I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


16 Year Old Kills Grandparents

This is the second time in less than a month a teenager has murdered family members on the eastern plains of Colorado. It's not official but he did it no question.

So far religion has not been mentioned and I don't think it plays a role this time. There was a huge sum of money in the pickup this kid crashed. Teenagers killing family members not once but twice in the span of one month in the same area doesn't add up. What the hell is going on out there??

Coulter Gonna Spew Tonight In Laramie

I'm sure some of the best Wyoming nutters in the area will show to listen to this worn out slut who may be packing man meat. At least that's the word on the street.

Good for all  bozo's up there who love her skinny ass but not so much for the one who anonymously threw away 10 of the 20K it took to wheel barrow this travesty to Cheney Land as an example supporters of free speech have to endure.

Cornfield Guv Says Not Me Not Me

Iowa lawmakers are considering creation of a new board to better enforce Iowa's open records and meetings laws to ensure corn fielders get the government they voted for I guess. B b b b but some are confused on the guv's position with this. Why expect anything different from these people. This is what they are. This is what they do and this is what you get when radical religious crazy's who do not believe in science and mathematics get voted into office. You stupids you!

Gov. Terry Branstad's spokesman, Tim Albrecht, said Wednesday that the governor - who has pledged his administration will operate with transparency and openness - supports creation of the enforcement board. But Branstad would drop that support if the board's oversight extends to him.


Two Senawhores Worried Bout Da Troops

Yes they are and they're concerned about them being able to shoot straight and being able to kill as ordered. It's the spice you see that's the issue. Once they get to the bottom of this the troops can go back to being plain 'ol drunks. Now that's the Amerikan way.
In a letter sent Tuesday to Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Sens. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, and Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., expressed particular concern over high-profile spice busts who say that the products “pose a risk to the operational readiness of our armed forces.”

OTC says get rid of 75% of the military and the spice problem is solved.


Pentagon Says - - -

Whether these numbers are correct or not I'm unsure but every dollar is too much.

The United States has spent $550 million so far on military operations in Libya, but expects costs to stabilize at $40 million per month

military operations in Libya were not expected to have a material effect on U.S. defense stocks

Callan said he did not expect the military action in Libya to disrupt Pentagon spending for procurement or research and development, but he also did not see it generating enough replacement orders for equipment to have U.S. defense company earnings.

What I do believe are these two things.

Defense analyst Loren Thompson at the Virginia-based Lexington Institute said the actual amount being spent was much higher, after factoring in the cost of maintaining forces that could be deployed on a moment's notice.

"So what looks like an inexpensive military operation in Libya is actually costing taxpayers about $2 billion per day, because that's what the Pentagon and other security agencies of the federal government spend to maintain a posture that allows the military to go anywhere and do anything on short notice," he wrote in a blog on the Forbes.com website.

They Killed Fred

They sure did. His habit of doughnuts and food with plenty of sugar did not help the situation. He was the bad boy of  Cape Town but it was his demeanor that did him in in the end.

Too bad - I bet he was a nice guy when he wasn't under the influence.

It's Easy To Kill At Super Max

That is a fact so much so you have minutes to literally  to kick and beat someone to death in the common area outside. Not enough that's okay because there's even time to go back and kick him in the head some more just to be sure.

You even have enough time to cut up one of your bunkies and display his body pieces on the cell door.

Punishment for that - life imprisonment. That oughtta teach 'em.



Nam Style Love Story

Do not misunderstand - I'm happy that these two people found each other and may their love last forever through numerous redeployment's. However the way their relationship is framed in respect to this country's involvement in Afghanistan is wrong and total bullshit and I will never agree to terms such as this used in articles about our second war front. Such as -

We have learned nothing but of course that's where we are at as a country and war is our game we love to play.


Sadistic Beaters With Badges Lose Jobs

After almost two years justice was done a little bit anyway. They should be charged with crimes and have to spend some hard time in the slammer with others just like them.

Cops everywhere beat the shit out of innocents daily and this might not be much but it's something anyway. 

How Stupid Is Our Prez?

bama says this about Gbagbo in the Ivory Coast.

Yup everyone knows that and went on to say -

No shit Cisco. Can't you tell us something we don't know and blowing smoke out your ass is not going to do squat! And this country and this president has no tools at it's disposal to help? Bullshit!

