I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Chaco And A Few Observations

I am back to the real world after being gone 12 days. Drove the better part of 3400 miles. Spent $238 on gas and averaged 29 mpg.

People drove so well and there were only a couple driving errors I saw the whole way. I did something to piss this guy off when I left the coast of California. He wouldn't go away for several miles until he exited thankfully. I apparently made an error.

Everybody everywhere was so nice and courteous in addition to being helpful - that alone is very cool and says something about our society. There were quite a few people along the Grand Canyon with much fewer numbers elsewhere. I find it a bit odd that unless you say something very seldom do people acknowledge you. Human nature I guess.

Being able to grow up and or live along the coast of California must be something very special. I wonder how different it would be if I had grown up in this vibrant atmosphere. I stayed in Pismo Beach one night and liked it and the people. The way the houses were layed out close to the beach seemed friendly with a lot of diversity in the architecture but yet similar.

Santa Barbara was very nice too but as with many places has changed over the years but I didn't see that. Easy to get around. Went up to the observation tower at the county building downtown which gives a fantastic 360* view. Two things stood out. Some of the hallways with offices were open to the outside. I bet it can get cold sometimes. There was no one around. Asked a clerk and she said something to the effect of don't put a hex on this because very seldom was it like that. We all laughed hard.

The hills outside of the city are gnarly bastards for sure. Poison oak all over and the growth makes many places jungle like not to mention the degree of incline. Ticks plenty! Tiny bastards but they didn't get me. Everywhere it was green but when all browns out probably not as pretty. But you still got the beach.

But what you can do in these hills is grow things. With a bit of water and care it's a perfect growing environment for many things. The fire issue scares me at least where I was staying.

Small towns in some places looked depressed along with closed signs in businesses that looked like they were open not that long ago.

If you ever get a chance visit Chaco Canyon and spend a couple days or more as you won't regret it.

Back to work tomorrow. It's snowing and is supposed to snow every day of the week. It will not be an early spring as previously thought. It's good to be home and I'm not going anywhere for awhile. Colorado is a great place to live too.

It was overcast and the video is only an attempt to show the size of some of these structures. The steps intrigue me. These people did things in straight lines. First time I saw these I envisioned what it must have been like for the kids when the biggies descended over the cliff dressed to the hilt in very colorful attire. They truly were gods to these young minds.

Thanks for visiting.

Word On The Street

Is that this women is packing man heat under those short skirts. No shit!

The Last Stretch

320 to go and I'm outta here in an hour or so. It's snowed every day since I've been gone plus it was cold. Will probably have to shovel the roof and hope all is ok inside as I had turned the heat down.

The pictures of Chaco are not very good as it was overcast but will put some up when I get back. Do have a problem with my ride but it should be okay. Hope all of you are well.

Later-One Fly


The Canyon & Wupatki

It seems like a long day. The video was done about 10:30 this morning. Quite a few people around and most were not speaking English. Pretty much point and shoot here and you're going to come away with something half assed decent. One thing for certain you do a header off of these cliffs you ain't coming back.

Tomorrow blast down I40 a bit into New Mexico and go up to Chaco Canyon. Won't be able to stay near as long as I want but want to get some of these ruins digitally. These things are massive. Then north to the San Luis valley east over La Veta pass and spend Monday at the ranch visiting my brother.

The video was uploaded to play in high quality and it was but I see it only plays normal like which isn't too good. Sorry bout that.

Here are some of Wupatki and I forgot to put one in of the ball court.


From Santa Barbara To Flag

Drove from Santa Barbara to Flagstaff today and the ride was uneventful to say the least. It's kinda nice to be back in my neck of the woods so to speak.

One thing that's not going to happen is there will be no visit to the Skyway over the Grand Canyon for a couple of reasons. That will have to happen some other time. The south rim of the canyon is on the agenda tomorrow and Wupatki too. Probably stay here tomorrow night as well. This is a nice place and pretty cheap. Listened to the pigboy Limbo a bit and continue to be amazed by the shit that spews out of his mouth.

There were some surfers out on the beach.

At the county building in dontown Santa Barbara.

