I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Memorial Day 2010

Another year gone by and this post remains accurate and pertinent. The state of the nation will not be discussed today. Have a safe and fun filled holiday with your family and friends.

Today 5/25/09   It the same a year later just as it was the same six years ago. This post has a much merit now as it did then and will have more next year. We are not leaving Iraq for years as the plan was just that from the beginning. That has not changed and is not going to no matter what is said. It is so sad. There have been 18 of ours killed in Iraq so far this month and that will never stop until we are gone. 

Memorial Day Today And Five Years Ago

These pictures were taken five long years ago the very same scene above being played out once again today for the sixth time at the same place here and everywhere around our country since the invasion of Iraq. Each flag here a representation of a veteran who is no longer with us.

There is not a person I know who does not respect the service any man or women has given to this country but given these times and this day of remembrance Iraq and those who put us there has got to be part of the picture. The vets from this small Iowa town were adamantly opposed to the invasion and remain opposed to the chain of events since then.  How many more of the same scene above will play out while this country occupies Iraq? It's likely there will be many.

With the war whores pounding the drums for war leading up to the invasion the opposition to such a venture was not heard from those who understood the ramifications of such an action namely the vets above and those no longer with us who now include my own Father. Although OTC did not exist five years ago the stance taken at that time remains the same today. We were one of the biggest supporters of the troops then and now. We supported them not going to Iraq and continue to support them coming home to their families immediately!!

Thank you to all Veterans past and present for your service and sacrifices and may the future for those who are serving abroad in this theater called Iraq and Afghanistan be able to return home very soon. That is my hope but the reality at this time is that many more graves will be dug for the casualties of this debacle.


Weekend & Holiday Wishes

Very soon I am outta here to camp and look for more pictures. I will be hanging with my Mormon friends I'm sure in Utah. Will stay the same place as last week tonight because I can make it there before dark and it's a pleasant spot. I will not be around the internets.

A while back I posted that there were a number of hits coming from the "Next Blog" icon on top. Those are gone now and am back to 60-70 or so and that's just fine because no one stuck around just as I do most of the time when I use that icon.

But those who come by now are regulars and are considered good friends here at OTC and I thank you so much for coming here to see what this old pecker head has to say!!

Have a safe and fun filled holiday weekend.

You double betcha.

According To Free Press We've Been Sold Out Again

We need this badly but of course we were never going to get Net Neutrality anyway.  

Does anyone understand that we have absolutely no control over a thing even though we elected a majority to vote for ""We the People's" best interest's. It will only get worse -count on it.


Benny The Rat Reads Facebook Then Punishes

I suppose they have some grounds to be annoyed but this women makes some good points in her defense.

Like most employers who wish to see harm done to those who have worked for them. The people loving insane Catholic church wants to deny unemployment benefits and she damn well better stay away from where they think the finger snapper hangs out or else there's gonna be trouble.

Benny the Rat a vengeful bastard for sure. Of course this case does not involve a young boy.


Yes He Will Be Deported

In Arizona of course and if they make him walk it will take a long time before he's out of Dodge.

Biologists trapping nonnative turtles from a pond near Papago Park in Phoenix say they were astonished when they pulled a 62-pound behemoth from the water.

More Religiously Nuts Than The Other

That's the way you gotta be if you want to run for Guv on the Gooper ticket in da cornfield.

Lost most of my respect for those people back there. Face it these people on the right even if they are nor aligned with the baggers are damn near as fucking crazy when they base their political stance on the invisible finger snapper in the sky.

Our country mignt as well be living in the dark ages.


You Just Never Mind

Text under the video feed from BP.

There ya see. Move the hell out of the way you people who have an issue with the gulf coast being destroyed more than likely by the likes of us and we really do care and are trying so hard. So what if it's been about five weeks. Suck it up bitches. We're in charge here and ain't a fucking thing you can do about it.

I can't tell you how much I hope this works. Other than that there's not much on my mind.

The Answer Is Simple

On how to get this oil shut off because so far as I can tell it's still killing the oceans.

Let's see-we have killed dozens in covert operations,overthrown numerous governments,went to Panama and grabbed Noriega who still sits in the slammer and started a war for lies and oil. You know where this is going.

