I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


A Year Ago About Right Now

I drove away from 20 years of living and working in NW Colorado. The whole time was probably a 9.5 out of a possible 10. What a fantastic place to live - Colorado in general and that area with so much diversity and I participated in very little winter activity. Always disliked that season.

This last year has overall been pretty damn good. Can't stress enough how fortunate I feel. Understood for me to live on less than a third of what I made when working changes were mandatory. Hit a triple easy with this. Basically comes down to not spending money and never was a big spender anyway. There was one huge error and that occurred last weekend when I gave away my bestest friend Stretch but got her back in a day. Huge screw up.

This one shot experience in life continues to evolve. Use an analogy to the Peace Corps in that it's how I'm living now but with a bit more. Understanding too that the more will not always be there. The Costa Rica trip is the same. I do not consider myself a tourist because the intent primarily was to live in the tropics again not visit plus can't afford much of that and American tourists bother me sometimes and they probably think the same of me in some way. CR was chosen because of the number of very cool inexpensive places to live with consideration of climate and local transport too but primarily it was housing.

As the second year begins I feel richer than both of the Koch brothers. To be in this position compared to over 90% of the rest of the worlds population that is one of true poverty I find astonishing.

I will take the lucky for as long as it wants to give me a ride and do my best to prepare when the time comes I get thrown off the bus.


Stupid Me Thinking Local Guvmint Would Kick The Non Existant Cloud Being Out Of Their Chambers

In a complete turnaround from the post below the council now takes this position -

It turns out, however, that council's own rules and bylaws call for an invocation. In short, it would take a majority of council to vote to stop the official prayer and that doesn't appear likely.

In addition they would like to make it even better -
"In fact, I'd like to expand the invocation to our weekly work sessions as well," offered Councilman Chris Nicoll.
Pueblo,Colorado or someplace else the absurdity of believing one person snapped their fingers and instantly for the most part created the cosmos and everything else is beyond bizarre. At least for me even as a kid.


Local Government Does The Right Thing

And it was the correct action to take in what is not a small town by any means.

Pueblo City Council members have decided that a moment of silence will now replace the opening prayer before their City Council meetings.

Forced screams of being picked on and persecuted I'm sure will be heard from many places not just from here.

I applaud this council for adopting a moment of silence where both sides get what they want. But that's not enough for the religiously insane who wish to impose their world many other places. Places where it's my right as an American not to be forced to experience their doctrine.

They can't get it because they are insane in a way. Religious insanity rules our country for the most part right now. The American Taliban. Little different than the ones we fear "over there".


Herr Goper Akin Never Left And Was Never Going To

If anyone thought this slug from the very beginning was going to do anything that would be considered "right" by many like quit or apologize like he meant it you were wrong just like all the other times people like him pull the same kind of shit.

Republicans in Missouri and across the country started moving back toward supporting Todd Akin's Senate bid

Don't be deceived by this bull shit line either. It a diversion from the reality that these people on the right actually have a heart. They do not!

Get it straight - this is where this party is at and this is where our country is at as well. There are more than enough and then some who think like this. Enough that hate and teh stupid becomes the message across the land drowning out most sense of reason from the rest of us.

Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2012/09/26/169727/gop-throws-support-to-todd-akin.html#storylink=cpy


My Bud


It's That Damn Soros Again

A fish wrapper and the whore AP doing the work of the 1%.

Marijuana-legalization advocates connected with billionaire donors George Soros and Peter Lewis

In Colorado, committees supporting marijuana legalization reported raising $1.1 million as of Sept. 12. Most of the money came from Lewis, who has donated $876,000 to Amendment 64. 

Of course Soros  is nowhere to be seen here and the word "millions" is used. 1.1 mil is peanuts compared to what's coming in from the other side but being the "liberal"media we won't talk about that you see.



It's Not Okay Salazar!


Out of the mouth of a sheepherder who has been a shill for corporations and the 1% for years.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Friday that fracking for natural gas and oil on public lands can be done safely, but it needs to be done in a way that protects the environment.

