I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Black People Causin All The Trouble

Loud parties, mean pit bulls, blaring car radios, prostitution, drug dealing and muggings of schoolchildren.

Recently moved into a trailer that sits in a trailer park. What did I find? There's a bunch of those damn Mexicans living here. Yikes! How dare they.

One thing here at OTC we're equally prejudiced against whoever it may be and that includes myself.

If things really turn to shit our society must at the very least tolerate each other. If not things could get very nasty. 60/40 we can't.

For me-I'm going to try and score me some of that home cooked Mexican chop that's what.

Arsenic And Old Retention Ponds

KINGSTON, Tenn. – Some water samples near a massive spill of coal ash in eastern Tennessee are showing high levels of arsenic.

TVA's environmental executive Anda Ray said the arsenic levels were high because of the type of measurement that the EPA used, which included soil mixed in with water.

"Those samples were not dissolved arsenic," Ray said. "The dissolved arsenic, which is what you look at for drinking water samples, are undetectable in all the cases. The elevated arsenic that the EPA is referring to is the data that we collected when it was stirred up. It is routinely filtered out through all water treatment plants."

Leave it to the media whores to downplay the severity of something like this when corporations are involved. This is a disaster pure and simple and no matter how it's spun this land will not be reclaimed in its entirety for decades if ever and you don't have to be an EPA specialist to make that determination!

Guardian Angels To The Rescue

A Saint John woman is thanking her guardian angels after a stray bullet narrowly missed hitting her in her north-end home. "I was saved by my angels, because I collect angels" she said.

This explanation will work for many.


And Away We Go

Good article below.

A rash of store closings, which some experts predict will be the most in 35 years, is likely to come across areas from electronics to apparel, shrinking the industry and leading to fewer niche players and suppliers.

Rick Chesley, partner in the global bankruptcy and restructuring group at international law firm Paul Hastings. "The downturn has been catastrophic."

We'll see real soon like about the 5th of January what kind of ride we may be taking. I'm tired of this expert shit too. Fact is I'm a better expert than you assholes. Take Iraq as an example. I said we were being told lies and that it was going to be a disaster. Already I'm a better expert.

Kicked your ass on fallout from carrying too much debt as a country and as a society. Krugman got it right but no one listened-too busy making money ya know.

We're going to be seeing a multitude of articles like the one above real soon and the news will be bad. I think the predictor's have missed again on the high side. LTFO!

This is what Krugman says-he's the real expert here.

Kautious Kerry On Pirate Pursuit

Kerry said a hot pursuit policy on Somalia's coastline is "long overdue." But he warns against any "haphazard, sloppy" military missions. Vice Adm. Bill Gortney, commander of the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet, said it is hard to identify pirates and warned that innocent civilians could be killed.

Jeez-spare me the drivel. The pirates are the ones in the little boats with rifles that approach vessels with ill intent-those guys. And when has killing innocent civilians ever bothered us anyway?

So Kerry is going to "study" this next year. That's real nice John Boy.

Kerry was unwilling to fight for the presidency and all the fucking studying will not change anything. This situation cannot be that difficult to plan for and implement procedures that will insure the safety of these boats.

We spend billions on the two war fronts so what's a few million blasting the shit out of a bunch of small boys off the coast of Somalia.

Bad News

That's what's out there.

Bad News - Johnny Cash


Items Noticed This Morning

I thought we were supposed to be fixing the roads in Irak.
The Defense Department says that all three soldiers who died on Christmas Eve after their vehicle rolled over in Baghdad were based at Fort Carson.
So many of our soldiers have perished because of non-combat related injuries.

This will piss many off.
Cities would have the power to tax Iowans' incomes as a way to reduce the reliance on property taxes. The issue is national in scope.
It's the Democrats that are behind this proposal.

Rich kids do not volunteer to serve from here.
Out of the largest graduating class in history of 172 just two chose the military as an option.
Thanks guys!!

Catholics Recruiting Third World Talent

A long time problem in the states finding enough to enter the priesthood to meet demand has spawned efforts to fill the void by soliciting priests from outside the US. A lot of the time it doesn't work out so well.

Some foreign priests had to be sent home. One became romantically entangled with a female co-worker. One isolated himself in the rectory. Still another would not learn to drive. A priest from the Philippines left after two weeks because he could not stand the cold. A Peruvian priest was hostile toward Hispanics who were not from Peru.

The good part about it is if they don't work out you can just kick their ass out but it seems these outsiders haven't been raping which is good.


Wingers Can't Decide What Bush Is

A writer for the National Review goes back a 100 years for a quote to describe Bush.

“He flung himself from the room, flung himself upon his horse and rode madly off in all directions.”

That prompted an angry response by Michael Gerson, Bush’s former White House speechwriter, in The Washington Post in defence of the “compassionate conservatism” of his boss.

This came from an article about Bush's third of a billion dollar library and how history will look at him.

After Obama says "I do" I hope he drop kicks Bush's sorry ass all the way to Dallas to prepare to take his rightful place in the corner of his library with the dunce cap on.


