I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Battle Of The Titans

You never know what you will see from one day to the next. On this day not too long ago watched a wrestling match. Had to get back to work so I moved these two combatants off to the side and continued. They were still going at it several minutes later but it looked like the hornet had the upper hand. It may not be much but I get a kick outta shit like this and besides when out of the ordinary presents itself over teh stupid of politics,media and all around dumbfuckedness why you betcha we're going for it!

This is a bald faced hornet that's not feeling well..

This is what one of their homes looks like and they are actually pretty good neighbors.

This is one doing battle with a humongous ant and both mean business.

And here they are up close and personal.

I'd like to see a match from beginning to end.

Grassley Lies Like A Rug As Usual

How this slug can keep a straight face amazes me!

Grassley has received nearly $1.3 million in contributions from health industry interests over the past six years, according to Maplight.org, a nonpartisan research group. Only six senators have received more campaign money from these interests.

Grassley says the campaign contributions have no effect on his positions. Some national health care reform advocates, including those who support a public option, agree.

The Des Moines Whore Register needs to name all those who support single payer AND think the grass man is a real good guy. OTC calls bullshit.


One Fly Exposes His Fly Plus Fish Wo Ho Plenty!

If there had been many fish caught this year you would have know about it but that has not been the case as I've been so busy getting this shit box I bought 11 months ago ready for winter.

That changed yesterday and these videos explain and illustrate and do reveal some things not known before. I am not a videographer but use these to mostly illustrate and explain which is the case here.

These are too long as well but the damage is done and if a few get a bit of enjoyment out of these then it was worth it the effort as the effort put into catching these yesterday sure as hell was worth every bit of it and long overdue.

This is where the fish are at.


Nutters Stroke The Idea Of A 21st Century Reagan Nation

How do ya like those horse apples and that needs to be done quickly as we are headed down Obama's “road to serfdom.” you see.

The local fish wrapper goes out of it's way to make these evil fuckers appear to be legitimate in their agenda when the truth is there is only one way and that is the way of god-guns-and you damn well better get used to no government at all.

I assume Herr Whore Norquist is up today and with crazy bitch Bachmann batting clean-up would be my guess. They'll all get their chance to preach from the top of daddy raygun's grave.

Know a few who work in the food service business here and the chances may be good for a first hand story of a drunk nutter doing something stupid. We'll see.


The Gathering Of Evil Bastards Begins Today

And when you have this simple hateful bitch Bachmann included then it does become just that.

Speakers include Michael Reagan, conservative talk radio host and son of late President Ronald Reagan; Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform; and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Whore-Minn.

They make this sound like this "institute" has been around for a long time. It was something that local well to do repugs came up with after a dismal showing with their tea bagger bull shit.

Crazy dumb fuck nutters is what this is no more no less.


Tortilla Wrappers - Beer - Spam And Those Tell Tale Tuna Cans = International Drug Cartels

And if you see this on trails while hiking in our national forests you damn well better "quickly hike away and call authorities".

I don't want to downplay danger involved with drugs that at this time are illegal but there is another issue here.

The title- International drug cartels infiltrating Colorado's national forests
Authorities have seized nearly 20,000 marijuana plants from national forest land in Colorado this summer, part of an apparent expansion of growing operations funded and run by international drug cartels.

First if people are in danger as this states and cartel's are involved (note the plural) then add more bullets in the holster for the decriminalization or legalization of marijuana.

Maybe this is so maybe not and maybe this is part of Saddam's final solution via the white house for what ever the reason.

People have and will continue to grow pot in our national forests and there have been some sizable plots of this before.

My bitch is nowhere in the article is there one damn piece of evidence to support the numerous claims of cartels. Not even fucking close to it.

If you can't produce a fact then it's speculation and an opinion and not news. This belongs in the editorial section until it becomes news supported by facts.

Maybe this is not part of Journalism 101 I wouldn't know but to me having learned what I did in a cornfield it makes sense that it should be.

More newspapers deserve to go broke as shit like this is in print all over. In this case the paper is the Denver Post the only player in town since the News shit the bed early this year.

School Board Will Be Back With Another Prayer Plan

Crazy religious nutters will never give up wanting to put the finishing touches on high school kids with cloud being bullshit.