Here Saladbar is showing an example of the shit land owners will be holding when fracking turns their lives into a nightmare when it goes bad like it's done to so many already.

Who the hell in their right mind would go along with this bull shittery when the substances used in this procedure are not disclosed and guvmint has no power to make oil and gas companys do so??

That's easy - people like Kenny Boy and most of the rest in DC who profiteer from this and perpetual war. 


Pure Nuttery When Talking Drug War Front

It's all a diversion from the real issues and as for the last 40 years the belt way media wholes trumpet the same while innocents continue to be killed to satisfy the 1% here.

At a luncheon Monday at a Washington think tank, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Mexican Interior Secretary Alejandro Poire touted how they’ve teamed up to fight drug and weapons trafficking, money laundering and human smuggling. Simultaneously, they warned that progress could be stalled if not continued by the next administrations in both countries.

And this kinda shit passes for news and information here. These are not journalists that write this but cheap ugly whores who do the bidding for the Empire.

I've not seen a writer call this for what it is and it begs even a simple fuck to ask the question. WHAT PROGRESS!


You Know They're Big When - - -



Fooled Again It Seems

Raised all kinds of hell and had the audacity to wear "U.S. Army uniforms". The nerve.

Plus they were “well equipped, trained and rehearsed.”. Well no shit Cisco!

Then there's this - they were armed with "automatic rifles, rocket-propelled grenade launchers and suicide vests."

How many times does the same need to happen? Afghanistan could have been over years ago but the Empire prefers this and we are the one and the same.

Coalition military authorities in Afghanistan on Saturday said the insurgents who attacked a British airfield in southwestern Afghanistan on Friday, killing two U.S. Marines, wore U.S. Army uniforms and destroyed six Harrier fighter jets.


So They Got "El Coss" - So What

You and I paid $5 million for a reward so another can step up and take his place.

The Mexican Navy said Wednesday it had captured one of Mexico's most wanted drug bosses, the head of the Gulf Cartel, in what would mark a major victory in President Felipe Calderon's crackdown on organized crime.

Remember not that long ago Calderon spoke so harshly and truthfully about the US. That didn't last long. You can bet he got made an offer he couldn't refuse from the Empire.

This is actually a pretty decent representation of what goes on south of the border and similar here as well in many ways too. So decades of the same will continue even though an idiot can understand this war front can not and will not ever be won.


The Roll Is Over

May not mean a whole hell of a lot in the big scheme of things but to me it's huge and have enjoyed this for the longest time in my life excluding the time spent in West Africa.

Didn't leave the house much yesterday. It was rainy and low 50's. This morning overcast and 50 out. May get to 60 with some sun today maybe.

I need to go out and that will mean the shorts have to come off for the first time in four and a half months. From the end of April till the middle of September it's been put 'em on in the morning and take 'em off at night.

That's what I call a roll and it's been a giant simple pleasue for me. They'll be back on Friday when it warms up.

It's part of my job now to take full advantage of these simple pleasures that are free.


Somebody Will Pay

The one who started this I notice is hiding and his just as insane religious partner  T. Jones has taken over to make certain as much hate is raised as possible. Speaking of hate check this post out from Square State.

It's easy to imagine what is being said across this country on the AM dial. A place where only hate and lies is heard from the far reaches of Maine to the border with Mexico in San Diego

There is always a price to pay when you deal with our Empire. Remember how we paid 'em back in Falloojeh?  Not once but twice. Ambulances, people waving white flags. Woman and their children it made no difference. Our snipers targeted anything that moved. This is the way we do business. And this was for mercenaries we hired to do our dirty work let alone American civilians.


Personhood Gets Thrown Out On It's Ass

Like it should. This would have been the third go around here in Colorado. The media - you know the one almost everyone watches because there are few other choices - pointed out how serious flawed this logic is it wouldn't be talked about.