The mission in Santa Barbara started in 1780 and finished in 1820. Destroyed by fire and earth quakes but rebuilt.

This is where the serious shit went on inside. You had to pay to get inside the building to really see anything. I was surprised this came out as well as it did as it was very dark.

This guy is doing some serious praying to this very day just for you!

Taken on the steps of the mission looking towards the ocean.

There are oil rigs out there and just wasn't able to get a decent picture.

Glad I was going the way I was this morning.

This was actually a bit gross. Butterfly's of some sort.

The Mojave Desert. Talk about no man's land.



It was a good cruise today. About 450 from mountains to the ocean. Didn't make it to Santa Barbara and am staying in Pismo Beach. Only heard of it and I think I could live here. I'm pooped-this screwing off is hard work.

If you click on these they become huge.


In And Out

Into a casino with a 20 and out a few minutes later with 277. Don't even gamble but I like it like that.


Short Trip Report

So it's about 7PM PST. I ended up driving the whole way yesterday. Came in at 1000 miles 16 hours and cost about $65 in gas. The grand finale after 940 miles and good weather was the trek over Carson Pass on CA 88. It was nasty and actually dangerous. I hate this road and it seems to go on forever. Even though it was dangerous and snowing and blowing like a sonofabitch the scaredy's go so slow you can blow right past them generally without slowing down.

So this morning and we are at 4000ft there was about 5" of snow and it did it most of the day. The electricity went off at 7AM and came back on just a bit ago at 6PM or else this would have been up before.

No to what I really want to get at. There is never any traffic when you drive west on 40 to Salt Lake that's just the way it is. Driving west on I80 from the capitol of the Mormony's there just weren't many vehicles on the road. It was like it was empty. I passed only a few vehicles and only a couple passed me in something like 400 miles. In the stores along the interstate the parking lots were also empty for the most part-at least that's what it looked like to me. The 90 mile stretch from I80 south to highway 50 I met maybe a half dozen cars is all. Took a few pictures but never saw much in all that way that caught my interest. The one one the top was in Colorado just before the sun came up. Going somewhere tomorrow but don't know where.

When is it going to be nice enough so I can get my shorts on? Leaving Wednesdy morning for Santa Barbara driving along the coast highway.


Road Trip

Yea it's time for a road trip that I was unable to do for several years because of family matters. Going to blast out to California to visit two friends. Been to my PC buddy's place several times but never to my other friends place in Santa Barbara. He lives here during the summer. After the visiting is over will go through SW Utah and then to the Grand Canyon where I plan on seeing this.

Also want to spend some time at Wupatki National Monument which is one of my favorite places just outside of Flagstaff. After that not sure. Plan on being back to work by the 1st. Looking forward to getting a bunch of good pictures hopefully. It's time for the movie to start although it's dark. Main thing is to be careful through deer alley until the sun gets up. Will be posting off and on. Gotta go- Later One Fly


Did It All Right And Still May Lose It All

Read this story and think it's an accurate account of just how bad it is out there. And he did do everything like you're supposed to. If a man like this loses everything we are truly in a pile of shit up to our lower lip.

And one more thing, if you think this can't happen to you, think again. I'm an educated, highly trained and respected professional with over two decades of experience in my field, which is still considered a growth industry and supposedly one of the least impacted by the current recession. But next week I'll be sleeping in my car, at least for a while.

Not Me Not Me

Back on the internets and it was a new install and update on the virus protection that was the culprit not the high speed. So away we go.

Here you have
Former AIG chief executive officer Hank Greenberg said the company under his leadership never had the kind of retention bonus system that has subjected it to withering criticism.
Business as usual when it comes to admitting wrong - you just lie like a rug. Whether he's telling the truth or not there's a bunch of these crooks who are guilty as hell and we all know it.

And when the hell are Rove and Miers taking their seat to testify before Conyer's committee. I'll believe that when I see it too.

What the fuck is wrong with these dims anyway? This thing with who put the boners back in the bill is a mistake that one just does not make. I don't give a shit who's responsible all you did was give the wingers so much fodder they don't need making us all look bad. Jesus christ people get your head out of your asses.

