I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


From The Halls Of Montezuma To The Set Of Meet The Press

Something I don't do often enough is to read Digby.

I don't know why, she is freakin' awesome, now that we know she is a she, I can say that.

I am going to link to her piece on what is being called our War On The Press.

That is perfect framing for what she nails as what has been going on in Left Blogistan now for years.

You see it, I see it, everybody sees the horseshit that passes for journalism in this country.

And they do have an army.

There are so many right wing shills that get paid to force feed the American public a constant diet of misinformation that it is mind boggling.

People like Jonah Goldberg.

Where in the Hell did this bumbling idjit come from and just who in the world thinks he is a serious journalist?

Yet there he is, in my local paper, on the editorial page.

Have you ever actually read one of his pieces all the way through?

I have, and it was pitiful. I was embarrassed that the premier regional newspaper felt obligated to even print it.

Key word, obligated.

So much of the misinformation and omission of real news today is rampant because of obligation.

Obligation to a paycheck, an ideology, to access.

This last little item is the core problem I have with the press and their five year old mentality that if they are mean to a politician, then that politician will cut off their access for information.

Make no mistake that this is exactly what the Bush administration has done in the past and does not bother to hide that is it's main way of keeping the press on message .

True investigative , adversarial reporting in this country is on life support.

Instead we get National Enquirer quality news that absolutely has no true value. Who gives a fuck if Barack Obama doesn't wear a God Damned lapel pin flag?

Do you?

I sure as fuck don't care.

What about say, the politicalization of our Justice Department that gets any investigation of Republican wrong doing swept under the rug and democrats targeted and prosecuted with falsified evidence and witness testimony?

Hear anything about that after the local forecast?

Me neither.

Make no mistake that what should be on every front page of any reputable newspaper in this country will not be published.

Hundreds of Republican shills have taken over the nations airwaves and we have bitched, moaned and complained about it for years.

I don't even bother to watch television anymore and the only thing a newspaper is good for is wiping windows and masking off parts I don't want over spray to get on when I am painting something.

It is the reason Blogs have exploded on the scene, exploded.

Five years ago I had never even heard of a blog, hell, four years ago.

The citizens of this country have wised up to the bullshit artists and have taken to sorting out what is real news and when it is being ignored.

The New York Fucking Times and the Washington God Damn Post have certainly seen the effects of this on their bottom lines, so has the Los Angeles Bought And Sold Repeatedly Times.

When I have to go completely outside of my own country to get an unbiased account of what is really happening in the world around me, there is only one word that describes that condition;


Do me a favor in the comments, let me know where YOU go to get your news.

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Need to Leave

How do I say this quickly as I need to pack up and drive hundreds of miles filled with emotion in an attempt to see my Dad for what appears to be the last time. Spoke with him late yesterday afternoon and shortly after that he was taken to the hospital. The weather is really shitty here and there.

Feel I need to say this. I was stuck by the level of violence and the rapid disintegration of the surge in Iraq yesterday. My father and and all the old veterans were and are so pissed of at what our country has done there and from the beginning these war lovers refused to listen to the voice of reason and reality.

My Dad had a good life raised a family and contributed as most of us do. This country has taken that away from millions in Iraq. What has been done to these people is unforgivable. I will continue to do whatever I can out of respect to my Dad and all the other vets to get us out of Iraq. The cornfield will no longer be home.

This is one of my favorite picures of my Dad. It was taken in France 1945.

An Award For Blackwater

What Iraqis now call Blackwater fever is really a well-known medical condition, and while it has nothing to do with Blackwater Worldwide, Iraqis in al-Anbar province have decided to make the connection between the disease and the lethal U.S.-based company which has been responsible for the death of countless Iraqis.

You reap what you sow and if it weren't so sad it would be funny. On top of all the death they now get this and it is fucking nasty. Combined with lack of doctors first of all plus inadequate medications and no announcements from the green zone government this has already killed many and will continue to do so. Thank the killer chimp and his asshole buddy's for this too!

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Could It Come Around For Us?