Easy-go round up the players involved in this and put their nuts in a vise and if there aren't any nuts it's teat in a wringer then for the others.

Do that and things will happen - count on it.

This is no joke I'm serious as can be.

Don't Be Teach'in Junk Science To Da Childrens

Supposedly this is a test case to get some balanced education to the kiddies cuz they are coming home crying about the earth melting away you see there you betcha.

Rose Pugliese, an unsuccessful candidate for a District 51 school board seat in the last election, presented a petition with 700 signatures to the board asking that science teachers stop giving lessons on global warming. Pugliese, a 32-year-old Grand Junction attorney and activist in Tea Party and conservative Republican groups, also presented a petition with 600 signatures demanding Mesa County schools keep political views out of classrooms. Except theirs of course.

This is sick shit my friends and these people are never going to let up. They are human Terminators but mind fucked just as bad as any Muslim terrorist and that's a fact.



GGG Is Good For America

Tom Cat put this post up an excellent post titled GOP Gulf Gusher where he pretty much covers the situation there including remarks Palmer Palin made in which Obama is made out to be the one responsible for this disaster. It fired me up among others as I do get tired of the lies and con-artists like BP and as I made a comment it just went on and I turned it into a post for today. This is so serious my friends and there seems to me not much being done. TC eludes to fining BP a billion a day. This simple women continues the mantra of drilling as the possibility of the worlds oceans being destroyed means nothing. How can there be progress made when people like this are given the floor more than us to spew lies and accuse others ?

Is a billion enough?

Now Saladbar says he's gonna get real tough. Will a letter be the first thing before the knockout blow comes?

Any reporter would be writing about the arrangement made with the Bush's. I guess they're not reporters.

And they give this simple talking points women credibility. Pin it on Bama and the sheep believe it.

LTFO boys and girls. If this doesn't get shut off real soon they may not be able to for some time if ever.

So if what they're going to try next fails what's next and after that what?

We should be sitting in on this strategy and know exactly what the plans are day to day.

All that is and will be destroyed is mine and yours!

It's been a fucking lie from the beginning.

If the Bush bastards had been held accountable for taking this country to war on lies chances are good this wouldn't be happening.

There must be accountability at this level of government else this is what you get.

I really believe these are the worst of times overall that my country has seen in my lifetime which is awhile.

This country is regressing and at faster rate than climate change.

There are many out there who are much more optimistic than I. We need that badly.

At this stage I'm doubtful we can get back all that has been lost in a decade and we will continue a rather steep decline and that's with the oil getting shut off in the gulf starting right now.

The worst case scenario in the Gulf is not being spoken about and it should be. If it were there might just be a bit more action.


Nuttier Than 10 Acres Of Goobers

That be Tim D'Annunzio, a congressional candidate in North Carolina's most competitive district. Get this-

There's more of course but the above should be enough for most. Give the GOP credit for trying to get rid of this nutcase.

But not Ronnie Long who is president of We the People NC and part of the tea party movement, said he was disappointed to see Republican officials resort to personal attacks against D'Annunzio. Cry me a fucking river asshole.

Simpleton Ronnie goes on to say his group and others are backing D'Annunzio because he has the integrity and fortitude to make decisions for the people and not the party. "He's not the kind of person the parties can rule over and manipulate," he said.

Is there an earthquake cuz I find my head shaking uncontrollably that people with some education can be so fucking stupid. And teh stupid is all over the country.

Do not repeat do not underestimate these simpletons.

Take Your Pick

The local fish wrapper and the realtor's continue to paint a picture that the market and the local economy are gonna come back. So what do you do but promote these monstrosities.

Read last week sales here in a market that in recent years generated weekly sales in the tens of millions of dollars.

There are no jobs and people aren't buying anything let alone a house the value of which is unknown. I actually think it's gotten worse.

But you can buy a giant house owned by whores and life will be sweet for you.

I do not wish ill on people but when the realtor's start bailing town that is fine by me. They deserve everything they get and more not only here but around the country. Not all of course but many of them.


Thanks President Carter

He and Nicholas Kristof  for both raising awareness and for what looks like the eradication of one of the scourges of the world Guinea worm.

