I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Ask The Relatives Of The 14,427 Russians Killed In Afghanistan

Yes ask them 21 years after the fact what their loved one/ones died for in Afghanistan. My money says nothing will be the answer. For nine years we have died and are dieing there and have escalated the killing. For what? Nothing literally fucking nothing.

Enough and it's long past due to call it like it really is. My blogger friend RZ from Reality Zone explains it so well and I put his entire post up and thank him for his passion in explaining the reality that agree with as well.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan: They Died For Nothing !

A blogger friend of mine wrote this in one of the comment sections.

Post is HERE

" One Fly said...

It's been to the point for some time to say(and if it pisses people off tough fucking shit because it's the truth)they died for nothing.

August 31, 2010 10:43 AM"

Yes, they died for nothing. And all Americans should be pissed off about this.

Yet the majority is silent. We worry about the Beckster rally. Or we talk about what Palin said or did.

Who really gives a fuck.

They are a side show to the real world. People are dying every single day. Our soldiers are coming back in body bags. Innocent Afghans, Iraqi's, Pakistani's are dead.

We have turned Iraq into a land of rubble. We are trying to turn Pakistan into a failed state to justify our presence. Afghanistan has become our own private killing zone.

We have Mercenaries running all over the region with a license to kill.

We have a CIA hit list which includes American citizens.

We Balkanized one region. Now the powers that be [TPTB] are Balkanizing another.

Our soldiers are dying to preserve an Empire that has no meaning any more.

America is trying to contain, and encroach upon China, and Russia. This is the agenda of the Neocons, and the Neolibs.

We are looking for a boot print in Central Asia in order to control the energy choke points.

Our soldiers are dying for the Globalized Corpotocracy. Not for the freedom or security of our nation.

We have become every thing that we have hated, and fought against.

We were once seen as a shining beacon on a hill.

Now we are seen as a drone falling in on a village.

Shame on America, and Americans for allowing themselves to be brainwashed.

Americans have opened the gates to Fascism. They will welcome it. WHY ?

Because they now prefer security over freedom.

We deserve the best government that Corporations can lease.

We will be under the thumb of the Pentagon to finance [tax] their endless wars without borders.

Shame on the democratic party for still supporting this War of Choice President.

Democrats talk about the republicans being hypocrites.

When in reality they are the biggest hypocrites of all, by backing this president and not holding his puppet strings to the fire.

These so called [dems] are cowards. Every single last spineless one of them are COWARDS.

Shame on the American people for supporting a Congress that supports, and finances these endless wars.

So go right ahead and just say it.


To all the cowards out there that are still backing this war. [You are backing it if you are silent.]

"Let me ask you one question Is your money that good Will it buy you forgiveness Do you think that it could I think you will find When your death takes its toll All the money you made Will never buy back your soul. And I hope that you die And your death'll come soon I will follow your casket In the pale afternoon And I'll watch while you're lowered Down to your deathbed And I'll stand over your grave 'Til I'm sure that you're dead.------- Bob Dylan 1963

Posted by RealityZone

Bama Gonna Sell More Of His Soul Tonight

President Barack Obama will announce the formal end of combat operations in Iraq during a speech to the nation tonight, but the declaration won't close the book on Fort Carson's involvement in the 7-year, 5-month, 11-day-old war.

It's good a bunch are leaving-you betcha there.

The rest is not even close to good.

While 80 troops recently returned to Fort Carson from Iraq, 3,400 members of the Fort Carson-based 3rd Brigade Combat Team are still posted there, conducting "stability operations" until March.

The Fort Carson troops who remain in Iraq are among 50,000 U.S. military and 70,000 contract personnel scheduled to remain until December 2011.

They aren't leaving then and that's a fact.

Soldiers deploying to Iraq after tonight will be be participating in a wonderful catchy feel good atmosphere called  OPERATION NEW DAWN.

What a bunch of pure fucking horse shit!


It's What's Called Tough Shit

Well it seems some Iraqi's are angry the US is removing it's combat forces but leaving 50,000 to advise and assist the populace.

Well I hear you people and I have an idea how you feel about that and understand the reasons for that anger.

But I'm angry too! Been that way for a long time and anyone who knows the truth about this country's relationship with yours since the year 2000 is probably just as angry as I.

Being angry didn't help my cause just like it's not going to help yours.

You need to go after the pieces of shit that are responsible for you being so angry.

The treasonous duo of the Chimp and his dark master Cheney and their compadres of death. I'm all with you on that endeavor if it's pursued and as stated on many occasions I'll be honored to pull the trip rope on what could be the worlds worst killers of humanity.

To me having 50,000 Americans in your country is by no means "leaving" so much of the original anger remains. You being annoyed that the fighters are getting out won't change a thing.

