I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Asians Know What Tastes Good

These people know what the hell they are talking about and want better and juicer tasting pork and I and you should demand the same.

"There's incredible potential in China and the whole Pacific Rim," Weber said. "But consumers in those countries seem to want a pork product that is juicier than most of what we produce in the U.S."

There are about 2500 pigs in each of these building in the picture below. The article above is actually pretty good and one of the things brought out is that these producers do not want to return to the old days.

My point is that much has been lost in the mass production of these animals and I've bitched for years there's no taste in this perfect looking meat the same with the vegetables offered in our stores.

This can be done better and it really can. Pork is the main meat Asians use and as a guy whose wok is 30 years old and lo-mein the dish of choice I use a lot of pork not just with that kind of cooking but on the grill as well. More times than not I am disappointed in the results because of the meat. Using more chicken now and just do not eat much beef.

We've lost in the commercialism of the food industry as you know. And I agree we can't go back to the days where meat from butchered hogs was stored in huge crocks covered in lard.

Just like most everything else we won't get this either. So have plenty of liquids around so you can swallow this dry shit and seasoning as well to give some flavor.


Can't Be Serious All The Time

Soon I will be purchasing some type of flying device that has the power to stay in the air and maneuver for several minutes at least. The helicopter I bought last year turned out to be an expensive bust. By the time I could get it around it was beat to shit and it's claim of 6-7 minutes in the air was not true. Something is going to be had somewhere and I think it might be some type of fixed wing micro light. Suggestions-bring 'em on.

I could live with something like this if it fit those parameters. This is simple to fly unlike the one mentioned previously that had a yaw function that only complicated things unlike this one.

Giving Abortion Providers Killers Credibility

In this case it's the Des Moines Whore Register which at one time was one of the best but now like so many just another piss poor fish wrapper.

Yea da cornfield a hot bed of religious and tea bag nuttery that is for damn sure!

Leach, who has been labeled an extremist by abortion supporters and who once reprinted a how-to "Army of God" manual that includes instances of abortion clinic violence, attended the trial in Wichita this week.

A supporter of this latest and past killers says he doesn't think violence will increase against these innocent people and is an opportunity to make buddies with each other.

My ass you lying sack of shit and paper that's worth as much as a feed lot corn cob.

These people have killed for years and will continue to do so. The message is that the killers and those against abortion are trying not to kill anymore but they still promote the hate.

It gives a message to all the anti-abortionists that the terrorists that kill in their name maybe won't do that because they are better now.

It gives them justification to pursue a dogma that says they want control over people that is based on what an invisible cloud being who snapped his fingers a few times told them.



Blair Should Hang Twice For the Shit He Said Today

How many times have we heard the same thing. Not only from Blair but Bush the killer as well. Oh yeah Saddam was a really bad guy Blair says and then spits out 911. Of course he has no regrets because if he did that would mean a mistake was made and little British pricks like this man just do not make mistakes you see.

We have all heard the same story a 1000 times before and of course it will remain the same. Why was this little piece of pig shit give this venue to say the identical thing? That's easy because these sons of bitches are being allowed to rewrite history.

I thank and admire all those in the UK who protested this sorry excuse for a human being and hope that someday in the future it will come around for him and Bush like it did for Saddam.

Mormons Humping Focus On Da Fambly

Crying picked on and that religious nutters never get their way.

Against that Niagara of dramatic persuasion for one side comes the trickle of one single ad arguing against abortion, and suddenly the left worries about respect?

Such respect for life except for those poor sods you hired Indians to kill back in the 1800's. When they refused to kill the innocents you deranged slugs dressed up like them and killed the rest yourselves and refuse to talk about it.

Don't try to shit yourselves - the same mentality is in force today. In between molesting teenys and trying to mind fuck people all over the place I'm surprised you have time to watch the super bull with all the bad shit going on in the ads.

A bunch of hypocritical sick fucks pass all!


They Mean Us As Well

Make no mistake about many on the other side when they say shit like this.

The issue is never the issue with these guys. They are not to be trusted, and must be stopped. If not with your votes, then we may have to stop them with our guns.

Got to this site from Bart's and the crazy above is just one of many who threatens. We're talking religiously insane types with guns a very lethal combination and that is not meant to be funny.

They mean us as well people not just government. Anybody who disagrees has to be stopped with guns if we do not listen to their words of fear and intimidation.

Our opinions pose a threat to what they think everyone's world must be like or else and we are headed into a box canyon with this nutter posse on our tail guns loaded and the Bible strapped on the saddle!