And then sadly there's Iraq. Six years ago today an anniversary our country should be ashamed of. Back then I had tv and was so disgusted at all levels as I am today knowing it continues and is expanding into Afghanistan.

Yes we have a new president and some things have changed but we have so very far to go and the way the journey has started it looks like a 45% grade the whole way.


Service Issue

An ongoing annoyance has gotten worse and I'm barely able to get around on the internets let alone post this. Pretty sure it's the wireless and not the puters. Give my money to the little guys rather than Comsuck and they take care of me real good. I bet it's working when I get home tomorrow.

Pope's Kill With Words

John Paul II visited the small town of Mwanza, in northern Tanzania, and gave a speech that many believe set the tone for the Aids crisis in Africa. The Poop was unequivocal. He told his audience that condoms, then internationally accepted as the only real way to curtail the spread of the disease, especially in the developing world, were a sin in any circumstances. He lauded family values and praised fidelity and abstinence as the only true ways to combat the disease

The same message today Poop Benny the Rat words continue to carry the same message of death.

"It (AIDS) cannot be overcome by the distribution of condoms. On the contrary, they increase the problem,"

My head hurts too much to rant about this too much except to say I abhor these people and this Catholic dogma that sentences people to death because they believe what these men say. There is something seriously wrong with this church and the hierarchy behind it.


Ringy Dingy Dingy

Yea-Dumb Fly just got done ringing his own bell knocking his sorry ass out for a bit doing a header backwards onto concrete. My own mistake but it's an example of how fast shit can reach out and bite you and why certain things are just not allowed to be done by people who work for us during the season. It's okay-a bit of a stiff neck and a couple of abrasions on the back of my bald ass head. I was able to break my fall a bit or else I would not have walked away.

I am lucky on this St. Patty's day and I'm not even Irish but will be the rest of the day.

GOP Sending Out Video Goon Squads

The National Republican Congressional Committee is sending out video "trackers" to ask provocative questions of Democratic members of Congress. The trackers, who are congressional committee staffers.

They're still pissed off about George Allen screwing himself on tape with his macaca moment of bigotry. So they are sending out their small boys who stick their cameras in front of dims trying to piss them off into saying something in anger that can be used against them later.

Word on the street is that they were all in a huddle with Billo. These fuckers got nothing but time on their hands and very small pea brains.

Iowa Senator Suggests Hari Kari For AIG Executives

Grassley's nick name ain't squeak for nothing.

Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley suggested on Monday that AIG executives should take a Japanese approach toward accepting responsibility for the collapse of the insurance giant by resigning or killing themselves

This slug sure didn't have a problem supporting the war in Iraq or covering up what he heard Sibel Edmonds testify to behind closed doors. I mean you gotta have priorities ya know. If a dim said this they'd have his nuts served up on a platter.


This MRSI Bacteria Is Damn Scary

On 3/14 put this post up on MRSI.

Just now saw this.

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. — Ryan Robinson went from a healthy, 17-year-old soccer player at the peak of his form to another victim of a deadly drug-resistant strain of bacteria — all within the span of five days.

It was MRSA, short for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus that killed this young man just like that.

This shit is killer nasty and isn't going away any time soon. One Fly go back to the cornfield to visit he ain't going anywhere near a hog confinement building or a pig in general period.

Will Freedom Of Speech Be Upheld At Colorado University

If you didn't know Ward Churchill's case against the University of Colorado in Boulder enters it's second week today.

Check this out.
Former Gov. Bill Owens testified Wednesday that he did not conspire with or pressure University of Colorado officials to get Boulder professor Ward Churchill fired from the faculty.

And then this.
Lane showed a videotaped deposition with former CU president Betsy Hoffman, who testified that Owens made "a short and threatening phone call" telling her to "fire Churchill tomorrow."

I remember all of this as if it was yesterday. The hysteria nation wide was incredible. Locally it was a lynch mob that continues to this day. Owens led the pack of wolves here. Someone is lying and my money is on the former repug governor.

There was a concerted effort to remove this man-make no mistake about it. I can't tell you how much I want Churchill to win this suit.


