few words. Here is the link to the article that is short and to the point. He is also a hard core racist. Tea bagger is not mentioned  but you can bet he's there too. He got his concealed weapons permit taken away for threatening a rival. Thank you sheriff for that! From Greely,Colorado and this slug of a human sits on the school board as well and spews lies about MLK on his daily broadcasts.  Here are a few items from the article below and this is not over as he says he's bringing his gun to the board meeting. People like this are so dangerous. Taking his permit away will not stop this type from doing harm but that action once again sheriff is appreciated.

Reese, a member of the Greeley-Evans 6 school board, has for three years aired a recording of a letter that calls Martin Luther King Jr. a sexual degenerate, an anti-American communist and an embezzler. He plays the recording in advance of the MLK holiday.

he threatened a "shootout"

Reese has a concealed-carry permit, but the Weld County Sheriff's Office suspended it Thursday.

As Usual The Little People Suffer

I'm sure it has become very tough for the average Ivorian as the situation there grows worse. You do not read a thing about the US and this issue. At first yes but not now. The link below is from Pauline who writes for Bloomberg and blogs at west africa wins always.

Most people here don't know the names of the states that border their own let alone where and what this issue is about. I post this to raise awareness and hope that some how this can be resolved soon.

Yes there are guns in West Africa but not in the numbers there are here. There is no comparison. If there were as many I can only imagine what it would be like. As a society you do not want the dummies to have guns. There are many dummies here with guns who want to use them and have. Imagine a nightmare!

Ivory Coast’s largest city, Abidjan, was racked for a second day by clashes between supporters of President-elect Alassane Ouattara and security forces loyal to incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo.


Mexican And Try To Make A Difference In Ciudad, Juarez - - -

Well chances are you will be killed. This piece below says this innocent's death had nothing to do with her activism - yea right. But it's all good just another one who can't cross the border and take our freedoms. Another bullet saved to put in the collection plate.

Dead For Nothing

When you see headlines like this you can be pretty sure that the ones killed are ours.

What does this have to do with the latest assassination attempt and killings in Tucson. Everyone died for nothing that's what. The hardcore wingers and nutters don't give a shit about the deaths in Arizona. They act like they do but it's lip service.

Ask them about American deaths on our second war front and they'll tear up and speak of god,country and 911. Biden made it clear they'll be able to feel that way long after we said we'd be gone.

Our country loves killing far too much and is dysfunctional for damn sure.


This Says It All

What's happening now with the let's all get along bullshit!

A Must Read From Border Explorer

Thank you Billie for keeping and raising the awareness on this terrorist killer SOB that our government protects while thumbing our nose in the faces of the countries that are trying to bring this man to justice. You are right - this war on terror is a joke. The terrorists we need to worry about are killers like this and our own media deranged citizens.

How I got mixed up with the terrorist Luis Posada Carriles

Keep Your Backs To The Wall Illinois Legislators

I wonder if during the discussion of this bill the reasons why were brought as to what got them to this place. I say this issue faced by most municipalities school districts etc. started about March of 2003.

These G people better be careful as the chances are good there are some that will want to come and take back their freedom.


We Don't Want No Wolves Round These Parts

What can I say I want to see wolves in the wilds here. This happened in Rio Blanco county which is to the west of here where I spent so much time this summer. The land of gas and oil and bunches of rednecks. It's also interesting that the poison used has been banned for 39 years.

2009??? Investigators suspect the wolf ingested the poison near where she was found, near Rio Blanco County Road 60 on April 6, 2009. What the hell took so long!

Will Pilots Ever Learn?

I guess not as another and his passenger lost their lives last weekend trying to cross these mountains pretty much in the same spot this picture was taken with conditions like this. These people were contributors and that makes it worse.