A Glaring Reason Why Coal Should Be Phased Out

Here is how the recent spill in Tennessee affected one individual.

Democracy Now
covered this in detail interviewing several people. One was Anne Paine who writes for the Tennessean. Her articles on this disaster are here.

It's my hope this administration in the end puts emphasis on alternatives to coal as "clean coal" is a myth. Sure we're going to continue to use it but as alternatives are implemented begin phasing coal out. Nuclear is another issue. As a country with the right leadership and participation from the people a change to significant amounts of alternative energy being produced can be accomplished and must be.

Colorado has a long history associated with coal that continues to this day. Every place I've lived there was coal and here is no exception. There are two power plants directly to the west the furthest 40 miles away.

In fairness it needs to be said maybe 10-12 years ago after a long battle these plants were forced to install scrubbers. After doing so the effects of acid rain in the Zirkel Wilderness Area stopped.

Effects of burning coal can be lessened but you sure as hell shouldn't have to fight it out in court to see that it's done.

Researcher From Missouri Thinks Too Much

What makes us feel spiritual? It could be the quieting of a small area in our brains, a new study suggests. People with less active Me-Definers are more likely to lead spiritual lives. The finding suggests that one core tenant of spiritual experience is selflessness.

He may have a bit of something here but I'd like to point out I know many who think of others first and they are not a bit spiritual.

I prefer the results of this poll.
The poll of 3,000 people found that 58 percent believe in the supernatural, including paranormal encounters, while 54 percent believe God exists. "Paranormal beliefs are very strongly negatively related to religious belief". Some scientists think this is so because religions tend to discourage paranormal beliefs, and indeed most devout practitioners of a religion have been shown to be the least likely to believe in Bigfoot, ghosts or aliens.


Holiday Greetings

Not being one who participates a great deal this time of year I found a huge present that was delivered this morning via the internets from Monkeyfister. A site and and man I look to for insight,information and entertainment has awarded Outta the Cornfield "The Legendary, Coveted, and Oft Fought-Over Silver Sailor's Tongue Award". For a peckerhead straight out of a cornfield I am truly humbled by that and will strive to do as well and better as I am very surprised and now very happy. Me???

A sincere thank you Mr. Fister!!

Looking forward to perusing the other winner's sites and that deserves two big toes plus two thumbs up for all of them!! Congratulations big time.

To blogger friends made in the last year and everyone who sees this post and all who visit thank you for that! We are making a difference.

Wishing one a prosperous New Year has added meaning as this one draws to a close but at the same time there is the optimism of hope not present for many years.

My Christmas wish to all is that this coming new year be one that you are able to keep what you have now and that you,family and friends remain healthy and safe through out the year.



Originally posted almost a year ago on 12/27 and because yesterday 20+ inches of the champagne stuff fell the holiday crowd has it very good and this economy needs all the help it can get.

I like the third video and the song. The title is Rollerskate done by Call and Response

This summer was turned on to a site with a number of boarder videos some that were done here. Was hesitant initially to post any because did not want to open the door to any attempt that might curtail this activity but this is fun stuff and way too good not to share. These came from Flight Plan Films and the movie archive is here.

It's my understanding "The Oak Creek Rail" is an icon for many boarders from here and other places.

My Dad always told me that you had to make your own fun. There was a bit of work that went into making this fun.

Like this one a bunch in particular the song. What is it? A lot of work went into this too plus there is some pretty decent driving skills shown also. Notice how long the approach trail/road is.

I have not seen Izzy since the time we worked together a few years ago. It's good to see her here. Hi Izzy.

Coulda woulda shouda but in a different time I wouda been a boarder. You guys Rock!!


You May Die On Your Next Mission Soldier But Till Then You're Paying For Your Internet

Troops in Iraq and Kuwait will have free Internet access on Christmas Day in the Army and Air Force Exchange Service’s 11 CZee CyberZones Internet Cafes.

Normally there is a per-minute charge for Internet usage.

OTC calls bullshit here. We got a trillion wrapped up in this at least with squat to show for it except for a bunch of dead people for one thing. Give these guys some free internet access once a week. Jesus christ you cheap bastards.

El Busho's Idiocy Finally Spawns Something Good


Ramazan Baydan, owner of the Istanbul-based Baydan Shoe Company, has been swamped with orders from across the world, after insisting that his company produced the black leather shoes which the Iraqi journalist Muntazar al-Zaidi threw at Bush during a press conference in Baghdad last Sunday.Baydan has recruited an extra 100 staff to meet orders for 300,000 pairs of Model 271 - more than four times the shoe's normal annual sale.

What a legacy monkey. This will fit right in at your library of lies in the Job Creation section.

The animosity and hatred of this man from around the world is truly astounding.

Clueless In Afghannystan

But with Karzai casting doubt on how many U.S. troops should operate in the country, it's not clear whether the two leaders will share a similar vision for the direction of the Afghan effort.

Going at it for seven years with the biggest troop increase coming this year with our country and the world in the worst financial situation ever.

Reading various articles Karzai wants us to do this-we want to do that. One mentions training troops so they can take over.