So many people had the worm when I lived in West Africa to think it may be coming to an end is next to amazing and much of the credit goes to a former president who puts people first over the bottom line.

Carter and Kristof rock!

Not often there is that much good news but this is one of those times.

Miracle Road A Proper Fit For Sunday

When I read this I hoped it was finally the end of the road where a miracle would be found and here there was going to be more than one. You betcha! Hope meter in the red zone.

Had to go to the rest of the story in the Mormony Times. The miracles were not there but much talk about blessings. Not the same thing.

But it wasn't the rest of the story and you had to go to another place.

And then I saw it. One lone miracle.

"These people were moved upon by the Spirit to come here," he said. "Why else would that many people come to this obscure, mountain valley in the desert of Arizona — was it to see a building or outstanding art?" he asked, then answering: "No. Without a doubt, we have been part of a miracle; the Spirit of the Lord brought many thousands of choice souls to The Gila Valley."

Let's get something straight here.

When all you believers get your invisible finger snapper buddy who lives high in the sky to snap those precious fingers together and stop the oil spewing into the gulf we can talk.

Till then all of you everywhere are nothing but cheap low rent bullshit artists.

Charlatans pass all.


We Don't Need No Stink'in Oil Spill Panel

We need action not talk. What a bunch of bull shit. I can't believe it but I agree with Vitter.

"Democratic leaders in Congress haven't focused enough attention on the disaster off of Louisiana's coast. Ongoing congressional hearings on the spill are simply a distraction and should wait until after the well has been capped".

Bama says "We need to do a lot more to protect the health and safety of our people, to safeguard the quality of our air and water, and to preserve the natural beauty and bounty of America," Fuck that!

How about talk on just how this is going to be stopped and how you are going to make BP responsible for their crimes against the environment and humanity.

BP and the rest of the most evil in the world told the US to play nice and let the criminals take care of this at their leisure and everything will be just fine.

So that's exactly what's happening.

Are you proud of your country for doing squat and actually hindering efforts in what will likely be one of the worst disasters ever?

Here is the link to Obama's weekly address. To be fair the US has contributed resources to this effort. Stick by the entirety of the post above and even more so!

Keep the goddamn political bullshit out of this until the sonofabitch is shut fucking off okay??


Why The Men In Blue Have Credibility Problems At Times

Like this time and I'm not quite sure how to frame this.

Except for stupid -stupid -stupid! No charges files of course and both have serious injuries but will live and who knows maybe pass the class so they get out there to serve and protect. 

I hope they stay away from me and should they be allowed to carry a gun?

LTFO for these guys.

Infighting Crazy Catholics

Before they decide who is the most fucked up the mission should be to cipher out what is so wrong with this picture. If they fingered that out maybe they could make some headway on this other issue.

Portand Dummies Fight Over A Cornfield Pig

There are things to fight over but this is not one of them.

Portland police had to break up a fist-fight after a pig-cooking contest that resulted in a chef and the event's organizer being arrested. The Oregonian reports that after the Sunday event, chef Eric Bechard confronted Brady Lowe, the cook-off's organizer, denouncing the contest for giving top marks to pork raised in Iowa.

Stupid shits-what else can you say. Pick a better battle than this. I hope because you were fighting like kids you over cooked these damn pigs and a choked on it.


Meeker Met His-Today Others Need Something Similar

I am not advocating anything teabagger like at all not even close to that but do mean due process.

The Ute's took care of this sorry sack of human shit in their own way and that just happened to be  that they killed him.

What I'm saying now and before many times is that in recent history if the Bush whores would have been held accountable for taking this country to war on lies the worst act of treason possibly in the history of this country we would be having a lot less problems now now.

It's about being held accountable for your actions particularly when you are an elected official and take an oath to uphold the Constitution.

Utes rock!!

Nathan Meeker

New Name Same Dobson BS

Focus on da Family Action is now CitizenLink which will do the same religious based nonsense the other did except now " it can do its job of engaging the citizenry". whatever that means to them.

It's always good for a bit of a chuckles when slugs from these groups lie like they do.