Hundreds Turned Away For Job Openings At Wind Turbine Plant

Denmark-based Vestas Wind Systems held a job fair Saturday for some 400 manufacturing jobs coming to what the company says will be the world's biggest turbine-tower factory. Hundreds of interested workers were turned away after about 1,000 people showed up.

Many of the best in this country need jobs and these require skills far and beyond what is needed at Wally World. Crank this industry up and let's start providing sustainable good paying jobs now.

I actually thought about applying for one of these . I'm glad I didn't as it would have been a bust.


It's The Mumbo Jumbo Season

How I hated this time of the year(Lent) when I was a kid. Punished for shit I had no part in. Generally gave up candy but cheated whenever possible. The worst was the rosary every night. Pure fucking torture for me. 15 minutes that took an eternity and of course you had to kneel the whole time.

Modern day Catholics are beating themselves by giving up Facebook during this time.

This year, adults — the fastest-growing Facebook demographic group — have taken on the challenge. Now Italian Roman Catholic bishops are onto it. Sort of. They're urging believers to take a high-tech fast for Lent by switching off iPods and abstaining from instant text messaging.

This straight out of the Catholic play book.

Paul Griffith, a professor of Catholic theology at Duke Divinity School, said the church doesn't have a problem with technology as such -- only its overuse.

Not allowed to have too much of a good thing when you're doing business with Benny the Rat because then it becomes a sin you see. Punishment must be metered out in some form or else life behind the pearly gates is in jeopardy. Sheez!

Whether it's Islamic fundamentalists flagellating themselves or Catholics punishing themselves during Lent the symbolism is one in the same with each side calling the other crazy.
Double sheez!!


Some SOB Shot Molly The Mule To Death For Fun

"She loved people," Jehly said. "She would cuddle with you on the ground."No one really claimed to own Molly, who was passed back and forth between neighbors in the tiny rural community."She was the traveling mule, going from family to family," Jehly said.

I don't know much about mules but reading this article it's clear Molly was a very special animal who meant a lot to many people.

I hope the sonofabitch that did this gets caught and punished appropriately. There are some things you just don't do in this society and one of them is you just don't go driving down a road and shoot livestock for the fucking fun of it. You sick bastard you.

I See Him Dad

Kids-you can't beat 'em. You don't see this little girl but this is a fun video listening to her happiness.

Good Old MRSI

Update: There's a comment that has much more on this.

MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) doesn't even sound good and it isn't cause this is the flesh eater type of bacteria and it's pig farmers taking the hit along with some others.

From Nicholas D. Kristof
The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that by 2005, MRSA was killing more than 18,000 Americans a year, more than AIDS.
A new study by Tara Smith, a University of Iowa epidemiologist, found that 45 percent of pig farmers she sampled carried MRSA, as did 49 percent of the hogs tested. So what’s going on here, and where do these antibiotic-resistant infections come from? Probably from the routine use — make that the insane overuse — of antibiotics in livestock feed. This is a system that may help breed virulent “superbugs” that pose a public health threat to us all. That’ll be the focus of my next column, on Sunday.

This bacteria can also be found in the meat itself but there are no cases of people getting this from eating pork at least up till now.

We need more Kristof's and Stewart's.


Will We See The Same During This Depression

Update: Gramps has an excellent depression story at his place that is a fun read.

This has been on my mind for awhile and I'm going to try to pound this out before I go to work.

During the Depression years back in the cornfield both of my grandparents helped others by taking individuals into their houses. One lived with and worked on the farm and got paid a small amount from planting season till the harvest was over. Stayed there during the winter and continued to work for a roof over his head. Another did the same living with the family and working at my other grandfather's business of course eventually moving to his own place but continued at that job until he retired. He was part of that family forever.

Another friend's grandparents did the same thing. Recently a cousin told me his grandfather who farmed south of town made small cubicles in the barn and relatives from Chicago came lived and worked on his farm during these times.

So since I'm in a hurry-simply as more people are losing their houses and incomes being forced out into the streets and with no end in sight of the bad shit will there be the same generosity shown during these times as there was back then. Also I'm curious if you have stories similar to these in your families history.