Update 9/24/09
This topic and thread is ongoing here

Beverly Hills:
Jacob Lipson, a 51-year-old white man, was shot multiple times inside his home in the 9900 block of Durant Drive at about 12:05 a.m. Friday, March 14. He was declared dead by paramedics at 12:55 a.m. Authorities said officers with the Beverly Hills Police Department responded to a radio call of shots fired. Upon arrival, officers conducted a search at the home and discovered that Lipson had been shot multiple times with a handgun. An officer saw a woman walking to her car near Santa Monica Boulevard and detained her for questioning. "It turns out she was involved in the incident," said Lt. Tony Lee of the Beverly Hills Department. Eleonora Iordanova Igova, 30, a white woman and Lipson's wife, was arrested on suspicion of murder. "It was a good observation on the officer's part," said Lee. The motive for the shooting was still unknown.

"JP" is a local boy. Made a bunch of money on pigs and land in the east side of the cornfield and western Illinois. In respect to a tragic death will be as diplomatic as I can and just say Mr. Lipson was not highly thought of by some. If this women retains a good lawyer she might be able to skate.

A few days ago this was part of a post here. Will what goes around comes around ever hold true for our Emperor of Death?

It came around for JP big time. If it ever came around for the chimp and his cronies and matched what they gave out to so many so be it. Fine by me that's just how I feel.

Something Else

Becoming confused as to what to post as there are so many issues these nefarious bastards are up to. Here is a video I like. If there was one Mopar I would like to own it would be this one. Crank the sound up cause it sounds real good. Hope to make it to the Mile Hi Nationals this year. Luv that smell of burning rubber and high octane!


Petraeus Thinks

Gen David Petraeus told the BBC he thought Tehran had trained, equipped and funded insurgents

He also said a great deal of progress had been made

If this fucker can think so can I. I think you should take your progress and shove it up your Chimp in Chief's ass and when you run outta room find the Dark One and run the rest up his.

No matter how many times you say shit like this it don't mean squat. There is no winning when you invade and occupy based on lies. Because five years have gone by doesn't give any of you shit bags an out no fucking way Jose. Along with whore media that allows you to continually spew this crap you mind fuck them as usual.

Get ready to duck and cover as this is only the beginning of a lead up to a probable strike on Iran. They want to do this so badly they get wood just thinking about it. Of course they do what ever they want as there is no one at home to fight for us. We are so screwed.


Tiger Lost

Five down going into the final round. Finished today because of a bad weather delay. Ran off four birdies and came in two strokes back of the eventual winner. The Masters is in two weeks and I'm sure Tigger wants another green jacket to go with the four or five others he has. He will be very hard to beat unless he makes too many errors.

Another Milestone

Dead for a pack of lies by a few with the help of the media. How goddamn sick is this? How many more of these will be added before we are outta this place. SONSOFBITCHES
Add four more of these and you have 4K.

Thank the Emperor of Death for each and every one. Lowlife little prick!


Strange Happenings In The Cornfield

This is actually pretty interesting. The kicker that makes it even better is that the previous owner felt that aliens were after him and took some rather extreme measures to protect himself.


Graduation Day For A Friend

Today a young friend of mine graduates from the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. Been inside the city limits of Hollywood a few blocks one time around 1970. Cop stopped four of us-had a case of beer on the back seat and all underage. Came up eyeballed us and says "Why don't you boys turn around and not come back and I'll pretend I never saw you". OTAY!! we're outta here.

I post this because I have a lot of respect for how Luke accomplished this. There is much wealth in this area. Many young people have no worries about continuing their education after high school but there are others who are not as fortunate. Luke cut grass for us for three years also worked another job as a certified computer technician. Graduated but the monies were not there to attend this school. Stayed another year saving enough to attend this school and graduates today. I am happy for my bud. A huge Congratulations my friend.

This is part of what he wrote me.

Anyway a buddy of mine at the school, his brother started a non-profit organization that unites businesses in California and Taiwan for global solutions (global warming, pollution, farming stuff). I made some music for a couple of their videos for free and now they want to start paying me! GOOD STUFF.

In case I didn't send you this already, I have some videos of music I've done in school on YouTube. Here's my address youtube.com/lhamkeys
There's 5 videos on there and 4 of them were commercials that we stripped the original music off of to write our own. Lukester's My Space

I like this Miller one the best.



Local Snow Record Set Today

A short video about the record with some of the locals. Luther's in it. Must be about 90 and came outta the wheat fields of North Dakota. Cancer survivor and mows fairways three days a week at a local golf course. I like Luther a lot.