Like Dobson was not allowed to say anything that he wanted to and was continually harassed and punished by the IRS you sorry sacks of shit everyone of you!


This Picture Tells All There Is To Know


Hands in the air and heads up their asses for politicians in DC.

I'm gonna do something now and da heads gonna roll ya see there tough talking feeling sorry for himself Saladbar said yesterday.

A Wyoming whore put the blame on everyone but BP.

Our country  and environment is disintegrating before our eyes because of corporations influence on our government.

We need quick good decisions made on this disaster and if anyone thinks those will be coming anytime soon is nuts.

The repugs stop anything on the table to do with oversight. This will be no different.

Sonsofbitches every fucking one of them.

Krugman Is Right But Wrong On What Has Really Changed

Agree on the media for the most part. Disagree on what the reality really is at least to me. He says the tea baggers happened because of the economy.

and in bad times, the gut reaction of many voters is to move right. 

That’s the message of a recent paper by the economists Markus Brückner and  Hans Peter Grüner, who find a striking correlation between economic performance  and political extremism in advanced nations: in both America and Europe, periods  of low economic growth tend to be associated with a rising vote for right-wing  and nationalist political parties. The rise of the Tea Party, in other words,  was exactly what we should have expected in the wake of the economic crisis. 

Probably and goes on to say-

If the economy continues to add jobs, we can expect some of the air to go out of  the Tea Party movement. 

That could very well be but what I've been trying to say is that this is what the Republicans have always been -Teabaggers and they in recent history have come out of the closet so to speak.

No matter what a Republican says he is if he doesn't say Teabagger he's fucking lying to you because when it comes time to vote he will vote the line. It is the Teabagger type candidate running for office across the country and they are very powerful.

This group is being dismissed because it's numbers are considered small. It's more than numbers here in this equation to think about.



Business as fucking usual in our country even with the oil spill that the BP whores lied about. What else does anyone expect?

You simple bastards that listen to and vote for these people who support those who favor corporations are enemy's of my country and that sure as hell includes slimeball Dems as well.

Look at the world of shit we are in and it is the direct result of not calling into account those who do harm to our nation like the Bush whores did for eight years.

Take away the regulations that protect the little people like you and me and what do you get-monetary bastards in downtown NY who fuck us at will and laugh about it.

It is not hard to understand but too many refuse to even when slapped across the face with the truth.

And this rant don't even include the invisible Finger Snapper in the sky.

LTFO we ain't seen nothing yet.


Don't Buy This Field

The Field of Dreams is for sale.

The thrill and curiosity is over. Do you know how long it takes to pay back 4mil plus interest selling $20 novelty items. 

Just wanted to say that this was an excellent place to film this. After WWII damn near every town had a baseball team. A small town close to where I grew up even had a black team. Not sure how they got there but when I played high school ball there was a black player from the one family left.

A few years later got to play a few games of organized ball in SE Iowa which was fun. After high school very much wanted to play Legion ball but had to work.

The way it was.


Sun Search Success

Less than a hundred miles down the road the elusive orb was found and warmth was had.

Same place as last week but saw a lot of other things and different campsite.

This field was so pretty the picture doesn't capture that.

The basic two holer with a pretty fancy door. Probably would still serve the purpose quite well.

Just about home and if you have this much snow around this time of year the weather is just a different breed of cat that is for damn sure.

It's time to move on sooner than later.


And The Headline Is - - -


And it sucks a hind titty. I'm outta here-getting in the car and going to look for the sun. If I can't find it I will come home and if I do I will stay the night. Whether it's right or wrong that's what's going to happen in a few jerks.

May sun beams of warmth be bombarding all of your cheery faces this morning where ever you may be.


He Go Pay Big Time For Dis

From the drug czar Gil-

Bama says-
"reduce drug use and the great damage it causes" with a new national policy that he said treats drug use more as a public-health issue and focuses on prevention and treatment.

Bama full of shit cuz-
the administration has increased spending on interdiction and law enforcement to record levels both in dollars and in percentage terms; this year, they account for $10 billion of his $15.1 billion drug-control budget.

In the 30 years of this nonsense a trillion dollars has been spent and the same continues even though it's an admitted failure.

