I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Made It

Returned a day later on Wednesday afternoon. Been gone for six days and did what we set out to do. Saw a lot and made mistakes. There will be some sort of short film but that will take a bit. A couple days were brutal and we missed our desired spot to the ruin by a mile plus just having barely enough water.

Have not read or heard anything in that time and that's okay. I don't wanna work no mo just want to do this. After that trip in March it took a good week to summon up the strength to start paying a bit of attention to the same old bullshit.

There's more pictures over at the picture place.


Out Here Somewhere

Chasing ruins and rock art. Be back Tuesday sometime. Thanks for stopping and my blog roll has some of the best out there. Hope Phil and I come home with some good stuff. We're gonna have fun trying.


It Was Da Pot-No It Wasn't-Yes It Was

The title of this piece of ass wipe paper lets the stupids know all they need to be able to form their skewed opinion.

But there's a major problem here like most of the time when it comes to this substance. By their own admission the investigators said they "don't believe Mikuni was impaired while driving".

But it's pot ya know there so the lies continue as always to assist all who profit from it. No way will people be allowed to think for themselves on this issue with true facts from the media.


It's Not Nato Troops But Americans

Finally I see after almost two days the nine "Nato" Troops killed in the chopper crash were all American and careful now that comes straight from the biggest whore in every one's neighborhood.

And this piece corrects the misinformation that this was the largest loss of life associated with a helicopter in Afghanistan. It's the same old bullshit. No shots no Talibans no nothing as usual but investigate you betcha.

Meanwhile families and loved ones having just recently been informed are preparing to go through what their worst fears had been.

It's this country that's responsible for war and death in Afghanistan not NATO! They do this to confuse an easily confused populace that it's something other that what it it really is.

Morgan AKA Sizzle Goes Home

But it's not what you think. If Sizzle would not have ran away from home 48 miles worth into what turned out to be a fire area life might have been a bit better.

This kitty had to cross so many very busy roads to get to where he was found that in itself is something that he made it. Maybe he was on a mission and I'm glad he has been claimed by his owner. Link


Cyclist Wins

I like it when the dumb bastards lose because they are special and think because they are who they are that they become entitled to take your rights away because after all they are who they are.

Baggers Lie And Every One Of Them Hates America And Our Freedoms

Oh they sure as hell do. They hate the schools that taught them to read and don't like the roads built for them the bumps smoothed out by union made autos and trucks for many decades. They don't like anything. They don't like Muzzies Beaners Blacks Gays Lesbians Atheists and on and on. Whatever they don't like they want to make changes to just make things Amerikan ya know that's all they want.

Here is a whore piece that I could finish reading about how this fine person came to be a bagger. Since he and the others are really nice people their bigotry and stupidity over issues is hidden artfully because he comes across as such a caring human who just wants what he knows is the best for everyone else ya know there ya see.

A simply as I can. These people and that includes most of the others on the right have no credibility-none not a drop!

Why because not a damn one of them was anywhere to be seen at anytime during the Killer Bush years. They loved the war and killing that continues for a decade and never said a word against the government all that time.

These destroyers of our country got much of their so called credibility because the dims let them have it.


Benny's Visit Declared A "Great Success"

You betcha if getting outta there without being harmed is a measure of success because more despise him than respect him.

Here's a lie-
"Everyone is agreed about the great success, not so much from the point of view of the numbers, but ... by the fact that the message of the pope was received with respect and joy by the faithful,"
Lies are tiring unless it's you're doing the lying to get yourself out of a jam. I quit doing that when I grew up and realized most of the time it doesn't work.

But for the likes of the Benny the Rat's and Killer Bushes and Cheney's who have an army of liars to cover you it works real good.

Yessirre babalooey!

Pieces Of Shit With Wings

I saw this and thought this is a joke but when you're talking R&D for the military it's all on the table as several companies want to get on this gravy train.

A conceptual drawing of a "Transformer" produced by AAI, a subsidiary of Textron Systems. Several companies are vying to develope the vehicle under a DARPA program that will give troops a transport that can scurry down roads linke and SUV, but quickly transition to flight.

I wish someone would pay me for coming up with dumb ass ideas.

The military and their budget is never going to change except that it will grow larger. Are we all on the table with that or do you think starting next year there will be significant cuts then and for years following so these monies can be used to address our Nation's infrastructure and other issues.


Two Singles And A TRIPLE !!

Probably not what you're thinking but seriously this was a first on a cruise around the back country and briefly touching Wyoming today.