But these centrist whores give legitimacy where there should be none by allowing this bullshit air time without refuting just how wrong it would be on many levels.

Most issues are treated like this by the 1% media. No wonder the pile of shit we're in as a country is so high.

The Colorado secretary of state's office said Tuesday the proposed anti-abortion "personhood" amendment will not be on the 2012 ballot — no matter the outcome of proponents' planned legal action to prove they collected enough voter signatures.


My Very Short 911 Story

Today 9/11/12
The "Terror" war continues but it seems to me to be more against us than them. What happened that day was no surprise - not even a little one. It's like these crazy wingers here and the shit they pull and say on a more than regular basis. Why the surprise? 

 Today 9/11/11
Osama is gone but not much has changed.  There are guns all over the country "protecting" us and after two weeks or more of ramping up by media the flags of false patriotism are flapping harder than usual on the 10th go around. 

Not many flag wavers talk of what else was lost in those 10 years. That wouldn't be patriotic ya see.  Go read Cujo too. He's even more sick of it then me or maybe not.

Originally posted on 9/11/08

On that morning seven years ago Bradley came into the shop and told me what happened. I went over to the chump house(pro shop) and watched for a short period of time and said in a very loud voice for the several dozen there to hear clearly "there go our rights" and walked out.

Looking back it seems a bit odd but I just knew. Called my long time Peace Corps buddy and we talked about what we had said for years that something like this was bound to happen and it did that morning. This event was not a surprise to us.

Finished out the work day turning the radio on only a couple times for unending speculation that served no purpose. Went fishing for six hours on a beautiful day in the Rockies catching so many it was easy to not think about what was to come.

Sat down in front of the tube at 9 o'clock and watched the nightmare that continues to unfold to this very day.

Today 9/11/10
The nightmare referred to is not as bad but is still there. The major damage has been done and Osama gloats whether he is dead or squatting in a cave.


About The Killer OJ And Merka's IQ

Media types going back 17 years and accusing a dead man of tampering with evidence. This has been around several days on the internets I look at.

Who gives a shit about this nasty killer who fortunately sits in a cell removed from society where he and others like him belong.

This isn't news and is just another example of why we as a country just aren't that swift.


Give Them What They Want

Higher education is struggling all over including Colorado. Keeping these institutions viable has gotten increasing difficult since 2007 when things really went to hell. All of a sudden a few took notice.

Here is an example of the mentality for survival at CSU.

For Colorado State, that could mean building a 42,000-seat stadium that would, proponents say, increase the school's visibility and in turn lead to more out-of-state students choosing to attend — and paying tuition rates that are almost three times higher than full-time in-state students. 

So you continue to screw students who want to learn without explaining how things got the way they are.

All our monies went to the WAR MACHINE and the top 1%. And most everybody acts like they never existed or haven't played a part in this travesty.

I guess this is what people want.


All Aboard - Last Time Unless Your A Koch

Today is the last trip.

I'm sure many of you have seen the Royal Gorge and maybe taken a ride on the Royal Gorge Scenic Railway. This was sold back in 2010 to one of the Koch boys.

This article offers up a lot of good info on the history of this and some of the circumstances leading to today. The owner had been at it 32 years for one thing. 
CANON CITY — The Royal Gorge Scenic Railroad will make its last run Sept. 30, ending a 32-year career for its operator, Greg Tabuteau.The railroad and neighboring Buckskin Joe, along with 806 acres of land, were sold in 2010 to billionaire William Koch. Buckskin Joe's Old West buildings were moved to Koch's ranch in Gunnison County for use as a private museum.

These Koch boys remind me of this episode from the Next Generation titled "The Most Toys". One of the better ones.


The Guv Coulda Been A Man And Said

That it's long past due to end these wars but of course our country loves us our wars particularly elected officials.

Gov. John Hickenlooper has ordered flags to fly at half-staff in honor of a soldier from Windsor and a Pueblo County sheriff's officer who died in the line of duty in separate incidents. 