Step Up To The Plate Arizona and Tucson

There are a bunch of humanoid devils headed for Tucson sent by Fred Phelps to protest at the funerals of those killed during the assassination attempt on Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

Here's your chance Arizonans to make a statement to the country that maybe you are something other than what you have been. That at the very least you will not allow people such as this group of haters the likes possibly never seen before to insult in any way the families of those killed and injured.

 I don't care how you do it but keep these bastards away from the families. Can't figure it out find someone smarter than you who can.

I hope you people show up in the tens of thousands to say no to this type of hate and bigotry and also no to the other hate filled people in this country who use fear,intimidation and killings to make their political statement based in part on the advice of powerful people in the media.

There are bills to be paid and you on the right and in the media can start with writing the check for this one.

So Who's Going To Win?

The blame game of course. This morning I expected nothing else other than what I saw at the places visited. No way Jose is it the fault of people on the right. Any number of possibilities but not what we all know is behind the hate we see in this country since Obama was elected.

These people fear Liberals as the "biggest threat" to their "freedom"! Remember the hysteria and it was just that about Obama taking guns away. These dumb fucks believed it because the hate talkers told them to.

Then there's the nonsense about how this tragedy will usher in a new way of doing political business with out the hate from both sides ya see there ya know.

When it come to shaping opinion in this country the left cannot compete at anywhere close to the same level as those on the right. After all they own the media and the radio waves across this country. If it was poker they have 4Kings to our pair of deuces.

In the end there is a distinct possibility this country will think this poor women planned and executed herself for a vendetta against the right. Of course that is very far fetched but remember our old bud Saddam was responsible for 911.

Sorry folks but we will lose this issue as well and the hate will continue because this is where our country is at in these times. We love to hate and kill others who are not like us. It's truly a sad state we are in.

New Blog From A Lost One

My friend Lahru lost his old blog "Anything Adirondack" and has started a new one called Views North From Elba. Wanted to let those who linked to the old site so they can update if they want. That is the shits for sure.

Bring it on Lahru.


Our Side Does Not Kill - Another Two Cents Worth

UPDATE: This post is in reference to U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords

First condolences to every person affected by the slaughter yesterday.

People on the right have said the same but I do not believe many of them. It was not Republicans nor Tea Baggers who were gunned down but people like you and me who think like and have values similar to those who were shot. Big Whore Media will explain this in terms that will continue to fit their agenda.

Having seen baggers and repugs in action in Grand Junction a little over a year ago when bama came to town I was taken back at the level and intensity of hate and anger that permeated from the crowd of flag wearing/waving people screaming their love for my country but not for us on the other side of the street.

There is one major point out of so many that I will use for this tragedy to explain the depths of where these people are at using this assassination as an example. If the accused had similar ideas/values as you and I this would not have happened and that is fair to say as the facts are not in on the rest of his history. I'm sure it will be interesting.

My point is this - the people on hate radio and TV for a long time have branded liberals/liberalism as the greatest threat our country has ever faced. That we are the one thing that threatens all that those on the other side think is good about their country and they are incited in various devious ways and rhetoric to do something about that and they have just like now.

Don't anybody shit yourselves as there are many on the other side of the street that are pleased that this happened and want to see more of the same as it a battle for their FREEDOM you see.

The right cannot win on policy stances alone as they have been proven not to work. To win this ideology has to lie,cheat and steal. If that doesn't work they'll fucking kill you and that's a fact.


Why Do Cops Frame And Kill Innocents

The outgoing guv issued a number of pardons one of them being an innocent young man of 23 with an IQ of 46 put to death by gas here in Colorado 70 years and two days ago. A sheriff from Cheyenne,WY framed this man. The link to this interesting article and the others is here. The store of the frame up is below.

My point here is that just the other day another was released on DNA evidence after spending if I remember correctly several decades in prison. We all know the stories and the numbers. In many of these cases the accused were railroaded into prison with lies and fabrication on the part of the badges and prosecutors.

They were doing the same thing 70 years ago in a case so blatant a guv with balls would call this sonofabitch for a sheriff up in Cheyenne a full fledged murderer. Doesn't make any difference if he's deader than a mackerel.