I came across this second but what we're talking about is the outhouse just to the left of this building.
You see these conveniences quite a bit and actually this one below is unique to me as well. On each side the is a single seater. Pretty dismal inside. What's different is the middle. Separate from the crappers themselves. I think that may have been where clothes were washed something like that.
First had seen this in the distance and drove the two miles or so out to it and at one time there was a lot going on and probably cattle maybe sheep. The outhouse is the building on the right. The main living quarters was the building in the middle.
Looking through the front door of the house. Not a whole hell of a lot out here and a long way from anywhere.
Here she is the triple of the day and truthfully I've never seen one. See a lot of doubles but never this.  You better be friends with who you're sitting next to in one of these things that's for damn sure.

I don't have a picture at least one that I can find  of the two story crapper on what used to be the stage coach stop between Buena Vista and Aspen I believe. It's called Innisbrook with a two story hotel. Went out in an enclosed walkway. It's on the Colorado Trail which I worked on over a weekend a long time ago and need to go back and see this again. It's on the south side of Twin Lakes. If I remember correctly seating capacity with that baby was a dozen or so.
It was a beautiful fall day.
This along with some other pictures will get put up at the Picture Place

UK Police Chief Says Yo To Decriminalizing Drugs And No To Incarceration

In many places outside the borders of this country people are smarter than us and with this issue it becomes asinine at times how here there can not even be a discussion about the possibility of decriminalizing some drugs. And this does not come from some overweight traffic cop but from a wheel in the system.

One of Britain's most senior police officers has proposed decriminalising the personal use of drugs such as cannabis to allow more resources to be dedicated to tackling high-level dealers.

Why would he say such a thing?
Intervention comes amid growing warnings from experts that prohibition does not deter drug use
Well no shit Cisco imagine that. People with fucking brains that wear a badge. Oh that's right they don't live here. To be fair there are some wheels here who feel the same way but of course no one listens to them.

Bring it on California!


Sizzle Made It

Here's the cat named Sizzle found after the fire outside of Boulder.  Story Link  It's a good story.

He doesn't look too chipper here.

He looks better in this one and is the only animal not returned to the owner of over a hundred found.

Good kitty!


Dancing In The Streets Over Bush's Tax Cuts

Well not quite yet but there will be and it sure as hell won't be because they did not get extended.

Do actually think the dims will let them expire?

Here in Colorado you have this sheep herder Salazar saying "I just don't think you can raise taxes on anybody in this economy" I'm not even going to go there on just how dumb that is except to say this guy comes from one of the poorest county's in the state.

I read this and damn near upchucked but this is the best the left can do for us .

Bennet is the other Senator and what this means is the rich will prevail in this matter.

And that is the point. These tax cuts were never on the table and if you think that they are now and will be allowed expire well I'll try to be nice and just say you're fucking crazy.

These will expire at the same time Rove and all the others requested to testify before congress during Bush's reign show up and do so bringing the angry letters from Leahy along as well.

Crazy Religious Freaks Complaining As Always

This time mind screwed little pricks think they are so special that giving donuts to their teachers with religious bullshit on them is not offensive. Before this they pulled this crap.

What the hell is it with the likes of the insane when it comes to the non-existant sky being. There is a Jehovah living next door who leaves crap on my door but will never talk to me face to face. If she did I would have a hard time being nice to this beautiful women who is so fucked up she doesn't have a clue her neighbor is her worst nightmare.


Take Me To The River

And that's exactly what's going to happen right after work. My fishing bud is driving down to the Colorado and we will do some late afternoon early evening fishing in an area where big fish have been had before. I love it when I get to ride once in awhile. This will be fun and maybe we'll get a few.

Keep Your Crosses Off My Property

Monster 12 footers along the roadside on public property. Public means that it's mine and the rules say there is a separation between church and state. Why the hell can't you religious crazy's understand this simple thing? Put your crosses on land you own or buy a bunch along the highway to install these icons to an invisible finger snapper that does not exist. Go for it as a way to show respect to your friends lost in the line of duty. Not an issue and I support that. But stay the hell off my land with your stupid bullshit. You are not being picked on or singled out.

If you are not aware Utah Highway Patrolman are notorious assholes!


Benny The Rats Ass Wiper Pulls Boner On Purpose

This fellow Cardinal Walter Kasper is a Nazi rat bastard just like his boss. He supposedly is quoted as saying the UK was marked by "a new and aggressive atheism". I say go team UK!

In addition this- "when you land at Heathrow you think at times you have landed in a Third World country".

That isn't all folks - He also criticized British Airways (BA), saying that when you wear a cross on the airline "you are discriminated against".

Yea asshole the UK welcomes diversity and yes there are issues but the system works even with all those different colors of people and languages.