I am truly sorry for your country but for both of us it's the same---tough shit!

Will the anger be replaced with niceness to hopefully reach out to the other side to open a dialog?

No way-never will there be a pass given for what happened during the Bush Reign of Terror-never.

Tough shit and I don't care anymore if people dislike me for that stance or for reminding them of that when appropriate.

Calling Bull Shit On The 13 Suicide Bombers

No-I do not believe that 13 Afghanny's  killed were all suicide bombers. Not for a second.

Afghan and coalition soldiers killed more than 30 insurgents, including 13 would-be suicide bombers, as they fought off assaults on two military bases and government buildings in eastern Afghanistan, the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said on Sunday. Bull shit there too-that's us saying this shit. We're the main players here fuckers.

They may have killed 30 or what have you but I stand by the bull shit because they do not send suicider's out to be killed like this. They haven't before and they didn't do it this time. This is propafuckingganda!

One thing for sure is that seven more of ours got knocked off this morning and that's 14 for the weekend and for fucking what America??.


Art On The Rocks

Did this two weeks ago. Fun trip and these things were impressive. I was around this area (one way in one way out) for five hours or so and on the way out saw a car.

Cross posted @ Fly's Picture Place

The Closed Door Nutter Event In Da Boat

Colorado voters respond to conference of top right-wing strategists, politicians on Social Security and Medicare in Steamboat Springs

Saturday, August 28, 2010

CONTACT: Kjersten Forseth at 719-641-4674

Steamboat Springs: ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest online progressive advocacy organization, called on top right-wing strategists and politicians gathered in this beautiful mountain resort to abandon their plans to privatize Social Security and end Medicare.

With very little media coverage, the conservative Steamboat Institute organized the weekend “Freedom Conference,” featuring speakers such as Nevada state Sen. Sharron Angle, former top Bush strategist Karl Rove, and Grover Norquist—the man who coined the term ‘drown government in a bathtub.’

“These are the same ideologues who toured the country in 2005 with President Bush, telling seniors how great it would be to invest their guaranteed Social Security benefit with Wall Street,” said Kjersten Forseth, executive director of ProgressNow Colorado. “Thank goodness the American people didn’t take their advice then.

“Today, these same leaders on the right have gathered in a secluded Colorado mountain resort to plot the next step in their plans to hand Social Security over to Wall Street and end Medicare—with renewed confidence after almost two years of blatant falsehoods and disinformation to make the American people afraid.”

At noon on Saturday, Colorado voters gathered before the Stamboat Grand with a simple message: “Hands off Social Security. Hands off Medicare.” There are a range of progressive options for preserving the guaranteed benefit of Social Security and Medicare without surrendering them to Wall Street and the health insurance industry--the simplest of which is to allow Bush's irresponsible tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans to expire.

“Preserving Social Security and Medicare for future generations is what Americans want, not a Karl Rove shell game,” concluded Forseth. "Social Security needs to be reinforced for our children and grandchildren, and continue to serve as a safeguard against the ups and downs of Wall Street. For so many millions of working families counting on Social Security and Medicare when they retire, it's not a game."

The truth of these matters lies with people on the outside of these closed events that cost hundreds to get in. Of course media is not allowed in any shape or form when these people start opening their pie holes. I'm sure it will be even bigger and better next year.

Happiness Is Having A New Gun

For the Army because what they have now just isn't killing it good enough.

“This is an historic event. We have not done a carbine competition in our lifetimes,” The Army has launched a dual strategy designed to give you a more accurate, durable and lethal weapon that will be the mainstay for the next 40 years.

I have to differ here on what's historic. Seems to me there's never been a problem killing the other side when needed. Not only those on the other side but mothers,children and other innocents as well.

Innocents-you know the ones that didn't do anything but yet they were killed. Maybe the guns wouldn't be wearing out if they weren't used for that.

Historically we are in the longest "Wars" since this nation was formed. For history's sake I'd like to see the people get their way and leave these places like all of us voted for.

But we love our guns and killing way too much to do that. Whore Beck says we are returning to the non-existent sky being who must love even more the same things because there ain't a fucking one of those slugs that showed up yesterday that calls for the withdrawal of our troops from our war theatres.

But they sure as hell would go along with the samo ya know ya see there as it becomes even clearer how screwed we really are.


Dressed Up Talibans

Dozens some dressed as American soldiers attacked two bases getting inside one before being stopped. One young person was killed. Here's what bothers me.

The response to the attack was swift and deadly. Afghan security forces, along with U.S. troops, killed about 15 insurgents at FOB Salerno and six more at FOB Chapman, while three others were killed by an airstrike after they were spotted fleeing the scene of the attacks, NATO said.