Decriminalazation is not on the table the only way to begin to solve this and never will be and the prez tries to say tings are gonna change.

My ass and he's a fucking liar when more more money is being allocated for cops who bust for the most part pot smokers.

Something tells me da czar will not be saying shit like this again anytime soon if ever.

Prepare To Be Touched

Thanks to Woody @ Whiskey, Dogs & Weed

As a society we have so much yet to learn about the importance of humans interaction with every aspect of our enviroment. Before we learn enough we will have destroyed it.

I don't know where he finds these videos but some go straight to your heart.

Just Wondering

Have seen this several times now and each time questions arise.

Located out in no man's land west of Maybell before you arrive in the land of Mormon the first thing I wonder is when was this put up. My guess and it's only a guess is that probably after 911.

Does this person/persons still believe the same thing that triggered the need to express this feeling?

I wonder how they feel now about our country and if tea bagging is part of their philosophy now.

More important what are the chances that whoever did this think like you and me and are just showing their patriotism?

I doubt that very much but wouldn't that be something.

There is a house less than a mile away and maybe in the future if the balls are there that day I might just stop in and ask about it.  


The Day

UPDATE: Because of a comment by Fearguth there is now a song at the bottom.

7AM  28*

1:30 or so in the afternoon

3PM   48* and the sun was out a fair amount. It was better than predicted.

Yup-spring time in the Rockies!

Nazi Rat Bastard Opens Pie Hole

Hypocrisy doesn't get any higher than this pile just shit out by the most dangerous man in the world.

Poop Benny the Rat on Thursday called abortion and same-sex marriage some of the most "insidious and dangerous" threats facing the world today.

The world would be a much better place if the Catholic Church was gone forever and had never existed. If the media would quit giving this slug of a human top billing maybe he'd shut the fuck up for some time.

I have tried to be a nasty and  disrespectful as I can concerning this man and this entity called the Catholic Church.

It is my hope that I have succeeded to some extent.


Yea-had to scrape the snow and ice off  the windshield. Just love it!

A whole week of pretty shitty weather. No wait-a whole week of real shitty weather! That's the whole truth.

Maybe along about Saturday or Sunday we may see 60* instead of the 30's and low 40's but around here you can't count on anything when it comes to the weather.

I hope the sun is warming your face where ever you may be.


Withdrawal Pace

Not sex but Iraq. Did you really think when the time came we were going to leave this country as told to us?

Keeping A Myth Alive

That there is credibility with religious types who are caught in lies and debauchery. Always given a mouthpiece by newspapers who were part of their rise to power only in the end to crash and burn. Just like priests who rape people like Haggard should not be given any time in the news at all. They had their chance and literally blew it.


Religious Crazy's Apply Hex To Care Givers Hands

Nowhere on the National Hospital Week website does it mention religion. Started in 1921 to alleviate public fears about the “shrouded” institutions of the day. Nor is religion mentioned anywhere I looked on the American Hospital Association's website either. Oh my!

But it's all over the place on the banks of the Mississippi River in Keokuk,Iowa where 60 had their hands mumbo jumboed on by no less than seven believers in the almighty Finger Snapper.

There were blessings and readings all over the place and little did they know one of the readings directly contradicted their belief system.

The CEO of Keokuk Health Systems said it takes a sharp mind and caring heart to go into the health care field. I don't argue about that and I have the utmost respect for all care givers.

But for many taking care of others is a natural instinct that is part of being a human being - a part of humankind where religion cannot enter.

I'll go with the quote above once again, “The significance of oneself cannot be measured by the fame and glory of this world or the material things we have, but by the love and compassion you have shown to others everyday of your life.”

Key Words On Net Neutrality

From the horses mouth - FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski

Then from the mouths of whores-

The two Republican FCC commissioners, Robert McDowell and Meredith Baker, said the proposal would "shatter the boundaries" of the agency's authority and discourage broadband providers from investing in their networks. McDowell and Baker said Genachowski's plan would impose "burdensome rules excavated from the early-Ma Bell-monopoly era onto 21st century networks."

House Republican Leader John Boner of Ohio called the plan "a government takeover of the Internet."

