I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Why The Stupid Reigns

Because of never ending crap from our liberal press who wants to destroy Amerika (corporations,the top 1%, and of course the pentawhores). Rubbish like this.

Palmer Palin plays coy about plans at start of family bus tour.

It will never end. This is what people want and there are ever so many who rush to give the sheeple what they want. Who gives a shit about this ignorant slut.

None of us guys that's for damn sure.


Memorial Day 2011

Same as it ever was except we have another war front in Libya. We love our wars more than anything else. Always plenty for that - you betcha!

Another year gone by and this post remains accurate and pertinent. The state of the nation will not be discussed today. Have a safe and fun filled holiday with your family and friends.

Today 5/25/09   It the same a year later just as it was the same six years ago. This post has a much merit now as it did then and will have more next year. We are not leaving Iraq for years as the plan was just that from the beginning. That has not changed and is not going to no matter what is said. It is so sad. There have been 18 of ours killed in Iraq so far this month and that will never stop until we are gone. 

Memorial Day Today And Five Years Ago

These pictures were taken five long years ago the very same scene above being played out once again today for the sixth time at the same place here and everywhere around our country since the invasion of Iraq. Each flag here a representation of a veteran who is no longer with us.

There is not a person I know who does not respect the service any man or women has given to this country but given these times and this day of remembrance Iraq and those who put us there has got to be part of the picture. The vets from this small Iowa town were adamantly opposed to the invasion and remain opposed to the chain of events since then.  How many more of the same scene above will play out while this country occupies Iraq? It's likely there will be many.

With the war whores pounding the drums for war leading up to the invasion the opposition to such a venture was not heard from those who understood the ramifications of such an action namely the vets above and those no longer with us who now include my own Father. Although OTC did not exist five years ago the stance taken at that time remains the same today. We were one of the biggest supporters of the troops then and now. We supported them not going to Iraq and continue to support them coming home to their families immediately!!

Thank you to all Veterans past and present for your service and sacrifices and may the future for those who are serving abroad in this theater called Iraq and Afghanistan be able to return home very soon. That is my hope but the reality at this time is that many more graves will be dug for the casualties of this debacle.


To The Ranch

To do some work and buy materials to fix up the place I will live. It was snowing yesterday and it's raining this morning. This is what's coming next week like I've been saying as it looks like after two months plus of inclement weather the sun and temperatures will start the runoff. We still do not have real leaves yet. Have a good weekend!


Business Is Good

Don't ever believe the oil and gas company's when they bitch and moan about too many regulations to do business. Take a look at the number of wells in this picture and if you go out there you will find many that are new and there are monster facilities that have been built and that are under construction to process and or help with the distribution. This is located SW of Rangely,CO and south of Vernal,UT. This is just a small part of it. What's located at the arrow though is this and it's called Fantasy Canyon and it's unfortunate it's surrounded by these wells as it stinks bad out there because it's way too cool.

The area shown is about 15 miles wide.

It's raining and looks like it's going to snow.


I Think It Was The Sun

That's what's been on everyone's mind. It actually came out yesterday about three in the afternoon. In any case this was a good tune back then and remains so today. May the sun shine where you are at today.


Deny All You Want This Ain't Right

In my lifetime I have seen weather patterns change in two different locations. Iowa and Colorado with the difference being it basically quit snowing in certain parts. Is this evidence of climate change in the scientific sense? Of course not.

When the real evidence was brought forth by scientists from all over the world they were ridiculed out of the room by the right wing. The corporations profits cannot be denied.

One thing that always stood out dramatically when new data was analyzed was that here were the smartest people in the world and almost always in the piece that was written they continually underestimated the rate of decline. That is significant.

Here are the results of doing nothing. How many storms have we seen like this one after another. Storms that reach from Canada into the Gulf sometimes six or eight states wide and in the winter as well.

Not only is the Empire in steep decline but our planet as well. We will never see normal weather patterns ever again and you do not have to be a scientist to come to that conclusion.

When I was a kid and thunderstorms would roll through at night Mom would light a holy candle and hope for the best. That was spookier than the storm.

I feel for the kids and everyone for that matter in the mid-west as I can tell you I would be so scared of these storms I don't think I could sleep at night.

May the storms stop today please!