A new record for snow was just announced of 450". All that I know is that most of it's still on the ground and it's 20 fucking degrees outside and it's long past due to pay homage to the Sun God. If only the sonofabitch would show himself that would help. Update-the sun did finally come out this afternoon and the temp went into the mid 30's

It's time for spring and a number of times over the years have been out doing things and in shorts this time of year! We are maybe two weeks behind in respect to being warm enough for melting to occur. Depending on how warm it gets and how soon that happens the runoff could prove to be dramatic and damaging. Many places in Colorado face the issue of flooding this spring.

A Powerful Post From State of the Day

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Wright Context

Maybe before white America gets all up in arms about a black man saying angry things, about a black man speaking ill of his country, about a black man, heaven forbid, blaming white people for society's ills, we should consider stories like this. [H/T Jim, via NPR - w/audio.]
Mary Ellen Noone's great-grandmother was a petite woman — probably 95 pounds wet — but she was very strong, Noone says.

Pinky Powell, who was born before the turn of the last century, used to say that she could pick 100 pounds of cotton by lunchtime, Noone adds.

"She never smiled, but I could tell when I looked in her eyes that she really loved me," she says.

One night, Noone was painting her fingernails when her great-grandmother said, "You know, there was a time we couldn't wear no fingernail polish."

To explain, Powell told a story from when she was a girl. Around 1910, Powell lived on a plantation in Lowndes County, Ala., where "she would wash and iron for this white woman."

"One day the lady had thrown away some of her old perfume and nail polish that had dried up. So [Powell] took it home and added some ingredients to the nail polish that made it pliable," Noone says. "Well, when Sunday came, she got all dressed up and painted her nails and put on that perfume and went to church.

"On Monday, she went to the general store, and when she was ready to check out, the white owner asked her, 'What are you doing with your nails painted up like a white woman?' He proceeded to pick up a pair of pliers and he pulled out my grandmama's nails out of its bed one by one."

Noone, 65, says she often wondered as a child why her great-grandmother's nails were so deformed.

"Every time I look at enamel red finger polish, I have a flashback, and I see red," Noone says. "I still have that anger inside of me that someone would have that control over one person just because they wanted to feel like a woman."
Just because you haven't felt someone else's anger, doesn't make it less legitimate.

OTC thanks State of the Day for this material.



It's difficult to express the rage within me the last five years. Five years ago February 15 drove a total of 11 hours to spend four hours in Colorado Springs to protest the upcoming invasion of Iraq. Not much has changed since then because to me these people in power do whatever they want whenever they want because they can as there is no one to stop them.

At 58 years of age as naïve as I am I really believed that when I reached this age our country would have been far different than it is now. I will continue to do what I've been doing the best as I can to influence and inform the ones that have the vote to get us out of Iraq immediately.

I have stated for a long time that the chances are very good our Democracy is lost and we don't even know it. When you have the courts and the media on your side along with the other numerous tools at your disposal that is more than just a formidable opponent.

I also believe that those in power have used these as weapons at many levels to pressure the ones that have the power to make the change people want not to do so and that is why these killers do what ever they want when ever they want because they can.

Much of the blame can be laid at the feet of the society we live in. Not completely guilty nevertheless they have looked away propagandized by corporate media in to what their values should be rather then forming their own. That has allowed the dark side to come out in all its ferocity gaining such strength little if nothing has been gained over these five years.

We have the facts and the truth on our side but it has not been enough so far. If this economic downturn becomes worse which is what I think will happen whether it be now or later and the reality to me is that it will be sooner than later that could possibly in the future be a benefit. I'm talking economic conditions where literally tens of millions of Americans are forced to change their lifestyle. That is the type of awareness that could bring about the accountability needed to survive as a country that truly practices democracy.

To have a economy that is based solely on consumerism devouring 25 to 30% of the worlds resources when we are 5% of the worlds population and using military force and other pressure techniques around the world to sustain this type of lifestyle borders on the bizarre. Our society has been in a coma and until we come out of it and put people in office who vote for what's good for us and our country rather than what is best for corporations the situation will remain the same.

Include an old Doonesbury cartoon that I had on my toolbox for a long time because when I read it the first time it touched me and it continues to do so today. I think of all the children in Iraq and other places in the world where we bomb or do whatever and so many are killed whether they be children or adults it makes me want to scream to those who say nothing and play out their special lives with their special kids their big houses driving in their gas hog vehicles that I just want to puke after I'm done screaming!

