I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Outta Here

This time it's like really "Outta Here". Fact of the matter is since I returned from West Africa a long long time ago I have been a lot of places but not really that far and never left the States except to cross over into Mexico for a bit now and then back when it was much safer.

Later this morning will get on a big bird something not done in quite awhile as well and end up in Costa Rica this evening long about 7:30.

Not much else to say except I will be a good boy when I have to remove my footwear. I expect to be making some posts - how many or often not sure about.

I have voted of course and will be paying close attention to the results of the election.

So I'm outta here for now but will be bok. Best to everyone who comes by. Comments not necessary.



Yesterday At The Museum

Yesterday went to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science for a specific reason. Was not feeling good at all but got it done.

The reason was to see the exhibit known as the "Wall of Rhodo". Rhodo meaning rhodochrosite.

I was in the Sweet Home Mine the day (early 90's) they were attempting to remove this huge piece of material embedded with this ruby like and highly sought after gem stone. It is was put on display at the museum and never took the time to go and see it till yesterday.

Remember clicking on the pictures makes them larger.

This is a one of a kind and just huge. The picture does this no justice but go here to get a much better idea of how amazing this piece is.

You find gemstones like this in crevices. The problem is removing them without damage.

A picture from an exhibit that actually looks real.

Denver is a very cool city in many ways.

It made my day seeing this.


A Walk Last March

When I was told about this place thought I would try to capture a bit of what it would be like if you wanted to be somewhere but couldn't be and what it was like for the guy (me) who was doing this for the first time as well.

Easier said than done. There's a bit of substance here and I'm glad I got to see this. It's fair to say if you ask a local something beware of the answer even if you get one. This fellow gave me some good info.

I lost interest in this but ran across it the other day and finished it.

Cross posted @ The Picture Place


In The Last Throes Of Preparedness

At least what I think that may be. Leaving here tomorrow morning sometime. Just piddle ass crap left but do want to get the leaves out of the gutters if possible.

Just found out going to ride up to Pueblo in my brother's new used really nice Subaru. Driven it a ways but not far. I like driving a bunch but it's sure nice to get some total window time now and then.

It would be nice to get something decent for lunch. Hard to do sometimes. Anyway gotta go. I'll be bok. Nary a cloud in the sky.


The Four Letter Arrived

It has been bland color wise for a while and this morning was a very nice change. The view to the south does not get old to me and times like this make it even better. This was just a bit ago and it looks even prettier now.

Was Hoping To Avoid This Very Thing - Wrong

It will go away but not today.

UPDATE: Wrong again. It did go away.


Just Can Not Let The Crazy Slide

It's really hard to have any sense of civility when you have people who say they know for a fact what their god says. This douche bag Mordock says when women become pregnant after being raped, “that’s something God intended.”

The other part of this that I have not seen is that given that position from god who he must be in touch with - then whether the rape results in their miracle of life or not - every rape every where was intended. Then god is responsible for every rape that happens. That's what this piece of human shit is saying and I'm supposed to go along with that if he gets his way. My ass!

Along the same identical thought process from them - the 17 year old just arrested in the Jessica Ridgeway murder dismembered her body because god intended that too?? Or he doesn't go along with cutting bodies up? Maybe sometimes? No matter what he damn sure is aboard for rape that is certain. You fuckers are lost to humanity. You've fallen off your very own flat earth. 

You sick fucks wherever you may be will never get one drop of respect from me never fucking ever because all you deserve is scorn and ridicule. You are so mind screwed there is no getting your reasoning process back. It was stolen from you at a very young age.

Normally there could be a bit of give but you and those like you have become too dangerous. My issue is not so much in what you said but the number of those who take extreme religious positions. They are controlling the debate at national level and it's scary.

I'll take this Mordock over those above any day!


BLM Means Business When It Comes To Artifacts

These two older fellows can attest to that.

Howard H. Drake, 76, of Silverton, was sentenced to 10 days in jail for picking up a human skull and showing it to a group of hikers.Harry Hance, 81, of Mancos, was sentenced to three days in jail for helping organize the hikes.