River Rants

Because we've been talking rivers around here and my bud Fearguth has left a couple interesting comments I drug up this video Phil and I did back in fall '09. Not that it's that good but there are some interesting things in it. We try anyway. At the end of the movie you see where the Green River and the Yampa meet in Echo park. This was an impressive ride to get there and need to do it again while I still live here.

This is what the Green looked like less than two weeks ago at Jensen,UT. They say it will reach the bottom of the bridge and possibly a bit more. OH MY!


Toga Toga Toga

History doesn't tell us who uttered those words made famous many years later but started here on the Green River. The locals saw boats approaching and they looked like they were in trouble.

They were surrounded by sharks and with the help of the locals made it to shore and safety. It was then those words were heard an lo and behold the visitor and his entourage was John Wesley Powell.

The music began in earnest.

All wore smiles.

 The bubbly flowed like the Green River itself.

The dancing girls danced harder and there were more smiles.

Legend along the river has it that later on in the evening this fellow and his buddy's showed up and gave the parties a light show in the sky that capped the end of a fine party along the river those so many years ago.

Disclaimer: The only thing that's true is that there is a Green River. Powell did come through here. The pictures and art shown are very close to the river. The rest is pretty much pure rubbish.


It Got Loose Somehow

It's true and let's be clear with the bitching and moaning that goes on here about the shitty weather the last seven weeks and I do mean shitty! No one has been hurt period as many have around the country. It's human nature to bitch about the weather and if you come from a cornfield bottom line there's gonna be talk about the weather and a bunch too. Just the way it is. Our flooding is coming and what's left to determine is how bad it will it be. The weather will determine that ya see.

Having said that yesterday was a real pisser. It sucked but today  - yes today the sun returned after four days of real ugly and crappy. YES!

Taken just a bit ago this is the Yampa River one that will flood. Historically this has not flooded here but we also have historical numbers of snow as well.

I'm going for a ride and look around. Have a good one everybody.


Josie Morris Not Wales

You had to be tough to live out here by yourself for years miles from nowhere and this women was just that. Use your imagination. She used two box canyons to corral her animals one which had a spring. This is also where these grow only.

You are looking at one of the box canyons above this building. The other is a ways to the right (east) of this one.

The exact location of this site is lower center right.


Oh They're Sooo Cute

And they were. Was not very close but there should be other chances. Do not be deceived with the sun seen with the flower picture or the last one out the window early yesterday morning. It was a real crappy day and this morning is worse and the day will be as well. If there's a good thing about it it's that there's no snow on the ground - - - yet. There isn't a person who lives here who isn't in a foul mood.


Follow Up

This was fun to find. I think this video does better than the pictures as the ledge is too narrow to get very far away. There were one set of old foot prints. No many are going to make the effort to get to these and others that I came across let alone look for and find out of the way presents left from the past.

Cross posted @ the Picture Place


The Do Gooders Can't Stand It

The people spoke and local municipality's following up on voter approval for medicinal marijuana set parameters for clinics and growers that fit the needs as they saw it. All in all these businesses have been very successful and have and are providing a tremendous resource for people's medical needs they are unable to get anywhere else.

Now there is more whining and bitching than you can believe demanding towns take this away from these people who started legal endeavors. This is happening in many places including here. For decades I was a criminal and then I was not and now I probably will be again. When the repugs take total control in 012 one of the first things done will be repeal states rights in respect to this benign substance that has the potential to help this country in dramatic fashion. It's just fine those wars for lies but we sure as hell can't have people smok'in that damn no good ganga ya see there you betcha. I despise this mentality and these slugs who pursue this agenda.

Here is the link as much as I hate to link to this local fishwrapper on the dynamics of what will happen tonight at the city council meeting and what is happening in respect to this issue around the state.

And the link to a local MM business owner who kicks monkey dumb ass butt. This is the best and I always enjoy seeing dumb asses get their nose bloodied. I like this fellow and his partner a bunch. Unfortunately that does not mean they will prevail in this!

Well there were several real nice days and that's over now as the next several are wet. We do not need wet not even a little bit. The snow is still up there. The rivers and streams have risen some but still the real runoff is yet to come. Just wait.

Have a good one!


The Ancients Were Busy Here

Made it to the ledge I did not get to last weekend and this is some of the art I found. It was hard to get there and equally as hard taking pictures as the ledge is narrow. Actually came out at the top left the place I would not go down. It was very easy going up but looking back still was not interested in going down it.
The art was very well done as in this case.

