I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!



Was at the zoo for awhile yesterday. I enjoy this exhibit a bunch. I peer in every window I can see into each time I go. There is so much going on here. My imagination runs wild every time. Put it together and let yours go too.

Soon I will be seeing many  new and exciting things like this fellow did before it turned bad. I can't tell you how excited I am!


Who Is Mia Love?

At times there is a downside to not having the tube but not by much. I pay very little attention to what these two men have to say and actually heard this Romney fellow say something for the first time a couple months ago.

So this Mia girl spoke at the gooper convention and they loved her. Big Daddy Hatch gave his words of encouragement and off this black girl went to thrill the convention goers. Is there any confusion here? Shouldn't be for any one any where of why this group of right wing country rapers would allow this black woman on their stage.

They didn't do it because she's black that's for damn sure nor did they do it because she's a women you can bet on that as well.

They did it because she exemplifies everything their party of rape stands for that's why and is the only reason!

A pretty and I'm sure personable black woman country raper who thinks like a whitey. It don't get no better than that. 


Code Pink Rocks

Many will never be the same.

Trickling Information

I guess when it's in your country and the occupying forces of an empire can't touch you then you can do pretty much do what ever the hell you want no matter how horrendous it is.

Remember the disgust and deserved outrage when Americans were losing their heads? At least that part has stopped but if they had a chance they'd do it again. Is that winning?

Talking for years about leaving Afghanistan and then saying your leaving is pure bull shit when you are still there. It's only a diversion.

We may kind of leave eventually but that will be to go somewhere else to do similar things for honorable reasons of course. 


We're Leaving But Not Really

You can say whatever you want but when you send three brigades worth (9,700) men to Afghaannystan that's not leaving in my book. And nobody says boo!

While waiting to board the bus home 34 have died this month some by our own partners. You know ones that are on our side. The only thing that changes is that the death toll goes up every time the sun comes up. 


Parts Got Missing

Never to be seen again even though people looked. Do not "think" when it comes to old  10-gauge shotgun shells. Another "DO NOT DO" with items of this nature is grind on them with a Dremel tool. These days with no insurance I try my best not to look for trouble. Hope this guy heals fast and becomes much better for it.

What 21 Smacks Gets You

It get's you 18 holes of  golf  on a nine holer walking with a back drop like this and few others around.  In addition two freshly made tacos with homemade salsa and a coke plus a two buck tip.

I have seldom paid for playing golf in many years but this is cheap golf and today was a blast. Hit the ball pretty good for playing just five times this year. Actually thought I wouldn't play at all. This track makes it by on the very minimum of a budget I'm sure. It played really well and the greens were true as can be and looked great.  It was a lot of fun.
But it wasn't fun for Mary who got a ticket for protecting her honor on the golf course. 


Students With Guns - In Class And Loaded For Bear

So Colorado's supremes overrule CU's gun ban in Boulder and professors get to take it or else. Have to assume this applies to open carry as well if the college can not ban them in any form it seems.

Can you imagine a classroom where the students wear guns even if it's just one being displayed in that class?

This is where we're at these days and down the road there will be a price to pay for throwing common sense out the window to appease what manipulated people perceive as "freedom". This shit ain't right.

BOULDER — University of Colorado Chancellor Phil DiStefano notified the Boulder campus faculty Tuesday afternoon that professors "do not have the right to shut down a class or refuse to teach" should they learn that one of their students is lawfully carrying a gun under a concealed-carry permit.And, DiStefano added, any faculty members who do so will be in violation of their contracts and face disciplinary action.DiStefano's message comes a day after Professor Jerry Peterson, chairman of the Boulder Faculty Assembly, told the Camera that, under his own "personal policy," he plans to cancel class if he ever learns any of his students are carrying firearms. A Colorado Supreme Court ruling this spring overturned CU's Boulder campus gun ban, and university officials say that students with concealed-carry permits are allowed to bring guns into classrooms and labs. 

From a piece in the Boulder camera this morning as well.

This makes no sense.


Not Normal Anymore

Akin or anybody else who give away who they truly are as a person as well as what their party ideology really is and going through the nonsense of the demands of him doing this or that is a diversion and a waste of time because he knows he doesn't have to anything much different.

According to the polls this pos is neck and neck with McCaskill and may be leading even. Like it or not they do what they want because they can over and over.

This is where we are at. Most normal people get pissed off at shit like this. But we're not normal any more and Akin's all over the country have gotten elected. More will be elected come November.



Cornfield Monkeys Cheer The Hate Message Of Lies

The promoters of the Iowa State fair knew this prick would do this but they went ahead and hired him anyway because - well they know ignorant bastards want to hear this message.

Country dummy Hank Williams Jr. played to a crowd of nearly 8,500 at the Iowa State Fair Grandstand on Friday night.


Drought - Horses And The Economy

Put it together and you get situations like this.

Dire straights indeed many places. There are two horses here and they have it pretty good. Talk about huge pets. I'm just glad they're not mine.


Hate To Post This

I miss many things and part of that is not having tv and not wanting to pay as much attention as previously. I was sorry to see this about Scott Ritter.

Many of you know him well I'm sure. A major player in calling out the bushes for their lies before and during the War for Lies in Iraq. I still respect him for that.

Always got a kick out his line about how you can teach a monkey to wave the flag but that in itself did not make the monkey patriotic.