Is the cold shoulder you're feeling because you and the church you work for rape children and people despise the fact you and the rest of your religious buds don't fess up to it? 

You have no respect at all for other human beings one of the basic tenants of your religion. Because of that you become fair game because of your blatant hypocrisy for a man in your position.

You cardinal Kaspar are yourself a piece of human shit the very same you despise.

Pissed Off In Afghanistan

Not any of us guys that are there but the locals.

Imagine that and the piece makes reference to the Koran but you can bet they were just as pissed before that.

Only Americans will have an issue with that cuz we're there to help and and well you know.

They didn't understand next door in Irak either and bitched and moaned as well but that didn't hinder the cause of the US to bring democracy there as well.

Our country loves the blood and guts way of forcing freedom and democracy down other country's throats.

Who cares what they want? We know what they need and they're gonna get it whether they want it or not ya see there!


Rita Lost

My point here is that I'd rather see these songs in Rita and the family's hands than that of a corporation. I don't want to think about the possibilities and frankly it's none of my business.

The effect this man and his music had on millions in places all over the world lives to this day. He still inspires and gives hope to those less fortunate. This music will never die.

So a little Bob-Bob Marley is in order this morning.

US Military Gonna Punish The Dumpers In Irak

Toxic waste dumpers and of course it wasn't us you see there. It was them other guys the ones we hired to do a lot of the other stuff the military did until Cheney took command.

No doubt there is plenty of punishing that needs to be done. First to the fucktard military types here who are lying about who's responsible then move on to the big killer Bush and his buddies who took us to war for lies.

What's so goddamn hard to understand who needs to be punished!


This Gets To Be Old Shit

No - not the fact the the Goper's are going to say no to a man now mind you to Bama's tax plan. Not that but
that this is even a story worthy of print. Give me a fucking break here. No wonder the populace is so goddamn ignorant. What else have these senate repukes done except the same. The same isn't news.

Then this from the article - a lie straight out of the box the very first paragraph.

President Barack Obama's plan to raise taxes on wealthier people while preserving cuts for everyone else appears increasingly likely to founder before Election Day.
Will the dimwit dims fight back like making them filibuster for the first time as has been suggested by many. Bama wants to reach out some more ya know. Watch nothing happen as the repugs will get most of what they want.

Achtung! Don't Fall For This

There have been a number of articles in this vain. This one happens to originate out of Delaware but it's the same all over. The title and the link is-

Does anybody really believe this situation with the baggers has evolved on it's own where you now find articles such as this around the country?

Articles that make Republicans out to not be baggers and that they are better than that or what have you but crap to that effect.Wisen up and don't fall for it.

Every bit of this movement has been planned out and this included. It's a fucking scam and a lie as usual from the right.

Understand this - baggers have shown this year that most of what they stand for is what is at the roots of the republican party. Most of them stood at attention and said nothing against blatant abnormal behavior and ideas for what we all know should be the norms in this country some backed by law.

Yes and some of the extreme bagger candidates will be defeated as should be. But when it comes time to mark that ballot just like in congress the right is not going to vote for a democrat and the strategists for the right know that.

Every move these people make is determined before hand just like this one has been.

Many of the goals have been achieved for now and it's time to disassociate themselves from the real crazy's and minimize vote loss.

Make no mistake the Republican Party represents all that is teabag.

Really ??

From the mouth of Colorado Tea Nutter candidate for governor the one and only Dan (I'm OK you're the one that's nuts) Maes at a get together in Durango last Thursday.

He's talking to me and maybe you too. This asshole touches me looking for the evil he'll draw back a bloody stub.

You see a lot of his posters out in the country here in NW Colorado. I don't think he has a chance and the state goopers wanted him to step down but he would not. He's on a mission ya know there ya see.


Pictures From This Weekend

The Utah ruins trip has been delayed until the weekend of the 25th. The nights will be a bit colder and the days shorter as well but it will be fine and until then just gotta wait.

So stuck around here and these are a few things I took pictures of. Actually came away with a few pretty decent ones. I'm lucky I got the fish that I did but I climbed a lot more than I fished.

There happens to a coyote on the left of the first picture and even with the naked eye it looked like there was white on the end of the tail. Still think it was a Wiley. It's a bit odd as the white is visible.

Remember the clicking of the picture to make them big and then bigger.

I like both of these even though they are close to the same.

Did not do well on this one chance of the train on George Loves Bridge. Wasn't ready and needed to be standing where the picture was taken below.
This is the reason for the name we know it by.
When I came down from above I walked up this major watershed in between the red rocks. It's difficult to capture what this was like but as I gained in elevation it turned into a rock highway and that was pretty cool along with other erosion features.