We/us can't take on a bunch of small boys and get this man out of the country? Double bullshit!! 

If it were cruise missiles we'd be real good with that. Bang bang shoot shoot fuck all of you!


What Hungry Elk Do

They eat whatever they can and in this case it is the bark off of trees. Elk have never wintered in this area since I've been here. Let's just say it's a long time. We know there's one for sure that did not make it. There is a lot of tree damage like this. It was a long tough winter for everyone and it's not done yet. These animals get to do pretty much whatever they want and that's as it should be. In addition they are on their own as well.


 That's over 30" or more you see here and it's snowing hard right now. The sun will not be seen for several days either. It hasn't been seen that much period. 384 total on the mountain in the back round with 118' sno-pack which is the most I can remember. This run off could be real serious if conditions come together. The picture above was taken Jan 6th and they left the area about two weeks later. The others were taken today.

Cross posted at the Picture Place

Stock Up On Prime Rib And Ham

This increase in land values back in the cornfield is dramatic the biggest one year increase in over three decades. Increases such as this cannot be sustained and there will be consequences similar to inflated home prices. These guys get dollar signs rolling in their eyes at times and this is one of them. The economy crashed before in the 70's when farmers encouraged by the feds to expand their operations with easy money. They did and many went bust forever changing who owned what. It is a bit different this time in that some of these guys are paying cash for land.

On 4/07 wrote this about how much land values had jumped and that an acre of land was selling for $4000 an acre and we thought that was an amazing number.

The part of the cornfield I come from land now sells for at least $8000 an acre and sometimes more. Friends who own land say and this is not a stretch at all that if they told someone in the morning they were going to sell land when they come in the afternoon they wouldn't be able to get in their driveway because so many want it. I think my one friends land would sell for 9K an acre and maybe more.

Eventually this will all come crashing down as numbers such as this cannot be sustained. The linked to article is a wealth of information.

Fueled by increases in livestock and corn prices, the value of Iowa farmland jumped 24.5 percent since March 2010 — the biggest annual increase in more than three decades. A survey by the Iowa Farm and Land Chapter No. 2 of the Realtors Land Institute shows the average value of all tillable cropland in the state as of this month was $5,708 per acre.


Iraq Beat

We hear little from Iraq but here is a piece on what one fellow does. What are the rest of the 49,999 soldiers up to. And what about the embassy?   We'll never hear the truth about who is there how many and what they are actually doing. At least they're not getting killed. That makes nothing right though not even a little bit.
Sgt. Michael Smith works 12-hour days, monitoring defense systems and patrolling Joint Base Balad. And sometimes he takes the wheel of an armored vehicle known as an MRAP to escort officers and civilian contractors throughout the country.


Central America And Our Third War Front

Same old shit from a whored out country who loves death and war and knows no other way except to throw money at a decades old failed policy. We sure could use 200 mil here bama to help our childruns learn in Colorado.

"We are launching a new effort against gangs in Central America to support efforts here in the region ... including the social and economic forces that drive young people toward criminality," Obama said. He said it would help train security forces, strengthen courts and tackle underlying poverty.

The only result from this means more dead. Thanks for nothing bama!


Big Ones

This is one of the reasons I never tire of taking this drive from NW Colorado to the south central part of the state. It's vistas like this and at times these mountains seem ever bigger as they did last Sunday. 

Arizona Killer Leaving Dodge

He's sick and shouldn't be moved they say. OTC says are you ready for several years of this shit? Why is this cold blooded killer even leaving the cell where he's at let alone taking him to another state. He should never see the outside of a jail call ever again except to be taken to where he will reside the rest of his life or to meet the rest of his killer low-life buddies somewhere in the dust bin of the cosmos.


Texas Can't Be Serious But It Sure Is

It's difficult to understand for me how people can be like this. We all know what has been said from the right and believers on whatever subject it might be. This is a bit different as it forces colleges to conduct research into intelligent design for dumb shits.

The Empire continues it's decline.

It's Like This

Never looked at the news from the internets or on the tube for several days so it's just about like usual in the sense that I don't know shit cept for we are shooting in another country but we can't do anything to assist in a country in Africa that is out of control as well. Escalated in Afghanistan and found another to go kill in. Thanks for that bama. 

Didn't play much and basically worked and used muscles that were lazy to say the least and was stiffer than shit on Saturday but it got better of course. It will be a very busy summer for me as there is a fair amount of work to be done on two houses we are working on.