School board members have gone back to the drawing board. Spencer is believed to be the first Iowa district to spell out religious freedoms in schools, a move that has caught on in Georgia, Texas and other states.

Whoever it is fighting these people back in the cornfield OTC thanks you for that!!

Another Abortion Doctor Threatened

At least this crazy was stopped and indicted before he hurt anybody.

"We received an anonymous call saying there were two Vietnam veterans coming from Spanish Fork, Utah, to Boulder to hurt my family," Hern said.


RIP Teddy

Comments in the Denver Whore Post on your passing are what is expected from dumb fuckers-from me is a giant thank you for caring about me and all the other little people in this country and else where around the world.

You were the best and we need someone to fill your shoes but that will not happen.

Giv'em hell!!

Damn Do Gooders

Keep your mouth shut and move on asshole! Times are tough. These people need to put food on their family.

A hiker made the discovery-
Major marijuana operations in the high country have the attention of top law enforcement officials after last week's seizure of 14,500 marijuana plants in the Pike National Forest near Deckers.


Flowers From Heaven

Glad there were no chances taken with this threat!

In a study, researchers have found that long-term pot smokers were roughly 62 percent less likely to develop head and neck cancers than people who did not smoke pot.

Cornfield People Are Incredibly Stupid/Brainwashed

This poll from this fishwrapper which doesn't mean a hell of a lot but you get the idea.

Is a significant part of federal spending wasteful?

Senator Slug was out stirring up the dummies and they were pissed but love the horses ass that was kissing theirs. Some quotes-

"The president of the United States, that's who you should be concerned about. Because he's acting like a little Hitler," said Tom Eisenhower, a World War II veteran. "I'd take a gun to Washington if enough of you would go with me."

Grassley seemed to elicit approval from the crowd on a number of key issues.

"I'm not going to vote for any bill I'm not going to read," said the senawhore.

He also stated repeatedly he was not for a public option, as he said it does not allow a choice for the consumer.

"Grassley is pretty much, how would you say, one of us," he said. "If it had been Harkin this might have been a bit more vocal."

Two equally disgusting pieces here and here.

This is just one area in the corn belt and the title to the article was that "Tempers flared". The places were all filled with the same thinking people so why the need to get all pissed off? It's like this all over the country for the most part.

This is more than being stupid-it's more than being propagandized-this is brainwashing no more no less. We are truly in a world of shit!


Some Input Please On Who's Coming To Town

It's been known for a couple weeks that Michael Reagan and Grover Norquist were coming to town to speak to the local nutters. But this morning found out the bell of the ball will be making an appearance-none other then that hateful bigoted Minnesota dumb bitch Michele Bachmann.

This conference is for two days and costs $250. Having this woman attend to me puts this in a different light. Understand that Steamboat Springs is not a very large city 10,000 at best and voted Democratic the last election. But there's money here and it's big money or else these players of the Republican Party could care squat about coming here.

My first thought on this was this is possibly a perfect opportunity for national exposure highlighting just how far off base these people really are. And the way that is done is that you have all kinds of lefties show up with their guns. First of all they are not expecting any type of protest I'm sure not here in Ski Town USA. Sure as hell don't want no bad publicity but if you read here often you saw where last January a decorated soldier was attacked on Main Street and later died of his injuries.

My point is that it's time to turn the tables on these people and maybe this type of action could have the possibility of having their previous actions backfire on them. There is no way that I can organize something like this but I have put out a couple feelers because this is not well known outside of this community that major players of the Republican Party are coming here to play their games.

Guns may seem a bit extreme for our side but they only have to be seen just a little bit and then an educated spokesman could explain what the dynamics are really about. It just seems to me there is an opportunity here that should not be lost and I am curious to what others may think.

Thanks, OF

Update- I would prefer there not to be guns and maybe I'm nervous because soon I'll be real close to some of the most evil people known anywhere.

Arizonians Feel Entitled When It Comes To Trashing National Forests

Not only are many as dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to health care they don't care what they do and leave behind in our parks either.

"Frankly, there are areas out there that are pigsties," said Paige Rockett, spokeswoman for the Tonto National Forest, which covers nearly 3 million acres of desert, mountains, lakes and other terrain northeast of Phoenix.