It could have been worse and Drake should have known better. I want to go on one of these Senior Outdoor hikes like this. This one was out of Durango.

Have I ever seen a skull or say a basket? No and if I did I would not touch either. Pick up a shard of pottery? Yes I do.

This "off trail" position in places has become too overbearing and uncompromising. Do I go off trail? Of course at times and it depends where you are. I'm too old to get my ass chewed out. Do I climb on walls? No. Do I respect whats there? Of course yes - very much so!


Nice Girls

Yesterday listening to one of my favorite streaming radio stations one of the hosts name was Deborah Berg. An artist's name that stuck from years ago and a song of hers that over the years never heard that often but really like.

There are several very "nice girls" that come around here so this is for you.


Russell Means

He said he had beaten it like the fighter he was. He is still a winner.

Talk about a player. This man was one. I respect him a great deal. 

Baghdad Burning's Fifth Anniversary

10/22/12 - Last year I forgot this and after reading the first paragraph again of this young woman's last post as what she said has become even more important - well because it was Syria her family fled to along with hundreds of thousand other Iraqi families as well. The paragraph -
Syria is a beautiful country- at least I think it is. I say “I think” because while I perceive it to be beautiful, I sometimes wonder if I mistake safety, security and normalcy for ‘beauty’. In so many ways, Damascus is like Baghdad before the war- bustling streets, occasional traffic jams, markets seemingly always full of shoppers… And in so many ways it’s different. The buildings are higher, the streets are generally narrower and there’s a mountain, Qasiyoun, that looms in the distance.

We all know what Syria is like now. I do not think this girl made it nor her family. If she has this is one person I would very much like to meet. Amazing stories and insight this young lady had. What this country has done to literally millions around the globe is beyond despicable. They are crimes against humanity and I will always want those responsible to be held accountable!

The third year has gone by and the message remains the same and the light will stay on in the hopes this young lady and her family survived what our country did to theirs. I want to hear the rest of her story and as long as this blog exists this will be the post for October 22.

A post from a year ago with the same feeling as then maybe more. And the light will remain on for another year.

One year ago today was Riverbend's last post. Many of you have read her posts I'm sure and I for one looked forward to every new one. As things deteriorated in Iraq her postings became less frequent and her family made the decision to leave Iraq for Syria.

I learned so much from this young women things you wouldn't find anywhere else. A perspective of life in Iraq that was so very negatively affected by our invasion that was close to normal before our intervention even with Saddam at the helm.

Just wanted to acknowledge this date. The light and the link stays on in the hopes that she is okay and that the next time I visit there will be a new post. That would make it a good day if that happened and hope very much it does.


The Empire's War Machine Headed South

After fucking things up proper in the Middle East for a pack of lies this Chester has been tapped to head up AFRICOM.

He's been at this job for a long time all over the place. He does the bidding of his masters. He's probably a decent fellow.

AFRICOM the newest you betcha from the people who are really calling the shots. About three times the size of the good 'ol USof A and filled with many untapped resources and and people who are easier to influence than some and that does not mean uneducated Africans.

Africa Command, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, is the newest of the Defense Department’s nine unified combatant commands. 

It was created in 2007 and is responsible for U.S. military relations with 54 African countries.

There is little good that will come out of this except for those who benefit from endless war on the bodies of others.

And few say boo. Where we are at as a nation. Having to take it for years and knowing there are many more of the same coming down the tube sucks.

I will not be quiet like others. We already have a long military history there. If anyone thinks that this Africa War Machine/Front will not grow into something hideous you are wrong.


DU Was Not A Discussion Item Back Then Either

It's back but then it never left. Depleted Uranium was a mainstay in the battle of terra. Killing fever was high as it is today. No way were they going to stop using these weapons.

There is some validity in these numbers contained in this piece for sure. There will be no discussion anywhere about this radioactive killer we let loose on purpose.

A recent study shows a spiraling numbers of birth defects, ranging from congenital heart defects to brain dysfunctions and malformed limbs, among Iraqi babies as a result of weapons used by the US and UK forces.