There is no mention of the second retired law enforcement officer killed in Pueblo County along with the first while flying around looking for da pot.


Payback In Arizona

Say what you want - write what you want but many around the country are totally disgusted with the amount of hate and animosity you produce against other people not like you.

You know the ones who don't drive cars with gold trim for instance.

Part of the reason too is that not as many are coming to your backward bigoted piece of shit state.

Phoenix's golf program is stuck in a virtual sand trap with its six golf courses having accumulated a $14.8 million deficit, according to a new report. The Arizona Republic reports that the recent city report blamed the deficit on the diminishing popularity of golf nationwide and the slowing economy.


It Was Never Going To Be Won

The Empire has years of training experience in "over there" places and much of that involves weapons and "security".

All that training and they turn on you - like in and on our major - who gives a shit war front which is in Afghanistan.

It appears the training was poor in that bad guys with back rounds to indicate that were recruited into the military and the police forces. 350,000 strong.

Now they kill us but we are "winning".

Afghanistan’s Defense Ministry on Wednesday said it has detained or removed hundreds of soldiers from its military’s ranks as part of an investigation into the backgrounds of its troops 

Think of how many years the response has been pretty much the same when a helicopter goes down.

The Taliban claimed to have shot down a helicopter in eastern Logar province, where coalition forces are staging an operation against the insurgents. The Taliban often issue claims of responsibility even when it is unclear whether they had anything to do with the downing of an aircraft.

And most of the time they did! Years of this same shit and all it does is continue and not a fucking word is said by those who could stop it.

We are so screwed.


Shouldn't This Question Come First

Stories like this really get to be old shit after seeing them for decades. Decades means of course you are not very young anymore.

It was god this - it was god that - yes you got shot - god talked to you you say - and yes time can help heal and god is not needed to understand that.

Why did your god shoot you? Explain that please before you get an out saying he saved you.


Labor Day - The Reason For It And The Innocent Men Who Went To Their Death

9/3/12 - Attacks on unions and labor continue and with success. Next year will be the 100th anniversary of the Ludlow Massacre. They were fighting for the eight hour work day in 1896. Killing these men and others worked as it took 51 more years before that happened. Few in this country have a clue about this and many other things as well. 

9/5/11 - Another year has flown by and this country continues to welcome misinformation and lies about unions and socialism and other things that originate from huge corporations including media. The mood of this country has many of the same traits as it had at the time of these murders at the hands of the powers that were in Chicago at that time. 

2010  - The  same post from last year in it's entirety (and the year before that). A  piece that tells a very important story and why I get the day off to go  explore because men like these died so I could do just that.

In  this country there are not many who know why we celebrate this holiday  but the story told below explains and we should all take pause now and  then and remember those who came before us whether it's this or any  number of other stories of people who sacrificed so our country could be  a better place to live in.

Remembering the Haymarket Martyrs

By Charles SullivanInformation Clearing House' -- --  Every now and then events transpire that cut through the rhetoric, the  carefully contrived images purveyed in the press and historical texts,  and reveal a nation’s dark soul in ghastly detail. Such an event  occurred in the streets of Chicago on May 4, 1886, and continued through  November 11 of 1887. They were set in motion years before.

05/16/06 "

At  noon on that day four of labor’s most courageous warriors: Albert  Parsons, August Spies, Adolph Fischer and George Engel were hanged for a  crime they did not commit. A fifth man, Louis Lingg, was slated to  share the fate of his comrades but he cheated the hangman and the state  of his innocent blood when he exploded a dynamite cap in his mouth from  his jail cell just hours before the execution. The explosive had been  smuggled in to him by an anarchist comrade. Another anarchist, Oscar  Neebe, has sentenced to fifteen years of prison and hard labor. Three  others had their death sentences commuted to life sentences.