If you have ever spent anytime in Phoenix and taken a walk in the desert away from the buildings it only takes a bit to realize people have absolutely no respect for where they live. It is truly disgusting how the desert is used for many peoples personal dumpster!


Man Found Dead in Dead Man Lake


I am sure there is a similar reason why this lake is called what it is. Unfortunately it has earned its name once again with this accident.

I think I know how Yellow Jacket Pass got its name here. Some Mormoni on the way to Utah stopped to relieve himself on top of a yellow jacket hive that's how.

A long time ago Benny and Matt were sitting at the bar having their afternoon beers. A couple days before a young man had disappeared into a nearby lake and had yet to be found. Benny was chuckling about the possibility of an angler accidentally finding this young man while fishing. Matt looked up from his beer and said-Benny you dumb shit everybody knows dead man don't bite.


Lies From The Local Fishwrapper

Shit like this is too much. Personally the fact that this cartoonist is a black man doesn't mean squat to me. He can be the Queen of Egypt for that matter and it still doesn't mean a thing.

Locally there has been over the years efforts to have this comic strip removed from the editorial page but they refuse to do so.

Let's understand that by no means am I even close to being satisfied with what our new president has done or is doing and for now won't even go to the Congress side of things as it's still too early in the morning to get pissed off.

What in the hell is wrong with these people that put such a racist cartoon in their paper? But more importantly in this cartoon is the thought that the president of the United States wants to kill elderly people. I don't think it's a stretch to say that but that's the underlying message of this and that is a blatant lie. Just like the crazy bastards in Grand Junction last weekend-one of the phrases they were chanting was "kill the bill" with the underlying message there being these nutters wish to see harm come to people who support this bill and this president.

I despise this local paper and fight them on a continual basis for the bullshit they include on a daily basis. And this is for a readership of maybe 10,000. Compound this nationally and it's very easy to understand why our society is so damn stupid and believes the lies that they do.

We are so screwed!


Just How Damn Stupid Are These Massasschoosists Dimocrats

A personal plea from Senator Edward M. Kennedy to grant the governor power to appoint an interim successor in the Senate drew little public support from Massachusetts lawmakers yesterday, with the state’s Democratic leaders publicly silent on the proposal and most Republicans attacking it as a partisan power grab.

It's not like a power grab for control of the country but is intended to give the people of the state of Massachusists a vote in the Senate unlike what happened in Minnesota.

The fucktards on the left will hardly take a stance and the repugs are screaming as usual about some type of power grab. We're talking five months here people.

We will never win against the likes of the extreme right wing and BWM (Big Whore Media) if we can not even take a stance together on something such as this.

These fucking Dims here or elsewhere do not speak for me. Fuck 'em all!


Don't Think Too Much

From Tom Degan via Bad Attitudes. Heard Volunteers on the radio today and to this day it makes me feel militant as the fight is bigger than ever and I agree that many sold out. If I would have sure as hell wouldn't be here now.

Many of the guys you can see in the film, Woodstock — smoking dope under the stars, dancing in a torrential downpour, and grooving to The Who — would end up as prostitutes for Corporate America — buying BMWs and voting for Ronald Reagan. The mantle of “Peace and Love” was, I believe, merely a convenient front. As balding, middle-aged men, most of them would gleefully support their nation’s illegal invasion of Iraq a generation later. By that time, these assholes weren’t the ones who would have to do the fighting and dying.

Misfit had this up today about the intelligence level of our country. There is only the Internets for us to use against Big Whore Media. The two periods are similar in respect to a fight but today much of that goes on in cyberspace.

And That Be Me

More boomers are getting loaded these days.

Middle aged baby boomers are still turning on to illegal drugs forty years after Woodstock, doubling the rates of illicit drug use by the previous generation, according to a government study released on Wednesday.

But don't expect the White House to consider legalizing marijuana. "The discussion about legalization is not a part of the president's vocabulary under any circumstances and it's not a part of mine," Kerlikowske said in a telephone interview with Reuters in June.

And by the way assholes-put any label you want on this but get this straight. Just because pot happens to be my drug of choice does not make me any less of a person and get this straight too-I am not a fucking criminal!!

