Benny Releases His Butler But Questions Remain

Benny RatsenFuhrer pardons his butler Paolo for releasing papers concerning the private parts of their Holey Sea. Pissed plenty off and the the Vatican pulice arrested Paolo,tried him and found him quilty and sentenced him to 18 long dark months in the Vatican slammer underneath the catacombs. Benny and his boys can do that and more inside the walls of their own little special world. Many on the outside wonder what the going rate is for other indiscretions inside those walls.

Like -
Getting caught praying with a boy without the robes.

Like -
Getting caught hearing a different kind of confession with robes on.

Is getting caught doing the nasty with a female (without a robe) considered the worst crime??

Stuff like that. I assume the reality is all this like the rest of their mumbo jumbo will remain a mystery because that's the way it works ya see.    


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