In  the U.S. only a relative few working class people know that Labor Day,  originally May Day (May 1) originated with the hanging of these men. The  rest of the world celebrates their heroism on May 1; however, the U.S.  does not officially recognize their sacrifice by honoring them with a  national holiday. Virtually every worker worldwide owes a tremendous  debt to the Haymarket Martyrs, who provided the impetus and paid the  ultimate price for many of the benefits that all workers, including the  rank and file and upper management, now enjoy.

Those  were tumultuous times not only in Chicago but all across America, when  revolution was in the air and nationwide strikes crippled the burgeoning  economy. In Chicago alone 400,000 were out on strike protesting not  only reductions in wages but also demonstrating for the eight hour work  day—one of the central organizing principles of the anarchist’s  political philosophy. The Chicago anarchist movement that took root in  1884 was both strong and effective. Its leaders were skilled organizers  and eloquent orators.

The Chicago police of the day  were corrupt and routinely moved on the strikers at the behest of the  business community, prodded by the daily newspapers. In those days  companies had their own militias which were used to put down worker  insurrections with coercion and violence. They also hired Pinkertons to  intimidate and kill workers in order to prevent strikes and to maximize  profits. But when the strikers began organizing militias for their own  protection the state legislature outlawed them. The business militias,  however, were allowed to continue their grim work, leaving the workers  without protection and vulnerable. Strikers were routinely beaten,  imprisoned and killed by their employers and the police.

On  May 4, 1886, several unarmed strikers were shot dead by the Chicago  police and hundreds were brutally beaten, including innocent bystanders  at the McCormick Reapers Works. August Spies witnessed the affair with  horror and righteous indignation. His comrades were being murdered in  the streets and the killers did so with impunity. It seemed that all the  forces of Chicago were arrayed against the working people.

An  outraged August Spies organized a peaceful rally the following evening  at the Haymarket Square. After beginning in clear moonlight, the weather  suddenly turned cool and threatened rain, after a crowd of 3,000  gathered to hear the orators in the gathering gloom of the chilled night  air. Standing upon a hay wagon near a lone street lamp the speakers  berated the Chicago police for their indiscriminate killing of unarmed  workers. Chicago Mayor Carter Harrison, a just and honest man, was in  attendance. Satisfied that the gathering was peaceful and nearing  conclusion, Mayor Harrison informed the chief of police, John Bonfield,  who had sanctioned the shootings and mass beatings of the previous day,  not to march on the group or disrupt their meeting.

It  was getting late and the cold was penetrating when Albert Parsons and  most of the speakers left the rally to warm themselves at Zephf’s Hall.  Acting without legal authority, John Bonfield gathered a troop of 180  armed policemen and ordered them to disperse the dwindling crowd. After a  mild verbal confrontation, Samuel Fieldon, who was speaking to the  crowd when the police arrived, agreed to peacefully disperse. As Fieldon  leaped down from the hay wagon, an unknown assailant hurled a stick of  sizzling dynamite into the crowd of policemen. One officer was killed  and six others died in the ensuing mayhem as the result of the panic  stricken police firing indiscriminately into the fleeing crowd.

A  reign of terror soon swept over Chicago in the aftermath of the  Haymarket bombing. The press and the city’s business men, always hostile  to the strikers, blamed the anarchists and the socialists and cried for  their blood. The principal anarchists were quickly rounded up and put  into jail, except for Parsons who, though far from the site of the  incident, knew that Chicago’s business men demanded his head and skipped  town.

Demonized in the press and the business  community, the anarchists were immediately tried, convicted and executed  in the Chicago Tribune and other daily newspapers even before any  evidence was gathered. The judge presiding over the trial did nothing to  conceal his prejudice and hostility toward the accused. Twelve  impartial jurors could not be found, so those who openly proclaimed the  guilt of the accused were paid to judge the case. During the early  stages of the trial Albert Parsons dramatically walked into the  courtroom and took his place at the side of his comrades to face his  fate with them.