You feel the need to punish me then write the goddamn misdemeanor ticket and get the fuck out the way and my life. Sonsofbitches won't take a stance on legalization I got no time for ya.

Ensign Digs Even Bigger Hole For His Whoreness

Says - "I haven't done anything legally wrong."

Got a standing ovation for that one.

Excuse me while I go upchuck.


And The Answer Is

Simply - these last years have seen many crimes committed. Not going to try to narrow it down completely to those who did nor put specifics on what constitutes a crime.

But one thing is for certain I know one when I see it. For instance you know the Iraq war for lies is a good starting point. Valerie Plame is another for instance. The list goes on in the hundreds possibly thousands. Nothing new here.

From the very beginning when all of this shit started I really can't think of anybody that has been held accountable of any consequence for committing crimes and crimes have been committed without question. Scooter Libby does not count.

They left a really excellent trail and didn't try to hide what they were doing with some of it. In fact at times they were downright proud just like old Ollie was.

So the question is-why did they continue to do whatever they wanted for years breaking laws and raping the Constitution at will?

And If I were to be asked this question the answer I would give would be because they could but more importantly they knew then that they were never going to be prosecuted.

It's been that way all along and has not changed to this day. They know for a fact that they can basically operate any way they want and the only thing is that there will be a small challenge from our side and then it is forgotten. And that goes for what happens in Congress as well that a small group can stop the process and with the help of the media change and manipulate people doing things they would not normally do. It may be propaganda but the result is brainwashing and we are so very screwed!

Dumb Bitch Refuses To Drive Bus Back In The Cornfield

This religious nutter feels oh so picked on and takes a stance that can't be won.

On Monday, the Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority suspended bus operator Angela Shiel after she refused to drive a bus with an Iowa Atheists and Freethinkers ad on its side. Shiel, 41, said the ad's message, "Don't believe in God? You are not alone," went against her Christian faith.

DART responded with this - "When you work for the government, part of your job is to respect the rights of your fellow citizens, and you cannot use your religious beliefs to evade that responsibility," he said.

Got that straight? Don't like to hear the real side - the side of reality and you feel the need to cry and say you're being picked on? Tough shit!! Drive the the goddamn bus or get the fuck off.


Please Don't Ask For My Support On Afghanistan

Quotes from the chief commander-

"a war worth fighting"
"The insurgency in Afghanistan didn't just happen overnight, and we won't defeat it overnight,"
"This will not be quick nor easy."
"This is not a war of choice. This is a war of necessity,"

We still have well over a 100K troops in Iraq with a very prolonged war planned here one which our leaders think is a good one to be in. Has the prez been slipped kool-aid when he wasn't looking?

Probably not but without a doubt our congress loves war and refuses for what ever reason to listen to "we the people".

As Russ says-stop the madness!!


All BS From The Beginning

You all know by now that it appears any type of health insurance that was going to compete against the big boys is off the table at the White House.

No use going on even a little bit except to say-from the very beginning this was never fucking ever going to happen. It just was not going to be allowed.

The powerful have more or less complete control over our elected officials in DC. Our vote means squat. We are so screwed!

The picture at the top spends another day in respect for this lovely young lady and her message that is ever so very true but is for naught.


Out Flagged In Junction

Not only out flagged but outsmarted and most important of all OUTCLASSED!! Just briefly as I am so behind and will be back later to finish this is that these people are vicious and hateful. The video is half ass decent and has a coincidental shot of Air Force One which is kinda cool. Don't know if any of their signs are new or not but many sure are stupid just like hearing "get a job " being screamed by these people. They're good at pointing fingers as well. Bottom line for sure is that our side had more flags and was very well organized. Need to go now. Click on picture to hugen up.


Grand Junction Nutters Here We Come

My friend is up and intended to work on the roof today but it rained all night and will probably rain more today.

So instead we are for Grand Junction to observe and possibly counteract any dumb sonsofbitches that may be in vicinity of the venue where President Obama will be this afternoon.

I will not be wearing my hog leg but in this winger city if the nutters pull their shit there are going to be two guys at least who will let it be known that we support this president on health care for all of us and will not put up with the lies from the right.