The most common abnormalities discovered in Fallujah children are congenital heart defects as 24 out of 26 children were born with the defect.

Always remembered this interview with Dr. Asaf Durakovic on Democracy Now back on 1/30/03. Another one of the truth tellers we got rid of in our lust for world dominance.

The doc comes on @ 29:35. "mathematical certainty"means just that. Try that today and you're liable to get some Repuglican wanting to kick your ass. I mean after all.


Nonexistent Cloud Being Becomes Suspect In Murder Case

That's what it looks like to me. Many killers have a cross hanging around. Many leaders of countries who kill have have crosses very close by.

Westminster Police on Friday say they recovered a 1-inch wooden cross while investigating the abduction and murder of 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway that they believe may help them find her killer.


Poor Man's Country

On the drive across the San Luis valley and beyond yesterday did not see many supportive signs for Obama. Did see this one however.

Then you have this paid slut for Fox Whore news getting off her bus up the road and some of the first crap outta her mouth was this.

But Crowley started by targeting "left-wing kooks" and ended by saying the existence of the U.S. depended on the ouster of President Barack Obama."We're still a young country," she said. "The American mind is still idealistic, so it's hard to believe, it's hard to hear that the president of the United States wants to destroy us within, but that's what's happening."

On a tour you see-

 The bus tour, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, was billed as an "issue advocacy effort" that didn't "expressly advocate for the success or defeat of any candidate.

Media will eventually be the root cause of this country's failure.


Done Deal

And mission accomplished. This is a real nice Suby with some amenities. It should be too cuz it cost a lot.  I'm done but the money will continue to flow for the other stuff needed. To be clear it was not me who bought this.

Took most of nine hours and uneventful. There are still aspens and other trees with color but all past peak. It was a good ride.  


170 Straight West

Not a cloud in the sky and sun at our back. It will be a real pretty ride to Pagosa Springs shortly. The last car we drove to look at was not "pristine" as represented for it's mileage and age. I'd bet money this car will be like it said to be.

Headed into different terrain crossing two mountain passes. It is fairly drab around here at best and have been sticking probably too close to home but it's now less than two weeks away for the flight out. Pretty much ready with a few small things left to do.

Maybe I will find a picture some place as in the last few weeks there just haven't been any to be had. At times you just see them and a lot of the time you get lucky.

Later - have a good one.

BTW - there's a live one in here somewhere think under the fridge. Damn cat slipped one in. It's staying inside today.  


Buying A Car

This is hard work and it's not even me doing it. Long story that will not be touched on only to say the dynamics of buying a used Subaru have changed from what they once were.

Drove to Florissant which is 30 some miles west of Colorado Springs. A '09 Forester private party. Traveled over a 100 and it took less than five minutes and we drove away.

We actually stopped at the Suby dealer in the Springs where believe it or not a car may get bought. A real nice one. It should be for how much it costs. Just want to say it was a pretty decent experience. Because of the dynamics mentioned before one of which is used Suby's are commanding top dollar no matter who has them. Thus dealers enter the picture a bit anyway.

Next in line is a ride to Pagosa Springs on Thurs to look at another private party Forester. Like I say it's not me but if this one is not had the other one at the dealer if it's not been sold will be. Pretty sure anyway.

It's ma job these days.


I Get It Bud

Veterans do get a certain level of respect for obvious reasons. Guys like this not so much. In fact in this case probably none for obvious reasons.

Mentality displayed here associated with the military does not mean it's positive or correct. It's a negative actually.



Jessica Ridgeway

The last thing anyone wanted to have happen was for this little girl to be found deceased. What makes this so hideous of course is the way her body was found. That makes this totally different but equal to any case where a child is murdered.

The family's anguish is far from over. My hope is that this case is solved very quickly. Everyone is a suspect no matter what the authorities say. Many will come under intense scrutiny.

That intrusion by government agency's will be hard for some I'm sure but it has to be. I want this killer found so in doing so these badges will dig hard.This is very different than data mining or other tactics used on citizens by the government that many of us agree is wrong.