To me this only shows that once again the is no definitive plan and even if there was the outcome of "winning" is very doubtful at best. Ask the Russky's how they feel about it as I'm sure their words of advice would be you're fucking nuts.

But yet our country plods along with the sheep's heads in the sand as usual accepting what the war machine tells them needs to be done to keep our freedom here secure.

My fear is not what is in Afghanistan but what is found in the octagon and what is walking the halls of congress that fill me with dread.

Somehow some way we must find a way to stop our aggression around the world that suits the interests of only a few in our country. This behavior will be what eventually causes the demise of the country we once knew.

Benny The Rat Proves Once Again He Is Bat Shit Crazy

Poop Benedict was accused of stroking homophobia today after a speech in which he declared that saving humanity from homosexuality was just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction.

Good 'ol Benny attempting to think outside his box again. The clear and ever present danger of the Taliban of the West whether they're in Rome or Colorado Springs all one in the same.

Plane Crashes Plenty-I Wouldn't Fly In These Mountains In The Wintertime In A Small Plane To Save My Ass

There was the incident in Denver yesterday and yes those people were lucky. It was very windy but there were no fatality's.

Not so for this crash just the day before on Saturday.

Nor so just a few short hours ago locally only a few miles away where two more died.

There have been a number of crashes here alone over the years not to mention all over the state. I am not a pilot but have flown Ultralites for a period some time ago. Some of the best flying can be had during the winter but not when it's snowing!

I would take a ride sometime maybe but the pilot would have to be very experienced and never fucking ever would I even consider it if the pilot had never flown in mountains before.

Onshore Drilling - A Colorado Tragedy

I put this post up in it's entirety to raise awareness of the hazards of methane gas drilling. This hits close to home as this is the county I own property and the story below is accurate.

Thanks to Brahman Colorado and to Square State.

Since May of this year, I have tried no less than six times to write this diary. I haven't had all the facts or references to document what I know. It became so personal a journey for me that I found myself immersed in a struggle to get the information on a small rural county fighting to preserve it's great natural resources of land, water and pristine beauty and my desire to move there.

It is the struggle of one the poorest counties in historic Southern Colorado against the oil and gas industry, drilling for Methane gas in Huerfano County.

A place that has been the crossroads of the Ute trail, Camino Real, Taos trail and the Santa Fe trail bordering the Sangre de Cristo mountain range at the base of the Spanish Peaks. The Peaks have traditional and religious significance to American Indian tribes including the Comanche and Ute. Summer thunderstorms, which often form near the summits, were evidence the rain gods worked their magic on the peaks. The common Indian names are "Wahatoya", Huajatolla" or Guajatoyah", roughly interpreted as "breasts of the earth".

A place where rivers, streams and water sheds have supported a rich diversity of life for thousands of years.

This spring when I lost my business and was forced to sell my house, I decided to regroup and find 35 acres down close to our best friends in Walsenburg, Colorado. For 15 years we have gone down to their large and isolated undeveloped property at the foot of Wahatoya; where he has a trailer, shed and water well in the cedar, pinon and juniper forests at the base of the mountain. I always loved opening the well head and firing up the pump so I could taste that delicious sweet well water that took me back to my childhood memories of drinking good cold sweet well water on the farms and homesteads of my great grandparents. Hmmm...there is nothing like it in the world. We often walked the adjoining parcels of BLM and private land imagining that we too could buy a slice of heaven for ourselves nearby.

Land and water are hot topics in Colorado and the interior West.

We hired a local realtor in June and began searching the beautiful Cuchara valley, La Veta and Badito areas. I was immediately enchanted with the history, topography, wildlife, plants and hispanic culture unique to this area. After 3 months we found 35 acres on a ridge that swept down to the Huerfano creek valley across to the Wet mountains with stunning vistas of the Sangre de Cristos, the Spanish Peaks at the foot of Mt. Maestas and Silver Mountain. It was already feeling like home with a 25 mile drive to town.

But trouble was bubbling in paradise.

Rumors were emerging of water wells blowing up from methane drilling, livestock deaths and fouled water ways. Methane seeps, as they are called, are where pockets of gas follow underground geologic formations and fissures escaping into the atmosphere. Seeps kill vegation, wildlife and humans as it is oftentimes odorless and colorless. The locals were not talking and I couldn't find any articles or information. The bar tenders avoided the topic and homeowners shrugged off my questions. The realtor always struggled with my inquiries.

" Our community is very divided," she explained. "divided between the 2500 jobs and the money that is generated by the oil and gas industry and the environmental impact of all the drilling in the county."

"Folks are concerned about the water in this area."

On the eve of submitting a contract to buy 35 acres, I came home to Denver and googled "Huerfano county methane gas" and came across this article:

THE COLORADO OIL AND GAS CONSERVATION COMMISSION had issued 6 months earlier a cease and desist order for Petroglyph Oil and Gas to stop the devastating practice of dewatering and drilling in Huerfano County.

I was shocked.In the days and weeks and months that have followed a clearer more candid picture of the situation and the effects of coal and methane gas drilling have begun to unfold. The story has gone from a local story to a more regional story. Hopefully it will become a national headline.