You fuckers with the badges and the guns stay the hell away from me. I don't trust you any farther than I can see you. And I know for a fact if you were told to by the powers that be, you would turn on "We the People" slicker than snot!

The most dramatic pardon issued Friday was granted fully and unconditionally to Joe Arridy, who was convicted of raping and killing 15-year-old Dorothy Drain in Pueblo in 1936.
Arridy, 23 when he was put to death, seemed to people who met him to have the mind of a child. He spent much of his life in an institution, played with a toy train on death row and smiled as he entered the gas chamber. His request for his last three meals: only ice cream.
"All I can tell you is I'm the happiest man in the world," said author

Robert Perske, 83, of Darien, Conn., who wrote a book about Arridy's case. 

Perske said that the murder weapon, a hatchet, was found in the home of Frank Aguilar, who had been fired by Dorothy's father. Aguilar was identified as the killer by Drain's sister, who survived the attack. He later confessed, claimed he didn't know Arridy and was also executed by the state.
Although Arridy probably wasn't even in the state at the time of the murder, he was framed by famous Cheyenne Sheriff George Carroll, credited for breaking up the Ma Barker gang, Perske said.After Arridy rode a train to Cheyenne while wandering the West and was picked up by deputies who suspected he was an Army deserter, he mentioned he was from Pueblo.

Carroll then got him to confess he alone committed the high-profile murder. When the hatchet was discovered in Aguilar's home, Carroll got him to change his detailed confession to say they committed the crime together. Arridy didn't know what a hatchet was, Perske said.
Ritter noted that currently it's unconstitutional to impose the death penalty on anyone as intellectually disabled as Arridy. 

Perske calls local attorney David A. Martinez a hero for scouring the author's documents to compile a request for Arridy's pardon. "The facts surrounding Mr. Arridy's execution were nothing short of appalling," Ritter said in an executive order. "Pardoning Mr. Arridy cannot undo this tragic event in Colorado history. It is in the interests of justice and simple decency, however, to restore his good name. Granting this pardon demonstrates that Colorado has, in fact, matured in its understanding of mental disability."


Cut's In Defense My Ass

This means nothing and if anyone thinks that in 2015 this will happen chances are you will be WRONG!

To meet Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ objectives, the Army has identified $29 billion in savings over the next five years that will allow the service to preserve its force structure in the near term, according to defense officials. Starting in 2015, the Army will begin to reduce the size of its active-duty force by 27,000 troops. However, until then, it will be able to maintain a force larger than 547,000. Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey announced earlier in the day that the Army is about to finish growing its active-duty force by an additional 22,000 soldiers. The service plans to stay at that level, roughly 569,000 through the end of 2013. Then, the force would begin to come back down to 547,000, he said.

What can be said for a certainty is that 499 of our guys were killed last year and three so far this year.

Another thing that can be said for certain unlike the bull shit above that  means squat our guys will continue to get hammered for years because our county loves blood and guts and more importantly death when it's not our own it's happening to.

Coalition Military Fatalities By Year and Month


Judge Burys His Boot In Free Speeches Ass

I remember this women and had done a post about Carol Kreck two and a half years ago.. The piece this morning a does not tell the whole story and I do not agree. McCain's goons told the pulice to have this women removed from a public place and of course they did. The article is here in it's entirety as it's short. The real explanation is found in the video. The judge could have have found in favor of freedom to express an opinion but of course he ruled in favor of the rich and powerful.