Marietou Diabate

Don't have a clue who this girl is but she does have a fan base and definitely not a practicing Muslim.

I ran across this the other day and put it up because I enjoy this music very much the instruments and sounds and of course the rhythm Not so much the singing and don't have a clue what the hell this is about but she maybe telling the girls to stay away from men. This is from Mali.


Where OTC Will NOT Be Shopping

It always cracked me up when ordinary people who advertise at the end add something about being a very special human being different than me and implying better because they are "Christian".

That's real nice but the fact is I'm nicer than you and that's because I don't feel the need to let everyone know just how nice and special I really am ya see dere! Now there's the Christian Business Directory.


Please Welcome A New Contributor To OTC

Update 8/18/10  This piece of shit ripped me off for $150. You think you know a person and help them out so much and they come back and do this to you. This is the only remnent left of this common thief and I hope it comes around for him.

Dave Fisher Oak Creek,Colorado 

A common thief -seems nice enough but underneath you will find a human piece of shit!

Braniacs Confirm What's Been Know For Decades

And this is supposed to be fucking news!

Laws against cannabis have failed to cut its use around the world and have led to policies that are intrusive, socially divisive and expensive. "Prohibitionist policies not only fail to meet their objectives but have inflicted significant social harms in the process,"

If you fuckers have all the answers why aren't you writing and screaming at the whored out politicians to stop this insanity called the "Drug War"? They are the ones responsible for this decades old debacle. Tens of millions are not criminals and never should have been classified as such but this shit still continues.

Please can we have some common sense here! Think we're going to get this changed anytime soon?

Forget about it and the fact of the matter is that it probably going to get worse.

Why Is It The Ones With The Guns Won't Say We Made A Mistake


General McChrystal Is Full Of Shit Up To His Bushy Eyebrows

It's like everything else that comes out of the mouths of these people-pure unadulterated bull shit they know is a lie but say it anyway!

The commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan said he hopes increased troop levels will weaken the Taliban enough that its leaders will accept a peace deal.

It's lip service only! How many hundreds perhaps thousands of these statements have we read or heard over the years. How many did we get. Mostly not a fucking one and we sure as hell ain't going to get this. It takes our mind off other things and these people know many on our side cling to hope of any kind. They laugh at that in the back rooms.

No we won't get this or much else either even though you are led to believe there's a chance we will get something .



Simple Sally Feels "Betrayed"

You do? Maybe it should read dumb ass Sally feels picked on then you can vent your anger over here towards One Fly who could care less how you're feeling because you are stupid.

Wal-Mart is cutting about 11,200 jobs at its Sam's Club warehouse division as it outsources in-store product sampling to marketing company Shopper Events.

That's why Sally feels screwed because she has worked there for nine years and opens the door to getting slapped because she was dumb enough to think old dead Sam and now his boys were ever going to give a fuck about how she felt about anything.

Too bad there isn't a store/stores downtown that you could go to and purchase the items you need. Oh-that's right they went out of business when Sammy came to town and Sally and most of the others like Sally were all for it.

As our economy changes we need more than ever the inner core areas of towns to function as town centers did at one time. But they cannot because that has been destroyed so the Sally's can buy cheap shoddy products made in China at the mall.


Joe Says US Means Business With Blackwater

He also said concerning a judge's decision to clear five American security guards accused of killing 14 unarmed Iraqis in 2007.

"Today I am announcing that the United States government will appeal this decision, our justice department will file that appeal next week''.

Do you think this may be one we might get in the sense of at the minimum have it go to trial to determine just what did happen.

We won't.

Don't waste your time thinking about.

#2,687 of the things we did not get but should have.


Who The Hell Are You Or I?

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.


Wars Are Less Deadly My Cornfield Ass

Dead is fucking dead! I don't care this is a form of thought control plain and fucking simple.

Since 2000, the average conflict has killed 90 percent fewer people each year than in the 1950s, said the Human Security Report Project at Vancouver's Simon Fraser University.

There are a number of statistics in this piece but my point is this-that because deaths from wars is less than it becomes acceptable even more so when you're not on the receiving end. And that is exactly what they want the war lovers here to think. That's a fact.


The Big H Is Truly In Dispare

If you've not seen this particular one on the election in Massassachewsucks it is probably the best one to date. Not only is it funny it's true and why dims need to be called out continually for their ineptitude.