You fuckers-who do you think you're trying to bullshit?

You just don't go out and find these guys just like that. If it were that easy we would have killed all of them long before now.

They went out and shot anything that moved! That's what the hell went on.

And another thing don't blur the reality and say Nato said this shit. It's us-we're the ones!

Glenn Beck supports organized labor?

Glenn Beck and his followers have certainly not done much research. Attaching themselves to MLK means they are celebrating the life of a man who fought for many things, including organized labor, didn't realize Beck was such a fan, his boss, Rupert Murdoch certainly isn't.

On March 29,1968,King went to Memphis,Tennessee in support of the black sanitary public works employees,represented by AFSCME Local 1733, who had been on strike since March 12 for higher wages and better treatment. In one incident, black street repairmen received pay for two hours when they were sent home because of bad weather, but white employees were paid for the full day

Dr. King was assassinated a few days later.


How Much

I don't know about where you live but this after noon at a roadside stand these

two tomatoes and two peaches not grown here cost $5. Was actually 5 10 and I got to slide on the dime. They taste pretty good but I don't know about $5 worth.

Note-the peaches are sweet the tomato I tried is mediocre at best.

Thank You Once Again President Carter

Nuff said except that this man has more compassion in his little finger and the ability to bring people together than any right winger anywhere let alone former repug presidents.

A Dark Cloud Hanging Over Town

For the better part of three days the second Freedom Conference (freedom my ass) is taking place here. I only link to the local fishwrapper because in this case last year there were no articles  about what happened or what was said by these people.

But the Texas killer Rove himself is in town along with possibly a even nuttier and more dangerous slut than Palmer herself-none other than the senate candidate from Nevada Sharon Angle.

So CNN is here as well so I'm sure the idiocy will be running wild.

I think I might upchuck.


Karzai Crying In His Sweet Tea

If it was beer there would be tears flowing like water over a waterfall over the thought of the United States leaving after a decade or some damn thing like that.

Plus them Taliban's get wood and are becoming stronger as they squat in the mountains just thinking about it.

WTF? Whether it's this clown or if it had been someone else the bullshit that spews from the orifice on top of their shoulders would be the same.

All in a days work pouring the footings for an even longer stay and I'm sure nutter media is jerking this for all it's worth.

NO! We must try hard together to force this government to leave Afghanistan and we all know the reasons why.

WTF!! Karzai old boy if you got problems with the Taliban after all these years it's high time you get your ass out and about and rally the troops,citizens and anyone else to step up to the plate and deal with it

Hell hire all them mercenaries you say can't work in your country any more. They're whores-they'll do it.

So because of the departure date they have become embolden is the rhetoric. My ass!

One of the dozens of reasons why we must leave. They can do this anytime they want but that don't mean shit when there are war dollars to be had. Ask the Russians they'll tell you. So will the rest of them that came before them.

As like Iraq nothing good was ever going to come out of either of them and there hasn't been anything nor will there ever be.

We love war and killing way too much so stock up on popcorn as chances are good it's going to be an even longer very shitty movie.

You won't sleep tonight it's so scary.

307-Not Bad At All With Laptop Batteries

1600 of them to be more accurate.

The Buckeye Bullet was clocked on Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats at speeds averaging 307 mph, which could set a new record if it is verified by the governing body of motorsports. The old record for an electric car was 246 mph. The car was designed by Ohio State's Center for Automotive Research, which is refining technology for electric cars of the future. "They have just kicked the butt of every car company in the world," said Louise Ann Moeth, an observer who has written books on racing history at Utah's vast salt flats.

Way to go students at Ohio State. You just kicked corporate ass over the goal posts of design. We need inexpensive electrics all over this country but of course we're not going to get that anytime soon if ever. After all they don't burn oil.


Golf-Mores And The Recession

With over 1500 posts here there are only a handful that relate to this game. There may be more or there might be less but there's going to be one now because as like in most media people receive there is more to the linked story that is just as important as the reasons given. I want to attempt to draw a correlation between these three things. The recession,golf and mores.

I've been at this business for damn near 25 years. I can tell you it is very expensive on the maintenance side. I have strong opinions on a number of issues and will do my best not to stray.

The picture at the top looks nice doesn't it. It just didn't get like that by accident. The way golf courses are maintained has changed in dramatic ways since I've been involved.

There is a lot of grass cut on a daily basis and I think it's around 90 acres possibly more with numerous different types of mowers.

Take a look at the top picture again and you will see three sand traps that are huge. Maybe 73 on this course but many newer courses can have hundreds. This course is 30 years old. Get this-maintaining the bunkers is the biggest number in our maintenance budget.