We halted our real estate contract and got back our earnest money. We were so very disheartened.

Next I came across this article from the Huerfanoworld.net in June.

Unlike traditional oil and gas drilling, coal bed methane operations target relatively shallow coal seam strata that contain EPA defined drinkable water. In the process of removing the methane gas molecules that are adhered to the coal the industry performs a fracing process. This process dewaters the coal seam, removing the pressure to allow the methane to detach from the coal. The pressures in the coal seam can be as high as 300 psi from the trapped water.

Once the water is removed, the methane is allowed to migrate to the surface. This takes place through the conduit of the methane gas well, but sometimes the gas escapes into domestic wells or natural or induced fractures in the subsurface layers.

3 weeks ago this article was written in the Pueblo Chieftain on November 27th 2008:

Rep. John Salazar says the area's coal-bed methane gas problems are appalling... U.S. Rep. John Salazar has asked Gov. Bill Ritter to become personally involved in what he calls unsafe methods being used to extract coal-bed methane gas in Huerfano County.

Salazar said,

that discharging water from the mining operations into the Cuchara River has hurt agriculture producers who depend on the river for both irrigation and watering cattle.

"They have lost a large number of cattle and the crops they use to feed their stock, thereby making it difficult for their farm to survive."


residents are still complaining that coal-bed methane has migrated into their wells and that some wells are drying up. Farmers and ranchers also are expressing fears that drilling for coal-bed methane could contaminate groundwater.

Yesterday was a terrible day for my friends. They were scheduled to meet with officials from the county and state, oil company reps and an independent lab to take samples and test their water well. The well has been hissing methane gas for awhile now. The smell of rotten eggs fills the well head as the generator and pump spew a foul smelling stream of water.

A circular patch of trees has died at what they suspect as a methane seep nearby on the property. A lot of ranches are for sale now in the area.

I cried this fall standing on the ridge of the property we had tried to buy as I closed my eyes and said goodbye to the land. I cried yesterday with my friends. Their newly poured foundation of their dream home sits idle in the Colorado snow this winter at the foot of Wahatoya next to their fouled water well.

I hope the new Secretary of the Interior and his brother hear the cries of the people of Huerfano county.

The Salazar family has lived nearby for 12 generations! It would be a shame to trade the short term benefits and profits of gas drilling for the sustainable and natural resources of water.

Like thieves in the night, these oil corporations will take the profits and leave a mess for the tax payer and poor citizens of Huerfano county and Colorado to clean up. The track record and denial of these greedy corporations is abysmal in Colorado. The ignorant chanting of "Drill baby Drill" this summer at the Republican convention made me especially mad. These people are just a bunch of ignorant assholes.

The hundreds of drilling holes pock marking the strata of fractured coal seams cannot be repaired a mile down. The dewatered caverns of methane coal beds has been pumped up into the watersheds of the area polluting the streams. Deadly methane gas is escaping from seeps and holes in the ground because oil companies can walk onto your property and drill a hole without your permission because they own the mineral rights below the surface.

It is an environmental disaster in Huerfano and Las Animas counties and I'm not sure the Salazars, Udalls, Obama or Ritter or the Gas commission can fix the real problems here. They are up against some pretty haughty villians.

I am not sure that I will be able to stand in a Colorado thunderstorm and feel the cold mountain rain on my face anymore and imagine in my mind that the Gods of Wahatoya must be weeping too.


Presto Chango And 30 It Is

Thirty thousand troops that is. Late summer it 7,000 troops that were going to Afghanistan and in recent times that number changed to 20,000. Just below is a post from yesterday on this very same thing.

Here is a link to a Bill Moyer's interview with Sarah Chayes at Crooks and Liars. In this the flaws of the mission in Afghanistan are explained. Two thumbs up once again for Mr. Moyers.

Saturday was the first time the new figure was used and today it continues so apparently 30 it is. Must be nice to pull numbers out of your ass at will when the mood suits you.

As stated in the other post I hope Obama lied and our mission becomes one of determining the status of Bin Laden. If he's alive bring him to justice and get the hell outta there. If he's dead get us the hell outta there. Anything else will not work.

We cannot sustain war on two fronts and make much headway on the economy. I feel Obama will take the position of continued occupation in both places.

We're in deep shit-LTFO.

Killers Behind The Wheel

FORT COLLINS — A 9-year-old's death, allegedly caused by a distracted cellphone user, is behind a new push to force Coloradans to put their cellphones away while driving.

This just pisses me off and it's happened too many times.

I broke the umbilical cord of a land line years ago but I understand that I have a responsibility to others in the use of that device. For the most part the phone is not used while driving unless it is set up that you DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THE ROAD!

What's so hard to understand about that.

Pigeon Poop Cause Headaches For Maverick Supporters

Yuma County, Arizona
Jose Lopez, owner of a nearby appliance store, said he heard a loud noise and and saw the station's canopy fall onto a BMW sedan and a Hummer. The canopy was covered in 4 to 5 inches of pigeon waste.