The Dark Side Has Rounded Third And Headed For Home

A nutter candidate so full of fucking nonsense won. Did you see and understand the way the contest was framed by the media as a make or break type referendum on the left as a whole.

Do you think there will be a decent HCB if one is passed and the answer was always going to be the same Kennedy/Mass/Election aside. Forget it you're not going to get one and never were and even if you do it will not be good.

Will there be any accountability ever? Fuck no it was never going to happen.

Is there reason to think we may lose Social Security. You double damn well betcha there is.

Will common sense prevail and we end the War on Drugs? Never fucking ever in our lifetime is that going to happen.

Will young minds continue to be brainwashed with untruths printed in our schools text books. Count on it.

Will politically active church's lose their tax exemption? Dumb question.

Will the defense budget shrink to meet the needs here in the homeland. HA!

Will we win in Afghanistan? Double HA!

Will there be any meaningful quality progressive legislation we need so badly passed by this congress besides the HCB. No way but the next congress will do a hell of a job passing plenty of nutter dogma.

How many more do you want because it doesn't make any difference the answer most of the time is going to be no. That's it - that's the reality get used to it. All the fucking hope in the world will not change a thing.

This country has profoundly changed in the last few years but this last year has seen this happen very rapidly. This battle is almost lost. The Comcast merger is big but it's Net Neutrality that will be about the last nail in the coffin. and I fully expect the corporations to win the battle for the Internet.

The loss of the Senate seat in Massachusetts is just the beginning of many more. When you lie cheat and steal plus have the media on your side it's much easier to win plus when the other side fights real nice like the dims do well ----.

Get used to it.

Chapter 11 For Two More Papers

Not that long ago the Rocky Mountain News went under and now there's this.

DENVER (AP) -- The holding company for MediaNews Group Inc. newspapers, including The Denver Post and San Jose Mercury News, says it plans to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

I find it hard to believe in the Denver market they are having a problem breaking even being the only paper left. Maybe they're that shitty and deserve it.

I do look at it on line every morning and link to articles on a daily basis such as this one above. Two days a week glance at the real thing and whether it's this one or another I do like holding a paper and reading.

But I'm not paying a penny to any publication that prints lies as truths along with some good stuff and calls it journalism because both sides have to be represented so there can be meaningful dialog.

My ass-just ain't gonna happen. If there's any money spent I want the whole truth and nothing but. No money for right wing fucking nonsense and stupid feel good stories about religious nutters who see baby jeebus and miracle mommy in a fresh pile of dog shit. If you fail so be it.

Just Because

Since we have fish above it's always nice to have the real thing. This will come down tonight but I'm getting anxious to fish again but it will be awhile for sure.


Service Fees From Banks For Haiti

From a friend today- here's da link you betcha

Long story short is that credit card companies make a rule of taking up to 3% of every dollar we all donate to disaster relief- so, just as we are all reaching out to help our fellow humans in Haiti, the banks reach out to take an undeserved cut. AAARRGGH! They should be ashamed.

Please use the link below to sign a petition to prevent banks from charging "service fees" on charitable contributions- we need to get back to some basic human values here.
Thanks! Peace. jen


The 69 Killed Was Overshadowed

Now that the shock has worn off a bit with Haiti I want to not forget about the 69 deaths in Mexico in one day. 26 of these were in Ciudad Juarez alone. This is and has been out of control and is getting worse.

The raging battle between rival drug gangs also reached a gruesome new low as a murder victim in the northern city of Los Mochis had his face sliced off and stitched onto a football.

And here you have this abortion happening.

You Will Not See What's Her Name's Dis Ting In This Commercial


Radio Kitty

Anxiously awaiting for you to reach out and touch.


Whattaya Do In The Wintertime

One of the inside jokes we get a chuckle out of every year and you get this question a lot if you work on a golf course is "What do you do in the wintertime?". We think it's funny but it does get old and at times you just give a smart ass response if it's warranted. Something like watch golf or wash golf balls or something like that because most just don't have a clue.

Some time ago I wrote a tongue in cheek piece about just that but of course can't find it and now the question has been popping up once more I thought I'd explain.

Simply the answer has many similarities to farming although the reasoning for that has changed a bit but is still valid. A good operator spends his time preparing for the next season repairing or modifying his equipment so that when he takes it to the field it's going to work during that critical time of year of field preparation and planting.

It the same with this business as that's what I/we do is prepare our equipment for the coming spring and golf year. The mowers have to be in top notch shape because when you cut acres and acres of grass on a daily basis the demands are huge. Some of the equipment we have is old to say the least up to 30 years and some not so old but have many hours on them.