U.S. District Judge Lewis Babcock dismissed Carol Kreck's free-speech lawsuit against the city and county of Denver on Thursday. In 2008, Kreck was escorted out of the galleria outside the Denver Performing Arts Complex and cited for trespassing after a political town-hall meeting where Republican Sen. John McCain was appearing. Kreck was holding a paper sign that read "McCain = Bush." The lawsuit claimed her constitutional rights were violated by the city and Officer Matthew Canino. The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals had previously found in another case that the galleria was not a public forum.That decision led Babcock to find that a reasonable person in the police officer's position may not have known that banning protests during the political town-hall meeting could have violated Kreck's rights. Kreck is a former Denver Post reporter. Felisa Cardona, The Denver Post


In Addition FYI

We all know about this thing with bedbugs and I hate the fear and bull shit card when it gets played - - but this does not sound good. These things are worse than ticks.

What Kind Of Meat Is That

There's a horsey conference in Las Vegas for an interesting reason.

And then there is the why of it and there are many of those.

Once you try it it seems you want more. Personally I'm hungry and wouldn't think twice about haveing a horse steak fresh grilled over mesquite. You betcha-bring it on.


Atheists Get Mad At God - Say What !!??

Surveys and studies about getting mad at the one who is everything there is to be. The one that made all that is around us. The one who is the most wondrous of all. Even though he kills believers loved ones in various nasty ways - anger is present but he is forgiven as he can do no wrong you see. All this sounds peachy if you are into nonsense but this was very special indeed.

What a bunch of bullshit. Like I'm going to get angry at something I never believed in except for the very beginning of childhood when there was nothing else or no other choices. Probably about five the curtain was  raised and showed the charlatans behind the brightly colored robes these men wore. They didn't get me -they never will.

Yea I get mad at these mind screwed types who try to push this nonsense onto me and others. You betcha on that.

It's Better With Music

My partner Phil made a movie as well about our trek back out to the ruin we found years ago. Mine was not so good but the one below is mucho better. At 3min the music starts and it's fun and pretty cool actually - better than us guys yapping. In the future there will be more music with text on the screen.


It's A Win Against War

My thanks to those people at the forefront of the Anti-War Movement some of which have protested for years thanks is not close to being enough.

The statement from the protestors
"This is clearly a victory for opposition to undeclared wars which are illegal under international law, have led to the destruction of societies in Iraq and Afghanistan, bled the US Treasury in a time of recession, and caused human rights violations against civilians and combatants. Many of us will return to Washington, DC, to support an action on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 to protest the continued use of Guantanamo detention facility, including torture of detainees in violation of international law."

Please Please Oh Pretty Please

This really gets to be old shit. We just went through two years of having to endure the same shit with only kicks in the balls as a result and now the last two years start out with the same. Worse than that the dumb ass dims lost the house.

Is there something wrong with our President??

Fuckery the likes and magnitude never seen before begin today in our nations capital.

Accused And Discharged Robe Returned to Priestly Duties

There is not much mercy here at OTC when it comes to priests who rape children and the positions and non action taken by the elevated robes back in Rome. There have been some accusations that date back decades and some of the accused priest have been deceased. I easily can take issues with some of these. I do not trust some of the accusers - I mean look how fucked up they probably are getting mind raped to begin with. This one is a bit different.

Badges did no investigating because of the statue of limitations. And the people cheered.

Archbishop Charles Chaput explained the church panel's decision in a letter read aloud Sunday at the parishes in the metro area where Thompson served. When the letter was read during one Mass on Sunday at St. Thomas More, the congregation burst into applause.

Can't you people understand how bad this looks. This is the very same same thing the church does anyway. Hide and lie and move the rapers somewhere else to continue their dysfunctional ways. As far as I'm concerned there is still a question about this because no outsiders were on the panel.


Run Run It's Coming

Another reason this country is filled with simpleton fuckers because of nonsense such as this below. This doesn't get a link for obvious reasons.

The crazy women is part of a movement of Christians loosely organized by radio broadcasts and websites, independent of churches and convinced by their reading of the Bible that the end of the world will begin on May 21, 2011.

This is not a story but yet it's all over the place. The same article copied and pasted from what looks like the original from the whore AP.

Excuse me so I can begin preparations for the end of life as we know it.

