I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Quick Lock The Doors

Always the over abundance of fear. It then justifies the existence of the ones who carry the license to shoot others. Yes you have to take precautions when there are punks like this in the neighborhood.

Lt. and detective Ted said  “No one was ever in any danger,”.  Well no shit Cisco.

What is more important is this line and link -

Punk boy was said to be armed with a .25 caliber automatic handgun and was considered a threat to law enforcement.

Threat my ass! Possibly to a real stupid one and there's plenty of those. Big guns,dogs,planes and helicopters,various types of armored vehicles, more guns and personnel and more. Drones too. Coppers are loving the drones these days too much. These badges show up like flies on shit more so than not.

Are reporters taught /told to continually elevate cops into something they are not and that includes the danger factor as well.

It gets to be old shit and perpetuates the myth that badges need more and more always to keep up with you and I and threats from .25 caliber guns.

Take these people off the pedestal they have been elevated too. The piece made no mention of whether punk boy was packing that terribly intimidating 25.



Before And After

This picture doesn't come close to how ugly this looked. It was so bad that even moi couldn't take it and used some of my "slush fund" funds from selling items during the recent move and had the front clip painted for $350. This vehicle isn't used much these days.


Stupidity Fodder

Why so many Merikans are what they are.

This is an example of what leads the "news" and sticks around and smells of a rotting carcass in the summer time with high humidity. There is no linky to zimmerman's wife not knowing whether they will stay married or not.

It makes shit bit of difference what I think. America thrives on bullshit like this.


Holy Yikes


It's General Barry on the TB.

Giving his paid corporate take on Syria. The go to boy when there's possible shooting and killing to be had.

The pile grows deeper.


The I-80 Gestapo Challenge

I don't know if many saw this as I did just one time. I find it dramatic as an example of what can be done by these people who carry the guns at a nation wide level at any time if it's decided to do so. Take a look at some of the numbers.

15,985 citations
-12,389 warnings
-162 impaired drivers arrested
-92 drug charges
-Nearly $2.5 million in drugs confiscated

These cops and you can bet a variety of other players and tactics as well swooped down and literally used the "show me your papers" tactic that works so well for those who want to see  my/our papers. If you do not there will be a price to pay for that.

Here is a bit of rhetoric from the ones who have dictatorial control over you and me -

The I-80 Challenge was designed to target traffic safety in an effort to save lives.  Through their efforts however, officers were also able to apprehend numerous subjects utilizing I-80 for criminal activities.

Don't shit yourself because it's about the drugs and also a test run for other crap coming down the tube. I wonder of the thousands who were detained used tactics shown on You Tube and refused to answer and were allowed to go.  

For one I'm tired of being perceived as a criminal and someone to fear from these fucking bully's with with badges and guns including a license to kill. 


What You Get When You Do Business With The US - In This Case Costa Rica

Nothing new really. US companies and of course other are all over this country. Several countries in the region want legalization and the US to stop funneling funds for a decades old private corporate war into Central America.

Not Costa Rica though as they support the war and continue to accept blood money to "fight it". And this is what you get then.

Drugs are the driving force behind Costa Rica’s highest homicide rates so far this year in the provinces of Limón and San José, according to sources when asked about a recent crime analysis published by the OIJ.

Homicides are up in many cantons around the country, with San José reporting 97 killings from Jan. 1 to July 31, a 22.8 percent increase in killings over the 79 reported during the same period last year. The spike in slayings was the largest in the country.


Out Of The Gate Early - - - And

Wanted to go for a ride as the mornings are just beautiful to be out in. Not too far away ran across this.

Some real nice guy had two like new tires slashed.

Then just a bit later I had to hustle for home myself. Gonna fix this and still head out. Remains difficult to do things. I'm right handed and that thumb is useless and just hangs around like the left pinky to get caught on something so you get to feel excruciating pain for a minute or so.  Onward then.


I Guess It Must Be Me

Been looking around on the internets for places in Costa Rica. I know when the weather turns the other way for me it will be a unwelcome adjustment. Does not mean I'm going but you gotta look around just in case.

There's this site airbnb where I inquired about what looks like a decent place in my price range, Corresponded several times and wanted to take it further with some real conversation. Would never consider something like that without talking.

I find out you can't talk to the person renting what ever it may be without booking dates first. Not only that but you have to contact this airbnd place and then they call the renters and then they call you and then you can talk.

I find that all kinds of screwed up. We're talking private individuals. The two different people I stayed with in Costa Rica and I had several conversations before I went. Talking works real good.

I find having to pick dates without having a chance to discuss things which could very possibly have a bearing on the dates they want you to pick beforehand. I just assume you have to put some money on the table before you can talk. Hell I don't know but I'm not going to take it that far.

I guess people don't have a problem with this. Am I all screwed up or what. SHEEZ!  


Let's Worry

I'm not going to but many will.

Every commercial nuclear reactor in the United States is insufficiently protected against "credible" terrorist threats, according to a new report (PDF) from the Nuclear Proliferation Prevention Project at the University of Texas at Austin.

Then there's those hurricanes that really cause sleepless nights and now it's their turn again too. No worrying going to be done here - not even a little bit.


And The Real Killer Is

The cop six times over!

Four children and their mother and father were killed when the driver of a stolen pickup truck slammed intotheir SUV during a deadly high-speed police chase.

Not only do they have a license to kill in other ways this way produces grisly results on a regular basis.

Take these people off the pedestal they've been falsely elevated to! 

A 20 year old with a stolen vehicle is not worth six lives and all the rest. Why can't people get this. Decades of the same and other shit they pull and few say boo.

It ain't ok with this guy. Never was never will be. Just saying. 
I'd like to have that optimistic view and say that it's changing like people on the left like to say. It's not.  


On Changes

One thing has struck me in the last couple months and that is so many people I meet have/are or are going to have significant changes in their lives. It may be by choice or not. Might not be for the better either but it's happening. More boomers than not like myself. Needs to be said as well that not as many but there are a good number who just wanna keep on working.

I asked Fred how long he'd been selling insurance. "Right at 42 years". Ever think about hanging it up? Fred responded with "I'll probably do it to the end". If that's what gets people off good on you.

I sold the small RV I had to a young lady who was educated, hard traveled just returning from Thailand. She was excited about life and understood the simple things can bring pleasure and great quality of life. Disappointed too after seeing what's out there and where we are at here.

My changes in the last two years have been by choice. The place I was living was sold and I moved to town. I never imagined this was going to be the place. In came together in a coincidental way - the way things happen to me including a time many years ago with some of the same players.

I am excited in the changes I made for myself. It is the beginning of a completely new and different chapter in my life. It feels good and am soooo fortunate to have what I have. Knowing a move was inevitable (plus it was faster than anticipated) I find that the criteria I wanted in my life was here - almost every bit of it and just didn't see it.

I hope to post more now. The move is over and just about settled in. One of criteria I had was to walk or bike whenever possible. Have been doing both quite a bit. Friday I actually had a purpose for pedaling and it was to deliver some the best ever sweet corn I picked up for the second time in Pueblo to some long time friends here in Walsenburg.  I went down.

Point being - - - - - WEAR GLOVES. If I hadn't had them on it would have been the emergency room for sure. It's not the first time gloves saved my ass. My hands are hurt the worst and I'm thinking two weeks anyway but it's fine damn day and I have a smile on my face.

Thanks for stopping by!