My brothers and I were sometimes picky eaters and Mom was always telling us and threatening about how she was going to feed us some of the stuff they ate during the depression. On a couple of occasions she did. One thing she made was chicken feet-yea chicken feet. Truthfully they weren't all that bad which brings us to the these sweet old lady who is the 'Depression Cook". But keep that damn liver and those beets away from me!!


Check 'Em Out

Have added three new blogs to the blogroll.

Old & N the Way
is real new. From Willis's profile.

I'm Retired for now from a long career in aircraft maintenance and engineering for a large carrier. I'm a musician, a Viet Nam vet, & a hippy left over from the 60's.

I want to hear what guys like these have to say.

Prairie Sun has been posting at Prairie Sun Rising for a little over a year. Has been writing about Roxana Saberi who is from Fargo too and currently in prison in Iran. This is good stuff!

The third I originally left out is Gramps at Leftist Grandpa. He's been around for quite awhile but he's a grandpa. Hell-he's old. Not as old as me. But we don't think old now do we. None of us do.

On a side note my choices and the results of BAD days were a failure for the most part. These three have taken the place of others. Welcome!!

Repeal Of The Fairness Doctrine Has All Ready Passed In The Senate

Tacked onto the DC voting rights bill at the very end as usual the "Broadcaster Freedom Act" (S. 34) passed overwhelmingly in the senate and is heading to the house.

The amendment, sponsored by Senate Republican Steering Committee Chairman Jim DeMint (S.C.) and Senate Republican Conference Vice Chairman John Thune (S.D.), would block the FCC from reviving equal-time requirements by enacting the Broadcaster Freedom Act.

You can take action here.

The wingers fear this with their lives. I do not want to see this ended and if reinstated it is the only way we have a chance to rebut the lies in media. The article implies it won't pass in the house but the fact it's part of this bill and the dims have no balls I don't trust them for a second.


Quick Charge This Battery News

U.S. engineers have found a way to make lithium batteries that are smaller, lighter, longer lasting and capable of recharging in seconds. Because they use older materials in a new way, the batteries could be available for sale in two to three years, a team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology reported on Wednesday in the journal Nature.

This sounds promising. There needs to be better batteries and the new generation of batteries will use lithium. This country must make a commitment to alternative energy quickly. And don't forget to be real nice to Evo down there in Bolivia where half the worlds lithium is found.

One Mil On Terror Watch List - Time For A Change Here Too

Enigma at Watergate Summer has posted this below on an important issue that is easy to overlook but now can and should be changed. These smaller issues and when we're talking a million I guess it's not small when corrected can make a major difference in peoples lives. Thanks for that Enigma!

This is an issue that needs to be addressed, too many Americans are on this list to justify it's purpose. Their lives are restricted and monitored, their Freedoms are effected. There is NO proof that this List has in any way made America safer, it is Orwellian Paranoia to say that it has....People on the list suffer, they are restricted in Travel, "tagged" so they can not get credit or jobs....And yes, under Bush Activists and Concerned Citizens were placed on the List. IF you think you are on The List, do contact the ACLU.....and we do need Someone in DC to start working on repairing this situation. Link to article.

Prayer Central Taking A Hit

Maybe people have smartened up and are tired of multi-millionaire blow hard fakes with greasy hair calling the shots.

Christianity's hold on many Americans is slipping, losing out not to other faiths but to "no faith." Today, 76 percent of the US population call themselves Christians, compared with 86 percent in 1990

Or is it after a tragedy they are seeing through dumb ass statements like this are nothing but wind blowing up their ass.

"Our great God is not surprised by this, or anything that He allows evil and free will to have their way in tragedies like this is a mystery in many ways."

And Benny the Rat ain't helping matters much either with his trip to Africa. Is Benny going to help those he hurt with some penny's from the billions the church has or fill them full of bullshit as usual about being rewarded in the after life as usual. I think I know the answer to that one.

Maybe some of those who have turned away have chosen the correct path to the physical word. President Obama chose that when he signed the stem cell papers.

The path of Reality rather than the road to nowhere that ends in a cloud where there is nothing but vapor.


Internet Recruitment Of Terrorists Was Bull Shit !