If anyone thinks for a second that "We the People" interests will be served first over corporations is sadly mistaken.

Something we should get like so many other things but will not.


Get Your Waders On - Chest High Preferably

Over 100 killed and 300+ wounded in Iraq today. The blame is laid at the feet of bombers and gunmen with suspected links to a battered but still lethal al Qaeda. 

al Qaeda my ass people and don't ever fucking forget it. The real blame lies elsewhere. Life was not all that bad in Iraq prior to our invasion. In fact ask most Iraqi's and they'd take those days back in a heart beat given the chance along with all their family members and friends they've lost as well. We must not forget the thousands of ours killed and maimed either since numbers are important.

I see this crap and every once in a while feel the need to reinforce the truth of the matter.

George Asshole Fucking Bush and his killer buddies are responsible for these deaths just as they are responsible for every one of the others.

When you take a country to war for lies that is treason and those who lied deserve the same fate as all the others who died today in Iraq.

It is just that simple.

With no accountability in matters as grave as this the okay was given to continue to rape our country which was done.

Many more than needed said enough was enough and we now have what turned out to the surprise of the many a centrist as president who the voters thought was a progressive because he spoke like one. What did that get us but a bigger defense budget and a larger war in Afghanistan. A Supreme court nominee who is also a centrist meant to replace a long standing liberal member of the court. We can go on and on.

Yes it's better than having a Bush as prez but it is still unfucking acceptable at any level. Problem is that it will not get better only worse.

Take it to the bank!

There's Cute And Then - - - -

There's way too cute.

Plus this young lady knew about her electric scooter.

And this is in gas and oil country where wannabe men drive da big trucks only.

Drive around out in the boonies and all you get from these guys is nasty glares.

Chances are they glare at cute little girls who prefer to ride purple electric scooters as well.

I would have liked to have had a conversation with this lass but headlines flashed before me.

Chester the Molester ridden out of town just in case so we're all safe.

Will There Be Money For The War On Aids

The increase of people with Aids is increasing dramatically.

Times are tough for many country's when the richest in the world fights and starts wars for lies there eventually has to be some ramifications.  We're talking Africa poor and black. 

Will America scale back it's wars so money is available to save innocents?

Don't hold you're breath.


It's Become Clear Again

Of just how scary it is out there between Craig,America and da Utah state line.


To Mothers Everywhere

Same as last year and the year before that. The post for this day will never change.

Pauline wrote
I saw 'Je dois tout a ma mère' painted on a taxi bumper today. I owe my mother everything. Mothers are held in high esteem -- a woman who has never borne a child is a disgrace to womanhood. Street boys will say 'la vieille mère' to impart their respect. It took some time getting used to that. Old Mother. What if they tried that in Europe?

That reminded me of the song Sweet Mother below that had the power to literally stop crowds in their tracks to dance if it was played. Mothers are very important in West Africa and Prince Nico hammered the essence of that in the middle 70's.

Oh Sweet Mother I no go forget you oh as I am missing mine just now.

Happy Mother's Day

By Prince Nico Mbarga

Sweet mother I no go forget you
for the suffer wey you suffer for me.
Sweet mother I no go forget you
for the suffer wey you suffer for me.

When I dey cry, my mother go carry me--she go say,
my pikin [1] wetin you dey cry ye, ye,
stop stop, stop stop make you no cry again oh."

When I won sleep, my mother go pet me,
she go lie me well well for bed,
she cover me cloth, sing me to sleep,
"sleep sleep my pikin oh."

When I dey hungry, my mother go run up and down.
she go find me something when I go chop [2] oh.

Sweet mother I no go forget you for the suffer wey you suffer for me

When I dey sick, my mother go cry, cry, cry,
she go say instead when I go die make she die.

O, she go beg God,
"God help me, God help, my pikin oh."

If I no sleep, my mother no go sleep,
if I no chop, my mother no go chop, she no dey tire oh.

Sweet mother I no go forget you,
for the suffer wey you suffer for me.

You fit get another wife, you fit get another husband,
but you fit get another mother? No!

And if I forget you, therefore I forget my life and the air I breathe.