With the impossibility of a fair trial,  and the irrational fear that Chicago’s ruling elite felt toward  immigrant social agitators, the men were convicted and sentenced to  death by hanging. Predictably, the trial was a farce, a media circus and  a travesty of justice. The jury consisted of businessmen, their clerks  and a relative of one of the dead policemen. Not a single working man or  woman was selected for the jury.

No evidence was  produced to link any of the accused with the bombing during the trial.  None of them were at or near the scene of the crime. No evidence was  brought forth to demonstrate that the anarchists had conspired to incite  violence that evening. But they were anarchists and socialists, a  threat to capital, and they were bound to hang for their political  views.

State attorney Julius Grinnell openly declared  that anarchism was on trial. By hanging the anarchists, Grinnell  reasoned, the sacred institutions of society would be saved. In essence,  free speech and the right of peaceful assembly were also on trial. Laws  to protect the rights of suspects were suspended and new precedents  established to hasten their conviction. The real agenda of Chicago’s  business community, however, was to put an end to the successful drive  for the eight hour work day and to permanently demonize organized labor.  It would require another fifty-one years for the eight hour work day to  become law as part of Roosevelt’s New Deal.

Just a few  hours prior to the execution Albert Parsons wrote a friend that “The  guard has just awakened me. I have washed my face and drank a cup of  coffee. The doctor asked me if I wanted stimulants. I said no. The dear  boys, Engel, Fischer and Spies, saluted me with firm voices. Well, my  dear old comrade, the hour draws near. Caesar kept me awake last night  with the noise, the music of the hammer and saw erecting his throne—my  scaffold.” Parsons remained awake most of the night singing one of his  favorite songs, “Annie Laurie” in a soft, melancholy voice filled with  emotion.

More than 200 reporters gathered to witness  the execution, as did the citizenry. None of the friends or relatives of  the anarchists were permitted to attend. Albert Parson’s wife, Lucy,  and their children were not permitted to bid their beloved husband and  father a final farewell. Lucy Parsons was arrested in the attempt and  taken to jail in another part of the city.

A few  minutes before noon the four men were paraded onto the gallows scaffold.  A reporter described the scene, “With a steady, unfaltering step a  white robed figure stepped out…and stood upon the drop. It was August  Spies. It was evident that his hands were firmly bound behind him  beneath his snowy shroud.” Another reporter wrote, “His face was very  pale, his looks solemn, his expression melancholy, yet at the same time  dignified.” Fischer, Engel and Parsons followed in orderly procession.  Another reporter noted that Parsons “Turned his big gray eyes upon the  crowd below with such a look of awful reproach and sadness as it would  not fail to strike the innermost chord of the hardest-heart there. It  was a look never to be forgotten.”

The nooses were  placed around the men’s necks and muslin shrouds placed over their  heads. The executioner took up the axe that would in a moment cut the  rope and spring the trap doors upon which the four men stood, sending  them into ancestry. There was apprehension in the air thick as soup.  Four innocent men were about to be executed by the state. Just then a  “mournful solemn voice sounded.” It was August Spies speaking his final  words, “The time will come when our silence will be more powerful than  the voices you strangle today.” Next, George Engel shouted in his native  German tongue, “Hurrah for anarchy!” Adolph Fischer chimed, “This is  the happiest day of my life.” Just as Albert Parsons began to utter his  final words that began, “Harken to the voice of the people,” the  executioner’s axe fell. The trap doors sprung open with a bang and the  four men jerked violently on the end of their ropes and then dangled in  the air.

None of them died quickly of broken necks, as  was supposed to happen; they violently twisted and strangled to death  over a period of several minutes, some of them kicking and writhing in  agony. The captains of industry celebrated the death of the anarchists  while the workers mourned for their fallen comrades. But the dream of  the eight hour work day, while strangled, did not die with the Chicago  anarchists. It lived on in the lives of Emma Goldman, Eugene Debs,  Mother Jones and Big Bill Haywood, who were inspired by the Haymarket  Martyrs and went on to organize.