An Excellent Cheap Thrill

I"m into cheap fun and this video is just that. Seriously my knees felt weak and my body queasy the whole way up this thing. Did not watch it again and was glad when it was over. It was fun.

There is a very short plug for the company at the beginning.


It Is A Count Down

It seems like all of a sudden like time has come to make life style changes  - - well because of age. Decisions have been made and the new year is sort of a countdown to October sometime when I plan on quitting work and moving to here.

I've been fairly excited about the prospects but in recent days became nervous as well. Stopping in October so I don't get snowed on in any amount again turning 62 in 3/12.

This is a gamble folks plain and simple and what I want to make of that here are a couple things. First there will be no health insurance for over three years. Many have assumed incorrectly that catastrophic health insurance will be purchased for 500 smacks. That can't happen. I have used my insurance once recently to x-ray my hip joints and I'm good to go forever. Will use it for another procedure soon. The first was a six to eight hundred dollar bill that cost me 20 smacks. At 65 of course socialized medicine kicks in.

 The second is Social Security. That's what I will be living on. The small amount of cash on hand will be put somewhere out of sight so if I get bad sick I can go to the emergency room and get "some of the best medical care in the world" and not croak quite so fast. I live on less than what I will get from SS now and the ranch above is paid for. It's doable. Frugal pops into mind or could it be very very frugal. We'll see as it's going to be interesting.

I do not want to be held hostage to insurance and that's the gamble and that's the way the game is played. I am lucky that the hand that I hold is strong enough that I'm allowed the chance at not having to go to work everyday. Do not misunderstand as there will still be work. I'm very tired of the samo. Really good and successful at what I do but it's grown oh so tiresome as well as the winters. Winters are much milder as well as shorter at the ranch.

I am glad government is here at this stage of my life to assist when there would not much else otherwise except to punch that clock till you're unable to anymore. Every American is entitled to Social Security. Why would any person in their right mind want this to go away or be diminished in any form?

If Medicare would kick in at 62 the apprehension level felt at times would be nil but even at that the fact that it is coming is significant. Why would any American in their right mind want to see this go away or be diminished in any way.

If anyone thinks the right in this country will provide any of this to you not only are you very stupid but on top of that you are fucking downright bat shit crazy to think anywhere close to that.

I am very proud that this country and those leaders that came before the ones from recent years who thought enough about "we the people" instead of now "they and the corporations" to do this for all Americans regardless of how they got to be Americans and with equality for all.

It's gonna be a ride and whether right or wrong the train is boarding.


Happy New Year to One Fly and his readers

Greetings from the deep south, basking in sunshine on the first day of the new year after the coldest December we have experienced since moving here.

We are abandoned by governments and corporations who use us and our emotions as their playthings. All we have is each other, our friends and families.

Very best new year wishes to the mighty One Fly and his loyal readers. Enjoy the video of Auld Lang Syne in the original language.


Happy New Year to everyone who comes by today and most everyone else as well. We start the first day of this new year out with a temp of about -16. I'm not going anywhere. Probably will be worse tomorrow morning.

Media loves to do the year end clips and such and I miss those purposely as I've seen too many. There are also predictions and other types of bullshit to fill the empty shelves in this country's store of consciousness with more of the same. Many I read and link to on my side are better and smarter than the painted faces on the tube and our side differs greatly on how things are going and headed in the next year. Our side will argue vehemently with one and another on just how much each one knows and who is more correct. It's a huge negative.

Briefly this last decade was amazingly bad for how many reasons one wants to chose. This next year looks like the same will continue but that's me.

I am so lucky to have the lifestyle I do and have had.There is a change coming that I will try to post on later. I try to spread what I have around a bit and that's coming to an end. I will do my best not to complain when the luck stops as how can I complain when around the globe and here as well far too many have it not too good.

To everyone I wish this year is a very good one for you. I hope that what we hear from our leaders pans out and conditions begin to improve on all fronts. I better stop before I put a hex on things. Seriously-