There is a hint of green in south central Colorado but it is very dry. Here are several pictures that were in the camera.


Outta Here

A bit later heading down to the ranch to work on what will be my new abode. It's very livable as is but through the year till the move is made we're going to make it a bit nicer.

There is probably 6" outside and it's still coming down real good. Supposed to be 77* down there. I get past Leadville and all the white on the roads should be a thing of the past.

I do not think there will be any internets till I get back. Everyone have an excellent weekend and I appreciate you stopping by. Some of the best from the left can be found on the right side of this blog. Check 'em out.



Some Of Those Who Don't Fit In

From the Standard-Examiner in Ogden,UT. It's the Weber County Jail mug shots.

The whole bunch is here.

Some places do this and no these people don't go to church on Sunday probably but do they really need their picture to be in the paper.

Local Guvmint Fuckery

Shit like this really pisses me off just as much as the post below this. In the county I will be moving to the three county commissioners voted unanimously to make it illegal for Medical Marijuana Card(Colorado) holders or their caregivers to grow medicinal marijuana in the county. One maybe two of these pricks are dims.

Badges and political whores always use the reasoning that federal law trumps "We the people". So if the country sheriff wanted to raise hell he sure could. If he did you would probably win in court as state law and the statewide vote of "the people" will trump these three inbred sheep fuckers. But that would cost dearly to be represented in court.

I will do all that I can to see none of these simple fucktards are reelected to a 60+K position in the second poorest county in Colorado. I don't give a shit - I have major issues with people who make criminals out of people who are absolutely not bad guys. And bama agrees see the post below. Fuck 'em all and the piece of shit lame dick horse they rode in on!

Obama Is A Rapist!

Why would something this harsh be said? Because the circumstances below warrant it.

No one will be able to convince me that the President of this country was not briefed on this operation. Something that citizens voted for and was lawful in the state of Montana.

In matter like this and others as well leadership from the top could make the difference between what is right for the people instead of what's good for the corporations but this man remains silent.

This was a huge operation and I can't imagine how many lost everything doing legal activities at the hands of our government.

Will supporters of bama kiss his ass on this too?

How long will it be before democraps start using the line from the repug playbook? Oh you libruls and progressives are so angry.


Nuclear Future Here In Jeopardy?

Don't waste your time even for a second thinking it is because it's not. The powers that be and those that would benefit from the construction of new plants are laughing their asses off at those who think the dangers that this type of energy poses will stop the future of building numerous plants. That they are because they know they hold all the cards. Corporations and a bought off government will not be denied no matter how bad it gets over there.

Here's our bud Lieberwhore -
New York Times: After Japan's earthquake and subsequent problems with its nuclear power plants, the US is reexamining its position on nuclear power. Until this past weekend, President Obama, mainstream environmental groups, and large numbers of Republicans and Democrats in Congress agreed that nuclear power offered a steady energy source and part of the solution to climate change, even as they disagreed on virtually every other aspect of energy policy, writes John Broder for the New York Times. “I think it calls on us here in the US, naturally, not to stop building nuclear power plants but to put the brakes on right now until we understand the ramifications of what’s happened in Japan,” said Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-CT), one of the Senate’s leading voices on energy, on CBS’s Face the Nation.

Religion Under Attack In Utah??

A feller 's gotta do what he has to do ya know to get to that higher plane ya see.

This isn't that far removed from what religious crazy's do anyway. This guy just didn't use props is all.

The Rich Just Can't Make It With Their Millions

Times are tough and I can't help having a bad attitude here.  The fact is:

Having goals was something not talked about much when I grew up. 30 years ago I did have a goal and that was to get a "good" job at city, county, state or recreation district level. I was not successful in that although I've had a good job and now it's time for all that to come to and end towards the end of the year.

When my income becomes less than a third of what it is now and all expenses are paid Fly will have 18 smacks left over each day to play with. That and less than a 100k that has to last till he croaks. A whole lot less than the rich and a whole lot more than those who have little. It'll work.

I will be living and eating like a PCV again and I don't have a problem with that and by choice I choose to do this plus being without health insurance for three years till I turn 65. It's going to be very hard but I over getting up and going to work everyday for most of my life. I've had several who get enormous monthly amounts to live on say "I worked hard for my money".  Most of us have as well.