Meanwhile Humanity Has Been Saved

Just up the road and I mean just. I don't understand the mentality here. There are people around and it so close to a road. Understand too people been growing for years here like they do many places because it's the drug of choice for tens of millions and that's not bad.


The Picked On

But it  was all just peachy with the Patriot Act for instance here in Cheney Land at the time with flags flying all over hell and pages and pages of  regulations passed into law ya see. Plus that very same eagle shitting into many of their bank accounts every month. Now that's a threat to the freedoms left and must be done away with. SHEEZ!!


Outta Here

Going to Wyoooming aka Cheney Land to do a bit of visiting and some smooth surface riding in Casper. I always get treated sooo well and appreciate that a great deal.

Not much going on. It actually rained 4 tenths last evening. That's huge when there has been nothing.

I know nothing as well. Thanks for stopping buy.

Have a good one all of you!

I'll be bok.


And The Answer Is

With a whopping seven votes (thank you for that) it's well past time for the answer.

What was Lewis & Clark's expeditions's favorite food?
Gently seared buffalo hump
  0 (0%)
Fresh pan fried trout
  3 (42%)
Braised fido
  1 (14%)
Fresh elk loin tartare
  0 (0%)
Antelope kidney
  3 (42%)

Having just read about this expedition the food eaten was a story in itself. If they could get it 8-9 pounds of meat a day per man. I bet Sacagawea could put it away too. You've heard of food like this before I'm sure. The braised pooch and antelope kidney are mine. Reading the names of the choices damn near makes me hungry.

I've never eaten buffalo hump but have eaten my share of buffalo and it's real good as is most of the rest but there's something about antelope for me. Catching trout is what fishing is to me as I'm not that fond of their taste. Big browns are very good.

We got one smarty pants out there because it was dog these men enjoyed more than anything else pass all.


The Internets Or Not

Ever have a paper route? Two week ends ago the internet service went down. Get it shot in from seven miles away. Had to work to keep after them but it was repaired fairly quick. Last week it out about a day because the guy on duty was 150 miles away. This week end it was a day and a half and no attempt was made to correct it. The fault each time lies and is just inside the door of their business and easily fixed. They don't give a shit. There will be some changes made in this account but that is another story.

People who don't get their Sunday papers many of them anyway get a bit testy if it don't show up. I had a bunch that didn't show on Sunday. Another Hater kills at will in Wisconny. Glad I missed that till just a bit ago. Who'll be next in line for the Freedom Seekers. Would have liked to have watched the landing on Mars. A good thing - what a nice change.

Company is coming. This guy put me up and fed me oh soooo good back in the cornfield in May that I have to produce. Pressure on! Up to Pueblo this morning. Local sweetcorn is excellent. Got plenty. Plenty fresh sliced bacon and pork steak cut at a butcher's the way I want it for a change. We are ready to pig out. The tomatoes are from Grand Junction as the ones here are ready yet. These have been pretty decent. I'm hungry now.

Probably won't be around much the next few. It will be good to have a bit interaction and get out a bit. Been sticking real close to home this last month.

Later - have a good one.


Africans Doing Drone Like Work In Somalia

In the evil sense that our Empire is training others to fight kill and die protecting corporate interests so ours don't die. Below is part of what came out of a report that I can't find.

Through deploying African troops to Somalia, “the Obama administration is trying to achieve US military goals with minimal risk of American deaths and scant public debate,” the report added. “Nearly 20 years after US Army Rangers suffered a bloody defeat in Somalia, losing 18 soldiers and two Black Hawk helicopters, Washington is once again heavily engaged in the chaotic country. Only this time, African troops are doing the fighting and dying,” the report said.

Makes no difference who's in charge bama or another the results would be the same. The 1% salivate at the thought of what monetary possibilities that lie ahead in the Dark Continent. They will not be denied.

And few give a shit.


A Deer Is Bad Enough

A cow is much worse and a buffalo has to be way bad. Round these damn things up.

This was a very good Suby. Nailed a mule deer buck 4:30 in the afternoon coming home in a stretch of road called "Deer Park". 
This was a huge hit dead on at 45-50mph. Pieces flying off like you wouldn't believe and it could not make it the few miles home. It was totaled.
UPDATE: This was some time ago.

Just saying and I wonder if anyone has been hurt. You sure as hell don't want to hit anything at 75mph let alone a buffalo. They must be the biggest animals out there. 


On Human Beings Again

Something like this was said before here and want to say it again.

West Africa was the place this guy started hearing "I'm a human being". I thought that was the corniest thing ever. I did not have a clue. It was a long time ago and much was learned then and since about other human beings.

How do you stop a runaway war machine that kills innocent human beings. The taste of Aurora and other places is of pure bile. Can America/our media reflect on what those innocents over there must feel. They do to a small extent but that is drowned out by the "good reasons" it's done so then it becomes okay. That and how hard they try and how sincere they are in making sure the drone missile strikes approved by our president don't kill innocent people. That mentality is supposed to make the killings okay too.

It's not okay and it should never have been allowed to become okay to do this to other human beings. We are now expanding our military presence in Africa not that we haven't been there. More will become cannon fodder there so corporations here can have theirs.

Coulda woulda shoulda I understand.

Change must happen for the good of ALL human beings.

Few can get that!  



It's Another Record

These are American deaths  not coalition not NATO. Few give a shit except for those harmed and those who profit and one of those doesn't count. This is called leaving.


Coalition Military Fatalities By Year and Month