Remember how these treasonous bastards were saying terrorists were using the internets to recruit new members from all over the world to harm us? Well it appears it was another ploy using fear as the weapon.

From the International Center for the Study of Radicalization and Political Violence (ICSR) in London. "Self-radicalization and self-recruitment via the Internet with little or no relation to the outside world rarely happens, and there is no reason to suppose that this situation will change in the near future," it said. "Indeed it is largely ineffective at drawing in new recruits."For years, governments and security agencies have warned that the Web was allowing extremists, particularly Islamist militants, to recruit and radicalize people to their causes.

These fuckers knew this back then too.

What this was about was gaining control of the web and they came close. We must never lose control of this entity or we will lose for sure against these religiously insane corporate Nazi scum bags!

Get Your Waders Ready

Rising sea levels pose a far bigger eco threat than previously thought. There is now a major risk that many coastal areas around the world will be inundated by the end of the century because Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets are melting faster than previously estimated

Scientists have missed on this for years. Not that this is not happening but the rate it is occurring.

It's not going to take until 2100 to see this.

Already islands in the Pacific are covered and people have had to move from where they've lived for generation after generation.

You might consider chest high waders rather than hip waders just to be safe.


A 15 Second One Punch KO By Obama In Round One

I may not be happy with some of the things Obama has done or said but not here. Thank you for this President Obama.

“Promoting science isn't just about providing resources, it is also about protecting free and open inquiry,” Mr. Obama said. “It is about letting scientists like those here today do their jobs, free from manipulation or coercion, and listening to what they tell us, even when it's inconvenient especially when it's inconvenient. It is about ensuring that scientific data is never distorted or concealed to serve a political agenda and that we make scientific decisions based on facts, not ideology.”

Talk about an ass kicking-it don't get much better than this. You can bet this really pisses off a lot of the crazy's. Shoved their goddamn dogma clean up their asses and told 'em to fuck off and die. YES!!

I can't imagine the hope so many feel today because of this change. Scientist's must be in seventh heaven. They lost eight years but you can bet they are ready to fly. Bring it on-let's see what ya come up with.


It's easy to see the attraction of this sport. This is a powerful sled and the snow's so deep it hardly goes. A friend on the sled-this was taken less than three weeks ago.

What Bored Young Saudi Men Do To Wile Away The Time

Why they drag race and drift that's what. My drifting was on gravel roads but drag racing was the game. I love the smell of burning rubber not just in the morning but damn near anytime.

Kids are getting hurt-the cops try to stop it so they go somewhere else. Nothing new there but check this out. Maybe somebody can offer a suggestion of why this may be. Guys with fast cars where I came from were after the girls.

Drifting, which tends to attract poorer, more marginal men, has also been an unlikely nexus between homosexuality, crime and jihadism since it emerged 30 years ago. Homoerotic desire is a constant theme in Saudi songs and poems about drifting, and accomplished drifters are said to have their pick of the prettiest boys among the spectators.

Here's an example of drifting.

Since burning rubber has been mentioned an example is needed. The first video I looked at will work nicely. A 64 Chevelle in progress with a small block cranking out a 100 plus extra ponies is my guess. Sounds real good.

My fast car was a 64 Chevelle Super Sport.

Did I mention I was a Chevy Man.

chevy burn out


Reminiscent Of Iraq Just Across The Border

Our third war front is producing many dead.

Bodies stacked in the morgues of Mexico's border cities tell the story of an escalating drug war. Drug violence claimed 6,290 people last year, double the previous year, and more than 1,000 in the first eight weeks of 2009.

Nothing like a good 'ol body count so you know how well things are going.

Quit Your Damn Bitching Already Generals

As the U.S. readies the pullout of its major combat units from Iraq, officials are concerned that the Pentagon’s Green Berets and other elite anti-terror warriors staying behind won’t have the helicopters, equipment and other logistical support they need.

Let's make it clear here that OTC has been one of the biggest supporters of our troops more so than the chicken hawks who sent them to to the front. Adamantly supported them not going and continue to support bringing them home.

This is what they don't want to miss out on after we supposedly leave Irak-

U.S. special operations forces perform small-scale raids, long-range reconnaissance and other secretive operations in search of al-Qaida and other terrorist suspects. They also have worked quietly with Iraqi tribal leaders to undermine the insurgency.