As I walked and climbed up it was narrow in places with trees and the bank of course on both sides. If it wasn't rock it was hard red sand/dirt. Came upon some type of footprint of some sort that was not from a Bambi. Well what crossed my mind was mountain lion and there are bunches around this area - bunches. I'd been at this a long time and went down the drainage and even though I was really tired----

Caught this good looking feller.
These are from today and actually not that far from town. On some of these county roads not all are maintained completely so hardly anyone lives on those sections and they are easily passable unless wet or snow covered.

Don't people go for rides anymore. I saw a lot of cool stuff this afternoon and I was the only one anywhere.

I like this picture.

Cross posted @ Fly's Picture Place

Priest Sex Abuse Linked To 13 Suicides In Belgium


This story is so evil that I don't know the words to describe how I feel.

Adriaenssens, a child psychiatrist who has worked with trauma victims for 23 years, said nothing had prepared him for the stories of abuse that blighted the lives of victims.

You catholics and I don't give a shit if feelings are hurt are just as fucking guilty as the sick bastards that do these things and this piece of shit of a man who is called the pope who allows this to continue.

Tell me you practicing catholics that at parish level you are demanding from your bishop that the enabling poop of a man Benny the Rat stop this now. Remove priests worldwide who are known predators and come out and say that this will never happen again. But he won't do that. He is evil -this entity of catholicism is evil and the people mind fucked by this ancient dogma of bullshit must speak out and demand this stop and until then all are just as evil as the rapers of children. 

It's just that simple.

And folks this is just one country!! This goes on world wide and has not let up because the hierarchy does not address this as it needs to be.

Sick bastards I tell you.


My Very Short 911 Story

Originally posted on 9/11/08

On that morning seven years ago Bradley came into the shop and told me what happened. I went over to the chump house(pro shop) and watched for a short period of time and said in a very loud voice for the several dozen there to hear clearly "there go our rights" and walked out.

Looking back it seems a bit odd but I just knew. Called my long time PC buddy and we talked about what we had said for years that something like this was bound to happen and it did that morning. This event was not a surprise to us.

Finished out the work day turning the radio on only a couple times for unending speculation that served no purpose. Went fishing for six hours on a beautiful day in the Rockies catching so many it was easy to not think about what was to come.

Sat down in front of the tube at 9 o'clock and watched the nightmare that continues to unfold to this very day.

Today 9/11/10
The nightmare referred to is not as bad but is still there. The major damage has been done and Osama gloats whether he is dead or squatting in a cave.


The Mother Of All Mosques

Is in of all places back in the cornfield. In the middle of the United States built in 1934 and situated in and around six churches. And everyone gets along. This is a really good story and worth reading as the monkey from Florida should as well. I see this morning he's reconsidering his barbecue.

This fellow is a RPCV like myself.
 Meet Bill Aossey, 68, a Cedar Rapids businessman — and a Muslim — who can help explain why Iowa is central to the story of American Islam.


If you've not seen this spoof of the imbecile inbred preacher from Florida it's a must watch.
Got it over at Monkeyfister's.


Mexicans Are Smarter Than Us

How much I'm not sure really but I can tell you that the blood and guts piling up in their country has grown old and there is talk about some form of legalization of drugs.

Here apparently we love war and death because when there is talk of stopping the killing it is generally met with derision from most of the media that ones who speak of such are not really "true Americans" ya see there.

On a national level here just the thought of talk like this has politicians scurrying away. We need this discussion so badly from those who can make change but like most everything we won't get it because we love the other far too much.

Thank you Mexico and start talking soon and force these bastards here to do the same. I am so weary of being considered a criminal which I am not and want to see change before I croak!

Drugs-Mexico-Columbia+Pure Bullshit Plenty

Our Third War Front got stirred up proper yesterday -

So the bs starts back and forth that no it's not it's this or that and then there is the Escobars and cartels and fucking nonsense in the article non fucking stop. All the players getting off on jerking each other around on everything except the reality.

Me ranting about this once again will not change anything but it needs to be said to everyone of these people.

Stick this shit up your ass and end this going on 40 year failure which will stop most of the killing and bring some sanity and humanity to literally hundreds of thousands of ordinary people who live in fear and have done nothing to deserve it.

But no-the ones that can stop this love the blood and guts way too much to bring this to an end.

Dirty bastards every one of them that refuse to make a change that reflects the reality learned 20+ years ago.


Detroit's Natural Fire Disaster

Part of the reason these fires are so bad is because the city is being reclaimed by nature. It's just that simple.