This is important too-what you see here and what you see on TV are two different things. No one sees what goes on behind the scenes and I've never seen it myself and never really wanted to participate at tournament level. But what you can take to the bank is that it is several levels up from what you see here accomplished by literally an army of volunteer golf course people operating dozens and dozens of the same pieces of donated equipment from one of the three major players in the equipment business swarming over every hole. That is how the conditions are achieved so the big boys can make sure they can hit a good shot out of the rough unlike some of the majors where they cry if conditions are too hard. Sorry I wasn't going to stray.

Time to get to the meat of this. The linked to article has numbers and they are real bad about the downhill slide this game has taken and  reasons why which I don't dispute but dammit you need to give the rest of the story. It's worth glancing at.

"It's definitely connected to the economic conditions and the ability of potential private club members to pay the fairly significant initiation fees and annual dues," said Jay Mottola, executive director of the Metropolitan Golf Association, representing 120,000 golfers and 500 golf courses in the New York region.

What was not mentioned.

1. A number of tour players decided to become architects and each one tried to out do the others in difficulty of design and locations where built. What you have is a maintenance nightmare that becomes outrageously expensive.

2. Most golfers are hacks. Only maybe 10-12% can break a hundred. I can do it if I play a bit and get my mind right but trust me I am a shitty golfer. We are not going to stray here except to say you can give the average golfer tournament conditions and it won't make shit bit of difference in how he plays. He'll still chunk the ball around for 18 holes no matter where he or she plays.

3. Because of what is seen on TV the norm has become to expect the same. In many cases it has become unrealistic to attain because of the cost factor and these are just as big of reasons as stated in the article.

A change in maintenance practices that can significantly lower the cost of operation and a lot of courses would still be viable.

And for the average hack it will not make shit bit of difference in his game or mine either.

I have never worked my ass off here for 20 years to give the most optimum conditions possible with what we have for those 90% never!! I do it for the rest who realize and appreciate what it took to give them these playing conditions on the part of not that many people who work very hard.

Get out there - be sure and look up and swing as hard as you can and take a giant chunk of turf each time and not put it back. Sorry -strayed again.

And please -give me the courtesy of not being insulting about how bad golf courses are for this or for that. Thanks in advance. Down south they sure as hell can be but not around these parts.


Will They Fight This?

Seriously just how goddamn dumb are we as a society to think that these four cells are a human being and should have the same rights as those who live outside a petri dish? That's what's on the ballot here in Colorado after the same initiative was defeated two years ago. By changing the language it's back to be voted on.

As with the recent ruling on stem cell research science will remain in the caves as the christian fanatics choose because the dumber people are the better for their agenda of sky being fucking nonsense and creationism that proves science and mathematics are nothing but a pack of lies.

So how hard will this administration fight this ruling? I'd like to see and this morning there was nothing that they will and are going to pursue this issue as hard as they are the wars around the globe we are in.

How can it be that our nation has become so fucking stupid. I know the answer as you do but it still needs to be said.

BTW - There is frost this morning.


Pigs Hormones And Drugs

This is an excellent article on the way hogs could be raised just as crops could be raised if we demanded it instead of allowing corporations determine what we eat.

State Center, Ia. - The Obama administration would like to see more hog farmers raising hogs the way the Hilleman brothers do - using fewer antibiotics.

You have to use antibiotics early there's not much choice because these animals can and do die in huge numbers. What these operators are doing is stopping the use of them 100 days out from slaughter. They can be marketed as "antibiotic free" and places want their meat because the Berkshires are valued by chefs at high-end restaurants because of the hogs' fatter, darker meat.

Yea no shit it tastes like pork used to taste like and the Chinese don't want our pork as much either.

I don't buy much pork unless there's a bit of fat because if you don't have a some there is literally no flavor unless it's marinated.

Bear Baying And Hog Dog Rodeos

WTF-I'd never heard of any of this type of thing until this morning and frankly find it disgusting! Right up there with dog fights and cock fighting.

Reading I find out that this practice is allowed in only one state and that's South Carolina. No wonder the stereotypes people have of the South is the way it is.

"It's just training," says inbred Bobby Billy.

Bears are hunted many places but there's a reason actions like this are not allowed. It's called cruelty to animals ya dumb fucking inbreds who do this shit. The hog dog crap was really bad which is now against the law but you can bet this shit still goes on ya know there ya see.

State Rep. David Hiott of Pickens County, one of the counties that allow bear hunting, said it's unlikely the Legislature will revisit a ban on bear baying.

I'm sure they won't.


Nothing Gonna Happen

It's so nice out that there's not going to be any sticking around doing house and blogging stuff. I'm going for a ride and it's going to involve a vehicle, water and a fly rod plus a camera.