In cases like this I'm willing to put up maybe give up something to catch this evil sick bastard who did this.

I'm all on board with Team Badge. Just get this sonofabitch soon. No fucking mercy - none!


An Example Of The Good

Can you imagine the outcry here if something similar was done that impacted certain businesses and crazy's who scream bat shit crazy crap about government intrusion or what ever else they dream up.

Costa Rica is a leader in Eco-Tourism. This decree signed yesterday banning shark finning, as well as the importation and transportation of shark fins is just huge.

At 10 a.m. Wednesday morning, President Laura Chinchilla, flanked by Environment Minister René Castro and noted conservationist and billionaire owner of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson, signed a presidential decree that bans the practice of shark finning, as well as the importation and transportation of shark fins.


Just What In The Hell Would They Do??

If only we actually had a say in how our money is used and said no to much of this. Me dreaming about this "if" changes nothing. A very sobering piece below.

Sales from the 44 US-based companies featured accounted for over 60% of all arms sales by the top 100 producers in 2010, with Lockheed Martin topping the list at $35.7bn (£22.4bn) worth of arms sales in 2010.

Life must be good for those above. They make life good for the ones who vote to send them my dollars for a war machine I do not want. People aren't buying shit and won't anytime soon. We have a war machine economy and looking for more while the Chesters tell those on the Hill just how things are going to be done.

The Repuglican Candidate Says - - -

“There’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda,”

That's real special. This kinda shit is headlines in this country in an attempt to make it appear these bastards on the Wrong have a heart of some type. They don't and they don't plan on getting one.

Pure fresh bull shit and just another reason the electorate across the Empire is all kinds of fucked up stupid.  


Another Conversation That Won't Happen

When religious nuttery is allowed to frame discussions in this country there will not be one on world population because we can't be insulting something that does not exist.

870 million suffering from chronic malnourishment with a 100 million of those children.

Nearly 870 million people, or one in eight, were suffering from chronic undernourishment in 2010-2012, according to the new UN hunger report released today. 

In this piece it suggests there has been improvements.

The new figure is lower than recent estimates that had put the number of hungry people at 925 million in 2010 and one billion in 2009. 

World population growth can not be sustained at these levels. It's just that simple. It will not be discussed here in the US of A. After all it's about the miracle of making more humans who will not have enough to eat ya see.
Rank Country Population
Growth (%)

  World 6,895,889,000 5,306,425,000 30.0%
1  China 1,341,335,000 1,145,195,000 17.1%
2  India 1,224,614,000 873,785,000 40.2%
3  United States 310,384,000 253,339,000 22.5%
4  Indonesia 239,871,000 184,346,000 30.1%
5  Brazil 194,946,000 149,650,000 30.3%
6  Pakistan 173,593,000 111,845,000 55.3%
7  Nigeria 158,423,000 97,552,000 62.4%
8  Bangladesh 148,692,000 105,256,000 41.3%
9  Russia 142,958,000 148,244,000 -3.6%
10  Japan 128,057,000 122,251,000 4.7%

Enjoy it while you can.

Simple Twit Kills Self Eating Roaches

This is news in the Empire. So maybe we are supposed to feel compassion and say how sorry we that this happened. I don't think so. Two other words come to mind - dumb ass! And because he wanted to win a python. Yup that makes it all add up the right way.

After downing more than 20 giant creepy-crawlies, Archbold vomited, collapsed and died. The grand prize has been put aside in his name and will be given to his estate.

Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2012/10/08/170915/florida-man-dies-after-winning.html#storylink=cpy


The Killer Monkey Lived

But it seems after Hugo kicked butt some Venezuelans may not.

Chavez's critics say the president has inflamed divisions by labeling his opponents "fascists," ''Yankees" and "neo-Nazis," and it's likely hard for many of his opponents to stomach another six years of the loquacious and conflictive leader.

A much better article here.

Will never forget laughing my ass off when I saw this the first time and many after as well. It's the damn truth too.



The elections are today. Mercuns hate this guy sooo much. The history of this country's association with this man is deplorable. Myself I find the knowledge level of his supporters to be far more than the average person here. The enthusiasm level of people on both sides is very high.