When I saw this today I immediately remembered a video posted here in what turns out to be almost two years ago. Have always remembered and this video is still active. Yes Detroit in places has been taken over by nature and with the economy that made this what it is in the two years since this video was made the undergrowth has increased that much more for sure as there certainly is no money to keep it under control. Watch this and you'll understand.

From an article about the fires that were many places around the city.

Deaths For Nothing In Iraq

Specifically the two of ours that perished at the hands of an American trained Iraqi soldier. By now possibly that number may have risen with the nine other Americans wounded in the same incident.

This is not something new but it shows clearly the failure of this debacle that the Neo-killers and the Chimp are totally responsible for.

How can any soldier left in Iraq turn their back on any Iraqi? I could not nor will any of them and who can blame them for not trusting these people.

What a goddamn nightmare.

Can you imagine the parents of these troops killed here having to explain why or how their child died.


The Petraeus Needs More

That's right-2000 more.

The stepped-up NATO training effort envisages boosting the size of the Afghan army to 171,600 by October 2011 and the police force to 134,000.

They make it sound like they'll get other country's to contribute cannon fodder to die for nothing but don't expect many takers because other countrys don't love death caused by war like we do. It will be ours that willingly will go because of just that.

So a year from now there will be 305,600 Afghan forces ready to stand up to them Talibans!

That's got to mean after 10 years some must be ready you would think but do not do that. After years in Iraq of the same shit not one of ours "stood down".

I expect nothing except more of the same.


Not In It

From this weekend something only done one time before and that was the first WM Maker movie I did a long time ago until now. Meaning set to music. Didn't remember this song and there are a couple lame areas that may be taken out later but for now left in because the music is so good and incredibly fitting. At least it seems that way now.

Cross posted @ Fly's Picture Place

Senate Whore Ensign Ripping The Guts Outta The Truth

This piece of shit is out and about attempting to rebuild his image of a lying cheating Repuglican. Of course he has no problems finding takers in addition to money in case he makes that oh so tough decision to run for office again in two years.

This stuff is precious.

He predicted the nation would face a second Great Depression unless Republicans gain control of Congress.

"If we don't turn it around in the next four or five years, we are headed toward economic catastrophe," he told the crowd of 100 supporters Tuesday at ITT Technical Institute.

He spoke for 15 minutes, then fielded questions for half an hour. The federal investigation did not come up.
David Nelson, a curb painter who attended the event, said he wasn't turned off by Ensign's personal troubles.

"Look, when people are struggling to find jobs and stay in their homes, the only thing people are thinking about is how to make the economy better," he said. "They don't care about politicians' personal lives."

Well Davey boy you piece of shit as well. If it were A Dim who had "personal issues" like your Ensign and Vitter types you and your buddies would be all over it like the fly's on shit that you are. 

This human who's name is Ensign does not deserve coverage that implies he's a real good guy and worthy of positive press. But here the worse you are the better you are when you put up a fight defending the low life mother fucker you are - like all the caught repugs do!


Another Beaut From Maybell

Seriously these sayings are confusing to me sometimes. I guess I kinda get it.

They have not succeeded in bringing me over to the other side.


If You Do Anything

Please take the time to read the post below titled Labor Day - The Reason For It And The Innocent Men Who Went To Their Death. If you have not seen this piece before or know the story behind it you will not be disappointed.  Sad perhaps but more aware for sure.

After work headed west again and will be back on Sunday. Will work on Monday to get a four day weekend to head back out to the Outlook Ruin to enter a different way and to visit another Rock Art site not seen before. I can't wait and hope it comes together.

Please be safe and enjoy your friends and family this holiday weekend. Thank you for the visit here at OTC.

Labor Day - The Reason For It And The Innocent Men Who Went To Their Death

The same post from last year in it's entirety (and the year before that). A piece that tells a very important story and why I get the day off to go explore because men like these died so I could do just that.

In this country there are not many who know why we celebrate this holiday but the story told below explains and we should all take pause now and then and remember those who came before us whether it's this or any number of other stories of people who sacrificed so our country could be a better place to live in.

Remembering the Haymarket Martyrs

By Charles SullivanInformation Clearing House' -- -- Every now and then events transpire that cut through the rhetoric, the carefully contrived images purveyed in the press and historical texts, and reveal a nation’s dark soul in ghastly detail. Such an event occurred in the streets of Chicago on May 4, 1886, and continued through November 11 of 1887. They were set in motion years before.

