I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Outta Here

The sun is just about ready to peak over the bluff and I'm loaded up and headed over to the Cortez area to explore some things I saw last year about this time. The next few days are going to be really nice.

Maybe I will get lucky and find some early colors of some sort. In any case will not be around for at least a week anyway.

Thanks for coming by and spring is veeery close now.

Have a good one and everyone be safe and enjoy what you can and don't take any crap from nutters or repugs,



Military Chesters Lie Their Brass Asses Off As Usual

This is not news but a total lie that is fed to the sheep many of which feed on it. It's only a diversion from the truth and the reality of perpetual war.

How about less than they're forced to do now you dumb bastards!

obama Sends His Pot Goons To Arizona

Irregardless of this states other positions these suckers did pass a Medicinal Marijuana law. This is different because part of it is that state employees have to administer it. So what do you do if you be the commander and want to be known as a compassionate type of guy??

Well you threaten these state employees who are mandated by state law passed "by the people" of Arizona with federal prosecution. WTF anyway! bama you bastard you!!!

Understand this man has choices here. Choices that could make huge positive differences with literally millions of people here and other places in the word on this issue and many others as well. When you are President of the United States that is part of it. This man remains silent.


Talk About A Crash

Watch this. No one died and it happened Feb 6th.

Cheney Harasser Case Before The Supremes Today

Going on six years now and there's nothing left after this. To refresh -

This piece does not delve into the specifics but the way I understand/remember it is that the plaintiff saw the Dark One and took his shot at him as many would including me. The original charges were dropped and this case is against the two agents assigned to protect the killer who arrested the plaintiff named Howards.

The is some substance here and I give this man credit for speaking out and sticking up for the for what he knows is right. Being the pessimistic soul I am I pretty much expect when the ruling comes down the Supremes will rule in favor of the Empire.


Supreme Being Closing Up Shops

How could HE allow this to happen?? I can not or do I want to hear from "believers" the reasoning for the Nonexistent Sky Being to do this to his "most faithful" because it wouldn't mean shit it's as simple as that.

Many were started because charlatan's were hoping they could make it to the big time and reap the benefits associated with mind screwing the mind screwed even more meaning fleecing them for as much as you can get.

I say tax the church's as the Tax Code states that are getting it and using it for political purposes. We all want that those of us anyway that actually have a clue as what should be done to make things better for a change. Let something go our way - know what I mean.

Looks like banks are taking a hit here too catering to the religiously insane. Fine by me and I know and understand there won't be any tax paying going on any time soon by these purveyors of nonsense. 


Ironic And Probably Not The First Time

Did not know of this until a week later and got down to it a couple days ago. It's like 6 miles south of here. Last week there was one parked on the siding for several days which was part of the train that derailed.  That must have been damaged but didn't notice anything.  They don't look good on the ground that's for sure.

In a way  this reminds me of my uncle's Leader Dog who himself became blind.

To get to where this happened their is a back way. That back way is still there but now features a locked gate that I do not have a key to. But I do have a smaller motorcycle that goes under fences quite nicely quickly and easily. That back way comes out on a county road. About 3.5 miles away. To drive from here to the same spot is 18 miles. From that point it was still 2.5 miles away and I rode right to it. If I had driven it would have been 16.5 plus two miles walking just one way.

Cross posted @ The Picture Place

Gas Pains

Well Christopher things have changed a bit here. Last time I filled up just after the 1st of the month is was like $3.16. Yesterday it was much different drawing blood at a rate of $3.57. It has to be more in Cali I'm sure. I understand for Merka to progress the 1% needs us to put food on their table.


On Commenting

I miss the way it was and the Penguin addressed this in a post explaining how to change it if want to do so. I can say since word verification was stopped here spam has not been an issue and blogger caught all of them.

No use of me trying to bang this out on how and thanks Badtux for explaining for a bunch of people I'm sure.

Headed south to Trinidad to help a friend. Likely to hit 80 today. Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!!


Dumbing Down The Dummies With Diversion

It happens all the time and it is not news but stupid speculation that has no relevance at all. The example comes from the huge runway story with Panetta.

This is not news and all you need to know is to read the title of the piece and go no further because most of the time it literally don't mean shit! Why?

They could have been thinking the Queen of Egypt was there and that they wanted to do her. Point being is of course that is totally absurd but no more absurd than speculating that "the Marines" were the target. Why??

They don't like us. They've been trying to kill us and many other types forever. This is the way the game is played there and it's not going to change.

Panetta or the Marines which one??? It's a mind game diversional delaying tactic. So if we figure out who they were trying to kill the situation in our major war front will improve right? Well no of course not and that is why it's a diversion from the real reality one that Big Whore Media will not write about or cover and call for the immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Washing Clothes Could Become A Crime

That's a stretch for sure but for a long time when buying soap just said to myself who in the hell can afford to pay so damn much for something called Tide.

It's a big deal all over and people are stealing it in some places as fast as they can put it on the shelves and drug dealers are accepting Tide as payment. Yup you read that right. Will end users have to show proof of ownership if asked by the pulice. After all stolen property being used to buy contraband. What to do what to do.

Me I've been using that real cheap "Made in Mexico" powered stuff. Works real good for me and smells nice too.

The horror!


Possibilities That Never Happened

Inspiring talks as the one below on ocean exploration build hope of future possibilities. I find it interesting as to what coulda and shoulda been on all levels instead of - well what we have. Maybe just maybe someday.


Support The Troops!

OTC supported the troops long before it became fashionable for the nutters to do so and that support has increased proportionately according to the time spent.