Yesterday did a swing around video of what's in the shop. Some of it has been worked on some not but you can get the idea anyway that there's plenty to do and below this floor there is a huge basement with a whole bunch more. One thing that makes the day go faster is good music and generally it's KDNK out of Carbondale that we listen to much of the time. Just don't know how they can play so much incredible music day in and day out.

It's Friday-maybe we watch TV and throw snowballs at the cars that continually run the stop sign. After all it's winter time.

Give'em hell!


The Other Side

Here at OTC it's very easy to kick others around call them deserved names and the like as there are so many and they do need to be called out for for their obvious dastardly deeds on a continual basis.

Then there are the other kind of stuff - posts about things that have happened which are fun or interesting that provide a lot entertainment for me because it does get old at times kicking low life fat ass day in and day out. Fact is the fun stuff is far and few when it's winter.

Want to say here that every once in a while interaction with other people is so special. It happened twice while in Arizona recently with two clerks that were so very nice to me when they did not really need to be and it stuck out let me tell you. Thank you for the smiles men!!

Then this last weekend witnessed a interaction between a little girl and her father that I was sort of part of that was so sweet that times like that as well give me hope that the problems we face can be overcome and we all can be better off for it.

Have a good one friends! OF


Poop Benny Ratzenberger Forgives

Benny the Rat met on Wednesday with the woman who knocked him over and he forgave her, the Vatican said. He then went on and asked the women how many young sons she has.

Why is this "news'? So media can give credibility to a man and a belief system that is flawed in more than one way and continually look the other way to the Catholics issue of priest's that rape boys that continues to this day because the Rat does not remove the rapers but moves them to another area where they continue their hideous practice.

No this is not respectful nor should it be.

As a pecker head blogger with a little piss ant site just want to point out this man/this church does not get a pass here for the atrocities it is guilty of because he forgave somebody.


Charlie Brown Needs His Ass Kicked

What this piece of shit article does not tell you from the Denver whore Post is that it now costs $2000 for a permit for a dispensary and a $3000 yearly renewal fee.

Sue their asses and you will win. Marijuana is now classified in these cases as medicine and every business that sells medicine has to be charged the same thing.

The do gooders and worriers that live in the dark ages are crapping their panties over this. Dumb fuckers need to take a couple tokes and chill.

I'm behind and gotta go. It's only about 0 out which is much better that the-10 it's been for the last several days. Have a warm one!


Ford Kicking Ass

To win Car & Truck of the Year is no small matter and that's what Ford did with this vehicle as the truck for the year and the Fusion Hybrid as the car.

When I saw this on my way somewhere else I had to turn around and see what the hell it was. It's called a Transit. I could get along just fine with one of these and I see they perform well and have been on the market for several years in Europe. We need vehicles like this but knock 10K off the price for me anyway.

In addition Detroit had an avenue full of electrics at the show. When the cost of these things is 30-40K we won't even go there because it's not even close to what this country needs for alternative transportation. But at least there was more of them.

Did I mention I was a Chevy man??


We Gotta Save Harry - My Ass

Lets not and say we did. First Limpy as a privileged religiously insane Mormon male should have his ass kicked from Salt Lake to Moab then back for saying what he did. You just don't say shit like that at least where it can be heard. Once again another dim has given the nutters something to wank off on at our expense.

OTC wanted this man outed as majority leader of the senate soon after he took over. We would have been better off and not be dealing with this shit today if that had happened. From my take more wanted him gone than not at least out here in the real world.

The identical thing with da Lieberwhore. That dried up hog terd should have been shit canned a long time ago. But no Obama thought he could work with him and look what the piece of shit did and we'll keep hearing more from this asshole.

What the fuck are you dumb ass dims thinking? Are you really that stupid?

I guess so. Sheez.

You Will Die In Jail Unless You Plead Guilty

I can't tell you how much I despise authorities that abuse their power like this against those who have no means to fight back at all. Read this story about a 63 year old ski bum who continues to live that life until the badges said no even though he has never changed his ways or hurt anybody in any way. You sick sonsofbitches. He has spent some 60 days in jail so far.

I don't ski but if you have been around ski towns all of us have known a person like Charlie Toups.

Those Opposed To Medicinal Marijuana Need It Themselves

If they partook a bit of this herb it's possible they could stop from shitting their pants in fear so they could get used to the fact that the times they are a changing like it or not.