I did get a post up this morning at the picture place. Nothing too special but there's a couple nice ones.

Puter is working good-didn't loose my documents or music like I thought but somethings were. It's fast! Much more so than the operator.

Later-have a good one!!


Good Morning All

Civic duty was just that and I was not called but it took most of the morning so it was pretty much a lost day combined with heavy rain in the early afternoon.

In addition my computer shit the bed and it's back but much was lost and it will take some time to rebuild my favorites list and music as well. So I am behind big time and eventually will get back in the groove of things so to speak. The same with the picture blog as there has not been a post there in a week. Hopefully uploading pictures will work better now as before there was like a 50-60% success rate in doing so and it took forever and was a pain in the butt.



Civic Duty

Yup it's jury duty and the phone call last evening tells me I gotta show at 8am sharp. Years ago I was called for what was a fairly important trial. Not enough jurors showed so the trial was cancelled. The judge was pissed to say the least and what he did was stick around and bull shitted with us about responsibility as a citizen and told stories. It was wide open and a lot of fun. I bet I was there for two hours as were some others because it was just plain good stuff. We'll see if I'm selected today. Several years ago I was supposed to show and it was this time of year when it's so busy and I just plain spaced it. I felt so bad. I'm prepared today and have clean clothes along but must go to work first.

Another thing is that I have been having computer problems that I hope will be solved today as it's getting rebuilt. I don't have access to my new pictures and had planned this week to make a couple short movies of what I saw and did last weekend. They are coming sooner than later.

Gotta run have a good one everybody!


Jesus And His Daddy Can Go Screw Themselves

From back in the cornfield where they love their non existent sky being's way too much they kick the one they love square in the nuts and over the goal posts when it comes to helping their fellow man in these times.

What's at the top of the list---well it's the needy. I guess the sky being will take care of them.

What's next?? Well you cut guvment ya see there you betcha!

A bunch of dumb ass religiously insane hypocrites is what I think. I uses to be fairly proud to say I was a native son of Iowa but not for years and as time goes on it becomes embarrassing to say so.

What area could the government most afford to cut in order to try and get federal spending under control?

* National Defense: 13.7% (39 votes)
* Education Department: 6.0% (17 votes)
* Welfare Programs: 32.0% (91 votes)
* Agriculture Assistance: 14.8% (42 votes)
* Agency Administration across the board: 26.1% (74 votes)
* We don't need to cut right now, we need to raise taxes to help pay for it: 7.4% (21 votes)
284 votes cast


Can You Imagine

Can you imagine a bomb going off in this country killing 60 and wounding 125? I know about 911 and don't need to be told.

Can you imagine the outcry to do something-to bring somebody or some thing to justice-to pass laws or just make someone pay. The whole country  would go bat shit crazy once again.

But this is a common occurrence in Iraq and just how many friends are we making there.

Make no mistake about it these deaths and all of the others blood spilt is on Bush and Cheney's hands! Every one of them along with every Neo Slug there ever was.

Imagine for once what it would be like if there was accountability entered into this equation.

Killer bastards they all are!


Petraeus Speak With True Tongue

I heard from this war whore one of the few times I had the radio on this weekend. Out of his pie hole came "transnational extremists" and I thought this boy is talking about us. Of course what the f do I know! 

So this guy is once again  is launching a media blitz to drum up support for the war.

Why do we have a General doing this kind of shit and why does Bama let him. Dumb shit -smack me along side the head. Bama's a player here too and the General says all kind of shit on Sunday's whore programs for war profiteers whose stock probably went up a couple notches knowing there is no end in sight for the war they love so much.

We are so screwed!

Stop the Madness!

He Had An Arch - Now He Doesn't

When I came across this on Saturday  I had to think if it's close enough to being an arch and I think it is. Then I thought shit fire I'll name it Fly's Arch. Then I said I can't do that it looks too much birds kissing or some thing like that. The one on the right looks like a porpoise too. In any case this is the Kissing Bird's Arch.

Here's another shot.

And one from down below.

Close to this was this which to me from this angle looks like a huge turtle.

But from this angle like a platypus.

Now I can only venture a guess what some people might think they see here.


To Make Matters Worse

Holte found his gem and since Maybell had nothing new Hayden took the prize when I drove through on Friday. WTF anyway. Do these people actually think guys like me and people like you are going to bust the doors down to be enrolled in the non-existent sky being's gilded  bull shit road to enlightenment or some damn thing like that??


News from "The Heart of Darkness"

UPDATE: I just came across this post and unsure of how this was posted as it is. I sure as hell hell don't live in Georgia. I'll leave it as is.  9/1/12

I live in Georgia folks, this is what I have to put up with. I know people in all parts of the country have deal with all sorts of shit, but how about this from Baptists.