Chaves supporters echo "the people" message and love this man to death because he has given millions so much that they would have never had like education and health care of all things! The other side takes in my opinion the corporate side like what you see here and the other side in Venezuela is the upper class.

I hope Hugo wins and lives a long life. We have tried to kill him several times. Are ya proud of your country?? Well are ya. 

More at The Real News

What Hugo said several years ago. Because corporate and religious insanity rule in the States a legitimate conversation with this man will never be allowed. We could learn much but it won't happen and that is unfortunate.



A Conversation Not Allowed

It's not just this topic either. When you throw into the mix religion out the door goes logic and common sense. Compound this at a national level and what you find for the most part is religious insanity behind the wheel driving drunk as a hopped up hoot owl.

May this young lady pass peacefully as she wants as it is her life decision and right to make for herself. Not by others who wish to impose their belief mores on all of us.

No group or person should have the right to impose their beliefs on others if the "others" choose not to participate.

It's real simple actually. It's not a stretch to say that the many who attempt this are mind screwed since birth mostly in a belief system that is more than severely flawed.

The level at which this is happening is disturbing. The hate from too many of these "believer" types when things don't go their way is even more alarming.

Across the board for the most part this segment of people are Repuglicans. They lie, cheat and steal. If that don't work they'll fucking kill ya and that's a fact.



Death Threats From Who ??

Not our side/us. I guess most of us in a sense are more passive or some damn thing. At least I tend to be that way. It's people on the right that threaten, harm and many times kill others that don't agree with their view of the world.

So you have a restaurant and decline some time ago to participate in an event for presidential candidate Romney. It's the real Repuglican world. People who take that position have to pay a price. It's the way these people operate.

"I have gotten two death threats," said Oscar Aguirre, who owns the restaurant with his parents. "Somebody just called in, said, 'Go back to Mexico.' "

A sample of what lies ahead when these crazy bastards are in control. These people kill - they surely do.


Mad As Hell Huh??

So are many of us but little difference that makes.

What Chester really means is that his business of killing just isn't going his way.

“I’m mad as hell about them, to be honest with you,” General John Allen said on Saturday.“We’re willing to sacrifice a lot for this campaign, but we’re not willing to be murdered for it.” Allen also claimed that the “vast majority of Afghans… they’re with us in this.” 

With so many "with us" that makes it okay in chester speak. Not mad for as long as many of us and for the wrong reasons too. 

On it will go with others waiting in the wings ready to fly at a moments notice if need be. The 1% needs to be fed. Over 50% of our nation's budget to the Defense Dept. and that's okay. Few say boo. Even less attempt change.



An Excellant Correct Reason

To root against the Donks and the rest of 'em too for that matter.

If only both teams of any NFL contest could lose we'd all be better off.

Mutilated With The Same M. O.

This has been going on for years with the San Luis Valley being the hot spot for cattle mutilations. This one is south 50 miles and they have occurred very close to here as well.

His son had gone hunting on the family ranch 40 miles west of Trinidad on the Sunday before Labor Day, about a month ago, and came upon the remains of the heifer. The dead animal was missing its uterus, tongue and part of one ear, yet there was no blood in the area or signs of human presence. “It was a really scary thing to see, and I felt terrible for that poor animal,” Torres said. “Bears don’t remove body parts that way, so it had to be something else. Another strange thing was that all the vegetation around the animal was dead, for about a 12 to 14 foot area.”

No blood,surgical cuts,the same parts removed and like this one no vegetation and no tracks. Plus moving some of these animals.

Maybe there was swamp gas in the area but I think not. Just wish I could stay awake late to view the sky. If only these beings would expose themselves and it would be a great start to debunking religious nuttery.


Some Call This Winning

It's not! And little if not anything is said by the candidates for Prez. 2014 we're gonna leave huh. Many more months of American deaths for nothing. Merka is fine with this and no body says boo.

Coalition Military Fatalities By Year and Month


Just Another Day In Conservative Central