To try not to be too big of an asshole here and - - - - no I take that back these people need some asshole like me. So I say to those the article is about and anyone who is worth over a million dollars and feel you just don't have enough to "make it". Kiss my ass and the fucking horse you rode in on!

I don't even know these pricks and I don't like 'em.


From Pauline In Abidjan

It's not getting better but worse in France's Jewel of West Africa. I feel for these people because of the mind set of a very few powerful men who care little about fellow human beings who just happen to be from the same country.

Rebels in the Ivory Coast who back Alassane Ouattara as the nation’s elected leader said they took control of a fourth town in the western cocoa-growing region, as residents reported fighting in the commercial capital, Abidjan.

In addition a State Department spokesman today said a group of U.S. diplomats were turned back from Abidjan’s international airport on March 10. 

 Pauline's Blogger Site

Lies In The Sky

It's secret and you don't get to know anything because you are someone who only gets to know it's secret and that it's in the sky to protect you so what ever it's doing is ok you see.Word on the street is that the lift-off was dazzling.

Would that be because it's secret? Well guess what?

Since September, five different NRO satellites have been launched into orbit.

All of them secret of course so no need to lose sleep over not being protected in this country ya see.


Results From A Week Ago

This was the reason for going to the front range last weekend. This is for my friends business and I put it here not because it's so good but that it's interesting as the bright colors and content provided by Phil and his partner Dude make it interesting for sure.

I think this will serve the purpose for his website and other places where he can link to this so potential customers can learn about what they have and where to go if they want to purchase or need assistance in caring for their oriental rugs. You can go into this store a 100 times and never see the same thing.


Vegas Underground People

This is something else. You do what you gotta do but this is not a pretty sight and people die living in these places from flash flooding plus other things. What used to be the richest country in the world and in one of the wealthiest cities. The Empire is in decline.

Rich Pricks Are Special

And so are their special rich prick kids who need protection from words in print. I refuse to link to this piece of shit local paper so here's what it's about.

Several city planning commissioners showed support Thursday evening for restricting print advertising for medical marijuana centers

“I just don’t like the impression that the print advertising is giving the youth in this community on marijuana in general,”

“I’d personally feel comfortable banning it altogether in print.”

Many in this state can not stand it that people who by law are entitled to purchase this medicine do so and actually apply it,eat it or smoke it.This shit is just not stopping. Dumb ass dims in the state house are supporting a very unrealistic number for driving under the influence of pot. The badges love it so that is reason enough to know it's a bad number.

I despise assholes like this and anyone who attempts to make others live in their bizarre world of fear,sky fairy's and never ending war and intolerance towards others. It's all wrapped up together.


12 Year Old Killer's Brother Doesn't Have A Clue

An neither do most others who say this and say that about how good and decent the family was and that it's such a shock. I agree it's a shock and I feel for community and the remaining family members who are still alive.

So the brother and an uncle were on CNN last night and I'm sure the script was the same as the linked to article that hands up in the air asking how and ignoring the one denominator of many of these types of killings. You mind screwed these kids with religion and it backfired. So whore national news will do it's share in continuing the myth that believers just can't do things like this. What a bunch of bull shit!

I will try to watch this clip tonight and I will not be wrong that religion will not be discussed as to one of the possible reasons this young man felt the need to kill his family in such "a strong christian house".

UPDATE:  Just saw the clip maybe five minutes long. Not an inkling of religion anywhere to be had. Initial articles were strong on just that. Nobody knew nuthin about any guns even though the father was a former deputy. This dog just got a bone.

It's That Time Once Again

Because of a comment left by Fearguth about how humans are the only animals that treat other humans so terribly it's time to reinforce for myself and anyone else who views just who we are and why. I like to look at this every once in a while because it is sooo good and so very true. If you have never seen this it's a must watch. And for all humans as well in particular powerful ones don't forget we're all nothing more than piss ants in time.


One Is Plenty

I guess there is a debate going on whether this 17 year old cold blooded killer of two back in Iowa should have two trials. I think that every time this monster has appeared in public he wears a smile. No-one trial is more than enough for this person and a quick one at that.

Can It Really Be So

As much as the catholic church and pedophile priests get hammered here this latest round of accusations is incredibly bad. 21 priests put on leave and you have a red robed cardinal on his knees saying sorry. If this turns out to all be true which I sincerely hope not maybe it's time to take legislative action against the poop Benny and his minions here to protect the children from these men who wear robes.