Happy and proud to be part of the blogging community who are the one's that are aware and who have not drank the Kool-Aid.



Video courtesy of Iraq Today


The Dark One Back In Iraq

Here is one quote from this killer.

Cheney said he sensed "phenomenal changes" since his last visit 10 months ago and described security gains as "dramatic."

All I can say is drop Darth,McCain,Graham and Lieberwhore off anywhere in Iraq on their own and see what they have to say then. They won't say squat because they will be dead. Damn near every Iraqi would love to take these bastards out and they would deserve it particularly Darth.

Yea-send these slugs out to be greeted as the liberators they are!


Sticking It A Bit Deeper

Tiger birdies 18 to run win streak to 5
ORLANDO, Fla. - Tiger Woods made a 25-foot birdie putt on the final hole Sunday to win the Arnold Palmer Invitational by one shot, extending his PGA Tour winning streak to five and keeping intact a perfect season in golf.

If the truth be known I bet just before the ball rolled in the cup Tigger was saying stick it right up your ass bigots. I love it when he wins because it pisses so many off. It must get depressing for the others on the tour without doubt the best in the world to know the best you can do is second. Get the next one too Tiger!

Drive for show putt for dough!

7 New Ways To End Up In Hell From Benny the Rat

After 1,500 years the Vatican has brought the seven deadly sins up-to-date by adding seven new ones for the age of globalization.

1. Taking illicit drugs or trafficking in illicit drugs.
2. Financial Gluttony
3. Causing Poverty
4. Causing Social Injustice
5. Polluting The Environment
6. Human Experimentation
7. Genetic Modification

One would think with the millions payed out there would be some new awareness from those who wear the flowery robes and funny head wear to add an obvious sin. It's not included so it's still otay for clergy to rape children! Benny the Rat one of the most dangerous men in the world.

Some of the earliest memories as a kid are of this priest screaming how little Tommy was going to burn in the fires of hell for shit he knew he didn't do. Called bullshit then and call bullshit now. The mind fuck process did not work on me and ever so glad of that. Was a server for a period of time more so to fuck around behind the scenes as it was worse having to sit through the nonsense with the rest of the crowd. The priests I dealt with did not approach me but one came from a family with a bit of history of perversion and there were rumors but of course in a small community surrounded by cornfields it was not spoken of. On holy Thursday before easter at night you would not believe the intensity of the mumbo jumbo ritual perpetrated on those who willingly attend to have their already mind fucked brains reinforced with more of the same.

That ritual rivals any other that religious crazies would consider bizarre the only difference being the colorful robes some symbolic instruments and the funny hats.

Until this entity stops these priests and removes them instead of just moving them to another parish to rape even more there will be no mercy from OTC.



Lining Up With An Attitude To Blow The Shit Out Of Everything

There is not a thing in this piece from Robert Fisk on suicide bombers that isn't bad. Was a bit taken aback after reading it. Figures I believe along with a personal aspect that drives the point home. A clear picture emerges and how dark it is.

Will what goes around comes around ever hold true for our Emperor of Death?

Violence in Iraq 3/13/08

Mortar rounds hit the Green Zone this morning at 11.15. No casualties were reported. The US Military do not generally comment on indirect fire.

Indirect my ass you lying sacks of shit. These guys know exactly where the killers of their families are. Are we supposed to believe they're just pissing in the wind and got lucky how goddamn stupid is that? Stupid enough that all the stupids here take it as fact and that is news. I call bullshit.

Pentagon cancels release of controversial Iraq report.
What else would you expect from those whose primary mission is to cover the blood trail of those responsible. I don't play the lotto but if I did and won the big one I would give every penny away just to see murdering bastards swing like 'ol Saddam.

These people behind this killer hit it right out of the park today!!

Code Pink in action yesterday. Must be the same above. These women rock!


This Had To Have Hurt Plus It Sucks A Hind Teat All The Way Around

Severed fingers of 5 hostages held in Iraq delivered to U.S.

Not to be morbid in any way the question that needs to be asked here is if these body parts are fresh. If so at least the families know their long time missing loved ones are alive.

And the blame belongs to the one and only Emperor of Death!