Possible film at eleven.

Grassley - The Biggest Stinking Turd In The Cornfield

This from the Register this morning.

Sen. Charles Grassley made headlines this week when he criticized parts of a U.S. House bill that would pay for counseling for older Americans' final years, but in 2003, he supported legislation that included Medicare reimbursement for some end-of-life services.

And this comment from the article that sums it up much better than I can. He's such a whore among whores.

Chuck Grassley is a lying hypocrital professional politician who counts on ignorant Iowans to return him to office every six years. Yes, he was for "death panels" before he was against them. I suppose he'll find a new way to try to appease the American Christian Taliban & its Warriors of Ignorance, led by the queen of mean & stupid Sarah Palin. Good luck, Chuck.


Simpletons All Over The Country

And this outta the cornfield where Obama won the state and this county I believe. Big Whore Media is doing more than changing opinion with bullshit as it's been able to brainwash these dummies into doing and saying things where they have never participated before but now all of a sudden there is a crisis in their simple minds and they must act.

Jeebus forking christ are we ever in a world of shit!!

Is Barak Obama doing a good job as president? Yes


Same Old Song From Afghannystan

A comment from this post-

I am in the middle of a one year tour in the hell hole. I been here for almost 6 months. I am a combat soldier so i am saying for the record....its Hopeless. im up and down the Pakistan border every day.we win every engagement, and the taliban hide from us but the afghans dont want to stand up for themselves. it will never end. Oh, i almost forgot...Its a contractors heaven over here. the us govt is throwing away billions on contractors. Its a money grab for them.

Who knows if this is for real but it sure sounds like the same old song heard many times before.

I wonder about the contractor situation and I have to assume it's the same or worse than it was in Iraq.


Rover And Me

I can tell ya a couple of things. First that I am pooped working all day and then coming home and working some more. Not complaining because it'll all be good in the end. Problem is that when I finally sit down to relax I fall asleep in the chair and don't even get a chance it seems to get around to other places to see what's going on.

Well I see the dims have found out Rover had his slimy paws on the ousting of the attorneys. Tell me something that isn't so goddamn obvious.

Will you lame dick pussy's do something about it? I'll believe it when I see it and sure as hell will not hold my breath.

Update: Stopped at the grocery store on the way home yesterday and had to hustle back when I realized I did not have my checkbook. Luckily it was there. Just about got all the way to work this morning and realized I had forgotten key,knife and money clip. I don't wanna work no more forever.


Starting To Itch Bad For Another Road Trip


I asked a friend who I thought might know something which led by coincidence to an article published late May of this year

My question was about stinger missiles and there lack of use in Iraq and the possibility of coming out of the closet in Afghanistan.

Turns out- Steve Coll wrote in his book “Ghost Wars,” the C.I.A. spent quite a bit of money buying back as many leftover Stingers as possible from Afghan warlords.

If this is the case then it was a good move I guess but if somebody wanted to make our lives even more miserable than what it is there they could do what we did to the Russky's.

The article is a decent read and I see where three of our were killed in Afghanistan today.



Taliban Kicking Our Ass

This asshole is complaining how fucking hard it is fighting dem Talibans. They want increases in the amount of our troops and the Afghan forces. Fire this complainer and get someone in there who can find that sonofabitch Bin Laden so we can get the fuck out of there.

As a Realist I understand that is not going to happen any time soon. My country loves war and death far too much to give it up easily.

The Taliban have advanced out of traditional strongholds in Afghanistan's south and east, gaining the upper hand as they moved into the north and west. McChrystal told The Wall Street Journal newspaper in an interview in Kabul. "We've got to stop their momentum, stop their initiative. It's hard work."

Way Too High

Spent Sunday here at Trappers Lake. This area was devastated by a massive fire seven years ago this month.

It still remains a wonderful place to visit,explore and camp.

The lake is full of native cutthroat trout. I did not get one to shore. Fall has arrived in the high country and it's 34 here this morning which means there will be frost in some areas.


Sibel Edmonds Spills Her Beans After Years Of Intimidation

Go over to Busted's place to check this out-he's got this handled quite nicely as usual.