Outta Here Again

And again I am so fortunate that I am able to do these things. Going west  to where I've been before where there is an unobstructed view of the sky for the meteor show tonite if I can stay awake. There's not a cloud in the sky. Into Utah and up into Wyoming to check something out and back to Colorado to hopefully catch some fish. We'll just see where the road leads and wait for something interesting to come along or happen and it generally does.

To everyone who stops by thanks for that and have a safe and fun weekend where ever you may be! If you get a chance go wish Monkeyfister a Happy Birthday.

Giv'em hell and don't take no shit!

Old Slut Apologizes For Being A Bigot

Let's be clear here-at OTC we're equally bigoted against every thing including myself so there. If  there's a problem tough shit.

So Dr. Laura says she's oh so sorry for using the N word several times. My ass she is. It's the same MO all the time from these fuckers.

This is who they are and when they get called out for their shit they cry "not me not me-I'm sorry". Pieces of shit most everyone of them and bigots and racists they are and all the so sorry shit means just that. Shit!

Fuck'em all and the lame dick horse they rode in on. Back on Sunday.

Bribes-Somebody Got Bribed??

This in it's entirety because it doesn't make sense.

An Indiana man has pleaded guilty to charges he conspired to bribe contracting officials at a U.S. Army base in Kuwait. The Justice Department says 39-year-old Wajdi Birjas of Evansville agreed to forfeit $675,000 to the government as part of his plea. Birjas is scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 7. He faces up to five years in prison on the bribery conspiracy count and up to 20 years in prison on a money-laundering conspiracy charge.The Justice Department says the former Defense Department contract employee paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to three officials at Camp Arifjan in exchange for a Kuwaiti contractor receiving defense contracts worth $1.7 million. In return, he received a share of the profits.

Well he's got a funny name so that doesn't help but what I want to know is where are the charges and the story about the three officials at Camp Arifjan who accepted these bribes. I have a feeling their names aren't so funny sounding.


I'll Miss This

Some of the best fishing I've ever had has been at this place. There's another spot that rivals this but this is my favorite. The other place is hard and dangerous for me alone. This spot is very easy with levels like these. We're talking give or take 150 in an afternoon. Of course not every time but it happens. Have to say myself there's a fair amount of action here and I can't tell you enough how much fun it is to see these fish come up after a dry fly and you can see that pretty well in this. It just doesn't get much better! Watch closely.

Mostly rainbows and they don't get much bigger than this. Next time you go it might be all brookies and you can catch a cutthroat if you're lucky. The other place you can get the other one which is a brown and when that happens that's way too cool.


The Internet Giveaway Is Beginning In Ernest

From Free Press-
On Monday, Google and Verizon made it official: Forget "Don't Be Evil" — they're planning a massive corporate takeover of the Internet.

From the mouth of the FCC Chairman-
Julius Genachowski has maintained that the FCC has no plans to regulate the Internet, saying: "I've been clear repeatedly that we're not going to regulate the Internet."

From Me-
What a whore this guy is. No way were they going to appoint Copps. Chances are high the little guys once again are going to get screwed. The corporations in all likely hood are going to gain control of the Internet and implement pricing that will do what's been said all along-a tiered structure that favors those with money. If you don't have enough then you can move along and fuck yourself until we decide to get to you.

These fuckers gain control and we've already seen what Comsuck has done the last bastion of progressive and of real liberals will be gone and that will be the final nail in the coffin of any chance of winning against both Repugs and Dims who do the bidding of their corporate masters and not "We the People".

If you care to sign a letter you can do so here

Where the fuck is Bama on this. He could make the difference but he won't because he was told this is the way it's going to be.

Let 'Em Have Their Smokes

Stuff like this is a no brainer. Yea I know smoking is real bad for you but Afghanistan is even worse for ones health. They can quit when and if they get home.

Somebody take charge of this and let family members send these troops cigs. I happen to know how tense and irritable you can get without the nicotine.

Family and friends have suddenly found themselves blocked from shipping cigarettes and other tobacco products to American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq because of a new law meant to hamper smuggling and underage sales through the mail.


Can't Get Your Tire Changed Right Away Then Kill

Since the previous post was about a low-life killer here's another one about an 18 year punk who killed a service worker at a tire store.

This man had no way to protect himself and the punks old man was there as well. Our society is seriously fucked up and if you click the link to the article there is reference to another sick bastard who killed his kid in this small town just north of Colorado Springs.

I volunteer to pull the trip rope on this piece of shit human who kills because he can't get his probably bald ass tire fixed quick enough to suit him. 