Some dark age rhetoric from a Denver councilman and similar nutter nonsense from the owner of the piece. Using fear as the usual tactic the whole article is slanted.

Not that I have the slightest problem with someone wanting to get completely baked out of his mind. He wants to make sure permit holders get quality weed grown right here in Colorado and not from some gun-toting Mexican drug cartel that could be treating the dope with God knows what.

And now the badges and the suits with guns have entered the fray-


Love America Style

Tell Joe Arpaio to get the hell out of dodge. This great video from Billie's site with links to the upcoming effort to rid Maricopa county Arizona of one of the worst that does all he can to deprive people of their rights something he took an oath to protect. A human Sonoran desert slug whose time must come soon. OTC is participating in this effort.

Don't Be Fooled On HC Nonsense

Will not link to the numerous pieces out there on this subject. Oh yea they're working on getting it together so both sides are happy.

The idea that we accept a bill that does not come close to what was discussed during campaigning is total bull shit.

That this is something if anything gets passed at all is another something we can "build on" is pure runny stinky pig shit.

To watch these bought off congress whores talk about this knowing full well they are framing what they say with the HC corporations in mind first and foremost makes me ill. And to think we will be allowed to "build" meaning take away from the profits of the corporations is utter fucking chicken shit.

One could go on and on but the last thing to point out is the mandate.

The regressive bastards on the other side know exactly what they are doing in respect to that. Why because they know for a fact given the mood created by fux whore news and the rest of their ilk that if a bill is passed where people are forced to purchase insurance that puts even more money in the coffers of corporations Democrats everywhere will have a tough time getting elected in this great country of ours.

If a shitty bill is passed forcing such a thing onto the people I will be the first not to vote for any of them. Enough is enough.

They certainly couldn't be that stupid-but they will be.


Blackwater Employees Could Face Death My Ass Your Ass

Just another hand job article suggesting there will be the possible punishment of death for two Blackwater cold blooded killers.

Two former Blackwater employees have been charged with the murder of two Afghans in Kabul last year and could face the death penalty.

For years our side continually is led astray with outhouse articles like this that suggest there just may be a chance of some accountability against those who have violated our country in the most hideous of ways.

We need to look at this in a different way because the answer is already known just like it was for all the other possibilities of accountability in years past.

It ain't going to fucking happen people it just is not going to!

The powers behind this sit back and stroke each other in glee each time they see pieces like this because they know full well the answer to this possibility that someone on their side would actually have to pay a stiff price for criminal/treasonous actions is nada. And they know it's a time diversion as well.

From the time killer Bush put down his hand during the oath the first time he knew they could do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted and never be held accountable - fucking never.


We'll Beat 'Em With Symbolism - You Betcha

Again today and twice in recent days two fighters have been scrambled in each case to accompany or whatever the fuck they think they can assist two passenger jets with unruly/drunk/stupid or what have you passengers.

There is only one reason to take action like this is because these fighter jets sure as hell can't do squat for the situation inside the passenger jet and that is simply a show of force to whoever gives a fuck that this country means business!! You savvy dat all you baddies out there??

Give me a fucking break here with da stupid shit. Show that we really mean it and put up a couple squadrons and make sure all the pilots fly with a very mean scowl on their faces. Do that and they'll really understand that they better be good or else.

And The Temperature Is

Cold  about sums it up. -35 when the sun comes up is a possibility. Truck did start only because it has a brand new battery with bunches of cold cranking amps.

To the west maybe 60 miles or so is a little town (and I mean little) of Maybell. Around about 1980 it's supposed to have the lowest recorded temperature in the continental United States of -62 or -64 or some damn thing like that.

I'm not looking it up because I just don't care to ponder the possibilities.

So many love the winter wonderland and find so much beauty in scenes like this. That's real nice and ever so special. I'm glad you're happy. I'll feel better when you get your ass run out of Dodge in 2-3 months!!

Have a warm one where ever you may be and don't take any shit.


Wannabe Pole Dancer Hurts Self And Sues

Stupid stupid.


The gym actually teaches a class on this so they're probably both as stupid.

We got major problems here in the land of the free in the choices we make.

May it be warmer where you're at. -16 here


Death In A Tree Well

It happened again yesterday with a very experienced skier who was also an instructor. A post from almost two years ago describes what this about and just how lethal this situation can be if you screw up. It's that simple and that deadly. Two years ago two people died within 10 ten days of each other. Said it back then and saying it again-this really sucks.