Many of us know this story well and OTC had considered this women a hero but after this she certainly is.

At this time what really chaps my ass more than anything else is the senators like Chuck (dumb fuck from the cornfield) Grassely heard this behind closed doors. I have to assume he heard some of this and then keeps his fucking yap closed about the crimes he then knew about after listening to Edmonds testimony way back then There was a dim there as well equally as big of a whore.

Will this Democrats ever learn there has to be accountability starting now for the crimes of the Bush administration and that includes these criminal sonsofbitches who call themselves democrats who broke the law as well.


A Feel Good Story From This Morning

The last three years we have donated the use of a utility vehicle in support of a 24 hour event that raises money for cancer research.

Three years ago this nice lady came to pick this up and we chatted. She flies cargo jets for one of the major delivery companies all over the world.

Last year and I will call this lady Mary came once again and she was not looking too good at all. She had just in the last couple of months been diagnosed with cancer. Because of treatment she was no longer able to fly. I gave her a hug and wished her the very best. I thought about this woman many times throughout the year.

Today Mary came once again and had gone through treatment and was looking very well indeed. I can't tell you how happy this made me feel to see this woman once again.

She is back to work and tomorrow morning will climb into her jet with the destination being Milan.

It was a good day today!

We Got Him Or Is It We Got Another One

How many of these guys have we gotten already? It's a bunch for sure. We've been getting these guys for a long time. Get one here then there but we get them over and over again.

The latest is Baitullah. Sounds like some kind of new catfish bait that might be sold in them red states down south but I guess it's a human from what the papers say. A Taliban human. A big man. Will this make the killing stop. Hell no we all know that. So what's the point?

It gives these whores and "news" sources something to do I guess as to confront the real story behind "getting another one" would prove too -well you know controversial and we sure can't go there ya know.

The story is you bastards is that there's another to take the place of everyone we kill and that's been the case for fucking years and it's never ending just like the "war on terrah" even though the new administration stopped using this term.

I want it to end-we all want it to end. I'm sick of your lame ass shit you pricks write about! Fuck everyone of you and the lame ass horses you ride in on.


Our Country Denies Being a Nation of Heavyweights

I know by some tables I am considered to be overweight. I may be a bit overweight but I'm not fat. There are without question many many overweight people in our society. I'm not trying piss anybody off here because what I find interesting is the 49 percent who said it was no problem at all.

If there is a problem encountered by me in respect to carrying a few extra belly pounds it would be sitting on a low stool which I do a lot of, bending and reaching repeatedly seems a bit restricted at times I must admit.

So it appears I'm one of the 49%. I'm not sure that's good or bad. I must be denying my over weightness or am thinking way too much.

Pussy's In The Pentagon

A Pentagon official told The New York Times: “Any time the Russian Navy does something out of the ordinary, it is cause for worry.

You have more guns and bullets than anyone else in the world pass all and the Russky's show up with a couple submarines and it's "shades of the cold war". We do this shit all over but we have to worry about this now. Probably time for some new submarines or new tracking devices. We'd have money for that -you betcha.

The good thing is that shooter Cheney and the whore Bolten aren't screaming they need to be blown out of the water.


Throw Away The Damn Key

Freezer Boy William Jefferson convicted of taking bribes.

When it comes time send the message to these sonsofbitches that there is a price to pay for behavior like this when you are elected and betray that trust.

And more important this slug makes all of us from the left look like crooks. He's not a Democrat he's an everyday thief no more no less.

Like my dad used to say-put him so far back in the cell they have to pipe him the fucking food.


Wouldn't Put It Past Him

Blackwater's religiously insane founder Erik Prince has been implicated by former employees in that he himself killed individuals who were cooperating with the investigation by the Government into his company. Link

People like Erik Prince are some of the most dangerous. Money, God, guns and belief that you can do no wrong in a quest to make the world your special kind of place regardless of what others might think. You see I'm me and your you and you don't count not even a little fucking bit.

Blackwater changed its name to something else but it will always be Blackwater to me. I can't imagine this man knocking off people himself but chances are really good people were killed over this. Nothing about Blackwater has ever gotten legs from Big Whore Media so I doubt this will either.

This is a piece by Jeremy Scahill but the links do not work anywhere at this time.