American Christian Killers

Sick bastards like this are worse than other religious crazy's around the world because at least here we have a better chance to learn other things and in many cases our world is larger just because it's first world. But when ya got the finger snapper on the table well all bets are on.

Because he loved his daughter so much he shot her seven times and stuck her in a freezer in a tiny motor home alive and was finally caught two years later after the stench gave this religious insane bastard away.



Call It What You Want

Massacre,butchery,slaughter or any other number of descriptive words or phrases for the 10 killed in Afghanistan. Another can be added to that list and that is inevitable!

They weren't preaching-all they were doing is helping-some had done this many times and on and on. The other side says it ain't so. Don't make squat bit of difference. Get so tired of the shock factor from so many. Yea it sucks you bet it does.

So and so was such a nice person and loved by all which can be said for all of them I'm sure. Being a nice person and helping others means nothing in this instance or in so many other examples from other country's where the same has happened.

You're probably a super person yourself and have many of the same quality's of these unfortunate people. I'd like to think of myself as a nice guy too.

But I tell ya something right now and that is if I made the choice to visit this particular country for whatever the reason would be even if it was to just say hi all bets are on the table and understood that chances are pretty good I may never return.

We are not welcome in Afghanistan. We will never be welcomed in Afghanistan. We have been killing innocents there for over a decade.

This is the kind of shit that happens when you occupy another country and kill at will. If ever we leave things like this will stop but until then don't act so surprised.

From my buddy Russ - "Stop the Madness"

My heartfelt condolences to the family's of those slain.

Timing Is Everything

I can't help to be a real cynical pissed off smart ass to hear this shit. It should come as no surprise but it just gets fucking old.

Ray says what he's told to say and it was easy for him as breakfast is a helping of bull shit every morning.

Of course no one thought to ask why after all these years it just happens to come together when we are leaving the Iraqi's have all of a sudden "stood up".

It's always been a fucking lie and still is and there is no one to stop it. We love our wars and will not be deprived.

Just think 50,000 plus all the rest of them we have on the payroll in Irak.


A Few From Today

Went for a short ride as it took me a long time to get organized this morning. In any case ran across a couple things.

I like this one but the one at the top of the page tomorrow is the same guy but may be the best dragonfly picture I've ever taken. 95% of these end up deleted plus don't have many red ones so that's good.

Then this fellow walked out onto the road. Pretty good size and didn't have a care in the world. Was still a ways away so this isn't very good. But cool to see for sure.

I put this in because this table sits in a small park on state land that was put together by county employees back 27 years ago. Still usable and the place has been mowed. I'd rather federal funds be made available to keep things like this up rather than keeping up our wars around the world. Know what mean there sapphire.

These guys are real working horses not pets most have around here. They just have the day off is all.

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The Thought Has Crossed My Mind

What can I say-I would like to have a bunch of these but I just don't want to pay.

These panels are everywhere out in the middle of nowhere. A couple of bolts and a couple of snips and it's a done deal. I mean after all it's the oil companies ya know there.

As much as I'd like to do so I'm getting too old to be sitting in the slammer. 


A Short Film By OF And Phil

The middle of last month went down to the ranch where I met up with Strudel Boy who by the way is now Phil. We went in an attempt to make our own short film on a couple of things neither of which happened. Came away with this one below which is kinda close to what we wanted for one but not really. This is still very representative of the area. I don't really feel comfortable being in these things but that's the way it has to be at times.

Phil and I live for this stuff and if we could that's all we want to do. We love the fact that for the most part we have everything to ourselves and there is never a time where we don't find very interesting things along the way. This time one of the things found was a deserted enclave of several houses. We snooped around a bit did some video but there's not really enough there for a film. Hope you enjoy this at least a little bit.

This week my fishing bud and I went to a favorite place of mine and were able to get a number of strikes on video while fly fishing and soon hope to get that together just because it's fun.


New Poster In This Cornfield

FYI-recently I invited a fellow blogger to OTC. That offer was accepted and the blogger is someone you may know. Mr. Holte Ender is the man. His site is Now Listen Here and he also contributes as I do at MMA.

Why? Well for a couple of reasons one of which is that I like his passion about issues of the day and another is that he's now a bud of mine.

There is a post from him below this and it's understood he's welcome to post more or not it remains up to him. He is a fart smucker and if and when he comes by again we'll all be better off.

Welcome Mr. Ender!!

Thanks for the invite One Fly

When the best photographer west of the Mississippi asks you to stop by and write a paragraph or two on his blog, you don't say no. When the most adventurous old geezer in the Rockies says "no pressure, any time you want" you don't say no.