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Chances Are Good

Most sites that I visit and the links within them to blogs contain intelligent thoughtful material. It's more than fair to state all of us know the story of this administration. We are informed and aware. There will be just one story used as example here.

Simply it concerns how the information that led to Spitzer was acquired. A trolling expedition.

This administration has done what ever it wants because it can many times enabled by those who are supposed to be on my side your side our country's side.

Common sense tells me the total lack of accountability or over site particularly when it stretches into years worth does not add up or make sense not even a little bit.

The example I will use out of what must be thousands by now is Valarie Plame. This may be the worst case of treason in the history of this country combined with the fact she worked on WMD's in the region that includes the country that we invaded and now occupy on lies. It's like it never happened. It is the same for all the other story's as well. It cannot be added up and does not make sense.

What does makes sense to me is the following as they have all the tools at their disposal to accomplish such a task.

Simply put-I firmly believe they have used these tools and will use the term blackmailed many key people in government and whoever or whatever they feel is a threat to them. When lies from them kill so many common sense tells me that same threat is being used along with much else and that is why we are in the state we are. That is the one thing that does add up. Look the fuck out!


A Judge With Balls

Judge indicates he will order Cheney's testimony in lawsuit.

This story has had legs for some time and I believe Mr. Dave Lane over the what appears to be federal agents who have lied(imagine that) about the incident to protect the Dark One. Don't give an inch Mr. Lane and if the judge isn't fucked with maybe this lowlife will actually be forced to produce testimony of some sort under oath. That would be a first so don't count on it. You've seen the video of Cheney where you can hear off camera someone telling him to get fucked. Wish I had a chance in person to do the same. Since that opportunity is unlikely to present itself will have to settle for a generic FUCK YOU and the horse you rode in on to all these sonsobitches that have screwed us and our country for so long and so hard.


A Plug for Community and Listener Supported Radio

Not too long ago got hooked up to the internets in my office. Could have used it two years ago but it's a must now because of new purchasing procedures. Stream what I listen to into the work area with a cheap $15 FM transmitter. So nice and makes a big difference as I'm entertained all day with no commercial shit at all. What I've been listening to is KDNK located in Carbondale, CO. It's listener supported and I'm throwing some their way as I enjoy hearing new music and that's what they're giving me day after day. Carbondale is not too far from Aspen and is the home of Solar Energy International a hands on school for renewable energy and a sustainable future. Been there this is good stuff. Thanks for making my days the last few weeks KDNK.
Support KGNU in Bolder also. This is worthwhile because several years ago they were able to purchase with big debt of course a AM station in Denver something that seldom if ever happens.
A Progressive AM station that has it all and no commercials. If you're not and if you can support stations like these. It's important.


Spitzer aka DUMB ASS!

I don't care what this guy does in his spare time I could fucking care less it's none of my business until you get caught!! Must be nice to spend so much getting who knows what when you've actually done a lot of positive things. Your sex life used to be your own now it's everybody's. Dumb fucker!

Shit like this really pisses me off for several reasons. First Dems are seldom in the news for this kind of behavior. The weird bastards are on the other side and there has been so many outed or caught and since you're a good Catholic if memory serves me it was perhaps straight sex which the poop would approve of.

The problem outside of being any number of negative things is the lame dick pundits and media will spin this like whore at a sheepherders square dance festival. In the end they will have the dumbed down in this country believing those on the left are the most depraved of all when the reality is the opposite. How far did the Jeff Gannon story go? It didn't even make it out of the box before it was dead even though he made at least 100 or was it 200 after hour visits to the White House of sin and squat was said. Is that a story- damn straight it was but yours will be and will make all of us look like sorry sacks of dried up bat shit.

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Bitch Slapping Congress

Relive the good old days from someone who told these liars to their face what they are. No one on our side has done that at least like the way George did. Whine and cry a bit then let these bastards move on to the next atrocity. Why can't my side fight like George Galloway. He slapped Sen. Coleman so hard he got arrested for speeding in downtown Baltimore. If only we had fighters like GG telling it exactly like it is maybe just maybe we wouldn't be in the world of shit that we are.


LeStat the Cat aka DOGCAT

I really like cats but don't have one. You will totally enjoy as I did this article on Dogcat.

UPDATE 2/5/15
Putting the text up of the article. Too good to have to go look at.