05/16/06 "

At noon on that day four of labor’s most courageous warriors: Albert Parsons, August Spies, Adolph Fischer and George Engel were hanged for a crime they did not commit. A fifth man, Louis Lingg, was slated to share the fate of his comrades but he cheated the hangman and the state of his innocent blood when he exploded a dynamite cap in his mouth from his jail cell just hours before the execution. The explosive had been smuggled in to him by an anarchist comrade. Another anarchist, Oscar Neebe, has sentenced to fifteen years of prison and hard labor. Three others had their death sentences commuted to life sentences.

In the U.S. only a relative few working class people know that Labor Day, originally May Day (May 1) originated with the hanging of these men. The rest of the world celebrates their heroism on May 1; however, the U.S. does not officially recognize their sacrifice by honoring them with a national holiday. Virtually every worker worldwide owes a tremendous debt to the Haymarket Martyrs, who provided the impetus and paid the ultimate price for many of the benefits that all workers, including the rank and file and upper management, now enjoy.

Those were tumultuous times not only in Chicago but all across America, when revolution was in the air and nationwide strikes crippled the burgeoning economy. In Chicago alone 400,000 were out on strike protesting not only reductions in wages but also demonstrating for the eight hour work day—one of the central organizing principles of the anarchist’s political philosophy. The Chicago anarchist movement that took root in 1884 was both strong and effective. Its leaders were skilled organizers and eloquent orators.

The Chicago police of the day were corrupt and routinely moved on the strikers at the behest of the business community, prodded by the daily newspapers. In those days companies had their own militias which were used to put down worker insurrections with coercion and violence. They also hired Pinkertons to intimidate and kill workers in order to prevent strikes and to maximize profits. But when the strikers began organizing militias for their own protection the state legislature outlawed them. The business militias, however, were allowed to continue their grim work, leaving the workers without protection and vulnerable. Strikers were routinely beaten, imprisoned and killed by their employers and the police.

On May 4, 1886, several unarmed strikers were shot dead by the Chicago police and hundreds were brutally beaten, including innocent bystanders at the McCormick Reapers Works. August Spies witnessed the affair with horror and righteous indignation. His comrades were being murdered in the streets and the killers did so with impunity. It seemed that all the forces of Chicago were arrayed against the working people.

An outraged August Spies organized a peaceful rally the following evening at the Haymarket Square. After beginning in clear moonlight, the weather suddenly turned cool and threatened rain, after a crowd of 3,000 gathered to hear the orators in the gathering gloom of the chilled night air. Standing upon a hay wagon near a lone street lamp the speakers berated the Chicago police for their indiscriminate killing of unarmed workers. Chicago Mayor Carter Harrison, a just and honest man, was in attendance. Satisfied that the gathering was peaceful and nearing conclusion, Mayor Harrison informed the chief of police, John Bonfield, who had sanctioned the shootings and mass beatings of the previous day, not to march on the group or disrupt their meeting.

It was getting late and the cold was penetrating when Albert Parsons and most of the speakers left the rally to warm themselves at Zephf’s Hall. Acting without legal authority, John Bonfield gathered a troop of 180 armed policemen and ordered them to disperse the dwindling crowd. After a mild verbal confrontation, Samuel Fieldon, who was speaking to the crowd when the police arrived, agreed to peacefully disperse. As Fieldon leaped down from the hay wagon, an unknown assailant hurled a stick of sizzling dynamite into the crowd of policemen. One officer was killed and six others died in the ensuing mayhem as the result of the panic stricken police firing indiscriminately into the fleeing crowd.

A reign of terror soon swept over Chicago in the aftermath of the Haymarket bombing. The press and the city’s business men, always hostile to the strikers, blamed the anarchists and the socialists and cried for their blood. The principal anarchists were quickly rounded up and put into jail, except for Parsons who, though far from the site of the incident, knew that Chicago’s business men demanded his head and skipped town.

Demonized in the press and the business community, the anarchists were immediately tried, convicted and executed in the Chicago Tribune and other daily newspapers even before any evidence was gathered. The judge presiding over the trial did nothing to conceal his prejudice and hostility toward the accused. Twelve impartial jurors could not be found, so those who openly proclaimed the guilt of the accused were paid to judge the case. During the early stages of the trial Albert Parsons dramatically walked into the courtroom and took his place at the side of his comrades to face his fate with them.

With the impossibility of a fair trial, and the irrational fear that Chicago’s ruling elite felt toward immigrant social agitators, the men were convicted and sentenced to death by hanging. Predictably, the trial was a farce, a media circus and a travesty of justice. The jury consisted of businessmen, their clerks and a relative of one of the dead policemen. Not a single working man or woman was selected for the jury.