Don't want to be be pick'in on anybody BUT if a canopy that is overloaded with pigeon shit collapses onto vehicles and those just happen to be a Hummer and a BMW I'm good with that.


Yo Mike Finnigan At Crooks And Liars

To receive recognition from a site with two hundred eighty one million three hundred seventy six thousand six hundred and forty nine hits is nice. Thank you for that!!

All Of A Sudden It's 30,000

The United States plans to send between 20,000 and 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan by summer 2009. So I don't see an increase any higher at this point than 20 to 30,000," Mullen told reporters.

Update-links to the 20,000 number


Earlier this year, the U.S. commander in Afghanistan, Gen. David McKiernan, requested at least 20,000 additional troops be sent there to fight the increasing violence by the resurgent Taliban forces in the southern and eastern parts of the country.

Washington, Dec 6 (DPA) The US military is preparing for a build-up of as many as 20,000 troops next year in Afghanistan to step up the fight against the Taliban and Al Qaeda insurgency, a top US commander said Friday.

This is a good one
According to the data received by American journalists from anonymous sources in the US Department of Defense, the George Bush?s Administration is going to send additional 20,000 troops to Afghanistan instead of 15,000 as planned earlier.

The number bandied about has always been 20,000. I remember this shit. An article confirming that linked to in a previous post has been archived and money has to be paid to see it again. I don't think so.

Now it could be 30k. What's another 10,000 or so. Getting the masses ready for the upcoming and maybe even bigger and better prolonged conflict in Afghanistan.

I hope Obama lied like a rug and uses these troops to determine whether Bin Laden is dead or alive and if he is alive bring him to justice and get us the hell outta there.

And if he's dead get us the hell outta there too!


Scotland Yard Will Not Be Needed

Secretary of the Army Pete Geren says a task force studying murders committed by Fort Carson war veterans has not pinpointed a common cause. In November, The Denver Post reported that nine men from a single Fort Carson unit, the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, had been accused in 10 murders and attempted murders in the past three years.

OTC has posted on this previously. Sleuths have been digging vigorously to determine the reason for the outrageous amount of murders committed by Fort Carson soldiers. All the hard work went for naught as they came up empty handed.

This piece done by a Denver Post reporter is a perfect example of why newspapers are failing. Don't want to knock the apple cart over or cast doubt on the mission- can't have none of that let alone tell it like it is. I'm sick of this shit.

Did it ever occur that the "common cause" just might be Iraq?? Some if not all of these boys served there and it's fucking up a generation of young men and women that the rest of society will have to deal with for decades because journalists across the country refuse to report the reality of this debacle in Iraq and the ramifications of going to war on lies. Do your goddamn job and if the excuse is "it won't get printed" then go somewhere where you can write the truth.

Could You Torture Someone?

It was one of the most infamous experiments in history, offering compelling evidence that almost everybody is capable of great evil. In a controversial series of studies that started in 1961, Stanley Milgram demonstrated the horrifying extent to which people will follow orders, even when their actions seem to be inflicting serious harm on others

An interesting read about the human condition and the possibility that most of us may have torture tendency's. There are questions about this study although there is certainly some merit to it. Scary.


The Poop Is Levitating With Joy

An Arkansas woman has given birth to her 18th child. "The ultimate Christmas gift from God," said Jim Bob Duggar, the father of the 18 children.

Benny the Rat loves this kind of shit. Remember a few years ago when this women back in the cornfield unloaded seven at one sitting after using fertility drugs and that was a "miracle from god".

Gift/miracle whatever the fuck you wish to label it there is something fundamentally wrong with this.

Don't even know if this family is catholic as it makes no difference because when you are religiously insane you think,talk and do like people such as this.

Bigots And Racists In NASCAR - Could It Really Be?

NASCAR has settled a $225 million lawsuit filed by a former official who said she was subjected to racial discrimination and sexual harassment. Among Grant's claims, she said she was referred to as "Nappy Headed Mo" and "Queen Sheba," by co-workers, was often told she worked on "colored people time," and was frightened by one official who routinely made Ku Klux Klan references.

Damn straight this women was subjected to this. There are hardly any black people associated with this sport let alone a black women. I'm positive it was brutal for her.

The Documentary That Is A Must Miss

Haggard to promote show on his life after sex scandal.

First thing I saw this morning when I went to look at the news and damn near shit. Worse yet it's being directed by Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

This is sick shit give me a fucking break!

Nascarions Crying In Their Beer

The mood at NASCAR’s end-of-the-year ceremony was so grim that, if one had to compare it to a type of car, the only fitting example fitting would be a hearse.

This is actually a very informative piece but let's put most of the blame right where it belongs and that's in the cotton fields of the south who voted in lockstep for this stupid sonofabitch we got for a preznut twice.

Many are being affected by this and the gravy train of tens of millions of greenbacks from the north has done dried up considerably. You've done fucked yourself and may have to spend Sunday afternoons watching pit bull fights instead. Tough shit!