  — Lestat the cat, also known as "Dogcat," gets invited to parties that his owners, Allen and Kathy Brandon, are not even invited to.
"But we tag along too," Allen said. "Lestat has quite a fan club. He also gets cards and letters and postcards sent to 'Dogcat', because he is so much like a dog."
Lestat was adopted from the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. He intimidated the dog and was too playful with the children in the first family he was raised with. The Brandons think he was named after author Anne Rice's character, Lestat.
"I recall in 'Interview With The Vampire', someone told me the vampire became more white after he became more nourished and drank blood," Allen said.
Lestat is a white Ragdoll cat, who likes to ride in the car and the backpack when the Brandons go hiking. He also is "quite the king of watching magpies," and plays fetch.
"He would greet you by bounding in the air and jumping into your arms," Allen said. "He would also do pirouettes and stand on his hind legs and dance around."
His neighbors are so enamored of him that Lestat received a blue leash as a gift from one of them, to match his blue eyes.
"I think it's just because people are so intrigued by him, because he's kind of like a dog," Allen said. "If he was the size of a Labrador, that would be really cool because it would fit his personality perfectly."
Lestat goes on most vacations with the Brandons, and is so personable that he often receives more attention than his owners.
"A lot of our friends, when we run into them, they ask, 'how's Dogcat?' before they even ask how we are doing," Allen said.


No Shit People Die When Bombs Go Off

BAGHDAD - Two bombs went off within minutes of each other in a crowded shopping district in the capital Thursday, killing up to 55 and wounding at least 130 — a reminder that deadly attacks are a daily threat even though violence is down.
You whore! They've gotten reminded every day for five years asshole.

Like in previous such attacks
Yea you smart sonofabitch when bombs go off close to many people there are excellent results sometimes.

Iraqis were enjoying a pleasant spring evening
Until the boom huh? There's booms all the time and the booms are never going away that's the fucking point. The booms started for an agenda of a very few with lies that were successful. Stick the pleasant up your ass.

Wounded ‘were crying for help'
I bet they fucking were. Loud too do ya think?

"I saw a leg and a hand falling near me as I was walking"
Show the results over and over again and maybe mom and dad will eventually envision their Ethan or Brianna or both getting blown all to fuck just like the Iraqi insurgents kids and say finally after all this killing- enough! It's a pipe dream.

The U.S.-Iraqi team killed nine suspected insurgents
Stick this clear up your ass too!
I wish I could cast a similar judgment on the insurgents in my country. It would be easier as there is nothing suspect about ours. The term is wrong because ours are Americans and yours are Iraqi. They hate our fucking guts! They will hate us forever that is the reality. You are owned by by the the dark side and will continue to fuck our country even when it's completely dead and rotting.

This does not even deserve a link. There are some within conventional media that wish to frame stories such as this in a different way but if they do so it does not get printed. The problem of course this is the horse shit the masses see in this country. Just what in the hell is it going to take for us to get out of Iraq? It sure as hell not happening anytime soon. We are so screwed.

Cross posted at the Ornery Bastard who by the way has a new address and is using WordPress so he can be even more ornery. OTC is all for that.



Have become a bit stagnate these last few days. Still don't want an early spring but I'm ready for shorts. This is fun for a bit. There's a phrase something like drive for show putt for dough. All that I know is that you can't make it unless you get it to the fucking hole. That's why Tigger wins so much cause he can putt end of story.

Carbondate over in Guam has been putting up good stuff! Has a video of a new Russian jet but it's the message that I like to hear.

Then there's this. Under water footage all good but the octopus at the end is amazing.


Last Night In The Poll Booth

OTC will support whoever the Democratic candidate may be. What I find interesting and disturbing is how the results were framed in the several news sources I looked at quickly this morning. It was like her victory's were a non issue. The players want BO to win so bad! Just waiting to rip his guts out play the fear factor and glorify McCain. Look the fuck out all those who may think this election is anywhere close to a slam dunk. All cards on on the table and they do not plan on giving up power!


A Dilemma For Me

Many times it seems on or around my birthday things happen. Born 3/4/50 you figure it out. That number 50 has always made it easy to cypher things out. Recently I found out the house I have lived in for 15 years is being sold. The landlord and I are friends. He would never sell it to me. 10 years ago in partnership bought 90 acres with three houses that will be paid off this April. We saved this old house after five years of weekend work and well over 100 trips 280 one way from here. The reality is no jobs in the area for me. The dilemma is the following.