We Love It

Been saying the same for a long time.

Presidential Nutter Hopefuls Draw 2000

Yup they scurried and slithered from everywhere to attend and see who could outdo the other with even more of the same bizarre nonsense. Here's Herman who's shitty pizza will never grace my table .

And good 'ol former dim Butty Roemer

Former Louisiana Gov. Butty Roemer described the national debt as a mountain on the chests and hopes of our grandchildren. He quoted Proverbs out his ass.

Hack hack ! Can't take anymore but they do love them their bullshit back in the cornfield.


Father Ned Believing An Illusion

The clumsy old fart feels very "blessed" after the non-existent sky being had him fall into a river behind the church where he tells lies.

"I am very grateful that I didn’t have more severe injuries, and that God sent so many wonderful people to my rescue”

Plus there was a guardian angel at work as well.

Don't you love it when believers put it all together after the fact. This ought to get his patrons to open their pocket books when it's time to pass the collection plate around the next couple weeks.

I am glad he got out. It was luck that saved him nothing more.

Local Baggers Nab Dumb Ass Who Says He Is A Dem

That's what it says.

What a bunch of bull shit as is always the case when it comes to tea bagging of any kind. First the repug was always a bagger deep down and the so called dem wanted Clinton impeached along with the rest of the repugs way back then.

The only reason an example such as this is framed as it is with the democrap is to give legitimacy to the tea baggers because one on the left crossed over.

The fact of the matter is the dim was never a true lefty and that is a fact.


Outta Here To Lower Elevations

Going to the front range to visit an old friend and do some simple videos for his business web site. Not supposed to be that nice and Saturday will be better. Will not be around the internets much. It's nice to have access to that but when I leave here it is not that often the internet is easy to get at. That's just fine though.

On another note it is my birthday today and if things go according to plan the 20th time I've had one here is going to be the last one. I'm looking forward to having my next one in my new digs at the ranch.

Have a good weekend everyone and thank you for visiting OTC.


Civil War In France's Jewel

It's getting really ugly out folks. Pauline's post from Abidjan 2/28.
When the gunfire dies down, and they venture outside to try charge their phones or find food, they see decomposing bodies on the street. Neither the Red Cross nor the press is allowed into the area.

And this from I guess would be yesterday there.

Machine guns were used and what's sad is there ain't a thing we can do about it and it's going to get worse.

12 Year Old Kills Parents And Wounds Younger Siblings

I glanced at this looking at the papers over coffee before going to work. We all know how tragedy's like this devastate small communities. What set this kid off to do such a thing and most of the time from the initial article one can speculate and that's about all. The father was a former deputy so that's more than likely where the instrument of death came from. It did not take long to get to the probable cause. I can't prove it but if I were a betting man I would bet plenty that part of the reason for this young person to do such a thing was this!


No More Booty And Da Bible

Yup that's right as the bishops have replaced that with "spoils" as the kiddies were yukking it up in mind screw class.

Here's a couple more.

Proverbs 31:10, the ode to "The Ideal Wife," is now a "Poem on the Woman of Worth."

Call or do what you want with this but the fact remains it's still remains a bunch of runny stinky bull shit.

Repug Wannabes Parley With Cornfield Sky Being Believers

Called “Pastors’ Policy Briefing.” not much is known about this outfit. Word on the street is behind those closed doors is that who comes out as the biggest whack job that gives these pastors a bit of wood will be the players who get the nod. Odds makers have pegged the Minnesota Shrew Bachman the leader of the pack at this time.


Meeces On A Mission

Seems it's one dumb shit thing after another and this is pretty stupid. A fellow trying to put other pizza parlor's out of business by planting mice inside their places of business. Yup that's the way it was. I wonder if they were armed.


Ready and willing to give up what so much to offset what the rich stole from everyone.

A poll from The Durango Herald

  • In light of serious budget shortfalls, state government should:
  • Make major cuts to services
  • 58%
  • Seek tax increases
  • 7%
  • Cut some services and seek higher taxes
  • 35%
  • Total Votes: 1084

From the cornfield. They want nothing to do with the Prez but if the chimp came around they'd kiss his killer ass all the way up to the brown.

Would you like to meet President Obama?
  1. Yes
  2. No