Briefly- I love car racing or anything that goes fast and if it can burn rubber so much the better. It was a ritual for some time to at least watch Daytona. Hey it's the Daytona 500. After Earnhardt was killed just quit watching. Was about done anyway because Nascar had become so very corporate. Just wanted to see Dale Sr. win his 8th championship to take the wind out of Petty's sail. Stick those restrictor plates where the sun don't shine! Plus Earnhardt drove Chevy's. I'm a Chevy man ya know.

I had this very same Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's design on a t-shirt that I thought was lost. When my two brothers and I were going through things after Dad passed away I came across it. Unfortunately all the brilliant and wild colors had faded away but I still kept it.


Coup Plotters Arrested In Iraq

(Reuters) – About 35 Iraqi officials have been arrested at the interior ministry, some accused of planning a coup, the New York Times reported on Wednesday, citing senior security officials in Baghdad.

The arrests over the past three days were carried out by an elite counterterrorism force that reports directly to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the report said.

They got arrested for a reason that's for certain. No way in hell are things in Iraq ever going to be worth a shit for a long time if ever. You bastards!

War Front - The Caribbean

US military fighting the drug war in the Middle America's but surprise surprise it ain't working out so well.

Always ample funds for this shit for years and years and fucking years. Obama can we please end this? His and congress's ears will be deaf as usual and the "war" will continue.

I question the figure that 90% of the drugs flown out originate from Venezuela.

Oldest Marijuana Stash Found and I bet this person was not considered a criminal.

Braniac Cyphers Out Why Advertising Works

A new theory suggests how the ads can work on our unconscious mind to spur purchases.

Well no shit Cisco. Corporations brainwash kids into becoming consumers and propagandize the rest of society into what they don't need but need to buy. You'll be out of a job soon when people have no money to buy squat. You have the time to explain how it works but can't continue with the rest of the story how detrimental consumerism has been. That's the story asshole.

It's No Fun Now

For nearly six years, American troops have been free under a U.N. mandate to search any home and detain anyone deemed a security risk. Starting next month, they'll have to go see a judge. Officers say the requirement is one of the biggest headaches in complying with the new rules.

Rules? May as well pack up and come home.


Mylitis Has Set In

Occasionally like to post a song but what I was using no longer allowed embedding. Came to these guys and the one I wanted only played for 30 sec so chose this to see how it works.

I like this song from Peter Tosh and some times this mylitis sets in you wouldn't believe. If you have never heard it give it a try.


I Don't See Any Protection Orders For You And Me

A federal judge on Monday threw a lifesaver to investors who may have been duped in one of Wall Street's biggest alleged frauds, saying they need the protection of a special government reserve fund set up to help investors at failed brokerage firms.

I'm down 22% for the year almost all the loss coming in the third quarter. Some I know losses approach 40% and my money was in conservative funds. I don't want more than the rich get I just want the same treatment. Bastards!

Pirates Continue To Kick Ass And They Ain't From Pittsburg

The wily buccaneers of Somalia's seas do not seem especially deterred - instead, they seem to be getting only wilier. More than a dozen warships, from Italy, Greece, Turkey, India, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, France, Russia, Britain, Malaysia and the United States, have joined the hunt.

And yet, in just the past two months, the pirates have attacked more than 30 vessels, eluding the naval patrols, going farther out to sea and seeking bigger, more lucrative game, including an American cruise ship and a 1,000-foot, or 305-meter, Saudi oil tanker.

I read this and the only thing that came to mind is what the fuck is going on here. Don't tell this can't be stopped.

Salazar Alias Saladbar Headed Into The Interior

U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar has accepted an offer from President-elect Barack Obama’s administration to serve as the Secretary of the Interior.

I have not been happy at all with this man as my senator. Too many times he crossed party lines to vote with the repugs on rights issues. He very well might do quite well in his new position and hope the Guv makes a wise choice for his replacement.


Bad Eye Sight For Sure

Nothing gets hurt here.

This Has Gotta Hurt

US anti-kidnap expert kidnapped in Mexico

If someone wants to fuck with you chances are good they'll get it done. The same here the example being that if our government wants you they can do whatever they want and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

The Real Reason For The Demise Of Newspapers

This week the editor of the local fish wrapper wrote about what his paper has to do to adapt to the changing times and be able to survive. The major part of it was the use of the internets which is not hard to determine.

A writer for the Rocky Mountain News wrote this piece where he puts the demise of the Rocky squarely at the feet of Craig's List. Hmmm.

I put this comment on the article in the local paper.

Even after all this time newspapers/pundits/writers have failed to have or get a clue why the influence you had at one time is so much less now and in this case why newspapers are failing.

It's simple-you didn't do your job and whored yourselves out for the bottom line. If you had done so we would not be in Iraq now. People would have been tried for the worst act of treason in the history of our country in the outing of Valerie Plame. The list is endless.

Instead you took the centrist position of negating most factual accounts with an opposing view. There are enough participants now who have chosen not to be part of this anymore and instead canceled subscriptions and advertising and use other sources on the web mostly independent bloggers many who back their posts up with the facts and we ain't coming back.

This papers choice to use the web is correct but to think people will pay in any numbers to make it viable when they can get better content elsewhere is being naive.