Unfortunate to say the least

This is the second one in ten days. At lunch today talking about the first with a good friend and former ski patroller he related several stories he experienced with skiers who fell into tree wells. Exactly what Bill said a few hours ago happened two hours after we talked. You're alone and go in and it's head first and can't get out you are dead. Even with a partner that may not be enough as that is what happened today. His bud couldn't get him out and he didn't make it. That really sucks.

Coming Somewhere Soon

Check this vehicle out. There's money to be made here by somebody so we will see this type of application being developed. There's nothing else out there like it that I know of.

Stole it from my bud Russ at Anything Adirondack


WTF Are We Sitting On 2,600 Tons Of Mustard Gas

Colorado wants to speed up the process of destroying this insane amount of chemical designed to kill humans in mass numbers.

Not only that some of the containers have leaked and who knows probably are leaking.

Plus it seems they can't get around to getting this done until 2017.

Take this shit out to the beltway and see how fucking long it takes these assholes to destroy it.



What About Me

In this case if the kid at 15 has kept his nose clean and the border agents know him I don't have a problem with chewing his ass out making it clear if he's caught again his ass is grass so to speak.

Officials with U.S. Customs and Border Protection say a 15-year-old Douglas boy is in trouble after allegedly trying to smuggle a pound of marijuana across the border. The teen was turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for further questioning and then released to his parents.

If I had gotten tagged by the drug mutts there would have been a price to pay because there's a war against the people going on ya know .


Got Any Extra To Bet

I have a $100 that says tea baggers were involved with this. Low-life inbred stupid white trash beings who still live in caves that get drunk on fux whore news swill and come out and do shit like this and call themselves patriots.

And the problem is the rest of the baggers go along with it and what is really sick the repugs for the most part won't say shit about it because this party of hate and lies agrees.

There is a battle looming in our future. A real one with no holds barred.

Nobody Is Doing This

But fucktard state rep Rep. Shit Limehouse from South Carolina thinks otherwise.

A South Carolina lawmaker plans to introduce a bill that would make it a felony to threaten violence against military members or their families because they are serving their country.

I read this thing three times and still could not understand the rational behind it. Makes me happy I grew up in that cornfield rather than where this guy grew up. Sheez.

I'm back to the real world. Have a good one everybody.

OTC Makes This Suggestion

That this young women becomes our poster girl because she is so right. We do know what the issues are because we are educated and knowledgeable about them because we read and form opinions based on that not by what the Limbo's and Becks tell us to think. This girl rocks and my money says she could verbally smack the shit out of any nutter who spews the lies that they do.

This picture was taken in Grand Junction,Co when the prez showed up. How I would like to have a conversation with her.


Denverites Demand Their Legal Ganja

There's a battle being waged on the front range and many places in Colorado in respect to opening marijuana dispensaries. Many towns are fighting this but the result is inevitable. In this case the peoples will is being carried out. Check this out.


Feeling Intimidated Not Safer

What I heard about Nogales up here is true. It is devastated in Mexico although I did not cross the border to see for myself. What used to be a vibrant place for Americans to shop and dine is no more.

This picture was taken between Patagonia and Nogales just a few miles north of the border. There was a strong presence of Border Patrol as you can imagine.

We saw previously in another place and came upon a checkpoint right on the interstate some 30 miles north of the border.

This was unnerving to say the least. The fucking dogs are to the right of the vehicle. It time to end this war against Americans so we can drive freely around our country without being subjected to tactics like this because marijuana is illegal.


Aya Aya

Navajo Nation radio

Happy New Year

To all those who visit and comment here plus everyone else however you may arrive may 2010 be the best one ever for all of us.

Many on the other side pray that harm comes to people like us who think and take positions that are different than theirs and they mean it.

Change we need so badly did not happen this past year and for the most part we continue with the same plate of escalation of war and health care that in the end will make corporations even more powerful and wealthy.

And is the norm of no accountability for crimes by the powerful the latest example being the dismissal of the suit against Blackwater for 17 killings in Iraq.

So it seems we were unable to change that even though we try to explain it must be done to those who care more about twitter than the fact their government kills at will people just like them who twitter as well.

I want no harm to come to those on the other side and I make no bones here that if there is any good to come let it be to my friends that come here first foremost and completely before it gets spread around to those who wish us harm and adamantly wish for it.

Again- may the coming year be the best for you and all your loved ones!

Will arrive home this afternoon.