Found three other places where there was art this ledge being the most significant. Be sure and click on this.

It was just as hard or harder to get good pictures but the rock art on the dark patina and with so much of it was way too cool to find!! This alone made the trip worthwhile.
At 11PM had to bail out of my campsite as it started to rain and I was in 20 miles in on an "impassable when wet" road. I did not want to find out but it turned out just fine at the other place I knew where to camp.

I have a video that shows this a bit better that I'll get up this evening.


For Two Mornings And I'm Outta Here

There's a post below where I said the weather broke. For two mornings and then in the afternoon  it turned to shit. That was Monday and Tuesday. The next two were shitty all day barely reaching 50 on one. Today the sun is out and it's very nice and will remain like this for several days for sure.

I'm outta here after work because of the picture below because of the two round heads on the left that I did not see when I took it. I have to see them again and try to get to the ledge I could not reach last weekend. So it's out to Utah after work.

Here there are no leaves no flowers and pretty much just the remnants of winter. I'll go where there's a chance of some adventure and possibility of finding things that are not around these parts. It's going to be 80. Bring it on and have a fine one all of you.


It Will Not Change

Stupids cannot stand the fact that MM can help people with health issues and are attempting to keep this issue mired in the stupidity of their own brains filled with nonsense of the stupid they believe. Not only in Montana but all over the place including here.
In Montana, even though a new law severely restricting medical marijuana won’t take effect until July 1, the repercussions are already being felt as businesses are closing, often in the middle of the night and leaving vacant properties and unfulfilled leases from one end of the state to the next.

But blood guts and death for lies is okay by them over there. Bring it on so their imbecillian brains have more fodder to nourish the stupid that dwells inside their paper thin craniums.


Ones That Got Away For Now

When out hiking it's important to be looking around as in this case where binocs showed

these creatures not seen from a distance. Click on it and look below the red dots.

There was no doubt an attempt was going to be made to get to them. They are along the red line. Got up there and tried from the left and then the right but no banana. Ended up going way around on the right and coming down on the green line.

While traversing in front and below got a bit of a glimpse of a couple of them. Again they are by the red dots.

Of course there is a way to get there some better than others. With a keen eye you can find them as in the case here.

Around the corner above and down an easy ledge and back along the green line.

I did not see these on the way down but on the way back. Pretty cool and they look like shark fins to me.

I got down to here and was watching my footing when I stopped and looked up and saw two of the most pristine figures ever. They were just off my left shoulder. All the others were farther along.

I could not go further as it appeared to be fairly treacherous and a misstep would mean you're not maybe going to die but you're not getting anywhere without help and there is no help for miles.

Looking at the pictures as here I see a bad choice was made on where to try and get down to the ledge. It looks like one can get down where the green line points easier. These things will be had and I want to see the rest of these creatures badly. I may very well go back again on Friday and look for more as well. The weather is still crappy here. Have a good one and thanks for stopping.


An Arch Now Has A Name

Last year while hiking to explore these different rock formations came across this. It looked like two birds with their beaks together. I thought about giving it a name then but that seemed a bit strange. I was unable the first time to view this from the ground below which is one of the things I wanted to do last weekend and did.

The formation on the right changes a bit from below but the one on the left still looks like a bird.

On the way back to the car a Dinosaur Park ranger stopped and chatted with me and asked if I'd been to the arch. I asked him if it had a name and he said no.

Because it takes a lot more effort to see this from the bottom and it looks more like two birds kissing from the top and the fact it does not have a name it does now.

The name I've given it is "The Kissing Birds Arch",

Why not!

Cross posted @ The Picture Place


And It Was Good

I had a excellent fun time and got done what I wanted plus more. Soon we will officially name a new arch and have a comparison of rock art heads I believe has a wee bit of merit. Till then take a moment and enjoy a wonderful piece of the morning from yesterday. I like this HD camera I bought. It does make things seem more real at least to me. I want to do this stuff all the time or at least half of it.


For All Moms

Same as last year and the year before that. The post for this day will never change.

Pauline wrote
I saw 'Je dois tout a ma mère' painted on a taxi bumper today. I owe my  mother everything. Mothers are held in high esteem -- a woman who has never  borne a child is a disgrace to womanhood. Street boys will say 'la vieille mère'  to impart their respect. It took some time getting used to that. Old Mother.  What if they tried that in Europe?
That reminded me of the song Sweet Mother below that had the power to literally stop crowds in their tracks to dance if it was played. Mothers are very important in West Africa and Prince Nico hammered the essence of that in the middle 70's.