There is no housing slump here and if it comes a second bedroom added for 5K will add 25K to the value of a 860 sq ft house that will sell for195K a few below market price in this area.

I can swing the payment but the 20% down would require a loan from my 401K and just about tap the credit union out.
If I were to rent something it would be close to the same amount as the payment about a K.
Nothing cheaper to buy and I like this place a lot. Have hardly ever carried debt.
Not many places to live and apartments are out. Don't like moving. Building is out in this market given the price range to work with. I would be able to find another place to live but my lifestyle would take a major hit.

I am of the belief that whether it's now or later and if not now sooner than later millions in this country will be forced to make major lifestyle changes because of economic conditions. The chickens are coming home to roost for sure. Feel very uneasy about carrying debt at this time and wish to know what others may think.

On a lighter note talked to the man with the fish at the top.(picture is gone) Caught twenty some last Friday. Says the picture doesn't do this fish justice. Some people would kill to catch a brown like that. I'm going next time. As the crow flies it's about 40 miles. This time of year about a 100 to get there. Graham told me he and friend made this movie in January skiing deep powder and trees above Fish Creek. Set to music I was impressed so there is no choice but to share it but I can't because I just found out it's been disabled. Just watched it this noon. He's has to put that back up or else I won't let him take me fishing.
He just sent it to me-I guess I'll still have to let him take me fishing.


The Situation in Kenya by Rodger Billings

My long time friend and RPCV who I got to know while we both served in Ghana wrote this piece at my request to explain the history of why there is such turmoil in Kenya. In large part what is presented by our media does not begin to tell the whole story as Mr. Rodger does here.

We have been surprised, shocked and dismayed by recent violent events in Kenya; previously perceived as a peaceful nation making good economic progress since independence. Comparisons with Rwanda, Darfur and Biafra have been made; even Iraq, India, Kosovo...and indeed there is a common thread;it is TRIBALISM. Many refuse to acknowledge this and look for other causes only to be caught by surprise when it rears it's ugly head (one often hears on the News '...no one could have anticipated this happening...'). It is deplorable but it won't be wished away. Much of the world is chronically enveloped in tribal strife, though fortunately not always so overtly physical. Also it should be said great progress has been made in many places, So. Africa, No. Ireland, the USA.

I am a retired Electrical Engineer who spent two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer teaching Math and Science in a rural high school in Kenya in the mid '60s, returning to Kenya again for a few months in '72 and '79. I was with the Meru people, one of the three tribes (Kikuyu and Embu being the others) which participated in the Mau Mau insurrection against British colonialism in the early '50s up till independence in late '63. I met many former Mau Mau fighters and heard their stories. As I'm neither Historian,Sociologist nor Anthropologist and each tribal-strife situation world wide is different, I'll confine my remarks to what I know of Kenya. To understand the larger picture some history is in order.

There are two large tribes in Kenya, the Kikuyu and the Luo (interestingly,Barack Obama's father is a Luo), and many smaller tribes. Some of the smaller tribes are related ethnically the larger two, some aren't. In a recent BBC News segment it was suggested that tribes were artificially demarcated; part of a divide and conquer colonial strategy by the British.This is partially true, for example the Merus, while regarding themselves as distinct, are ethnically and linguistically quite close to the Kikuyus but the Luos are not. However defined, the Kikuyu are the majority living largely around Mt. Kenya; the Luo are from the west by Lake Victoria and are ethnically and linguistically different.

As the British moved upcountry from the coast on their way to securing the colony and building a railway to Uganda, the Kikuyu were among the first encountered . They took to 'western ways' more readily than many of the other tribes (e.g. the Coastal peoples and the Masai). Nairobi, became the capital in the early 1900s, it being at the edge of the Rift Valley which runs the length of the continent and was, at the beginning of the last century, set up as a construction site before building the railway down the rift on the way to Uganda. It was not a traditionally important place before colonial times as some believe (the name Nairobi means 'cold swamp' in Masai). No one lived there. Nyanza province, home of the Luo, lay to the west of the Rift. As Nairobi grew, so did the need for labor, mostly of the menial kind. Typist was the highest level 'desk job' available to Africans at the time. Nairobi jobs were taken largely by Kikuyus.