Some 600,000 workers  turned out for the anarchist’s funeral. Lucy Parsons was inconsolable in  her grief and spent the remainder of her life continuing the work that  she and Albert had begun years before in Texas and later Chicago. This  was the event that precipitated the eight hour work day, the  internationally celebrated May Day, and Labor Day in the U.S. It is  tragic that so few working class people are aware of the tremendous  price that the Haymarket Martyrs paid for the freedoms that so many of  us take for granted today.

On June 26, 1893, newly  elected Illinois Governor John Altgeld set the remaining anarchists free  and cleared the names of the hanged. Altgeld, a fair minded man, after  examining transcripts of the trial and reams of related documents  declared that all of the anarchists were innocent of the crimes for  which they were convicted. Altgeld concluded that the hanged men had  been victims of “hysteria, packed juries and a biased judge.” Later,  evidence came to light that the dynamite may have been thrown by a  police agent working for police captain Bonfield, as part of a  conspiracy hatched by local business men to discredit the entire labor  movement.

The state sponsored murder of the Haymarket  anarchists, while particularly poignant, is by no means an isolated  incident in American labor history. In the spring of 1886 America was on  the verge of becoming something other than what she was. A new dawn in  which working class people were on a par with business elites was almost  within grasp and the eight hour work day virtually assured. Had justice  prevailed that year in a hot Chicago courtroom and the normal  procedures of the law followed, America would have been a very different  place; a more just and peaceful future than the one we have now would  have been possible and likely.

The entire Haymarket  affair betrays the violent nature of capital and reveals its modus  operandi. Aside from all the rhetoric about free speech and democracy,  it exposes who runs the country, who makes the laws and who enforces  them. It is capital, not we the people that are running things. Time and  again the ugly side of America has been revealed when the status quo  was threatened with real democracy. And it will happen again until the  class struggle is finally resolved with just outcomes. The judgment of  History has exonerated the fallen victims of predatory capital and  indicted the real perpetrators of crimes against humanity, but who go  unrepentant and unpunished.

Until millions of ordinary  working class people awaken to the kind of country America really is,  the death of Albert Parsons, August Spies, Adolph Fischer and George  Engel will have been in vain. Workers the world over owes a great debt  to these courageous men, whose lives, strangely, are celebrated abroad  but scarcely known here. Unless we remember these men and honor what  they did for us their sacrifice will have been in vain. We owe them  nothing less and much more.

Author’s note: I urge those  who wish to know more about these events to read labor historian James  Green’s recently published book “Death in the Haymarkett: A Story of Chicago, the First Labor Movement and the Bombing that Divided Gilded Age America.”

Charles  Sullivan is a photographer, social activist and free lance writer  residing in the hinterland of West Virgina. He welcomes your comments at  earthdog@highstream.net


Desmond Telling It Straight

He's right of course but here the perpetrators have basically rewritten history. I have always liked  Desmond Tutu and I damn well bet many believers here hate his guts even though to me he is a real Believer because he lives the words. A few highlights -

Archbishop Desmond Tutu says former U.S. president George W. Bush and former British prime minister Tony Blair acted like "playground bullies" when they decided to invade Iraq in 2003, and should face trial for their actions.

This is a fact ya see but let's just forget about it as a country.

Tutu wrote "they have driven us to the edge of a precipice where we now stand - with the specter of Syria and Iran before us."

The Nobel Peace laureate asked "what should we teach our children" if it is acceptable for leaders to take "drastic action on the basis of a lie, without acknowledgement or an apology when they are found out."


If only our side would speak out but they have assisted in and are culpable as well in some ways of allowing what I feel may be the biggest act of treason ever in our country. I refuse to be part of that ever.


Will We Ever Hear No More?

Not a chance. Afghanistan is off the table for most who could make a difference. Few give a shit and these men and women died for absolutely nothing in a hell hole of a country where those we train kill our own. NO MORE!

Coalition Military Fatalities By Year and Month