No evidence was produced to link any of the accused with the bombing during the trial. None of them were at or near the scene of the crime. No evidence was brought forth to demonstrate that the anarchists had conspired to incite violence that evening. But they were anarchists and socialists, a threat to capital, and they were bound to hang for their political views.

State attorney Julius Grinnell openly declared that anarchism was on trial. By hanging the anarchists, Grinnell reasoned, the sacred institutions of society would be saved. In essence, free speech and the right of peaceful assembly were also on trial. Laws to protect the rights of suspects were suspended and new precedents established to hasten their conviction. The real agenda of Chicago’s business community, however, was to put an end to the successful drive for the eight hour work day and to permanently demonize organized labor. It would require another fifty-one years for the eight hour work day to become law as part of Roosevelt’s New Deal.

Just a few hours prior to the execution Albert Parsons wrote a friend that “The guard has just awakened me. I have washed my face and drank a cup of coffee. The doctor asked me if I wanted stimulants. I said no. The dear boys, Engel, Fischer and Spies, saluted me with firm voices. Well, my dear old comrade, the hour draws near. Caesar kept me awake last night with the noise, the music of the hammer and saw erecting his throne—my scaffold.” Parsons remained awake most of the night singing one of his favorite songs, “Annie Laurie” in a soft, melancholy voice filled with emotion.

More than 200 reporters gathered to witness the execution, as did the citizenry. None of the friends or relatives of the anarchists were permitted to attend. Albert Parson’s wife, Lucy, and their children were not permitted to bid their beloved husband and father a final farewell. Lucy Parsons was arrested in the attempt and taken to jail in another part of the city.

A few minutes before noon the four men were paraded onto the gallows scaffold. A reporter described the scene, “With a steady, unfaltering step a white robed figure stepped out…and stood upon the drop. It was August Spies. It was evident that his hands were firmly bound behind him beneath his snowy shroud.” Another reporter wrote, “His face was very pale, his looks solemn, his expression melancholy, yet at the same time dignified.” Fischer, Engel and Parsons followed in orderly procession. Another reporter noted that Parsons “Turned his big gray eyes upon the crowd below with such a look of awful reproach and sadness as it would not fail to strike the innermost chord of the hardest-heart there. It was a look never to be forgotten.”

The nooses were placed around the men’s necks and muslin shrouds placed over their heads. The executioner took up the axe that would in a moment cut the rope and spring the trap doors upon which the four men stood, sending them into ancestry. There was apprehension in the air thick as soup. Four innocent men were about to be executed by the state. Just then a “mournful solemn voice sounded.” It was August Spies speaking his final words, “The time will come when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you strangle today.” Next, George Engel shouted in his native German tongue, “Hurrah for anarchy!” Adolph Fischer chimed, “This is the happiest day of my life.” Just as Albert Parsons began to utter his final words that began, “Harken to the voice of the people,” the executioner’s axe fell. The trap doors sprung open with a bang and the four men jerked violently on the end of their ropes and then dangled in the air.

None of them died quickly of broken necks, as was supposed to happen; they violently twisted and strangled to death over a period of several minutes, some of them kicking and writhing in agony. The captains of industry celebrated the death of the anarchists while the workers mourned for their fallen comrades. But the dream of the eight hour work day, while strangled, did not die with the Chicago anarchists. It lived on in the lives of Emma Goldman, Eugene Debs, Mother Jones and Big Bill Haywood, who were inspired by the Haymarket Martyrs and went on to organize.

Some 600,000 workers turned out for the anarchist’s funeral. Lucy Parsons was inconsolable in her grief and spent the remainder of her life continuing the work that she and Albert had begun years before in Texas and later Chicago. This was the event that precipitated the eight hour work day, the internationally celebrated May Day, and Labor Day in the U.S. It is tragic that so few working class people are aware of the tremendous price that the Haymarket Martyrs paid for the freedoms that so many of us take for granted today.

On June 26, 1893, newly elected Illinois Governor John Altgeld set the remaining anarchists free and cleared the names of the hanged. Altgeld, a fair minded man, after examining transcripts of the trial and reams of related documents declared that all of the anarchists were innocent of the crimes for which they were convicted. Altgeld concluded that the hanged men had been victims of “hysteria, packed juries and a biased judge.” Later, evidence came to light that the dynamite may have been thrown by a police agent working for police captain Bonfield, as part of a conspiracy hatched by local business men to discredit the entire labor movement.