Jomo Kenyatta (born Johnstone Kamau) was a telephone operator in Nairobi.Through a fund started by the Kikuyu elders (KCA, Kikuyu Central Association) he was sent to Britain in '30s to plead for Kikuyu land taken for white settlement (He wrote a book in 1938, 'Facing Mount Kenya', which details traditional Kikuyu life). Kenya, like So. Africa, was a racially segregated society. Many Kenyans served with the British Army during WWII.When they came back home and were treated once again as second class citizens, many rebelled. The Mau Mau started in the early '50s and Kenyatta was considered by the British to be its leader(he had returned to Kenya in'47). He was arrested in '52. Kikuyus in Nairobi were basically kicked out and their jobs given to Luos (the infamous 'Operation Anvil' finally'cleansed' Nairobi of Kikuyus in 1954). When independence was achieved on12/12/63 many of the Kikuyus felt, with considerable justification, thatTHEY had liberated Kenya and many (especially the emerging upper classes)felt that THEY were the rightful successors to British rule. The system wouldn't change but the masters would. Three political parties, KANU (Kenya African National Union, Kenyattas party), KPU (Kenya Peoples Party led by Oginga Odinga, father of Raila Odinga) and KADU (Kenya African Democratic Party, led by Daniel arap Moi, championed by the smaller tribes) had formed and campaigned largely in their respective ethnic areas in spite of the inclusive sounding names. Kenyatta was released from arrest to become 1stPresident in Dec. '62 and remained so until his death in 1978. A charismaticleader, he had been seen as a national figure. His second VP (Odinga was the first, see below) was Moi, (dissolving KADU in '66), a member of a small tribe from the Rift Valley region. Moi succeded Kenyatta for 24 years.During his tenure corruption crept in at an accelerating pace (largely favoring Kikuyus and his own people), the center of power moved west and many Kikuyus followed it, physically and economically, into the Rift Valley and Kenya amassed a large foreign debt. Odinga Sr., author of 'Not Yet Uhuru(independence)'in 1968, always had a populist (some said Socialist) as well as tribal appeal. He ultimately made a shaky peace with Kenyatta and he and a few other Luos were included in the Kenyatta government(briefly as first VP till '66). KPU was ultimately dissolved.

At independence a large education system was instituted. Missionary schools were brought into the Ministry of Education system. People felt this was the key to upward mobility for their children. However the economy didn't grow proportionally. With few jobs in sight, many youngsters having only a few years education (thus loath to do menial tasks), have in recent years joined gangs. Many feel that rich Kenyans (most often Kikuyus) have succeeded through corrupt means (often true). During these two reigns the Luos more or less 'cooled it'. Moi decided not to run in 2002 and Mwai Kibaki (a Kikuyu, perceived as populist) was elected. The Kikuyu were back in power but frustrations among non-Kikuyus grew as massive corruption became epidemic . This last (rigged) election of '07 finally broke the camels back...

The Kikuyus have what they perceive as 'theirs' and don't aim to give it back. Luos feel they've waited long enough. Minority tribes feel the same. Here we see the major causes for the present debacle taking shape;corruption, foreign debt, gangs, Kikuyus moving to and owning property in traditionally non-Kikuyu areas, Kikuyu intransigence, Luo/populist pressure... Recent efforts of Kofi Annan (who, as I am writing this, has brokered a power sharing deal between Kibaki and Odinga) seem to send a note of some hope. If this is the place for optimistic predictions however, I'll have to say I'm not so sure......

Rodger Billings


The Chimp Says No

President Bush declined Saturday to promise more U.S. troop withdrawals from Iraq before he leaves office.

Why is this considered news and if it is it's really old disgusting news the same we've been hearing for seven long goddamn years. Will we ever return to a time when there was a bit of integrity in news print? I fucking doubt it! How about this for the lead in to this so called story.

Neocon's plan for continued Iraq and Middle East domination will continue as US forces will not be drawn down.

No shit Cisco tell me something I don't know. It's old fucking news the plan is working quite nicely. World domination designed by a few and allowed by the media because you cocksuckers are with them. Instead of exposing these people as often as you did Clinton's dick my country is now totally fucked up with the prospects of recovery any time soon dismal at best. You sonsofbitches!