No matter what the papers and the rest of the media say because of the last eight years of lies,deception,war,massive amounts of death and a ruined economy that very well may lead to a world wide depression this country has taken a left turn for sure.

I will read this bloggers post and agree with it because the ones that read lefty blogs are the ones who have stopped supporting newspapers.


I do think enough of us on the left got so disgusted with the media in the lead up to the debacle in Iraq that it started a snow ball rolling down hill and got bigger as the lies slowly came out.

I remember well how pissed off I was but nobody would listen. The truth was out there but Amerika at the time never heard it. None of these bastards will ever get a pass on their failure in journalism that has cost our country so very much. Never fucking ever!

So I say it was us just as much as anything that caused this to happen. Am I full of shit or is there some merit in my reasoning?


Bush Damn Near Gets Hammered In The Side Of The Head By Shoes In The Heavily Fortified Green Zone

Muntadar al-Zeidi, threw two shoes and missed the dodging target. He was heard saying to himself later "Allahdamnit I fucking missed- sonofabitch anyway".

I'm sorry he missed too. This is one American who appreciates the efforts Iraqi's are making. Mr. al-Zeidi gets OTC's stamp of approval for not accepting a bunch of bullshit during a press conference from a known liar and killer. Two big toes and two thumbs up and please let there be video. And there is-OH HAPPY DAYS -enjoy

Took the video out because it was making the page load slow.

This will live in infamy. Another embarrassing chapter in the chimp's blunder of a life.

Missle Site Is Source For Cheyenne's Water Contamination

The federal government has tried to blame "almost any other entity" for the source of the TCE contamination over the years. He said the link between the nuclear missile sites and the contamination is now clear and said the Department of Defense needs pay for cleanup. Trichloroethylene

Of course it was denied for years and now the proof is there. Good luck trying to get damages. We've got wars on two front's ya know and bullets ain't cheap.


Six Canucks Killed In Last Nine Days


32,000 U.S. troops fighting at the second front

53,000 total NATO troops

103 Canadians killed in the last six years

148 U.S. military deaths in all this year

20,000 additional troops coming early in '09

Gates blubbers our neighbors to the north should continue to party after their scheduled leave in 2011. Harper says go fuck yourself Canada doesn't want anymore.

We will be there for years too.

The Highway Of Hero's has become a phenomenon. This video explains.

Brits Lose Five On The Two War Fronts


Several items in this article. The bomber was 12 years old which occurred in Afghanistan.

The Jackal strike vehicle recently deployed and designed to withstand mines does not work as well as planned as two deaths have resulted in two separate blasts.

In the last two weeks there have been two suicides. They have names and once had a real life. One was a father of two. Link

Years ago on PBS there was a series by Gwynn Dyer titled a ''WAR: A Commentary". In this he detailed the history of warfare. One of the most striking similarities between war in it's infancy and modern day warfare was that nothing ever goes according to plan-EVER!

So the Jackal don't work so well and the plans for Irak a fucking debacle from the onset. The same will hold true for escalation soon to happen in Afgannystan. These people will never say "I give" never fucking ever.

Get ready to eat another stale shit sandwich.

Second Iowa Ethanol Plant Declares Bankruptcy

Pine Lake Corn Processors of Steamboat Rock has become the second ethanol producer in Iowa to file for bankruptcy. The 30 million-gallon-capacity plant opened three years ago and shut down operations on Dec. 1.

There are still 29 other plants operating more than anywhere else. In the end this may turn into a major boondoggle.


Vatican Official Crawls Out Of The Catacombs To Issue Statement Condemning Science

A Vatican bioethics document Friday condemned artificial fertilization and other techniques used by many couples and also said human cloning, "designer babies" and embryonic stem-cell research were immoral.

The Poop and his boy rapers some of the most dangerous people in the world!

CIA Says Your Guilty And Then Helps Blow You Outta The Sky Without Even Asking A Question

With the help of CIA spotters, the Peruvian air force shot down 15 small civilian aircraft suspected of carrying drugs, in many cases without warning and within two to three minutes of being sighted.

Maybe there are drugs on board maybe not. But when you don't even investigate the wreckage that presents a major problem for me. There are other ways to do this but as usual the higher moral ground we take trumps all.

Another reason people hate us.

Upping The Ante In Afgannystan

Roadside bomb attacks on U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan have risen sharply this autumn, reversing the seasonal decline that usually occurs with the onset of winter, according to Pentagon data released on Thursday.The latest statistics for improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, show the number of incidents climbing 19 percent to 315 in November from 264 in October, with coalition casualties at 83 killed or wounded compared to 78 in October.

Imagine that! When there gets to be 20K troops or more sent there will be even more targets and death for an effort that will not be won. This is not going to be good and one does not need to be a Middle East expert to understand.

Throwing The Homeless Out Into The Cornfield

David Costello cried as he listened to the crunch of plywood, timbers and glass yielding to a giant claw. The huts for homeless people that he helped construct along the Des Moines River north of downtown were soon to be no more. About nine homeless men who lived in the six structures were evicted last week, and on Thursday the city demolished the huts, called hooches by Costello.

What the hell are they going to do when there gets to be more and more as times get worse? Not a very nice gesture during the holidays.