The state sponsored murder of the Haymarket anarchists, while particularly poignant, is by no means an isolated incident in American labor history. In the spring of 1886 America was on the verge of becoming something other than what she was. A new dawn in which working class people were on a par with business elites was almost within grasp and the eight hour work day virtually assured. Had justice prevailed that year in a hot Chicago courtroom and the normal procedures of the law followed, America would have been a very different place; a more just and peaceful future than the one we have now would have been possible and likely.

The entire Haymarket affair betrays the violent nature of capital and reveals its modus operandi. Aside from all the rhetoric about free speech and democracy, it exposes who runs the country, who makes the laws and who enforces them. It is capital, not we the people that are running things. Time and again the ugly side of America has been revealed when the status quo was threatened with real democracy. And it will happen again until the class struggle is finally resolved with just outcomes. The judgment of History has exonerated the fallen victims of predatory capital and indicted the real perpetrators of crimes against humanity, but who go unrepentant and unpunished.

Until millions of ordinary working class people awaken to the kind of country America really is, the death of Albert Parsons, August Spies, Adolph Fischer and George Engel will have been in vain. Workers the world over owes a great debt to these courageous men, whose lives, strangely, are celebrated abroad but scarcely known here. Unless we remember these men and honor what they did for us their sacrifice will have been in vain. We owe them nothing less and much more.

Author’s note: I urge those who wish to know more about these events to read labor historian James Green’s recently published book “Death in the Haymarkett: A Story of Chicago, the First Labor Movement and the Bombing that Divided Gilded Age America.”
Charles Sullivan is a photographer, social activist and free lance writer residing in the hinterland of West Virgina. He welcomes your comments at earthdog@highstream.net


Thank You Rachel !!!

Obama does not get a pass on his speech. This women understands and explains why. More should understand this especially on our side. You never get a pass for taking your country to war for lies. Obama has given these treasonous killers a "Hell of a job Brownie".

Thank you Crooks & Liars


Wake The Fuck Up

A comment from this post.

Why is it people that are by far more educated then myself, continue with this exercise in the absurd. We have to stop our takeover of the planet.
I don't care how many years we are in Afghanistan we will never change these people. We learned nothing when Russia tried it.
War crimes is what should be Done to Bush Cheney and the rest of them. Somehow all of them picked up and put on trial by a country that wants this to stop.

My two responses.

It must be about the money Tim. I just think we are being ruled by a cabal of the most evil and most powerful in the world who call the shots and that's telling Bama what he can and can not do as well.

What annoys me is our side continues to play this stupid game listening to the bait thrown out that there's the possibility that something good is going to happen for us but in the end nothing really does. And before you know it after listening to all the fucking whores blowing off like they give a shit a year or two has gone by.

Bottom line is we're fucked proper and we will continue to have more taken from us and our stupid fucking side will assist in giving more to the rich. Watch it happen.
Making fun of the crazy ass baggers and such has been a serious mistake.


Tim when I left that comment at the top of my blog there was a fresh article about what I just wrote and I'm going to put up a post on that.
I don't give a shit anymore if people don't like or agree with what they see here and they never come back. OTC has been correct more often than not. Our side needs to wake the fuck up.

This is the article I found and even though the bill was all Repuglican our side will let it remain. Watch it fucking happen. I did not vote for these fuckers to  do this shit neither did you but this is what we get from those we put in office to do opposite of this. If the dims let this bill expire like they should I will kiss each and every one of your asses who don't agree now.

I am not worried!

Source: McClatchy

WASHINGTON — Democrats in Congress are poised to play a leading role this month in thwarting their party's effort to raise income tax rates on the wealthy.

Tax cuts enacted in 2001 and 2003 expire at the end of this year. President Barack Obama and Democratic congressional leaders have been eager to extend the breaks for individuals who earn less than $200,000 annually and joint filers who make less than $250,000. Those who earn more would pay higher, pre-2001 rates starting next year.

However, a small but growing number of moderate Democrats are balking at boosting taxes on the rich. Many face electorates that recoil at the mention of any tax increase. Some represent areas that are loaded with wealthier taxpayers. Further, some incumbent senators who don't face voters this fall are reluctant to increase taxes on anyone while the economy remains sluggish.

Without their support, the push to raise rates on the rich probably will fail.

Read more: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2010/09/01/99992/democrats-u...

Lying Sack Of Shit Poodle Boy Blair

This piece of shit human says he didn't see the "nightmare" of Iraq and that he has no regrets joining the killer chimp for the massacre of humans for the lies of a few.

My outrage at this bastard-my country for having so many insane stupid fuckers who believe the impossible along with bull shit lies and specifically my President who takes the position of war over peace knows no bounds.

Fuck every one of them and hang Blair along with Bush and the others.

There's Just One Word---WAR!!