Oh Sweet Mother I no go forget you oh as I am missing mine just now.

Happy Mother's Day

By Prince Nico Mbarga

Sweet mother I no go forget you
for the suffer wey you suffer for me.
Sweet mother I no go forget you
for the suffer wey you suffer for me.

When I dey cry, my mother go carry me--she go say,
my pikin [1] wetin you dey cry ye, ye,
stop stop, stop stop make you no cry again oh."

When I won sleep, my mother go pet me,
she go lie me well well for bed,
she cover me cloth, sing me to sleep,
"sleep sleep my pikin oh."

When I dey hungry, my mother go run up and down.
she go find me something when I go chop [2] oh.

Sweet mother I no go forget you for the suffer wey you suffer for me

When I dey sick, my mother go cry, cry, cry,
she go say instead when I go die make she die.

O, she go beg God,
"God help me, God help, my pikin oh."

If I no sleep, my mother no go sleep,
if I no chop, my mother no go chop, she no dey tire oh.

Sweet mother I no go forget you,
for the suffer wey you suffer for me.

You fit get another wife, you fit get another husband,
but you fit get another mother? No!

And if I forget you, therefore I forget my life and the air I breathe.

And then on to you men, forget, verily, forget your mother,
for if you forget your mother you've lost your life.


The Weather Cycle Has Broken And I'm Outta Here

Yesterday was probably the nicest in at least five months and will remain so until Monday when it turns to crap again for a couple days. But as you can see winter played havoc along with the elk almost everywhere. This will be a winter to remember. This is a golf course and right now it's ugly. There is much more snow on the back nine.

Outta here to the Dinosaur area where I hung out so much last year. In fact it's almost one year to the day me and my Honda Element went on the maiden cruise/camping trial and it went well then and since.

I want to redo some pictures and a bit of video of several things in the area that I want to show better because I find it so interesting. Then one more trip in June probably to get better pictures of an orchid that only blooms in a very small area in Dinosaur National Monument. Took a bunch but only a couple were any good.

Remember this picture. Will know before too long just what runoff will be like and it will be more than just impressive.

Have a great weekend and in case the Sunday post does not come up happy Mother's Day to all you mom's out there. Thanks for stopping by. OF


Links To The Dark Continent

Recently ran across several links that may be some of the best ever if you are interested in music from Africa.
Voice of America is one.  There are examples from every country. The example below came from Osibisiba's site.

Africa is a huge country that abounds in creativity and great music. I wish every bagger could spend a year or so in a Third World country so when they returned they would understand how good we have it here and it's because guvmint by the people has provided for us. Many songs reflect the difficult struggles faced on a daily basis and yet most remain optimistic and smile so easily.

Mmanya Bie Mmamma by Osibisaba


Not Good

This is in jest but do I need to go back to posting about politics? Why - because the weather is so depressing as well. 34* and maybe an inch of snow this morning.

I am not an expert on spring run off in this area but have been here long enough to understand that everyday we have like this and this has been going on five weeks has the potential of making what's coming even worse. At work we are literally a month behind with things we normally do outside.

The river is tame as are the creeks and I see a couple sucker holes out there so maybe it's not a dire as it been sounding around here but I doubt it very much.

Have a good one.


Meet Oliver

As in many parts of Africa Zimbabwe faces many issues but whether it's here or someplace else African musicians will not be denied. If there really was an invisible sky being I would demand he snap those holy fingers and transport us over to Harare for an afternoon jump. You betcha -dance and party into the night.


Spring Is Just Not Here

Went for a cruise on Sunday on roads travelled before. It was for the most part uneventful.

Have always liked this place. 

Pastures are starting to green up but as you can see there is still snow in the hills even 50 miles west of where most of it is.

You can still see the snow in the trees from the storm that we had last Friday.

I've taken other pictures of this but this one seems better. This barn appears to be deteriorating rapidly.

A western United States pyramid.

This place is called the "Juniper Hot Springs" and actually attracted people who came and stayed. It's for sale by the way.

Someone's parents are buried here and I'm sure it was a special place for them. It's quite a view.