OTC supported them not going starting in Iraq and through the years has maintained and increased that level of support for bringing them home.

The best support we can give these men and women who are dieing for nothing is to as always as I'm sure many of you have insisted as well to get 'em the hell out of Afghanistan NOW!

I understand it's a pipe dream but that's all we have.

War Pigs All

bama the leader of the pack followed by damn near every member of the corporate bought whores in congress.

Nobody fucking gets it. Decades of pure bullshit spewing from the mouths of the ones bought and paid for as the War Machine grows and the talk of more war fills the airwaves across the land to mind fuck the sheep  to the delight of the 1%. Our nation has been conditioned by Big Whore Media that war is good for them and their inbred little pink slime eaters.

WAR PIGS every last one of them. Merca loves it's blood and guts served up on other country's plates - you betcha!  


Declare Victory And Get The Hell Outta There

Montag started a a petition on bama's White house web site titled -

I found it worth signing and who knows after this latest mass murder just maybe -


A Different Home In A Different Place

It is very close to 33 years ago a jet left Kotoka International Airport in Accra Ghana taking me away from the tropics never experienced since. Barring unforeseen circumstances it's not gonna make 34. Starting in Dec and through Feb the place you see below will be home. At this link is a description and more of the same used here.

 Needless to say I find this exciting. It will be very low key and non touristy. There is no car and it's a mile into this small city of Atenas that is noted for it's spring like climate year round.

I do not have to lock the door if I choose and English works but I will try to learn.

 The criteria set were rather broad several months ago when I really started looking at the possibilities for a place to hang for several months during next winter. Learned a lot and very briefly the search criteria used to find a place most of the time brought me to Costa Rica and Panama.

This is poor but you will get the idea.

Again it's all new this not working thing and to me so far after five months it's been much better than working. I am so fortunate that something like this can even be on the table and what's ahead this spring and summer as well. I'm lucky and I know that. It appears this can be done within the limited monthly income there is.

Public transit here we come. Bring it on!

Have a good one.


This Morning

Spring is close. May not seem like it but it is.


The Prez Sends His Own Poodle Boy

And he does just what he's told to do like a good little poochy. And this after bama sent his 1st bitch of terror to put these upstart country's in line and to make sure the point is made and the fact Joe ain't much good for anything else.

Seriously this is really fucking stupid but tells exactly where the 1% stands. There is literally no chance nor indication the Empire's policy on drugs will change. Kiss my ass again bama.

bama Sends Militant Gestapo DEA Bitch To Colorado

And she makes no qualms about what she intends to do to people in this state where Medicinal Marijuana is legal and in November the state votes on partial legalization of marijuana.

Prez bama told the DEA to back off of states who passed MM initiative and right after that the goons were sent out to do the opposite and here is another example of that.

Look at this women's rhetoric about marijuana. Straight out of the 30's. We have learned nothing and the ones who can make change regress into more escalation and more incarceration disregarding what the "people want". Where are the baggers on this. Oh stupid me I forgot it's da pot ya know.

The prez lied about this and he is the only person who by just opening his mouth could make the difference is very positive way changing the lives of people so negatively affected by this country's decades old failed drug policy.

If bama actually gave a shit things would be different. Not going to happen because he agrees with it. I don't know about you but he can kiss my ass.


How Much

I'm curious as to how much the Pigboy has paid his former wives to keep their yaps shut as to just how vile a human he really is.

Maybe nothing too as they might be so embarrassed to let many others know they even knew this humanoid POS.


They Left One Behind

For what ever reason but these were parked just before dusk and were gone when the sun came up this morning. Was gone most of the day and if it's still there about nine in the morning I'm going down to get right next to this damn thing.

The Day After

The first chance to get some good things done today. Biscuits and gravy a side of bacon and some excellent hot chocolate for three bucks plus a tip are the first order of business but that's 40 miles up the road and I'm hungry.

Need to renew the 'ol drivers license which can't be done online - well because there's too many years under the belt and I suppose they want to see if you're still able to walk and talk.

But what I really want is the $10 lifetime senior national parks pass that also has other benefits other than just getting in free. This is huge for me. The down side is that the only reason this is such a deal is that they know that at this age you're gonna croak sooner than later so they're not out that much. Seriously I will be happy to have this.

I don't have to buy a fishing license any more either and the fishing stuff is coming along too. There's supposed to be three miles of the Arkansas that is public. We'll see. It's gonna be 70 easy today.

Have a good one.  


Guatemala Starts The Dialog

Knowing full well all the effects of the dynamics of our Empire's war with drugs that the only way out is real dialog about legalization. Guatemala has done just that with their vice president traveling and meeting with other leaders in the area. 

Of course the Empire wants no part of this.


President Molina Tells Napolitano And The Empire To Kiss His Ass

They don't want any more of this decades old bullshit from the United States of War. They've grown so weary of it. Napolitano started out with her nonsense - “The United States does not view decriminalization as a viable way to deal with the narcotics problem,” she said. She suggested a regional effort that would prevent drug use, intercept production and distribution, and stop money laundering.

President Molina says fuck you under his breath and states out loud so all war monkey's here can understand -
“We are calling for a discussion, a debate. And we continue to insist it. ... We want to open a debate to find a more effective way to fight drug trafficking.” 

After throwing her fat Empire ass out the door Molina is sending -

Good on these people and the stance they are taking on this failed decades old policy that has killed many in their country only for the appeasement of politicians here.

Bring it on boys and good luck. There is some hope here finally. Talk of legalization/decriminalization here could get you hurt. After all it's da pot ya see.