H/T Square State

Shimmy Shimmy

One of my favorite stations I support and stream during the day is KDNK from Carbondale,CO. The last few days they've played this song below several times as a lead in to a new program.

I thought it was a new version of an old song. What the hell do I know. I can't get this damn thing outta my head so I'm sharing.


Net Neutrality Is On The Table

This is so important and the cards may be in place to get this done and shut out Big Whore Media from gaining control of the internets.

A new Net Neutrality bill was just introduced in Congress.
President Obama has repeatedly called for Net Neutrality. A pro-Net Neutrality chairman is now heading the FCC. Public support has never been greater.
The time has come to make Net Neutrality the law once and for all. Congress introduced the Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2009 (H.R. 3458) to give you control over the future of the Internet.

Tell Congress: Pass Net Neutrality Legislation Now

According To ICasualties

According to this six of our guys, two Canadians and a French soldier all perished in the hell hole of Afghanistan last Friday. I put this up because I failed to see any mention of it. That does not mean it wasn't reported by our Big Whore Media.

1339 08/01/
NAME NOT RELEASED YET Not reported yet
US Not reported yet Not reported yet Hostile - hostile fire Wardak Province Afghanistan Not reported yet Not reported yet
1338 08/01/09 NAME NOT RELEASED YET Not reported yet
US Not reported yet Not reported yet Hostile - hostile fire Wardak Province Afghanistan Not reported yet Not reported yet
1337 08/01/09 NAME NOT RELEASED YET Not reported yet
US Not reported yet Not reported yet Hostile - hostile fire Wardak Province Afghanistan Not reported yet Not reported yet
1336 08/01/09 NAME NOT RELEASED YET Not reported yet
Canada Canadian Army 5e Régiment du génie de combat Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack Zhari district (5 km west of Kandahar City) Afghanistan Not reported yet Not reported yet
1335 08/01/09 Bobbitt, Christian Corporal
Canada Canadian Army 5e Régiment du génie de combat Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack Zhari district (5 km west of Kandahar City) Afghanistan Not reported yet Not reported yet
1334 08/01/09 NAME NOT RELEASED YET Not reported yet 22 France French Army 3ème régiment d?infanterie de marine Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack Pain Ghayne in Valley Ghayn near Nijrab (Kapisa) Afghanistan Not reported yet Not reported yet
1333 08/01/09 NAME NOT RELEASED YET Not reported yet
US Not reported yet Not reported yet Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack southern Afghanistan Afghanistan Not reported yet Not reported yet
1332 08/01/09 NAME NOT RELEASED YET Not reported yet
US Not reported yet Not reported yet Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack southern Afghanistan Afghanistan Not reported yet Not reported yet
1331 08/01/09 NAME NOT RELEASED YET Not reported yet
US Not reported yet


It Should Have Been Murder 1

This 11 year old girl couldn't walk, talk or eat but her loving parents and others prayed her to death. The "others" should be charged as well.

Madeline died on the floor of the family's rural Weston home as people surrounded her and prayed.

And life is so sacred to nutters such as this! How can we have good government when you have elected people who are just as religiously insane as these holding office.

Mom's already been convicted as dad has of second-degree reckless homicide which is much more appropriate than a recent case in Oregon where it was a misdemeanor charge for similar circumstances.

This is a type of murder for sure and being religiously insane does not give these losers a pass.

Make it a federal offense when people "kill with prayer" and you begin to see a change for the better.


Get Ready For Many More

It disgusts me to no end - no let rephrase that and tell it like it really is. It pisses me fucking off so goddamn bad to see this.

A U.S. service member was killed as the deadliest month for foreign troops in the Afghanistan war drew to a close, the U.S. military said on Friday, with commanders vowing to continue the fight despite the toll.

And there's not a damn thing we can do.

We used the process in place like we were supposed to do. It's called elections and we elected people who were supposed to address the wars we are in.

Well the facts are that we got screwed and these bastards do not deserve another chance to rape me/us again.

Our side loves war and death just as much as the crazy sonsofbitches on the other side.

How sad/bad is that?

Now Iraq says we can stay longer if we want. That's just fucking peachy.

Jeebus forking christ!