Reading This Makes Me Sick

Former residents of the Florida School for Boys in Marianna believe that the shallow graves, which date to the 1950s and 1960s, contain the crushed skulls and broken bones of fellow inmates, confirming that staff meted out brutal punishment to boys as young as 8 for such “crimes” as singing or eating an extra pancake for breakfast.

How people can treat other humans and in this case kids never ceases to amaze me.

Another Win In Iraq

A suspected suicide bomber has killed at least 36 people at a restaurant near the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk. The reason for the attack is not yet clear.

The only reason the wingers say the surge worked and we are winning is because the numbers of ours being killed is down. This will never stop as long as we occupy Iraq. So far two US troops have been killed this month which is a good thing but still unacceptable.


Denver Home Sales Worst On Record

Number of sold properties falls 31.8% from Oct. Until a couple of days ago, I thought we were at the bottom or close to the bottom," he said. "But now I think we might be a few months away from nearing the bottom."

Another example that no one has a clue period! In respect to global warming scientists knew but where they missed repeatedly was the rate it was occurring. With the economy it's similar in the same way. Things are falling off the table world wide for the most part and it seems to me most of the know it all's continue to strike out. We are in some serious shit that ain't going away for a very long time.

Sorry Bout That

U.S. Special Forces killed six Afghan police and wounded 13 early Wednesday in a case of mistaken identity.

That'll teach'em Democracy comes with a price.


Holding Their Hands While The Iraqs Led

A few pieces from this gem.

Iraqi police talked with property owners, broke locks and led the way
The Americans followed with tools the Iraqis lacked
A team of advisers was there, too, to look for things the Iraqis could do to improve their tactics
Unless we enhance their ability to secure their own environment, we'll never leave
The special groups, militias and thugs will have their last breath within six months
Iraqi security forces lack a reliable supply network

How many years has it been and these guys can't wipe their ass on their own and even if they could there's no toilet paper. "When they stand up we'll stand down" the liar in chief said over and over. It's a failure all that it ever could be and if we do leave and head next door that will be the same too. We are so screwed and those in Congress have enabled it all to happen with no end in sight of our country continuing the same some place else.

This is sick shit!

Wide Stance Loses Appeal

Idaho Sen. Larry Craig has lost his latest attempt to withdraw his guilty plea in the Minneapolis airport men's room sex sting that effectively ended his Senate career.

How far do you think you and I would get after pleading guilty and then decide we want to change our mind? Why this piece of pig shit still walks the Senate floor is an example of how compromised our legislators are in Washington and it's just plain fucking wrong.

Bush Admits To Being A Simpleton

Asked about creation and evolution, Bush said: "I think you can have both. I think evolution can — you're getting me way out of my lane here. I'm just a simple president".

There is no doubt about that Ace!

We're On A Hellbound Train In Afgannystan

KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban’s fugitive leader said the planned increase in U.S. troops in Afghanistan will give his fighters incentive to kill and maim more Americans than ever.

“No Afghan will lower himself to such an irrational and insensitive position to fight against his own brothers for the interests of the invaders and lose his life and faith for ... the pleasure of the invaders,” the statement said.

With the attack and total destruction of the convoy in Pakistan last weekend what is it our leaders cannot see? The article linked to above tells it all. The Russians got their asses kicked and the same will happen to us. At present we have 32,000 troops in Afghanistan with another 10-20K headed that way soon. Who knows what the total will be. When there are dynamics involved such as we have there it just is not "winnable" I don't give a shit what anybody tries to tell me other wise. There are better ways but until then we are on a train bound for hell.


What A Guy

Warren L. Stump, 55, of Fremont, faces a preliminary felony charge of human trafficking. The Steuben County Sheriff’s Department received a tip this week from a member of Stump’s church who said Stump talked about his desire to buy an underage girl and force her into marrying either himself or someone else

Sick bastard. The key word here is church. Churches everywhere you look. Most Americans believe there was a finger snapper. With so many believers and active church participants why are there fuckwads like this guy all over the damn place?

No Need To Guard The Copper Pile Tonite

Because it ain't worth anything. Used to be but not now. Scrap metal prices are down 90% from a few months ago. Another indicator of just how screwed we probably are.


We Can Feel Safer Now

FARGO, N.D. (AP) -- After two failed tries, an unmanned aircraft expected to be the first to patrol the northern U.S. border completed a flight from Arizona to North Dakota.

What are they going to be looking for anyway? Sneakers slipping across the border in the dead of night when there isn't a person within 50 miles or more? Give me a break.

Tancredo Out But Not Gone

Over the years, Tancredo did succeed in escalating the rhetoric, making it more acceptable for like-minded talk radio and other media personalities to notch up the fear level to even greater heights," he said. As for a legacy, "He and his immigration caucus accomplished nothing, other than leading his Republican colleagues over the cliff by their acceptance and adoption of overheated, confrontational rhetoric," Toltz said.

People like this never go away. They get too much pleasure from the mouth piece the media gives them particularly when it's not deserved. Glad we haven't heard much from this man in recent months.