And then on to you men, forget, verily, forget your mother,
for if you forget your mother you've lost your life.

What Is That In The Sky

Yea the sun is out. It might hit 60. Headed out to almost Utah to give this guy another look see and try out the Element on it's camping capabilities. Have a good weekend!!


Solid Potato Salad

From 1944 in color and way too good! The Ross sisters do some things here that don't seem possible. This is fun and worth spending a couple minutes.


Barter Town-No It Be Prison City

I got a chuckle out of this.

Plenty started wearing high end  sun glasses and Rodeo Dr. clothes thinking they were maybe going to become celebs only to be ass kicked over the goal posts of reality of what other country's think about the absurd number of human beings we incarcerate in this country.

Good on them!!

Net Neutrality Back On The Table

It's nice to see this especially when you think it was shot dead.

But it also says these things in the piece.

Earlier in the week, The Washington Post reported that Genachowski "has indicated he wants to keep broadband services deregulated," a position favored by companies that say sweeping new regulations will deter investment and be overly burdensome. 

The FCC official said Wednesday that Genachowski hopes to balance "a weak Title I and a needlessly burdensome Title II approach." Title I refers to lightly regulated information services; Title II refers to heavily regulated telecommunications services, such as legacy telephone networks.  

I will not believe this for a second until it really happens and does what it should and that is to take the power of who controls the internet away from the corporations.

The key word above is balance and to me that means we are going to get screwed as usual.

Another thing we should get but will not.

This will be the last nail in the coffin if control is given to these bastard corporations.


Maybe They Don't Love The Childrens So Much After All

Particularly the ones of different different colors that's for damn sure and if they're kinda whitish and they find out they won't love them either and that's even if they are born here these slugs want to punish these kids even though they had nothing to do with their fate in life.

Can not tell you how disgusting I find this not to mention the stupidity of those who say this utter nonsense.

From the pie holes of white men running for guv back in the cornfield one of which was the former guv himself. Real smart ace.

It's all about punishment with these people. Not for the ones that rape our country but for those who are not like them or believe what they do.

If they get a chance to get their paws on us we will get it worse from the likes of these mind fucked stupid bastards that refuse to follow what the Constitution says because they are who they are and we are not them.

ps. unable to change header picture


How Sweet It Is

I'm sure many would have figured this one out.

I stopped by to see a friend when I got back to ski town usa Sunday who works at a retail outdoor gear store. Looked up on the wall and there were a bunch of surf boards hanging there. Nice ones too. I say do people buy these things and answer was of course. Well then where do they use them in the middle of nowhere where there are no waves.

The answer is so easy if you are rich. You load them on the plane you're taking to Hawaii ya see there.

The conservative side of One Fly comes out as I could never imagine doing something like that and in a way find this lacking in something but unclear what.


The Survey Can Kiss My Ass

Here ya go-

Another reason people are so damn dumb. I don't know about you guys but I do not know a soul who is a Progressive who would ever say in a poll that they align themselves with the baggers. And that goes for Democrats as well.

Just another ploy by the media to give credibility when there is none and people believe this shit.

Animal Producers Under Attack For Being Inhumane And They Cry

The tears are flowing the accusations piling up by those who mass produce animals for society's meat sources.
Here's one comparing


What they're whining about is measures passed by the people to give animals who are raised in cages more room. It's the corporations talking here.

Raising and processing animals on a massive scale is not for the feint of heart. It's tough, nasty and the butchering process should be seen by every American because there is a major difference between animals and humans and our society needs to understand that.

That won't happen because we love war and death.

I don't have a problem with forcing these producers to treat these animals better during their short life span.


Springtime In The Rockies Gets To Be Old Shit Sometimes

Not complaining just a statement of fact.

Scraped the windshield at least for the last three days.

Spits snow all day.

The roads aren't white but most all else is.

In the 30's maybe low 40's.

Gonna be like this into next week.

Only two times for the shorts.

Time for the sun.

Headed out for the front range once again. Need to get some things from the Honda dealer and get together with some friends. Don't have as many it seems these days but I sure appreciate the ones that can stand me.

Be back on Sunday.

Have a good weekend and may the sun be on your face.