So, I will be leaving my footprints here from time to time. Thanks for asking Fly.

Gubernatorial Candidate Dan Maes Opens Yap Again

Every time he does some pretty stupid shit comes out of it.

If elected, he would lay off 2,000 state employees "just like that," despite the fact that many of those terminations could be prohibited by state laws and rules.

The simple fuck went on to say-

He also said he would ignore federal law and let energy companies drill even if the Interior Department tried to stop it. "If (Interior Secretary) Ken Salazar doesn't like it, he can come see me in Denver," Maes said.

This is the mentality of these people where ever they may be running for office. Some will get elected and if the time would ever come where enough are in office don't turn your back because the next thing they'll be coming after is you and they don't need  a reason except that they can.


There's An Internet Screwing A Humm'in

We're talking Net Neutrality if the title is too confusing. This from the FCC at the end of their day.

Federal Communications Commission officials called off closed-door talks with lobbyists aimed at reaching a compromise on new rules to prevent Internet traffic from being blocked or slowed, saying they couldn't reach a workable compromise.

What the fuck is so hard to understand about this. There ain't going to be any fucking compromise ever. Just like there was not going to be any working together with the piece of shit repugs in Congress like Bama tried to do time and again. Get it fucking straight-it ain't happening fucking ever not the way things are now.
Lets be clear and cut the bull shit.
The FCC has the power to institute regulations concerning many things but in this case it's access to the Internet and how fast it runs for consumers. That's all consumers not just the ones with more money.
There are three Democrats on a board of five unlike the Bush years when it was the other way around. I know where Copps is on this issue but I have a bad feeling that in the end the corporations will get their way and the little guys will get fucked again.
I believe that if Net Neutrality  is not instituted little blogs will for the most part be inaccessible. This is serious shit and the big boys want control of this as it's pretty much the last place where the whole truth can be found. Lefty blogs like this,mine and maybe yours.
I have little confidence that equal access to the Internet will survive as we have it now.
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Prop 8 Ruling

My money says Judge Walker will take plenty of heat for his recent ruling on gay marriage. But I love this guy for a couple of his statements that I read.

Found it violated the Constitution's due process and equal protection clauses while failing "to advance any rational basis in singling out gay men and lesbians for denial of a marriage license." "Indeed, the evidence shows Proposition 8 does nothing more than enshrine in the California Constitution the notion that opposite-sex couples are superior to same-sex couples," the judge wrote in his 136-page ruling.

Well no shit! About time someone on the bench framed it like it really is. Then he kicks all different kinds of nutter logic with this.

He also said proponents offered little evidence that they were motivated by anything other than animus toward gays — beginning with their campaign to pass the ban, which included claims of wanting to protect children from learning about same-sex marriage in school.
"Proposition 8 played on the a fear that exposure to homosexuality would turn children into homosexuals and that parents should dread having children who are not heterosexual," Walker wrote. 

Thank you Judge Walker and keep your back to the wall.


Strip Mines Are Good For You

It's true and even more so when they are close to our National Parks - - you know like Bryce Canyon.
A coal company claimed victory Tuesday when a Utah state board rejected a legal challenge brought by environmental groups that say a proposed strip mine will pollute waterways and kick up dust at Bryce Canyon National Park.

But that's not the half of it.

The regulators' approval came after the developer donated $10,000 to Republican Gov. Gary Herbert's campaign and complained the state was taking too long to approve the project.

Whores plain and simple - low life political whores.



It's Not Just Humans

But dogs as well get hurt mentally by what goes on in war.

A military veterinarian diagnosed with her post-traumatic stress disorder — a condition that experts say can afflict dogs just like it does humans.

Well imagine that. The dog is getting treatment and is doing better. That's nice.

Can we leave now and not later??

Last Weekend's Camping

No teeming masses in these places. Not much water but plenty of oil and gas.  Just want to give you an idea of what it's like out here. Pickups everywhere.

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Outta Dodge In Afghanistan

Meaning the Dutch are going home starting yesterday.

Next year it will be the UK and Canada. The Netherlands lost 24 of their best with 140 wounded for a cause that was long ago lost.

Lately on the so called "news" the term used is coalition forces as expected. What a bunch of bs as by far the majority of those fighting and dieing are American.

It's a way to get the dummy's here to think that over 40 countries are totally behind our "War on Terror". Nothing could be farther from the truth.


Another Maybell Helper Plus A Real Stumper

A feel good message for all the travellers passing through Maybell. Feel better??

But it's this one that has me really confused. Found this in Rangely  and I tell you if this was on the highway in Maybell there would have been mayhem all over the place with people trying to cypher this out and drive the speed limit at the same time.

I'm serious-can someone explain this to me please.