They got every goddamn thing they've wanted and more for seven fucking years and they want to continue the same. Sure hasn't stopped the killing of at least 52 this morning in Baghdad or these other incidents in Iraq today.

Sticky bomb attack injures 2 civilians in al-Allawi, central Baghdad.

Two Sahwa fighters injured by IED in al-Ghazaliya, western Baghdad.

Four people injured by bomb attack on a house.
Body found of strangled 9 year old girl.
Mass graves found containing 25 bodies.

The 140k troops stay at that level till the end of the year with 50k staying for how fucking long-years probably.

There are times I wish the economy would get so bad that this country could not afford the level of military around the world and there would be no choice but to stop our aggression in these places.

Our involvement in this country's three war fronts is not making us safer. We need these funds here right now forever unless there is a real threat to the survival of the United States


Mid Evil Times And Pork Stimulus

Yea-we're going to talk some pork here alright.

Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa has requested 1.8mil to study pig odor. Whether this needs to done or not I don't really care as we're not going there.

FYI-if you have never spent much time on the farm or been around large numbers of animals being raised they produce massive amounts of poop. For the most part there's cow shit,chicken shit and pig shit. Trust me on this that pig shit is the worst.

Times have changed with pigs and chickens being raised indoors but not cattle. One quarter of all pigs being raised in the US are in Iowa.

Here is an example of a typical hog confinement center. Some have more buildings than this with at least two being the norm. There are 20 millions hogs being raised in the state at any given time and that does not count all that are used in the breeding program.

In each of these buildings there are roughly 3000 hogs. What you see is steam generated from their body heat as it was pretty cold the day I took this. These facility's are all over the place with more being built all the time. Pig manure is held and later spread on fields for fertilizer. Trust me on this too-any given day if the conditions are right it fucking reeks out there in the cornfield at times enough to make you nauseous. Pig odor is a problem and the little people's concerns are tossed aside in favor of the corporations.

What does this have to do with Mid Evil times your wondering.

With so many of these things and the number of animals involved once again man is sleeping with his livestock.

This Young Lady Rocks And Fights For What Is Right

A Storm Lake teenager was suspended from school this week because she refused to take a test for students who are not fluent in English. Lori Phanachone, the U.S.-born daughter of immigrants from Laos, says she proved her grasp of English in other ways. The Storm Lake High School senior has a near-perfect grade-point average and acceptance letters from two Iowa colleges.

Born in the US and entered Lao as her official language out of respect for her culture and her parents but punished because she refused to jump through hoops to prove something that is already a given.

She paid a price for that but didn't give in. I respect that.

A better article here.


Just Say No To Any Truth Commission But YO To Criminal Prosecution

I have been inundated with e-mails calling for support of Leahy's truth commission to get to the bottom of Bush and his partner's in crime treasonous deeds.

No fucking way Jose! Why-cause from what I've seen there will be immunity involved. There were considerations given to Rover and Miers and we're not going to be in on what these two say while under oath. I smell a rat.

Why the fuck do I have to waste my precious time explaining to these Dims how to play this game? Anybody who has an ounce of fucking brains knows that these bastards are not going to give anybody up unless forced and even with immunity many will get away with crimes that would normally put them in the slammer for the rest of their days.

There is enough information out there and has been for some time to file charges against any number of people who have committed treason and crimes against humanity. Senators sitting around with their thumbs up there asses serves no purpose but to delay. This must be done and we are in the majority here.

Let the jury decide! Get on your goddamn horses and ride damn it.

Before The Pig Boy Turned To Boys

Originally posted 1/26/08 - and the link is dead.
The title was The Vulgar Pig Boy Back In The Saddle Again

It's true and they are so very happy. Kathryn Rogers breathing heavily says his life experiences is what attracted her in particular the problem with that nasty anal cyst that kept him from serving his country. Ms. Rogers goes on to state an aggressive massage of the scar helps ease the pain felt to this day. "I am so proud of Rush being able to ease his guilt of not being able to serve by fighting for truth and democracy with his radio program" OINK